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Review #1, by teh tarik Prologue

7th September 2014:
Hey Maggie!

I'm here with your requested review! Ah, I can't say how pleased I am to read a Founders, especially one that's written by you! :) You write this era so, so well: the language, the details of setting, the atmosphere, everything.

I love this opening chapter of yours; I know it's short, and that's possibly why you feel a bit insecure about this, as per your post in my review thread, but I can assure you that this was written brilliantly, and that you've created a wonderful atmosphere of tension and mystery and drama. Using the seer was an excellent choice of opening, and it really set this whole foreboding mood to the story. I love the contrasts between the Founders, from Godric's open belief in the seer's words, to Rowena's open scepticism, which seems to be spreading to Helga, and finally, Salazar's unreadability. Somehow, I feel the seer might know more than what she lets on, and she might possibly know something about Salazar, about the rift that grows between him and the other three founders?

I love your prose. It's clean and clear and direct, there's a sparseness that's refreshing, as Founders fic are usually more elaborate in their prose and descriptive detail. But still, at times there are some beautifully poetic moments in this chapter, e.g. when the Seer speaks: A garden snake. A ship gliding over the sea. A young boy weeping. And wand combat, particularly by you, Lord Gryffindor. These are such striking images.

And to answer your question, this definitely draws me in! I'd love to read more. Despite this very brief chapter, you've provided enough detail to make the characters intriguing and fascinating, and I can't wait to see how you develop them over the course of the story!

Lovely beginning, Maggie! Thanks for requesting and I do hope you'll update this soon. :)


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Review #2, by Aphoride Prologue

25th August 2014:
Hi Maggie! :D Spotted you in review tag and just had to pop by - so happy to see this up! I adored Down Comes the Night, as you know, so this looks super cool and exciting, even if there's (maybe?) a lack of Helgazar.

So really, chances were I was going to love this, and I do! It's just such a brilliant beginning! I love how you set the fall of the Founders up from the beginning - with what sounds like something of a final battle-type thing, with Godric, and the hints that Salazar is going to betray them. Of course, we know he does, but what else will happen? Is he just going to put a snake in the castle, because it sounds like he's going to do more... and all the little things about Godric should protect his family... Gareth! His wife! :( So foreboding - I love it :P

The characters are back and so wonderfully written, again. I loved how Salazar was so impassive, and Rowena just so uninterested in what the Seer had to say - which seems so in character for her, being so logical and so intelligent. It's not something which is particularly logical... Helga was lovely, as always - and Godric was so sweet, too, if even he seemed a little sceptical at the beginning. But then, I suppose none of them want to think about betrayal, you know? They're supposed to be friends and all...

The seer herself was great, too. I liked how she came from Ireland, there was a council of Seers (which is such a cool idea!) and how she'd come to give them a warning because the school - and they themselves - is important. It's very reminiscent of King Arthur, you know, in the sense that the quest/warning/magical guest comes to them, and so on...

Your writing, as always, is lovely! :) Everything flows so beautifully, and you just manage the more old-fashioned language so, so well!

So yes, I think it's safe to say this is something I'll be following without a doubt, and that you've done it again :)

Favourited! :D

Aph xx

Author's Response: Aph, hi! Thank you so much for checking this out, it means the world to me!

Although there may be a lack of Helgazar in this, I hope you will like the dynamic between them in this story. It's set several years after DCtN, so they have had considerable time to process things. I wanted to keep going with these characters, and I felt that it was time for them to face a real test. The stakes are definitely higher, and you're on the right track with some of your thoughts about what the prophecy means (if you can really even call it a prophecy. Haha, it's a little too cryptic to be truly informative.)

Yay, I'm so glad you like the characters so far! Even with this first little glimpse of them I tried to show the personalities I'd established with Down Comes the Night. Rowena was particularly fun to write here, with her snark, and I'm looking forward to giving her center stage at times throughout this story. I'm so happy you found all four of them to be distinct and likable :)

You'll be seeing more of the seer very soon! I wanted to widen the scope of this story to challenge myself a bit. Since DCtN is set almost entirely within the walls of Hogwarts, it was time for some outside influence to come in. I imagined that Hogwarts would be a source of hope for the magical community, a way to reassure people that the future of magic is bright :)

Alsdfdslfka thank you! I love this style and it's a joy to get back into it. I'm so happy that you came by, and I hope to have the next chapter ready to post very soon :)


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