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Review #1, by Meri113 Here, There and Everywhere

1st November 2015:
Great story :) I love how you wrote their characters :) and I love the theme of July being their month

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #2, by patronus_charm Here, There and Everywhere

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Ravenclaw

Hey again Jenna! ♥

I had always wondered what Ron and Hermione had gotten up to before Harry had arrived at the Burrow and Im so glad that I could finally find out and I this this may be my new headcanon for them. The first section was just them with the way Hermione was always the moral authority of the group and the way Ron acted angrily towards her, but then he can get the upper hand with Quidditch. It was like they balanced each other out perfectly and it was so cute and so adorable.

This line - He blushes when the twins tease him and even Percy sticks his head out of his Ministry documents to give him meaningful looks. I think laughed far too much that the whole family were in on it, and it was so sad that Harry couldnt be in on it because when he came Ron sort of peeled back from Hermione which was so sad.

The next year was so sweet that she wished she and Ron could be prefects together as I was gushing all the way through. I really think you captured the mood perfectly from the hopeful and love-struck one which its just Ron and Hermione to the darker and angrier one when Harry arrives, but despite Harry arriving they still grow to love each other and get closer.

I loved the third section where their relationship really brings to blossom because all those secret looks and touches were so adorable and made me gush every time. This line She notices their hands finding ways to touch without permission: was perfect and Im so glad Mrs Weasley supported the two of them as I was never really sure how she viewed Hermione, I mean, I knew she liked her but there always felt as if there was some reservation there for some reason.

The last section was both heart-breaking and heart-warming, because we had to deal with all the pain and death of the final battle and all the funerals it brought with it, in some way it felt like it almost helped them as it made them open up more and embrace others into their relationship which was very sweet.

Wah, Im sorry for this rambling review its for the HC, but I loved this and Im going to favourite it right now too! ♥


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Review #3, by nellysh Here, There and Everywhere

26th March 2015:
simple perfect, I love it and hope for more

Author's Response: Thank you!! ♥

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Review #4, by flauschdrache Here, There and Everywhere

23rd October 2014:
I've been sitting in front of the blank review box for quite some time now, trying to do this story justice. Wow is really all that comes to mind at first. You have captured the love between those two in a way that makes my heart ache in pleasure. (Well that sounded sappy, huh?)

Wow, really, wow. You portray a love that runs so deep and is innocent as well as experienced at the same time. It is a pleasure to read how they come to terms with who they are and why they need each other. Ron and Hermione have always been perfect for each other in my opinion, no matter what JKR says now. They just belong and you captured that beautifully.

Your use of language is superb. the whole story works without any dialogue and still I got the feeling they talked all the while. I am always a little wary when a story doesn't include any actual speaking because I think most people can't really pull it off. I certainly couldn't. You, however, did such an amazing job. Kudos to this beautiful story, this great idea and this brilliance with words.

A definite favorite!

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Wow, this review is just incredible. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and leave such a wonderful response, I really appreciate it so much. This story is sappy, so I love the sappy sentiment here. :)

I love how you describe their love as deep and innocent at the same time - that's just perfect. I completely agree with you, I ship them forever. They're perfectly imperfect together, and those strong feelings of love just make me want them to be together all the more. This was just my little attempt at exploring that.

I'm so pleased you liked the language! I wrote this story very quickly - it just sort of poured out - and I'm so pleased you liked the no dialogue and felt it worked to the story's advantage.

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #5, by Aakanksha Here, There and Everywhere

22nd October 2014:
Charming story. The best Ron-Hermoine one I've read. This is exactly how I would like to picture their relationship.
I love all of your writings. They always touch my heart.

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Wow, thank you! That means so much to me. This story was so lovely to write and hearing that you liked it is really wonderful. Thanks so much for all your kind words! :D

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Review #6, by EmeraldFire Here, There and Everywhere

19th October 2014:
Beautiful story! One of the better Ron/Hermione fics.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! :) I'm so glad you liked it, it really means a lot! :)

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Review #7, by Aphoride Here, There and Everywhere

2nd October 2014:
Hey Jenna! :) Sorry this took a while to get to you - RL has been surprisingly busy, and more frustrating than I expected. Anyway, I'm here now and, er, have to find words to talk about this? :P

Because seriously, my gosh, this is amazing. Canon characters are terrifying to write because they're so easy to get wrong, and you have to get them right, and yet in this you just write both of them so, so easily. You must tell me your secrets! :P

I love how there's this beautiful tone of sweetness and a very deep, romantic love throughout this, and just such affection all the way through - like, you can tell they care about each other a lot, even when they're not together, and there's nothing sort of strained or soppy about it, you know? You say it like it's fact, they talk about it like it's fact, and, really, it is in this. It's just so gorgeous - an amazing way to present a relationship!

The inner depths you gave to both of them were amazing, too. I loved how Ron was a lot more caring than he seemed - the scoffing and rolling his eyes at things was almost a sort of bluster, even if he did get annoyed at things she did and said. But, I liked how it never really meant anything, you know? It was never so much about him being mean or rude to her, as it was about him being a bit irritated and sort of amused by it. I loved as well how he thought of himself as the knight - her knight, especially - it was just such a lovely, sweet touch and I loved how it linked all the way back to the first book when he literally is the knight. So clever!

Hermione was just as amazing. I loved the way you wrote her relationship with Victor into it - the idea of her kissing other people for practice, haha, such a Hermione idea! :P And I loved the little references about her being worried about her grades, and feeling that she doesn't belong in her parents' world any more, and telling him off for flinging the gnome... they're all so brilliant little details, they just bring her to life exactly as JKR wrote her. It's really, really incredible. I loved how you used the idea that she'd always fancied him, really, as well, with them both fancying each other for so long, and everyone around them knowing about it, and sort of encouraging them, but in the end letting them do it at their own pace. It was so funny - the idea of George (or was it Fred? :P) offering love potions to get it started made me laugh out loud! :D

I loved the theme of the months, as well - of July being 'their month', the time they have to spend together, just the two of them, being Ron-and-Hermione, instead of Harry's-best-friends. It was a lovely link to make, a great way to show the evolution of their relationship - and I loved how at the end, it became a month for everyone, with them sort of sharing it with everyone else. It made me sort of think that it was finally like they accepted their relationship, they knew what it was, and that was the point when they could share 'their time', but I dunno if that's sort of what you were going for...

Of course, as always, your writing is amazing. It's just so beautiful, and I loved how Ron and Hermione's thoughts were so similar, but easily distinguishable. The descriptions in this were gorgeous - particularly of the emotions, with the swooping and things. (My laptop has issues with copy-pasting atm, so I would post a quote, but alas :( )

This is just so, so lovely, and I'm so glad I got a chance to read it. Favouriting. Without question.

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey Laura!! :D Sorry for taking so long to reply to your AMAZING review!!

I agree, canon characters are terrifying! That just makes it all the more meaningful that you thought I wrote them well. ♥ I was kind of just... possessed? to write this story and it just poured out but if I were to write them again I wouldn't know where to start. :P

I'm so glad you described the love as being fact, not soppy. That's so lovely to hear, and I see them as being best friends as well as romantic, like they just genuinely really like one another and want to be together. I'm glad that came through!

Ron definitely puts on some airs with Hermione, and I always thought that part of his rudeness is based on not being comfortable in his own skin, and in not being able to read people all the time. Hermione in contrast is very good at reading people and getting in their heads. Hehe, and I'm glad you liked the knight part!

Haha, Hermione kissing people for practice seemed like something she might do. Like homework? :P I'm glad you liked the little details as well, it was a lot of fun imagining these details and filling in the blanks. I really liked writing the slow burn of their relationship and how they might interact and slowly realize they liked one another and everybody else knows it.

I'm glad you liked the July aspect as well! It seemed to fit since we don't get to see that time together from Harry's POV, and I wondered what they might get up to at that time. I love your comment about it becoming a month for everyone, and yeah that's definitely what it meant. Like it becomes a month for them to share their love and happiness with the people around them.

Thank you! You are way too sweet, I'm blushing. ♥ Thank you so much for the beautiful review, darling!

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Review #8, by love_is_magic_ Here, There and Everywhere

30th September 2014:

Just... wow.

This was such a beautiful one-shot for Hermione and Ron. It was so well written; flowing gracefully in a way and simply making sense.

You found a way to make a Ron/Hermione so new and unique. By focusing on July along, you found an angle that nobody has explored before, and you did it SO WELL!

I loved it! Way to go!

Author's Response: Hi Christy!! :D

Wow, thank you! This review was so very sweet and really made my day, so thank you! ♥

I'm so glad you liked the portrayal of Ron and Hermione and how it felt unique. I was quite nervous about writing canon characters, especially ones as well developed as these two, and usually avoid them, so knowing you thought I did a good job with them means a lot.

Thanks so much!! :)

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Review #9, by thickwoollensocks Here, There and Everywhere

18th September 2014:
This is /beautiful/. Your writing is truly eloquent; I love how you drew out all the small bits we never hear about when it's just them to create a wonderful story.

Author's Response: Hello!!

Wow, thank you so much! Hearing this feedback means so much to me. I'm so honoured you liked the story. Thank you for a lovely review! ♥

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Review #10, by Haili Here, There and Everywhere

7th September 2014:
This is absolutely amazing. This is a perfect description of Ron and Hermione's love throughout the books. I love this so much.

Author's Response: Hello! :) Wow, thank you so much. This means a lot to hear and I'm so honoured that you liked it and felt it true to canon. Thanks so much for a wonderful review! ♥

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Review #11, by UnluckyStar57 Here, There and Everywhere

2nd September 2014:
I'm here for our swap! :)

Okay, to be perfectly honest, I had to step away from the computer for a minute before writing this review. Why? Well, it's because this story made me cry.

Yes, I cried. I don't know why I cried, really, because this is not a sad story. It's a very happy story, in fact, but my tears were shed, nonetheless. There were just so many emotions that your prose evoked in my head, and so I let them out through tears.

...And I knew that I would ruin all these lovely words you've written with my own weird words, but this story only has one review (besides this one) and that makes me a little sad. Why aren't people exalting you to the heavens, as some goddess of HP fanfiction?!

Yes, that was strange. Sorry if I'm being too weird. :P

Let me be honest with you again: I don't normally read Romione. It's one of my favorite canon ships, but in fanfiction it seems so stultified, so stale. NOT THIS STORY. No, you've written something that sticks perfectly to canon, while taking on a new meaning and life of its own at the exact same time. You brilliant, brilliant person. Like, seriously, I don't know what else to say about that.

I loved all of the parallels between the sections--how it was always in July, just before Harry reentered their lives to add more danger to the mix. I loved that each year, Ron realized more and more what Hermione had known all along. I loved that July was their month, a month in which they began to explore their own minds and discover feelings that were only half-formed in the beginning.

Gosh, it's all so beautiful, but I've got a few favorite quotes that I'm going to quote right back at you, just so that you know that your genius has not gone unnoticed. Seriously, if I had your gift for metaphor and simile and diction, I would die of happiness.

"...she stays up in the early hours helping him brew an antidote while he hides his eggshell head under a hand-knit jumper like a turtle with a maroon shell."~I'll be darned if this fragment doesn't capture their whole entire relationship perfectly. Love.

"He would eat slugs, attack a troll for her; he would face spiders to rescue her; he would throw himself in front of a werewolf for her, and perhaps he has always known these things. He is the knight who would sacrifice himself to win the game of chess for her, and perhaps he has known this for a long time, waiting to discover the knowledge within himself."~This is the point at which the tears started flowing. I'm such a weirdo, honestly, but this is so, so shimmery and marvelous. It really puts Romione in perspective, and I don't even know why ANYONE would hate Ron after reading this story.

"Everybody assumes that she and Harry are together who would choose blundering, gawky Ron Weasley, after all? but she can't quite put into words how he's the one who causes her mouth to go dry with excitement, his name that feels like porcelain against her tongue, and when she thinks of him being in danger her heart leaps against her chest, leaving an empty place inside."~This one is quite a long sentence, but I love the way it flows like a thought that is in Hermione's head. You did such a stunning job of showing both of their thoughts as the feelings began to surface. :)

"They quarrel over things like lamps and chess moves and kiss away the irritation."~YES. Such a realistic portrayal of their relationship, and so very canon. I like the thought of them having little tiffs and things, even after the war. They're still the same old Ron and Hermione underneath all the grime and worry of the war, and that sentence proves it all quite succinctly.

Okay, I'm listening to "Here, There and Everywhere" right now and it is GOLD. I've never actually heard it before, but I can definitely see how it inspired you to write Romione.

Anyways, I have so much love for this story that I don't even know what to do with myself. Maybe I'll just go cry some more... Jenna! You've turned me into a basket-case!

Arrrgghh, you're such a fabulous writer and I need to read and review more of your stories very soon.

Thanks for letting me word-vomit all over your one-shot! :)


Author's Response: Hi Mallory!! :D

I know I'm so late and awful with replying to this amazing review, but I just want you to know how happy this review made me. It was so beautiful and thoughtful and almost made ME cry in reading it. So, thank you! ♥

I actually got a little emotional while writing this story as well, which is a feeling that I only get when I get really invested in the story unexpectedly. :P So it's amazing to hear that it had a similar effect. You're right, it's mostly a happy story, but I felt exactly the same while writing it. ♥

You are SO sweet! I don't usually write Romione ever, so this was a real first and hearing that it felt fresh is so incredible to hear!

I love your comment about Harry bringing more danger to their lives, and it's so true. Of course they wouldn't have had it any other way but July is that time when they could be more free and just enjoy their developing emotions. I'm so thrilled you liked all the parallels in the months as well, as each year they grow a little more and understand their love a little better.

Ah, I love it so much when people quote the story back to me! I'm so honoured you liked all of those lines.

Aw, I don't know how anyone could hate Ron ever!! This story definitely reinforced my belief that I can't ship either of them with anyone else. :')

Hehe, the line about kissing away the irritation just felt so typical for them. They definitely would still bicker and argue, but love one another regardless.

I'm glad you liked the song as well! It seemed to fit the original idea I had for the story and then I listened to it a few times and the story just few from there.

Thank you so very much for this really beautiful review!! You are the best!! :D ♥

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Review #12, by Rumpelstiltskin Here, There and Everywhere

2nd September 2014:
Hey there! :D

This is a fantastic look into Ron and Hermione's developing feelings and blossoming relationship over the years. The time spent alone during that first summer seems to have really brought them together, until Harry comes into the picture. As they are still very young, of course any feelings that they're having for one another are confusing. With everything that transgresses over the years, it's really no wonder why they would not only turn those confusing feelings into bickering, but also refrain from perusing them.

The transition into the following year by highlighting the subtle changes (Ron's height and Hermione's hair) made me smile. After some time a part, these things could be very noticeable, and noticeable because they do care about each other. The small things that they argue about, and the way Ron ultimately sticks up for and attempts to protect her, is very, very sweet! ♥

This line, "any kisses with others were for the secret purpose of practice for when he finally plucks up the nerve to kiss her" is (of course) one of my absolute favorites ^.^. It's just so sweet, and it emphasizes the fact that Ron really does have feelings for her, but he just can't bring himself to express them in ways other than his protectiveness and argumentativeness.

Again, with everything going on, and all that Harry is facing, the pair feel obligated (because they're great friends with him) to focus on Harry (and, hey, there's a war brewing -- so that probably was a good plan of action) and leave their feelings on the back-burners.

The extent to which they go to be close to each other, to touch hands or just be in each other's company, is really sweet. His laughing at her joke, simply because it was just that bad of a joke, was another one of my favorite moments in this. And then there's the first kiss ♥ ! Aww.

The ending really tied this all together, bringing all of their July's spent together to a meaning. July no longer represents their time spent together alone, but not their time spent together with everyone that they love. The way their relationship was finally able to transpire after the war was the perfect way to end this.

This was so sweet! I think everything else I've read of yours so far has had a slightly more solace tone to it, so this was a new way to view your writing style, and it was fantastic (not that it wasn't fantastic otherwise) ;).

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hey Rumpel! :D So sorry for taking all these months to reply to your amazing review!

I'm so glad you liked this look at their relationship and how their feelings developed! I'm glad you thought it made sense as well why they held off for so long, partly because of the circumstances. It helped for me to have the canon events to tie into the story.

Ah, I'm so glad you found them sweet and liked the little details showing how they were growing up! I liked the idea of them noticing little changes in each other than someone who wasn't as invested wouldn't necessarily have seen.

I'm so glad you liked that line about the kissing! :) Ron is quite an interesting character in how he doesn't like opening up in some ways, and if he's upset he can lash out by being mean. So it felt right to give that some rationale in how he acts with other girls.

They definitely do, and I think that by the end of the war, they would have been through so much that it wasn't worth delaying or making excuses anymore. I'm glad you liked the physical contact, and the kiss, yay!

I love your comments on the final July and how it represents their love but also relationships with others. Hehe, this was definitely a happier story or at least fluffier than I usually write, but it was quite fun. :P

Thanks so much for the lovely review, darling! :D

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Review #13, by nott theodore Here, There and Everywhere

30th August 2014:
Hey Jenna! So I noticed this on your page when I was prowling and thought I'd stop by and review since it doesn't have any yet!

Ah, it's been so long since I read a story about Ron and Hermione but this was really lovely. I love them together and I thought you captured their relationship really well. The title and the summary lyrics too ♥

I thought it was a really clever way to tell Ron and Hermione's relationship, through a series of summers in their life - I can picture July as their month together now and I can see that becoming my head canon! It helped to show the development of their relationship in a lovely way; it was quite understated and subtle, but I think it was even better for that. That tied in well with their relationship, since it was something that grew between them gradually from their friendship rather than something that happened really suddenly.

I loved the fact that this story showed a glimpse of Ron and Hermione far away from what Harry witnesses in the books. There are so many moments that he didn't see and times when they were together and it was great that this story reminded us of that. The occasions that they were together at the Burrow, with the Weasleys - particularly the brothers - around them and noticing their feelings for each other starting to emerge - were so adorable to read about.

The description, as usual with your lovely writing, was brilliant; all the small details that you included, like the fingers brushing each other casually as if it hadn't happened, were so brilliant. And I thought you did a great job of capturing Ron and Hermione's characters from the books as well, without exagerrating anything. The proofs of why they care about each other that you use to evdience their feelings in this story feel very natural and believable.

I'm so impressed with the way that you managed to illustrate their changing characters as well in the course of this one-shot, because over this time they grew up so much. There's a massive difference between the excited little girl who went to go and stay at her friend's house for the summer and the brave young woman at the end of this piece, who helps Ron find the strength he needs to bury his brother. And the same goes for Ron, as well, and the way that he changes from the boy who lashes out and tries to curse people who insult her (although I suspect he'd still do that, even when they were ancient), and the man who holds her when they go to find her parents again. And you chart that development so well. This story just shows how much sense it makes for the two of them to end up together, because while Harry was always there having to fight off Voldemort, Ron and Hermione were his support and could understand each other better because of that, I think. It's like they're thrown together, in a way, and grown to love each other because of it.

This was really just an adorable one-shot and I loved reading it - it put a massive smile on my face and captured Ron and Hermione so well!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hey Sian! :D Sorry for taking so long to respond to this really amazing review!

I never thought I'd write a Ron/Hermione story, but once I got the idea for this I just couldn't resist. They're my OTP in a really natural way I think. :P

I liked the idea of framing their relationship around missing moments that Harry wouldn't necessarily see. Also, we don't really know what happened in those July months when Harry was at the Dursleys, so it fit well. I'm glad you liked the way the feelings evolved! :)

I loved thinking of all the details! And I'm so glad you thought their personalities came across, as them and Harry are so hard for me to even try to write.

You're right, they do grow up so much! And yeah, Ron probably would try and curse people who insult Hermione, hehe, but he has grown up as well. I'm so glad you found this believable and that it fit with canon, it means so much to hear! :)

Thanks so much for the beautiful review! :D

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