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Reading Reviews for how i wonder (what you are)
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Review #1, by Dojh167 one

23rd November 2015:

I'm working through my 140+ story reading list, and was ore than happy to come across this story again!

Flaur/Ginny is not a pairing that I had ever thought of before, but just from your title page it makes so much instant sense.

I love how you kick off this story by describing Fleur. That makes it seem like the story would be about her, but it ends up following Ginny much more closely. But it still makes sense to start with a description of Fleur, since Ginny spends so much time focused on her.

I love how you say that music is a part of Fleur's essence. It's a nice little addition to her characterization that makes a lot of sense.

I think you describe Ginny very well as being a fortress and poison. Ginny is such a fierce, powerful woman, and I hate it when writers fall into the movies' trap of making her sweet.

There is something grammatically weird about the third phrase in "the best defence for fifteen years of fraternal teasing and mockery and reinforced with a toxic mix of fear and mistrust." Were you trying to say something different with "and reinforced?"

Ack, these words are wonderful and beautiful: "itís part of Fleurís very essence, light and impossibly beautiful, and Ginny guards the darkness in her heart just to prove Fleur canít reach it."

omg, and the way that she says she does not want to be enslaved again? That is amazingly insightful and really brings out the depth in Ginny's character and history.

Oh, I like the idea of Bill/Tonks. Makes a lot more sense than Charlie/Tonks!

More amazing words: "and her unspoken words become unspeakable ones."

I was surprised that Fleur realized what Ginny was going through, but you make it very believable. It really makes sense that, since Fleur has been the object of so many peoples' affections, she recognized them so clearly. Plus her intelligence, cause, ya know, Tri-Wizard Champion.

That ending is really sweet. If I was Ginny I would be embarrassed that my secret crush was out, and I certainly wouldn't want a future relative to know I had feelings for them, but at the same time this is obviously a good thing for Ginny, and I hope that it leads her to greater self-acceptance.

You've really captured a very recognizable sense of denial and the convoluted thoughts that ensue. Your characterization is spot on and very captivating.

Well done, and thank you for writing this lovely piece!


Author's Response: SAM HEY you're basically the only person who gets a vaguely sort of timely response to their review on this story and i'm sorry i have to rush through it

but seriously how do you have a 140+ story reading list how is that manageable i'm in awe

"Ginny is such a fierce, powerful woman, and I hate it when writers fall into the movies' trap of making her sweet." PREACH. I'M SO HAPPY YOU SAID THIS. i'm such ginny trash i just A D O R E her so much

you're right about the "and reinforced" line because looking back it seems a bit off, thanks for pointing that out! if i ever get around to revising this story i'll definitely revisit that line

thank you so much for this review it was wonderful to receive and makes me proud of a story i often forget i even wrote, so i really appreciate it!

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Review #2, by LiliLovegood one

4th January 2015:
so cute!!! I love these short ones!

Author's Response: thank you! glad you enjoyed it :)

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Review #3, by crestwood one

30th October 2014:
I'm finally getting around to reviewing entries to my challenge which I want to finish doing before NaNo. ON THE 30TH. So, excuse me if this review is terrible or rushed because it totally is rushed :/

I love the Fleur you've written here! I can just picture her humming Twinkle Twinkle Little Star after hearing it for the first time. I adore the line 'It is, after all, easier to hate your brotherís fiancee than love her' it kind of sums this all up, doesn't it?

Ginny's character is excellent as well I love this questioning version of her and it makes so much sense that she would have fallen for Fleur. The way Fleur confronts Ginny and reassures her about herself and what she's feeling is beautiful and golden and all of the good things! It's awesome how the song takes on a new meaning by the end of this. This is great, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for taking part in my challenge!

Author's Response: well jospeh we're even bc this response is gonna be even more rushed bc i'm the loser who decided to answer nearly eight hundred reviews in five days

i basically didn't even have to write the story, just the tagline

ur very welcome thank u for the review etc

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Review #4, by Chazzie one

14th October 2014:
Hey Lisa!
Wow. This is amazing. I've never really thought about Ginny liking Fleur before but it makes so much sense. Congratulations, you have introduced me to one of my new favourite head cannons. Ginny was seemingly very surly and grumpy, because she felt so confused by everything she was feeling. My heart broke for her :'(
Brilliant story!

Author's Response: thank you so much Lottie! it's one of my favourite headcanons too, after writing it. glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #5, by nott theodore one

21st September 2014:
Hi Lisa! I saw your post about this story on the forums the other day and it seemed really intriguing, so I finally made it here to read it!

I really enjoyed this story! I've not had the chance to read much of your writing yet but I've heard a lot about it, and this was great! I loved the originality of the plot and the way that you managed to tell the story in just a few words, really. It had so much more impact because of that.

I've never read a story before which painted either Fleur or Ginny as anything other than heterosexual, and to take the fact that we know from the books, that Ginny didn't really like Fleur, and expand it into something much more interesting and very different, was really clever!

I really liked the way that you opened this story, with the tune that's so well known and which links into the title. I thought it was really clever that the meaning of that song sort of transformed during the course of the story, because it became something more than just a nursery rhyme. At the beginning, it's a way that Fleur seems to express her personality a bit, but by the end of the story it was more about Ginny questioning both herself and Fleur too - realising that perhaps Fleur wasn't what she'd first thought her. And I really liked that ambiguity and the way that you managed to introduce it with someone as simple as a nursery rhyme!

Ginny's characterisation was great in this story, too. I really liked the way that you took the girl that we recognise from the books but explore her character a bit more, expanding her into someone who's more real than she is at this point. I thought you captured her confusion so perfectly. Not only is that age difficult as everybody's trying to work out who they are, but Ginny's got the added complication of getting confused about her sexuality and having feelings that she doesn't really understand for Fleur and others as well. You did a really fantastic job of capturing that chaos of emotion for Ginny, particularly with all the questions when she thought about who she liked and had feelings for - it's very complicated for her!

Her actions and reactions were very realistic, too. I can imagine her coming across as angry with Fleur and avoiding her, and the others think that it's just because she doesn't like her brother's fiancee, but there's a much more serious reason behind it and something that she's struggling with.

Fleur was great as well! I really enjoyed your portrayal of her here. She's always seemed such a strong character to me, and her confidence and self-assurance here worked really well with the character I see her as. I was glad to see her confronting Ginny about what's going on, since she even stood up to Molly in the end, so I can picture the exchange at the end happening really clearly. I loved the way that she managed to show Ginny that it's okay to be who you are, and you shouldn't have to worry about the gender of someone if you've got feelings about them. It's really good for Ginny that she had someone there who could reassure her and stop her from feeling like she wasn't "normal" or something like that, which she shouldn't have to.

It's a pity that Ginny felt she couldn't confide in her best friend Hermione, but at the same time I could understand that as well. And I really like the way that you captured this relationship and the moment here and wrote it so well!

Sian :)

Author's Response: hey Sian!

i'm going to start with a disclaimer that there's no way i can respond in a way that does this review justice because LOOK AT IT, YOU WROTE ME AN ESSAY and i'm so grateful but i'm also on an answering blitz so i'm sorry i can't write an essay in response

the fact that people are talking about my writing blew my mind when i first received this review and it still kinda blows my mind now so thank you

ginny is just. she's my fave. and it's basically my full-time hpff job now to write one-shots that explore different explanations of her behaviour in canon and explore all those complexities of her character, and her 'hatred' of Fleur in HBP is so easily explained by her being confused by her feelings for her.

i reckon fleur gets a bad rap in the fandom sometimes which is unfair because she's an incredibly strong and compassionate character, so portraying that aide of her for this story was really good for me

thank you so much for this review!

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