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Reading Reviews for Haunted
13 Reviews Found

Review #1, by alicia and anne the gift

29th July 2015:

I don't think that there will ever be a time when I'm not amazed by people using second person PoV, I'm just so jealous of how well people write it and I'm too scared to attempt it myself.

Awww he draws! He's so perfect! :D

AHHH LAVENDER! THEO! TALKING! JUST YES! This isn't even a Thavender, but my shipping heart wants it so badly!

Look at him helping them! Because he's awesome, that's why! *nods* He wants to help them and I love him!

Oh that is a powerful last line! A very very powerful last line.

This was wonderful! and I can't wait to read more of it. Such a beautifully written chapter, and I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

Now. I request that you write me a Thavender! :P

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Review #2, by crestwood the gift

20th July 2015:
Hi Isobel! (I don't know if we've met before, but if not - Hello, I'm Joey!)

I saw this and I had to come check it out! Theodore Nott and Tharry and Drarry! So many things I love all in one story.

Your version of Theo is so intriguing and complex. He has a strange set of loyalties so far. I have a feeling that we have yet to see the full scope of his motivations. The beginning pulled me in--describing him as a puppeteer. There's nothing I love more than a manipulative character. Judging by his intention to, this time, become a puppet, It'd seem that he's turning over a new leaf. Or at least attempting to.

I really like the setting that you've chosen. I love stories set in Hogwarts while the Trio were looking for Horcruxes. Your version of Hogwarts during the war seems like it'll be sufficiently dynamic and fun.

I'm very excited to see what Theo does next. Especially considering that he thinks of helping the good guys out as selling his soul to the devil. He definitely feels like an extremely conflicted character already.

This was really, really excellent. I can't wait to read on!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

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Review #3, by Beeezie the gift

20th July 2015:
Oooh, I'm so glad I clicked this! I'm really attached to Theodore Nott, for some reason, and I love the portrayal of him as having somewhat nuanced loyalties and values. I'm still not entirely sure what his endgame is - I don't think I believe that it's all about his father ending up either dead or in a cell, since I'm not sure the DA has much power over that (being, you know, a bunch of teenagers rather than members of the Ministry). It's a really interesting dynamic, though, and I'm so curious to see where you take it, particularly given the friendship he seems to have with Astoria and the fact that he somehow had a vial of felix felicis laying around. I don't blame the DA for being skeptical - I'm skeptical, and I've got the luxury of seeing his thoughts and therefore having a much better idea of his frame of mind. I always seen Theodore as not being into the whole "community spirit" thing, even when it was imposed by the people who was theoretically supposed to support. Excellent job.

Ravenclaw - House Cup 2015

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Review #4, by Moonyxluna the grave

23rd October 2014:
Hey Isobel! Here with your requested review for chapter two!

I feel ashamed as a femmeslash enthusiast that I've never heard of or read Daphne/Pansy. What a wonderful and original sub-plot/ship idea.

I really like the style of the alternating point of views that you're writing in, with the first chapter being in second and this one in first. It adds a certain original style to the story that sets it above. It definitely makes me curious for more of what's to come. Though, the plot does that, also, but I'll talk about that next :)

Okay, so we get a set up for the plot here with all of Theo's friends finding his grave. What a horrid, awful way to learn that your friend is dead, just discovering a grave. Along with a hint of mystery, I think that hints a little bit at the plot, as well as the obvious 'dead Theo'. The end, especially, with a little hint that Daphne may know something more about what's going on. It makes me very interested to see what you're planning on doing with this next!

Even with your big cast of Slytherin students I didn't find myself getting lost in the mass of them. Some of the minor Slytherin characters have a lot of opportunity to expand on and I liked the starting little hints of that. I didn't get too much more than introductions characterization-wise, though I think the introduction to the plot had most to do with hindering that. I also liked the hints of the general public's reactions to Slytherins after they 'lost' the war. It's an interesting thing to think about!

I don't ever necessarily like to harp on people for chapter length because it's such an author/story interpretative thing, but I definitely found myself wanting to know more right away! Feel free to re-request for chapter three!


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Review #5, by Martha the Witch the guilt

19th October 2014:
Wotcher. What's all this then?

It seems like a really interesting story so far. The second person is used awfully well, and it makes for a nice little twist to the story. Though all your characters are rather young, aren't they? I mean, what does a sixteen year old know about anything?

No, don't you look at me like that missy. I am not old. I'm only 327 next month, not even middle aged yet.

Your language is really well used. I love the flow of the story, and your word choice was rather interesting too. I am very interested to see what happens next.

How interesting it must be, living in a castle. I've visited plenty before but only to treat Her Majesty or her relatives with some of my healing potions. Most witches I've met live in trees. Wizards seem to prefer caves for some reason. No idea why. They're an odd bunch, wizards.

Astoria seems rather sweet. Lovely young girl that one. I wonder what secrets that sister of hers is hiding though, eh? Blaise seems nice enough, and I do like Theo. He's doing what's right even if it's not what his family might want.

Oh no. Not again. That Mavis calling me for a coven gathering. Well, I'm off. YES MAVIS, I AM ON MY WAY.

Goodbye sweetling!

Martha Hawthorn

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Review #6, by teh tarik the gift

7th October 2014:
Isobel! ♥

I'm here for your requested review. WOW, IT HAS BEEN AGES SINCE I SAID THAT FOR ANY OF YOUR STORIES. In fact, it has been far too long since I read any of your work. And yay, new story! Hogwarts Era as well!

OK, I know this is meant to be a Drarry or Tharry, but is that Lavender Brown and Padma Patil I see? Are they together?!? AHH. I get EXCITED when I see these two in the same room at the same time. ♥

Right, Theodore Nott. This is probably the first Theodore-centric story I've read, and I love his character already; he's so complex, and it was really interesting seeing him work against the Death Eaters by helping out with the DA. This is such a short chapter, but already you've written him with a lot of depth: his fears, his motives (some of them at least). And ooh, Theodore and Lavender were friends? And I like that Lavender is not going to compromise her beliefs for an old acquaintance like Theodore - strong girl. One thing I found especially fascinating about Theodore is how he's connected to all these characters: Lavender, and he seems to genuinely care about Astoria. I can't wait to see how he connects with Harry.

Your use of second person is great as usual; everything flows very smoothly from start to finish. I don't think I can give you any critique on the second person narrator at all; clearly, you're very comfortable with writing this POV.

I loved seeing the other DA members as well. Ginny is clearly in charge here, and I love how you've written her. Her and Neville have become tougher, harder - even Lavender and Padma, and I can certainly see how this whole bunch will become the brave defenders of Hogwarts in the final battle. I do wonder how they're going to use the Felix Felicis. The gift of good luck is almost like - not quite a peace offering - but an offering of an alliance of some sort between Theodore and the DA.

Anyway, YES this fic does make me want to scream at you to update. I'll have to add this to a list of fics which I demand you update (CoA, Defining Astoria, HWC, J17, TPP etc.). But oh well, at least I have two more chapters to read? START WRITING THE REST. ♥

Fabulous start, Isobel!


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Review #7, by Moonyxluna the gift

3rd October 2014:
Hi I'm here with your requested review!

Theo/Harry. I'll have to say that Sam's Theo/Harry is the only one I've seen/read, but I'm excited to see what you've done with the ship! Also with the second person POV - I so rarely see it so it's always fun to read.

In your concerns you mentioned the second person point of view, and if it works. I think it does here. The only thing that I found that I could maybe crit you on would be to watch your contractions - this was so, so minor that it's only picking that I saw it, but there were one or two places where I'd have liked a you're instead of a you are - just something to pay attention to with the flow. (this is so minor I didn't even want to put this in, seriously.)

The chapter flows wonderfully. Usually I review as I go, but I sort of got sucked into this and just kept reading and found myself at the end. I love the idea of this little DH missing moment, that Theodore helped the DA in this little task. It really sets up the plot idea, that he may be having second thoughts about being on the dark side.

Other characterization wise, I thought Ginny was wonderful leading the pack, and Neville just peaking through as not being as nervous as we read him to be was really neat to see. Very neat touch with Lavender being related to the Greengrass family.

There is nothing that jumps out as 'fix me' - Your writing flows brilliantly and it's definitely making me want to read more Theodore Nott/more of your writing/this story. I'm excited for the Drarry (which I so rarely read) and the Tharry. Beautiful work on this! (do re-request!)


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Review #8, by TheHeirOfSlytherin the guilt

2nd October 2014:
This just gets better and better with every chapter. I mean, my fear grows with every chapter in Theo's PoV - seriously, my heart is going way too fast right now - but I love it.

I'm so sad for him. For his nightmares and the consequences of his actions being so big that he wants to take them back and, man, I hope they took his warning seriously. At least he didn't betray them for nothing.

The scene between Theo and Astoria was so lovely and sad and just - that they're so comfortable with each other that they can actually talk to each other about things, even if they won't for reasons, but he was able to hold her. And the end, with the I love you OMG... I should have seen that coming. Well, I did see that coming. But him saying it back and wondering if she misinterpreted him AND ALL THE FEELS!!! I should have seen it coming, but I was not prepared AND NOW THERE ARE FEELS!

Can't wait for more! *so nervous*


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Review #9, by TheHeirOfSlytherin the grave

30th September 2014:
I don't understand what you've done to me... I mean, I should, it's in the summary and I anticipated it, but silly me figured it would be at the end. Why do I do this to myself?

Seriously, I don't understand why I feel so numb, but I am. There's a grave with Theo's name on it and I knew there would be, but I don't want there to be. He's not allowed to die. ;(

You know what I think? I think he's faked it, that's what I think. That's he's just run away. Yeah... it's the only reason I'm not in tears.

I love that this was in Daphne's PoV, the little bits of backstory in the beginning - like of her and Pansy. And it was interesting to see the Greengrasses as the daughters of Death Eaters, I've always considered them neutral like Blaise and Millicent. But it was cool to see what they're going through on a different side. And Astoria's Muggle clothes, that was a cool touch.

I'm both excited and nervous for more.


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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter the gift

29th September 2014:

This is Gabbie here from the forums with our swap and I'm just now getting to this because my life is horrible and time is not my friend.

So, I'm really interested by the POV you decided to use, I don't see this very often. I also don't read too many stories about Theo Nott and he's completely different from the one I have in my stories. Not quite so cowardly and I liked the bit of bravery that you've given him in this chapter, it takes a lot of courage to do what he did so effortlessly.

Of course, he wants to really save himself but by helping Ginny and her group, there's a chance that his father might be spared. I think that you've set up the changing world of Hogwarts very well here, I was able to get a great sense of unease just from the first few paragraphs. I was worried though that he was going to be caught though and I'm glad that he was able to get away with something that might put him in danger.

I really want to keep on reading so I'm sorry if this is too short! I didn't spot any CC things and your flow is great so good job!

Much love,


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Review #11, by slytherinchica08 the gift

12th September 2014:
Oh wow, you really know how to pack a punch with your openings! This first chapter really has me intrigued as to what is going to happen in the future of this story. I like that Theo has helped the DA by giving them that potion as well as warning Ginny about a werewolf attack that is meant to make her brother a full werewolf and not just a half-breed type. This beginning holds so much potential for the rest of the story.

I really like the voice that you have in this story. I will say that I'm not used to reading many stories that speak in this pov type but I think that you've pulled it off really well, and for that I commend you! The whole chapter just flowed so well together and was very interesting. I'm excited to see how you will turn this into a Tharry and Drarry type story as it seems like that is pretty far in the future (which is great as that really gives you time to expand and open your readers up to that pairing). At the same time, you are also showing your readers that maybe, just maybe, Theo isn't so opposed to the DA and Order and that is already setting up the beginnings of brining Harry and Theo together.

I really liked the small details that you put into this chapter as well. Such as mentioning that Lavender holds a position of power only because the death eaters think they may be able to convert her seeing as she is related to the Greengrass family. Also adding in Astoria and her worry and the description that you put into her was really wonderful as well. All in all this was a really wonderful beginning to your story and I look forward to reading more! Great Job!


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Review #12, by Mutchiie the gift

12th September 2014:
I enjoyed reading the first chapter. I'm not usually a big fan of the perspective but I think you have done it justice here. Good job, Ill be keeping an eye out for more!

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Review #13, by TheHeirOfSlytherin the gift

12th September 2014:

I'm so intrigued and, I won't lie, just a little scared of that summary. But so excited, this is so awesome. Can you tell? I can tell, I can't sit still. This was a really interesting first chapter and I love that it's in second person. You always write it awesomely. OH MY GOD, I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE I'M TOO EXCITED!

But I just cannot wait to read more!


P.S. Corruption's a gift I don't intend on wasting. ;)

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