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Reading Reviews for Being us
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Review #1, by Violet Potter 434 Announcements and Future planning

6th September 2015:
I'm going to stop with the capital letters
I have a chapter in the queue!
Isn't it brilliant?
you no longer hate me!
okay you probably do
but still,
you love me!
and I'm back!

anyways I promised myself i'd make this review short and so far that hasn't gone to plan but hey!
I love it!
you knew that was coming and yet I still said it!


i'm still upset that this story s stopping but for now I go to read the last chapter for the first time and then write a super long review about it where I can express my weirdness and also inform you about why it took me so long to read it

love from me xxx

ps. good luck with the dobby's :)

Author's Response: Oh my God, is it really you Violet?? Where you abducted by an alien?? Are you well?

But I freaking missed you!!!

I hope you were on amazing vacations somewhere hot (sorry, it's freezing in Brazil although I'm probably just wining because I'm sure you'd find it quite hot... no, scratch that, 13° Celsius shouldn't be hot for anyone with a sane mind...)

Why am I saying this again? right: I MISSED YOU!! YOU'RE BACK!!!

I laughed really hard at your words of joy and wonder: yeyyy you have a next chapter up!

Can I hate you just a little bit because I missed you so damn much?? Ok no, I just love you but please don't run away again!

Uu you must have thousands od 'Puberty and Her Seven Dorks' chapters to read! How exciting for me!!!


Yep, I'm actually screaming...

OH MY GOD THIS ISN'T THE LAST CHAPTER!!! YEYY! I'll see you once more in here!!!

Ok, I have to stop because I should really be sleeping right now instead of getting this excited, now it'll take me hours (totally worth it though)!

Yey! You're gonna tell me where you've been!!

Right, I said I would stop...

All my love and hugs!!

Ps: I didn't get nominated... :(

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Review #2, by Rosie Christmas

17th August 2015:
Loving the story so far! Great ideas:) only thing I would say would be to get a beta or check through your work for a few spelling errors; three not tree, through not trough, write not wright, making sure you're using the correct wear, where and were and checking your tenses! But like I said really enjoying the story!!

Author's Response: Hello Rosie!

I'm so glad that you're liking this story, it really means the world to me :)

I know that this story has A LOT of spelling and grammar mistakes, it was my first story and (obviously) English is not my first language. I do intend one day to come back to it and correct chapter by chapter, I might not be able to find all my mistakes but I've already improved a lot (or at least I hope that I have) :).

If you ever have the time I'd love if you could check my second story 'Puberty and Her Seven Dorks' and give me a general idea about how bad my English is in it :)

It's such a relief though to know that you're enjoying Being Us even with my typos, it's great knowing that even though this story is definitely not written in perfect English people can actually understand it :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a review Rosie, it means the world to me!

All my love,

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Review #3, by May Wedding Epilogue

26th July 2015:
Thank you for your lovely story and thank you for finishing it

Author's Response: Hey May!!

From the bottom of my heart: thank you for all the support you've given me :) :)

See you soon?

All my love,

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Review #4, by MalfoyMannor Wedding Epilogue

23rd July 2015:
Aw it finally happened, the story is officially done. To me it feels bittersweet that its finally done.

And thank you for the dedication :) it is so amazing that you included me :) it made my day :)

Diane Greengrass and Albus Potter were characters that I cared about and characters that made me so mad. I loved how you could make me feel that way about them :)

With love and good wishes(for the last time on this fanfic of yours. And till next time on Puberty and her Seven Dorks)
-MalfoyMannor :)

Author's Response: It finally happened, the moment that we all have been waiting and dreading...

I find it so sweet to see you guys thanking me for my dedication when in all honesty I really think that I should be the one doing all the thanking, you guys really helped me became a writer and I couldn't be more grateful :)

"Diane Greengrass and Albus Potter were characters that I cared about and characters that made me so mad. I loved how you could make me feel that way about them :)"

That literally made me cry, thank you so much, I really can't find anything else to say other than 'thank you' :)

I'll see you on 'Puberty and her Seven Dorks' MalfoyMannor!!

All my love and hugs,

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Review #5, by AriesGirl40 Wedding Epilogue

22nd July 2015:
I loved the ending. The final words moved me.
Hope to see something more from you soon. I enjoyed reading your first story very much.

Author's Response: Hey AriesGirl40!

That's such a sweet review, thank you so much! Is great seeing you here on my first story as well, you been such a support to me :)

I'm so sorry that I've been a little out lately, I really hope that I can compensate it soon, I started my redemption by uploading the next chapter from 'Puberty and her Seven Dorks', that's already something, right?

Anyway, thanks again for all your support, you definitely will be seeing a lot from me in here :)

All my love,

PS: I hope to read from you soon!

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Review #6, by HPFAN Wedding Epilogue

22nd July 2015:
First and foremost I must begin by saying that "Thank You" does not nearly do justice in explaining how honored I am about being mentioned in the dedication.
This story, as I stated before, captivates in such a way that it is impossible to look away. While I wish I was able to follow the story chapter by chapter, I don't think I could have handled the waiting between chapters. (Impatience be damned) :)
Next, the fact that English is not your first language is baffling. The few errors that were made are in no way indicative of the fact that you are not writing in your native tongue. That alone deserves a congratulations. As per your request, I will most certainly begin reading your other story. I feel that from how frequently your name was on the "recently added" list my impatient side will be able to cope with not binge reading until 5:30 in the morning.
Now then, the ending of this story was fantastic, and it left the door open for a possible sequel? Maybe? Wishful thinking? I enjoyed the truly hectic nature of the wedding and the appearance of James and Freddy. I know I previously stated how refreshing your take on those two were but after reading a few other stories I realize that Al is so unique in this story as well.
I don't really know what else to say but thank you so much for writing this story. It was a pleasure to read and I hope you continue writing for as long as possible. As stated before, and will be stated again and again:
Yours is TRULY a gift.

Author's Response: Hey HPFAN,

I couldn't be happier to read from you again especially on such an emotional chapter, I still can't believe that my first story is over...

We're seriously going to enter a 'thank you' battle here because the way I see it thanking you for giving me such a support is nowhere near how grateful I am :) It may seem simple to just write a review, but almost no one does that and I'll be forever grateful for those who took the time to leave me a few lines, I honestly think that I'd have given up on this story if it wasn't for people like you :)

I can really relate to you, reading until five thirty in the morning is something that I've done hundreds of times on this website because I usually wait until the story is finished and then read it all at once because I can't stop myself. Besides, it's really hard finding authors that update regularly and if months passed, I completely forget all about the plot... that's why I do my best to update weekly.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Those smiles are all because you couldn't tell that English is not my first language, that's the absolute best compliment that I could read.

I solemnly swear that I'll keep my updates on a regular basis, as an insanely curios person I couldn't not do it differently. (Thanks for putting faith in my next story).

I don't actually have a sequel planned for this story, at least not now, I'm kind of working for a surprise that hopefully will be amazing, but that unfortunately has nothing to do with this story, maybe one day? I wouldn't lose hope, I'm a bit of a maniac when it comes to writing...

Thanks for seeing the unique quality of my characters, it means a lot to me that you understood them, I hope everyone saw them as their own and not just a copycat of the so many Albus, James and Freddy written, this is a really challenging part of writing a story.

Thank you battle: THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!!

All my love,

PS: I really hope to read from you again.

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Review #7, by xoxo_jpotter Wedding Epilogue

22nd July 2015:
I'm just going to start by saying I was totally going to start by saying, I was totally going to sit myself down and write (I've been having mild writer's block), but then I saw that the final chapter was up. Needless to say, I haven't written a single word because I was reading this.

But this was totally worth it...

Seriously, I can't believe it's all over. Diane and Al are just perfect. Don't let it end!

Okay, let's be real, I know it has to end, so I'm actually going to write a review now. I promise.

I'm going to of course start with Albus. He's literally the sweetest thing, but he's not a wimp you know? I read a lot of stories where he's just this awkward little weenie. You just made him so perfect.

Now Diane... she's great, I really could relate to her. I also like how you never tried to hide her flaws, like some people do. It made her much more real. I loved how she fell in love with Al. This whole story is just perfect.

I can't believe I haven't mentioned James! (I don't know if you know this, but I kind of lean towards James over Al) let me just say that I'm not lying when I say you made the perfect James. I know he's only in a few scenes, but he's always how I pictured James to be. He's arrogant, sweet, protective, goofy, fights with his brother (Alb*stard was the greatest thing I've ever read), but he loves his family. He seriously rocks.

One thing I always forget to ask: did you mean to put James/Lily as your main pairing? I wasn't sure if you wanted it like that...

The story is over. This review is probably almost over. I'm just going to go cry now...


P.S. Aw. thank you for mentioning me in your A/N. That was so sweet.

P.P.S. CONGRATULATIONS! You finished your first story! You should be celebrating! Woohoo!

P.P.P.S. (Wow this review was so not almost over...) I just want to say that I'm going to definitely be reading your third story when it comes out, even if it is an Al/OC.

Okay, this review is over for real.


Author's Response: Hey xoxo_jpotter!

Can I cry? Screw it, I'm crying...

I made you read an entire story where Al's the main character, I can't believe it! I couldn't be prouder, I'm helping spread Albus' love... He has a bunch of flaws, but he's definitely not a wimp and he's not just James'/ Harry's shadow, that's why I think I love him so much, there're so many layers before you can discover the real Albus and I couldn't be happier that you liked him when all masks where down :)

You completely got the point of this story and it's clear because you said that I didn't want to hide Diane's flaws, you know when she screwed everything up a couple of chapters ago? I love that because usually main characters are the victims, they're the ones getting hurt and crying on their room and then the guy has to do something major to win her back. This is just so unreal to me, in awkward teenage years everyone is constantly screwing this up people should really stop putting the main character in a pedestal... (that's also one of the things that I love about your story)

I cannot freaking believe that someone finally commented on the whole Alb*astard thing, I mean, come on people, this is my favorite creation for this story, I laughed for months after I wrote this for the first time!! Thank you!

Ahahaha I think I got that you're a James' lover... which only makes me happier to read you saying that I captured the perfect James in our eyes, I see him exactly as you do :). Little secret, I actually changed the year that the characters where in right before I started publishing Being Us because I didn't think that I could cope with so many characters, slowly I saw that I could, and that's when James started appearing again, I really love how he's mostly present in letters though, it's a different point of view from most stories, and it's my point of view, you know?

I'll give you this: James rocks...

I actually added James/ Lily as main characters a little bit sown the road, it helps getting more viewers because then the story also appears listed among the James/ Lily pairing. It's not really fair, but it's also not a lie, right? I actually recommend it to you as well, it's sort of a trick, but I have prove that it gets more readers :)

Wow, it's over, I'm officially crying now...

Thank you so much for all the amazing reviews xoxo_jpotter!

All my love,

PS: It's the least that I could do to repay your support :)

PPS: I'm crying and smiling and checking the website for new reviews every minute, it's so overwhelming, my first story is over!

PPPS: Yes!! A faithful reader!! I actually have a big surprise planned for my third story, I'm really excited! Hope the website approves it though...

PS: You rock! THANK YOU!!

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Review #8, by ShannonRay Wedding Epilogue

22nd July 2015:
WA wa *crying cos its over*
Im pretty please that I am the first review for the last ever chapter... it goes right?
This story has literally been fabulous fabulous fabulous, thank you for never failing to leave me a wonderful chapter to read and never failing to make me laugh in your review replies.. thank thy lord that you have another story that I can continue to review on because if you didn't who knows what I would do!
Thankyou thankyou thank you and of course I loved this chapter... the perfect ending to a perfect story xxx

all the hugs
yours faithful (for the last time- on this story)

Author's Response: My one and only absolutely faithful reviewer was the first one to review my final chapter (I think a tear just rolled down my cheeks).

I honestly can't find words to reply to you, I'm just too emotional right now, I hope you liked the dedicatory, it's really the minimum that I could do to ever repay you for having faith in me and not letting me quit.

Thank you so, so much Shan...

Thanks goodness I have another story, I couldn't cope with this being the real end either... I'll continue writing for as long as I have faithful friends like you :)

All my love (for the last time - on this story),

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Review #9, by ShannonRay Announcements and Future planning

16th July 2015:
hello hellooo helooo, I just got back from holiday (to Spain) which is why I have not read this until now! (I wasn't allowed to take my macbook) as always I adored this chapter but it makes me terribly sad because her getting and job and the wedding happening means its almost finished :"( oh and will there be a sequel (Im not sure if thats the right word) but I mean just like a chapter that some stories do like 10 years later or something I don't even know what Im talking about all the hugs
yours faithful

Author's Response: Shan you're back from your amazing vacation!! How was it?!

(Remember when I said that I'd try not to call you 'Shan' every time? Yeah sorry, that's probably not gonna happen, but blame it on my dysfunction, not me!)

Don't cry, I can't handle you crying, I'm going to burst into tears here... you're the one who's been with me from the very beginning, if you lose it, I'm going to lose it too...

You're the one from England, how on Merlin's name am I'm the one supposed to know if the word 'sequel' is right? Ahahahah although I really think it is, so I'm gonna roll with it... You're making me even more sad to say this, but no, at least until today I don't have a sequel to Being Us on my mind... maybe one day though, who knows...

Don't be sad, I promise you'll still read a lot of things from me if you stick around (please promise to stay...) I'm actually trying to prepare a surprise for you guys (that has nothing to do with Being Us - sorry), I just hope that everything goes according to plan and that the website lets me do it (insert mystery song here) :)

It's great having you back!

All my love,

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Review #10, by xoxo_jpotter Being us

14th July 2015:
Hey hey hey!

Okay, so it's super late, but I can't sleep (I blame it on the caffeine... I have a really bad addiction). I decided to reread this story because there's only so many times a person can watch reruns of Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Greek, and Gossip Girl on Netflix (Actually, I could watch them everyday without getting tired of them, but the point was I chose to read your beautiful story).


Ah, Chapter 5- The chapter that started it all. I mean, I literally started reading the story when you were on Chapter 5... It also happens to be my favorite chapter, along with Chapter 11.

Di and Al have grown so much since this chapter, though. It's so cute. Al is so adorable, and he loves Diane, which is also so adorable! This story is adorable! You're adorable! Please write this adorable story forever!

Okay, okay, I know you can't write this story forever, but a girl can dream, right? You should post the last chapter soon, though, but no pressure.

Actually, scratch that. I am hereby pressuring you to post the next chapter. I don't think I'll live without knowing the ending right now!

Sorry about that, I'm a tad impatient. You actually update more frequently than most authors on this site. I'm know how busy life can get (Not from personal experience, but I know a few people who actually do things with their lives). I know the last chapter is totally going to rock my socks off!

Alright, I know this review is probably making less sense as it goes on due to my lack of sleep. My main point was to tell you that I reread your story in preparation for the last chapter. Also, I wanted to leave a review on my fave chapter.

Okay, I think I've rambled enough with this thing. I'll probably be embarrassed by this when I read this later, but whatever.


Author's Response: Awwnn, I cannot believe how sweet you are!!

You came back to reread my entire story and decided to publish a review exactly where this story was when you decided to give Al/OC a chance! I'm nearly crying here... and it's such an important chapter, is where we find out why the story's called Being Us :)

Wow, it must have been amazing to read this chapter again knowing that Al's actually in love with Di, it's such a different perspective!

I'm waiting for the next chapter of 'Puberty and Her Seven Dorks' to be approved and then this is next! The end! Oh my Merlin, I'm going to have a fit when Being Us is finally finished.

I absolutely LOVE chapter 11, honestly, it's one of my favorites - if not my favorite - it makes me laugh so hard every time I read it that I've started to question how much of a lunatic I really am seeing that I'm the one who actually wrote it...

Now I'm going to pause everything here so that I can FINALLY say what I'm dying to say ever since I read this review at 1 a.m.:

YOU WATCH GREEK?!?!?! Holy moly I cannot believe this! It's one of my absolute tv-series EVER, I re-watched it like a hundred times and no one that I know watched it (except for my sister) so I almost don't have anyone to shout and scream to that I want Cappie!! Wow, that felt good...

I'm not even going to comment on Friends, I probably know every sentence from every character on every scene by heart, Friends is actually why all my chapter descriptions start with "The one when..."

You already know about my obsession with 'How I Met...' and 'Modern Family' and I never watched 'Gossip Girl', so now I consider myself free to continue responding you this review.

I'm really trying to upload frequently, but I actually have a full time job, I'm doing an MBA, boyfriend, friends, family reunions, two stories, I think you get the picture... actually, would you like to exchange your life with mine for like two months?? I could really use the time to re-watch every one of those TV shows ;)

One good look at my reply and I think you'll know which one of us is going to be embarrassed by all the rambling... (me, if that somehow wasn't clear).

As always: Amazing review!! Thank you!!

All my love and see you soon,

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Review #11, by HPFAN Announcements and Future planning

9th July 2015:
First and foremost this is an amazingly captivating story. I found myself unable to stop reading it, to the point that it is now 5:30 in the morning and I just finished this chapter. Your writing style allowed for a seamless introduction to a new character and a refreshing look at characters (James, Freddy) that have been the subject of many a story on this site. Apart from some grammatical/spelling errors that can easily be attributed to auto-correct this is a near perfect story. I want end by saying thank you for your story and your writing. Yours is truly a gift.

Author's Response: Hey HPFAN!

You wouldn't believe how happy your review made me (even if I demonstrated it poorly by taking this long to reply to you, I'm sorry...), you literally made me smile for a whole week, so thank you!

Ahahah I can't believe that you wrote me this amazing review at 5:30 in the morning, I'd say that I'm sorry, but I'm actually not, I'm quite honored to have made you stay up till this late ;)

Thank you so much for saying that you thought my characters were refreshing, it's always hard to write a story with such big shoes on this website to fill, they truly have an amazing archive...

I'm very aware that Being Us has a lot of grammatical/ spelling errors, am actually from Brazil so English is not my first language and seeing that this is my first story, mistakes had to be made in order for me to grow not only as a writer, but also as an English student. One day I may actually come back and edit the chapters, but for now I'm just happy with the amazing result that I got from this story, even if it is - sometimes - poorly written.

It would mean the world to me if one day you could come and check my second story out, it's called 'Puberty and Her Severn Dorks', I still have a lot to improve on my English, but I already think (and really hope) that it's much better in this department :)

I'm going to end this reply by quoting something you said that made me cry (happy tears, of course):

"Yours is truly a gift."
Thank you so, so much...

All my love,

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Review #12, by xoxo_jpotter Announcements and Future planning

7th July 2015:
So, I read this chapter like the second it came out, but the website kept crashing for some reason, which was super frustrating.
Anyways, I just want to tell you how much I loved this chapter, and the story as a whole. I really really really don't want it to end. Seriously, I'll cry.
But, I'm excited for the last chapter, and I'll probably have to reread the whole story. I hope you can get it up soon, I know the queue has been crazy lately.
Oh, and have I mentioned how great it is that you've pretty much finished your first story? I'm so happy for you!

Author's Response: Hey xoxo_jpotter!

I had the exact same problem with the website crashing when I was trying to read your story so unfortunately I get how frustrating it is...

It's going to be so, so hard for me letting Being Us go, it's always going to be the story that made me believe that I could be a writer here so it's really going to be heart breaking, but that's life...

I just want to revise the next chapter again before I upload it, I think that part of me is kind of holding it dearly before it's out there and the story is officially completed (see? I don't know if I should be happy or sad saying this...)

I adore that I was the one who introduced Al to you (and I mean made you really read an Al/OC story, it makes me feel so special :)

The queue has been crazy and then all stories are being uploaded at the same time, which means that my stories always end up down into the page (does this make sense?), honestly, this last chapter from Puberty and Her Seven Dorks has the lowest 'reads' and reviews ever on this story which makes me so sad, we put so much effort into it and then people can't find it...

Anyway, enough of me bitching around, I'm so happy that you liked this chapter! I'd really had to drop the ball on this story and disappoint someone :) I'm really looking forward for the last chapters reviews, it's going to be so special!!

Yes! Be happy for me!! And Being Us already has 10.000+ reads, I couldn't be prouder! You'll get there with your amazing story, it's the most rewarding feeling in the world!

I really hope that I still have you around on whatever story I decide to publish next, writing is an addition, isn't it? ;)

Thanks for another amazing review! I'm sorry it took me this long to reply...

All my love,

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Review #13, by ShannonRay No longer a secret

4th July 2015:
Hey just reviewing to say that I am going away for 10days so I may not be able to read for a bit if you update... hoping there is some great stuff to read when I return *hint* *hint* joking you're great good bye!!

Author's Response: Hey Shan!

Thank you so much for leaving me this message, now I'll remember where you are: having a brilliant vacation with your best friend!! Enjoy!!!

The reason that it took me so long to get this next few chapters up is that I had to wait seven days for 'Puberty's' chapter to be rejected and then another seven days for it to be approved (I'm rolling my eyes now), and the website doesn't allow two chapters waiting to be validated at the same time, so alas, it took this long...

Anyway, great news is that you're going to have a lot to read when you're back! yeyyy!! Who knows? Maybe 'Being Us' will be finished by then (I doubt it, but a girl can dream, right?).

Gosh I can't believe this is ending...

Have an amazing, absolutely incredible trip for me :) and please use sunscreen, the temperature in Spain is worse than it gets in Brazil in the summertime (it's winter now, I'm freazing...but that's probably because I'm not used to cold weather, you'd probably be on your bailing suit ;))


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Review #14, by ShannonRay No longer a secret

23rd June 2015:
no it CANNOT end!! I love this so bad and I NEED it in my life, I'm just thanking thy lord that this isn't your only story because I may not have been able to cope if that was the case! Goodness me I loved this chapter crazy bad. It was wonderful! and adorable.. I AM FRE!!! my exams are DONE! woo yeah! It is 6.30am right now and I have to go into school for a half day for like dress up and assembly and then wednesday thursday and friday I have 3 days of induction for next year and then I really am free!! Great goodness I am excited!!! but it seems so far I am more busy without exams than with! update soon ly!! xx
yours faithful

Author's Response: Hey Shan!

Don't be sad, you're gonna make me cry! Think about 'Puberty and her Seven Dorks', and my third story which is on its way, happy thoughts, see?? I'm so happy you liked this chapter, gosh... I can't believe this is almost ending, and you've been with me since the very beginning...

YOU'RE FREE!! See? Good things!! You'll be in Spain with your best friend soon, you can't complain!! (I wanna see pictures though :)) it'll be so amazing!! I wish that I could leave everything behind and just travel, ahahah I miss london... :(

Next chapter from 'Puberty and her Seven Dorks' should be up soon, and then it's another for Being Us! Yey!!

See you soon,

All my love!

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Review #15, by xoxo_jpotter No longer a secret

22nd June 2015:
AW! They're so sweet! Does this story really have to end? I'm serious, you should just keep writing it forever. *sighs* But I guess it has to end at some point.
Anyways, in case you couldn't tell (I do try to be subtle) I loved it!

Author's Response: Hello again xoxo_jpotter!

See? I may have decided to read your chapter first, but I found time to reply all my reviews today, ok? hum! Gosh who am I kidding, I took way too long with answers this time... sorry...

Ahahaha but if I write this story forever I won't have time to upload my third story, and I really like it so far :) (cocky much?)

Things have to end to give space for new things to come... ok, now I'm just philosophizing here, heheh sorry, and guess what? I can't blame it on being late now, although I can always say that I barely slept because I was thinking about your next chapter!

Thanks for being amazed that I'm Brazilian though, it really means a lot that you couldn't tell :)

See you soon!

All my love,

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Review #16, by MalfoyMannor No longer a secret

20th June 2015:
aww they're so sweet and cute together :)

they are finally together after their little spat :)

I love dramatic Albus is :P especially when Diane was telling him about the letter.

gotta love James and everything he's done to help Diane get Albus back :)

can't wait for the next couple of chapters even though it's going to be ending soon

love the writing as always :)

till next review


Author's Response: Hello again MalfoyMannor!

I'm so happy to see them together, everything seems so peaceful now...

Ahahaha I'm so glad that someone likes Drama King, also known as Albastard, or just Al ;) This bit is the proof that Di is perfect for Al, I'd probably end up losing my patience if I was in Di's shoes :)

Gotta love James though, he really did a lot for them (especially because Diane is simply terrible at creating plans...) ahahaha

Gosh I'll miss this story, and Al... snif... I guess I'll have to get going with my third story with Al as the main character again :)

Thank you again for the amazing, lovely review!!

See you soon!

All my love,

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Review #17, by Violet Potter 434 No longer a secret

20th June 2015:
aww how sweet
they love each other
just like I love this
about time tho
-not me loving this, them not going public, I have declared my love for your stories more than a few times

and have I told you how much I love your letters from James
I love James
not in a "I want to marry you" way but in a "you're hilarious, lets be friends and rule Gryffindor and it's quiddtch team together" way
you get ma drift

Im still upset that this is coming to an end but then as I said last time I cannot be angry because I haven't posted n like 2 months but you will be glad to know I wrote a whole 4 sentences and the deleted 2 others, yep I managed to write that much, be proud of me

Anyways I am waiting for the next amazballs chapter that Im sure I will love just as much

From me xxx

Ps. I am watching harry potter and the goblet of fire- Harry has just fought Voldy and Cedrick is dead and his dead sounds like a small whale meanwhile krum and his mates are looking sad but not really working it, Im sat here writing this and wondering why the hell they didnt have the riddle in it-you know the one about kissing spiders, which by the way I know off by heart, youll be proud to know and would you know it but mad eyes ran out of potion
Anyways I just said Id go now didnt I

Pps. Barty junior is confessing

Author's Response: Hey lovely Violet!

You're so much better than me then, I'm totally platonically in love with Al... not this one actually, my Al is a bit gay (not that I have anything against gays, all my best friends are actually, but I wouldn't want to marry one...), but the general idea of Al... Ok, I'm totally crazy: everyone who's reading this, I'm sorry, please don't abandon my story!

Ahahahahaha "know I wrote a whole 4 sentences and the deleted 2 others, yep I managed to write that much, be proud of me". I stand by what I usually say, you're freaking hilarious Violet, you should TOTALLY write a comedy.

Don't be sad!! We still have "Puberty and her Seven Dorks" and it's not ending anytime soon :)

I'm getting there, promise, it's been crazy this days though, and I don't forget that I have two stories to update and the website will only accept one upload at a time. Gosh, keeping this up without disappointing you guys is hard... Anyway, it's what I love to do so no more complaining, more writing!

We're sadly (because it's so close to an end now) getting there...

All my love,

Ps: Love that movie! Have absolutely no idea of what you meant here: "why the hell they didn’t have the riddle in it-you know the one about kissing spiders, which by the way I know off by heart, you’ll be proud to know and would you know it but mad eyes ran out of potion."

Pps: Love that scene :)

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Review #18, by xoxo_jpotter Preparations and Surprise Party

16th June 2015:
So I couldn't resist coming to leave you a review here too. I'm more of a James kind of person (hence the name), but I can honestly say yours is the best Al story I have read!
Like seriously, one day I left the James/OC world to see what it was like outside of it. I didn't venture far; it was just to the Al/OCs, but it was still a big difference. Anyways, I read a few and decided to go back to the James world when I saw your story. It only had 4 or 5 chapters, so I decided to read them.
After that I was totally hooked. The way you portray Al is so sweet, yet sometimes he can be a jerk. It's perfect! Diane is also pretty great. So is Scorpius. And Rose of course.
I'm so excited they're finally together! I'm a little sad to hear the end is near, but I think I'll survive. After all, I still have puberty and her seven dorks.
ps I clicked all the read buttons for both your stories although I have no idea what they do

Author's Response: Wow, you actually read both my stories, even if one is Al/OC I'm so happy!! And you've been with me since the beginning, this is too much, my lips are hearting from all the smiling I'm doing :)

I nearly cried when I read that you think this is the best Al/OC stories there is, it really moved me... I have actually confused emotions about Being Us, it's my first story, it's sort of like my baby, but at the same time, when reading it again I think that I have grown as a writer, you know? Like I could do it better after all that I've learned with this.

It's going to be so hard to let go of it, but, I'm a crazy maniac who already started (but didn't published it yet) my third story, and yes, because I'm an Al person and am going to miss him so much it's going to be an Al/OC (sorry xoxo_jpotter, but I think that if you liked Being Us, you're going to love it - hopefully - it's much more mature, like your story).

Gosh, you're making me nostalgic and I didn't even completed the story yet, but wow, only three more chapters...

I'm going to stop replying to you now because I'm literally nearly crying and guess what? I'm at class, hahahah not the best place to burst into tears...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing review!!!

All my love,

Ps: You know when you're in your account and you click on 'Manage Story' and they show you how many people are reading it (the total number and divided by chapter)? This is what the 'read chapter' box means, it's the only way to tell the writer that you've read that chapter and therefore, the only way for us writers to imagine how many people are reading it.

I know, it annoys me like crazy because oi, I never even knew about this 'read chapter' box before I started writing, it actually doesn't even appear for me at the end of some chapters (only Merlin would know why), which means that you probably only know about what? 20% of the people who actually read your...

I hope this made sense, otherwise I must look like a lunatic.

Pps: thanks again for making both my morning and my night!

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Review #19, by ShannonRay Preparations and Surprise Party

14th June 2015:
yayayaay (I swear so many of my reviews start with.. YAY!) and woaaah woooaahh woaahahh ohmygosh ohmygosh I am so excited FINALLY! EVERYTHING IS FORGIVEN AL I LOVE YOU AGAIN! and i love your writing oh my gosh I just feel like I am in this... I just had to laugh with Di when all the girls were chatting I probably sounded insane but who cares? not me! I have done 18 exams and I have 4 left to do... my last ever proper day at secondary school (in year 11) is on friday! but my sister and the rest of the years still have school till the end of july hehehehehe! i am mega excited but I don't know actually how I am going to face these last exams! ugh. Sorry for the late review (again) I'm busy busy busy and forgetful- I read this chapter and put the review on my list of things to do and just forgot!

Author's Response: Shan!! (yeah... dysfunction wins... I can't wait to start posting my third story, you'll totally get what I mean...)

YAAAYYY!! Another Yay! (who cares that most of them start this way? It's awesome!)
Poor Al, ahahaha I still can't believe that you found a way to be on Di's side this time, you truly amazes me Shan! You know that you just said the words that every writer craves to read, right? " i love your writing oh my gosh I just feel like I am in this..." this is simply all that I ever wanted to hear, I'm so happy Shan, thank you so, so much!! :)

I don't care either, I also don't care for someone who would ;) let us crazy woman laugh all we want by ourselves, we're happy here!

4 to go Shan! You can do this! Wow, you're finishing secondary school, CONGRATS!! That's such a happy event!! You'll rock the last exam, I'm sure of it, don't worry!
You always review, that's what matters, it may not be as soon as it's out, but I know that I can count on my faithful amazing reviewer...

Love you Shan,

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Review #20, by MalfoyMannor Preparations and Surprise Party

11th June 2015:
awww they finally are together :) I'm literally smiling right now :)

But nooo you're ending the story :( I always love and hate endings :(

How's going to end? What's going to happen? Is it going to end with them graduating? Can't wait until the next chapters even though I'm going to be sad that it's going to be over.

And for responding to my reivews thanks :) You didn't have to reply to all of them but you did :) and I love it when authors ramble in their replies cause that means they're actually thinking about what they're putting :)

Can't wait until you update "Puberty and her Seven Dorks", I love it :)

Author's Response: Malfoy Mannor!

Gosh, I've missed you after spending so long writing monologs back to you :), and yes, I absolutely had to reply to all your reviews because you are an amazing person who took the time to make two of my weeks when you could have just kept reading without a word.

I'm so happy that you're smiling that they got together, I have to confess that when I finished reviewing this chapter before I uploaded it I was smiling as well :)

I know, I have the same mixed feeling about endings, and now I'm experiencing letting my first story go, I can't even describe the feeling... I'm just so glad that I still have Puberty and her Seven Dorks, and that I've already started my third story (I haven't published it yet though), they're something to hold on to, you know?

I don't know if I managed to make all my replies to you awesome enough, but you can be certain that I really, really tried!

Oh, and great news: I've uploaded the next chapter for Puberty and her Seven Dorks as soon as they validated this one from Being Us (you can only submit one chapter at a time), so now we're only waiting for it to be validated!!

All my love,

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Review #21, by Violet Potter 434 Preparations and Surprise Party

10th June 2015:
I love it!
you know, I really need to think of something new to say, but it just the first thing that comes to mind.
they go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong
Remembered forever
As shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom
Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop
That's the way it should be
Wah-oooh, yeah!...

what do you mean there's only three more chapters left!? what am I supposed to do! you better count your lucky stars that you have the other stories or I may die without reading your stories and that would be a great shame to all of mankind as I am the queen of lists and that would obviously effect the whole world

anyways as you only have three chapters more chapters left, I better let you start writing so you can write as amazing as usual

love ya
from me xx

ps. im still cross tho

Author's Response: Violet Potter 434, don't you dare say that you'll go dying on me! That WOULD affect the hole world! And, I'd stop writing in protest (ha! take that! You better stay well and alive!)

Lalala (nope, I'm not half the singer you are.)

Ahahaha I loved you review, as usual it got me laughing really hard!

But hey, I know, it's sad, Being Us is almost ending, but we still have Puberty and her Seven Dorks, and I've already secretly started writing my third, so alas, you'll be stuck with me for a while ;)

Love ya right back,

ps: you're crossed? How about the fact that I've been waiting sooo long for your next chapter?! Please update your story!

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Review #22, by May Preparations and Surprise Party

10th June 2015:
I'm so glad they are back together again I'm enjoying your story

Author's Response: Hey May,

It's so nice to see you here :) I know you like Al and Scorp, but still...

I'm so glad as well, this two have already caused too much drama!

Again thank you for taking the time to leave me a review, it really means a lot to me!

All my love,

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Review #23, by ShannonRay Planning a Surprise.

29th May 2015:
AHHH the excitement that there was a new chapter when I finished my massive catch up was great! woo yeah! I wish they would get together again, will it happen at Rose's party? I understand why Albus is annoyed but I do seriously think, though he does need time to think, it is also kind of harsh of him to just leave Di hanging and waiting! ughh I wouldn't be surprised if by the time he gets himself together Di will be the one 'thinking' though that would be annoying! great writing as always. hope your life and busy busy business stuff at the moment is going good... I have 3 weeks (i think) of exams and then I have leavers day ( last ever day at school- proper school in uniform and stuff) and then I'm done for summer! (a month earlier than other years in England- because we had exams!) so i am very terribly excited because i finish a month earlier than my sister! haha! Im mean i know hehe. but also I am going on holiday to spain with my best friend... on our own!! ahhh yay I will stop talking about myself now! all the hugs and love

Author's Response: Hey Shan!

I'm sorry to tell you this but you'll have to wait till the chapter of the party to know if they'll get together then or not :) Sorry, I hate spoilers so I don't usually give them, even though part of me is aware that I may be torturing you with curiosity, heheh.

You love Di, that's why you're always at her side no matter what, but she did really screw things up, I mean, she was a bitch!! Don't worry though, you know Al, he'll crack soon enough...

My life is good, thanks! Lots of things happening at the moment, but it wouldn't be fun without then ;)

You're going to Spain!! That's so amazing!! I LOVE it there, it's been a while since I last went to Barcelona and I really miss the city, it's amazing, you'll absolutely love it, especially since you're going with a friend, you guys will have so much fun!!!

Ahahah I sort of feel bad for your sister, she's going to be so frustrated knowing that you're all done while she still have tons of studies to do, ahahah well, you did have to study hard to have your vacations early, so...


Sorry, the suspense is killing me!!!

I'm actually really sad that I don't have any more reviews of yours to reply at the moment, it was so much fun having a billion to reply!!!

All my love and hugs!!!

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Review #24, by MalfoyMannor Planning a Surprise.

29th May 2015:
Will they work everything out? What happens next? Will something happen at the party? Jealousy? Romance?

Sorry about my rambling, I just got really invested into this fic

Author's Response: Ahahah you're so sweet!! I can't imagine what it's like for you to have read it all at once and now get to the last chapter there is on the website, I don't take long to update though, so don't worry, you'll 'have more soon!

I actually try to update it once a week but if can't I still don't take much longer than that :) The website has changed the rules though and now I can only have one chapter waiting to be validated at a time and since I'm also writing my second story (Puberty and Her even Dorks) sometimes I get the chapter ready to be submitted before I can actually upload it :(
I won't take long though, I promise!

And you're not rambling! I'm usually the one who rambles a lot in my replies (you've probably already noticed that and I really hope that you don't mind it too much).

Again, you probably already know how much I appreciated all your reviews, but I can't never say it too many times: thanks so much for your support, it really means the world to me, you've literally made my week :)

I really hope to read from you soon.

(As usual) all my love,

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Review #25, by MalfoyMannor One to go

29th May 2015:
Finally!!! Di has come to her senses. And thank god for James and his plan.

Author's Response: I love Jamesey-poo!! He's bloody brilliant! I love everything about his plan, especially how Diane decided to follow it till the naked bit ;)

I'm so glad you liked it too! Don't worry, Di has learned her lesson!

Thanks again MalfoyMannor :)

I still have one of your amazing reviews to reply, and after that I really hope to keep reading from you, you're really sweet!

All my love,

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