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Review #1, by alicia and anne institutionalisation

30th August 2015:
I absolutely adore the small detail of how James keeps his head boy badge upside down. I love that!

Awww Sirius and Remus, Poor Remus just appears so tired. So much cat calling in the hall just because Sirius is leaning on Remus' shoulder. Although we all want Wolfstar!

WOLFSTAR! WOLFSTAR! WOLFSTAR!... I should probably stop chanting.

Sirius is right, it is kind of like Remus' own PMS. Poor guy. And I am liking the hints of Peter being cornered and such that you've put in here, it really makes you think that the whole him becoming a traitor and them knowing that they'd be able to corner him easily, fit in with what we know is going to happen in the future.

I love them talking about the good ol' glory days :D

Oh those boys! I love that when they were about to tell him that they knew about him being a werewolf, they just started with a lot of puns! hahaha

I absolutely adore the nicknames they tried to come up with for themselves! They're brilliant!


But Sirius is there for him, even when he's got a detention he always manages to find a way to Moony! He's so adorable! he loves him!

I absolutely love the way that you write Sirius in this, and Moony, and just about any of them really. They're so amazing, and you've brought them and their emotions to live so wonderfully!

I loved this so much!!!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi! ♥

Thank you so much for such a lovely surprise review! I'm glad you enjoyed reading this story, especially as a WolfStar shipper! Always love to know wht Remus/Sirius fans think of this little fic of mine!

And yeah, poor Remus. He does take quite a battering from life, and from his awful circumstances. Thankfully, it's sort of resolved--well, not so much resolved as temporarily alleviated, by the end of this story.

And I'm so glad to hear that you like the portrayals of both main characters in this one! I seldom write romance - relationships in a lot of my fics don't always end well, or sometimes people just miss each other...so it's great to read your comments and your reaction to the relationship between Sirius and Remus.

Thank you so much once again!


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Review #2, by krazyboutharryginny institutionalisation

19th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Oh, this is absolutely stunning! I REALLY shouldn't have read this for the Amazing Race, but I didn't notice the word count when I clicked on it, and by the time I realized how long it is I was hooked, so here I am.

You've done an incredible job characterizing Remus and Sirius, I think. Sirius' temper and his struggles to contain it, his emotional walls and his faux-confidence; Remus and his desire to please, his caution and worry, and the way he gets just before the full.

I also think you did an excellent job with Peter, sort of planting the seed of what's going to happen in the end with his fear over the realities of the war and his frustration with Sirius and James.

I think you captured the spirit of the Marauders as a group brilliantly and there were a lot of funny lines when you were talking about group dynamics and such. The nicknames for James and Sirius (pre-Prongs and Padfoot) made me laugh.

I really enjoyed this, it's so moving and a really effective exploration of relationships (Wolfstar, Jily, and the Marauders as a group).


Author's Response: Hello Kayla! ♥

Thank you so much for stopping by my page and reading this story! I hope it didn't take up too much of your time as you were in the middle of a HC review race! ♥ Thank you for leaving me such kind comments too, and I'm always really happy whenever a Remus/Sirius fan reads this; I really tried to do the ship justice and I appreciate feedback from Wolfstar shippers! ♥

I do enjoy writing Sirius a lot - probably a little more than Remus, because he's so much more openly flawed. There's goodness in him, but there's also plenty of potential for darkness. And gah, Sirius has so many issues. Remus, too! These characters are so filled with drama. :P

And I'm glad you mentioned Peter. I loved writing Peter in this fic, exploring his character at more depth, which I've never done before. I ignored James a bit in this story in favour of Peter, because I think James does get plenty of attention in other fic.

Aww, I'm glad you like the way I portrayed the Marauders! That's a huge compliment, and it's something that worried me. These are such popular characters and I felt a bit overwhelmed at first, wondering how to get the group dynamics right. Your comments are hugely reassuring.

Thank you for your amazing review, Kayla! This made my day, absolutely!


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Review #3, by ad astra institutionalisation

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Review - Slytherin

I'm sorry that me camping out on your AP for a bit means I'm going to keep telling you how amazing your prose is and probably getting very repetitive in the process but your writing really is stunning. Your imagery is flawless and effortless and a genuine joy to read, and I would quote all the lines that stand out to me but I would definitely be here until midnight and end up quoting your entire story back to you

I love your Marauders, and the way you've evoked the world of the first wizarding war - the phoenix on Lily's robes, or the politically-charged meetings she holds - this is such good detail and you build up the setting in such a subtle and believable way.

Your motifs, though. The use of institutionalisation is amazing throughout this story, from the Marauders' banter to the description of lycanthropy (Nature always follows its own laws. The Institution is a systematic beast - God, you have such incredible lines in this story. I need to stop gushing) and even Remus's character - Because Remus always agrees, says yes, wants to be liked and accepted and patted on the back – “Good old Remus!” or “Isn’t Moony a sport?” – wants to always be a part and not a whole, institutionalised, Sirius might say if he bothered to analyse all his flaws - I love this so much. I love it more and more with every paragraph I read and your writing is just so impressive.

I now kind of regret reviewing this for the HC because I could easily spend two or three hours just reading this story and crafting the perfect review in response to it - I've written 2000 word essays on pieces of literature that have impressed me less than this did and I will definitely be back to read it over and over again, but for now - thank you for writing and sharing this story, it's incredible.

Author's Response: Hi again, Lisa! ♥

I know you're a big Remus/Sirius fan, and I was so happy when I saw that you'd reviewed this fic and left such positive and amazing comments. For this particular story of mine, I'm always looking for feedback from wolfstar shippers! ♥ I originally wrote this story for Tanya, but really, this is for all Remus/Sirius shippers, because I really did try to do this pairing justice. Apart from Rose/Scorpius, this is probably one of the more popular pairings that I've attempted.

Gah, thank you for your comments on imagery and prose! ♥ Sometimes I think I ramble on a bit too much, and that I could be a lot more concise and stuff. But sometimes I'm glad that I'm not. :P I did really enjoy including some of the character details in the story, and I'm pleased that you mentioned Lily and her meetings. I didn't want to focus too much on the first wizarding war outside the school as it would have detracted a bit too much from the characters' personal lives. But I did envision these little student meetings within the school walls where the students can rally and stuff, protected by the institution of Hogwarts. Where they can be aware of the problems of war without being fully exposed to the full devastation.

And I'm beyond ecstatic that you quoted those lines! I really enjoyed coming up with those lines, far more than I did writing descriptive prose.

And like I said earlier on the forums, thank you once again for choosing to review this, even though you were in a reviewing race for the HC. This honestly means so much to me, and your review is just so kind and lovely aslkdjalskf ♥ ♥


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Review #4, by bigblackdog institutionalisation

15th June 2015:
ahh! how could anyone NOT read to the end? that was so romantic! i love the way you characterized Sirius and the way you referenced different institutions throughout was awesome.

Author's Response: Hello! Aww, thank you for taking the time to drop by and read and leave such a lovely review! ♥ This made my day, and I'm so pleased you liked it and thought it was romantic! I enjoyed writing Sirius as well, and it's lovely to hear that you like his characterisation.

Thanks so much again for making my day. ♥


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Review #5, by zegrindylows institutionalisation

27th April 2015:
The imagery in your writing is outstanding. "Every night, the moon grows and gradually moults its black wrappings." So beautiful. I don't think I'll ever forget that line.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! ♥ I'm so pleased you like the descriptive parts and imagery of this piece. :) Thank you, lovely!


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Review #6, by Corncob institutionalisation

10th April 2015:
Hi Teh.

I don't really know what to say about this story. Words are really not enough to express how much I love it.

Sirius has been my favourite character since the third book was first published, and I've been shipping him with Remus for a very long time. So to see them together was just ... it was just amazing!

I liked that they had a slow thing coming, because that's how I imagine their relationship would develop, slowly is what I mean if that was not clear. They started as friend, and at some point it just turned into something more.

While the story is very beautiful, it does have a touch of sadness underneath it all. Probably because we all know how it's going to end, but also because they're living the middle of a war - it'd be strange if everything was perfect and beautiful.

I liked how you structured the story as well. The time jumps worked for me, and I think it really showed how they'd changed over the years. And it does add to the feeling of sadness over story, because you've seen these friends and how close they have grown, how close they are. It's a companionship you don't wish would break, but unfortunately it does.

I would say I'm Corncob, but I don't think it would do much good. You will probably just check who I am anyway (being the sneaky little staffers you all are :P ). I'm speaking from experience here. You're not the first staffer I've reviewed anonymously.

Anyway, loved the story. Loved the pairing. Loved the structure. I really just loved it.


Author's Response: Hello, dear sunshine yellow Corncob! ♥

Would I be right if I guessed you to be a Hufflepuff? :P

Thank you so much for this wonderful, lovely review! ♥ ♥ I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, and re-reading your wonderful review makes everything feel a bit better. THANK YOU.

I'm always excited whenever Remus/Sirius shippers read this story; I want to know what y'all think and did I do your beloved ship justice? Did I sail it good? Things definitely moved veerrryyy slowly between them both. :P All thanks to Remus, who never believes he deserves anything, not even a chance at love.

I'm SO glad the time jumps worked for you. They were always a bit iffy for me, the two timelines, especially when they were so close towards the end. I was worried it would be all too confusing and such. And I love what you said about Remus and Sirius's relationship, how they're a companionship, which you wish would last. :( :(

THANK YOU, lovely Corncob. ♥ I know you think I'm a sneaky staffer, but hey, I haven't peeked yet. :P Though I have a faint suspicion about who you really are. :P



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Review #7, by Felpata Lupin institutionalisation

4th April 2015:
I really enjoyed reading this!
I love the Marauders, and you depicted them perfectly!
Also, I loved the balance between humorous scenes (I laughed out loud in a couple of passages) and more serious moments.
The anxiety about becoming adults and about the war and about leaving the safe walls of Hogwarts to get into the real world was very palpable. I think you did a particularly good job with Peter's character in that aspect.
I also loved Sirius and Remus' relationship. I'm not quite a supporter of them as a couple, to be honest, but I enjoyed a lot the way you described their intimate moments.
The only CC I can give is that this was a tiny bit too long, maybe. But then, again, that's only my opinion.
Great story! Liked it very much!

Author's Response: Hi there, Chiara!

Thank you so much for such a lovely, surprise review! I certainly wasn't expecting any, and not on this very, very long one-shot of mine!

Aww, thanks for your comment on my depiction of the Marauders. This is not an era I normally write, so I'm not exactly in my comfort zone, and it means a lot to me that you enjoyed the way they were portrayed.

Peter's character was certainly interesting to explore; I might write more about him in a different fic.

I'm not the biggest Remus/Sirius shipper either, but I wrote to this fic to a lovely friend of mine who's OTP is Wolfstar, so more out-of-the-comfort-zone writing for me. :P But I think I can appreciate this ship a little better, after writing so much on them.

I do agree that this fic is overly long. I've done my best to shorten it, and perhaps it would have worked better if it had been made into a chaptered fic. But somehow I think something would be lost if I cut up everything and broke it up. In the future, I'll definitely reread and look for bits which can be removed so I can make the whole thing more compact and concise.

Thank you so much, Chiara! Your review made my day. ♥


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Review #8, by The Red Leaf Faery institutionalisation

3rd April 2015:
I'm not entirely sure what I can possibly say about this. It's so - I don't know. I don't know how to describe this. You've robbed me of my words. I don't think there are words to describe. It's so poignant, and nostalgic, somehow. Sad but not very sad.

Sorry! I've forgotten to introduce myself! Red Leaf Faery, attempting to fly around these archives and spread some Easter cheer - unfortunately, these are very big archives and I am only a little faery so I don't know how much I'm doing.

This is a love story, but it's also not at the same time, you know? I think it'smore of a telling of Remus' life, with love thrown into the mix. And I love it - Remus/Sirius is one of my favourite pairings and you just wrote them so, so well here.

They seemed to suit each other; you brought out the characteristics in canon which suited one anoter so well, the way Sirius is so brash and quick to anger and how Remus is quieter, balances him out a little.

Your writing style is just fabulous. You have some strange mastery over words - are you sure you aren't a Word Faery? Your manipulation of words to get all the subtle nuances of your meaning across is just beautiful. This is the kind of thing one needs to read slowly and then read again to get the full meaning of.

You are an amazing author. Happy Easter!

Author's Response: Hello Faery! ♥

Happy Easter to you, too! *hugs*

Thank you for such a wonderful (and very adorable) review. Me being a sneaky staffer means I know exactly who you are, and I love you all the more for choosing to drop by and read this fic of mine...this very, very long, rambling oneshot of mine... *hugs* ♥

I'm so glad you like Remus/Sirius; I especially value the feedback from Wolfstar shippers, so I know whether I botched the ship or did justice to it in this fic. I'm not the hugest of wolfstar shippers myself, but it's a pairing I don't mind. So it means tremendously much that you think I wrote them well.

Yep, that's their characters pretty much. Sirius being the loud, extroverted, reckless one, and Remus being slightly more subdued and more introspective. I must say, your review prompted me to reread the whole fic again - thank you for this, because it has been awhile since I reread this.

I'm glad you like the style and word choice!! I did have some fun with words here - this is one of my more descriptive pieces...at least in some areas of the fic. I did have a few puns here and there as well. :P

Thank you so much once again, lovely faery! ♥

And a very Happy Easter to you too!


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Review #9, by wolfgirl17 institutionalisation

25th February 2015:
That was amazing Teh! This story was brilliant. It's so gritty and real and in you face that I love it.

Fantastic work, as always.


Author's Response: Awww, Ellie! ♥ Thank you so much for this lovely surprise review! This made my entire week. :D THanks for stopping by and taking the time to read such a long one-shot. This really means a lot to me; thank you once again for being so supportive of my writing. ♥


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Review #10, by marauderfan institutionalisation

24th December 2014:
Happy Review Hot Seat Day! I want to leave you piles of reviews, but this is actually the one story on your page that I have not read (aside from a couple of house cup/extravaganza challenges)!

Where do I even start with this? First of all, Remus/Sirius is so not my OTP but now I find myself really liking this ship. And I'm not surprised by that outcome at all, because that's what your writing does :D

There were all these lines I wanted to quote back to you and point out how much I admired them but seriously in a 9k word story, I know I'd be quoting back at least 4k words of it because the whole thing was literally a masterpiece. Your descriptions are to die for. I love how you used the metaphor of transforming for so many of your descriptions, and the metaphors of institutions. (Kind of how 'Fortress: An Anatomy' had so many references to living cells, and the word choice as I remember in your Sanguini story was very blood-centric.) I think that's one of the coolest things you do as a writer and it makes every story you write so original. The connections you draw between the topic and the words - it's like you write each story in a different, beautiful language. And if you haven't guessed by this point, I'm incredibly jealous of your skillz :p

Also, I know you've said before that you're not particularly fond of the Marauders but this was really an excellent interpretation of them (and Lily). You pointed out these odd idiosyncrasies about each of them which I just loved - the failed steps along the way to the Animagus transformations, Lily's lopsided smile and her political involvement yeah!! And James' terrible impersonations of people. And how James and Lily really had little to do with the story at all. You wrote the building anticipation of the war outside so well - even though it's not clear what's going on, as they're shielded from a lot of that information at school, it's enough to create this nervous feeling and I liked how you focused on Remus and Peter's trepidation about the future.

And I haven't even gotten to how much I loved your writing of the Remus/Sirius ship. The personalities of the two are quite balanced together and I like how you contrasted them, Remus' desire to pull away vs Sirius' more aggressive tendencies, Remus being worried about others' opinions of him and Sirius not caring at all. I just really liked the way you wrote the two of them and so true to their characters in the books.

I also love the non-linear structure of this - I think that type of writing is so cool, and you used it to great effect here. The transitions between each section flowed so well, despite being offset in time. like, "he watches his mates as if he isn't with them any longer" and then the next section starts out with when they accept him into the group years earlier. It's so brilliant! How do you do this magic?! (Actually, soo this story might have inspired me to go create a challenge on the forums for non-linear stories?)

ANYWAY, you are a fantabulous amazing stupendous author and I love your writing sooo much. And now before I start sounding like a stalker I'm going to sign off. Ciao! ♥

Author's Response: KRISTIN! ♥

Hi hi hi! Aaand sorry for the terrible lateness of this response nooo. aslkdjlkas you're way too kind and your comments are just incredible. Honestly, I'm having so many doubts about this fic that I don't even dare re-read it.

Remus/Sirius is hardly my OTP either, but that's not because I have anything against the ship; I just feel really disconnected from the Marauders and their era. Aaand this fic has way too many irrelevant and convoluted descriptions. :P

Writing Lily was incredibly fun! I could probably write student activist!Lily who probably runs a very strongly anti-Voldemort, anti-blood discrimination publication at Hogwarts and temporarily piggy-backs on James's popularity to spread her own ideologies. :P

But I've got too many things to do MUST NOT GET ANY MORE IDEAS

omg 'I' inspired you to create a challenge!?!? Awww, I'm so flattered. ♥ YOU ARE FAR TOO KIND. Also, I'm so pleased you like the non-linear structure of this fic; that was something that was honestly driving me nuts at one point.

But your review!! SO NICE. Thank you for everything, my dear. ♥


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Review #11, by handknittedsweaters institutionalisation

23rd December 2014:
Jesus, I love this so much.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much for reading and reviewing, my dear! ♥ This means a lot to me, and I'm so so glad you enjoyed the story!

Merry Christmas! ♥


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Review #12, by writeyourheartout institutionalisation

15th October 2014:
I know - I know! - you're looking at this review and immediately thinking to yourself, "Hey... this is definitely more than the 50 word limit you agreed to, Tanya! Blasphemer!" And... yeah, yes, it totally is. BUT. That's only because I'm not counting this intro bit or anything after the following paragraph which, once you take all of those things away, leaves only these 50 words:

There are not words good enough to express my feelings for this. It is not simply a love story, but a complex life story, and all the more beautiful for that. Flawless writing, characters, and the Queen of Description. Seriously, I'm making you a crown and sash. I wholeheartedly adore.

On the dot! I swear it!

teh. teh teh teh. I've read and reread and reread this story a number of a times now, attempting to figure out how to word my overwhelming gratefulness that you would craft such a phenomenal story for me. That Author's Note in the beginning... omg, I die every time. (Side-note: being your NaNo mum was just as much fun for me! *hugs*) And I can't believe how many of the little things we talked about as being my favorite details to see in a Remus/Sirius fic actually happen here! You're beyond incredible for trying so hard to craft this story specifically around me, it's just ridiculous. I feel so spoiled and special and just wholly undeserving of something so unparallelled in perfection. Thank you endlessly for this story, for your kindness, for your friendship. You are so, so incredible.

I JUST LOVE YOU! *glomps*

Tanya ^.^

Author's Response: Awww, Tanya! ♥

I'm sorry it has taken me aaages to respond to this lovely review (you totally bent the 50 word rule!! Blasphemer! :P)

Gah, to receive this sort of feedback from you is just amazing, and I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT!?!?!? Because if you didn't, and I somehow ruined your OTP I would have thrown myself off a cliff in shame. :P

And you totes deserve to feel spoiled and special! You're the loveliest friend ever, to me and pretty much everyone else on the forums. Thank you for being so supportive of my writing; you make HPFF a far brighter place with your amazingness. ♥


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Review #13, by casual_chaos institutionalisation

2nd October 2014:
Hey, Nicole!

So, I've mentioned how I've read this story and how I'll definitely leave a review. A week and a half later than promised is not that bad, is it? :)

Okay, so, what do I want to say about this? ''I love it'' just won't cut it this time. I skimmed through it again, just to remind myself of the parts I liked best and I still don't know what to say. The way you write is so beautiful and just flows so well and I can't seem to stop reading, no matter what the length is. If this story had another 9000 words, I'd happily keep on reading, it's that unbelievably perfect. And to think I never used to read one-shots! I almost didn't give a chance to 'gladly beyond', just because it was a one-shot. What a terrible, terrible mistake that would be!

Back to this story. I haven't read much of Marauders fics but I did notice an obvious lack of Peter in most of them. That's why I loved the fact that you chose to leave out James and make Peter one of the more important characters. Also, Lily being some sort of Che Guevaran (is this even a word?) character makes her seem less... dull? She's not a dull character but in fanfiction she is often portrayed mainly as James' love interest, which kind of takes away from her personality. Your Lily has an endearing spark of madness in her, and I don't blame her for it, what with the circumstances. Which reminds me, the fact that you only hinted at the events taking place outside Hogwarts, leaving out the details, was one of my favourite things about this story. You more than made up for it with describing the atmosphere inside the school, the general nervousness and anxiety of the students, and even the unusually soggy state of food (I don't know if that last bit was planned, but I thought it fit in well.). Now that I think about it, the fact that you haven't described much of what was going on in the real world might be part of the whole institution theme, being cut off from the outside world and all... But it also might be about you being too lazy to search for information about the First Wizarding War. A-ha! I'm onto you, you minx! :D But no, really, everything concerning the war was perfectly described and any more detail would be too much, at least in my opinion. ;)

Now back to Peter. When I was reading the section in which the marauders kidnap Peter, it kind of slipped from my mind that this was happening in the past and so it was weird to see Peter joking and having 'a sparkle in his voice'. And then, I think for the first time, I realised that Peter probably wasn't always the nervous, scared boy that he is in his seventh year. And that was kind of sad, especially because Peter is probably always discarded as the snitch and is generally 'the bad guy'. Again, I haven't read many Marauders fics, but this struck me as a fresh approach to a well known character and I quite liked it. :)

Also, this:'Peter's voice pitches high and low, breaking strange registers, like water in a shaking jug.'
God, are you even from this world? I'm kind of in love with your writing, is it obvious? :D

Okay, what else? I loved the institution theme and how you interlaced it with many things and characters throughout the whole story. Remus' thoughts about lycanthropy as an institution were especially stunning and there is like a million sentences I want to quote right now. 'Someone has taken him, Remus Lupin, padded him in flesh and strapped bones around him, kept his growth in check by aligning him with the lunar schedule.' THIS. Aaah, I don't even know what to say. And then this: 'The full moon when it rises, has a face potholed with the scars of celestial acne, the bloated curve of its scalp blooming over the tips of the trees, dragging its pasty bulk into position.' *passes out*

I didn't even get to the relationship between Remus and Sirius! It's just so bittersweet and sort of violent and slightly painful and I love it. Remus' slow acceptance of what was happening between him and Sirius was a joy to read, in a way that even sad stories are a joy to read, if that makes sense.

I could go on for hours but I'd just end up quoting the whole thing and fangirling like a nutter. Let me tell you something, though. I've read quite a lot of books, by many different authors and written in many different styles. I have a few of my favourite books that I plan to always carry with me, wherever I go, just because they are so dear to me. But I would never have guessed that it would be on hpff that I would find the author whose writing is so in sync with what I enjoy reading most. Don't get me wrong, I've read lots of great things on hpff and there are so many amazing authors here that my reading list is slowly becoming endless. But there's something different about your stories, something that just gets me every time. As a matter of fact, I enjoy them so much that I've inflicted a restriction of reading only one of your stories per month, just so I don't end up reading them all in one day. God, this is borderline creepy! I'm sorry, I just get excited when I find something that I genuinely love. :)

I know you're a busy bee, so don't worry about taking time to reply. This review is such a mess that I can't really blame you! :D

Okay, I think that's all, bye! :)

Author's Response: ANDY!! ♥

Oh my goodness, Andy - /another/ fabulous review from you?? Honestly, what have I done to deserve such wonderful compliments? Thank you so, so much! Thank you for stopping by my page and for reading this fic. It's not a short one-shot, and I don't know how long it took you to read the whole thing (it takes me ages to re-read my own story!), but seriously, I'm so grateful that you took the time to do so.

And I am SO HAPPY that you gave 'gladly beyond' a shot! *hugs*

Ooh, I'm glad you like my choice of sidelining James a bit and pushing Peter forward. I think James gets plenty of attention in the thousands of Marauder fics, and I thought Peter would be interesting to explore in this story; his character would add an interesting dynamic to the Marauders' friendship, and show how things change over time. 'Che Guevaran' is totally a word! Ahhh, I'm loving your description of Lily! Che Guevaran is perfect!! And I know what you mean about Lily being primarily portrayed as a romantice interest to James. Another reason why I pushed James aside.

Lily is a little scary here, madder than Hermione was with her SPEW and all that. I suppose I was influenced by Hermione and the SPEW thing, but wrote Lily as being far more efficient and influential than Hermione. After all, Lily had those famous Marauders backing her up. :)

Hahaha YOU FOUND ME OUT! About my laziness to research the First Wizarding War! :P The lack of references to the outside war was part of the institution theme, and how insulated the boys are from the reality of war beyond the walls. But yes, the theme allowed me to put limits to what I mention in my fic, and so I didn't do a lot of research. Marauder Era is probably one of my least favourite eras to write in - not just because there's so much written stuff on the Marauders, but also the first war. I don't want to even try and plot things out to gain a picture of what happened and who died and so on. (You know me too well!!)

Awww, quotes! Yay! I always love it when reviewers tell me which specific lines they like! It always gives me good indicators on which parts of my story are particularly successful. And I'm glad you like the descriptive language; I do enjoy writing descriptive sections sometimes!

Remus and Sirius's relationshiP! I love your analysis of them. There's a lot of pain beneath the surface, and I did try to get those mixed undertones of pain and tenderness, and Remus's very slow acceptance.


^ SORRY!! I just don't know how to respond to that big paragraph near the end (in your review). Andy, you're so nice and kind and you say the most amazing things, and really, you've made my entire weekend. You seriously do make me feel like my writing's special and I cannot thank you enough for that because I do love writing, and you're enormously encouraging. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This review is NOT a mess at all. It's fabulous. THANK YOU AGAIN!!

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Review #14, by Moonyxluna institutionalisation

15th September 2014:
I have this issue that I love Remus/Tonks and Remus/Sirius almost the same (therefore ship both unashamedly) so I was super excited when you requested this, as I had no time to read it during voting in the Common Room. (ah work) I review as I go so if I ramble about things more than once just stick with me!

I really enjoyed your introduction of the Marauders. Right away I loved your characterization of Remus, that he's sitting there enjoying a typical breakfast with his friends, but the thing on the top of his mind is how long the full moon is away. It's sweet to see the slow development of James and Lily, and the mention of Sirius and Peter were fun.

I'm curious about the affection in the Great Hall. The jeering seems really light hearted and since it'd be the late 70s early 80s, I almost think people would be crueler? (to put it sadly and quite bluntly, unfortunately.) Not to the point that it'd take away from since it's not a focal point, of course. I'm wondering if they're in an established relationship here or if it's a secret. (I'll keep reading and figure out!)

Every night, the moon grows and gradually moults its black wrappings - beautiful imagery. stunning. That whole section was wonderful.

I like the radical revolutionist Lily. She doesn't take away from anything in the story for me and it's really great to see them doing something about what's going on pre-books. I suppose to my above concern, in the grand scheme of things no one is really going to be worrying about what the two boys snuggling.

At a third of the way through I'm not finding anything confusing with the flow. I'm enjoying the 'then and now' of how they became friends, with the 'what's going on' of their seventh year. I thought it was very original and interesting that Remus was about to be the end of a prank, and James and Sirius sort of found a limit and couldn't help but become friends with him.

Oh my god, those puns are terrible. (in the best way. I love them.)

I love the little shippy hints when they've figured him out and Remus' reaction to Sirius casually throwing his arm over.

I really enjoyed the ease of banter in the Quidditch bleachers part. I think it's such a tragic flaw with Remus' character, and the moon coming up and effecting his mood, that he sort of 'ruined the mood' with their moment. Unless it was one of those 'chicken' moments. :p You captured it really well there.

Ah, outside the hospital wing; there's the animosity I'm looking for.

You mentioned in your request the development of their romance. Right now I'm about half way through and I'm loving the banter, and the small touches and all of that, but I'm not really one hundred percent clear on their relationship yet. Are they established or are they getting there? I don't think this is all your writing, though. I think a lot of this has to do with Sirius' ease around other people, and the way Remus' point of view works. (which makes the ship successful!) I'll keep going!

I think I aww'd out loud at the little nuzzle. cute!

Oh god, what beautiful angst in the first kiss. (all caught up now! haha. reviewing as I go has its ups and downs!) I found Sirius borderline too-harsh towards Remus, but I think it fit his characterization so far.

The only spot I'm finding myself looking for a little more was the part where James and Peter find out. (and in nine thousand words that's seriously amazing, so bravo) The transition at that part was a little bit too quick between and I'd like to see a little bit more to bring me to the 'past' part before I'm back to the future part. Other than that I haven't found any moments where I got lost with the style of the story. It's very well put together.

I enjoyed your characterization/portrayal of Peter through this whole story. I think you've found a balance of not making him the butt of every joke, but still poked at him in a light hearted way that I think the boys (James and Sirius) would have done to anyone they cared about.

OH BOY Sirius is up to SOMETHING in the hospital. I love it; I love the ease that Remus accepts Sirius in this scene, how much their relationship has developed through the story.

Alright at the end, I made it! hah. Seriously though, in 9,000 words I didn't get bored at any point, and at the end I found myself wanting to keep going. The flow was wonderful and it was such a beautiful theme with the 'institutions', and I think you did such great work with the ship and all of the surrounding personalities. I wish I could be of more help to you, but if anything hopefully this puts your mind at ease that this was truly a joy to read. Fantastic work!


Author's Response: Hello Julie!

First, THANK YOU for this amazing review! I'm blown away by the detail and the length of it; seriously, thank you so much for doing this. :D And next, I am truly sorry just how long it's taken me to respond. I think I kept grasping for things to say (mostly how to say thank you and express my gratitude in a hundred different ways without getting repetitive :P ).

I'm glad you actually ship this ship! I wrote this fic for someone, whose OTP is Remus/Sirius; I myself am rather neutral when it comes to this pairing, simply because I don't generally read or write a lot of stuff during the Marauder Era.

You're right that people would be way crueller toward a same-sex relationship back then; I didn't portray the full picture of social attitudes towards Remus and Sirius. I feel that Sirius is the kind who can hold his own - not so much Remus. Remus is always excruciatingly conscious of how others perceive him. Sirius has a whole lot of demons and personal issues, but being judged by society is simply not one of them. I think Sirius would have been protective of Remus when their relationship began to emerge, and I think that by their seventh year, the boys would have seen more than their fair share of prejudice and homophobia.

Radical revolutionist Lily was a bit of a surprise for me too. She was kind of a last minute detail that I suddenly felt I /had/ to include, so I did. Lily going all political is now my headcanon haha! I guess I was influenced by Hermione and her SPEW activism and all, though Lily seems to have greater success with her anti-Voldemort pro-Order group than Hermione ever did with SPEW.

It's such a relief to hear that the timelines don't confuse you! I've worried myself silly over this. :P

HAhaha, ohmygod those puns /are/ awful.

Thanks for your comments on the romance! Sometimes I guess I might not be clear about the romantic developments between characters; I guess sometimes I do tend to skirt around things rather than have characters say things out loud, and I know it can get confusing. I'll have to go through parts of this again and try to clear things up.

Ugh, the James and Pete part YES. I think when I got to that part, I started becoming impatient. Like, when is this story going to END. And then I began rushing a bit. You're absolutely right; things would read a bit better and be more convincing if I'd explored James and Peter's perspectives a little more. I never wanted to develop James and Peter's characters too much, but in a 9k fic, I guess I do need more than a couple of characters.

AH YOU MADE IT TO THE END! *hands over cookies*

Aww, aww, thank you so much for your lovely comments! You've been a GREAT help to me with this wonderful review. THANK YOU again, and I'm sorry this has taken me ages to reply. But yay! ♥


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Review #15, by crestwood institutionalisation

13th September 2014:
I've taken SO long to get around to this. I read it in pretty small bursts throughout the day and since it's so long I think I'm going to have a good amount to say here.

I'm going to try to go in chronological order here but I can't promise anything.

The running theme of things being institutions is really interesting. The way you portray lycanthropy is certainly an intricate way of wording it. An institution within institution.
The way James, Sirius and Peter tell Remus that they knew he's a werewolf is just so funny. Even Peter is funny and people usually write him as this terrible loser add-on to the group that was only allowed around out of pity. Luckily here he's actually a member of the group, as he was.

I am feeling so happy for Remus when he first realizes that the rest consider him one of them!!
Their nickname ideas were hilarious hahaha oh man!!

This Sirius seems to have a real disdain for labels I see.

The scene in which Remus finally retains consciousness while in his werewolf form was so, so well written. Seeing him finally have his friends by his side and not tear them limb from limb was great :D

And now we're getting deep into the Wolfstar side of things. That kiss was perfectly executed and he's trying to deny it's power but he simply can't!!

Of course Peter feels insecure about the group dynamic that seems subject to change. In his mind, he'd be the one left behind after the dust settles.

I wonder why Sirius is as afraid of water as he is. I do like that Remus doesn't press him to explain himself and just lets the matter rest. And now Remus is even kissing Sirius first!!
These older Mauraders are different, but equally entertaining. I'm so glad Sirius doesn't care if people see him being affectionate with Remus, even if Remus has some scrumples with it.

I can totally imagine Lily running those kinds of meetings. I guess leading student rebellion against Voldemort is just one of the things Harry did following in her footsteps, rather than James'. Of course Peter is already terrified of the Slytherins and the war. He never was much for risking his own life.

It seems as though Peter's feelings of being shut out of the group contributed to his betrayal. He feels unsafe and doesn't believe that they'll do enough to keep him out of harm and so, he goes about staying safe in his own way.. I don't approve of his methods, but his reasoning makes sense.

The fact that you said Remus is conscious long enough to feel his ribs break apart is terrifying and I don't even want to attempt to imagine..
Actually, all of the stuff about the wolf smelling the humanity inside of itself and scratching at it's body trying to get to it is even more unsettling and now I can understand a bit more fully just how deranged becoming the wolf makes Remus.

I love the last little Sirius/Remus moment in the Hospital Wing.

The end is really bittersweet knowing what becomes of the Marauders. It's terrible that they'll be pulled apart because they left Hogwarts so together and it's only highlighted by them being the last out of everyone to leave and it's just SO sad.

It's amazing that you gave me what felt like a full story detailing their time at Hogwarts; interpersonal relationships, triumphs, failures and secrets all within the space of a one-shot. You've written a Sirius/Remus story, but you've certainly eclipsed just that. This is a exceptionally brilliant coming of age story that really pulled out all stops the entire way through. I know this review is really long, but so's this chapter! haha, I'm glad I chose this one. Thank you for the swap teh!

Author's Response: Hello!!

Thank you so much for this fantastic review! And please forgive me for taking a inexcusably long time to respond. Your kind words were wonderful to receive! Thank you again, for taking the time to read this very very long oneshot and for sticking with it to the end!

I felt that I had to include some humour in this fic - well, some attempts at humour at least - because it's the Marauders, and they would hardly be the Marauders if they took life seriously now, would they? :P I was pretty tempted /not/ to develop any of the other Marauders apart from Remus and Sirius, but in the end I had to include some parts about James and Peter, simply because this fic is nearly 9k, and I feel that I ought to explore more than two characters. :) I'm glad you found Peter to be part of the group. It's easy to forget that he was their friend as well, and that he wasn't always a traitor.

Sirius does indeed have a disdain for labels, and for judgement by society. He turned his back on his family; I think he has a whole lot of personal issues, but being afraid of how others perceive him is just not one of his fears. I feel that Remus would be way more affected by this.


Yeah, Lily being into politics was incredibly fun to write! I'm seriously considering a separate oneshot about Lily and her student political activity...it would be interesting to explore...

Sirius being afraid of water is not explained in this fic. I don't think Remus ever finds out. This is actually headcanon, and a reference to another fic which I have half-written and have never completed involving Sirius and Lily and Sirius's time in Azkaban. Someday I hope to complete it and post it up.

I love your analysis on Peter, and I do agree with you. I feel that Peter does begin to feel excluded. Also, he's beginning to feel unsafe with his friends; he starts to view his mates as being unable to take anything seriously, even their own lives. He thinks they think they're invincible; he thinks they're insulated from the awful reality of war by the institution of Hogwarts. He feels all the relationships between the Marauders (Lily and James, Remus and Sirius) have brought all of them closer to each other but not him. He does start to look out for himself.

Ugh, poor Remus. Transformation is indeed awful. I never thought about all the pain he had to go through until I started writing this. And then the pain became a lot more specific and horrifying.

I enjoyed writing the hospital wing moment far too much. I'm glad you like it!

And the ending is indeed bittersweet if you put the story in context with the entirety of their lives. And how shockingly short some of their lives are. But if you didn't put it in context with everything, you could /almost/ view the ending as hopeful. Maybe? OK, who am I kidding.

Thank you, thank you so much once again for your brilliant review! I'm over the moon that you liked this, and your comments are just absolutely wonderful. ♥


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Review #16, by Rumpelstiltskin institutionalisation

4th September 2014:
I have finally arrived ^.^! (And linear timelines are for squares, anyway.)

Due to the plot jumping about, this review is going to jump about just as much, in order to follow the way the story flows. This ways amazing! WolfStar is one of my favorite ships, and I think you're doing the relationship great justice with this. As always, your writing is beautiful, with the absolutely amazing word choice and descriptions. Alrighty then, into the madness we go!

Section One:

I love the way that you clearly define what 'time' we're reading, most especially by using the hours until the full moon as the 'present' part of the time-line (for now, anyways). It makes the transition between sections flow smoothly.

There are so many elements in this section that made me know right from the beginning that I was going to love this. For example, the small details that play into characterization, such as James wearing his Head Boy pin upside-down all year, Peter's questions (and the fact that he's mostly ignored), Sirius' very open public display of affection and Remus' hesitance towards it, made me fall in love with this crew all over again.

The idea of the institution is mentioned in this section, of course, referring to Hogwarts, that will grow in meaning over time. What I love most about the idea of the institution in this section is that Sirius seems desperate to get out, while Remus really isn't quite sure that he wants to leave.

Section Two:

This is where the meaning of institution evolves the first time, from Hogwarts to Lycanthropy, where his sickness is something he's slave to. I do love the idea that it has an order to it, it's timely and to-the-point. You've brought a new level of depth to the idea of Lycanthropy.

The meaning transforms again in this same section, moving from his condition to the Shrieking Shack, which will, indeed contain his more *cough* wild side. "And institution within an institution" -- ;) well-said.

Also, I appreciate this section as it is the beginning to Remus going to Hogwarts, and how others perceived his illness. Of course, he must have looked sickly, especially around the full moon, so why wouldn't kids spread rumors? The rumors were probably better than the student body discovering his secret...even if the rumors did include being a leper.

Section Three:

Peter's fears go unheard in this section, an ongoing issue. His friends aren't truly hearing what he's saying, and I think you've done a wonderful job with that, as it sets a path for his canon betrayal.

Peter obviously feels safe at Hogwarts, but Sirius is, once again, desperate to leave the walls of the institution behind.

Section Four:

This was one of my favorite sections, and there are several elements that really strike me. The first is that Remus was the last member of the group that would come to be known as the Marauders. Furthermore, I loved that one of the boys' first interactions was met through a failed attempt at a prank...it seems perfect to me.

The boys' acceptance of his condition, upon finding out, was awesome. I especially loved that Sirius takes Remus' statement of 'there's nothing you can do' as a challenge, which very well may have planted the idea of the group becoming animagi.

Section Five:

Even Remus, in this section, isn't quite listening to Peter. He hears what the other boy is saying, but the way that Remus answers caters to the idea that he doesn't care so much about what Peter is trying to say. Peter's clearly terrified, but his friends don't seem overly concerned at this point (they're still working their ways through the end of the school year).

Section Six:

Your inclusion of how they all begin to achieve their nicknames was a fantastic small detail, as is the beginning process of how the boys were learning to become animagi (that made me laugh).

I love how Sirius' advances on Remus are met with skepticism, Remus believes that he's just fooling around, and taking it a bit too far to boot ;). I love the slow build-up, here.

Section Six:

Sirius' tenderness -- ♥ -- that's absolutely freaking adorable, that is.

Section Seven:

While the successful transformations are absolutely fantastic, I'm running out of characters, so let's move onto the groping ;).

Sirius' advances are more forward here, but Remus is still reluctant. Something tells me he won't always be reluctant and, you know, that was a fantastically hot little scene :D.

Section Seven:

Remus' body becomes the institution, trapping the real him within. That was an absolutely fantastic addition.

Section Eight:

James' wholehearted acceptance and Peter's hesitance towards discovering about Remus and Sirius is a fantastic contrast. It does highlight the difference in the two characters personalities. 'You're going to ruin us' -- fantastically powerful words that truly speak to Peter's character.

Section Nine:

I love that Remus wakes up, believing that he's going to be all alone, to discover that Sirius is there with him. Whatever tension had been between the pair before the transformation, is suddenly gone, and some spectacular flirting ensues, as it must ;).

Section 10:

I love the idea that Sirius refuses to let his guard down, even with Remus, and even over something as trivial as the fact that he's afraid of water. Yet, the pair are still there, together, because Remus accepts that about Sirius. And kisses.

Section 11:

James seems to be the glue, reminding the group that they are just that, the group. It feels like a bit of foreshadowing, because once James dies, the group ultimately falls apart. And of course, there's the wonderfully tender moment between Remus and Sirius in the Hospital Wing ;).

Section 12:

The final mention of the institution...little do they know that the institution is what was holding them together. And feels.

This was amazing! Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hello Rumpel! ♥

Oh god I'm SORRY how long it's taken for me to respond to this amazing amazing review -hides- It scared me a little when I received it, but asdlkjaslfkh THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your comments reduced me to a puddle of happy slush.

I'm glad to hear that wolfstar is a ship you ship! I'd been hoping to get feedback on this story from fans of this ship, and yay! Thank you!

Ahahah linear timelines hahaha. No such thing exists in this fic, for sure!

I really think I needed to add the 'time', or a sense of time to the start of each chapter to differentiate the timelines. I wasn't going to at first, but I realised that things got confusing pretty fast, especially since both timelines are only a few years apart, and they grow closer together towards the end. And they're both set during the Marauders' school years so yeah...the full moon thing allowed me to help sort out the time a bit.

I love small details! THANK YOU for noticing them! James and his upside down badge haha!

The 'institution' term does gather more meaning and connotation as the story progresses; it's not all bad. I do hope the metaphor isn't too forced or anything... o.O I thought the concept of the institution would indicate things like an established framework of rules, society, patterns, familiarity, protection - but it also includes the rigorous cycles of the full moon that Remus suffers so terribly from. And then there's the war outside of school which threatens to shatter comfort zones, with death and violence...etc. The Marauders being such a band of free spirits would want to always escape established patterns; I feel that most of them would react against the norms, stand up for each other while being highly individualistic (I hope I'm making sense). Hogwarts for all its fun times can start to become a prison for James and Sirius, who want to go where the action is.


Section 4 was one of my favourite to write too! Before I wrote this fic, I never thought that Remus would be the last to join the Marauders! But then it all started to make sense as I wrote more of him, and so I made him thus.

Peter was such an interesting character to explore. I know there are lots of Peter fics out there all examining his motives in detail, and I couldn't help referring to them, at least foreshadowing things and how he will soon be splitting from the Marauders.

SIRIUS IS TENDER YES. He's harsh sometimes, but he can go the other way too! I wanted to write him as fairly open with Remus, in terms of their relationship. Not so much in terms of all his past and his personal issues which he's trying to put behind him.


Flirting, hospital wing scenes, etc. My god we all need some fluff after all that transformation horror. :D

I love your analysis about James being the glue that holds the group together. OF COURSE. It completely makes sense. Argh, the ending was meant to be hopeful...because for now, the boys are united, and their tensions are cast aside as they revel in each other's company and enjoy the present moment. Unfortunately, if you put the fic in context with the Marauders' entire lives, then things do become bittersweet and take on that tragic undertone...that's the thing about writing the Marauder Era: we already know their fates. The bitter end to their lives. :(

ARGH BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH RUMPEL! ♥ This was absolutely wonderful, and your review made my whole week AGAIN just by rereading it! And sorry again for the late response.


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Review #17, by Lisa institutionalisation

4th September 2014:
I really liked your story. I LOVE Remus and Sirius together and you did a great job with them. I thought it was sweet how no matter how hard Remus pushed Sirius away, he didn't budge!

Author's Response:
Hello there! Awww, thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a lovely review! :D Yep, Sirius is stubborn, and at the end, he literally does not budge!! And I'm glad you thought the ship worked well in this story! Thank you so much again!


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