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Review #1, by randomwriter See how bright we shine

15th January 2015:
Hello! I'm here for the gift-it challenge. I know I'm quite late, and I'm sorry about that. Life got a bit crazy.

Now, onto the review. I'm sorry if this is short and hasty. There's a quite a bit on my plate, so forgive me for that.

I'll be honest with you and tell you that I don't normally read Wolfstar stories. The few that I have tried were awkward and the writer didn't really know how to deal with the intimacy without making it come off as clumsy. You, on the other hand, managed a really sweet take on them. I like how it wasn't all about the intimacy. You gave a great deal of attention to their emotions and to the circumstances under which they were, which made this much better.

I really like the moment you chose to write about. It was, I think, one of their most powerful moments, given all that has happened. I always imagined it to be really intense because it isn't easy to forgive someone for something like this, just as it is hard to ask for forgiveness for the same.

What stuck to me the most was how well you wrote them. I can definitely see Remus kicking himself about it over and over again, and I can see Sirius getting mad, but also being tired of everything that has happened. He'd probably want to keep his remaining friend(s) [SOB] close to him.

The story itself was packed with feels. Subtle reminders of them and their past really touched me (like how Sirius kept track of the full moons for Remus' sake). Their conversation was both light and serious, probably just like their relationship at that point. I think you've managed to accomplish a difficult task, and you not only did it, you also did it well. You've written them in a very beautiful and tender manner.

As for CC, I can only give you small pointers, but I think you've done a pretty good job overall. I think you could make Sirius a little more witty here and there. Not a big necessity, but it would make him more Sirius :p If that makes sense. I' also shows snatches of his anger in his speech, but also mention how that was in the past, and how he's no longer angry because Remus just believed what everyone else did.

Overall, you've written them very well, and I'm glad you entered our challenge. Wolfstar may not be my pairing of choice, but your interpretation of them make me smile and hit me in the feels,all at once. Thank you, and sorry this is coming to you so late!

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Review #2, by milominderbinder See how bright we shine

18th August 2014:
hiya, here for our review swap!

So, first of all - wow, this just about broke my heart! I've never read much Remus/Sirius but it's always a pairing I've been interested in, and I love Rose's story 'Love in Three Acts' (I actually made the banner for it, haha) so that's what made me decide to pick this story off your page to review!

Your writing is absolutely lovely. I don't think I've actually read any of your stories before, but I definitely want to read more now! I totally adored your take on their relationship. What little fic I've read of these two is often focusing on their teenage years, or in this era but without mention of the fact that they were separated for all those years and that Remus thought Sirius was a killer. Exploring that more serious side of their relationship - that belief that borders on a betrayal - made this fic so intense to read, and I loved it.

You really captured both of them perfectly. You showed a more serious side to Sirius (oops I accidentally punned) that I think reflects how his inner self would feel, even when he's joking on the outside. It's a testament to how close he is to Remus that he lets Remus see this side of him. And I loved how you showed Remus, too, how he was so apologetic and just... I don't even know how to describe it, but he was just perfectly in character.

Even though this ended on a happy note, I feel heartbroken, because I just keep thinking how happy Remus must be here and how broken he would be when Sirius dies D:

Some of my fave lines were:

He seems weak, as if he's coming down after a Full Moon. I know that the Full Moon was two weeks ago.

^it seems so right to me that Sirius tracks the full moons, and that he knows Remus so well as to know what his voice sounds like after one...

I kiss him, and slowly, he comes back to me. Just for the night, we let the years vanish and we're young again, young and whole and together.

^this is just such a beautiful line, heartbreaking because it emphasises how broken they both are now compared to when they were young.

Overall I loved this story! I'm so glad I got to read it :D


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Review #3, by Gladis Gudgeon See how bright we shine

15th August 2014:
That was really good. It deserves more reviews. The emotion, characterization, pacing, and writing style were all spot on. The only problem is that I have read different versions of this moment a bunch of times and there isn't really anything unique here. 8/10
Gladis Gudgeon

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to review. I do agree that there's not much unique here - since I wrote it for a friend, I was more focused on writing something she'd enjoy. Thanks again!


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Review #4, by Chazzie See how bright we shine

10th August 2014:
Oh. My. Goodness.
That was possibly the sweetest WolfStar I've ever read. It was brilliant and gorgeous and so unbelievably amazing. You really captured a lot of feelings, and it was adorable to read. Sirius trying to soften the pain of Remus' scars was perfect. However I did cry, because Remus and Sirius and Harry won't be a family and Sirius will die and Remus will marry Tonks and then they will die and that's within four years and Harry won't have any of the marauders to be a parental figure to him and oh my god the feels!! My heart was quite literally breaking by the end of that fantastic piece. Very well done and thank you for sharing it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review!!! This was so sweet and amazing and it made my day when I saw it and continues to make my day as I'm rereading it!!

Thank you so so so much. Really, thank you.


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Review #5, by momotwins See how bright we shine

5th August 2014:
This is so sweet and sad and romantic and just beautifully, tenderly written. You've definitely got a feel for writing this ship, and Remus in particular. I'm not a Wolfstar shipper, this is one of the few I've read that I really enjoyed. I particularly enjoyed the "way too many curls" line ;) Nice one.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!! And once again, thank you so so so much for your help with this!! I've never really written this ship (Or Remus... or Sirius...) before, and so I was really nervous about it! I'm really glad that you thought I wrote it well!

Thanks again!


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Review #6, by toomanycurls See how bright we shine

5th August 2014:
*hugs* Sweetest dedication ever. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Four lines in and my feels are just ragged. HOW DID YOU DO THIS?! I love that Sirius knew when the full moon had been and his thoughts on Remus being a good teacher. *feels* Also, his eyes lost their Moony. :'( there might be some eye wetness going on right now.


Oh dear, you really have Remus' self-blaming down pat. I just want to hug him - oh but Sirius is going to do that for me.

I loved this line We were more than friends, and you cant separate the two. it's perfect and I love the lines after it.

That kiss. It also killed me. And made me cry a little. ONLY A LITTLE. Slowing magma is still pretty hot. *cough* just sayin'

I think it got warm in here. Do you feel that warmth?

o.o nevermind. I'm not talking about my warmth anymore.

I love the love scene more than I've ever loved any love scene ever. It's so passionate and full of realistic emotion betwee then.

I really liked them talking about James finding out about them. I loved (and wanted to cry at) their thoughts on Harry finding out. BECAUSE THEY SHOULD HAVE ADOPTED HIM AND HAD A LITTLE FAMILY. WILL YOU STOP WITH MY FEELS?!?! I'M BACK WITH THE WET EYES AGAIN.

THIS LINE Its impossible for you to like it this long, Remus insists. You have way too many curls. i love it. thank you

I'm so mad at the "i'll be here for you" line. YOU PUT THAT IN THERE JUST BECAUSE HE DIES AND ugh. THE FEELS. WHY WITH THE FEELS??!

This is beautiful. I love the song. I love the ship. I love this story.

Thank you so much for dedicating this lovely story to me.


Author's Response: Rose!!! You deserve it because you work so hard all the time and you're such a good friend to me and I don't know how to make the hearts! Teach me how!

Wolfstar has so many feels already built in. It doesn't take much to add more!

I struggled with writing Remus so much!! I didn't know if I was making him too dramatic, and argh this ship is so difficult.

"And made me cry a little. ONLY A LITTLE.". I'LL TAKE IT! Victory!!

Erm. I don't know what to say about your warmth. lololzz

I'd never written a love scene that lovey before! I was so nervous about it, Rose! I can't even really think of many other things I've written that could be considered love scenes. I wrote one with Ron and Hermione where he was basically undressing her, but it was specifically NOT a love scene because she was traumatized and he was cleaning her wounds. Love scenes are scary!!


I put the line about too many curls (gosh, weird to type that with spaces...) in and just giggled because it was very very late and I was just like "Oh I'm so clever, Rose will love this line". :P

I DID PUT THAT IN BECAUSE HE DIES AND IT WOULD ADD FEELS. That's exactly why I did that. The entire reason. And because it goes with the song and it's true.

I love this song. I listen to it way too much. I think I've tweeted about it, too.

You're so nice!! This review was so sweet and asdkjfaoi!!! You totally deserved it!!


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