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Review #1, by Infinityx Proper Adulthood and its Myriad Challenges

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

LUCY AND EMILY ARE THE BESTEST. EMILY IS THE MOST AMAZING PERSON IN THE WORLD. I WANT AN EMILY. (wow i just said that ok.) I am so happy they made it official, like, that whole conversation with both of them so nervous and not knowing the other person's intentions - i've said this before but that is real not the whole omg we love each other and we know it thing. no way. your characters are so strong and developing so beautifully and i just love them more and more with every chapter.

what is with that printing press? :O i hate that there aren't more chapters bc i really need to know the reason behind all this. obliviation worse than what they do at the dept of mysteries. :O that's some really intense next level stuff.

omg rose is the best. contraceptive potion for her students - she's the best teacher ever i love this.

lucy and emily banter could go on forever and i would never get bored. you are amazing. character development and banter is definitely your jam. totally messing up singular and plural there oops for sleepy quick reviews.

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Review #2, by Infinityx The Extensive Failings of the Modern Magical Education System

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

a shady run-down printing press with dark secrets? i love it already. and lucy here is the best. you have such a great knack for writing characters and writing them so well. i can't imagine not having some kind of emotional connection to every character of yours, they're just so raw and deep and absolutely amazing.
Lucy doesn't know how to apply for a job and her Hogwarts grades were brilliant. what was she doing working at James' bar?? she must have been eligible for so many great opportunities and there's always a better choice for a side job. oh lucy, you darling idiot. Julia is so great as well even though she isn't in this chapter a lot. EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER LISA THEY'RE AMAZING.

i love how Lucy and Rose are gossiping about their cousins. love. it. girl talk yesss. and whoo louis go for the art, i love him i love this.

aw yess lucy show the woman your confidence. lucy is perfect. muggle studies and renaissance. so lisa. i think i can identify your writing any time, your fics are so characteristic and unique and i am loving every word here you are perfection.

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Review #3, by Infinityx Prologue

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Slytherin

Lisa. omg. your amazing writing begins right from that summary. i was going to review past tense, then i saw the summary and i was drawn to this and i am so glad because this first chapter is just complete perfection. I love how Lucy is so different from her father and i'm still thinking of Percy's reaction to her working in a bar?? his expression would be priceless and it's so amazing that you're making me think of such things without even giving that many details. she’s just getting some money behind her while she works out her options - i can TOTALLY see Percy saying such a think.

and lisa lisa lisa, that whole interaction between Lucy and Emily is just PERFECT. your dialogues are just the best thing in the world and you are going to make me cry from how amazing your dialogues are. can i just quote EVERYTHING.
You should have been a Hufflepuff. - gotta love Emily.

It was a mess, Lucy knew it, this thing between them, whatever it was, the tiny overlapping space between friendship and flatmates and lovers and girlfriends and God knew how many other nouns they could throw into the mix and find some aspect of truth in them, but it didn’t matter
THIS. This is life. this is real. and your writing is so beautiful just showing all the things that people refuse to look at in the world.

and the whole stumbling. best.

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Review #4, by Yarn Proper Adulthood and its Myriad Challenges

20th April 2015:
I love it1 I have been reading since the beginning with the first book! They are all wonderful and I thought it was probablely time to write a comment. :) keep it going! :D - also I am thankful that you brought me into the the world of queer terms. :)

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Review #5, by SilentConfession The Extensive Failings of the Modern Magical Education System

19th April 2015:
Another really interesting chapter. I like how you've jumped right into the action of the story and starting to put all the pieces together. I know I have a habit of meandering for a while putting ambiguous pieces in place for a bit too long. I find it inspiring to see how there is already this underlying tension. I mean, if I was offered a job at a place that I could not research at all right away I'd feel really apprehensive. I can't decide yet if Lucy is just naive or I'm far too skeptical.

I really like how you've provided a little background knowledge on the place. It's a small amount, but we know they have access to the Hogwarts library, there is some really old things there that could start wars, and they never have a Gryffindor working for them. The web is tangling around Lucy who seems to be falling right into it.

Again, I really enjoy Lucy as a character. She perfectly reflects this sort of 'who am i' 'what do I want' 'something that isn't what I have' feeling where she's ready to jump into whatever opportunity comes her way. It fits perfectly in how she accidentally falls for whatever this printing press is involved with. Furthermore, I like how you slowly introduce Lucy's family. Even though we all are probably aware of them it's nice to be slowly introduced to them so we can get to know how you've created them to be.

Nice job on the chapter, excited to see where it goes.

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Review #6, by SilentConfession Prologue

18th April 2015:
Hey, here for the starting of our review exchange! I've never had the chance to read any of your work before now, but I'm glad I was able to. This is an interesting start on a story. I really like Lucy so far. Her character is very distinct and fun. This is great because it'll make the interesting so much more interesting hearing it from her side. I also like how she interacts with others. It is so natural and flows well. The conversations don't seem forced or rushed. Very natural, like you would talk to a friend or family member. I loved that. I could actually see this conversation happening in real life. I also like the little nuances you have that support her independent yet quirky personality. Just how she interacts with Percy, his stunned expression at her actually asking for help. It all worked really well.

I quite like James too. He isn't over the top like some people make him out to be. But he still seems fun and spunky himself. More charismatic I'd say than how some people create him to be. I liked that though because he seems like a real person. Great job! I guess I could say I liked all of your characterizations. They were really well done and you have a nice amount of background knowledge or little allusions to what happened in the past to create interest in the Emily/Lucy dynamic. Their interaction was fabulous. Loved all the sarcasm.

Great start on the story. This introduces the characters and the beginning of the plot really well. I'm already so curious to know about this printing press and what it stands for. How can someone like Lucy get caught up in and I find it very ironic that Percy would be the one to make the suggestion to work there (not that he could really know what was going to happen). This prologue really helps set the scene and tone of the story, i'm excited to see where this goes.

Nice job! Glad I got to read this! I shall be back for further chapters.

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Review #7, by Fonzzx Proper Adulthood and its Myriad Challenges

16th April 2015:
I see now why you waited til you were done with PFI before updating this :P

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Review #8, by InkStainedFingers Proper Adulthood and its Myriad Challenges

15th April 2015:
I was going to finish reviewing PFI and review the first two chapters before I reviewed this, but I was browsing the ‘Recently Added’ stories and this was at the top of the page so obviously I clicked on it and it is such a gorgeous chapter that I’m going to leave a review now. I couldn't read this and not leave a review to say how awesome you are.

Lucy/Emily. I love them so, so, so much. Their explosive Slytherin/Gryffindor dynamic, their best-friends-to-lovers story. They are my absolute favourite out of all the characters you have written. (Well, no, I’m not sure that they quite beat Albus/Scorpius, purely because of the wedding. But then Albus-and-Scorpius level adoration and romance is far more fairy-tale-esque and completely different to what Emily and Lucy have – probably because Albus and Scorpius are linguists.)

Yay for Lucy getting the job at the Printing Press! Yay for eighty Galleons a week! Yay for paying off student loans! I think you’ve made your Wizarding world culture so much more relatable because you’ve added in student loans and awful flats and not having very much office-wear and everything that twenty-something-year-olds have to deal with in real life. It makes all your characters more real in a way, because they have problems that your readers are experiencing/have experienced/will experience.

I have so, so much respect for Emily asking Lucy exactly what they are. I mean, I have loads of respect for Emily in general, but making Lucy define their relationship seems really... not brave exactly, but such a strong and Emily-esque thing to do.

“She tasted like red wine and cigarettes and opportunity”

That’s an amazing line. And that’s what their relationship is: chance and recklessness and opportunity.

And love, of course. One thing I wasn’t expecting in this chapter is Lucy to admit that she is in love with Emily. Or Emily to sort of admit that she loves Lucy, even though she didn’t specifically say that. Emily is so enigmatic – “It was, of course, the only way Emily Huntington would ever make a confession of love – deliberately ambiguous, matter-of-fact, the hint of a backhanded compliment” is another incredible line.

I love their conversation about Department of Mysteries’ Christmas work do. And Emily is exactly the right kind of person to work in Mysteries. And I love how she is the one to actually read Lucy’s contract from the Printing Press (I have a feeling that Lucy would have just signed without reading it fully?). And Lucy being distracted by the seriousness of what she’s signing because Emily called her ‘babe’ seems very Lucy-ish.

“I need you to promise me something,” Emily said, slow and deliberate and with the hint of a quaver in her voice. “Before you sign that contract. Promise me that if anything happens that you’re not comfortable with, or that seems suspicious, or if there’s any whisper of Obliviation talk, you tell me. You tell me and we get out. Promise.”

That’s another amazing line. I cannot wait to see what happens at the Printing Press and if anything happens which will make Lucy keep that promise. (Or break it? I feel like there is a chance she might not keep it for some reason?)

And we have Rose turning up asking for a couch to sleep on, and becoming the first person in the family who knows that Emily and Lucy are now officially together after three years of blurred lines.

EMILY SLEPT WITH ROSE? EMILY AND ROSE HOOKED UP? I was going to say that I don’t think Lucy bring it up, but actually if they were arguing it would be pretty no holds barred, and she probably would. And I love how Emily actually was trying to make Lucy jealous in seventh year – that means Rose would have had someone to stand on the Ravenclaw table and make out with if she had wanted to.

“Every queer girl has a story about falling in love with her straight best friend and I thought you were mine.” is another incredible line and probably my favourite from this chapter. And I’m so glad that Lucy did prove her wrong. I love the flow of their conversation and how natural everything seems between them and how in just one chapter they’ve gone from an undefined relationship to being girlfriends.

And I love the chapter title and the description and everything else as well. It’s a fantastic chapter.

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Review #9, by Frances The Extensive Failings of the Modern Magical Education System

21st January 2015:
I really love the way you write Lucy. I find her quite relatable and its just nice to read to be honest. I'm super excited by the story line - it seems cool and I love your spin of the Weasley family. Your Molly seems pretty fab. love to read more

Author's Response: thanks so much, i'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #10, by The Justice League The Extensive Failings of the Modern Magical Education System

17th January 2015:
Please update soon! love the story

Author's Response: i'm glad you're enjoying it! this story is admittedly on the backburner while i churn through Pending Further Investigation, but i'll get back into it shortly. thanks for the interest!

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Review #11, by IJustScrapedMyKnees The Extensive Failings of the Modern Magical Education System

5th January 2015:
I absolutely LOVED The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship and Pending Further Investigation is great too but I really like how this story is about Lucy who is one of the least written about Next Gen characters. Your take on her is amazing and I kind of shipped Emily and Rose in TFWMS but this story made me completely fall in love with Emily/Lucy, and I'm glad we're getting to see more of Emily 'cause her storyline about her twin dying at such a young age was heartbreaking and (hopefully) we'll get to learn more about that and how it's affected Emily and the way she interacts with other characters.The printing press is very intriguing and I'm looking forward to finding out more about it and Hogsmeade in general. Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm really glad you enjoyed them and thank you for your interest in this story! i can see how you would ship emily/rose in tfwms - there was always a little bit of tension between them, but emily/lucy is where my heart truly lies and i'm glad you're on board that ship with me! i will definitely be exploring emily's story and character a bit more, and if you haven't already check out the chapter 'two turtle doves' in my short story collection 12 days of christmas, which is about emily losing her sister. thank you again for the review!

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Review #12, by emmacweasley The Extensive Failings of the Modern Magical Education System

22nd September 2014:
God I love this story so much. This is going to be the best, I'm so ready. I love how you're introducing the printing press and I love all of the Hogsmeade details from Rose, it's all brilliant. Beyond brilliant. Why are you so brilliant. and ugh! the printing press is so shady and brilliant and i'm s o r r y but everything about this story is great and lucy is great and i'm sorry that this is a useless review but it's just GREAT ok.

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Review #13, by diversrock The Extensive Failings of the Modern Magical Education System

22nd September 2014:
Looking forward to reading the rest! It's nice to meet the characters who weren't focused on in TFWMS and see the other side of the coin...

Author's Response: thank you! i'm really looking forward to getting into lucy's story once i get this story off the backburner. thanks for reading!

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Review #14, by momotwins Prologue

18th August 2014:
I haven't read your other story (just skimming a chapter or two in the queue doesn't really count), but I didn't find that detracted from this opening chapter. I'll have to check it out in more detail one of these days.

I like Lucy so far, she's fun. And I totally cracked up at your description of her sister - I also write Molly with dreadlocks (at least right now, since she got rid of the mohawk, and she's planning liberty spikes next). Loving the ecology job idea too. Wizard hippies!

Can't wait to see where you go with this. The summary is seriously awesome.

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Review #15, by emmacweasley Prologue

18th August 2014:
Dear Lisa,

Emily + Lucy is perfect, I've already told you that the premise of this story is so amazingly perfect and intriguing, I love Lucy. Also I'm intrigued about Molly? And what happened with her??? Also I love the status updates you wrote for them, but that's a bit irrelevant ;)

Also the bit about "none of us pulling our weight on the great-grandchildren front" was hilarious and perfect and i was like "there's no way they're old enough for that" but then i was like i guess kind of. STRANGE.


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Review #16, by Argie Prologue

18th August 2014:
Hi Ravenclaw333,

I haven't read the stories you mentioned in your A/N. I went in blind and I really like the premise of your story..

People usually write about the more popular members of Next Gen and its nice to see one from Lucy Weasley's perspective. Emily is awesome :) and i Totally picture James as a bar owner now :)

And finally - glassware in the toilet is super weird!! :)

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