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Review #1, by EnigmaticEyes16 Love is irrational

15th March 2015:
Wow. I wanted to read this because I love the song, but even after reading it, I still can't see Lily and Bellatrix as a couple. It just seems so unlikely when I think about everything Bellatrix has done. But it was a really cute read with two people who aren't supposed to love each other but do anyway. I liked the metaphors Bellatrix used to describe herself and Lily based on their names. And I really enjoyed the endearing scene between Bella and Andromeda on the train. I just have to wonder, if this were to have actually happened, what could have changed Bellatrix so drastically that'd she loyally follow the man who killed Lily. Although it does sort of explain her disdain towards Snape.

Great story though! Very well written, and I thought you incorporated the song very well into the story.


Author's Response: Hey Nix!

Well, a girl can try :P I had hoped to encourage this shop, but it seems I have failed with you. That's alright though. In my head Bellatrix is a lot more sane when she was younger, and that Azkaban 'broke' her.

Haha, I'm glad you liked it, even with the pairing. They were very sweet to write about.

Thank you very much for this review!


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Review #2, by ScoroseOTP Love is irrational

17th December 2014:
Hiya Chazzie!
First off, thank you for you're entry! It's great! Honest!

As you already know, I don't read a lot of slash, especially with such different characters. But! I like this one!

I love the song you chose and think it fits really rather well with the story you have chosen to do!

I really love their relationship though and everything it represents. Defying social norms and practicalities of relationships they're supposed to have for love is beautiful. Love should always be important and should overrule everything else in the end.
That's what JK Rowling taught us with Lily and Harry- Love is more powerful than anything, even magic.
I love the fact that you've taken Lily's powerful love and installed it in her the same, just in a different way to a different person.

It's a beautiful story so you should be proud! Well done on that!

Watch out for the results, I hope them to be on the hall of fame before Christmas (she says with her fingers crossed!), I may even put it in a blog if I can figure out how?! But yeah, I will try to get the results up asap!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz!

Haha, I'm really pleased you liked this! It was a little unorthodox I guess, but it was fun to write. I love John Legend, his songs are simply amazing. They can mould to almost any circumstance and are really rather inspiring.

Gah, you are too sweet Emz *blush* I thank you for your lovely compliments, and I'm looking forwards to reading the other entries when I have the time.

Ooh blogs are fun. If you'd like a hand setting one up, I can help out as much as is possible over the internet!


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Review #3, by 800 words of heaven Love is irrational

2nd November 2014:
Heya! I'm finally here for the Slytherin review swap for October. I'm so incredibly sorry that I'm this terribly late.

I've ever read a Lily/Bellatrix fic before! Mainly because I think Bellatrix is just so inherently... evil and Lily is... well, not. But I really enjoyed this!

Your descriptions were great. There was a simplicity about them and a directness that I really liked. You still captured the mood of the story perfectly though. And writing a songfic! They're a dying phenomenon, but I'm so happy to still come across one. I secretly enjoy them :P And the song was just perfect for this :)

Good luck with all your challenges! Lovely story :)

Author's Response: Hey! No worries, I'm pretty sure October managed to disappear before I'd really noticed it had begun ;)

I'm pleased you like the Lily/Bella, I've not seen one on the site before but I'm afraid it's now my head cannon! I can't seem to imagine them without the other now, even if they only had a little bit of time together,

As it was Bellatrix, I didn't want to loose all of her canon-ness in the fic. So I'm really glad you picked up on it and even more happy that you liked it too. There aren't too many songfics around these days, are there? It's a shame. Haha, I'm glad you secretly enjoy them! Eek thank you so much!


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Review #4, by crestwood Love is irrational

30th October 2014:
Hi Lottie!

First of all - I really like the song pick. It's a very all-encompassing love song. It can applied to a lot of different couples. That being said, I was not expecting this one at all. I've never seen this pairing written before. I'm very interested to see how this plays out.

I've never pictured a young Bellatrix before. It's strange to imagine a Bellatrix that isn't actually STARK RAVING MAD, but it is intriguing to see a version of her that's maybe a bit more innocent in a way. She almost feels trapped within her pureblood reputation at this point, which is such a huge difference to her persona in canon.

I loved Bella's reaction to Lily kissing her. She just seemed so swept away and like she couldn't believe it. It was a really sweet little moment.

I adore Bella giving Lily confidence to keep her hair red ahhh I kind of wish we could have gotten at least a scene something like that in the series. What a great idea to explore.

I am blown away by the scene with Andromeda and Bellatrix. I like to think that they would have been close at one point. The Unbreakable Vow between sisters holds so much meaning. It's kind of sad that Lily ends up with James after this. I almost wish there was more. I want to know what happened after this.. now I'm thinking that Bella went fully bad after Lily left her to be with James. This fic is making me contemplate all sorts of possibilities. This was really well written! Thank you joining my challenge!

Author's Response: Hey Joey!

I'm super pleased you liked the song and the pairing. Bella/Lily is currently my favourite ship, submarine, what you'd prefer to call it. As for the song, it really can be used in such a variety of contexts, and personally I love it. It is really difficult to forget once you hear it.

I'd like to imagine that Belatix was once sane, and that it was Azkaban that really sent her spiraling into the madness that we know and love ;) Lily seems like the sort of person who could really love anyone: I mean James Potter was quite horrible at times.

Ahh thank you so much! I can't believe how sweet this review is.

My hope with writing this fic was to share the Lily/Bella love, so I'm pleased you are thinking about them! It was really fun to write, so thank you very much for the challenge! This may never have been posted otherwise.

Thank you again for the amazing review,

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Review #5, by Lostmyheart Love is irrational

19th October 2014:
Hi again!

Lottie, this was so adorable to read, and I absolutely LOVE the pairing you've chosen for the Slash Challenge. It was a bold move, I dare say. I would never have imagined Bellatrix love a muggleborn, and Lily at that. You wrote her incredibly loving, and so insightful. She gives Lily the best advices, and I like that Lily takes them, like the one with her hair.

It was a perfect ending, the way they part and I guess we all know what happens after that. Lily eventually falls out of love with Bellatrix and into James' arms. Somehow.

The Unbreakable Vow was a nice touch, and most ideal for the situation. I often forget about their third sister.

Ireally enjoyed reading this, and the lyrics fit perfectly for the story :)

- Avi

Author's Response: Agh thank you for such a fantastic review Avi :)

I currently love Bella/Lily because they end up on such different sides of the war. My head cannon goes along the lines of Bella then being told that she has to marry the Lestanges' son. She manages to postpone this for a while, but then Andy runs off with Ted at the end of her seventh year, not even going back home because she knows they will try to stop her. Bella gets trapped by her parents and is told she is to marry Rodolphus, as her parents are terrified of loosing another daughter to notions such as 'equality' amongst wizardkind. She is unable to communicate with Lily at this point, and thus Lily's letters go unanswered. Lily gets sad and bitter, and then hears of the wedding between Bella and Rodolphus. She sees Bella in Florish and Blotts or something and yells at her, telling her that she had thought Bella was different. Bella is heartbroken, and this turns to anger. She marries her fiance as expected, and Lily goes back to Hogwarts for her seventh year. She eventually falls for James. Later on, in Azkaban, Bella goes mad from the dementors partially due to Lily never forgiving her and partially due to fact that she killed in cold blood.

I'm so pleased you liked the hair part, and the Vow. I loved writing this, and once again thank you for your kind words!


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