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Review #1, by Rovena Snake-Eyes

28th April 2015:
Hi there,
I like the beginning and I'm excited to read more. Barty's characterisation, the newspaper article...everything seems coherent. I like it!

Author's Response: Hey there - thank you so much for stopping by! :)

I'm so glad you like it - the first chapter is really pretty rushed so far, so I'm so happy to hear you say that! I'm trying to work on it for the summer, so expect updates around then ;)

Aph xx

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Review #2, by HermyLuna2 Snake-Eyes

29th March 2015:
This is amazing! I always love to read about Barty Crouch junior, because it's such a sad character. You write him so well. I love the amount of detail you have put in your writing. Everything about this is so chilling, like it should be. It was so enjoyable to read that you took the time and effort to create a Rita Skeeter-article about the elections. It's one of the best things ever when writers do that. Your descriptions were beautiful, especially how Barty sees his father, that was truly haunting and dreamlike, almost as if Barty is schizophrenic. Maybe that's how being under a curse feels like. You captured Barty's madness perfectly. I've seen his relationship with Regulus appear often in fanfiction. What made you choose for it? I can somehow see it, because they both had such terrible childhoods. Barty Crouch senior should never had children. Or do I sense a bit of remorse between the lines? Anyway, this was a fantastic oneshot.

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Review #3, by Ceres Snake-Eyes

21st August 2014:

Again, I loved reading your story and there are so many things I like about this chapter, so here comes a review full of praise! :-)

For a start, I think that your writing in general is excellent. The plot is gripping and I really enjoyed reading the descriptions of the setting. There are lots of beautiful phrases in this chapter and my favourite is "a shove which says 'get up' in every language ever spoken". So good!
Once again, your Barty as a narrator feels very authentic to me and it is fun following his train of thought, switching between past and present as everything reminds him of something he has experienced.

It's sad to read how he thinks about escape and believes he is close to freedom when we know that he'll be imprisoned for many years to come. And it must be awful knowing that no one even knows about him still being alive. Feeling sorry for a "bad guy" always makes me wonder whether it's wrong to feel that way, but looking at how Barty is described in the books (and in your story, as well), he is not simply evil, but there are reasons why he became the person he is and Crouch senior is at least partly to blame for his son's development. Well, I just think his story is quite sad.

It's a clever idea to explain the political background and introduce the new characters in a newspaper article and I think you wrote it very well, too. To my mind, the article could be more vicious, but then again, this is years ago, so perhaps Rita Skeeter was not as horrible when she was younger. :-)

I loved reading the memories of Regulus; you describe their relationship so subtly and beautifully! Plus, I like that Barty doesn't know what happened to Regulus--it always annoys me to read stories in which everyone seems to know exactly what happened (how could anyone know that?!).

Haha, the pink jumper! Did Barty actually wear it in Hogwarts? :-) Definitely not hard to imagine he got teased about it in dark-colours-loving Slytherin!

Your story really got me hooked--this is such a promising first chapter and I'm curious about what Barty will do next and how he's going to do it (seeing that he's basically imprisoned at home). I hope this is going to be a reaally long novella! :-)

Author's Response: Hey there - thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Thank you so much - I'm so glad you liked it! This chapter is a little bit rushed, because I wanted to get it up as soon as possible after HoC ended.

Thank you! I love writing Barty as a narrator - he was so much fun to explore and write about in House of Cards, so the idea of taking him up as a narrator in this was something I really didn't want to miss! :P I've always thought that Azkaban keeps replaying in your mind on a loop, so I tried to bring some of that into this.

Yeah, it's one of those situations in HP which I think doesn't really have a good guy or a bad guy. I mean, being imprisoned at home must be a lot better than being in Azkaban, but at the same time, it's still not great because you're still imprisoned and for Barty, freedom is so important to him. And yeah, Barty Sr definitely has some things to answer for in terms of how his son turned out to be the person he became.

Thank you! :) I actually really struggled writing the article, so I'm so happy you liked it - and it was so hard to make it that mean, you know? It's surprisingly difficult... when I go over this, I'll probably take another look at it, see if I can edit it to be crueller :P Thanks for mentioning that! :)

Ah, they're one of my OTPs, strange little pairing that they are, so they were always going to be included, and I prefer writing subtler romances, to big-in-your-face ones. And yeah, me too on that! :P I mean, Voldemort didn't know, so if he didn't know, no one else did either! grr... :P

Pink jumper! :P I just loved the idea of Barty being given something pink... eh, I dunno, maybe when most of the others had gone home for the holidays :P Not when they were all around because yeah, you can imagine he'd get teased to death about it!

Gah, thank you so so much for the wonderful review - I'm so so glad you liked this and are looking forwards to later chapters! :)

Aph xx

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Review #4, by Infinityx Snake-Eyes

20th August 2014:
Hi Laura! I'm so sorry I took so long to get to this.

So, this has me completely engrossed for three reasons. One, your writing is absolutely brilliant and it's always nice to read something of yours. Two, it's a semi-sequel to House of Cards. (I absolutely love that fic) And three, I just started watching the House of Cards TV series, so I'm completely intrigued by political plots and the mindsets of such people. Anyway, on to the actual review.

I love how you've started with a Daily Prophet extract. The way you've written it is perfect, and completely has that newspaper tone to it. It also gives the reader an insight into the time period n which the story is held, and a great amount of details on the political scenario of the time.

Ooh, so my assumptions were right. Barty Jr is going to be a main character here. And this is basically like a moment that takes place adjacent to canon! I'm so excited already!

I really like the way you've characterized Barty. He seems like a complicated character, but at the same time, it's also possible to see where he's coming from. Kind of. I'm interested to see how his personality will progress.

Even though I know what he's going to do later on, and how cruel and remorseless he actually is, I can't help but sympathize a little bit, when he sees the sweaters and gets the flash of a small memory. And the way he thinks of Regulus...I wonder what happened between them earlier. I hope some kind of back story to the two of them emerges later on.

I was going to review as I read, but I was so captivated by everything that was going on and the way you've written it that I couldn't find the time to tear my eyes away from the words. Your descriptions are just phenomenal. So vivid. I'm just in awe of your writing.

So, anyway, Barty was dreaming about Regulus? That's interesting. It makes me even more curious to know what happened between the two of them.

Poor Barty. (I'm a nice person. Can't help but sympathize. Just a bit.) I understand his need for freedom, to stand on his own feet again and get out of that room. I can imagine that sudden burst of glee he must have felt when he realized he could do so.

Whoo, a murder already! Yay! Is it weird that that makes me overjoyed?

anyone and everyone is a suspect.
You used this line in House of Cards as well! I can't wait for the plot to progress further and to see what intricate web you've weaved this time!

Barty sure has a great, perceptive thought process and imagination. Once again, I love how you bring in so many details so fluidly. They just fit in perfectly, without disrupting the flow one bit.

The killer. :o I need clues! Loving this already, so please update soon! I can't believe I didn't read this sooner. Excellent first chapter and sorry again for the delay!


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