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Reading Reviews for Middle Clouds
41 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sophie Grace A Matter of Tactics

11th February 2016:
OMG I love this story!!! I want MORE!!!

Author's Response: Hello darling! Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm really happy you like this story, and I hope you'll stick around for the rest! :)


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Review #2, by RupertsPheonix A Matter of Tactics

29th December 2015:
So I've just read all 7 posted chapters, and I really enjoy this story already! I can't wait to read some more. :) There were literally points when I was laughing aloud - super entertaining!

Rose and Scorpius have some serious relationship developing to do - I'm anxious to see their polite chatter develop further into friendship and beyond. I also really like Jem and Al - looking forward to deeper character development for both of them, and to find out what the heck Al and Wilson have been running off to do.

Eagerly awaiting a post!

Author's Response: Hello Kate! I'm so sorry for not replying to this lovely surprise review sooner, I've been on a hiatus of sorts. But anyway, I'm really really happy to hear that you like the story, and the characters so far. Also, it made you laugh out loud! That's a huge compliment, thank you so much! I'm a bit slow with updating this fic, but I hope you'll stay around for the rest.

Thank you again, dear.

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Review #3, by Emily A Matter of Tactics

22nd October 2015:
Fantastic chapter! I have been waiting for forever for this chapter to be posted and I loved this one! I'm so excited to see why Ruth is taking Herbology and when Al and Jem will get together and what will become of Rose and Scor's friendship! Please post the next chapter soon!!! :)

Author's Response: Aaaah - hello again, you're still reading! Thank you!!! :D

I'm just so happy right now, I don't know what to say, hahah!

I WISH I could post the next chapter soon but RL is such a pain! But it will be posted, sooner or later, you can count on it! Thank you SO MUCH for reading and reviewing and being interested in the plot and characters, you are lovely!

Have a great day!

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Review #4, by marauderfan A Matter of Tactics

17th October 2015:
A new chapter!! :D And honestly, this story just keeps getting better and better. This one really shines in all the playful banter between Rose and her friends, I just love them!

Wow, Jonathan is about as interesting as drywall and I'm glad Rose broke up with him. Though I must say, his mum sounds awesome and travelling around researching magical plants sounds like the best job ever (though I'm biased, I once had a job a lot like that but without the magic! haha)

I must ask though... how much longer are you going to drag out the SUSPENSE about what Ruth's secret is?!?! hahaha I mean, I love it, but I also am terrible at not knowing and the suspense is killing meee! I HAVE TO KNOW! While I sit at the edge of my seat waiting for the answer, I've come up with various plausible (and unplausible) theories as to what it is: 1) as mentioned previously, she can turn into a tree or other plant, 2) She is a time traveller from the future or past, 3) She is someone else under disguise of the Polyjuice Potion! 4) She has to duck out from time to time because she has a secret life as a famous singer. Am I close? I'll probably just keep coming up with absurd guesses in the meantime. :P

I love the blossoming friendship between Rose and Scorpius! (though I notice she's still calling him Malfoy.) And the truth comes out about Malfoy and Jeanie - she is a mastermind, isn't she! I love that it was all over a bet about Chocolate Frogs, and the kind of silly insight it gives into both Scorpius and Jeanie, how this is a way they spend their spare time hahaha I just love the mental image.

omg, the Weird Sisters doing a reunion tour when they're old and washed up - this cracks me up because it's something that so many real bands from the 70s are doing... and I am the Albus in this situation, having also gone to a few concerts of bands that broke up 25 years ago and totally enjoying it XD It was so funny to read that bit, because not only does it poke fun at this weird trend but I can totally relate to Albus in the situation!

This was a a wonderful chapter and it is so great to see you still updating this! I'll keep coming up with theories as to Ruth's odd behaviour (WAIT I'VE GOT IT: SHE'S SECRETLY JOINING THE WEIRD SISTERS TOUR AS A BACKUP SINGER) while I wait for your next amazing chapter!!

Author's Response: Kristin, this review was just a dream to read. I still remember reading it the first time - I was in a hotel room in Bratislava and my two friends were dancing around the room and I was just glued to my phone, smiling stupidly at the screen for fifteen minutes. I'm sure there's no need for me to explain the feeling, but it's just so lovely to know that someone is genuinely, actively invested in your story, and the characters you made up (except for the ones JK Rowling made up! those are all hers, please don't sue!). So yeah, this is a very late reply but I am still, after all this time (pun intended, you can sue this time) completely over the moon about this review. THANK YOU. Really.

Also, I want to be Jonathan's mum so bad!!! I should write a fic only about her! what an idea! OMG, we should write together because you have actual experience and I'm just a crazy plant lover who hasn't been outside of a lab, like, ever. I'm rambling but imagine that - a fic about a field herbologist! a crack!fic at that! we could invent new plants and stuff! throw in a bunch of weird characters and some awesome jungle adventures. seriously, i'd be up for this any time!


About Ruth - oh boy you are in for a lot more suspense!! I'm sorry, I'm just that cruel! Your theories are very good and very logical but perhaps not that close to the truth, I'm afraid. :P

Oh god, the reunion tours are the greatest things ever! It's like seeing the past LIVE, only a bit older and slower and with more wrinkles and artificial hips. It's one of civilization's greatest inventions, I don't blame you (or Al) for enjoying it.

This is a weird response to a review if I ever saw one but the point is: Thank you. You are lovely. I WILL update this. I hope you'll stick around. Did I say thank you??


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Review #5, by beka_wotter A Matter of Tactics

16th October 2015:
I'm absolutely loving this story, the characters are great and I really like the way you write! I hope you update soon because I can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I was so so happy to read this lovely review and I'm so glad you're enjoying the story (and my writing style) so far! I would love to tell you I will update soon but sadly, uni and perfectionism slow the whole thing down quite a bit. On the bright side, I am determined to finish this story and I have the whole plot planned out, chapter by chapter, so I hope you'll stick around. :)

Thanks again for the review, it's awesome to hear that someone is actually enjoying this story. Have a great day! :)


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Review #6, by marauderfan Belgian Truffles

13th August 2015:
Swap! (in slow motion)

Aw, I loved this chapter. Before I get to the main point of the chapter, I just want to say how much I love the fact that Parvati Patil is the new Divination teacher! It's so perfect. I loved the scene where she's explaining her lateness by saying that she had to watch whatever chaos Peeves was creating - it's exactly like something she would do as a teenager :D I feel like after this short scene I already can tell what she'd be like as a professor and I think she'd be awesome. I love how candid she is (about the class being easy) and her kind of disorganization makes her relatable to all the students, and I can see why they all like her! What a change from Professor Trelawney. (Also, Parvati now has even more alliteration in her name: Professor Parvati Patil! how cool is that! :P Sorry, I'm getting so off topic. Next...)

I love your use of details. Details are what bring a scene to life and even something as simple as Ruth flipping through the page corners - I can totally envision what sound that is, too. But throughout all your writing, I just love the specific details you point out. ♥

Ruth still seems like she's hiding something! She uses her information about Albus and Jem kind of as a way to distract Rose from her own secret. I feel like Ruth's unprecedented plans for Herbology will come to light soon though - there is a reason she's in the class and I'm so curious! Did she discover some unknown Herbology talent? Is she a Phytomagus? (that being a word I just made up for I guess the plant equivalent of an Animagus? CAN SHE TURN INTO A TREE? RUTH WHAT IS YOUR SECRET?

Rose finally apologized to Scorpius! Yes! *trumpet fanfare* It only took forever. And wow, the awkwardness in that scene was so tangible. I could feel it as I read, the awkwardness for both of them, and I love that about your writing - I really felt like I was there in that scene where the tedium of cleaning silver is just grating on them and Rose wants to talk just to get rid of the silence but how? It was just so well done. And that weather comment hahaha. I love that they made up at the end and they're willing to start over as friends. Rose made leaps and bounds forwards in this chapter realizing that Scorpius is not a jerk, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how Friendship Round II goes.

Thanks for the swap! I'm really enjoying this story!

Author's Response: Yes, yes, Parvati Patil is the perfect Divination teacher, I'm so glad you agree! :D I have such a strong headcanon about Parvati and really, how could she be anything BUT a Divination teacher? Anyway, I'm glad you could tell what she'd be like from this short scene - it was longer at first but then I had to cut some parts out because 7k words is a bit too much for a single chapter. :P And OMG, Professor Parvati Patil sounds so awesome, I didn't even realise until now!

Details, details, details everywhere - I love them too! Thank you for mentioning the page corners thing - I was so happy with that sentence. Sometimes I spend more time coming up with these unimportant things than the actual plot - but it makes my heart sing whenever someone mentions it in a review. Thank you!

A Phytomagus!!! That should be a thing! Honestly, I laughed so much at the 'CAN SHE TURN INTO A TREE?' bit. That would be perfect, though. Also a bit hilarious because what could she do, except for photosynthesis, which is pretty amazing, but not the most exciting activity. Anyway, yeah, I obviously can't say if she's a Phytomagus or not, but she's definitely up to something! :D

It only took forever - hahaha! But really, it did take forever and I'm so relieved this part of the story is over! Actually, I keep trying to come up with a way to get rid of these two, so that I can focus on my OC's and random details, but I think the story would be a bit incomplete without its main character.

I am very happy, though, that you could feel their awkwardness. I love writing awkward scenes, in which the characters don't always have a witty remark at ready, but instead act like real, slightly confused human beings. It's honestly so gratifying to hear that you felt like you were in the room with them, so thank you, really, thank you so much!

I am so excited about Friendship Round II as well! Not to be all 'you should totally read my next chapter' but there will be some fun scenes ahead, and frankly, I'm glad to part ways with angst for a while. :)

Thanks for the swap, Kristin. I'm glad I finally started reading Icarus (and I plan to review the rest shortly!) and also I love love love your reviews. Thank you again!

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Review #7, by Emily Belgian Truffles

10th August 2015:
This fic is absolutely amazing! The tension, the buildup, the feelings...everything. Reading this in first-person makes it even better. I love Ruth so much! All of your characters are well-thought-out and well-executed. I cannot wait to see where this goes, and I am definitely along for the ride! Keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Hello, Emily!

Thank you so so much for this wonderful and exciting review! Honestly, it is so inspiring to receive such great feedback (I mean literally; it inspired me to write nearly half of the next chapter!). I'm just so happy you like the characters and the story so far, and that you want to keep on reading. It really makes everything worthwhile. Thank you again, you made my day! :)


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Review #8, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Black Book

3rd May 2015:
Hey there dear! I'm back to continue reviewing your work!

I'm really glad everything is (physically) back to normal now... but.. .Whoa. How in the world are those two going to survive 2 months of detention together?!? It sounds like they're going to HAVE to sort out their differences now!

And, although there's a part of me that really wants that, I also really want things to be okay with Jonathan again.. .I'm torn!

Anyway, this is a wonderful story, dear, really. It's addicting! I can't wait to see where it goes from here! Well done, and please update soon!

Author's Response: They will! I will force them to, haha! I've been writing a lot lately, and if you do keep on reading, I think your inner ScoRose Shipper might actually be satisfied!

I'm not going to comment on Jonathan because I already spoiled my story enough - I'm clearly bad at this whole replying thing, haha.

I've sad it a million times but it's so great to know that you liked the story so far! The next chapter is up, if you want to read it (I'm not even expecting a review, because I don't deserve one, what with not replying to this for seven thousand years, but just so you know).

Thank you again, these reviews were so fun to read through again! :)


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Review #9, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Red Nose, Red Fur

26th April 2015:
Oh my goodness, I was SO angry with Scorpius in this chapter! He deliberately caused problems between Rose and Jonathan, and then refused to fix them! And then, to make matters worse, he gave her a clown nose! I hate to say it, but he definitely deserved what happened!!

On the other hand, a part of me thinks that he and Rose are going to wind up together, so that part of me is trying not to be too mad at him.. haha! (My feelings about those two are kind of complicated, in case you can't tell. Lol. :P)

Another great chapter! I'm off to the next!

Author's Response: I am SO HAPPY to hear that you have mixed feelings about these two because that was my evil plan all along!! And yes, from Rose's perspective, Scorpius deserved what he got! :P

You couldn't have left me a better review for this chapter, honestly!

Thank you again, Jayde, you lovely person!

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Review #10, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Chapter Three

25th April 2015:
:O *Gasps*

But, they weren't doing anything wrong! Oh, I just know Jonathan is going to assume the worst... gah!

I'm sorry, I can't leave a more detailed review right now... I have to find out what happens next!

Great chapter!

Author's Response:
Yup, he will! :/

But yay, I'm so glad you liked the chapter!! This was the hardest one to write and I couldn't decide if I was happy with it, or if I absolutely hated it. Hahah. So yeah, positive feedback is really reassuring, thank you!

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Review #11, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Misunderstandings

25th April 2015:
Oh My Gosh - they are SO secretly in love with each other! :P Haha! Okay, maybe that's just my inner Scorose Shipper coming out, but hey, I can hope, can't I?

Also, I think maybe Ruth fancies AL! :O I could be wrong, but it's just a feeling I got. :P

Another wonderful chapter - your description was amazing! Well done!

Author's Response: Hahaha, I understand the inner shipper thing - I start shipping fictional characters the moment they look at each other!

As for Ruth and Al - hm hm hm - that's all I'm gonna say for now! :P

I'm glad you liked my description - I tend to get a bit carried away with it. :D

Thanks again for a lovely review!

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Review #12, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Cold War

25th April 2015:
Hi there!

So, you know that Hufflepuff Rescue Mission that happened like.. months ago... that I still owe you reviews for, since you were on the winning team? Yeah... I have FINALLY arrived to give you those reviews! I'm so sorry it has taken me such a RIDICULOUS amount of time, but I'm here now and I haven't forgotten, so I hope this makes up for it!

I thought this was a very interesting first chapter, and it was definitely action-packed. I really love that Scorpius is in Ravenclaw in this! He's pretty much always depicted in Slytherin, you know?

I think the dynamic that you set up between him and Rose is really interesting, and I cant' wait to see what's going on, since he's talking to her again.

A very intriguing first chapter, and I'm off to the next! Well done!

Author's Response: Jayde!

Here I am, after my unplanned hiatus, finally replying to your reviews - and I couldn't feel more guilty about not doing it sooner! I'm feel like the worst author on this site! But I honestly do appreciate every single one of them, and each one has made me so happy. Thank you thank you thank you!

Needless to say, it's perfectly fine you didn't leave a review straight away, I wouldn't mind at all if I didn't get any, I just wanted to participate in the game. :D To be honest, I was expecting only one review, so all this came as a bit of a surprise.

I'm glad you liked the first chapter, though, and my choice of house for Scorpius. I can't imagine him anywhere but Ravenclaw! :P

Thank you again for the review, and all the others, which I'll be replying to shortly!


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Review #13, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack Black Book

17th April 2015:
Greetings! I am the Crumple-Horned Snorkack, elusive creature of the forest, who sometimes goes on adventures into the HPFF archives to find great stories to read and review. Today, although no one has found me where I'm hiding, I have found this story.

At the end of the previous chapter I enjoyed how funny it was that Scorpius gave Rose a clown nose and she turned him into a fox, but I never considered how they'd fix it! So as she sat there panicking that she couldn't remember the counterspell, it kind of brought me back to reality - the 'now what?' feeling. That is how I felt the first time I saw a human in the forest. It was kind of exciting at first, because until that point I had thought they were only mythical creatures, but then I realised they did exist and I had to hide from them.

I loved your descriptions of the fox as well, and how human transfiguration doesn't turn the person completely into an animal, only gives them the appearance of one. I did appreciate the hilarity of the situation though, as Rose is panicking, Malfoy is just chilling and licking his fur. Haha

I'm glad she did end up running into a professor, so all the Transfiguring could be sorted out without any issue - Rose could have done some serious damage with spells she doesn't remember. I loved the back story of how she got involved in that kind of spellwork, though -it's great characterisation how she loves books and knowledge and learning new things (much like Hermione), but unlike Hermione, she isn't as enthused about rules.

Loved that scene with Jem - he seeems like a great friend, kind of like the type of friend the Loch Ness Monster is to me. I also really appreciate all the little quirks you give your characters, like his obsessions wih fads!

I eagerly anticipate the first detention Scorpius and Rose have, as it's sure to be interesting. I wonder if Rose will apologise, or is she still too proud? Hm.

This has been a most lovely reading experience, but now I must go as I'm late for tea with the Loch Ness Monster. Have a pleasant day!

Author's Response: Hello, Crump! I loved your review so much that I even thought of a cute nickname for you.

I am so glad you liked this story! But how on earth did you find a computer with a working internet connection in the middle of the forest, that's what I'd really like to know! Do you even have opposable thumbs?

But if i forget about that for a while, I really am happy you stumbled upon my story!

The fox scene was one of my favourite scenes to write, and I'm glad that you, the elusive creature of the forest, liked it! I bet you know all about foxes, though they probably know nothing about you.

It was so fun writing about Rose's secret, and I plan to develop that part a bit more. I do hope you'll continue to enjoy it! As for Jem, he would probably be thrilled to hear all about the Loch Ness Monster, being obsessed with fads and all. :D

Thank you, dear Crump, for this lovely review! It was such a surprise, and it really put a huge smile on my face. Say hi to Nessie!


I always wanted to reply to this review as if the real Crumple-Horned Snorkack wrote it, so Kristin, just bear with me. Thank you again!

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Review #14, by AriesGirl40 Black Book

17th March 2015:
Not bad for a filler chapter. Cant wait for the show to really begin :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for reading, reviewing and favoriting! Any sort of feedback really means a lot to me, and I'm thrilled to hear you're looking forward to the rest of this story. I've been trying to move the plot forward without the need for filler chapters but alas, I ended up with one anyway. I'm glad you liked it, though, and I hope you'll enjoy future chapters as well!


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Review #15, by tangledconstellations Black Book

16th March 2015:
I couldn't not review this chapter once I saw you'd updated this fic! So exciting!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I absolutely loved this - I thought the descriptions of Malfoy as a fox were really beautiful. Foxes are so lovely! I live in a city so there are foxes everywhere at night - they're mainly pretty mangy and sad looking, but I still think they're so beautiful and would love to hold one! - until it like, mauls at my face or something. I thought it was a really nice touch that the spell didn't fully transform him into a fox - more like a squishy and safe replica. I think that kind of distinction is really important to consider, because sometimes thinking about all the spells in the HP universe and their potential biological/psychological etc implications can cause a bit of a brain ache. It seems much more realistic and sort of safer that human to animal transformations would work in this way. But yeah, anyway, /tangent, I thought Rose coaxing the fox to go with her was a really wonderful piece of writing. I got such a clear picture of the animal and I loved how sort of *respectful* and gentle she was with him. It was really lovely to read.

Another bit that I thought was just awesome was the image of Rose finding the transfiguration book. It was such a great picture to have in my mind. This line, for me, just totally captures the magical feeling of the HP universe: 'The book was titled Transfiguration for Mature Readers (and Mature Readers Only!) and I felt the ominous weight of its pages as soon as I laid my fingers on the leather-bound cover.' This could honestly be straight out of one of the canon books! I can't explain it, just, for me reading the books the things I am in love with are the dusty, leather tomes, the strange feeling that you're about to come across something incredible/weird, and absolutely (and probably mainly) the witty book titles mirroring the attitude of the wizarding community. Seriously, 10/10 for the book title because it's that little detail which really brought the whole section home for me and really reminded me that we're still in our beloved HP universe. I had this wave of sort of nostalgia as I read it (it made me think back to all the specifics JK Rowling mentions in the books, like the magical types of sweets and the unusual books titles (tangent, but: remember the one in CoS when Harry's in Flourish and Blotts - the Book of Invisibility that the store owner could never find? So awesome!) - like all of the stuff I wish I could play around with!). Ugh kind of rambled again but yeah, it was such a great image. ♥

Also, this made me laugh a lot:
''No, he's been... taken care of.'
Jem's head snapped back at me. 'You killed him?!''
So hilarious! I love that Jem instantly jumps to that conclusion. It's so funny. I feel like that whole bit with Rose and Jem meeting up near the end of the chapter let us see so much more of his character. I love how sort of fleeting he is, being obsessed with one fad and moving on to the next. It sort of hints at immaturity but I like it. I think it works well - it makes me see him as a real character. AND I also love that Rose is falling back on to her old ways of 'I can't possibly go and talk to Malfoy!' Classic Rose. Jem is right - she is far too proud. Again, I love it though. I love these characters because they're as stubborn and set in their ways and habits as I'm sure everyone secretly is! :P

Anyway, sorry for rambling a lot about the book title (I really liked it) and also sorry for rambling a lot about the fox. I think I might officially be the weirdest reviewer ever haha, god I'm sorry! This chapter was awesome though. I think it's great that every single chapter of this fic lets us see more and more in to these characters. It's awesome Rose has kinda found her forte with the (banned!) animal transformations. I hope you include more of that because it's such an interesting facet, her breaking the rules, and a topic that as a fan of the logistic-y side of magic I want to see more of! I'm also super keen to see if she will talk to Malfoy before their detentions, or just let it slide. I mean, Kato intended them to talk during their detention anyway so maybe Rose is just gonna leave it til then! I can imagine her putting it off for as long as possible :P

Ah, I rambled again but this was super great and I honestly can't wait until you update again!

Laura ♥ xx

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Review #16, by wolfgirl17 Red Nose, Red Fur

9th February 2015:
Hey Andy!

I'm finally here with that review you requested from me ages ago. Sorry it took me so long. I have no excuse other than that I'm lazy.

Anyway onto the review. First off, I loved this chapter. I love rivalry between Rose/Scorpius and I love it when they start hexing each other with harmless but embarrassing pranks and spells so kudos for that because I couldn't stop smiling.

Secondly, you definitely gave them some more characterization and I liked it. I like that Jonathon is so rigid. I have a friend like that. If you don't fit with what she wants, she just cuts you out of her life with all the precision of a master surgeon removing a tumor and moves right along with life as though you mean nothing to her. It's creepy, but it's nice to know that there are other out there like it, even if they are fictional characters.

Thirdly, you've definitely made it funny without all the angst which is a refreshing change, and lovely to read. I'm excited to see where the story goes from here, so pretty please update again soon.

Great work. Keep it up!


Author's Response: Hey, Ellie!

There's no need to apologise, dear! I appreciate reviews whenever I get them, because I have a (very inactive) review thread myself. Also, being lazy is a perfectly understandable excuse! :)

I'm really glad to hear you liked the chapter! Harmless but embarrassing pranks and spells are about as far as I can get with writing conflict so I'm really glad this had you smiling!

I love your master surgeon analogy and you're right, people like that can indeed be creepy. But anyway, it's great to hear that I managed to characterise them both some more, and that it wasn't too angsty! I hope to have the next chapter up soon, if I manage to force myself to edit it. :P

Thank you for this review! I said it already, but I genuinely respect and appreciate anything you have to say about my writing and this story. After reading that post you made in your review thread, I went to read some of the reviews you left and honestly, I think all of them were incredibly constructive and helpful (I actually took some advice from them, even though they were about other people's stories). It's great to know that you can get an honestly critical opinion from someone. So thank you, again. :)


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Review #17, by tangledconstellations Red Nose, Red Fur

22nd January 2015:
Hey love! ♥

I had no idea you had a new chapter! If I had realised I would have read and reviewed much sooner!

This chapter was so good - I really, really enjoyed it. I'm really liking that there's more communication going on between Scorpius and Rose because as a pair they're hilarious. But at the same time there's obviously something there between them - I want them to either fight or kiss! I don't know which one I want more!

Ugh, Jonathan though...I felt so sad for him, but at the same time I totally sympathise with Rose and her frustration with his straight-forward thinking. Jonathan is such a great character because I totally recognise him to be like guys I knew in high school and stuff and he comes off as so believable. They're all at such an in-betweeny age in this fic, where they should focus on their future but they've got such strong ties to being a teenager. Even though he's quite difficult to communicate with (and even though Rose KNOWS inside herself that she's just not that attracted to him - but will she admit it?!) I think it's really important that he would still get really hurt by Rose if she and Malfoy get too close. Having him see them in the Charms classroom actually felt like I'd been kicked in the gut because I could imagine what was going on inside his head - or rather, what wasn't, and how he was trying to make sense of the situation he just saw and sudden pangs of betrayal. Obviously it was technically innocent but maybe he's right - maybe he doesn't need the drama because of exams, and if he doesn't think the drama is worth it maybe he doesn't really want Rose either.

Okay so there we have it: I AM JONATHAN'S BIGGEST FAN, ha ha ha ♥

I do still love Rose though, and I just want her to eventually work out what it is that she wants. This chapter was important for that: it's like you're building up to a crisis point where Rose does have to I guess make a decision, but maybe not quite as explicitly as that. But nonetheless I can feel the tension rising.

Eek, I am so looking forward to the next chapter. I am so hooked!

Laura ♥ xxx

Author's Response: Hey Laura!

Gaah, thank you for this lovely review! I've been swamped with uni and just didn't have time to reply sooner, I'm sorry! But thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :)

I'm glad you liked this chapter! And I'm so relieved you decided to describe Rose and Scorpius as 'hilarious' here, because I think they also have a bit of 'annoying' in them, haha. To be honest, i can't wait for them to get to the part where they're friends.

''I want them to either fight or kiss! I don't know which one I want more!''

^ This is a good thing, I suppose? Yup, I'll take it as a compliment. I'm not really good at writing conflicts so I'm not too fond of this chapter, to be honest. I'm more of a 'man vs self' kind of girl. :D

But Jonathan! This is such a perfect analysis of him! Thank you so much, dear! I haven't really had the opportunity to flesh him out as a character, so to read all of this and how well you summed up everything I imagined him to be - that's just so flattering and amazing! Thank you! And you're so right about them having strong ties to being a teenager. That's sometimes hard to write because I'm not a teenager anymore (thank god, haha) and that's why reading this review has been hugely flattering.

I'm really glad you are Jonathan's fan, though! He's not the most exciting character, and he's definitely not one of the 'popular kids' but just because of his utter normalcy, he's become one of my favourite characters in this fic.

And you're still rooting for Rose - that's a great thing! I can confirm that this is the beginning of Rose starting to understand some things about their relationship, so I hope you'll like how things turn out in the next few chapters. :)

Thank you again for this truly amazing review, love! You understand my characters so well, and that is just so gratifying, and it really makes the whole thing worth-while. Thank you thank you! :)


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Review #18, by banshee Red Nose, Red Fur

8th January 2015:
Andy I'm here! (and this wasn't exactly after, but by now you know I get distracted by the internet a lot)

SO AWKWARD THOUGH. And Scorpius just does NOT help with his comments. Like.. if I sit and think about what the worst thing that Scorpius could say in that situation, that would definitely be in the top five.

I definitely feel like it wasn't Scorpius' intentions, though. I don't know if I one hundred percent trust him, but his confusion seemed pretty genuine. I'm not sure if that was your intention or not, or even partially, but that's the sort of impression I got.

I really like how you described Jonathan when Rose is talking about his strangers/friends. I feel like it's a really Hufflepuff thing. Or maybe I just relate to him a little too much :p It felt like a Hufflepuff thing, to keep your friends close.

'And, as it turns out, we are both very passionate about spellwork' -- Rose... Okay. Rose. Passionate isn't the best word choice. It's just.. not. okay. hahah

You have Jonathan and Rose so well fleshed out here, that I absolutely feel the heartbreak from both of them. It was so sad to read the sort of numb feelings Rose was having, and her reaction (or, lack-thereof) to seeing Malfoy the second time. In addressing what you mentioned when I asked yesterday, I really think that her reactions are genuine. I don't really like when a character can just instantly process things and goes off yelling. I love that she's SO lost in her own head for the few moments of walking with Scorpius behind her, and when things process for her she finally turns and addresses him.

I don't even know how it's possible to love AND loathe their bickering on the staircase SO much, but I do.

I would probably find his laughter quite charming... - oh jeez.

'As if you do.' - This reaction, I found a little bit odd on its lonesome. I think it might be more effective if she also said something along the lines of "How would you even know that?" or something to negate how well Scorpius thinks he knows her. Maybe both of them, so it still transitions into the next challenging sentence from him? If you'd like, of course!

light on those old floorboards - 'the' old floorboards?

Ah, you can just feel the moment Rose pushes things overboard. And you can feel how she just instantly regrets saying it.

I need you to know that I am reading this in public right now, and I am trying to hide my laughter that SCORPIUS GAVE ROSE A CLOWN NOSE. OH MY GOD♥ I seriously panicked at first. I thought he did something like super BAD and subtle, like her nose was just going to start bleeding and never stop or something, and then IT WAS A CLOWN NOSE. *cries*

'Perhaps,' he lilted. ♥ I just need to tell you how much I love this response.

I will blame my lack of sleep on the fact that I didn't catch that BRILLIANT joke with the circus and the clown nose until Scorpius said it. But that was BRILLIANT, Andy.

I just can't even articulate how much I enjoyed this chapter. The heartbreak! The spells! The banter! *sighs* LOVE IT. I can't even BEGIN to imagine what's going to happen next.

This was so good. For real.

Keep up the amazing writing, dear! I can't wait for more!



Author's Response: Julieee!

Finally responding to reviews! And I really can't be the one to judge anyone for being distracted by the internet! :D

Yes, very awkward! Do you know how much time I spend coming up with the most awkward things my poor characters could say? A lot! Sigh.

But the thing you said, about not believing it was intentional - thank you! Yes, I'm so glad you thought so. I mean, if I ever want this to be ScoRose, it couldn't have been intentional because I wouldn't let them end up together, haha. :D

Yay for relating to Jonathan! I agree about it being a Hufflepuff thing. Like, I always thought Hufflepuffs would be friendly, but not friendly with just anyone. So yeah, I'm glad you saw it as a 'house' trait. :)

Hahah, like I said, I love making it awkward. But you should understand, god knows you don't make it easy on your characters, haha.

Aahhh, thank you so much for that whole paragraph you wrote! It was something I was really insecure about so to hear this sort of reassurance from you was the best thing! Thank you, Julie, you know how much I value your opinion! :)

Yay for loving and loathing the bickering! They're like these annoying creatures but I'm still fond of them myself. :P

Thank you for the CC! I will fix the things you pointed out, and as for the line Rose says, I agree it sounds weird and thank you for your suggestion! I will definitely change it.

Hahah, I'm glad it made you laugh! And haha, Jules, in what world is a never-ending nosebleed subtle?! XD

Awww, I'm really glad you liked that line!

It's really not meant to be caught until Scorpius says it so it's all good! But ah, thank you, I'm so so happy you thought it was funny!

I do hope to have the next chapter up... soon. I hope!

Anyways, Julie, thank you SO MUCH for this review and all the other awesome reviews you've left me! I love hearing your opinions and you always have such cute reactions to everything! Thank you again! *hugs*


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Review #19, by marauderfan Red Nose, Red Fur

7th January 2015:
Hi Andy :)

Wow! This was an action packed chapter and the end made me laugh so hard! There were a lot of interesting character points made in this chapter.

First - I do feel badly for Jonathan as how could he not suspect anything? I imagine it would be rather unsettling to find your girlfriend talking to someone she's known to hate, acting all close, and then that someone tells you to leave them alone. So I can't blame him for being irritated. However, I get the feeling that Jonathan is not one who forgives and forgets easily, and for him to have so little trust in Rose when she said there wasn't anything deeper behind that scene with Malfoy, it doesn't bode well for Rose and Jonathan's relationship. Trust is important and if he doesn't trust her because she won't be the person he wants her to be... well, their relationship has an expiry date I guess :-/

Good for Rose cornering Malfoy and saying how she feels, and that it's important to her that Jonathan trusts her. I didn't think Malfoy would apologise to Jonathan for her, but it was worth a try. And omg, their spell fight - neither one of them is just talk, I guess! After Rose's mouth kind of got away from her and she started spouting off untrue insults, the clown nose seemed actually kind of perfect XD And then how Rose got back at him by turning him into a fox! Hahaha! Now Scorpius and his father can have some family bonding time over having both been turned into animals. :p

Hilarious though, and I do wonder if they can undo it or if Rose and Scorpius will have to go to the hospital wing together.

Great chapter, Andy! :)

Author's Response: Hi Kristin!

I'm so glad this chapter made you laugh! That's the best thing I could've hoped for, really! :)

Jonathan! Ah, your analysis is so perfect and it's just so great to hear all these points being made without me actually having to explain it in the story itself. You are right about their relationship, though. This is probably not that exciting theme to write about but I really wanted to explore this sort of relationship in which both sides are very disinterested, and are only keeping it up because it seems to be convenient. I'm still not sure where I'll take things with these two but seeing deconstructions of their relationship from readers (especially such a thoughtful reader like yourself) is a great way for me to plan it out. So thank you, thank you! :)

I'm glad you thought Rose's reaction was appropriate. I definitely didn't want drama but she had to do something about it. And yeah, haha, why talk when you have wands? :D

This was definitely one of the most entertaining scenes to write and it's so great to hear you thought it was funny! It's like I can't decide whether I want to write drama/angst or humor so I just throw in a bit of each and hope for the best. :D

Thank you for your lovely review, Kristin, and all the other reviews you left me. You are really one of the best reviewers on this site and I just want to point out again how much I (and probably everyone else) appreciate it. :)


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Review #20, by NNN Chapter Three

4th January 2015:
And, chapter 3! Hi, Andy! Your Secret Santa here. Again. For the last review. :) Hehe

Okay, so the first part of this chapter made me really nostalgic because I remember sweating over my future (no point, really, unemployment is a real thing. I'm living it. hm,lol) But, yes, I loved the way you wrote it. Seventeen year-olds don't care about the future do they? Nope, they don't. (at least not all of them do enough to completely fill out a mountain of paperwork. hehe)

JEM. WOW, I don't know if I liked him. I liked READING about him since he was funny and interesting but if I was in his presence I might have been tempted to hit him squarely on the nose. (But I'm not really violent. -insert eye roll here-)

OMG, OMG! I want Professor Kato as a teacher. May I, please? PLEASE? PLEASE? She is just so amazing and wonderful and great. I want her to be my teacher please? Any subject will do. I also love that Rose is so good at Transfiguration and seems to GENUINELY love it. The tone of affection she has towards it is really evident the way you wrote it. :)

I think the way Ruth simply DECIDED that they would be friends was adorable. People like that always make me sigh in envy even as I shudder to think of all the human interaction (I'm antisocial. It's a fact.) Although I am really wondering as to why they have that gap. I've had friends like that. The closer you are, the more the gap is obvious and painful. I hope Rose doesn't end up getting hurt over the course of the story because of it.

Lastly, the ambush at the end of the chapter was just PERFECTLY done. My conspiracy theorist side (it's a strong side) insists that Malfoy actually stole Rose's Charms book to make sure she would have to come back for it. bwahahaha.

AND. WHAT AWAKENING? WHAT REALIZATION? (Outside voice here, I just want MORE. MORE MORE.) It was just so cruel of you to end it here. I demand more. The queue has reopened. Write more. I will read and review if you do, I promise. By that time I won't be quite as anonymous. ;)

Thanks for sharing, Andy. And thank you to SS for introducing your stories to me. You have a new fan.

XOXO, love.


P.S. You don't know how happy I am that you loved the story set I made for 'Velvet Hands.' I may have stalked the SINGLE request you posted on TDA to figure out what your taste in graphics were so went from there to figure out how to make it. :) If ever in the future you want more, let me know. I seriously love your stories and would love to make graphics for them. :)

Author's Response: Carla, Andy here, again! :D

Bah, the first scene is so random and doesn't really move the plot anywhere but yeah, teenagers don't care about the future and it was so great writing about that because it made me forget about my own worries about the future, hahah. And to hear that a reader had connected with this story in any way, whether its interest in the plot or it reminded them of something from their own lives - that is my favourite thing about writing, really. That perfectly random connection between reader and character and, in the end, the writer. Sorry for the rant, haha, but the point is, I'm glad you liked this first scene.

Jem! 'I want to hit him squarely on the nose' pretty much sums up his character, lol! But don't worry, he'll have better moments in this story. I sort imagined my characters in a few tiers, based on their personalities. On the bottom tier would be Jonathan, because he's really quiet and introverted, in the middle tier I'd place Rose, Scorpius, Ruth and Al, who have pretty much average personalities, and then in the intermediate zone I'd put Jeanie, who is loud and bossy but still not as much as Jem, who is in the top tier. And based on that division, I like to analyze the reactions from reviewers. For example, you didn't show much sympathy for Jonathan or Jem, but you did for the characters in the middle, especially Jeanie. And that just shows how we all react differently and how we like different aspects of different stories and I think that's really great! :D (But what is it with me and ranting today?!)

Professor Kato! I'm SO HAPPY you liked her! She's one of those young, enthusiastic teachers that I really like in RL an I couldn't resist having a character like that in my story. :P

Ah, yes, Rose and Ruth. I had friends like that as well. It can't really be explained, that sort of distance you feel, which is sometimes less prominent, and sometimes it's really obvious. Their storyline is something I've spent so much time developing and I really hope you'll like what I planned! :)

Other than your cynic side, you should listen to your conspiracy theorist side as well! Hahah.

Now that I reached the end of this response, I have a feeling like Secret Santa has just now officially ended, haha. But I have to say it again - THANK YOU for these crazily detailed and wonderful reviews! You are such a great reader and reviewer and your compliments had me flailing on more than one occasion! Thank you for all the graphics you made me and the awesome review on Velvet Hands and lastly, thank you for being a truly wonderful person. :)


P.S. I've already taken you up on that offer, sly old me! :P

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Review #21, by NNN Misunderstandings

4th January 2015:
Hiya, Andy! It's me again, your Secret Santa. Here to review again. :) hehe

This chapter made me grin. If I were Rose I would also be confused as to why Scorpius suddenly decided to talk to me after years of zero communication. It's very confusing (Although my fangirling heart is all.. SQUEE.)

It made me laugh when Ruth and Rose were talking and it was on two completely disparate subjects. It just goes to show what their priorities are (Ruth and Quidditch sound brilliant btw. The two girls actually sound just like Ron and Hermione -- one bright, one Quidditch crazy. It's insane. lol)

I loved the extra insight to Jeanie that you gave us in this chapter. Last chapter I had already decided that I wanted her to be my friend (although I still think such a thing is a burden) but this chapter just reinforced both those feelings. That she would be the HIGH of the duo means that you managed to create a complexity to Scorpius' character. A lot of people portray him as the golden child - the perfect, do no wrong character, but you made him perfectly utterly human and I loved that. It made be that's it''s because it's from Rose's perspective (and she appears to be just a LITTLE oblivious when it comes to Scorpius Malfoy) but it really suits the tone of the story.

You made me really sad (and pouty and sulky and just.. D=) when you had Malfoy overhear the prat comment. It made me want to smack Rose (okay, okay. I can never smack Rose. -sigh-) But, still, poor Scorp! It made so sad that he went back to their cold war. Scorpius seemed really miffed about it, poor guy. I wanted to hug him. What do you think? haha.

I think the way you explain Science of Magic is really smart. It's the same thing with the real world, really. As more progress is made, there are less and less opportunities for people to make breakthroughs unless they have lots of money or connections (This is a completely sore point for me and my unemployment. lol) And I agree with Rose, office work sounds (is) boring.

Then the little talk about Quidditch really made me love Ruth more. I mean, you can see she's passionate about the sport and that's just fascinating to see. Only few people are so passionate about something that they are actually good at. And she is truly blessed in that aspect.

Lastly, the Rose-Scorpius scene outside was... lacking. Not because of your writing. Your writing was perfect. More, it was because of how Rose was. The boy actually made the first effort (He's been making ALL the effort, really) and all she can do is whine (moan) about it? That's pathetic. I'm not sure Scorpius likes her (my fangirl heart says he does.) but the cynic in me goes... WHY? Why even stand liking someone like that? tsk. Ok, moving on. Can't wait to read more. (well, I will but, really I wish this story was complete. Because I want to read more.)

-- NNN

P.S. The part about taking Divination was just the perfect way of reminding us that while Rose is Hermione's daughter she is still a Weasley. Of course Ron was proud. It's the sort of thing he'd do if he thought about it.lol

Author's Response: Carla, love!

I know, a horribly late response for such a lovely review but I mentioned all of my excuses in the PM I sent you so I won't do it again here. I just need you to know that I appreciate each of your comments and thoughts and I still keep coming back to these reviews because they always cheer me up! :D

It's so great to hear that the first scene made you laugh because that's exactly its purpose! The thing about Scorpius talking to Rose all of a sudden I can't comment on because spoilers, but I love your comparison of Rose and Ruth to Ron and Hermione, haha. Although, Ruth is definitely a bit more composed than Ron, lol. :D

''Last chapter I had already decided that I wanted her to be my friend...''

^Okay, this is the cutest thing ever! I remember reading this the day you posted this review and I just smiled at my screen so much. Seriously, this is adorable. I am so happy you like Jeanie, even though there are definitely downsides to having such a friend. And as for Scorpius, 'perfectly utterly human' is such an amazing compliment because don't we all strive to achieve that in our characters? And I'm happy you can see it, even with such a biased character like Rose (that you so rightly pointed out).

Ahh, the prat bit. I think your reaction is totally justified! It definitely wasn't nice of Rose to say that, but I guess she's a flawed character, like all of my characters are in a way, and I hope I managed to show that. I'm really glad you felt protective of Scorpius there, because that means his nature shows even through Rose's biased filter, which is so so important at this point. :)

Regarding the Science thing - I'm so glad you like that part! We've already spoken about it, but yeah, unemployment is a real issue and I sort of wanted to show that magic world is not exempt from it.

I love writing about Ruth and Quidditch! In RL, I don't really like sports, and even writing a Quidditch scene is something I wouldn't want to do, but just writing about someone being passionate about it is really fun. I'm glad you liked that part and that it made you sympathize with Ruth more. :)

As for the last scene... I think the cynic in you is onto something... :P I won't try to defend Rose but like you said in the beginning of your review, Scorpius' sudden friendliness is a bit confusing isn't it? I guess Rose is not really good in handling this feeling and she wants things out in the open, and Scorpius is not really helping her with that. So yeah, that's all I can say about it for now. :) But I'm so glad you still wanted to keep reading, despite this!

Yay, I'm so glad you liked the Divination bit. Those little nods to canon always make me happy, both when reading and writing.

All in all, thank you so so much for yet another wonderful review, Carla! I loved reading it (multiple times) and I truly appreciate you taking time to leave it!


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Review #22, by NNN Cold War

4th January 2015:
Hi, Andy. It is I, your Secret Santa, here for the last round of gift-giving. YAY!!! :) Anyway, you certainly had very sweet things to say in the guessing thread. *sniffles* but as to how correct you are. Well, not very long to wait now. -insert evil laugh here-

For my last bout of gift-giving I decided to review this gorgeous story that I'd read the day they assigned Secret Santa (although for this review, I had to re-read. lol). To say I loved this story and was tempted, very tempted, to favorite it is an understatement. The silver lining I see is that Secret Santa is not permanent and it allowed me the opportunity to be introduced to your beautiful writing. I don't know if I mentioned this in my other review but I am seriously in love with how you manage to set scenes with such a carefree flow. You don't burden us with words of emotions - you just let us feel and see everything that happens. I think that's a major talent and I am uber impressed.

Okay, so about this chapter. You mentioned at the end that it was long. I don't think it is. I mean, it's certainly full of words but nothing felt dragging and every single scene; piece of dialogue felt absolutely essential to the plot. You'd already hooked me from the moment I realized this was a ScoRose but you introduced the characters in such a way that at the end I've forgotten that a lot of them are OC's and as such, your creations, because they FELT real. It's like I knew them or I wanted to, anyway.

You also made Rose's thoughts on Hermione HILARIOUS. She sounds like the Hermione we know and love and I can imagine being as exasperated and annoyed as Rose obviously is. It makes me feel sorry for her but happy for her as well. It is a gift to have a parent care for one's future as much Hermione does about Rose's.

Ruth is a very interesting friend. The way she and Rose interact is lovely and you can really see that they've known each other for years even with the fact that they don't share all their interests -- I think that's what makes a friendship even more real.

I also loved Jeanie. She doesn't strike me as the sort of person you'd expect to be friends with Scorpius -- WHICH IS WHY SHE'S SIMPLY PERFECT. Ok, she is. Really. I would love a friend like that. Although, it's probably a burden so, ok, maybe not.

So, lastly. The ScoRose war. I am so very intrigued. I think it's very realistic the way you've written about their war, attempt at a friendship bigger war and then silent treatment. It's a sort of relationship that I think everyone can relate to but one imagines it's the sort of thing that leads to interesting relationships.. -insert eye roll here-

Anyway, that's about it since I decided that I would casually ignore Jonathan. He sounds boring. (I sound so mean.) I mean, what is Rose doing with him? She deserves more spice. Right? ;)

Thanks for sharing, dove. Never stop writing. :)

-- NNN. :)

P.S. Btw, I am completely in love with the quotes you insert at the start of every chapter. They manage to always set the tone of the entire thing PERFECTLY.. :D

Author's Response: Hey Carla! It turns out I was very correct in my guess, if I may remind us once more! *insert gloating laugh*

I already know I will have a hard time coming up with words to respond to these lovely reviews! You are so, so incredibly kind, it's unreal. And I am so thrilled you liked my story as much. Thank you for the reviews and favorites and everything - it really means the world to me.

I'm thrilled to hear that I don't burden the reader with heavy emotions and that the flow is good. That is such a great compliment to hear from you! Thank you! And the fact that the chapter was no too long and that my characters felt real - well that's too many amazing compliments in one place, I just don't know what to say but thank you. I'm thrilled you like this story as much and all of your kind words are so encouraging. :)

Ahh, Hermione! I love writing about her from Rose's POV, just because I have this idea of her being an annoying mum, haha. But because this is a coming of age novel, Rose will eventually realise Hermione has only the best intentions (I don't even think of this as a spoiler :P).

Ruth is definitely a character I've spent a lot of time developing in my head, even before I started writing, so it's great to hear you like her, especially her interactions with Rose.

But Jeanie! Okay, confession: she is my number one favorite character. I love her, it's the truth. And I love your analysis of her - an exciting person to have as a friend, but a bit of a burden as well. I love it, and all your reactions are so great and accurate! :D

As for the ScoRose - I hope you'll like what I have planned out for these two. And Jonathan, hahaha. He is boring, I have to agree. :P

This response is probably not as good as I intended it to be, but I was logged out of my account and my initial review got deleted and now I'm dispirited.

But thank you once more for these unbelievably encouraging and lovely reviews! I am truly grateful you were my Secret Santa, and I'm so happy you are interested in this story! You are a million kinds of lovely, dear! Thank you. And thank you. :)


P.S. Aaaah, thank you for mentioning the quotes! I LOVE picking them out (for hours) and I'm so glad they seem to be working!

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Review #23, by tangledconstellations Chapter Three

4th December 2014:

I loved this so much. Things are getting so tense, and things are starting to unravel...eek!! You've crafted these past few chapters so well - your writing absolutely astounds me. It's so great to read. And Malfoy - I love that he's not the cliche guy you expect with a Scorpius/Rose fic. He feels developed already, and the way he acts really works.

Ahh all I want to do is just squee at this chapter. I really really enjoyed it - it was the perfect balance of intrigue and humor and a smidge of (sexual?) tension, just at the end. I want them to work out their differences and be together forever, SO BAD. I hate myself for saying that but I so do!

Really love this. Each chapter just keeps getting better and better - I can't wait to read more :)

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Laura! How many times can I say 'thank you' and 'I'm glad' before it gets weird? :D But the thing is, I really am so thankful for your reviews and I really am extremely glad you seem to be enjoying this story so much!

I spend ridiculous amounts of time re-reading every sentence over and over until I am satisfied with it so I am thrilled you like my writing style!

Aaah, Malfoy! So glad to hear he's not a cliche guy - I definitely didn't want my characters to be cliched in any way.

''He feels developed already, and the way he acts really works. '' THIS! This is so awesome to hear because he didn't actually appear all that much yet and I was afraid he might be under-characterized. Thank you for writing this, seriously. :D

Intrigue and humour - yes! Sexual tension - not...yet? Hahah, I wasn't really going for sexual tension here. It appears that way, yes, but that's just because I needed it that way so that the plot can move forward the way I imagined it. And this doesn't make sense now but I hope it will once I post chapter four. :)

I have no idea how you came across this story (I'm not advertising it that much) but I am so happy that you did! You've been so encouraging and I actually did some writing today because of you! So, thank you and I hope you'll enjoy the rest! :)

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Review #24, by tangledconstellations Misunderstandings

4th December 2014:
Hey againn!

Ahhh RUTH! She is such a secretive one. I love her, she's such a good character. Also, I feel as though Rose was entirely justified in calling Malfoy a prat...although maybe she should have checked to see if the coast was clear first.

This was such a great chapter, I'm really enjoying this fic! AH again, your writing style is so good, its so lovely to read. You're a natural storyteller, and it's super lovely to read a fic that flows with characters that are so engaging.

See you on the next chapter!

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Laura, hello!

Gah, I'm so glad you like this story! Hurrah for Ruth, I'm having so much fun writing her. :) And it's so great that you can understand Rose here. I wanted both of them do be sort of reckless here - not bad people or really mean to each other but just a bit silly with the things they say and do. :)

I am a natural storyteller! Aah, you are spoiling me with compliments, dear! Thank you so much for this review and again, I'm so happy you gave this story a shot!


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Review #25, by tangledconstellations Cold War

4th December 2014:
Hey lovely!

I was really intrigued by this story so I thought I'd stop by for a little read. I'm normally super picky about next-gen stories, but this was really, really lovely and I really enjoyed reading this chapter. You've definitely got me wanting to read more!

I think you've set up Rose as a character so well. She's so likable and easy to relate to! I love how you've established the relationships between her and the main characters already. There's such a great dynamic between Rose and Ruth, and Al as well. It's really refreshing.

I really like Rose, and I'm totally rooting for her in chapters to come. The way you write is so great too - perfect for the genre.

Can't wait to read more! :)

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Hello Laura!

Wow, thank you so much for this surprise review! I'm so glad you gave this story a shot and liked this chapter. I hope you'll enjoy the rest as well! :)

My main goal with this chapter was to establish the relationships between characters so to hear that you thought I've done a good job with it is so gratifying! I honestly love writing this story so this sort of feedback really makes the whole process all the more exciting. And I'm so happy to hear that you're rooting for Rose already, I think that's the best thing a reader can tell you.

Thank you again for leaving this review and for all the lovely compliments, you just made me really happy! I tried toning down my excitement but I'm actually all *squee* and I'm grinning like crazy and just thank you so much! :)


P.S. I was logged out of my account while writing this response and when I logged back on I saw the other two reviews and gaaah, thank you so much!! I'm so excited that you are reading this and are enjoying it! I honestly have no time to respond to them now but I just wanted to let you know that I you just made my day! *hugs*

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