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Reading Reviews for Slytherin Squad
25 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sarah Epilogue: Fifteen Years Later

29th May 2017:
Loved this story so much!!!

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Review #2, by Sarah St. Mungo's

29th May 2017:
Phenomenal storyline and plot. I love this so much. I do wish you had taken a bit more tone to develop Draco and Ginny's relationship, but I suppose there is still time for that. Also, I appreciate you omitting the deaths. Still haven't quite forgiven Jo for about half of them. It's clear you have a vast knowledge of the hp world, including spells and obscure references. Good grammar. Great read!

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Review #3, by Shinicha Epilogue: Fifteen Years Later

26th April 2017:
Hey! So I finished this story and I absolutely loved it! The writing was well balanced - the storyline developed really naturally and was exciting as well. you did a really good job with the action scenes. The ending was just perfect and you made me quite nostalgic since Draco/Ginny was one of my favourite ships before I got more into NextGen after DH came out.

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Review #4, by Shinicha Chapter 1: Prologue

22nd April 2017:
Awesome first chapter, Draco is quite the unlikeable guy we got to know in the books! I like the snappy and fast paced style:)

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Review #5, by FlippingFerret Weekly Weasley Welcome

10th April 2016:
The tension at the Weasley table was spot on. I would have liked to see more of Harry's reaction to Draco being there with Ginny. Overall this was a great chapter!

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Review #6, by FlippingFerret Maladies and Manueverings

10th April 2016:
This is fantastic! Brilliantly done! Blaise noticing the difference in Ginny and Draco's relationship made me laugh! When Ginny announced they should join her for dinner at the Weasley's I about died with laughter! Their lack of response was spot on!

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Review #7, by FlippingFerret Repercussions

9th April 2016:
Brilliant work! I'm literally on the edge of my seat! I'm intrigued by the relationship forming between Ginny and Draco. I like how quickly Draco took action hearing about Goyle's cursed doorknob.

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Review #8, by HPFantasticks Epilogue: Fifteen Years Later

6th April 2016:
hi, what a great finish to a fantastic story. I loved your nod to the books and enjoyed reading Slythering squad a lot. But, your ending made me laugh out loud several times, and it really made me want to read more about the twins and Scorpius.. SEQUEL, SEQUEL, SEQUEL!

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! I had ideas for a sequel floating around but I realized changing the lineages for nearly all of the Next Gen cast amplifies the AU nature of my story by like a billion and would have a readerbase of like one... me. But now there are two! Haha. I'm unlikely to ever finish it, hence why I wouldn't want to post it. But, if you want to take a look at my two pages of sequel, I'd be happy to shoot it over to you.
Thanks so much for reading and I couldn't be happier that you enjoyed it! :D

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Review #9, by FlippingFerret Back for More

1st April 2016:
Excellent! The tension between Draco and Ginny is fantastic! Looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: So glad you like it! :D

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Review #10, by Mackie chandler Beginnings

6th February 2016:
What wonderful, believable, glorious, well written, well characterized, sweet, sad, exciting, beautiful book! I spent the day reading it with sheer joy.

Thank you for a book that was a sheer joy to read.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! It's my absolute favorite when I hear that you enjoyed it so much and devoured it in a day. :) I'm glowing inside and trying to type coherently without just gushing at your gushing. XD
Also, when you read it, the epilogue wasn't up yet. I finished revising it, so now the final chapter is up and Slytherin Squad is truly, completely complete. Hope you like it! :D

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Review #11, by kaeliebear Beginnings

3rd December 2015:
Aw... I love this story so much. I don't ever want it to end! You've done such a great job on it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've loved reading your reviews all the way through. :)
I finished reworking the epilogue, so it is finally, totally ended. I'm sad too, but also so happy to have finished it. XD

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Review #12, by Bluewolf80 Beginnings

3rd December 2015:
I honestly don't understand why this story has so few reviews. It is wonderfully well written, well edited, imaginative, original, funny, romantic, and action packed. It was a good length and ended well with no loose ends. So I'm a bit confused as to why you don't have people knocking down your proverbial door with reviews!

I highly enjoyed it though and I will recommend it to others. Please keep writing. You have a great talent.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm new here, with a non-canon ship, so it made sense. I'm just happy when people like it. And word of mouth is fantastic, so thank you again. :)
Speaking of loose ends, I was actually still revising the epilogue when you wrote this, so that's up now and Slytherin Squad is finally, truly finished.

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Review #13, by HPFantasticks Interruptions

18th November 2015:
hi, your story is so well written - and really exciting! I love the pacing, the characters, the humor- you are doing a great job, thank you!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! I'd love to hear what you think of the rest of it. Thanks for the fave, too! :)

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Review #14, by Bluewolf80 St. Mungo's

31st October 2015:
I always thought the horse thing was odd as well. I really don't see Ginny as a horse at all. She's supposed to be "firey, stubborn, quick to anger, beautiful, and athletic."
To me, that would have to be one pissy pony to describe Ginny.

Author's Response: Oh man, I totally agree. She's only a horse because Rowling couldn't get away with making her a doe (personality wise and heavy-handedness of the pairing) and figured horse was the next best thing! Either she's a terrible mare like you said, or a...stallion. Which isn't gay with Harry's stag at ALL. XD

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Review #15, by kaeliebear Greengrass and Blue Skies

20th October 2015:
So glad to know Blaise is alive! I'm sure the next chapter will have lots of action! Can't wait!

Author's Response: Hope it lived up to the expectations :)

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Review #16, by kaeliebear No Fighting in the War Room

9th October 2015:
Great chapter! Loving this story.

Author's Response: Thanks! This one probably had the most rewrites of any in the whole story. XD

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Review #17, by kaeliebear Reassignments

21st September 2015:
I love your Draco. Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love hearing what you think :)

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Review #18, by kaeliebear Hard Truths

21st September 2015:
Yay for quick updates! Can't wait to see if the guys are ok!

Author's Response: I try to post at least once a week, but it varies based on validation times. Thanks for reading! :)

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Review #19, by kaeliebear Intrusions

19th September 2015:
This story is awesome!! Can't wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: :D Hearing that literally couldn't make me happier.

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Review #20, by poobear Trying New Things

20th August 2015:
A another good chapter but still trying to get my head round gin and malfoy together and i'm quite surprised that the rest of the gang are taking it so good but we will see eh lol.
By for now take care and hope to talk soon.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Yeah, originally I wrote a scene at the Burrow, where everyone takes it VERY poorly, but it was painful to write and even more painful to read. Instead I just went with the two characters who, while not approving, didn't outright want to murder them for dating lol.

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Review #21, by Anonymous Surprises

18th August 2015:
I just want you to know that I LOVE this story!! It's been so fun to follow your fantastic character development and unique plot. It's my favorite fic that I've ever read! Keep writing!! You're amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you so incredibly much! Hearing that makes it every bit worth writing it -- and then some. :)

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Review #22, by poobear Irish Incident

30th July 2015:
Hi Again
Top chapter i do like this story but do feel harry and mione let draco and gin of a bit lightly even if they did not tell the whole truth to them.
I look forward to the next chapter to come by for now and have a great weekend to come.
Bruce x

Author's Response: I love hearing that, because every other comment on that section is about how obnoxious Harry and Hermione were, and how nothing would please them. I personally tend to agree with you, so I'm glad I'm not the only one. XD Thanks for reading and for the reviews! The next chapter is just waiting to be validated :)

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Review #23, by poobear Weekly Weasley Welcome

29th July 2015:
Hi There
A good solid story so far i like it a lot and look forward to see where you take it. I'm surprised that harry is as laid back as he his with what had gone on before with draco and that gin is really sticking up for them and even going to her house for tea just can not get my head round it but that doz not mean i do not like it far from it it is just different thats all.
Anywho i will say by for now and look forward to lots more to come from you take care.
Bruce x

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I wanted to show a different version of what-happened-after the Harry Potter story wrapped up, and ignore the epilogue as much as possible. :)

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Review #24, by santosh Maladies and Manueverings

13th December 2014:
hi i like your story i think it is a really good one keep writing! i also think it is hilarious.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm back from hiatus with a new chapter in the validation queue :)

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Review #25, by gingerbutnotaweasley Repercussions

17th November 2014:
The suspense is killing me. What about Hermione?

Author's Response: You'll hear from Hermione briefly in the next chapter. I know I worded the stuff with her ambiguously.

Thanks for the feedback! I just submitted the next chapter for validation, but there's a 5 day wait. Sorry for leaving you in suspense! :)

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