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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Call Me Charlotte

3rd March 2015:
I love Charlotte. Though Lorcan as a boy is a character I generally love, Charlotte is fun and cool and I totally would have loved to travel with her... as somone who tends to change their name often in real life (and has about four written down on his forums page), it would have been fun as well as fulfilling when finding the perfect name. :D

Roxanne was also awesome, I loved her and how amazing she was with Charlotte. Both when understanding her process of finding a name and just in general. I'm sensing I love a new ship.

I hope I get to see more of them one day. :D

This was amazing.


Author's Response: HEY CONNOR

like, your first paragraph is so fitting because you signed this off as Sam and i just kind of find that hilarious given the content of this chapter. i can picture you and Charlotte travelling around trying on names. it'd be amazing tbh. travel buddies made in heaven

there's more of them in 12 Days of Christmas if you wanted to check that out yeah this is a shameless plug

thank you for reviewing this

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Review #2, by The Justice League Call Me Charlotte

17th January 2015:
I loved this story. I have been struggling with my gender identity for a while now, and like rest of the TFWMS series, you had excellent LGBTQ representation. I also liked how you included how people aren't always immeadiatly excepting.

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm really glad you could relate to this story in some way - it's the most rewarding thing to hear and accurate lgbtqa+ representation is really important to me. thanks again!

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Review #3, by crestwood Call Me Charlotte

30th October 2014:
Hi Lisa!

I really enjoy the symbolism of the name Lorcan being used for the last time in the sentence 'Bye, Lorcan' I just really had to take a moment to appreciate that. I love the idea of her travelling in attempts to find her name and identity. Finding a new bit of herself in each name is an excellent touch.

When I think about Diana as the name of a goddess, my mind cannot go anywhere that isn't directly to Wonder Woman. I don't think you did that on purpose but it's still such an interesting idea that I can associate to this story and it kind of makes sense.

I like every last one of her names so much. You almost made each one into a different fully formed character until they're shed when she leaves wherever it is she is.

Roxanne is very underused in fic and I'm SO GLAD that she's in this story. The ending of this is amazing. Her acceptance of herself is striking and I'm really glad it was resolved with her finding who she really is. I'd say that you did an excellent job writing a transgender character. I'm already pretty familiar with gender identity issues, but if I wasn't, this would have made me familiar and that is valuable. I thought that you handled everything perfectly. Thank you for *another* entry!

Author's Response: JOSPEH HEY

i think we know each other well enough by this point that you know i wasn't making any wonder woman references but we also hadn't spoken when you left this review so, like, that's fair enough

roxanne is a babe and i love tfwms-verse roxanne A LOT

thank for review and the challenge gosh i swamped you didn't i

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Review #4, by grednforge217 Call Me Charlotte

17th October 2014:
This is so lovely! So romantic. 10/10.

Author's Response: thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by PedanticIsMyMiddleName Call Me Charlotte

8th October 2014:
I enjoyed this. Admittedly, I actually clicked on it not knowing that it was you who had written it (or seeing the 'TFWMS' in the story summary) so I spent the first read of it thinking 'This sounds a lot like how I thought of Lorcan from TFWMS'... so I had to re-read it in the light of knowing that it was her. I love TFWMS (and Pending Further Investigation and One of a Kind) and I also really like this. You've really created a search of sensing and longing followed by the satisfaction of completeness... well, that's what I felt. I would really like to find out more about Lorcan's relationship with Rose - from the scene of their break-up maybe? Looking forward to more TFWMS-universe based one-shots!

Author's Response: heya! i'm glad you enjoyed this story and that you love the tfwms-verse - it's very close to my heart and hearing from people who love it like i do is really gratifying, so thank you! i'm glad you got that impression from this one-shot, because that longing and completeness was exactly what i was going for. i'm extremely late in responding to this, but i hope you've enjoyed the other tfwms-verse one-shots!

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