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Reading Reviews for How Long Will I Love You?
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Mrunmayee As Long As The Stars Are Above You

14th May 2015:
I cried.. I cried... I cried... How... What.. When.. I... Every single thought in my head is incomprehensible...

This is so beautiful! So... touching... So soul piercing..

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am so pleased you liked it, and that it moved you. Thank you for reading and reviewing ♥

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Review #2, by nellysh As Long As The Stars Are Above You

26th March 2015:
ohhh, very good, it's perfect

Author's Response: Hehe, I think you submitted this twice. But thank you anyway!

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Review #3, by nellysh As Long As The Stars Are Above You

26th March 2015:
ohhh, very good, it's perfect

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!


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Review #4, by Hori As Long As The Stars Are Above You

10th March 2015:
Hori here with a Hot Seat review!

Let me just start by saying that I've never really read songfics. It's not a bias, I have nothing against them. I suppose the format was never completely clear to me, so I simply avoided them.

So, keeping that in mind, I decided to give one of yours a go, and... WOW! I really liked this! I don't know if this is an indication of how most songfics are formatted, but this felt very 'right.' The way you used the poignant lyrics sparsely, using them to note a passage of time, was great, and the underlying message of the lyrics always rang true to the story you were telling.

The opening was one of my favorite parts. It's a strong use of the 'just drop the reader in and get them caught up in the next few paragraphs' method, and your choices of opening lines really created a sense of urgency for me. If you had started with the 'The Battle of Hogwarts...' paragraph, I don't think it would have gripped me so immediately. We as readers (generally speaking) are very well-versed in these moments of Harry Potter lore, so starting with a more immediate and intimate opening was definitely a stroke of genius.

There is a lot of great detail throughout this story, and you added it with an admirable amount of forethought. Your "show don't tell" talent is very clear here. There was never a moment in which you added detail or exposition where it did not feel organic and fluid, and the story never felt like it slowed down in the wrong places while you built up your environments and characters.

The list of casualties was a particularly effective device. I'm a big fan of literary tools like that. It added humanity and the sense of high stakes to a fight we all know very well, and it reinforced the sense of unsteady calm by forcing the reader to slow down and really take stock of what is being described. Which led nicely to...

Ron's quiet admiration of the stars, and his imagined mythology around them, was great. Especially since it became a repeated theme throughout the story. Not only does it harken to your lyrics, but also seemed very much like a fanciful belief that Ron really might hold on to. The fact that he was totally aware that Hermione might find those beliefs silly or amusing only made it that much more realistic to the characters we already know.

The pacing overall was very strong. In particular, the first two scenes that begin with no or minimal dialogue were fantastic. You took your time inside of Ron's head, made us see things the way he saw them, while also moving the story along. It's not many writers who can devote multiple paragraphs to building up their story's world with no speaking, while still keeping the reader's interest. I know for a fact that I tend to drag on a bit in areas like this, so your ability to get this done in so short a period of time is a hopeful beacon for me to strive toward. :D

In fact, you did such a great job with details (as Ron sees them) in those first two segments that I missed them a bit later on. The pace definitely picks up toward the end as we reach your envisioned future for Ron and Hermione, and I wished a couple of times that we would get to slow down for more of Ron's internal commentary. For example: Where did they get married? What does Ron think of the venue? Did he get sick from nerves the night before? Later on, I want to hear a bit about how Ron is handling the fact that he is getting old. Even something as simple as commenting that he's either accepting or rejecting the failings of an aging body would have been very interesting. We get a sense of how Hermione is changing over time, but not so much Ron.

This is a very minor point, mind you. Like I said I enjoyed the heck out of this. But, as a teacher once told me, "I can see where you were fully engaged... and where you weren't." ;)

Your version of Ron and Hermione's kids was a real pleasure to read. They obviously did not warrant huge levels of detail (this is about R+H after all), but you added just enough that they were fleshed-out and fully realized rapidly. Ron's continued mistrust of the Malfoy line was another good bit of characterization, and you handled it well. I think many writers tend to be a bit heavy-handed with that dynamic, making Ron overly-aggressive and openly hostile. You gave his consternation with Scorpius a subdued, realistic, fatherly tone that was more down to earth and amusing.

I thought that the story would surely end with Hermione's death, but I have to say I really like the final bit with the cemetery visit. It was incredibly touching, lifelike, and relatable to anyone with aging relatives who still honor and love the ones they've lost. It made me think of my own grandmother and the loss of her husband, and evoking something like that in a reader is an accomplishment you can be proud of!

So, all things considered, I loved this story! I'm so glad I chose this one, and I'm happy to say that my first experience with a songfic was a positive and memorable one!

Great work! Keep it up!


Author's Response: Hey Hori!

You have no idea how amazing this review is. Honestly, I must have read it a hundred times over. You have talked so much about absolutely everything, and I cannot thank you enough. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it, and that the fact it was a songfic didn't put you off. Most people seem to either love them or hate them!

Gah, I don't know what to write! You have rendered me incapable of doing anything but smiling. You are very perceptive. I will edit this through, probably in the next couple of weeks, and try to add in more of Ron's internal monologue. I thought people might find it a bit tedious, but I guess not. There were definitely points that I may have rushed a little *oops*

Ah, thank you so much Hori. You are amazing, and brilliant, and genuinely fantastic.


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Review #5, by Maelody As Long As The Stars Are Above You

13th January 2015:
AH! I love the movie that's in your signature, just so you know! It's where I first heard this song, too! Oh! AND right after I watched it I went to work (reserving hotel rooms for people who call in) and I kid you not, IT WAS DOHMNALL GLEESON AND AH!

So yeah, I love the premise of your story, even if it is Ron and Hermione.

Seriously though, this was just one of the sweetest things I've ever read! You wrote this story perfectly with the song, and I teared up just a little bit in the end when we find out Hermione has passed away. I don't know why, I just always figured Hermione would be the one to outlive all of them. Then again, maybe it was the muggle blood in her that made her die before the two wizard boys. :( How sad. :'(

I loved this story. It made me go look up the song again and listen to it, like, a thousand times! Today I think I'll watch the movie your banner is based off of. ;)

You have a nice talent with song-fics and I hope you continue to use that talent because I enjoy the occasional song-fic here and there! :D


Author's Response: Mae! My gosh I saw your status about that and I was SO jealous and in shock that I literally stared in awe at the screen for about three minutes before I could do anything. Domhnall Gleeson is AMAZING.

I don't usually ship Ron/Hermione because I don't particularly like Ron, but yeah. This happened ;) I blame Avi for giving me plunnies :P

Naw Mae *hugs* you are far too sweet.

Just so you are aware, you've made me do a happy dance because of your fabulous review. Thank you so much!


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Review #6, by Lostmyheart As Long As The Stars Are Above You

19th October 2014:
Lottie, I am so emotional right now.

I am so happy, that it was you who wrote this story! It was so beautifully written, I couldn't help but smile the whole time. I loved the details, the moments, Ron's thoughts, everything.

Despite Ron always being written as this foolish boy who can't really think much, I love your version of him. This thoughtful character, and it fits so much with everything. He comes from this big family, and love is one of the most essential thing of their lives, so of course he think of the stars as the deceased who protect their loved ones. I love that idea.

It's been a long time since I wrote that plot in the up-for-grabs thread, and I went to check it after I read this. It surprised me to see how you picked everything I wrote! You wrote it so brilliantly that I couldn't really imagine it all be my ideas. You've done it justice, the plot that is. Thank you so much for writing this!
You're an amazing writer, and I look forward to read the rest of your stories :)
And this will be one of my favorite stories. Without a doubt.

Much love,
- Avi

Author's Response: Avi!
Ah I'm so so so glad you like it. I was nervous that it mightn't live up to your expectations of how the story should go, and I'm really pleased that you loved it. You have the most amazing ideas, and I'm proud that you feel I've conveyed your thoughts well enough. I have to say, Ron isn't usually my favourite character. But the song really brought him into my head, and I started thinking about him as a much more real person. I'm glad you liked the idea of stars being guardians of a sort.
Thank you, Avi, for that lovely review!

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Review #7, by True Author As Long As The Stars Are Above You

19th October 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your prize review! :)

This is just so beautiful! I'm full of Romione feels right now. I just love love love both of them and I love this beautiful song and I love you for writing this! :D

All these moments are completely adorable. I couldn't help but smile like an idiot as I read this. Aren't they too cute? And the lyrics suit them perfectly. It's just believable that their love probably WILL last that long.

My favorite moment was the last one though. It's so well-written and full of feelings. It's cute!

Really adorable! Loved this!


Author's Response: Hi Ashwini!
I'm so glad you liked it! I'm not usually a Ron person, but the song really worked and yeah. Stuff happened :P aww you're too sweet! I love you for reviewing this, so I guess we are equal ;) Hermione and Ron are really cute together, I have to admit. I adore Ellie Golding, her songs are just so great and the lyrics in this are so beautiful. Eek I'm glad you like this :D
Once again, thank you!

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Review #8, by Lululuna As Long As The Stars Are Above You

30th September 2014:
Hello!! :D Here for my part of the Slytherin review exchange. I'm a big Ron/Hermione shipper and thought you did a wonderful job with their relationship, both with the canon aspects and expanding it to tell a full story.

I'm not sure why but the fact that Slughorn died in this version of the battle made me really sad. I'm not sure why but I think because I have a prof who is a little like him but very likeable it just made me sad. :P Also that was an amazing paragraph: it could be just a list, but shows so much delicacy and depth in how many lives were touched and ended by the battle. I loved how even though they didn't know all of the names of the dead, they spent a little bit of love mourning and honouring their sacrifice. It was a really lovely, bittersweet moment.

Ron's interest in the stars and poetic analysis of them was interesting. It's definitely a development from his callous canon character, but that's what fanfiction is for - expanding on those characters who feel so familiar. I also thought the descriptions and reliance on the stars as symbolic and physical was really beautifully written throughout the story.

Aw, it's too cute how Ron matched his outfit to Hermione's dress. :P So thoughtful and subtle of him.

honey coloured orbs This is just a word choice preference, and feel free to ignore me but I've been doing close reading of literature all day which always gets me in a picky mood. :P I'm not a huge fan of the term "orbs" for eyes, it conjures up a bit of a weird image and I feel like another word might flow better with the poetic tone of your beautiful story. Maybe "honey coloured gaze" or even just "eyes"? Just a thought! :)

Bringing up Ron's love for chess and how he analyzes his proposal in terms of chess was just genius. I love how he was the knight and she was the queen - it was too cute.

I especially loved the scenes with Rose and Hugo - it's amazing seeing them as parents. Hermione is just how I imagined, very attached to her children and I can imagine her feeling a little lost with them both away at school. I love how Hermione defended Rose's right to date a Malfoy as well, it was perfectly in character for both of them.

Aww, the final scene was so bittersweet! :( I'm sad Hermione had to die when she was still young and before she could meet her grandkids but it sent a lovely sense of grief and love and pathos through the whole story. Ron was so adorable with his granddaughter, the scene just felt quite real.

Great job with this, it was a wonderful read! :)

Author's Response: Hi!
Well thank you for that amazing review! I have such a big grin on my face, you are so brilliant. I warn you that I am rather tired and hence my reply may be slightly ramble-y, so sorry for that :) I feel bad for replying so late and I don't want to put it off any longer.
I'm sorry for Slughorn's death. I wanted to show that it wasn't just the other houses that fought, and I chose Slughorn because he finally decided that he was going to be brave for this one time, to protect Hogwarts and the students. He was a hero.
I'm really glad you liked my take on Ron, I was worried he might be a little OoC for some people.
I'll go and change the orbs part as soon as I'm finished here!
Haha, the chess part was slightly sur-of-the-moment. I was reading the first book again and remembered how he had played a knight and Hermione the queen :')
I think they would be really good parents, although perhaps slightly overprotective. They have good reason though. I'm glad you like those scenes!
Eek, thank you so much for all of that review.

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Review #9, by Loonylovegood67890 As Long As The Stars Are Above You

29th September 2014:
Wow, this was written very well and convincingly. It made me believe in how much Ron truly cared for Hermione and I love that way you had the verses in between the paragraphs separating the different times in the story. Beautiful! :)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it :)

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Review #10, by mymischiefmanaged As Long As The Stars Are Above You

12th September 2014:
Hi Lottie!

I'm so sorry for taking so long to get this review to you.

This is a really lovely one-shot. You make Ron's love very real and show a different side to him from the one we see through Harry's eyes.

You have some beautiful moments of description. I especially liked the idea of Ron being able to view Hermione like a chess board, predicting her moves. The way Ron reflects on his love is completely in character with the Ron from the books, but shows how he's grown up as well.

I like the insights into them both at different points in their life. You build up a very convincing relationship and love story, which makes her death much more poignant, and then finishing with Ron telling his granddaughter about her brings up the tone again.

There are a couple of typos and sometimes the flow's a little bit confusing. It might be worth giving more obvious breaks when there's going to be a time jump? It's just little things but I think it could read a bit better and that would detract less from the beautiful passages you've written.

But overall, this is really wonderful and I really enjoyed reading it. You've obviously put lots of thought into Ron and Hermione's relationship and you write it very convincingly.

Thanks for the read and the swap!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hello Emma!
Thank you very much for the swap. I've gone back over it to try and sort out the spelling issues, I'm sorry about those. I'm dyslexic, you should have seen my first draft! I did think I'd caught everything before I submitted it - but oopsies :) thank you for the constructive criticism, I'll certainly take it on board. I'm glad you liked Ron, and the descriptions. Haha, thank you!

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