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Reading Reviews for The Memory Book
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Review #1, by randomtanya Revelations

14th April 2015:
Hi Grace :)

I think that sometimes authors just move Harry, Hermione and Ron up the ranks of the ministry far too quickly. Seven years is a good period. Personally, I'd say that it'd be prudent to wait a little longer because Auror training and other things take some time, and then there's on ground experience. But this is definitely better than declaring him head immediately after the war or two-three years after it. I also like that Hermione is the deputy head. And it's realistic for them to be struggling a little to cope. It isn't easy work. No matter how excellent you are. I also like that Hermione is doubting herself. we don't see this often, but a shade of the side does exist in her character.

Draco moving away for seven years is an interesting idea. I've never read it, but the more I think of it, the more sense it makes for him to leave the country, to get away to escape everything and everyone for a while.

I do wonder how Malfoy managed to get into law at the ministry, of all things, after all the laws he skirted and broke to support/carry out the dirty work. :p Surely money and status couldn't buy him a place this time. That'd be an interesting backstory to hear.

OHMYGOD. That old man was Benjamin Fowler, the person whom Hermione replaced? wow. The plot thickens! This is getting quite interesting. Also, how sneaky of Harry to shrug off meeting Malfoy :p I do believe Hermione is more mature in that regard though, even if she did punch the boy once.

The reactions that Malfoy had, and the emotions he experienced when he entered the manor were extremely well written and realistic. It is only natural that he finds himself unable to accept it the way it is, and he can't help all those terrible memories and sights flooding his mind. I felt so sorry for him. I just absolutelyloved the way you wrote that bit though.

Great chapter, Grace. I must say that I prefer this story of yours :) No offence, of course ♥

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Review #2, by randomwriter Prologue

13th April 2015:
Hey Grace ♥ Round six|seven seems to be never ending. So I'm here for a new story of yours!

This might be one of my most favourite chapters of yours so far. No wait, strike that out. It is my most favourite chapter.

It is extremely well written. I both like and dislike how we don't know the narrator and the man. I like it because it adds to the suspense and makes us curious. It gets the readers hooked. I didn't like it because of the same reasons :p I felt the need to know! But if I had to venture the weirdest guess, I'd say that the man could be Lucius Malfoy. I could of course be wayyy off, but the cane and the sneering told me it could be him :p

The feel of this whole chapter was rather chilling. I couldn't get the suspicion out of my mind. I think that the narrator was fascinating. Manipulative, but one of those characters who turn out to be great. I will admit that I was afraid that it was Hermione and she was horribly OOC, but then I realised that you were probably introducing the background, so maybe (most probably) it isn't her.

I loved your descriptions here. It definitely added to the mysterious and ominous build up you were giving. It gave me the feeling that dark times have not ended. I wonder when this particular scene takes place.

I'm intrigued though. Is the narrator a villain? Or is she up to some good? What does she want to do with the memories? Why did she attack him? Arrgh. So many questions. I guess I'll read on for some anwsers (and an elusive flag) :p

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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123 Monday Mornings

13th April 2015:
Hey Grace!

Ahh after the intro, you begin with this! What a tease haha. Again, no one writes Dramione like you do! It is always a pleasure to read your work. This story especially has the perfect amount of suspense... hmm I am excited to see how things pick up!

Before beginning, a few nit picking things. :P This part here: Mr Malfoy?.Mr Malfoy? -- with the many, many periods, I would suggest to just shorten them into 3, for the sake of proper (grammar? i'm not sure if it would classify as grammar) but ANYWAYS that's the only thing that bothered me slightly, but besides that, everything was spot on as always!

You yet again write Draco beautifully. Even in comparison from your other writing, this one is more recent and definitely an improvement, so congrats on that! You description is going strong, especially Hermione's sort of back story -- how she's the youngest Auror, etc. Nice touch to make it authentic! AND AHH Draco is back in London! Hmm.. let's see where this takes off.

Good job with this Grace!
- Nadia, AA - jailbreak!

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Review #4, by AppreciativeReader Targets

1st March 2015:
interesting. I am very intrigued with the direction of the story line.

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Review #5, by Secret Santa :P Reunions

22nd December 2014:
Well, their meeting was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were no smashed plates nor were there any deep connection by just looking in each others eyes. I actually kind of liked it I begrudgingly have to admit. I liked how Hermione didnít let all the ghosts of the past in the manor get to her, how she stayed strong and I LOVE how she was Ďslightly miffedí at his pleasant and joking tone when he introduced himself before he realized it was her.

As you havenít edited it yet, I thought I would just point out a couple things I noticed. While reading I saw a Ďthatí that was spelled Ďtatí but when I looked back I couldnít find it. It should be in the beginning of the chapter, though. The second was ďan tone that Hermine had ever heard him use before.Ē should be ďa* tone that Hermione* had never* heard him use before.Ē Those are the only ones I noticed myself but just a quick read through should suffice. There wasnít anything outlandish ;)

Aw, Draco knew Fowler. I liked this clinical tone he took on while talking about him, it shows he still has his guard up, not letting emotion show. I donít think with all heís been through it would be any other way. Oh goodness! What happened to Draco? Does this scar have something to do with his work that he did in Italy or is it older, like from the war?

Well anyway, great chapter as always! This I think will be the last review for this round :( I just donít know if Iíll have time to review the rest before the twenty third, but you will be receiving reviews on the rest of the story! Hope these reviews have brightened your day!

By for now!

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Review #6, by Secret Santa :P Revelations

22nd December 2014:
Oh goodness! So Draco didnít know who he was working under? Gosh, I had just assumed that he had. Hm, well I guess that just proves me wrong :p

Lovely chapter as always! Oooo, the action is heating up! Hermione is the new Ben Fowler and Ben just disappeared and is possibly dead. Does this mean they are coming after people like Hermione or does Benís job have nothing to do with his being a target? Oh goodness, why keep me in suspense?? Donít you want to just tell your lovely olí Secret Santa who is behind all this?? Pleasseee!!!

Well at least Draco isnít so inhuman to not feel unease in a house where multiple people were tortured and killed. Question: if some of those that were killed in the manor decided to become ghosts instead of moving on, would they be forced to stay and haunt Draco forever? That would be a pretty cool plot twist. Having the muggle studies teacher start throwing books at Dracoís head at odd times, setting up a toaster and confusing Draco :p Ah, I get off topic wayyy too easily. My sincerest apologies, madam.

Canít wait to read the next chapter!

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Review #7, by Secret Santa :P Monday Mornings

22nd December 2014:
Ok, so I have to admit something, at first I was really not looking forward to reading this story because it was a Dramione (ew ;)) and so many times Dramione writers change up the characters so much they are almost unrecognizable, something a cannon-stickler like me doesnít like. However, while reading this chapter, I have been pleasantly surprised.

I loved Harry and Hermioneís relationship, they seem like JKís characters just with a few years of age to them and I love it!! And thank merlin you didnít have Draco become one of those Ďtotally changed men who is just looking for love to pick of the pieces of his broken soulí because I cannot stand that. You had him a little pompous and rude just like JKís while still having an underlying apprehension that made him human and likable. Kudos to you!

I am very interested as to where this story is going with this murder on the loose and how Hermione and Draco will act around each other once he is working under her (and no, that was not supposed to have any type of sexual innuendo attached to it, yet my 12 year old mind laughed as soon as I finished typing it). Canít wait to keep reading! See ya next chappie!

SS (Oh goodness, at first I typed my real name in here. I would fail terribly if I ever tried being a spy.)

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Review #8, by Secret Santa :P Prologue

22nd December 2014:
Hi there, Grace! Donít mind me, just your casual secret santa coming through :p Iíll just leave some reviews for your Dramione (grumble grumble grumble) story and be on my merry way.

Interesting beginning though, I do have to admit, I was wondering where on earth you were going with this because I thought this was Hermione narrating the whole time before going back, reading your summary, and figuring out it was the scary killer narrating instead. It makes 178862547623 times more sense now.

Who is this killer and why is she doing this?? It almost seems as if she has an employer, am I right? Are Dramione going to take down a whole organized crime business that employs pretty women?? *gasp* But really, I am very intrigued as to where this is headed. Great start! See ya next chapter!


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Review #9, by may Contract

1st December 2014:
I like this Draco and Hermione story not always keen on them

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Review #10, by may Reunions

1st December 2014:
good story cant wait for the next chapter

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Review #11, by lindslo2012 Reunions

22nd November 2014:
Hey Grace! Long time no talk. I saw this and thought I'd stop by. What an awesome story so far! I read all four chapters. It's going to be a good one. :)

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Review #12, by crestwood Prologue

25th September 2014:
Hi Grace!

The first line is really telling here. Based on what canon tells us, Knockturn is a place generally populated with no one but the darkest and lowest of Wizarding society. That one line leads us to assume a lot about this character, despite not knowing anything about her, really.

I love your descriptions right away! Telling us how the colours of the sunset reflect onto Knockturn alley is a perfect way to introduce us to the setting. I was surprised to find this person sitting on a rooftop. I want to know immediately who she is and what it is she requires from this man. She doesn't seem to know him well, since she got her information about him from the Prophet, so I wonder what it is that she could want from him.

She's incredible manipulative, having planned to convince him that she was innocent and lost, rather than impatiently use force right away to get what she wants. I was not expecting her to be planning on taking his memories, but that is certainly something that could come in handy if he's an important or knowledgeable person. I do wonder where she sent the stretcher with his body, it seems like it'd take some powerful magic to just make it fly off into the night like that.

This was such a good start! I wasn't expecting anything like this to start off a Dramione. I'm happy to see that this will also be a murder mystery it seems. I can't wait to see how you handle Hermione and Draco's working together. Really great first chapter!

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Review #13, by daydreams87 Revelations

14th September 2014:
Gah! You got me with that cliffhanger. Gosh, I love the way you write Draco... :) (goes off and daydreams nabout 25 yr old Draco. until author writes next chapter...)

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Review #14, by daydreams87 Monday Mornings

10th September 2014:
In suspense...Can not wait for next chapter :)
For some odd reason tho, Harry doesn't seem like, well Harry. I can see him and Draco and Hermione, in my mind, but Harry's voice isn't there, like when he talks, it's sounds like it could be anyone. Ah! I guess what I mean to say IS, make him more distinct.
btw. that was my first ever review, so sorry if I come off harsh.

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Review #15, by Loonylovegood67890 Monday Mornings

10th September 2014:
Yay, this chapter lives up to my expectations that the prologue gave me and I have to say I love the plot so far! :)

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Review #16, by Loonylovegood67890 Prologue

7th September 2014:
Ooh, I'm intrigued. This prologue was very dramatic and interesting. I love how we didn't find out who either of the characters were and how it was from the killer's pov. It leaves you guessing.
Please update as soon as possible.

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Review #17, by Beaxo Prologue

7th September 2014:
Woah, that was intense! Great first chapter, loved it. I hope you update soon, I cant be in suspense for this long - it does damage to my mental health. Anyway, I would write a longer review but I'm rushing and I'm tired. Can't wait to see where this goes. :)

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Review #18, by Infinityx Prologue

6th September 2014:
Graaace! I saw you had a new story up and I was in the mood to read so first review!

This was brilliant. Just brilliant. It's everything a prologue needs to be and I am so eager for you to update now. I literally have goosebumps. Ok, anyway, now that that's been said, on to the actual review. :D

The first line just casts the mood of the story immediately. Someone who loves Knockturn Alley has got to be a shady character and it totally made me anticipate what comes next.

LOVE the descriptions. Whenever someone uses colors for imagery and does it this effectively, I'm hooked on to the story. There. My weakness. Now I'm going to keep bugging you to update this, because that bit just made me fall in love with your writing all over again.

"She" is such a mysterious character! I love how you haven't given out anything about her but those few thoughts that are revealed and her totally thrilling actions which just made me jgdkslnf. Like what is happening. At first, I thought she was playing a game to lure him somewhere and torture and kill him. BUT NO. THIS WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. (yeah, I have an evil, twisted mind).

So, she took his memories. I have no ideas. None at all. It also seems like he's not her first victim. It seems like she knows who he is though, since it's mentioned that he's a powerful dueler. But she's not kept a track of him because she doesn't know of his ailment. This is really intriguing...

The only tiny problem I found was with the paragraph spacing, but I'm sure you already know that.


Love this.


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