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Review #1, by princesslily_36 Into Focus

28th April 2017:

Here for CTF :) and I review as I go :-D

A Charlie/Tonks! Ah they're my favorites. I recently wrote a one-shot on them and fell in love with that pairing. The whole setting is so nice - at Bills wedding, and weddings obviously get people thinking about their own life, and maybe their love.

Seeing Tonks through Charlie's eyes gave us a totally different perspective to her. We tend to see how she would have been at Hogwarts, and it's such a fun image - the way she is so bubbly, and friendly and the way she tips the champagne.

And Charlie - he is so adorable. The way he feels about her, and the way his eyes keep searching, the way he reacts when he runs through her hair with his fingers... I can almost sense that he is going to be disappointed soon and I can't bear to see that because up until now he's been this goofy in love guy!

Oh no, I was right. He notices the ring. *heartbreak* OMG This story could be the sequel to mine! The ending was so sad... god, Charlie holding on to Tonks' dead body, I can't imagine how he must have felt - and you wrote it so achingly beautifully!

Thanks for an amazing read!


Author's Response: Thank you! I have to come and look at your one-shot. I really like Charlie/Tonks but have hardly found anything on them xx

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Review #2, by Lady Asphodel Into Focus

28th April 2017:
I believe this is my first time reading a Charlie/Tonks implied story. While I am aware of this ship, I never really have much thought to it until now. It's really interesting to see how Charlie still had feelings for Tonks even though he left her without consideration. To be honest, I didn't realize Nym is shortened of Nymphadora, so I was incredibly slow in who the girl was. I thought when I read the summary and the ship list, that she was really an OC. I should have realized from the moment you mentioned pink hair - like a-duh. *Laughs* Anyways, back to the story. This was really good. Really helped me to see his feelings for Tonks, and I enjoyed their banter. It's so nice how even after the distance between them, that she was able to tell something was bothering Charlie. And then when he notices the ring, he's heartbroken because she's taken. But I get the feeling from the anger in her voice or the defensiveness of it... (Now that I know who Nym really is) is that she thought that Charlie might be upset with Tonks being with Remus because he's older and a lycan. I still felt Charlie's heartbreak, even though canon-ly, I ship Tonks with Remus. It's so sad to read of how he came across her body, that he loss her to the battle, but even moreso that she died without knowing that he loved her. It really hit deep with me. This was really good AU, and you wrote this incredibly well.

(Attack for CTF: Gryffindor)

Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review. I wrote this quite a long time ago and kind of forget about it to be honest, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. One day I'd like to come back to Tonks and Charlie because I think there's a lot of potential there xx

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Review #3, by Crescent Moon  Into Focus

24th January 2016:
This is so sad and beautiful. I loved it.
Your Charlie is amazing and I loved Tonks. Really well written.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love writing Tonks and Charlie and definitely want to come back to them at some point. Thanks so much for taking the time to review. Emma xx

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Review #4, by NPE Into Focus

15th January 2016:
Hello, here from the review thread. It's always cool to do a writing challenge.

This sort of flirts with AU but it isn't impossible or implausible.

I do buy into the idea Charlie had regrets. I know JKR said he was too busy being interested in dragons, but a bit like Bill, he sort of left his whole life behind.

He was just fortunate enough unlike Charlie, to find someone for him.

Your characterisations of Charlie and his love are really well done and really interesting. His perspective and position on her death is actually a little wrenching too.

Seeing Tonks' death again was also hard, but in a good way for sure. It is a shame in the book, her fate was recorded and mentioned, but to see someone actually reacting to it was really cool here.

I also respected how you put an element of self-loathing, but also a courage out of a conviction to want prove people wrong (rather than plain old fearlessness) into him.

There also is a sort of comparison here to be made with Snape finding Lily like he did in the films (can't remember if it is the same in the books).

The only CC I can offer in relation to this story is sometimes I could have done with a wider perspective, and seeing the events from more than his p.o.v. But that is the limitation of this sort of story challenge, and not an overly fair criticism.

Sorry, that's all I have, because I really like this.



Author's Response: Hello! Glad to hear you liked Charlie - he's one of my favourites :)

I think he was willing to let go of everything for dragons, but there must have been something in his life before that, and I can't imagine him and Tonks not being friends given that they were in the same year and have the same values.

I hadn't thought of the comparison with Lily - I like that a lot.

Thanks for such a lovely review,

Emma x

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Review #5, by Owlpost68 Into Focus

13th January 2016:
So many feelings!! Ahh!
You know, it made so much sense, Mrs. Weasley was always hinting at her and Charlie before we found out about Remus. It never occurred to me that this could happen this way, and now this seems so cannon to me. It wouldn't be too hard to add how they could have seen each other at Harry's birthday, it wouldn't mean that he would have realized his feelings then or even seen the ring. He might have always been on her right and her and Remus were always kind of discreet in public, it's very possible he wouldn't have realized until the wedding. Also, I'm glad there wasn't any confrontation between him and Remus, it's out of character for both of them and unnecessary. Then, you unexpectedly went into the battle! I had just started thinking of how much that would hurt when the story evolved. Charlie!! :( tear...

Anyway, this was completely lovely.
Written for team Gold in review tag!
aww... so sad... but so sweet...AH.

Author's Response: Aw thank you for such a lovely review :)

I didn't want Charlie to have any kind of bad feeling towards Remus. This is a story more about loss than about anger - ultimately he'll understand that he had no claim over Nym, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.

I'm really glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks again!

Emma x

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Review #6, by prettywishes Into Focus

1st January 2016:
I honestly can't say I've really ever read something form Charlie's POV so I really enjoyed this and trying to imagine how he must feel. I thought the whole thing was so honest - the excitement, the devastation, the realization that he was too late. Really well done one shot - it told a whole story in such a short little piece.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! These reviews have really made me smile. I'm so so glad that you liked Charlie. Happy new year! Emma xx

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Review #7, by Mrs. Claus Into Focus

31st July 2015:
Mrs. Claus here, doing some last minute Christmas in July reviewing before it's back to the pole and helping Mr. Claus in the workshop!

My, poor Charlie. I always thought they would be a nice match, though I have to say Remus was certainly the one I think Tonks was meant to end up with. To see that ring on her finger, it must have been quite the blow. I think that's one reason Charlie never had a relationship with another person, because he was still in love with her. She was such a strong, lively, independent girl, it would be hard not to take notice of her.

Unrequited stories always get to me, I'll need a cup of Santa's special peppermint hot chocolate to get over this. I honestly started tearing up...

This was lovely, my dear. However, I really must be off! There's only an hour left till I must leave, and still stories to review!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for such a lovely review. Totally agree that Remus was the one for Tonks, but I think she probably would have been very happy with Charlie. In my headcanon nobody else every really matched up to Tonks for Charlie so that's why he never had a serious relationship.

So glad you liked it. Thanks for taking the time to review :)

Emma xx

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Review #8, by aurevoir Into Focus

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

I OBVIOUSLY did not read this story summary appropriately besides looking for the Gryffindor character. Because I was expecting this to be the Fleur/Bill wedding scene and I WAS NOT AT ALL PREPARED FOR THE SADNESS THAT WAS TONKS AND CHARLIE?! I don't know if I've ever really thought about Charlie with Tonks, but it would relaly make sense as to why he never gets married - because he's so hung up on her that he can't move on. I've always really wished there was more about Charlie - I've seen a few Hermione/Charlie, but those just don't seem right to me. So I really wish people would write more about Charlie and his time frame. And even though the story wasn't very long, it really did a great job conveying just how completely heart wrenching that would be. Seeing she had moved on. And then seeing her dead there. Very well written.


Author's Response: Hi Cassie,

Thank you so much for such a kind review! Haha, I feel I added too much sadness to their wedding and missed out on some nice Bill/Fleur moments, but I'm glad you liked the angst.

Charlie's always been one of the characters I'm most interested in, and I wanted to explore him a bit further. One of the few things we really know about him is that he was in the same year as Tonks at Hogwarts, so I decided to work with that as a storyline.

I'm glad you liked reading!

Emma x

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Review #9, by The Fat Lady Into Focus

16th April 2015:
Why hello there my dear!

It is I, the Fat Lady who guards the entrance to Gryffindor tower! There’s a rumor that’s been floating around Hogwarts, a rumor that you played on a certain team for something called Capture The Flag. I have no clue as to what that could be, but I was quite intrigued by your team name. Apparently, you’ve styled yourselves “The Fat Ladies”. I’ve even noticed that all of your team members wear a badge of sorts with my picture on it! I have to say I’m quite humbled by this. Usually, no one pays me much mind unless they’re locked out of the common room of course!

You may be wondering how I found this particular story and it just so happens that the portrait of Professor Dumbledore in the headmasters office explained how to use this…errr…what do you call it? Computer? That’s it. He then told me that there was one in an obscure portrait on the third floor at the end of a long dark corridor that I could use. After a bit of touch and go, I finally managed to figure out how to work it. I guess I’m a bit behind the times, but I suppose that is to be expected. I am over 300 years old after all!

Once I managed to get the computer working, a kind student by the name of “nott theodore” gave me the names of each student who had played on Team Fat Ladies and I came across some very lovely stories. This one caught my eye because I remember young Charlie Weasley and Nymphadora Tonks from when they were students! Not too many people know it, but they were quite inseparable. I always imagined that they might fall in love one day, but alas, it seems that fate had different plans.

Poor Nymphadora’s death was so tragic. Dying in battle next to her husband shortly after the birth of her baby son Teddy. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him too. He finished his time here at Hogwarts only a few years ago. Lovely boy, but I digress. The deaths were devastating, but everyone was too worried about their own families casualties to notice Charlie’s reaction to her death! I had snuck down to a portrait in the Great Hall to see what was going on and just happened to catch him clutching her to his chest. I thought my heart would explode…that is if I had a heart. I am a portrait after all.

Oh dear! This err…computer had a little box that just lit up saying the…errr…battery is low, whatever that means. These things are so confusing. I must be on my way now. I’m sorry I can’t stay and chat longer, but I have a few more stories to read!

Thank you for the lovely story, dear and for the team name in my honor!

Yours Truly,
The Fat Lady

Author's Response: Oh wow this review! Love love love you Fat Lady :)

I'm very grateful to nott theodore and to anybody else who helped you out with finding your stories to read and review. This is such lovely feedback to receive and it's so kind of you to leave these reviews for us!

I always imagine that Charlie and Tonks were very close at school and that there would at least be the possibility of something romantic between them - from what we know of them their characters are so similar I can't imagine them not getting on.

Thank you for such a kind review! Honoured to have named our team after you :)

Emma xx

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Review #10, by Sakura Sweetie Into Focus

4th April 2015:
Hi there! :D First off, happy easter and, well, happy spring as well! :)-sakura petals float to the ground-

Ok, so, can I just say how much of an ABSOLUTE IDIOT I am? There's just no word for it, well, there is.. I am completely DAFT. When I read the title I did not imagine, NEVER thought about how it could possibly be a canon character. -laughs at self-
I thought, 'Well, Nym is such an adorably pretty name, isn't it?"
Even when you mentioned the bubblegum pink/blue hair, it totally didn't register with me until the end. But, GOD, did you write such a perfect and beautiful story.
I can just imagine Charlie Weasley in Hogwarts (he's one of my most favorite characters EVER. It makes me just sad and depressed that we don't see more of him. How UNFAIR is that? We get more Bill in the later books but not MORE CHARLIE? -wails- Ok, I digress)
So, anyway, the fact that this is a Charlie story is already one HUGE reason why I love it.
Of course, when I finally realized that it was Tonks (it took a while, but I finally caught on. I'm not a genius. hahaha) my heart just broke before you wrote it because everyone knows what happens to Tonks.
Poor Charlie with the broken heart. First, he finds out the woman he loves is in love and married to someone else THEN he finds her dead in the aftermath of the battle. Life could be cruel and I wish that he'd been able to tell her that he loved her too.
While they say that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all... It is also true that the bitterest words are those that remain unspoken.

Beautiful story even with how tragic it is.

--Sakura Sweetie

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for such a lovely review!

Haha, you're not the only one to say it didn't occur to you. I think 'Nym' is a really lovely name but I can see why Tonks might not choose it. In my head canon it's Charlie's name for her and nobody else's.

I absolutely adore Charlie and some kind of longer story with him as the main character is floating around in my head as a possible project for the future, so I may end up writing some more of him. It's canon that him and Tonks are in the same year and I've always imagined they'd at least be good friends.

It's sad for Charlie that he doesn't get the chance to tell her how he feels, but at the same time it might have caused a lot of conflict. Tonks is extremely in love with Remus and I think sometimes confessions like that might just taint what's otherwise a lovely friendship. But I don't know. Either way, poor Charlie :(

Thank you so much for such a wonderfully kind, thoughtful review.

Emma xx

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Review #11, by krazyboutharryginny Into Focus

17th March 2015:
Oh no! This is so sad! This is a pairing I'd never even thought about before and by the time I got to the end of this one-shot I was INVESTED. Very nice work! I love your style!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a kind review! Once I started thinking about Charlie and Tonks being in the same year the whole idea really appealed to me. I'm always tempted to revisit them in my writing. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading!

Emma xx

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Review #12, by The Basilisk Into Focus

4th February 2015:
Hello, it is I, The Bassilisk. Sss.

I was very impressed with this one-shot. I've never read a Charlie based fiction before so this was quite an adventure for me!

You are a very, very skilled writer. Only a skilled writer can bring me, a monstrous snake, to shed a tear. Tonks. My dear Tonks.

I don't think I've ever felt so many emotions before. This is unusual for a snake of my size.

I WANTED this to end on a happy note, but no.

If you'll excuse me, I'll just be in my chambers, putting my heart back together.

-The Basilisk

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much!

I love Charlie and maybe when I've got through a bigger chunk of my WIPs I'll write something more substantial about him.

Honoured to make a basilisk emotional!

Really really thank you for such a kind and thoughtful review :)

Emma xx

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Review #13, by The Basilisk Into Focus

10th January 2015:
This was so sad yet I loved every moment of it still. Part of me really wanted Charlie to be happy yet at the same time knew it couldn't be so.

I love how you open this up with Charlie ignoring Fleur and looking for the girl who's the exact opposite of Fleur. And he can't wait to tell her what he's recently discovered. I love when she finds him and they reunite just like old friends do, like nothing's happened. They seem so cute together, I'm almost sad she's married to Remus (even though I adore Remus). I love how he wants to protect her and she just give him that look that says "I'm sorry but I don't need you're help." Or maybe it was saying something else, maybe it was saying she was sorry he hadn't realized he loved her in time. I don't know.

The ending literally made me want to cry though. It was so sad imagining Charlie holding her dead body and whispering the words he'd wished he said in her ear even though he knew he was too late.

Ugh, I just want him to be happy! But all in all this was a really great story and so well written. You did a wonderful job portraying all the emotions. I might go cry now.


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for such a wonderful review :)

Writing this was very bittersweet. I've been wanting to write Charlie for a long time, and had a lot of fun with him, but this was always going to be a sad story. And I'll let you make your own interpretations on what her look means, but I definitely didn't want to undermine Tonks and Remus's relationship in any way.

We don't see much of Charlie in canon but he's a Weasley so I figured he was destined to love deeply and selflessly. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading!

And thank you so much for doing these anonymous reviews. It's really kind :)

Emma x

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Review #14, by UnluckyStar57 Into Focus

17th October 2014:
Hi! I just saw your status on the forums, and it made me so angry. I hate it when people think they can just write rude things on the Internet--maybe they don't realize that people have actual feelings that can actually be bruised by their words? Or maybe they're just naturally rude.

Anyways, to continue my manifesto-of-sorts: You just got a bad review, so I'm going to balance it out with a good review. Sorry I'm not reviewing Complicated, but I think I will when I find more time later on. :) Remember that YOU WON A DOBBY ON THAT STORY, which means that a whole lot of people really love it, so don't let the opinion of some Internet troll get you down. :)

Okay, so the description of this story made me really excited. I have a secret-that-isn't-so-secret love of Charlie/Tonks, but stories about their friendship/possible romance are really hard to find. That's why this one makes me happy, because it's so realistic and so incredibly beautiful and sad. (I'm a sucker for doomed romance, hahaha.) I don't even care that it might be "slightly AU"--I can definitely say that I'll be filing this under my headcanon. :)

The language that you use is so wonderful. You don't use a whole lot of "poetic imagery" or whatever, but you don't really need that in this story. You get down to the feelings of Charlie and Bill--and when Charlie realizes that he loves Tonks and he keeps repeating the phrase "I love her"... Ugh, that is just so fantastic.

I knew that their love story wouldn't actually turn out to be a real love story because Tonks was already married, but it didn't stop me from hoping just a little bit... They had this great little moment together before she realized that something was up with him, and then the whole world fell apart and they never got a chance to talk about it. The scene at the end, with Charlie holding Tonks in his arms, is so, so sad, and it hurts my feels a little bit to know that he finally tried to tell her his secret when it was far too late. :'(

Argggh, after you finish Complicated, can you just write a novel about Charlie and Tonks? I want to know more about their Hogwarts friendship and if they ever got to see each other after that.

Seriously, this is so beautiful. Now that I have discovered your writing (because apparently I am an ostrich who sticks her head in the sand during the Dobby nominations) I will certainly come back for more. :D


Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! This is extremely kind of you :)

I'm a big Charlie/Tonks fan too, as long as it's not at the expense of Remus/Tonks. But I just think Tonks got on so well with the Weasleys it makes sense that she would have had some kind of something going on with Charlie, given that they were at school together.

And I'd love to read some stories about them too! So let me know if you have any recommendations... :)

I actually originally had this planned as a short story, but I didn't trust myself to ever get it written so decided to cut it to a one-shot. But I have a whole lot of Charlie/Tonks scenes in my head so maybe they'll get written again.

Really, thank you so much for this lovely review. I really appreciate it :)

Much love,

Emma xx

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Review #15, by daliha Into Focus

14th September 2014:
Months later, his whole world collapses again.

After that line you broke my heart, heck I could barely finish the fic once I knew that well Tonks dies, poor Charlie to lose two people in one day. I love the way you explored his feelings at the wedding and such it was lovely but heart-breaking all the same. Oh Congrats on placing in the challenge :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a kind review :)

I wanted to explore Charlie's character a bit more because of the Weasley family he's the person we know least about in canon.

I'm really grateful for your feedback!

Emma x

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Review #16, by TidalDragon Into Focus

13th September 2014:

The things I like most that you did with this are big picture. First, it explored Charlie, one of the most under-explored characters connected to a prominent family in the series. Second, it did something unique with the idea of revealing a secret - leaving the revelation until it was too late to affect the world, but turning the impact back on the person who held it.

What was most effective in terms of your writing? I think it had to be the word choice and the clarity and distinct voice you gave Charlie (a distinct voice quite different from how he's typically portrayed).

Thanks for sharing this super story for the challenge!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for such a lovely review. I've always felt like Charlie's a character worth exploring, and have a feeling this won't be the last time I write him.

I'm glad you felt it was a good interpretation of the challenge. I had slight reservations that it might not fully meet the criteria, given that the secret doesn't have an impact on the world. But the impact on Charlie is huge, and I'm really happy you like that.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful challenge! I had a lot of fun writing this.

Emma xx

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Review #17, by Roisin Into Focus

8th September 2014:
Ah! I hastily went to favorite this story and then lost the review I'd just written out! That's what I get for taking AN ETERNITY to get to this (FORGIVE ME, I was hosting a challenge and finishing up my WIP).

ANYway, I really, really, REALLY loved this! Tonks/Charlie is total headcanon for me! I mean, I'm pro Tonks/Lupin--but he'd hardly be the first guy to like her, right?

I'm just so impressed by how well you handled this story. Fierce love and then consuming grief can easily get sappy and melodramatic, but here you wrote it so realistically that it really worked!

I loved that you didn't turn Tonks into a Mary-Sue--she was super duper in character. And all of the little flashbacks to their friendship over the years, and Charlie's affection for her, were so specific and fresh. Just FANTASTICALLY well done!

"Probably a wise decision. You're too young to die." AH! This was really well done foreshadowing and dramatic irony. And still casual and realistic enough not to be heavy handed. BRAVO.

My only suggestion is that I've know a fair few Charlies, and never heard the nickname "Char." I don't usually like the name "Chuck," but here, I think "Dance with me, Chuck? For old times' sake," would actually work really well. Just a thought, and totally up to you!

Otherwise, I don't have a single piece of concrit--and I'm usually good at finding SOMETHING that could be improved. Your language was alternately casual and evocative, and the repetition of "I love you I love you I love you" was great, without being overdone.

I just can't get over how successfully you wrote this piece. It was ambitious, and there were so many ways something like this could have stumbled, and it was just PERFECT.


Thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: Roisin!

Thank you so much for such an amazingly kind review! And don't worry at all about the delay, it's absolutely not a problem.

Charlie/Tonks is head canon for me too (as you might have guessed). I know we don't see much of Charlie in the books but from what we know I just think he couldn't NOT like Tonks, given that they were the same year at Hogwarts.

Oo 'Chuck' is a really interesting situation. I'll have a think but might well be adding that in. It would be a nice contrast with 'Nym', to show them both being called something different by their school friends.

Thanks for such a wonderful review!!

Much love,

Emma xx

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Review #18, by Gladis Gudgeon Into Focus

6th September 2014:
Review Tag
I am very impressed. The pent up emotion in this story is very well done. It's easy to go overboard with the angst, but you didn't.
The pacing was well done as well. Really my only critique is that there should be a little more dialog with Tonks. Right now we don't really see how their relationship really is. We only see how he wants it to be. If this was on purpose I wouldn't change a thing. 9/10
Gladis Gudgeon

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely review.

That's a really interesting point about only seeing the relationship the way Charlie wants it to be. I hadn't really thought about it but I suppose that's what happens when you only use one POV. I'll have a think and maybe work some more dialogue in, but I reckon Charlie's pretty accurate in his understanding of their relationship. It's just been a long time since he's seen her.

Thank you for all your lovely comments :)

Emma x

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Review #19, by nott theodore Into Focus

3rd September 2014:
Hi! I'm here for our review swap and got excited when I saw that you'd written this, because it actually caught my eye earlier in the recently added pages. I really enjoyed reading this!

Charlie is one of those characters that I haven't read a lot about, but I have always wondered if there's another reason that he remained single and went off with his dragons for the rest of his life when all of his brothers and his sister had settled down and married and had kids. I really like the idea of Tonks and Charlie being friends at school and the way this one-shot developed that idea into something much more was brilliant! I could easily take this as head canon and see this as an explanation for why he stayed single.

As a slight aside, I really like your title! I'd never have guessed that it would be referring to Tonks when I first clicked on it, and that ties in really well with the whole 'Reveal Your Secrets' idea.

The opening of this was great as well; I liked the fact that you didn't reveal straight away who it was that Charlie had realised he loved. I could guess at it from some of the hints that you dropped but it was a great way to begin, drawing the reader in straight away. It was really nice to contrast Bill's happiness and his expression as he sees Fleur coming down the aisle. Charlie is experiencing his own sort of epiphany at the same time but unknown to him at that point, he wouldn't be able to tell Tonks because she's already married.

I loved the characterisations in this piece. For a reasonably short story, you did a great job of capturing both Charlie and Tonks. I can imagine the realisation that he loves Tonks being such a surprise to Charlie, especially since he's been away and is looking forward to seeing her again. When it came to their meeting, I really liked the interactions between the two of them; it was very easy to believe that they'd been best friends for so long. There was a sort of easiness between them that only exists in friendship that go back a long way, and the fact that Tonks could tell that Charlie was hiding something straight away made that even more believable.

I felt so sorry for Charlie in this story though! It was horrible to think of him having this epiphany but far, far too late; Tonks is already married and there's nothing he can do about it. You wrote his reaction to seeing the ring really well and it just made me want to reach out and give him a hug!

The transition to the final part of the piece, when Charlie's at Hogwarts and can't understand why she's not there, is heartbreaking. The reader knows what he's going to find and I feel so sorry for him, because not only can he not have a life with Tonks because she's already married, and then he has to find out that she's died in the battle. The small mention of his family over another body, one he hasn't seen yet, shows how much he really cares about Tonks, because he's not gone to his family yet, and makes me feel even worse about what happens to him since he's got someone else that he's going to lose.

This piece flowed really well, too - you got a great balance between dialogue and description here. The short paragraphs worked really well to explore Charlie's feelings, and I think it's wonderful that you've managed to truly flesh out Charlie's character and make me feel a lot more for him than I've ever done before. This was great, and thank you for the swap!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi Sian! I just left you your review :)

Thanks so much for all the lovely things you've said. I'm so so glad you enjoyed reading this. I wanted to give more of an explanation of Charlie's character, and kept coming back to the fact he was at school with Tonks, and then it just sort of wrote itself.

So thank you for such a kind review and for the swap!

Emma x

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Review #20, by Rosie Into Focus

2nd September 2014:
So I was reading this while listening to Ed Sheeran's, Give Me Love...big mistake. Needless to say, I teared up a bit...okay a lot. But in this case that's a good thing! You're one shot had a lot of emotion and I'm glad you did a Charlie/Tonks pairing because I've always had a soft spot for them, even if we didn't see much of their relationship in the HP books.
Anyway, I should probably get to bed now since I had a 9:30 class (ugh uni can be a real pain...blech), but I just wanted to drop a line (or a lot) to let you know I really enjoyed reading this. (:

Author's Response: Aw thanks Rosie, this made me smile lots.

I have a soft spot for Charlie/Tonks too, and generally just for Charlie. Wouldn't be surprised if I revisit them in another one shot at some time soon :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review.

Emma x

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Review #21, by AdinaPuff Into Focus

30th August 2014:
Hi, Emma! Here for our review swap!

Sorry it took me a bit to get around to this--but I'm here now! Oh my, this is such... I don't even know what kind of feelings I want to feel. It's beautiful because of the way it's written, and how Charlie feels so ecstatic when he finds out that he loves Nymphadora. I love how you base it off him watching Bill be happy when seeing Fleur, that it kind of makes Charlie realize his love for Nymphadora. I love that!

But it's so sad, because, well, Nym's with Remus. She's married. She's pregnant. And Charlie realizes that he can't have her, that he was too late. And that makes me sad. But he doesn't say anything because he knows it's not fair to be cross with her. Which is also nice.

And then she dies in the war, another sad aspect. And Charlie has to live without his best friend. He accepted that he couldn't live with her as a lover, and had to settle for best friend, but now he can't have her at all. And that's sad.

Ah you made me fel. SO MANY FELS. Which is good. Very good. I LOVED IT

Author's Response: Hi, Leigh!

Oo I need to get to your review too - I should be able to do it later on today or if not then definitely tomorrow. So looking forward to reading your next chapter.

Thanks for this lovely review! You've picked up on all the things I wanted so that's fantastic.

Much love,

Emma x

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Review #22, by Gabriella Hunter Into Focus

30th August 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums dumping this review on you and I'm here relatively early! Isn't that awesome?

You weren't kidding at all when you said that this was a different Next Gen and I'm really trying to hold in my battered feels. I think that you chose a very interesting character to write as well, we don't really get much from Charlie and I think that its a pleasant surprise. I'd always thought that he was a Weasley that never got much notice (Sort of like Percy) and so I loved that you chose to write from his POV and I hope that this continues. I have never seen him written as being very insecure or vulnerable either so that was a really great thing to see and you wrote that very well. There have been a few other stories that have hinted at a relationship between himself and Tonks but I like what you've done here. Their relationship was based more off of a friendship and while Charlie had always loved her, I think that really stood out to me as something special. I think unrequited love is the most painful thing to write and while Charlie was dancing with her and caught the ring--my heart sort of expired on the spot. I felt all of his pain and by the end, when she's gone, I had to control myself for a long time because I'm a major wuss like that. Hahahah. I think you've created something really special here and I hope you continue!

Let's see...the only CC's I can give is that it was a bit too sudden, with the Battle towards the end. I think you jumped a bit too fast, you could have drawn out the wedding scene a bit more but otherwise, I thought this was really well-done!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!

Thanks for the lovely lovely review :)

I really enjoyed writing from Charlie's POV and am very tempted to do more. I think a friendship between him and Tonks makes a lot of sense but it wouldn't seem right for her to have loved him as she's so clearly desperately in love with Remus. For me this felt like the only way their story could turn out.

I'll have a think about how to slow down the pace, I had a feeling that might be something to work on.

Thanks for the review! I'll get back to your wonderful Molly story soon :)

Emma x

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Review #23, by slytherinchica08 Into Focus

29th August 2014:
What a wonderful and yet sad oneshot. You know, I feel really bad for Charlie in this piece but I think that you did a great job with his character. I've always wondered myself why he never got married, I mean even J. K. doesn't have anyone paired up with him but I think that your idea adds to it. That he really did love Tonks all this time but even he didn't realize it until his brothers wedding. And then that ending. Gah it was just so sad but yet the perfect ending for this story. The only suggestion I would have for you, would be to add in a page break between the events at the wedding and then the war, just to kind of give the reader a bit more of a heads up that it was switching as it took me a bit off guard. But other than that, it really was a wonderful one-shot and was very enjoyable. I really liked the way that you portrayed both Charlie and Tonks in this piece, although I did wish for a happy ending for them. Great Job!


Author's Response: Hiya,

Thanks for the lovely review! I'd love a happy ending for them too but unfortunately this is the ending it had to be :(

Great suggestion about the page break - I'll edit and put that in. I thought that change felt a little abrupt and that's a good way to deal with it.

Thanks so much,

Emma x

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Review #24, by crestwood Into Focus

29th August 2014:
Hey Emma!

Okay, I'll start off by addressing your Areas of Concern. Do I like it? YES. Yes, I do. This is incredible and the prose is so compelling and I can't imagine why anyone would *dis*like it.
What do I think of the characters? Tonks is wonderfully in character. Her bubbly nature is really fun to read here. I feel the same charm that Charlie does. And speaking of Charlie, your characterization of him is amazing as well. You really communicate his feelings toward Tonks so well and definitely give us a good taste of his mourning at the end.

I cannot say that there was anything I'd suggest changing about this. I wish I could be more help, but you just didn't make any mistakes. It's just kind of short, sweet and to the point. You even balance out description and dialogue perfectly, so I can't even say you should adjust that. You give us those perfect little lines like '(gloved hands clasped without any discussion of what it meant)' and you even give me an extra dose of sadness by alluding to Fred's death as well. I'm at a loss. Did anyone else have anything they'd change? I'd honestly like to know what they thought was wrong here because this seems like such a solid piece of work to my eyes. I would honestly read a story dealing with Tonks and Charlie's friendship at Hogwarts. Or really, anything else you gave me with these two. The only complaint I have about this - is that it left me wanting more.

Thank you so much for your request! (sorry I had nothing negative to say)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the fast response and for such an incredibly kind review!

I really enjoyed writing this. It's an idea that's been vaguely floating around in my head for a long time so I very much wanted to do it justice. I guess I've just been worried that I didn't get the flow right or quite pull it off.

As for wanting more - I kind of want more too, so perhaps at some point I'll add to this, or do another one-shot about their time at Hogwarts. I originally planned a five chapter story about them but in the end this came more naturally to write.

Thank you for the review and all your lovely comments.

Much love,

Emma x

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Review #25, by Yoshi_Kitten Into Focus

28th August 2014:
Hello, RoxiMalfoy from the forums, here for our review swap... Sorry it took me so log to get back to this. I git caught up at work.

I absolutely loved this little one-shot tho!! The way you wrote everything was so stunning and so beautiful. Everything flowed so fantastically here, and your characterization of everyone was very well done. You know, you really don't see too many Charlie-centered fics around here anymore, so reading this was like a breath if fresh air for me. I quite enjoyed your take on his character. I guess it never really dawned on me before now that Charlie and Tonks were the same age, lol. I can totally see it now tho! Is that actually Cannon, or did you just come up with the idea for the purposes of this story? Either way; it is a very believable concept, and I love that you have them being such good friends in their Hogwarts days as well. It just makes Tonks seem so much more connected to the Weasley family, and I think that this shall be my idea of head-cannon for her from now on, haha! =P

I love the way that way that you eave the reader guessing as to who hos secret lover is at the beginning. I didn't figure out that it was Tonks until he started talking about her hair colors. Tho I guess I should have know all along from the story title, lol! *facepalm* Forgive me, my blondness is showing right now, lol... That being said, once I did realize who it was I was immediate heartbroken for Charlie because I knew what was coming. Sure enough, he saw her ring and realized that he was too late. I was kind of hoping that he would have still told her anyway, but what difference would it have made, really? Nymphadora was so in love with Remus, and she probly only just viewed Charlie as a friend, so him spilling the beans could have cost him her friendship. :'(

I almost cried when you transitioned to the scene after the battle. Tonks death is always so hard to read about, but you did it beautifully! Your descriptions of everything were so detailed and just... flawless! I really do like your writing style, dear. Thanks so much for the wonderful read, and good luck in the challenge. I haven't read any of the other entries, I don't think, but I definitely feel like this story should place. Everything was just so great, and the emotion you conveyed here was terrific! Feel free to swap me again at any time!! =)


Author's Response: Hi Deana!

Don't worry about the delay at all. I really enjoyed reading your story so it's absolutely no problem :)

I'm really surprised people don't write more about Charlie here. I guess he's not a very important character but he always seems fascinating to me. He literally left all his family for some dragons. If I was writing a longer story I think there must be a really interesting explanation for why both Charlie and Bill choose to work abroad.

It's canon that Charlie and Tonks were in the same year at school but it's not mentioned whether they were friends or not. I think (hope, but am fairly sure) it's also canon that Charlie's talking to Tonks at the wedding. I just felt like it made sense that if they'd known eachother they would have been good friends.

I'm so glad you like the ambiguous start! That's one of the main things I wasn't sure about because I didn't want to make it too vague. I think you're right that him telling her would have complicated things, but who knows what would have happened as a result of that. I doubt Tonks would ever have left Remus, but it might have given Charlie some closure.

Thanks so much for such a lovely review! I'm definitely keen to swap again so let me know if you ever want to :)

Much love,

Emma x

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