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Reading Reviews for Like Clockwork
44 Reviews Found

Review #1, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Antiquity

8th April 2017:
Hiya! Here for CTF #5!

First of all, I'm going to bookmark this, becausr this chapter has be thoroughly intrigued and I am completely interested in this, so continue to read this I will.
I love the way you set up the timetravel. From Marauder time to the time of the witchhunting, and back. It can't be nothing but good, especially if she's so affected by it all, but also keeps on remembering little points, like recognizing the sorting hat, but not knowing why. It makes for a really interesting setup.
Also, I love the way you described the setting aflame and how it all worked. It seemed so painful and it really hasn't done anything good for my fear of fire, if I am completely honest. The way you described it licking and how it affected and attacked her body and the way you described the reactions of the town really made it feel like you were personally there, and that's quite a thing to accomplish, as I rarely see it happen that I feel like this. I also enjoyed how you described her magic happening and how she fled - because I honestly was wondering how she was gonna get out of that while still being important to the story, and when Everard showed up it reminded me very much of Dumbledore.
Very well done and I love the touches!

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Review #2, by PaulaTheProkaryote Antiquity

8th April 2017:
HELLO LOVELY! Iím here for CTF at HPFT. Obviously the Claws have to win. ;) You know how these things go.

You had me at witch trials and secret societies.

Dear Merlin above, you have the best descriptive writing and better yet, you consistently use it throughout the chapter. I love good descriptive writing that has value to the story (you can only spend so many words describing a chair that no one sits in Charles Dickens) and moreover, so many writers just seem to drop off the descriptors after the first few paragraphs. Love it!

The description of her lungs burning so hot that carried on through her tongue, lips, forehead, nose, etc was really well done. I really felt like I was there.

I like the way you did the self doubt with perhaps she was sent from the devil after all. Thank goodness someone from Hogwarts finally stepped in! Poor baby girl! She was 11! Why wasn't she already to Hogwarts by Halloween? Maybe it was hard to find her? He did allude to him searching for her with the found you bit.

And what does he know about her tendencies? One too many spins? That sounds like some major time turner stuff. This is so interesting! Also I wonder how she handles the ery long life that she's going to have to endure. I think with all of the societal and cultural changes over the years I'd probably go mad.

And then that brings forth an entire question about her family. Are they really her family? Do they know that she was sent back? Are they part of some kind of proto-Order of the Phoenix organization?

I imagine after all that time traveling and then nearly being murdered and then discovering youíre a witch in an age where witches were evil, demonic little things would be more than stressful enough to knock anyone out.


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Review #3, by SilverMoonFairy Memories

1st April 2017:
CTF Jail Break *salute*

Hello again! It seems I'm destined to read more of this story. Good thing I put it on my reading list. It certainly grabs the attention, but what good time travel story doesn't? A two hundred year time hop, that's a big gap! And to have to deal with all those emotions on first landing, that was harsh! I want to know more about what she's remembering! I love that, despite not knowing who she is at the moment, Dumbledore already knew what to say to soothe her while she was freaking out and crying. That actually warmed my heart a bit. I think you write Dumbledore pretty well, too.

I do have to say, though, I think there should have been a bit more confusion over her Slytherin robes. She just made a two hundred year time hop. I would think the style would be extremely different? But that could just be me.

Meeting the Marauders. That's always fun, but for Cecily, perhaps not so much. I wonder how they will react when they know she's a Slytherin? And how she will react when she finds out James is her Head Boy for the year! I can't wait to meet Severus and how that goes! I'm sure there will be lots of memories attacking her then.

Once again, I hop to return and read more!


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Review #4, by Flower n Prongs Memories

1st April 2017:
I'm baaack!

I'm a sucker for time travel stories and you are pulling this one off really well so far. Since you have changed how she goes back and forward in time to a unique method, you have a bit more leeway with the process. You're doing a good job at explaining it to make sure readers can follow without giving us too much. I appreciate that you've given part of the explanation in two chapters, so it's not too much shoved down our throats at once but it helps my understanding.

The glimpses of history, Muggle and magical, was a neat touch.

I love how on the ball McGonagall is! Slytherin robes even though she just arrived? Unexpected, Seer-ish weirdness that McGonagall seemed to be trying to place? Perfect.

The line about the ease with which Dumbledore could like was a nice touch, referencing his past and hinting at some of the stuff Cecily had experienced in the early 20th century without being too on the nose.

Marauders! I love them and the way she is interacting with them already. The fact that James's eyes are attractive, the reaction to Peter, all of it. I especially liked this line: "I had scars as well. Only mine were burn marks up my back." It was a great way to bring it back to the first scene.

One minor problem I noticed was that she was apparently in the "fatal position" instead of the "fetal position". That was the only typo that stood out to me.

This is a really unique, enjoyable story so far.

- R

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Review #5, by SilverMoonFairy Antiquity

1st April 2017:
Liz here with a CTF jail break! *salute*

Well. This. Is. Interesting. The beginning had me hooked immediately with the flames and the fire and the burning and the intensity of the moment and you just captured it so well! I love when what I'm reading can make me feel what the character is feeling, panicky and frightened and running for their lives. I will admit, I got pretty confused for a while there at the beginning and I was pretty convinced that she was a dragon or something, flying through the trees and setting everything on fire as she went. It was intense! I wasn't expecting her to be time traveler, but I'm still hoping the dragon thing might be true.

I wonder what year is she in? If her time travel really works the way Everard says it does, shouldn't she remember this moment? And how many times has she done this? Is she just in some never ending loop, like a self fulfilling prophecy? Because that would SUCK. Just saying. Having to travel back to be burned at the stake over and over and over... Holy cow.

Were her parents magic, I wonder? Actually, what I really want to know is what did she do or say that made the towns people think she was a witch to begin with? She's eleven years old for cripes sake!

I did find a little typo while going through.

out of term - should be out of turn.

And that's about all. You certainly know how to start a story. I'll have to add this to my reading list as well. Oh, dear, I'm going to have a lot of these by the end of this event...


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Review #6, by Flower n Prongs Antiquity

1st April 2017:
Do you perhaps have a flag for me to capture? Let's see. =)

First of all, I have to say that it was this character list that drew me in. Ariana, Grindelwald, the Marauders, and Voldemort all in one story? That is certainly something you don't get the chance to read every day.

At first I was thinking that you might do something about making Cecily some sort of immortal being (why, I don't know when that is clearly not canon). Time travel makes about a million times more sense! I appreciate that the method of time travel in here was not a time turner, since it would take an ungodly number of spins to get back to this era, or some sort of mishap.

You have left us with enough information to intrigue for one chapter: the era can be deduced, that this is not the first time she has gone back, and that she was smart enough to create something to accomplish this. We do have some questions to keep us reading to: who was she in the future? What events is she supposed to ensure happen vs supposed to stop? (Related: does she need to make sure Harry is born to stop Voldemort vs somehow stopping him before?)

So far, Cecily seems like a great OC. She fits into the time period (religious fears, preconceived notions) and is clearly unique (somebody who could invent something of that nature has to be smart) but is relateable enough to not seem too out there. Most importantly, I'm glad that she is also a bit concerned and confused about the whole time travel thing because it will take me some time to wrap my head around everything that Everard said too! (That is a great addition, by the way. We know next to nothing about past headmasters and headmistresses, picking one from canon that we know so little about is a nice touch.)

- R

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Review #7, by Jd5693 Secrets

14th March 2017:
This story is so unique and original I look forward to reading more!!

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Review #8, by Stef Secrets

13th March 2017:
Love the concept. Very interesting. Definitely haven't read anything like it yet. Can't wait to hear more.

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Review #9, by gryffindorlion15 Secrets

13th March 2017:
Please update again soon, I can't wait to see how everything unfolds :) x

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Review #10, by Ingwea Welcomings

26th October 2015:

I love the plot of the story, very original, intriguing, with good writing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

- Leigh xx

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Review #11, by coluhrs Welcomings

19th July 2015:
ah i love it. i honestly can't wait to see what happens next

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Review #12, by coluhrs Memories

19th July 2015:
another fantastic chapter!

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Review #13, by coluhrs Antiquity

19th July 2015:
this is so beautiful i love it i love it
i love cecily and omg this is amazing
i can't wait to read more

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Review #14, by GeekAttack Welcomings

14th June 2015:
THIS IS SO COOL. Your plot is so intriguing, albeit, a bit confusing at times. But I love your main character, I love your plot, I love the foreshadowing- I just want more! Love, love, love!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's meant to be confusing :p I'll hopefully have more up soon!

- Leigh xxx

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Review #15, by bethanex Antiquity

12th June 2015:
Beautifully written - great use of figurative language (I know, I'm such a lit nerd)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D

- Leigh xxx

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Review #16, by ladyrae Welcomings

7th June 2015:
Very interested in this story this far. I can't wait to see what exactly Cecily is supposed to change. I'd originally assumed it was Snape or Pete, but Rosier is making things interesting. I also can't wait to figure out if what she changes will cause the events that lead to Harry Potter, allowing a chance for him to live and save the world, or if she's going to prevent it. Great chapter, and I can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much. Hmm, it could be any of them three, or none of them :D And well, I guess we'll have to wait and see why she's changing everything! It becomes clear quickly enough :p

Thanks for reviewing!

- Leigh xx

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Review #17, by Gabriella Hunter Antiquity

6th June 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums dropping by with our swap! Thank you for the lovely review you left for This is Angelina, I was in a puddle of feels reading it. I haven't gotten much on that story in a long time! :D

Anyway, this was really interesting! I'm fascinated by this world that you've created and I didn't expect time travel to take any part of what I read! I was so worried for Cecily in the beginning because we all know how horrible those witch trials were and I was certain that this would take place in the past. It sort of does, in a way but what I really liked was your imagery during that scene, she can't control her magic, doesn't understand why this is happening and her fear felt so real. I wasn't sure if she was going to make it to be honest!

By the time she's running away, I was sure that the villagers were going to follow. I was SO relieved that Everard found her instead, I enjoyed the mix of religion that you added into this as well. Hell, heaven and the places in between are mentioned in this first chapter rather well. For someone living during that time period, that meant the world and I love how you weaved that in here. :D

Now, this second part had me really shocked! I didn't think that Cecily would have been sent back more than once! It's like Quantum Leap! (That's an awesome show that you should check out if you're not aware of it already) I'm REALLY curious about this story now! How long has Cecily been doing this? HOW is she a time traveler and why? What does she have to stop?

Ah, it was really good! Thanks for the swap!

Much love,


P.S.: Don't be shy about stopping by my review thread either, I'd love to read more!

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Review #18, by alicia and anne Memories

6th June 2015:

I am so excited about reading the second chapter to this story :D

Wow, having to go back, and then going back too far and having to grow up whilst dealing with everything she knew... I just don't know how I would have been able to deal with it at all!

Oooo I wonder why she has to be a Slytherin?

I am actually so nervous for her going forwards. I hope that it works out right. :S

Oh wow, the fate of the Wizarding World was in her hands. That is a lot of pressure! I would be so terrified.

Oh my god! Those images that she was hit with when she 'arrived', all those feelings. I want to hug her so tightly! *squishes her* I wanted to cry so much at the thought of all of that. And she had to feel it all at once! *squishes her tighter*

I must say that you are perfect at writing Albus! His personality is just spot on.

I wonder if Dumbledore will inform McGonagall of the real reason she's there, apart from the story that they've come up with about the fire? Although... I suppose it'll be better to not get too many people involved. It could change the course of things?

I really need to know what it is she's changing! I need to keep reading!

Wow, so many things must have changed for her! I didn't even realise, and for her not to know what a train is. Wow! She's going to have a weird reaction to everything!

Oh no! She's remembering but not!

Wow she's not a fan of McGonagall? I wonder how much tension will be between the two of them?

I absolutely adore Cecily! I am loving all of the flashes she keeps getting and I can't wait to find out more! I adore this story so much! And it's only been two chapters that I've read so far!

I love this!

You are such a fantastic writer and reading your work is the highlight of my day!


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Review #19, by TreacleTart Antiquity

1st June 2015:
Hi Adina!

I'm here for our review swap from this morning!

Wow! This is quite a bit different from anything else that I've read of yours. It's dark and deep and I immediately felt drawn into it. This was a really great start.

I felt confused about the main character being a witch and being burned. The way you wrote it was really lovely because I felt like I was experiencing it right alongside her. I didn't understand why she was being burned alive just as she didn't. When she took off running spraying flames from her open mouth, I felt scared and surprised by what was happening. Basically, the way you've allowed the reader to gain information just as Cecily gains it works really well for this. It really keeps the intrigue up.

Then the concept of time travel gets introduced in this. I'm always really nervous about time travel fics because I feel like its very easy for them to get cliche very quickly. I actually really like your concept for time travel hear. It's a bit out of the ordinary, but that makes it refreshing. I can't wait to see where you go with it.

All in all, I think this was a great first chapter! I'm really excited about this story and seeing where it's going to go in the future. I'm going to add it to my currently reading list and hopefully one things settle down I'll have a chance to read the rest of it!

Good work!


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Review #20, by alicia and anne Antiquity

1st June 2015:
Leigh!!! I am here to give you a review

I am so excited about beginning to read this. I absolutely adore Marauder fics! They're my all time favourite stories to go back to, and I'm so glad that I'm reading this one.

Oh no! This is such a sad and heartbreaking beginning! It upsets me that witch burning happened, and that she's had to go through this. The way that you described how she was feeling and the pain made me so sad that I wanted to cry, I wanted to burst into the story and put those flames out! But, alas, I am but a mere reader and can only read your beautiful writing.

Flames are shooting from her mouth! Is she a dragon? Does she have some kind of Dragon power? So many questions right now!

I am so glad that Headmaster Everard found her and is going to take her to the magical world! This makes me so happy that she was saved! :D YAY!!! I could cheer and dance and be happy!

She's returned? Spins? :O are timeturners involved?

This was an utterly amazing first chapter, Leigh! I was not expecting it to be like this at all! And I am so excited about whats to come! I need to continue reading, because I can't wait to see if she manages to do it!

I think that this is going to be my new favourite story!

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Review #21, by Shadowkat Antiquity

1st June 2015:
First of all, I love the description you use here. The only problems I can see someone else has already pointed out, the repetitive words, the switch in POV, etc.

This is a really original take on a time-travel Fanfiction, and I applaud you for that. It raises a lot of questions, which a first chapter should do, and the ending makes you want to read more and find out what happens. The conflicting parts of her in response to what's happening is also a very nice touch.

All in all great job. :)

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Review #22, by V Memories

28th May 2015:
Can't wait for an upload!

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue! Thanks for reading!

- Leigh xxx

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Review #23, by bridget976 Memories

7th April 2015:
So good I can't wait for more chapters! Update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D


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Review #24, by crestwood Memories

14th March 2015:
Hi Leigh! Here for our swap.

This is certainly a plot like I have never read. The idea of the memories coming rushing back to her the second she goes forward is just like mindblowingly awesome concept.

I'd be frightened to make this jump without even understanding exactly what events I was supposed to be changing. This girl is exceedingly brave to even accept this mission thrust upon her.

Ooooh, a Seer? I love Seer characters in fic, there's not nearly enough. I do wonder what she's going to change. I suppose it's probably something to do with Voldemort, considering the time she's traveling to.

Dumbledore is always setting things up with himself from the past in fic. I absolutely love it. What other character could convincingly be written doing things like that?

I love these scenes in which Dumbledore receives a mysterious time traveler. He's always so calm and collected about it. You've written this so well and the memories all coming back at the same time is an awesome device that I've never seen done before!

It's really, really hilarious that she doesn't know what a train is.

There's something different about the Marauders in this story. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but they seem to have a slightly different disposition than I usually read them with. I like them. They're a little rougher around the edges maybe. I think this story is just so original and intriguing! I can't wait for you to update again. Thank you for the swap!

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Review #25, by Unicorn_Charm Antiquity

13th March 2015:
Hi there! Here for the swap! :)

I love time-travel stories! They're honestly my favorite, so I couldn't not stop here. :D

This was an incredible opening chapter. Like absolutely amazing. From the very first line "They had caught me." Wow, what a way to begin a story! There's now way you can't read on after that! And then while she's describing the fire and all of the other horrible things that are happening to her in that moment, you honestly had me holding my breath. The imagery there was fantastic, horrifying, but fantastic.

That moment after she got away and she heard the man's voice, I so hoped it was a wizard there to help her. So I was incredibly relieved when it was. Everard seemed like a very wise and powerful headmaster. I found myself liking him quite a bit actually. He was very kind and patient with her while explaining everything.

This twist on the time-travel trope is so unique! It's unlike anything I have ever read before, so that is incredibly exciting! I want to know what this ring is and what it does, exactly. I can't wait to see her get to 1977 and what her purpose is for going to that time. And it's crazy that she's already done it multiple times?? I can't not read on after reading this chapter. I don't want to know what happens, I NEED to know what happens!

Excellent, awesome, amazing job on this! I will definitely be back!! Thanks for the swap! ♥

xoxo Meg

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