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Review #1, by marauderfan i.

11th December 2014:
Another review for the Hufflepuff Hot Seat :D

Oh dear. Madeleine has certainly gotten herself into a pickle. :P I can't even imagine. Picking out her own quidditch team as well as learning how to play. Never mind that she also has to, I don't know, do her school work in the meantime? I approve of her method of coping though. Blanket forts are the BEST.

I love her friendship with Dom. Even though Dom kind of chickened out about visiting Professor Slater, but it didn't really have much to do with her anyway. I like that she is supportive, but at the same time really puts Madeline in her place when she's getting too dramatic. ;)

Haha, I understand Madeleine's outrage that Professor Slater was laughing at her, but... I think I'd probably end up doing the same if I heard something like what Madeleine said! Ahahaah... she's so very serious about the whole thing.

Gah, I remember having sports practices at that hour and ajsfjsdlkjsdlk. I can understand her absolute dread. But on the bright side, the only people who will come to that will be people who are super dedicated to Quidditch - so that should work out in her favour!

I was pretty sure that I had a few streaks of smelly felt pen markings under my nose from continuously sniffing them. -- my childhood in a sentence. Also the glitter Dom and Maddie used... that will never go away. I'll be looking out for it to show up again in like, chapter 32. XD

Wow, they got into all of the common rooms! I'm really curious now whether the plan will work and Maddie will get some interested people who want to play Quidditch, or whether everyone in every house will be annoyed with her for the inevitable proliferation of glitter specks all over the common rooms. XD Awesome chapter!!

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Review #2, by Moonyxluna ii.

11th December 2014:
Hehe, two chapters in a row and Maddie is introduced hiding in the dorms :p But I definitely didn't think of that! Instead of just keeping things between Gryffindors, she's now got the whole school involved in this :p

I really love Dominique and Maddie. They're such adorable best friends and they have that awesome push and pull a balanced friendship should have.

Ha, I love Hazel. Just take those awful stereotypes people give her and ROCK THEM SWEETHEART♥ - and yay for bisexual characters :D

Terrence was adorable, too. I really like how Maddie is snarky and sarcastic, but so far she doesn't have bad things to say about these two outsider people. She seems like she's generally a good person.

Lol, Maddie just volunteers herself for the Seeker position :p

The tryouts were hilarious. I was definitely cheering for all of the same people Maddie was cheering for, and am super excited to see what happens now that she has - most - of her team put together.

This was adorable, and super funny. I am excited for more!


Author's Response: Hello again, Julie!

Haha, I never even noticed that! I read what you said and went back over the first two chapters and realised, she hides away in the common room in both chapters! I didn't even mean to do that intentionally.

Hazel is like my spirit-animal, I swear. She's so sassy, I just love her to pieces and she's such an interesting character to write as well. Mainly because she isn't afraid to accept and flaunt her stereotypes as if it doesn't bother her!

The try-outs were so much fun to write! Especially when Scorp stormed off, haha! :)

Next chapter should be out soon!

~Aimee xxx

P.S. super glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #3, by ScoroseOTP i.

11th December 2014:
Hey Aimee!
I'm here for the Hufflepuff hot seat!
I hope you're enjoying all the reviews I'm sure you're getting!

I really love this to be honest!
I simply love the idea of this situation a chance for the little guys to stand up to the big ones!

For all her flaws, I really love Maddie she seems like my kind of girl. She's got big problems with controlling what she says but I kind of like that. I know a lot people who are the same! Being melodramatic isn't always a bad thing and I think they make really interesting characters. She seems genuinely nice though, so that's wonderful! And a little childish actually which is great, I'm love smelly felt tips and forts too, I mean who doesn't?

Dom also seems like a really good friend. Most of the time I find that Dom is awesome at Qudditch in other Fics, so it's nice to see that she doesn't really know what she's doing either! She seems like a lot of fun too, and really helpful and logical which you don't always see either.

I love the fact that Professor Slater laughed, that was a nice touch and really intrigues me to how good these guys actually are! I'm looking forward to seeing how this unfolds!

Well done on a great opening chapter!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz!

(I definitely am enjoying these reviews that I'm getting, they've all been lovely!)

I love Maddie as well, she seems like someone who doesn't take herself too seriously and because I've been writing quite a serious character in My (Fake) wedding, I thought it would be a nice change to write a fun story! :D

Yeah, I noticed Dom always seemed to be on the Quidditch teams in other Fics (and there's nothing wrong with that, I quite like those fics as well) but I thought it would be cool to not have her know how to play Quidditch.

Thank you so much for a lovely, lengthy review :) It's cheered me up majorly!

~Aimee xxx

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Review #4, by Moonyxluna i.

10th December 2014:
Hufflepuff hot seat!! :D

I love this right from the introduction :D First off, Madeleine is such a pretty name for an OC. And I love the idea! I feel like in a little bit of a way sports spectators are like that (certainly the customers at my work...) where they always think they can do things better, even though it takes training and skill, and I love that you've worked that into this story.

Maddie and Dominique's friendship so far is really adorable. I like Dominique here so far, and Maddie as well. It feels like I know them already despite only reading half of the chapter.

Moving on!

Ah, I love the referee/Quidditch teacher! I got a good laugh out of him laughing in Maddie's face before realizing she was serious. Serves her right, she didn't even know he existed!! haha.

finally the third year who had been hurriedly trying to finish his homework gave up with a cry of exhaustion and slumped up the boy's stairs -- I feel so bad but I am laughing hysterically at this right now.

I think it's kind of hilarious that it's that easy to break into the Ravenclaw common room :p

This was a really lovely introduction. I really want to read more of this story, and am definitely adding it to my favorites and will be stalking it for updates. But for now, on to chapter two!


Author's Response: Hey there Julie! :)

*first off, congrats again for featured story for December! :hugs:*

Thank you so much, I really like the name Madeleine as well. I've always liked the name and thought it would be an appropriate name for my OC :) Exactly! I think I subconsciously got the idea from my Dad whilst he was watching a rugby match on TV and was shouting about how he could do a better job, haha!

I love Dom and Maddie's friendship too, I was worried that it would seem kind of one-sided with Dom being the one who would push Maddie to do things but I guess it's always good to have that kind of friend :) And people haven't pointed out anything wrong with the relationship between the two so I guess it's alright!

Haha, glad that you liked it and I got one more person interested! I'm in the middle of writing the third chapter so hopefully it should be out soon! :)

~Aimee xxx

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Review #5, by The_Crookshanks_Saga ii.

13th November 2014:
Dude, this is a great start! If all the other chapters had been posted, I definitely would continue reading- so please, keep writing! And can I just say? Harvey's got her work cut out for her, I really hope she wins.


Author's Response: Thank you so much, darl! :) And I definitely am continuing with this story, I'm excited about the characters that are going to be written into the story in more depth later :D

And you'll have to wait and find out in later chapters :)

~Aimee xxx

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Review #6, by happyanon ii.

12th November 2014:
Hi it's me!! Happyanon! Haha well well. I have been secretly monitoring this fanfic. Well monitoring as in trying very hard to restrain myself and not read it for the obvious reasons that it only has like 2 chapters in but today is not the day for self discipline for me. I have some questions. First is, how did maddie become friends with scorp? Or did you mention the how and i just cant remember it? Next, uh is this like a fanfic that will mostly rotate around quidditch and no love line anywhere? Another, do you promise to write more chapters on this in the days to come? Also can I just say, I love the rejects already. Just the thought of the twins terrifying Maddie, I love Daisy and Daniel already. And don't even get me started on Hazel. I meam sure she's man eater or something but dang that confidence tho and talent, i adore her. Im sure she has a pretty interesting personality and a ravenclaw, brains. Its always interesting characters like Hazel, a beauty with brains and confidence but has a certain reputation. Also very curious about which house the others belong.? Definitely wanna know more about the Rejects and their progress. Hope you update this too. It seems like a fun and wonderful fic. Xoxo

Author's Response: Hello there! :)

To answer your questions;
1) Maddie isn't really friends with Scorp, they interacted one time and it didn't bode well. Hence calling him an albino ferret.

2) It will mostly revolve around Quidditch yes but it will have a few love-plots intermingled with it :D Because it's about how Maddie is going to deal with the bet she now has to go through with.

3) Yes of course, I promise! I really like writing about this story because it's quite humourous :) And I love the characters already even though it's only 2 chapters in.

And I really love the characters as well, they all seem to have some sort of defining characteristic :) which was the whole point of the story, I definitely wanted to create a story where everyone is known for one thing or another!

~Aimee xxx

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Review #7, by Anni ii.

6th November 2014:
Love this chapter!! I love the new characters introduced to be on the team and can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you! I really enjoy these characters as well, I can't wait to write about them some more :)
And I'm in the midst of writing the next chapter but my other novel takes priority so it might not be out for a while yet :D

~Aimee xxx

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Review #8, by allpz i.

16th September 2014:
hi!! i really liked this first chapter, and im looking forward to the next!!

Author's Response: Howdy!
Glad that you're enjoying it and the next chapter should be out eventually, just working on finished my other novel and then my short story for a challenge first :D
~Aimee xxx

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