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Reading Reviews for Glory Fades.
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Review #1, by MargaretLane Defense.

4th October 2014:
I love the part where they are closing and opening the trunk. It really portrays the conflict between them.

Hmm, you seem to have answered the question about whether or not those ill will be quarantined. But if the illness isn't contagious (as I guess it mustn't be or they wouldn't let her back to school), then how come so many people are becoming ill at the same time? Mysterious. That adds support to the theory of it being a Dark Wizard.

I'm also wondering how the authorities KNOW it's not contagious. A lot of people in the same families do seem to have become ill, like Fred and Roxanne and the authorities don't seem to have figured out what caused it. Maybe the numbers of people in the same families is no more than would be expected from chance.

I see George and Roxanne's point. She'll probably have to leave once she loses her magic anyway. But I also see her mother's. If she's at home all day with nothing to do and all her friends at school, she'll only be dwelling on things, worrying and feeling sorry for herself.

I think the characters might be more likely to say "since you didn't do your N.E.W.T.S" than "since you never graduated".

Ginny is ill too. Oh dear.

So it seems like it was an explosion that caused this illness. That explains a lot.

Hmm, I'm surprised Ginny is trying to convince her to go back to school. If using magic makes you ill and she would HAVE to use magic a lot at school, then surely she's better off not going back, so she'll be able to avoid using magic.

Ah, the next line explains that.

This guy is a bit creepy.

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Pain. Fear. Fury.

13th September 2014:
Hmm, I'm wondering even if somebody is found to be fine at the moment, wouldn't it be possible for them to catch the disease later on?

Are the people found to be infected going to be isolated in any way? Or are they sure it's not contagious? Could they be sure of that, when they don't seem to know what's causing it? I guess they could take a pretty good guess, if the family's of people with it don't seem to get sick shortly afterwards.

I'm glad Rose is fine. In the last chapter, that looked questionable.

Hmm, I wonder if Roxanne actually has the disease or if a combination of stress and her grief over Fred could have combined to create the results that took place. It seems likely she has the disease, because I assume that's what the story is going to be about, but it is interesting that the Patronus seems to be the main spell that is causing her trouble.

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Review #3, by MargaretLane Tactlessness After the Burial.

10th September 2014:
Yikes, this is a really scary beginning to a story. And really sad. George burying his son, the son named after the brother he lost tragically, Neville losing his wife.

I wonder if the disease is contagious or if a Dark Wizard is targeting particular people. It seems unlikely one would target kids, but I guess, considering who their parents are, it's not impossible.

I can't help thinking Rose has the disease, though if so, it seems strange that she is now looking better.

Aren't you supposed to give a translation of foreign words used in a chapter?

You've written "Scrofungulus doesn't cause total loss or control of your magic." Did you mean "total loss of control"?

This is a very original plot. Don't think I've seen anything else like it. And you have me wondering what exactly is going on and who else might die.

Author's Response: Ah! A review already, how exciting! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to leave a review. I probably should have translated it, but since it's in first person, and Roxy didn't understand what was being said, I thought better of it.

What I wrote about Scrofungulus was written right. You'll understand when I post the next few chapters!

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