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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Failure

16th April 2017:
A mother should always protect her children, no matter how old they get, or even if they believed that they needed to be protected or not.

Why must you crush me? And so early in the morning too.



I love Molly. I don't like to read about her pain. She would have been completely and utterly broken after his death. You just don't get over something like that. They say the worst thing for a parent is having to bury their child. This happened to my Aunt before i was born. Her son died and my mom says she hadn't never heard someone sound so broken before. If she thinks back to that time she can still hear her screaming. She wouldn't get out of bed for a month. I can see that here with Molly. Molly is strong don't get me wrong but I think there's nothing wrong with feeling lost and completely broken. My Aunt was able to move on but the pain from the loss never went away. I think that's how Molly would have lived. She would have been able to laugh again but sometimes the laugh might get stuck in her throat. Sometimes she just might think she sees Fred when really it is just George.

There was a pain behind him that seemed to mask his love for me, and at times, I questioned if it was even still there.

Pain and heartache can end a marriage. Marriages aren't set in stone. They might have taken a vow or they might have been bonded for life but bonds can break.

Shouldn't they have been able to look after each other and make sure that they both made it through the war?

Dangerous territory because I'm sure that's how George feels too. Man, imagine if he knew what his mother was thinking? It would kill him and then she would lose another son.

I would love to see a story like that. Molly would be sort of a villain though but it's just her grief talking.

I would leave Arthur alone just as he wanted because in this, I would not be a failure to him.

It's all in her head. I have to believe that. Don't argue with me otherwise. I'm sure he blames himself. Some marriages don't work but for my sanity and the fact that I currently have tears in my eyes thanks to you I have to believe that Molly and Arthur can work through anything.



I'll never get over it.

I think this was a good attempt at Molly and Arthur. I would love to see more from you on them because I feel like you could really hit their emotions really well.

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Review #2, by crimson quill Failure

16th April 2017:
Capture the Flag

So, I've not really seen anything written on such an emotional topic. I honestly hadn't given too much thought to Molly's emotional journey after the war. I really enjoyed it though, I see your wrote it for Rose so obviously see why it's so angst heavy!

This honestly had me feel really teary as I was reading. Molly's monologue is sad that she blames herself. it's not your fault Molly! it's not! I felt everything about this on a really personal level and I don't even have children. I really want to hug Molly. you've just made all the emotions in Molly's mind come to real life so realistically. it's like I can really feel her pain too.

when she say she sometimes hates george because he reminds her of fred and the life he won't have. omgomgomg, so many emotions. like that's so devastating for her to feel like this.

I thought you painted the image of them sitting on the bathroom floor holding each other crying together really well. I'm so sad that Fred's death affected their marriage, I guess as a reader I've always thought of that as unbreakable and man, you broke it. :( :(

you've played all of the emotions just to perfection. xo

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Review #3, by tangledconstellations Failure

20th June 2015:
Reviewing for Ravenclaw, for the House Cup 2015.


Well, this was just the saddest thing in the world :( But at the same time, even though this was so sad, it was also so incredibly beautiful because I think you've really captured the absolute depth of despair that a mother losing her child would feel. I can't even imagine it, but it must be so awful, and Molly must feel so, so awful. Almost incomprehensibly so. I think what makes this all the more painful is the fact that she absolutely blames herself. She really feels as though she's let everyone down and even though it's so important for her to remember that her children will grow up and become their own adults, you've shown through this piece that right now, she just can't. That's something that is impossible for her to do.

Having Arthur arrive and join her in the bathroom - I sort of thought this would be the kind of situation where she feels a bit better - but because she didn't feel better and because the pain didn't recede - I think that's what made this so, so powerful. You haven't brushed lightly on the topic, you've really shown how crippling this experience is and that makes it more realistic. It makes me feel like Molly is a real person right in front of me - and the way she even feels guilty being with Arthur, her husband who loves her, it's just so sad. Grief is such a complicated and difficult thing to describe and to pinpoint but in this piece you've done a remarkable job. There's something beautifully human about your writing. This just feels so real and even though its sad, it's incredible, too.

I really like the way you've written this - the descriptions of her tears and sobbing, her emotions - it corresponds to the pacing of the piece, the way time for her slips quite quickly but also slowly. It's as though in a way things are so out of her control.

Crickey - even though this was SO sad it was so beautiful too. Thank you for sharing. This was so beautifully written!

Laura xxx

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Review #4, by LadyL8 Failure

26th March 2015:
Hi Erica.

I wasnít around when you guys had the reviewing hot seat, so Iíve decided to leave some (very) belated reviews for everyone that participated in it. (But itís mostly because Iím close to my 4-year anniversary on HPFF) And Iím starting with you!

First off I just want to say that I absolutely love stories that focus on family and their love for each other rather than teenagers that experience love for the first time (but thatís good too. Itís just so many stories about it, that I really of appreciate authors that do something different).

What I love about this story is that it focuses on a motherís love, and really shows how hard it can be to stay together as a family in tough times. Thatís also something I personally can relate to, since my familyís been to some very difficult times ourselves. And Iíve personally experienced that it is in these difficult times, family matters the most. And I feel like you really show that in this story.

Fredís death was probably the one I struggled with the most. I remember I was wreck after reading it, and reading this story really brought me back to that day very heartbreaking day. And I always wondered how it would affect Molly, because how do you cope with losing your child? I really do believe it changes you forever, and Molly - who we do know cares greatly about her family, and takes it upon herself to protect them - would definitely not be the same after the war.

And I think your portrayal of the grief-stricken and self-hating (for lack of better words) Molly is very realistic. I love/hate how much she blames herself, because I imagine Iíd do the same even if I knew it wasnít my fault. Her inner conversation really is difficult to read (in a good way), because you can really tell how much she is struggling.

And then thereís Arthur, whoís really just trying to be strong for her (and the rest of the family) and help her in any way he can. But in her ears it sounds like heís blaming her, because sheís blaming herself. And I love/hate that, because itís so believable. Iíve seen couples that have lost their child shortly after birth (I used to help out at the local hospital), and the mothers are (usually) the ones that struggle the most - they blame themselves and believable their husbands do so as well. And I really feel for the both them, because itís just about the hardest thing anyone can experience. And you never really heal from it, you just learn to live with the loss and sadness.

And I also love/hate that Molly almost hates and blames George, because heís a reminder of what sheís lost and she needs someone else to blame. I can really see that happening, and I feel for her.
And I feel for George, whoís definitely struggling himself. And then thereís the rest of the family, who also struggle in their own ways.

I donít have any children myself (that would be a little too early, since Iím still a teenager), but I can imagine how it is to be a mother. And I do have a younger sister in elementary school, and I canít imagine ever losing her. So I believe that in some way or another, every one can relate to Molly and her loss, grief and self-blaming.

This was definitely one of my new favourite stories. Iím usually not that much into one-shots, but I really liked this one. You really made feel for Molly and Arthur, and it just touched my heart. Iím a bit speechless right now. Iíve read some of your stories before, but this one was justÖ I canít even come up with a good enough word for it. I just loved it!

Definitely 10/10 and new favourite story!

- Lotte

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Review #5, by toomanycurls Failure

1st February 2015:

I can't believe I've been so remiss in reviewing this. I'm sorry. :( :(

Now that I've read this I'm amazed at the beautiful way you can break my heart with such a trying time for Molly. You weave through her grief with such agony and grace. I wouldn't have imagined Molly mired in such grief until reading this but you made it so realistic.

In a way, this level of grief and blame makes sense with Molly's protectiveness of all her children. Losing one had to feel like death itself for her. You write immense grief in a very believable way. Clearly Molly has her thoughts befuddled by grief but she's looking at two impossible facts: the loss of her son and her role as protector of the family. My heart can't take it!!!

Arthur's appearance and Molly's reaction just broke me. Of course she's not in her right mind but it's so hurtful to see her recoil from her loving husband. I hope to see her start on the long road towards recovery/normal life after this.

I love this so much - thank you!


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Review #6, by TheDoctor Failure

9th January 2015:
Oh dear. I tried reversing the polarity of the neutron flow, but I keep ending up inside peoples' stories. Dimensions are being particularly wibbly wobbly. The universe is big. Itís vast and complicated and ridiculous--one moment I'm in Space Florida, the next, the Burrow.

And what a very sad, sad story to find myself in. In 900 years of time and space, I've never met a human that didn't matter. And Fred Weasley, he might not be real the way you and I are real, because he's a character. But he is an idea, which is just a different kind of real. His death is tragic, but some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. Itís not the time that matters, itís the person.

And Molly's grief is real, in so much as anyone reading has at some point known loss. The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things donít always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things donít always spoil the good things and make them unimportant. Molly has her grief, but she still has her husband, her other children, and the memory of Fred.

And she still has the infinite, miraculous universe around her.

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Review #7, by Freda_and_Georgina Failure

29th December 2014:
Not being toomanycurls I can't say if this story is a perfect gift. But, I can tell you that it is a very gripping story. I feel so horrible for Molly for having to find somebody to blame, mostly herself. Same thing goes for Arthur; he's trying so hard to help Molly cope and to her everything he does to help his wife is him trying to push her away.

You are certainly playing with the emotions successfully.

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Review #8, by HeyMrsPotter Failure

10th December 2014:
Erica! Happy review hot seat day :D

Or at least, it was happy until you broke my heart with this story!

Fred's death affected me the most of all the many, many deaths in the series and most of the time I am in complete denial about it. Then I go and read things like this and it just brings it all back!

My heartbreak aside, this was really beautifully written. I think you've got Molly's grief spot on. Of course it would never get easier for her, and of course she would think herself a failure for not preventing Fred's death. The way you write her thoughts is just so perfectly Molly. Her children at the front of her mind all the way through, but still very rational. Particularly the part about George, I always imagined it would be hard for the family to face him, and Molly in your story obviously feels that way, but knows that it's ridiculous to think it.

I have to commend you for how well you've portrayed Molly's maternal side and her grief throughout this. Basically, this was a beautiful one-shot!


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Review #9, by ScoroseOTP Failure

10th December 2014:
Hey! Review for the Hufflepuff hotseat!

First off, I hope your enjoying all the beautiful reviews! It's got to make you smile!

My feels, you've reduced me to sadness. Molly reflecting on what she could have done or what she didn't do, is harsh on herself. She can't possibly have done a bad job! She's Molly Weasley! She's the mother of the Weasley kids! She did more than good!

However, the things that you've picked up on in her regret makes sense. They are very valid points that you've given to Molly, even if they are a tad heartbreaking!

Your description of Molly herself, is outstanding! That's it. It's just outstanding!

But GEORGE! I'm sorry but the amount of love that's currently being projected at George right now is unreal! I love him. But again, it's understandable for Molly to feel that way.

The war seems to have affected her very badly, which, perhaps, I didn't think about before. It made me seriously think through how the war changed people. Shocking. But brillant! It's good to make the reader think sometimes!

Emz xxx

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Review #10, by Diogenissa Failure

10th December 2014:
Goood morning! Here for your hotseat review! :-)

Okay I'm a HUGE fan of stories that focus on family in one aspect or another and this really touched my heart, showing just how powerful a mother's love truly is.

Fred was a great way to open this as his unfortunate death is the main reason behind her grief. Despite the fact that she was powerless to prevent it really moved me; grief and blame on oneself is one of the first real steps of healing, so to see her trying her best to work thorugh it was very well done.

Switching over to Arthur was also nicely done--the relationship between spouses is an extremely important one. In it, we see a little of Arthur's own personal grief (or what Molly -thinks- is what he's feeling / thinking). By the end of it and while she still blames herself and what she thinks, he truly comes across as the loving husband doing his best to protect and help his wife in anyway that he can. That touched my heart and was a great way to end it (I know I'm jumping ahead but I wanted to keep each character to their own respective roles so sorry about that!).

Ahh then there is the twin--from what little research I've done (and knowing a few sets of twins myself), it is not too hard to see a piece of Fred in his twin as they were two peas in the same pod, one incomplete without the other. It is also natural for her to also see this, a reminder of his brother. He serves as the face of her initial panic, trying to escape her own personal nightmare even though its completely unintentional. There's also no doubt in my mind that even though there is that, that she also is reminded of the love she has for both her crazy boys and for some reason I can see George smiling at his mother to remind her of that. Really, really beautiful!

And finally we have her own personal inner examination. It's not hard to see how it is aging her not just mentally and emotionally but physically. I was thinking "please help her aned bless her heart."

War is definately a more than life-changing event for any parent and you -really- nailed it here. Well-planned, good capturing of the intense emotions not just with her but also on Arthur as seen at the very end. I enjoyed this story and hope that there might be a chance of a sequel--by the end of this, I was like 'I hope she finds the healing and peace she so very much needs.'

Great job, great story--thank you so much for it! :-)


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Review #11, by likeness_of_a_seabird Failure

10th December 2014:
Hello! Here to deliver you the Hufflepuff Hot Seat review!

This was so heartbreakingly beautiful! I think you really managed to capture Molly's grief brilliantly. The way you describe her pain is phenomenal: how the quiet house feels oppressive when previously she welcomed a moment of peace, how she feels that, sometimes, even seeing George is too much to bear and how that pains her too, how she doesn't find any solace in her and Arthur's bedroom anymore, and most importantly, how she feels she failed her duty as a mother.

That last one is what really made this story so heart-wrenchingly sad. Your writing is so powerful that I just want to reach out for Molly and hug her. It's especially sad that she thinks she has not only failed Fred, but Arthur as well and now she's convinced he doesn't want her in the house. That part made me tear up a little bit.

All in all, this was exceedingly well written and I'm looking forward to what's coming next. Hopefully in the future we get to see Molly beginning to heal, even a little.

Enjoy your review-filled day!

- Emmi

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Review #12, by magnolia_magic Failure

10th December 2014:
Hi Erica! I hope you're having fun being in the hot seat today!

So from your summary, I fully expected this to be a sad story. But I wasn't prepared for the powerful emotion here. I really felt for Molly; the way you described her thoughts about her son's death felt so realistic and so heartbreaking. This story really speaks to the nature of depression; it can be a vicious cycle that is very difficult to break.

Even though it was a sad note to end on, I like your choice not to really resolve things between Molly and Arthur by the end. I wanted a happy ending so much (I always do, haha) but with this story it does fit the theme better to end things in the middle of all the complex negative feelings Molly is experiencing. That kind of thing can't be resolved with fluff, really, and I loved your choice to keep things realistic.

Great work, Erica! Enjoy the review-bombing today :) I'm so glad I could be a part of it! Congrats on tackling something new; you did a really good job!


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Review #13, by wolfgirl17 Failure

10th December 2014:
Oh wow.

You're breaking my heart here. Molly is just the type who would blame herself for what happened to Fred. She's just so motherly and protective of everyone that I can only imagine the pain and failure she would feel to know that Fred was gone forever. This story is so heartbreaking. There is nothing more gut-wrenching and heart-splintering than the loss a mother's feels for her child when they die, and it's not something one can ever get over. Mother's drive themselves mad thinking of all the things they might have done to ensure their children would be safe, that they would survive every trial of life and flourish.

The most heartbreaking part of it all is that there truly is never anything they could've done that would help it. Sure there are the options like making sure the child never ends up in a dangerous situation, but children are not born to be bubble-wrapped and kept locked way from the world, afraid to live for the fear of dying. And if ever there was a child that was so full of life and laughter and made for living life to the fullest despite any rules that might be placed upon him, it was Fred Weasley.

You really got me with this one. Literally, I'm wiping away my sniffles here. Brilliant story. You're writing is so powerful. Keep up the fantastic work love, I'm going to review a bunch more of your stories while you're in the Hot Seat =)


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Review #14, by marauderfan Failure

9th December 2014:
Review hot seat!!

Gahhh, anything about the Weasleys right after the war is so sad. Especially this from Molly's POV - I can't even imagine how it must be, to be a mother who loses her child - it's just unbearable to think about. But I can totally imagine that she would suffer this horrible survivor's guilt as she is.

As horrible as it is, I think it's quite realistic that sometimes she doesn't like seeing George because he reminds her of what she's lost. Grief isn't logical, so her illogical thoughts adhere very nicely to how you've portrayed her grief. (Omg, and it's just the saddest thing to because in OotP when she saw the boggart and it was Fred and George both dead - not even in her worst nightmares had she imagined them being separated. I think I'm gonna cry all over again.)

And the end too - I know that deaths of children often result in the separation of the parents, and I'm hoping this was not the case with Arthur and Molly - since the end is left ambiguous I'm choosing to hope that it all turned out well after some time. Gah, you write grief too well.

And now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go cry my eyes out into an entire box of tissues about the unfairness that is Fred's death. This was a really great piece Erica, you should be proud. :)

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Review #15, by Moonyxluna Failure

9th December 2014:
Hufflepuff hot seat!! :D

That smiley face is ill-placed, though! this is going to be so sad; I just know it!

The silence in the Weasley house has got to be unnerving to Mrs. Weasley. The image you create with that makes for a lovely introduction to this.

Heartbreaking, reading her feeling responsible for Fred's death. Though I think as a mother that it's a very accurate portrayal of what she must be feeling. Even if there was nothing she could do, she would still feel to blame.

I feel like writing such specifically characterized canon names, like Molly Weasley, in first person, would be really challenging, but I think you did a really good job capturing her voice and distress here.

Ah, this was so heart wrenching. Between the mentions of George and her own mind's thoughts about Arthur's opinions, I am heartbroken!

This was beautifully written. Fantastic work, Erica!


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Review #16, by Aphoride Failure

26th September 2014:
Hey Erica! Dropping by from review tag - I never can resist a bit of Molly/Arthur! Such a cute couple! :D

I love the way you're tackling such a hard topic, and the two of them at such a difficult, defining time, being pretty much straight after Fred's death. The way you showed the emotions in an everyday situation was so gorgeous - with Molly noticing her age and feeling she looks old, and that Arthur seems a bit withdrawn and almost lost. The whole thing just had this beautiful note of grief through it - it was so subtle and yet so, so effective. I really felt it, you know?

They were both so on point, as well - so close to their canon counterparts that frankly I'm jealous! :P Molly and Arthur are such intimidating characters and you do them so easily! I loved how even without referring to the things we know most about them from canon - Arthur's muggle obsession and Molly's love of rules/order and cooking - they were still definably them. It was so, so good!

Two quick things, just coz they're easily changeable: you kept missing off the apostraphe in Arthur's (for example), and Molly's brothers were called Fabian and Gideon and died in the war. Technically, it's not mentioned which side Bilius was an uncle on, but I know Molly's brothers were mentioned... though, of course, since it's vague, it's up to you ;)

Your writing was so lovely - and I loved how it was such a simple scene too. Not much action, but there didn't really need to be, you know? I think much more action with the emotions would probably have made it feel like too much! This is a pretty unique idea, too, dealing with characters dealing with the death of a relative - I haven't read that many like that, particularly not about the Weasleys!

So yeah, this is a really heartbreaking, sweet story, and I will have to look out for you in tag again to come back in the future! :)

Aph xx

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Review #17, by daliha Failure

25th September 2014:
Your take on how Molly would feel after the war is more than well done it's fantastic! My grandmother lost a child and the way you describe Molly's feelings is the same way my grandmother often describes her own, she too often looked at someone to blame only to feel that it was all her fault. The interaction between Molly and Arthur is in character, I feel so bad for Molly when Arthur tells her to visit her brother, he's only doing to get her out of the house and not to make her feel bad, he too is dealing with the pain his own way.

Anyway before I ramble on great fic, and it was brave of you to take such and sad moment and write about it. (I have so much trouble characterizing Molly and Arthur it's not even funny)


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Review #18, by nott theodore Failure

22nd September 2014:
Hi Erica! I'm here from review tag.

For a first attempt at writing Arthur/Molly, I really think you did a great job! I've never read a story written in first person from Molly's perspective before, so I think that you did a really good job of capturing Molly's voice, and her thoughts and emotions at this point as well.

The only tiny, tiny constructive criticism I have is that there are a few points in the story when you use commas where you need semi-colons. Those aren't anything major at all, though, and don't really affect the reading of it. If you're getting a beta reader then I won't point them all out :)

I thought you did a fantastic job of capturing Molly's emotions in this period of time, after Fred's death. I always imagined her to have suffered terribly after the war because of her grief. It's not an easy feeling to portray at all but you wrote it really well. I felt so sorry for Molly as she thought about Fred and the way that she hadn't been able to protect him. It wasn't her fault at all, but I can understand completely why she'd think that she had failed as a mother because she hadn't been able to protect him when he needed it most. All of those different aspects that she thought about in this story - especially the way that Fred's future had just disappeared - were very believable and I think they just added to the way that you wrote her grief. It seemed like there was just one thing after another coming to impact on her and compound her grief, and for a lot of people that is the way it works so I found it so realistic.

One element of this story that made me really sad was the fact that Molly started to feel angry at George sometimes and that she didn't want to see him because she blamed him for not sticking with Fred. It's so upsetting but at the same time I do find it realistic. Those human aspects, like the irrational sort of anger, make Molly seem even more real in this story. It's like she's trying to find someone to blame for what she perceives of her own failure, and George is an easy target since he just reminds her of Fred every time she sees him.

And then I come to Molly and Arthur together. It's a very different portrayal of their relationship than any I've seen before because normally they're just shown to be extremely close and loving. But I did really enjoy this interpretation, because grief can affect people in so many different ways and a lot of people can begin to grow apart after something like this. It was so sad to see that Molly feels that Arthur's drifted away from her and blames her for what has happened, because I do love them as a couple, but I'm hoping that they'll manage to find each other again and sort things out between them. I thought you showed the rift really well, and I think that maybe to some extent Molly's grief is partly obscuring her view of what's happening with Arthur and how he feels, but it's so believable to see them struggling in this way after Fred's death, because it's such an ordeal.

You did a great job with this chapter and I'm really looking forward to the next one - I hope that Molly and Arthur manage to sort things out and that Molly manages to overcome her grief.

Sian :)

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