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Reading Reviews for Being in Love
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Review #1, by DobbyLover The Fall

2nd December 2015:
Intense. What I love about your story is how canon it is and yet original; you match every last drop of factual info we have from JK while managing to offer another glimpse at the detail and what else may have happened.

Author's Response: That means the world to me. I always try to be as a canon as I can! Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #2, by DobbyLover Damn O.W.L.'s

2nd December 2015:
Dumbledore ROCKS! People looked at me so weirdly because I randomly started laughing out loud.

Author's Response: I do that sometimes when reading something! Don't worry! Hahaha Caa xx

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Review #3, by DobbyLover Broom Cupboards

2nd December 2015:
Wow. I was smiling, laughing, or scowling the entire time I read this. You have a great way of conveying emotion and your dialogue and thoughts from H & G are very believable. Only disappointment was not reading Lily and James's letters, but I understand why those weren't included/written.

Author's Response: hahaha thanks, this means the world to me! Caa xx

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Review #4, by DobbyLover First Kiss

2nd December 2015:
This was so cute. Usually I detest trio fic (because JK already took care of it) but this was delightful. I can't wait to finish this story and read the sequels!

Author's Response: Oh, gosh! I can't tell you how surprised I was to get in and see so many of your reviews! Thank you so very much! Caa xx

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Review #5, by marciomartins The Fall

1st March 2015:
That was so intense. And it was nice to see it on Ginny's prespective indeed! Poor Harry, he's lost one more person he loved. Ginny is the best girlfriend, seriously, I'm amazed by their love!.

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review!!! Caa xx

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Review #6, by marciomartins Midnight Memories

1st March 2015:
Ok, so that Romilda girl is def crazyy!! But Harry's surprise was so cute and thoughtful. I only wished to see Ron's face when he didn't come back to the dorm. I love your writing.

Author's Response: I wished I could see it too, although I can have a pretty good idea! hahaha Caa xx

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Review #7, by marciomartins Damn O.W.L.'s

1st March 2015:
Yey, Ron and Harry have made up. I'm so glad that Ron was the bigger man to realize he was out of place. And Harry's show off to Charity was amazing. I wouldn't live with myself if I were her. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry showed her right hahaha thanks for the review!! Caa xx

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Review #8, by xOdie Epilogue: Stolen Kisses

28th February 2015:
Excellent story! You added to the original story very well. I look forward to ready other stories by you.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!! Can't wait to hear you on Being Parents then! Thanks for reviewing! Caa xx

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Review #9, by marciomartins Broom Cupboards

27th February 2015:
Oh, I loved Ginny's POV. And Ron is being quite bad with them, althlugh Harry's dating his sister. That's tricky! And Remus' letter was the cutest thing!

Author's Response: I just love Remus, I thought he would do something like this! Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #10, by marciomartins First Kiss

27th February 2015:
Hey there! I'm a new reader! But what a wonderful chapter! It's a time you don't get to read much! I loved it!

Author's Response: Hello there, Marcio!thanks so much for the kind words and for the review! Caa xx

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Review #11, by Fromm PT Epilogue: Stolen Kisses

5th December 2014:
Amazing! I truly loved your story! Sad it is over but we'll have BP for a few more chapters, right? Enjoying that one a lot too! =)
Maybe other stories in the way?
I really love your writing, your stories and your characterization, keep up! Congrats!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks so much! And yes, you still have BP for a while there, don't you worry! Be sure to tell me your thoughts there as well :D
Concerning other stories, I will be continuing the Being Series, but not very soon, as I am now working on my original book (fb: the improbable author)
Thanks once again! Caa xx

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Review #12, by alexaemd123 Epilogue: Stolen Kisses

4th December 2014:
Yay!!! I loved this story! And you are very welcome! Haha..I can't believe it's over either! It makes me sad! At least there is still Being Parents! Thank you for such a wonderful story! I really had a blast reading it! :)

Author's Response: Yes, there's still Bp going there for you!! Thanks again for all your kind words, I did loved to write it all for you guys! Caa xx

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Review #13, by Ail Epilogue: Stolen Kisses

4th December 2014:
Woah!!! This one makes me even more sure that you should write a post hogwarts story!!
BTW is the Beth incident mentioned in any chapters of urs?
And congrats on finishing yyour first story keep it up!!
Your writing is amazing!! :D

Author's Response: Omg thanks once again.
Yes, the beth incident is mentioned in chapter 10 - a trip down memory lane from BP if I am not mistaken, so be sure to check it out. thanks again for your support always! Caa xx

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Review #14, by Ail Oh Ginny

2nd December 2014:
Wooow the feels!!
Nearly had me crying there!!
You rock!!
And once you finsh this can u write one just after the war? It would be awsome

Author's Response: Ohh, It made me happy that I could make you almost cry hahaha hope you like the epilogue! Caa xx

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Review #15, by alexaemd123 Oh Ginny

2nd December 2014:
Ahh!! It can't be the end yet! It only just started! I seriously love this story! I love Harry Potter and the story you tell, so please continue your amazing writing skills! I love it! :)))

Author's Response: Ohh, it broke my heart haha but I had it all planned out from the beginning, sorry! There's still the epilogue and Being Parents. I have started my own book, so don't worry! (like my Facebook page: The Improbable Author!) Caa xx

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Review #16, by Ail The Fall

27th November 2014:
Wow this puts those events in a new perpective!!

Author's Response: Thanksss! This was the most difficult chapter to write yet. Thanks for the review, Ail!! Caa xx

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Review #17, by alexaemd123 The Fall

26th November 2014:
Well that was so depressing but very good! I'm just waiting for them to actually break it off, sort of. I love Ginny and Harry! Please continue soon!! :)

Author's Response: Awm good you like it. it was a rather difficult chapter to write. And i love them too!! See you next one! Caa xx

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Review #18, by Ail Midnight Memories

18th November 2014:
Woow Cool!
This feels like the actual thing
Sorry for commenting late i was busy and then i broke my hand.

Author's Response: hahaha thanks ail! No problem sweetie! And omg what happened?!? hope you're better now.
caa xx

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Review #19, by alexaemd123 Midnight Memories

18th November 2014:
Awe!!! I love Harry and Ginny!! They are too perfect! :) PLEASE update soon! I can't wait to read more!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. They are the cutest aren't they? Next BP chapter is in line for validation. Sorry is taking so long. BiL is finished arealdy, it is just awaiting to validate. Please like my fb page? The Improbable Author. Thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #20, by budabobo Damn O.W.L.'s

5th November 2014:
Great story loving it so far. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yey! Thank you very much for the review!! See you next chappie! Caa xx

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Review #21, by Ail Damn O.W.L.'s

5th November 2014:
Hii Caa!!! Story is amazing as usual but do you think you could add some action?
All the best

Author's Response: There will be a *naughty* kind of action next one and then the battle of the astronomy tower. So I hope you'll enjoy it :) thanks! Caa xx

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Review #22, by alexaemd123 Broom Cupboards

30th October 2014:
I love this story already! :) It's like too adorable. Lol. I love it!

Author's Response: own thank you very much!! Thanks for taking the time to review! y'all know how I love it hehehe Caa xx

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Review #23, by tesophia Broom Cupboards

18th October 2014:
I cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: That makes us two!!! Thanks for the review!! Caa xx

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Review #24, by Corleone Broom Cupboards

17th October 2014:
Alright... so far I love your fic. I love that you started when they got together. Most stories begin after the final battle. Please update soon!

Author's Response: thanks so much, it is amazing to know people actually are enjoying this. Can I suggest my other fanfic which is in the same universe of this one? thanks for the review! Caa xx

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Review #25, by Ail Broom Cupboards

16th October 2014:
Wooow Thnx for dedicating this chapter to me!!
Chapter is amazing as usual :D. Keep it up!!

Author's Response: you are very welcome!! Thanks ail! Caa xx

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