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Review #1, by just.a.willow.tree Finally

14th July 2015:
AH! SO CUTE! Romione is possibly one of my favorite ships from HP ever. Scratch that -- favorite ships in the history of ever. OMG, thank you for writing this.

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Review #2, by radicallyali Finally

4th April 2015:
OH HEY THERE. WHATS THIS. I thought I'd start off with something small since I'm a little rusty. What's better than starting off with a one-shot? Finally, a review on a one-shot titled Finally. Really it's perfect.

I honestly never saw Ron as staying with being an Auror. And his family is so important to him. I'm glad he ended up working with George at the shop.

I can just imagine Molly getting all flustered and excited about finding out she was going to get another daughter-in-law. The image makes me giddy.

”Don't shout at a Veela” I just cackled in this Starbucks I hope you're happy.

Cormac McLaggen. Remind me not to read your stories in public ever.

Did you base this dinner off Chandler trying to propose to Monica and Richard showing up at the same restaurant. I wouldn't be surprised. This is you we're talking about.

I imagine Hermione would have been very smirky for most of Hogwarts had they not had to worry about that whole Voldemort thing.

I'm seriously sitting in Starbucks with my hand over my face trying not to laugh out loud at Ron practicing proposing to Harry in his kitchen.

This was so cute I loved it and it was perfect and I'm just always constantly amazed at how well you have a grip on the Trio because I think it's very easy to do them wrong, or really only focus on one part of their character. You have such a nuanced understanding of all facets of their personalities. It's also so easy for me to fall back into your writing after taking a small -cough cough- hiatus.

Loved its wonderful you're wonderful

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Review #3, by The Mischievous Easter Flitterby Finally

4th April 2015:
~swoops in~

Hello there!

With springtime upon us, I thought I would stretch my wings and explore HPFF, and came across this lovely little one shot! It was so beautiful, in fact, that I shed tears. REAL TEARS. And I'm a lepidoptera. We don't even HAVE tear ducts. That is how wonderful and powerful this story was!

Here's a little known fact about me: because my hands are so tiny and I find it difficult to turn the pages of books, I listen instead to the Stephen Fry narrated audio books. They're wonderful. And, after listening to the books, Ron is probably definitely 100% my favourite character too. There's something really adorable about him, but at the same time he's a very strong character. You captured him perfectly here - from his responses to Harry's little jibes and his way of thinking. It was honestly wonderful to read and I can't praise your highly enough. I loved the way you jumped between memories and the present - it was very effective and very enjoyable.

Thank you for writing and sharing such a wonderful little insight into Ron and Hermione's relationship. You had me laughing out loud and CRYING with absolute joy at the end. You're a remarkably talented writer and I'm glad I had the pleasure of reading this :)

Have a fantastic Easter!

~ The Mischievous Easter Flitterby xxx

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Review #4, by nellysh Finally

26th March 2015:
very good and funny, I love Ron to!
please more,

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Review #5, by Faith :) Finally

24th August 2014:
I love this! Its so good! Have you ever thlought of doing other hermione/ron one shots? Like the day ron finds out shes pregnant or something??

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you SO much for the review! I actually haven't thought of doing any other ones, but I'm not opposed to the idea. I think if the inspiration ever strikes, I would definitely write more. Ron is my favorite Hogwarts era character to write, so he's hard to resist. Thank you!

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Review #6, by AislinMorgan Finally

23rd August 2014:
I laughed out loud and found I could almost hear the characters' voices, Brilliantly written!

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Review #7, by ohnobeans Finally

22nd August 2014:
oh my good golly gosh this was perfect. I was laughing throughout the entire thing!

I loved your 30 Days Ron so to see him interact with the rest of his family was awesome! so well well well done!!!

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Review #8, by Sunshine&Daisies Finally

22nd August 2014:
Love this oneshot! It sums up Ron and Hermione perfectly.

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Review #9, by Irishseeker Finally

22nd August 2014:
This was so cute and Ron was written perfectly!

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Review #10, by kassandra466 Finally

22nd August 2014:
Ahh this was beautiful. I am not usually a fan of Ron/Hermione, I tend to stick to next gen or marauders fics, I loved this one. Hermione has been my favorite character since well, since I was in grade one and my mother showed me the first movie for the first time. Thus leading me into a vicious cycle of an obsession with Harry Potter. You did such an amazing job, you had me laughing and tearing up and everything. It was flawless.

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Review #11, by Haley Finally

22nd August 2014:
This was absolutely perfect!!! Omg the feels right now. I love Ron so much and you wrote him so perfectly.

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Review #12, by Sharvi Finally

22nd August 2014:
This was so beautiful! I really really loved it =)

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Review #13, by Avanell 2 Finally

22nd August 2014:
Big P&P fan here! Very sweet fun story :D Loved how everything worked out...proposal at the Burrow...perfectly perfect! Although Hermione is more like Lizzie, not Jane ;) No comment about Bingley, lol!

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