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Reading Reviews for Five and a Half
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Review #1, by victoria_anne Five and a Half

3rd March 2016:
Hi Julie!

What an amazing little one shot! When the flashback started and I started to guess Teddy's feelings I literally started thinking, oh nooo! and had a giggle, and it became so much more enjoyable.

I love your characterisation of the boys! Albus is so cute! And James on the brink of becoming a man!

I love how cool Harry is about it, that's awesome. Seriously such a good little piece, I loved reading it.

Love Bianca

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Review #2, by The Ninth Month Five and a Half

1st October 2015:
Hello, my dear child!

It's me, September, the month of grape harvest, Autumnal Equinox and, most importantly, your birthday!

And so I'm here to celebrate with a review this very important occurrence, even if I'm very, very late for it.

I really enjoyed this little story! It made me smile! :)

I loved how you built the relationships among the characters. Harry's disappointment was done brilliantly. I loved how he managed to stay collected despite everything, yet resulted so intimidating for poor Teddy. And the fact that he hardly ever gets that angry. It's just like I imagine him to be as an adult.

And Teddy's guilt and embarassment is so endearing! I loved his thought process, how he does try to ignore his feelings for James because he does know that he's still underage (by the way, I love the fact that homosexuality is no issue at all and that the only problem is age), how he feels guilty about Albus getting hurt, but more than everything about disappointing his godfather so much.

Ahahah! James the Gryffindor has his little Slytherin side, hasn't he? I loved how he made the first move, practically trapped Teddy in the shed...

And poor little Albus! :P I did find it amusing how he too protested at his father's remark of his young age! :)

James' remark at the end that it wasn't two years but only a year and a half was funny, and a brilliant way to close the story! Loved it!

Please, forgive me now, but I really have to go. It's already October, and he absolutely can't find me still around (he's really touchy about it... I believe he has a guilty conscience because he knows how unfair it is that I have only 30 days... Don't tell him I told you that...)

Happy belated birthday. Hope you had a lot of fun.

With love,
The Ninth Month

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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Five and a Half

22nd July 2015:
Hahah! That last line was so funny!! In fact, there were quite a few funny moments in this, including the fact that you named it 'Five and a half'! You're very talented at writing comedy, my dear!

I can see why Teddy would be freaking out a little bit about the age difference, especially since he grew up with James, but I also see James' point about how it wouldn't matter in a few years anyway.

In a way, I feel kind of sorry for Al, but in another way, he got James and Teddy in trouble! :P I think it's awesome that Teddy can just sit here and have this open conversation with Harry, though!

Great story, dear!

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Review #4, by LadyL8 Five and a Half

26th March 2015:
Hello there. I wasn’t around when you guys had the review hot seat. So I’ve decided to leave 4 reviews for each of the participants, because I want to and to celebrate my upcoming 4 year anniversary on HPFF.

I just want to start by saying that I’m usually not that into one-shots, but I decided to give your story a try. And I also have to throw in that you’re a crazy quick writer. I wish I had close to that many stories written since the start of 2015. How in the world do you do it?

And then I just have to tell you that I love next gen-stories. And while I have read quite a few with slash pairings, I don’t think I’ve ever read one with James/Teddy. But I really liked it. The (at least now) inappropriate age difference aside, they are cute together.

I really liked how you started the story. It was so awkward for me to read it, and that’s a good things since it really is suppose to be awkward when you godfather catches you snogging his son in a shed (or so I imagine, anyway). And I felt so sorry for Harry, because I can’t even imagine what I’d do if it was me.

But anyway, it was great that you started with explaining the kind of relationship Harry and Teddy have. I never really imagined him being an authority figure (a father of sorts) for Teddy, so I liked that you made them more friends than anything else. And having established that in beginning of the story, the already awkward conversation just got even more embarrassing to read, because you know they are close. And as Teddy himself explain - Harry is never scary… until he catches you making out with his son in a broom shed.

I have to say it was strange to read a story where Albus is so much younger than James. While their ages are never established in the books, most fanfics have them 1-2 years apart. And because that’s so «normal» to see in stories, I think most authors just stick to it rather than challenge that view. But I admire you for doing something different, and I think it added another level of embarrassment to the story - at least for Harry, since he also has to deal with a crying 12-year-old son.

You really made me believe in the story, and there’s many reasons for that. I liked for example that Teddy keeps mentioning James’ age, because I imagine that’s what you would do when you’re trying to not give in to your feelings for the underage son of your godfather - or for anyone else that’s underage. And I liked that James sort of seduced Teddy, cause I can’t imagine it going the other way considering their ages.

But what I loved the most was your humor. I absolutely loved these quotes:

1. “Harry just talked to Teddy about what happened, gave him advice, and laughed it off saying he did the same thing when he was in Hogwarts, except he fought a troll, too.” - This is so true. The golden trio really beats just about any bad thing you can do in Hogwarts.
2. “All those years— James, it was five years ago,” Teddy pointed out. If a hint of defensiveness snuck its way through in his tone, neither of the Potter boys noticed. – I loved this one! After having spent the last few paragraphs trying to convince himself not to do anything with James because they’re so many years apart, he then tries to make it seem like they’re not that many years apart when James mentioned the age difference
3. “So, let me get this straight,” Harry started, momentarily overlooking the snort from James at his word choice. – This one made me laugh

But anyway, I absolutely loved it! And I’m heading straight over to the sequel to read it, because I really look forward to reading more about James and Teddy (I think you’ve actually made me love this pairing – I did not expect that).

- Lotte


Seriously, I'm horrible. absolutely terrible because I've let this super amazing review sit for so long and you're wonderful. #rambles

lol I think I lost the "crazy quick writer" somewhere over the last year :p

James and Teddy. So I saw this post ages ago that was sort of the inspiration for this ship/story, and it was about Harry scolding Teddy because he and James became a thing, and so this sort of spiraled from that. I do agree that the age difference was a bit of a stretch, but for shipping purposes, I went with it.

Awkward is my go-to. I think it's because I just accomplish it so much myself :p

In order for this to get validated, I really wanted to explore more of Harry not acting like a father figure to teddy, and more so a mentor/friend/someone to look up to.

*heart eyes* I'm so glad you like my humor. It's the thing I sort of establish myself with in my writing, but it's always great that someone else besides me thinks the humor works :p


2. Oh teddy, no idea what he wants (yeah he does)

3. I have almost accidentally outed myself so many times doing this very thing. It'll be my downfall.

Again, Lotte, this was so wonderful of you ,and I'm sorry my response took so long. Every time I went back and looked at this I just had to stare and sob because it was so nice and well put together, that there were no words.

Thank you so much!!


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Review #5, by lightthecandle Five and a Half

13th December 2014:
Here for your Hot Seat Review! :D

*even though it's like a day late, woops*

I was gonna read Nine and a Half first then saw that it was a kind of sequel to this, so I just had to read this first :) And can I just say, I was not expecting this but I absolutely loved it!

And I loved how Teddy found Harry intimidating in that moment, especially if he's not exactly a father-figure to him but sort of like a friend. I probably would have found him intimidating too, haha!

It was really funny that Teddy was constantly telling himself that James was sixteen, it was almost like he was trying to remind herself all the time. So, I'm guessing if there's five and a half years, Teddy would be either 21 or 22? But it's really cute though, I totally ship it though!

Sorry again for being so late for this review! And I'm going to go and read Nine and a Half now :D

~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Oh gosh don't even worry, Aimee. I am so RIDICULOUSLY behind on the hot seat day, it's rather embarrassing.

Ah, I'm glad you loved it! And that it was unexpected :D

I always sort of picture Teddy and Harry having a good friendship, but Harry definitely being the stern adult when he needs to be.

Haha, he kind of was! Though, you saw how well that worked out for him in the end :p Yes, I put him at about that age. Ah, yay! another shipper!

Thank you so much for the review, Aimee! It was so nice!!


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Review #6, by writeyourheartout Five and a Half

13th December 2014:
I'm a little late with this review, but HAPPY BELATED HOT SEAT DAY! :-D

This was so, so, SO cute! I sincerely enjoyed it, start to finish!

I've never read a Teddy/James fic before - mostly because I'm just not a big Next Gen reader in general - but (slightly inappropriate age difference aside) I really loved them together. Poor Harry, though! hahaha I can't even imagine... That beginning section was so awkward in the best way. I'm just trying to imagine if I had a son and a godson and found them making out in the shed together... That's gotta be a shocking thing to walk in on. LOL But he handles it well, all things considered. The end especially, with these lines: "It gave me a reason to ground you until you're conveniently eighteen." and "Teddy's still welcome to visit and write, but the bedroom doors are open for another two years." hehehe

The middle section was really wonderful, too. It was great being inside Teddy's head as he goes through this internal struggle in regards to his attraction to James. And I love how James ends up sort of luring Teddy into the shed and away from Albus to steal himself some privacy.

I love, love, love the way the title tied in. Such a great moment in the story, too, and you built up the tension between Teddy and James so, so well. Even though we knew from the beginning of the chapter they end up kissing, I was still on the edge of my seat thinking, KISS! KISS! OMG KISS! hahaha And then the last line! Gah! So perfect! :-D

Some of my favorite lines:

Harry just talked to Teddy about what happened, gave him advice, and laughed it off saying he did the same thing when he was in Hogwarts, except he fought a troll, too. - LOL Yep, the Golden Trio will probably always have a one-up on their kids trouble-making with that story alone! :-p

"So, let me get this straight," Harry started, momentarily overlooking the snort from James at his word choice. - HAHAHA Omg, I legitimately laughed out loud at this. Too funny. I love the moments of humor you snuck into this. The one-shot has a great balance of awkward and tense and funny and sweet all wrapped into less than 3k. So great. ^.^

A few minor, nitpicky details:

Okay, stop!" Harry interrupted, bringing his hands around Albus' ears. - You're missing the first quotation mark here.

The wall was lined with cheaply made Beater's bats, as no one in the Potter family *every played the **positon. - *ever **position

My only bit of criticism is that I think you may have made Albus seem just a little too young for his age in certain moments. He sounds a bit more like a six year old than a twelve year old in a few places. Like this line: "Da-ad!" Albus whined, "Don't say it like that! That makes me sound like a baby!" I think something a bit more bitingly sarcastic would have made him seem more age appropriate, maybe? Or when he doesn't understand what the hand gesture (which I'm assuming to be the most common of these types of hand gestures) means; I think at twelve with at least one - possibly two? - years of school under his belt, he'd know about it by now. But, that said, I'm not really the most trustworthy source on kids of any age and am really just comparing this to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and others in their year from Chamber of Secrets and think they never felt quite so young there, is all. But it's a minor detail in an otherwise brilliant story, so absolutely feel free to completely ignore this (especially cause I could be totally wrong. :-p)!

Anyway, overall, I absolutely adored this! AND I see you have a sequel of sorts to this fic, too! I'm excited for your next Hot Seat day, cause now I know exactly where I'll be headed! I look forward to reading more about them, cause you really did an excellent job! Thanks for the great read! :-D


Author's Response: Tanya, omg, I don't even know how to begin replying to thiss♥ (which may be why I have been putting it off? Maybe? Who knows!?) lol

Haha! I don't know if I feel worse for Teddy, or for Harry here, but in the end, Teddy gets what he wants, so my sympathy vote goes to Harry. I can only imagine what he was thinking after finding Albus.

I have these ridiculous headcanons about Teddy. Like so bad. So I love writing about him, and I really loved putting James there to just sort of thwart his demeanor for a few moments. James is definitely a terrible influence.

Haha! Harry one upping Teddy :D I almost feel like it may be more of a Ron thing than a Harry thing, but it still may rub off a little.

And, thank you for pointing those errors out! I'll definitely give that another look and fix those asap!

As far as Albus, I definitely understand what you're saying. I think part of the reason he sort of molded into the characterization he got was that he wasn't one of the main two (James/Teddy), so I sort of maneuvered him to be what I needed. I also read somewhere about broken bones (never having managed it myself) that there are different pain tolerances for everyone (like, someone could compound fracture their leg and hardly notice, and then someone could break their pinky and bawl their eyes out) SO, I think he was acting a bit younger in that aspect. So yeah, reasons aside, I definitely appreciate the input!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, Tanya! This was super helpful, too!


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Review #7, by likeness_of_a_seabird Five and a Half

12th December 2014:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review!

I confess it would never have occurred to me to ship these two, but it works really well! In fact, they are positively adorable together!

I really liked the structure of this story. The way it began after the "main event", then moved back in time and finally returned to where it started worked very well. And Teddy was so adorable, mulling over James the way he did! I'm fairly certain I should feel at least a little sorry for him (I mean, he's in love with someone who's only sixteen), but I'm too busy squealing about how cute he's being at that moment!

And speaking of James, that was a little mean of him, ignoring his little brother like that. Buuut, I think I'm going to forgive him because he and Teddy are so cute together. ^_^

Aw, Albus is too old to be protected by Harry anymore! That moment was so adorable in my opinion!

All in all, you've done a great job with this fic! Your characterization is spot on and the story itself is both highly amusing and incredibly cute. It was just what I needed to cheer me up on a rainy day!

- Emmi

Author's Response: Hi Emmi! I am so incredibly behind on the Hot Seat reviews, it's truly embarrassing. BUT I have a plan to get caught up, and you are definitely on my list! (it's a good list.)


I really love this ship. It's funny, before writing this story/getting this idea, I didn't really ship the two, but now I absolutely adore them.

Ah, I'm glad to hear! I had sort of the initial idea to tell their story backwards, (with Teddy arriving at the Potters, and a cute little moment with Lily) but I like the way it turned out.

Hehe, you don't have to feel sorry for Teddy for his feelings, they get returned! Feel sorry because James is a terrible influence and an instigator. :p

I KNOW HARRY'S HEART IS JUST BROKEN. Baby Albus, all grown up!

Thank you so much again, Emmi! This was so nice!


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Review #8, by Diogenissa Five and a Half

12th December 2014:
Well goood morning and Happy Hufflepuff Hotseat Day! :-)

Okay it's been centuries since I've read actual and geuniune slash so this was a lot of fun, especially considering that it's dealing with teenagers (and rather rebellious ones at that!).

It was amusing watching the interaction with the Potters and Teddy, and I giggled like crazy when I saw Harry cover Albus' ears! It was interesting to see Harry as an adult and a flustered one at that (one can't help but wonder what is going through his mind considering he has two younger kids who aren't even teens yet, I can't help but feel for him!).

What I -really- loved was the Slytherin twist: it was both refreshing and fun considering Harry's past in relation to the House itself and several of its' more infamous members. That was just too cool!

The Quidditch was also fun since I've haven't read anything with that in it before so for me it was a first and a rather enjoyable scene.

The tension in this was very strong and believable. This had a great build-up toward the actual resolution (which was also great). Poor Teddy--I can imagine his shock there with James. The teenage behavior is very real here as well and very nice. (I especially loved the last line of the story and how it ties in with the mention of years earlier and a very teenage answer *lol).

Overall a very fun and entertaining story that I enjoyed. It has good flow, nice description and steady build-up. Thank you so much for a wonderful story! :-)

``Karen xoxo

P.S. -- hand gesture indeed! *lol* :-P

Author's Response: Good morning! (like a month late..) First off, I really want to apologize for the lateness of this response!

hehe, good old rebellious teenagers. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, even if you don't normally read slash! That is one of my general goals when writing it.

To me, Harry has always been such an awkward soul, and I think even as a dad that wouldn't just go away. He was so fun writing here!

Albus' sorting for me depends on the story, but I loved him here as a Slytherin. I think no matter what house his kids got sorted into, Harry would love them unconditionally.

Yay for the Quidditch! I love writing it, sometimes a little too much :p

Oh jeez, poor Teddy indeed. James is such a little crazy soul. But I love them.

Thank you so much for reviewing, Karen! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!


P.S. - Indeed... hahahaha.

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Review #9, by marauderfan Five and a Half

11th December 2014:
Hufflepuff Review hot seat!!! I'm already caught up on CBB so I'm starting here now. I've never seen James/Teddy before! So yay for being an original ship, and yay because it's really sweet. You've convinced me, I like this ship a lot :D

Your characterisation of all of them is brilliant. Harry especially. He seemed just like a grown up version of book-Harry, which is exactly how he should be! And 12-year-old Albus, oblivious to everything happening around him except his own skills at Quidditch :D. James is definitely aware of his surroundings and manipulates them accordingly, but still a teenager and not thinking as reasonably as someone would, say, five and a half years older. :P And Teddy having feelings but not wanting to act on them... and then feeling extremely awkward about having to explain it all (poor guy haha!) The attraction between James and Teddy were so present and so sweet though. I loved that glance they shared across the table.

“So, let me get this straight,” Harry started, momentarily overlooking the snort from James at his word choice. -- Ahahahaha... XD

And the ending! Aww! I really adore James' optimism in this story, and that last line was such a perfect example of it. I AM SO EXCITED THERE IS A SEQUEL TO THIS STORY. BRB GOING TO READ IT NOW.

Author's Response: Hey Kristin!

I think I orginally saw this ship on tumblr somewhere? But I've never read anything about them, and I definitely like it!

I'm so glad that you liked Harry's characterization. I always feel like I'm never able to do him perfect justice, but he is grown up here. And Albus! He was definitely fun to write.

Ah, Teddy and James. lol! Teddy being completely lost as to how to explain the situation was so fun. And James being... James wasn't helping.

Hahaha.. yay lame jokes :p

Yes there is! Thank you so much for the review! I'm so glad that you liked this one! *runs off to respond to your next review*

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Review #10, by HufflePuff_Blitz Five and a Half

14th November 2014:
I loved this! I always love a good Teddy/James II ship, and boy was this one good.
One of my favorite things about this was how innocent it felt but at the same time was completly un-innocent.
Great Work!
-Kyle :)

Author's Response: Hey Kyle!

Real talk: I didn't really ship this before I wrote this. I got the idea in my head and really now it's the only thing I will believe. Potential OTP material. haha.

Hehe, that was definitely what I was going for!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #11, by casual_chaos Five and a Half

1st November 2014:
Julie! So, I read this story two days ago and it just stuck inside my head, like when you eat a candy which has a very pleasant aftertaste. That's this story for me - just so very sweet and enjoyable to recall. And so I came back and read it two more times! Yeah, it was that great!

Harry sounds exactly like I'd imagine him as an older person! Obviously, he's upset over Albus breaking his arm but he is able to remain calm and reasonable. All of the characters are perfectly portrayed, actually. Albus is very sweet with his pride over his succes in O.W.L.s, James is great in his role of a very straightforward and a bit cocky teenage boy and then Teddy, feeling guilty about James' age yet still being so attracted to him. But I couldn't blame him for liking James, really! I think I may have a bit of an awkward crush on James as well! Hahah! But it's your fault, really! You just made him so adorable and handsome and...


The part in which Teddy tries explaining what happened ('It was hot out') - that was SOOO awkward, really, I squirmed in my seat and laughed out loud and I just felt bad for him. I loved that part, it was perfect. And the 'straight' joke in the end, hahah. Bad puns are the best! :D

On a more serious note, though. You didn't give us a lot of information about the boys but you managed to make them so real and that something between them so wonderful. The last line of this story was just so perfect - it showed that James really did feel a lot for Teddy. And the glance they shared over the table, there was just something so truthful about it. I think it added so much depth to the physical side of their mutual attraction (which you perfectly described through Teddy's thoughts and the kiss in the shed!)

I love this story, I really do. I'm favoriting it as soon as I post this! It was the perfect mix of humour, romance and just the tiniest bit of angst. PLEASE tell me you planned on writing more of James/Teddy! At least a one-shot? *stares like a kitten* :)


Author's Response: Andy♥

I can't even.

I DON'T KNOW HOW TO REPLY TO THIS! Can I just reach through the computer screen and hug you? gah. I just keep coming back to read this and want to print it out and tape it on my wall.

I always feel like Harry would let Ginny do the yelling, and he'd be more of a 'let's talk it out' type of a parent. Both equally scary from a youth's point of view. hehe. And I'm so happy to hear that you liked all of the other boys, too! haha. Albus was way too adorable for his own good here.

Who /doesn't/ have an awkward crush on James? haha! Though, I did just get a banner with Andrew Garfield as Teddy, so *heart eyes*.


So awkward. I'd like to think he - unknowingly - gets it from his mom (oh you should /see/ the headcanons I have for Teddy Lupin.) and he's just so terrible. terrible. BAD PUNS are my life. I MAKE THE BEST ONES at work and at home and everyone hates them. muhaha. :D

AH YAY! That's exactly what I wanted to do, to kind of put this in a pre-established feelings and personalities so the reader could really just focus on how terribly awkward and adorable the situation was.

Poor Albus.

I just can't thank you enough for the review! I wasn't really planning on writing anything, but I just might have to :D Maybe a sequel to this? *already plotting* We'll see!

Thank you so much, Andy! I'll see you around!


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Review #12, by crestwood Five and a Half

3rd October 2014:
Hi Julie!

I really like the way you frame Harry as kind of the "cool authority figure" in Teddy's life at the beginning, only to explain that right now, in this moment, he was being anything but. And then when I found out why a tiny little mischievous grin crept onto my face because I am always here for a bit of slash. I was very surprised to find out that James is only sixteen in this story. Now I'm wondering how old Teddy is supposed to be, based on Harry's reaction.

Okay, Teddy is trying to ignore James's *everything* because he thinks he's too young for him. And he scoffs at his being a sixth year and WHAT five years ago?! That's quite a bit of an age difference and explains Harry's anger.. and the significance of the title.

James is quite persistent isn't he? I loved the dialogue tag 'he replied with zero concern' because OF COURSE he did. I do feel like I know this version of James really well, although this is just a one-shot. You've written him so consistently throughout this. Harry seems like a more mature version of his canon counterpart here, which is the goal, I would assume. His characterization was definitely solid. I love the 'let me get this straight' joke and the last line and just so much. I love it all.

I looked through this for a really long time, trying to find something to give some CC on since you asked and the only thing I found is barely even a real criticism, but I'll mention it.

In the sentence 'While he grew up with the Auror/war hero as a godfather, he had never made him feel like anything less than equal' I feel as though one of the he's should be replaced with a name or something because the two consecutive 'he's' each referring to a different person could potentially confuse readers a bit. Although, I figured it out well enough due to context clues, ie; we know Teddy grew up with Harry as his godfather and it's unlikely that Teddy would be capable of making Harry feel like less than equal to him, so it's not all that disruptive.

I will say, I've never read a Teddy/James before this, but it actually convinced me that maybe this ship is super, super viable. I never really considered it before and now I definitely ship it, so that in and of itself is an accomplishment! This was really so good and I'm glad I read it!

- Joey

Author's Response: Joey,

"I'm always here for a bit of slash" - I'm going to steal this and make it my life motto/bumper sticker. hahah

Anyway! Thank you for this wonderful review! I'm very happy to hear that Harry worked here for you. I was a bit wary to present him in the way that he's the 'cool authority' /except/ right here because Teddy and James just pushed his buttons. Poor Albus!

Persistent is the word! I'd like to think they've been dancing around each other for quite a while with the emotional attraction, and when James took his shirt off Teddy was just pushed a little overboard with the physical. It all added up and James knew it right away. The instigator.

that 'let me get this straight' was such a dumb joke. hahaha. I'm glad you liked it!

Ooh, good point! I should take a look at that first sentence again. They are important! I'll see about re-arranging it to make it flow a little bit better. Thanks for pointing that out!

Thanks again for this! I really appreciate your opinions! (Yay I've turned a shipper! I actually didn't ship this all that much either but this idea was too fun to pass up when it came to me!)


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Review #13, by AdinaPuff Five and a Half

1st October 2014:

So the summary caught my eye, and while I wasnt sure about the pairing at first, I was instantly drawn into the story. It was absolutely amazing. I love the characters, Teddy especially. How he tried and tried to ignore the feelings but couldn't.

James was amazing. Gosh I loved his character so much. And that last line, ahhh the feels oh my gosh I smiled like an idiot at my phone when I read that, which I recieved a weird look from my mother for, but I don't care. It was just so amazing. Loved it.

Great one shot!


Author's Response: Hey Leigh!

Heh, I'm glad the summary did it's job! Thank you so much for giving this a chance! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I had quite a lot of fun writing it.

I'm so happy you liked Teddy and James! I'd never really given the ship much thought, but this idea came to be and I sort of like it now!

haha! I totally understand weird looks from reading in public. Sometimes I space out so much at work thinking about amazing fanfition that I mess up people's food. I get it!

Thanks again for the review!


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Review #14, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Five and a Half

30th September 2014:
Yeah... I was totally coming to read this, too. :D

I recognized the similarities and the differences and yet I love them both just as equally. Seriously, they're up there, fighting for first place and I can't decide.

I love James so much. I always have, but in this he's confident and determined, knows what he wants. And that, happily, is Teddy (I won't necessarily say I'm a Teddy/James shipper because in my headcanon Harry adopts him, but when written awesomely I can love any pairing and this was written so awesomely I wanna read it again). :D

Poor Teddy. Yeah, it was totally James' good planning - er, fault. I meant fault... no, I didn't. Well, not for everything. Albus getting left there after being hurt, that's his fault.

I loved this so very much!


P.S. As the legal age of consent in England is 16, I stand by the fact that they did nothing wrong... except, you know, leave Albus. :P

Author's Response: Sam you made it!

In the 'chicken or the egg' scenario, this one came first actually! Obviously I couldn't have them being exactly the same (though Dylan O'Brien playing Quidditch in The Internship is my one true love) I definitely was too lazy to edit out some of the same sentences :p I can't decide either. :p

James is a little.. instigator here. I'm not actually much of a Teddy/James fighter, but I got this idea and it was too fun to pass up. I'd like to think they grew up together as childhood friends and the feelings developed. Heh, maybe I'll write ten years down the road for them and show that the age doesn't matter :)

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments! I really love hearing from you!


(P.S. - haha! I did not know that! [I totally pulled the ages directly from the site rules just to be safe :p] Too bad Albus is a stupid baby and went and got himself hurt and ruined everything!)

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