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Review #1, by WhiteFeather Expedition

21st December 2014:
No! Not a cliffhanger! Nicely done though :) please update soon, it is so good!

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Review #2, by razorlight. Propitiation

15th December 2014:
So excited that there's finally a new chapter! :) Good job on it as well, you've got me hooked.

I really want to know what's the backstory of Rose's and Scor's breakup and of course Lorcan's and Cecily's.
I also really like how you've portraied Louis, it is absolutely hilarious. Looking forward to reading more.

xx Tina

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Review #3, by ALEXIS2015017 Conversation

6th December 2014:
Hi Rosmerta
I just wanted to say that I am enjoying your story tremendously. Could you possibly consider doing a Albus POV, as I find him a really interesting character. I usually hate uncanon pairings but I think if u put Albus and Cecily's together it would be great, but not for many more chapters.
Please continue the story, I am loving it!

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Review #4, by ALEXIS2015017 Conversation

6th December 2014:
Hi Rosmerta
I just wanted to say that I am enjoying your story tremendously. Could you possibly consider doing a Albus POV, as I find him a really interesting character. I usually hate uncanon pairings but I think if u put Albus and Cecily's together it would be great, but not for many more chapters.
Please continue the story, I am loving it!

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Review #5, by newgenerationlover Confrontation

29th November 2014:
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE LIKE THAT!! THAT IS NOT FAIR!! NOT ON THAT BIG OF A CLIFF HANGER!! THE NEXT CHAPTER BETTER BE IN THE QUEUE RIGHT NOR OR ELSE I WILL GO ALL LIAM NEESON ON YOU AND I WILL FIND YOU, AND KILL YOU. Ok, well I probs won't kill you as that would make the next chapters of this and my baby be put on hold indefinitely but I WILL FIND YOU AND... do something. Yeah, Not really sure were I'm going with that one to be honest... Anyway, speaking about my baby, WHERE ON THIS GOOD EARTH IS IT'S UPDATE?? Yes, I appreciate all these update but HAVE YOU ABANDONED MY BABY LIKE PROFESSOR NOTT ABANDONED CEE-CEE?? (Good parallel, huh? ;)) I DEMAND YOU GO ON YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW, OPEN UP WHERE EVER YOU ARE WRITING MY BABY AND DON'T GET UP BEFORE THE NEXT CHAPTER IS DOWNLOADED TO THE ARCHIVES!!

Phew, glad that is out of my system. Ok, so to the chapter. Ah, gosh, that person your BF is also super close to. Aren't they just the worst? Totally reasonable that Cee-Cee was glad Rose got to see the other side of that relationship with Cee-Cee being friends with Lucy, I mean, I've certainly done that before. Ugh, and her just being so perfect makes it all the more worse for Cee-Cee you know? I just want to hug her and make it all right again *cries* Legit worst thing about life is that you can't go into books and occasionally just hug it out with a character.

Oh goodness, sugar-honey-iced-tea just went down. Cee-Cee and Al dueling... WHAT IS THIS? Why can't they just get all their pent up frustration out with a good ol' kiss (read: intense make out session). I loved how Cee-Cee felt so invigorated during the duel, that for once, she was actually doing something. Maybe that will lead to her taking more chances, especially with a certain Potter child *wink wink* OH GOD, I HONESTLY CAN'T DEAL WITH THAT CLIFF HANGER. YOU ARE SATAN RIGHT NOW. BLAIR REARRANGED SPELLS DEVIL.


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Review #6, by newgenerationlover Situation

29th November 2014:
Ok, first off, before I get into the nit and grit of the chapter... I THINK I AM GOING CRAZY. I saw your story updated like a couple days ago but it only had up to chapter 8 up and now there is 10?? Am I missing something? Did you become a trusted author and just put two chapter up at once? Did the site mess up? Am I just really going crazy and need to check into the loony hut??

Ok, now that that is done, ONWARD TO THE REVIEW! So not only does Al flirt with every breathing being with boobs, but he now also flirts with the ones that don't breathe? I feel like there is a weird fetish name for that ;) THANK YOU CEE-CEE FOR CALLING HIM OUT ON HIS D-BAGGERY!! I feel like she should be snapping her fingers in a z-formation a lot of the time. AH THEY ARE SO ADORABLE WHEN THEY ARE FLIRTING OVER WHAT CEE-CEE'S MIDDLE NAME IS! STAWP! MY HEART HURTS FROM ALL THE CUTENESS!!

OH MY GOD! LITERALLY DIED! (well not literally obviously :P) Scorpius asking for sex advice is too much. TOO MUCH. I shall embrace my inner white girl for a moment and say: I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW. Gosh, I hope to god I don't ever have to live through a conversation like that with like my brother or anything. "shudders" But she gave him some good advice and I think they are so adorable together because they are so close and look out for each other and I'm so glad you don't have him as the over-done super over protective brother and just YASSS. This story is just too perfect :P


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Review #7, by newgenerationlover Friction

29th November 2014:
HI IM HERE FOR THE REVIEW IM 50 YEARS LATE ON. Wow, sorry for all the shouting but it just seemed appropriate you know? Anyways, hello there Blair!! Long time no see right? Just to let you know, I know I haven't replied to your PM yet but I'm making myself finish the next chapter of HTBMOMAG first which I'm almost done with!! *cheers* Anyway, on to your wonderful story :P TIPPY IS SO ADORABLE AND I JUST WANT TO HUG HER!! She is so adorable and I love that Cee-Cee watches over her and ugh its just too much cuteness to handle. God! F-ing Silas!! Who is he? Why did he suddenly try to corner her?? I NEED TO KNOW MORE AND I ALSO NEED CEE-CEE TO KICK HIM WHERE IT HURTS!! Sorry but ew. He is grody and that's all I'm going to say about the matter. ALLLBBUUUSSS! Oh gosh, is it just me or is he getting more adorable every chapter? Yes, yes, he is still kind of a d-bag but I still ship it. THE SHIP HAS LEFT PORT. I REPEAT: THE SHIP HAS LEFT PORT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN AND THERE IS NO WAY IT IS GOING BACK. Ok, now I really need to go and continue reading. Bye, lovely!!

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Review #8, by Girlforeverlost Confrontation

28th November 2014:
This story is wonderful! I found it today and was genuinely upset when I reached the end- all I want to know is more! Can't wait for your next update.

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Review #9, by sleepingdragons Friction

10th November 2014:
Pleease update soon! I love this story :) xx

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Review #10, by Raven The Bookworm Friction

9th October 2014:
Let's just get this out of the way so that I can get on to my main point. You're story, I freaking wonderful. I'm talking What a Catch, Donnie, The Mighty Fall, The Phoenix beautiful.
My main point, I love all of these songs. You must agree with me that Fall Out Boy is a genius band. Perfection in pop punk.
Keep up the perfection!

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Review #11, by newgenerationlover Information

4th October 2014:
Firstly, was it the War of the Roses? And secondly, OMG TWO NEW CHAPTERS!! I HONESTLY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF RIGHT NOW! Ok, so know we know, or should I say now Cee (yeah, just going to now call her by the nickname Lorcan calls her because it is shorter and really quite adorable :P) know that Nott is her father. At risk of sounding like a cilche, I can't even right now. And good lord, I can't tell if I am totally shipping Lorcan and Cee because he is so sweet even though I'm pretty sure it was revealed to us earlier that he was gay. though that may have been another story I was reading... Gosh, all the stories sometimes blend together, you know? And Albus and Cee! Squueee!! Ok, sorry for the short review but there is ANOTHER CHAPTER!!! Ok bye, boo :P

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Review #12, by potterfan310 Friction

4th October 2014:
Me again!

AWw Tippy is adorable! I love how Cece has a favourite house elf :D So cute. She reminds me a bit of Winky in a way too, maybe they're related,lol.

Ahh Rose is keeper like Ron, I LOVE IT. Especially as Rose is never normally seen playing Quidditch.

Urgh, Silas Avery. The slimeball. Thank god Albus came in when he did!

Albus, the bad boy. I love him so much and that he told Cece someone cares, but it isn't him. He cares I know he does!

Tippy is so cute, now she reminds me so much of Dobby! Bless her though looking out for Cece, I can't believe she found the photo though, however I'm glad Cece got to see it.

Plus Cece and Al are talking, more than normal. Boy oh boy these prefect rounds are going to be sooo much fun :D

Haha, now they're in trouble. Uh-oh, lol.Cannot wait for the next one.


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Review #13, by potterfan310 Information

4th October 2014:

Cece, I feel for her. It can't be easier finding out your long lost father is suddenly your new teacher and practically everyone knew before you. Man that's gotta be hard.

Neville, I love him! Herbology lessons have got to be so much fun with him as a teacher. " could hear him cooing at the evil things for the remainder of the hour." - THIS is just brilliant XD and one of the many reasons I love Neville, your characterisation of him so far is just fabulous!

"Lucy pulled her regular disappearing act." - This reminds sooo much of a friend, especially when we were first getting to know her, she would suddenly vanish. I love it.

Lorcan and Cece still make me curious, especially as to how he broke her heart!

There was one 'pants' when Cece was on about Louis with his mouse tail :p

Rose, I just LOVE her and the whole way you've characterised her, I know I've said it before but she's just absolutely brilliant! :D

Funny thing, all I can hear in my head now reading this is The Vamps new song called 'Cecilia' Future song for her and Albus perhaps, haha.

Oooh I wonder whether it was Theo Nott in the bed at the end of the ward??

Can't wait for the next one.

Sophie xx

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Review #14, by Alexis Education

29th September 2014:
I really like the storyline! Please keep writing?!

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Review #15, by dracodarlingxx Education

21st September 2014:
oh my god.
well that was certainly unexpected . . . how come everyone else knew that Prof Nott was Ceci's dad expect for her?!?! (and Rose :') )
BUT HOLD UP A SEC. WHAT DID YOU MEAN ABOUT CECI SEEING DRACO OR ASTORIA FOR THE LAST TIME?! IF YOU KILL OFF DRACO I WILL CRY A RIVER. and more (tbh i don't give a hoot about astoria . . .) argh h h h . the suspense is killing me.
but on other news, I'm lovin Louis more and more with every chapter, so please update soon xx

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Review #16, by missclaire17 Education

21st September 2014:
New reader here! :)

It's rather interesting that you see many hints of the darker aspects to come in later chapters, but the tone and mood of the chapters right now are much more light-hearted. I like the contrast that you make, lulling the readers into a sense of comfort before making a statement to make the readers realize that this won't be such an easy ride after all.

I thought it was kind of obvious that Theodore Nott is Cecily's father, though I suppose that is just because us readers have background information and knowledge that Cecily doesn't have. My one criticism is that Cecily's reaction towards the possibility that she just met her biological father isn't as exaggerated as I feel as though it could be. Obviously, I suppose we'll see a lot more of her reaction and the way she deals with it in later chapters, but just thought I should mention it :)

It's almost sort of funny how Albus and Cecily can't get along. Sometimes I think Cecily is being a bit too dramatic, but then Albus will do something that makes me want to roll my eyes.

Awesome story! Can't wait for your update!

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Review #17, by potterfan310 Education

20th September 2014:

Scorpius' reaction, HA! It's perfect especially as Al has had to deal with it with Him and Rose.

Louis and CeCe, just no words. Those two are by far going to have a very interesting friendship over fifth year, me thinks. He's a cuddler, boy is Ally Longbottom a lucky girl is they get together. So glad to see more of him :)

Trying to wake Rose up with food, I LOVE HER, IT'S OFFICIAL! Your Rose is actually perfect/hilarious and so very much her father :p

Albus, he's an idiot but I love him so much. So much sexual tension, I love it. JUST KISS ALREADY! Make them play truth or dare and voila they KISS!

It's a silly thing but I've done it in my reviews, but Scorp/Lucy called her 'CeCi' whilst Rose called her 'Cee-Cee and I think that you added an extra 'e' on the end of Imogen McLaggen's first name?

OH MY GOD, YES! I KNEW IT. THEO'S HER FATHER!? More to the point how in the world did LUCY KNOW AND CECE DIDN'T!?! Ahhh so many questions, not enough chapters :p

Cannot wait for the next one, especially to see CeCe's reaction.

Soph :D

P.s NBD, haha I thought it was something odd :p Instead of 'No Big Deal' it just didn't occur in my brain it was slang/shorthand.

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Review #18, by couldyoureallyknow Education

20th September 2014:
introducing her father into the story will be such an interesting dynamic. write more soon please.

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Review #19, by EeshaPotter Education

19th September 2014:
I love how you made her father join Hogwarts!! When will you update next??

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Review #20, by newgenerationlover Education

19th September 2014:
Wait... WHAT??? HER FATHER?? OMG! PLOT DEVELOPMENTS!! Sqeee!! Ok, so I am being such a horrible reader as I still haven't left a review for the last chapter but this one is up so I just had to read it and you just DROPPED THAT BOMB ON US AND OMG I AM FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS INFORMATION. WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS INFORMATION?? *cries* You can't just do things like this to your fragile, little readers! It breaks us mentally and most of us are already a little to crazy! (*cough cough* me *cough cough*) Ok, so did we know that she didn't know her father? Maybe we did and I just didn't remember... Being crazy affects your memory sometimes, if you didn't know that already *nods* Ok, so from the beginning! OMG I LOVE LOUIS SO MUCH. HE IS SO ADORABLE AND I LOVE THAT HE IS A CUDDLIER AND I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE WITH HIM AND GAH! Wow, I am really using the heck out of my caps lock key. Sorry. And Albus! I love him but he is such a prat isn't he?! Like dud, grow up! But they have so much sexual tension and I'm just sitting here like "JUST KISS ALREADY! GOODNESS GRACIOUS!" :P So what is she going to do about this information?? Is she going to faint or run away and hide or act casual like nothing happened or go up to him and slap him for being an absent father or is she going to question her mental sanity that everyone else figured out it was her father before she did or is she going to be weirded out that everyone knew she had an absent father who's name is Theo or what?? TELL MEEE!! Oh, and finally HOW DARE YOU UPDATE MY PET BEFORE MY BABY!! Sorry, just felt like I had to say that. But I'm not too mad because I know all the Hazel/James action just takes a bit more time to write and that's why 12 is taking so long, right? ;)

Mary :P

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Review #21, by Gabriella Hunter Irritation

17th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums dumping this review on you and its nice to meet you! I can't believe that you haven't had this story requested for me...such a crime against humanity! I honestly thought that this was hilarious and very well-written so I have no idea why you would hide such a gem from me. Shame on you.

Anyway, on to this! Now, I don't know what it is about Ceci but I found her wit to be very addictive. There's something very refreshing about a character that doesn't swoon and sigh whenever Albus is around, basking the world in his hunky glow. I like that you've made her health conscious as well, as that is a trait that will make her stand out from a lot of other girls that I've read about--it makes her appear more mature and thoughtful and I'm sure that will come in handy later. What I thought was an interesting little note that you wrote was the fact that she was reading an old Muggle magazine. That shows to me, right there that the old prejudices that you would expect from this story of story aren't there and that the characters are their own people. It was a nice touch.

I also like how you have Scorpius, Louis and Albus in this chapter. They come off to me as just normal boys and their actions are a bit childish but its normal behavior for boys their age and it was so refreshing. I've grown a bit tired of angsty Albus or Prince Charming type boys in fanfics--what boy is so perfect at fifteen that the heavens open up around him? Like...come on! Out of all of them though, I think that Albus's banter with Ceci was very spot-on, there was a certain flirtatious undertone during the entire exchange that was irresistible.

Now, I don't know about anyone else but I think the animosity that she has for Albus is actually pretty accurate. I've read a lot of stories about love at first sight (I also love that little opening line there about how she wasn't that sort of person, it really made me laugh) and it gets a bit cloying, to be honest. I don't believe in it, personally but what I DO believe in is an attraction that you can't deny. The power of it can be so unsettling that it morphs into hate and I think that's what happened with Ceci, the fact that she complimented Albus with the you-look-just-like-your-father line only adding a bit more spice to it.

I'm wondering how Ceci will survive an entire week with Albus in the same house though! I have a feeling its not going to go the way she wants it to and also, just another thing: Albus mentioned that his parents didn't trust him to be alone in the house anymore and that shows a different side to him that I really liked, it hinted that he was no angel at all, which is quite different from the usual things I've read so good job!

Another thing: The bit of backstory on each boy was very well-written and you even talked about the death of Ceci's mother in a way that wasn't overbearing to this fist chapter. I'm sure we'll learn more about that later, I'm curious to know how it shaped her life, as Ceci is filling in that role.

Anyhoo, I loved this and I'm glad that you requested! Don't be so shy about stopping by next time! :D

Much love,


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Review #22, by crestwood Irritation

16th September 2014:
Hey! Here for our review swap!

First, I want to mention how interesting it is that Ceci is reading a book about muggle fashion. I don't know why that struck me as so incredibly awesome, but it just seemed unique for a witch to be reading.

For some reason, I just really liked the fact that the boys smoked cigarettes. And not because I thought it was a good thing for kids as young as them to be doing, but because it made them seem a lot more realistic as teenagers honestly. I think a lot of stories on this site tend to downplay the way most teenagers like to rebel. Good touch with that, especially with them flicking them onto the ground recklessly.

I love the dynamic between Albus and Ceci and according to her, it was nice to fall into the routine again, so I suppose I'm not the only one. He really seems to know how to get under her skin. It could almost verge on too mean to like him, but you stop it right before that point and it stays kind of light and playful.

I have a thing for shy protagonists and I suspect this will be no exception. And now I know why she is living with the Malfoys as well! Her mother is dead and father either also dead or just not in her life for some reason. So, some amount of time after she's shipped off to live with her aunt and uncle, only to find out that Albus Potter, her worst enemy will also be staying there. Or as she put it, (fantastically) the literal worst.

But something tells me Albus wasn't sent there for a good reason. The "stuff" that Scorpius says he is going through must be the very same stuff that caused him to be shipped off to live there in the first place. I am interested to find out what that stuff is going to turn out to be. I'm going to return for the second chapter as soon as I find time! Thank you for the swap!

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Review #23, by potterfan310 Celebration

9th September 2014:

Yay more Louis!! He may not be in it much yet, but I love his character :)

Your characterisation of Lucy, wowzer. I always see her as the swotty type, very much like her father, but I kind of like seeing the rebellion side to her. It's definitely different from the norm. Kudos.

One thing that confused me was this sentence - "Oh, yeah, NBD, I do that all the time." What's NBD?

I'm most certainly intrigued as to how Lorcan broke Cee-Cee's heart.

Despite he being a big old meanie to Cee-Cee I LOVE Albus. Just him being the 'bad boy' makes me love him more.

Rose, what's more to love. She's just pure brilliance.

THEY SLEPT IN THE SAME BED, WHOOO! THAT'S PROGRESS IN MY BOOK :P I really hope those two learn to love one another at some, even if it is just as friends.

Can't wait for chapter 7!


Author's Response: Haha, I love Louis and I'm glad you do, too!

Lucy is definitely the black sheep of the family - she marches to the beat of her own drum, which is exactly what I felt Percy needed in his life :)

NBD = no big deal, haha. Sorry! I told you I use some weird phrases and stuff sometimes...I'll have to add an A/N about it.

Lorcan's story will definitely be coming out soonish...

Ceci and Al will be at each other's throats a LOT - something I think you'll enjoy :)

Ugh, Rose - I just love her.

I'm glad you say that you hope they'll learn to love each other, even just as friends, because I haven't really decided if they actually end up together or not. Maybe you can help me with that along the way :)

Thanks again for everything!!!

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Review #24, by potterfan310 Embarkation

9th September 2014:

Your characterisation of Draco is brilliant, I love how he's such a family man in a way, though he may still have his flaws, you've characterised him brilliantly.

" I couldn't possibly have known it was the last time I'd ever see one of them alive." - OH MY GOD WHAT!? NO! One of them dies, what!?

You know it's going to be good when they call each other by their last names :p Love the sexual tension just from that, I love seeing it in fics even if it is cliched. PERFECT! They have prefect duty together, even more opportunities for them to annoy each other but let the attraction grow.

Rose, a Slytherin! I love that you've swapped around most of the Next Gen's sorting. I.E Slytherin Rose, Lucy and Scamander twin. With Al and Scorp both in Gryffindor, it's nice and refreshing to see.

Oooh I sense a lot of drama coming up, since like I said in my other review that Theodor Nott is Ceci's father!

James and Fred ♥ I'm sensing maybe whilst Ceci likes James, she'll soon learn to like Al hopefully. Rose I LOVE HER ALREADY. She's so feisty and loud and I swear she is going to live up to that even more, plus her little snogging sessions with Scorpius practically everywhere. That girl sure knows what she wants.


Author's Response: Yay! I rewrote my depiction of Draco so many times, but it seems he came off the way I intended after all.

I know, it's so dramatic! AAH!

I couldn't help the cliche, it's too perfect for Al and Ceci in this story! I'm just glad you like it too :) Prefect duty will be...entertaining (I hope!), to say the least.

I'm glad you like the way they're sorted, too; I feel like it fits each of their personalities the way I see them in my head. I hope that continues to be obvious.

I stand by my previous statement on Professor Nott...just wait and see! :)

Ahh I'm so glad you just get all my characters! It makes me so happy, seriously.

Thank you!!!

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Review #25, by potterfan310 Recreation

9th September 2014:
Me again!

Rose is one of my favourite next gen girls and I love her and her craziness in this! Plus I adore ScoRose ♥

Ceci's character is just brilliant, where as other OC's act older when they're sixteen or whatever, but you've got Ceci down to a tee. She truly acts like a proper fifteen/sixteen year old, like being clueless about Rose and the 'sleep teddy'.

Bless Ceci, having to listen to her cousin's love life with Rose :p Poor girl.

Brictpicking (sorry) but fall - as in terms of the season the UK use 'Autumn'

Ignore my last thing about Al being a seventh year. They're all fifth years right? I don't know why but I thought Al/Scor were older.

They're night sounds so fun! Plus I love the Al and Ceci interaction, especially his comment about liking her other bikini. There is so sexual tension between them and I love it, Can't wait to see how that plays out :D

That last line! It sounds like they're in for a rocky fifth year. Hopefully their innocence stays intact!

Off to the next one!


Author's Response: Rose is one of my favourites, too (as well as the ScoRose pairing), so I wanted to have some fun with her in this story. I'm glad you appreciate it!

I really want to keep Ceci realistic, so please call me out if she starts acting a little too mature a little too soon :) Also, I'm pretty sure Scorpius and Rose have scarred her for life.

Thank you for pointing out my use of "fall" which is odd in itself because in real life I always say "autumn"...who knows where my brain was while this chapter was being written.

Yes, Al and Scorpius are fifth years.

Haha I love sexual tension where the characters don't really realize it's sexual tension - I have some ideas, but I'm interested in seeing how exactly it plays out as well :)

Their fifth year will be rocky, but never boring!

Thank you!!!

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