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Review #1, by Briana Dreams

16th December 2017:
Great job! Can't wait to

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you very much for the review. I am so late with my update -.- but it's on its way soon...ish!

Happy holidays,
Sofia xxx

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Review #2, by byandie Dreams

4th October 2017:
Ok so this chapter went from 0 to 100 real quick. I liked that we got to learn a bit more about Alice in the chapter and hopefully her relationship with Charles won’t be the usual boyfriend turns out to be gay/bi trope but I believe you’ll pull it off in a well written way. As always, it was a really excellent chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi byandie!

Hahah, it did. And, well, the Charles situation will be resolved in later chapters... though I'll just warn you that perhaps I ~did~ use that trope, heh.

Thanks so much for reviewing and I hope you stick around (even through my use of tropes :)). I'm so glad you're still reading and enjoying the story.

Sofia xxx

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Review #3, by BBHP Dreams

25th September 2017:
Things just got way more intense for poor Alice! Wow.

The whole dreaming about James thing made me laugh! She's got it bad, even if she's fighting it. I can't wait to see what happens with that.

That explains why her boyfriend left so abruptly. I had not expected that!

And then getting to work late and flustered to find out she missed the message that they caught the bad guy! I can't imagine the stress Alice would be under! Stuff like that, missing owls, makes me think that the magical world really needs to come up with a better system. Haha! I mean, they're MAGIC. There has got to be a better way to send an important memo than using an animal that may or may not deliver it.

So looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey BBHP!

Yes, indeed they have!

Haha, I'm glad you thought it was funny! I think Alice does have it pretty bad. I think you'll enjoy next chapter ;)

I'm glad you thought that was unexpected! The subject will be discussed in more detail later on!

And yes, I do agree--although the wizarding world is amazing and fun, i think it can also be very impractical sometimes, haha.

I'll try to update ASAP! Thanks so much for reviewing, BBHP :)

Sofia xxx

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Review #4, by Jinx333 Dreams

24th September 2017:
I really liked this chapter! It was hilarious :) I love the mix of awkwardness, comedy, and mystery going on. Hope you update soon! I need to know more haha

Author's Response: Hiya Jinx333!

Eek, I'm so happy you liked the chapter! And I'm actually really glad you like the overall feel of Strained--I think I went in multiple directions with it and am now perhaps having a bit of trouble keeping the story grounded in its progression and general development, haha, but I nevertheless am also pretty happy with it, too.

Also, I will hopefully be updating soon (AKA not in four months' time). I've already started on the next chapter! I'm excited to write it all out and I'm excited you're excited to read it, haha!

Thanks so much for reviewing Jinx333, and I hope you have a lovely day/night, wherever you are :)

Sofia xxx

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Review #5, by BBHP Interruption

21st September 2017:
I'm enjoying this! It's funny and dark and dramatic and awkward, all at once. Maybe it's just my own cynical nature, but I'm not sure I trust Emma? She seems like she could be a real friend who is getting Alice to step out of her comfort zone a bit, but she also seems a I don't know. I DO know, however, that I can't stand that Margaret girl! She seems so fake and petty and clingy. I can just imagine her having these long, manicured, gaudy fingernails that she's digging into James to keep hold of him, but more for his status and name than because she actually cares for him. Why else would she be snogging him so publicly in the office kitchen? She seems super classy. Not. Maybe I'm reading too much into it though. Ha.

Anyway, I'm loving this story so far and I'm so excited to read more.

Author's Response: Hi BBHP!

I'm so glad you're enjoying Strained! As for Emma, I think she may appear a bit off because she's such a contrast to Alice (AKA ~very~ outgoing). Although Alice loves her, I think she is maybe still finding it a bit difficult to adapt to being around such an extrovert, haha. Hopefully in the next couple of chapters, you'll come to trust her more :)

Ah, Margaret! She is indeed as you describe, haha. Though when you think about it, James is a bit at fault for interacting with someone like her, too... more on this will be revealed in later chapters!

I am updating SUPER soon. I'm almost done the next chapter! I'm so excited to publish it :)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing; I love reading people's reactions!!

Sofia xxx

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Review #6, by allthegoodnamesaretaken Interruption

21st May 2017:

I like your story,and I really like Emma. I also like Alice, though I do wonder about Emma and ALice's relationship, as Alice seems to be annoyed by almost everything Emma says/does. I do think they balance each other, and I do think it's seems natural that Alice do get annoyed/emberrased, however, at times it seems like it is almost everything. Just my two cents.
(And I do like that Alice told Emma to f off. That's proper friendship, right there (or is that just me being wrong, because in that case, I feel bad for my own friends haha)).

I enjoyed this so far, and looking forward to following the story!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks for reviewing :)

Hahah, honestly I realized a bit too late that Alice ~does~ seem to be annoyed at Emma a lot. But I guess it's mostly circumstantial, and not because Alice feels like that 24/7 (also, Emma ~is~ a bit much sometimes). I will look out for that later on, though! Thanks for letting me know :) And I'm glad you thought that Alice telling Emma to f off was realistic hehe.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

Sofia xxx

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Review #7, by 23LuciasLovegood Interruption

19th May 2017:
I love this story so much, as Alice is a different character to much of the fan fiction on this website. The way that you portray her is so entertaining and refreshing. Please keep updating, people are definitely reading your story.

Author's Response: Hey!

Yay, I'm so glad you think so!! Aw, I'm really flattered. I will absolutely keep updating Strained!

Thanks for reading and reviewing,

Sofia xxx

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Review #8, by mcdash Interruption

19th May 2017:
Yay for a new chapter!

First I want to mention that I just love the name Blue for a cat. I can't explain why but I really do.

Emma is so unfailingly earnest in her friendship with Alice, and it always makes their conversations and interactions a treat to read. I was so happy when Alice invited her to Charlotte's wedding because it shows that she's becoming more comfortable with Emma.

I get a sense that the Shacklebolt debate is based on the Mandela effect, correct? Would it still be called the Mandela effect in the Wizarding World or the Shacklebolt effect? ;)

Emma's right; James was definitely chatting Alice up lol. If not that, he's at least found someone that will entertain his theories. I'm excited to see where their hypotheses will lead them!

Great chapter!!

Author's Response: Yay for another review!

I'm so happy you like the name Blue, haha! It's kind of a random name, but I think it's cute! It also fits into the overall "theme" of this story, I guess, since the colour blue is usually associated with sadness (not that Alice is sad all the time, but I just thought it was a nice little addition).

Yes, she really is! She's herself all the time, which I enjoy. Glad you love their interactions :) And yes, the invitation definitely does show that Alice is becoming more comfortable around Emma!

Hahah, yes, the Shacklebolt "debate" is based on the Mandela Effect! Though I don't know if it's so widespread in the Wizarding World as to earn its own name! We'll see later on ;)

Hehe, I'm honestly not too sure myself. I think perhaps James thought it was ~convenient~ that he got to talk to Alice, but I don't think he purposefully sought her out to chat her up, haha. But all will be revealed soon!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing once again!

Sofia xxx

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Review #9, by mcdash Rapport

19th May 2017:
I really loved this chapter, even with no James in it. It was a bit of reprieve from the procedural aspect of this fic-- which I love, don't get me wrong, but I like seeing Alice's developing relationships. Emma's such a fun character, and even though she might be a little overbearing, I love her!

I thought the bit about the toilets was funny. In canon, were they actually required by the Ministry to use during the War? I admit that my HP knowledge is a little shoddy as of late, but I've been planning a re-read of the series for some time (I've begun the Philosopher's Stone so many times I might have the first chapter memorized word-for-word at this point).

Emma leaving the bar with Alice was really sweet in my opinion. I know many occasions where I've been abandoned (or done the abandoning) so I loved that Emma stayed with her rather than letting her go home by herself. Emma gives off very sincere friendship vibes and I'm all for it. I just love female friendships with my whole heart.

And yes!! The admission that she thinks James is fit!! These are always my favorite parts of fics; like yes, today you think he's just attractive, but tomorrow you're halfway in love with him, and I'm so down with it.

I'm really enjoying this story so far and can't wait to see where you go with these characters! :)

Author's Response: Hi mcdash!

I'm so happy you liked this chapter! I was a bit worried people wouldn't find it interesting, since there wasn't much James in it. And I love Emma too--she's great!

Haha, I'm glad you liked the toilet bit. Honestly, my memory could never be so amazing as to remember such a tiny detail, so I actually looked it up online! And apparently, yes, it was required to use the toilets during the War. (I also definitely think you should re-read the series! Though I know it can be hard, since the more exciting stuff happens later on.)

Yes, I'm so happy you're liking Emma and the girls' friendship! Woo! I think female friendships are great, too.

Hahah exactly! I also love the build up in fanfiction!

Thank you so much for reviewing and I will update as soon as I can,

Sofia xxx

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Review #10, by leannadrobis Interruption

18th May 2017:
I loved James's appearance! And I hope Chapman's murder opens the stage for more interactions between James and Alice. Emma is so funny and i wonder is James already kinda likes Alice... Let us know soon!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for the review! My 20th, woo.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! And all will be revealed shortly hehe.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Sofia xxx

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Review #11, by DaffodilsandPotters Interruption

18th May 2017:
I am loving this story so much so far! There's this really effortless feel to the dialogue and characters in a way that makes their interactions so realistic. I hope James and Alice(who are both absolutely adorable together!) begin to get over the formality and akwardness and really get to know each other! I can't wait for the next chapter x

Author's Response: Hi DaffodilsandPotters,

So happy you are loving this story!

And I'm glad you think the dialogue and characters are effortless, and their interactions realistic! James and Alice's relationship will definitely change over the next few chapters, so no worries about that.

Thank you so much for reviewing and the next chapter will hopefully be out soon!

Sofia xxx

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Review #12, by Dia Interruption

17th May 2017:
Finally, more of James! I feel like Alice is really coming into her own as a character in this chapter and Emma is awesome as always. Can't wait for the next update!!

Author's Response: Hi Dia!!

Thanks for the review once again.

And yes, more of James! Glad you enjoyed his appearance!

I'm so glad you think Alice is coming into her own as a character and that you like Emma :)

Thanks for your reviews, Dia!! I'll try to post the next chapter as soon as possible!

Sofia xxx

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Review #13, by Rosie_Posie Interruption

17th May 2017:

I just read all 5 chapters in a row and I have to say I love how you are developing Alice, then Emma and adding in James slowly. It is nice to see her life develop and what "normal" is before going into a love interest route - which is where I assume Alice & James will go.

Also it is refreshing to have someone like Alice who is clearly introverted and suffers from anxiety as a main character, often OCs are funny/outgoing/sassy/awkward yet also confident rather than Alice who is also, funny and sassy and awkward, but in a different way, if that makes sense?

One note at the start you said "Her dark green robes shimmered as they caught the morning sunlight." I might be wrong but I remember Emma having blue eyes?

Hope you update again soon,
RP xx

Author's Response: Hey Rosie_Posie!

I am so happy you like how the story is developing! Sometimes I think I have trouble developing stories/characters smoothly, so it's great that you think Strained is doing well!

I believe Alice is a refreshing character too, to be honest. I don't think I've read any fanfiction where anxiety is portrayed realistically, perhaps because most don't experience it or don't think it's relevant. Either way, anxiety is hard to explain to people who don't experience it as is, so ~conveying~ what anxiety feels like in writing is even more difficult, I think. And yes, I totally know what you mean, haha! I think many OCs are very one-dimensional in their moods/actions, which is just unrealistic--people can be funny/sassy/outgoing/confident in certain situations and truly shy/awkward/uncomfortable in others, and it doesn't mean that it changes anything about who they are as people (slightly random but as Whitman said: "I am large, I contain multitudes"). Also, unlike in fanfiction, I don't believe people are generally ~confident~ in their awkwardness, either.

Also, yes, Emma does have blue eyes! However, I did mean her robes were green, as in robes that they have to wear for work :) Thank you for paying attention to that, though!

Thank you so much for your review RP, I really appreciate it. I will update ASAP!

Sofia xxx

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Review #14, by Dreh Interruption

17th May 2017:
This is actually one of my favourite stories that I am reading at the moment. I get so excited when it's updated.

Emma is beautiful, Margaret is just gross.. like girl chill.

Alice and James are adorable - I can't wait to see how it unfurls.

7/10 because I feel I read the chapters easily and then I get to the end and I know stuff has happened but I feel like something more should have occurred? I don't know if that makes sense - I think it's just because it's still sort of the beginning stages, I'm one of those people that skips to the action parts.

Love your work - can't wait till the next update!

Author's Response: Hi Dreh!

Eek, I'm so glad Strained is one of your favourite stories!! That makes me really happy :)

Hahaha maybe Margaret does need to chill a bit, but she isn't all bad! I'm so happy you like Emma, though, because I think she's a beaut too! Alice and James are indeed adorable, hehe.

Also, I understand what you mean by stuff-happening-but-not-really. I know the chapters are short, and I ~could~ technically make them longer, but I feel like that would actually take away from the story, somehow. Maybe it's because in reality our day-to-day existence isn't action-packed, but it rather consists of how we deal with everything, including other people. I guess I wanted to convey that. However, this is also only the beginning of the story! Things will definitely start picking up speed soon, so don't fret.

Thank you so much for reviewing :) I will try to update ASAP!

Sofia xxx

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Review #15, by byandie Interruption

17th May 2017:
I'm loving the friendship between Alice and Emma, its so nice how she brings out a more funny side of Alice kinda. Hopefully James going to see Alice means that they'll work together on the case. Lovely chapter as always :)

Author's Response: Hi byandie!

Thanks so much for your continuous reviews, I appreciate them!

I'm so glad you're liking the girls' friendship! I think Emma does bring out Alice's sassiness, hehe.

Chapman's case will be discussed next chapter!

Thanks for reviewing and stay tuned :)

Sofia xxx

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Review #16, by Laura Interruption

16th May 2017:
Hi. I really like how your story is progressing.
I love Alice so much, she is so relatable. I feel sympathetic towards her social anxiety. Some people just do not like crowds and like to be alone with their own thoughts. That is fine with me.
And of course Emma, she is so great and such an nice contracts to Alice. I agree with her on the ‘James topic’, he is totally trying to chat her up. But I guess people like Alice do not notice stuff like that, well at least not on conscious level (by the way, I love your reference to Freud). But he did try to talk to her at the party as well, which indicates some kind of interest. It did end up in Alice’s unfortunate comment though. Am I correct in seeing references to his grandfather behaviour?
I am enjoying your story immensely. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thanks so much for leaving a review :)

I'm really glad you like/sympathize with Alice and think that she's relatable! As a writer, that is of course one of my goals.

I love Emma too, her witty comebacks are great haha! Time will tell for James' thoughts regarding Alice (though you are right about the party). However, Emma also enjoys making Alice uncomfortable (in a friendly way), so there is that to consider, too.

And yes, I would say James Potter II is similar to his grandfather (obviously in the way they both run their hands through their hair).

Thanks so much for reviewing once again and stay tuned for more!!


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Review #17, by leannadrobis Rapport

6th May 2017:
I can't wait to see James again!
And this is a very interesting story and Alice is such a different character. its a breath of fresh air.

Author's Response: HI!

Thank you so much for leaving a review. I'm glad you're liking the story :)

An update is on its way (and James with it)!


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Review #18, by Dia Rapport

2nd May 2017:
I live Alice as a character because I identify with her SO MUCH it's scary. Her thought processes and feelings are just, so like mine, and that's never happened to me before. But personal interest in Alice aside, I think her interactions with Emma are hilarious. This is by far the most unique, non cliche James/OC fic I've ever seen. I'm always eagerly waiting for your updates and am especially excited for the next one because James is in it :)

Author's Response: Hey Dia!

Wow, you don't know how happy your words have made me! I really appreciate you leaving a review on every chapter. I love getting feedback--it's great to know how I'm doing and how everyone is receiving the story. It also motivates me to write, because I know at least ~someone~ is liking what I'm writing!

I'm so glad Alice resonates with you. Her character is based a lot on my thought processes, so I can definitely relate to her, too!

I love Alice and Emma's interactions; they're honestly so fun to write. Next chapter will once again feature Emma, so look out for that!

You're making me feel so good about myself, haha! Thank you for the compliments and the encouragements, it means a lot.

I'll try to post the next chapter as soon as possible! Real life does tend to get in the way, but I'm excited to write, so I'm sure I'll find the time!

Thank you again for your kind words, I truly appreciate them :)


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Review #19, by Marlene Emergence

12th March 2017:
This is absolutely amazing!! 😍😍

Author's Response: Hi!

Wow WHAT! That is such a compliment, thank you so much! I'm really happy you're enjoying it :)

Sofia xxx

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Review #20, by Dia Emergence

11th March 2017:
Nice exploration of Alice's character - there aren't enough well written guarded, reserved yet practical woman characters written and I think you're doing a great job :)

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you, I'm glad you think so!! There is more to come pretty soon.

Thanks again for reviewing, I really appreciate it :)

Sofia xxx

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Review #21, by byandie Emergence

10th March 2017:
It was a lovely chapter. Its nice to know a tad bit more about Alice's background and why she acts the way she does. Also, hopefully she'll find a great friend in Emma. :)

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reviewing once again, I really appreciate it!

Alice and Emma's relationship will be discussed in the next chapter! Stay tuned :)

Sofia xxx

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Review #22, by whatsthetimemrwolf Emergence

10th March 2017:
I like the insight into Alice's family! Ugh, I definitely wouldn't be able to work in law enforcement. I think it would be so emotionally draining. I hope Emma turns out to be a good friend to Alice. I think she deserves that. Also, I think Emma is a rather fabulous name (it may or may not be my name).

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. I don't think I'd be able to work in law enforcement either! Seems really tough, mentally and emotionally.

You'll find out quite soon about Emma (next chapter in fact)! I think the name Emma really suits her character too, and it is indeed a nice name ;)

Thank you for reviewing,

Sofia xxx

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Review #23, by Dia Down

5th March 2017:
finally, a James/OC story with normal, reasonable, realistic characters! - yet, your characters are not boring, but instead, there's a certain subtle humor that Alice creates. Brilliant, please update soon!!

Author's Response: Hi!

Yayy so happy you like it! I will update as soon as I can! Hopefully it will be what you expected :)

Thanks for reviewing, it really is what motivates me to continue writing!

Sofia xxx

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Review #24, by luna1306 Down

28th February 2017:
Of course it's still a bit soon because it has only been 2 chapters but I think I'm going to like this story.
I didn't really understand all the fuss around what she said though because she could have just said sorry and then it would have been over. I do think that your characters are very realistic because in most stories everything is so dramatic but in an unrealistic way and here they are way more plain. Because people are not always super special and different sometimes you just need someone that is normale and to who you can relate.

Well anyway after next chapter I think I'll have a clearer view of where this story is going!

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: Hi :)

I'm glad you think you'll like the story!

Yes, I know it can seem a bit dramatic, but we'll explore the subject in more depth later on. And yeah, I wanted to keep the story realistic. The trouble is that sometimes in fanfiction realistic can translate to boring, so there needs to be a nice balance. Hopefully, I have struck that balance :)

Thanks for reviewing xxx

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Review #25, by byandie Down

21st February 2017:
Hi, so far I really like the way you portray Alice and her emotions. It seems very realistic. I'm looking forward to see how you develop her as a character and how her relation with James is/will evolve as colleagues

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you for your review :) and yes, I'll try to update ASAP!

Sofia xo

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