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Review #1, by patronus_charm Piece #8

25th January 2015:
Hey Sian! ♥

Wow, Roxanne really is getting immersed into this job! I liked the beginning bit and how you showed the drudgery side to journalism because before it was all about the fun and glamorous bit, and I was starting to think this wouldnít be a bad job, but now Iíve seen how she has to endlessly question people, come up with crazy hypothesis and get shouted at by her boss so itís not so fun anymore. :P

That was certainly a very awkward moment when Fred wouldnít pass her the salt. I wonder if heís still holding some grudge against because of everything that happened with DanielÖ It was so sad to read that bit about how much he was missing Fred. Of course I knew he was, but just reading all of that and how he couldnít work for 6 months afterwards just made me all mushy instead, and if I could give George a hug right now I would.

Woah, *writes note to self* never, ever get on the bad side of Angelina as she really took Fred down and it was rather terrifying to say the least! Though Fred really does need to stop being an idiot because Roxy has sorted it all out, so yeah. I bet he was doing something illegal in Knockturn Alley though, thatís why he was being so cagey, there canít be another reason for it! Hmm, I wonder what he was actually doing nowÖ Seriously, I couldnít take that final awkward moment with Fred and Roxy, it was just too much, those guy really need to sort their issues out!

Ooh that wasnít the best start to the day for Roxy, was it? Having to rely on Violet to give her all the gossip about the latest update in the case. It is intriguing though, and the disappearance felt very Sherlock like in a way with the Muggle building and him just disappearing. Maybe the villain in the story is actually Moriarty? :P

I canít deal with that last scene! Who is it? Who is it? I can only possible think of Roxy because the woman had dark-hair, which is a bit of a silly guess. I do have a feeling that a Wotter possibly has something to do with this though, but weíll just have to see.

Such a fab chapter, and thanks for the shout-out! ♥


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Review #2, by Lululuna Piece #8

23rd January 2015:
Hey Sian! :D (Aw, thanks for the shout out! I will pester you to update any time you wish :P)

It was really great to get to meet Fred properly and to see more of the family dynamics between them. I think your portrayal of him is so unique, he's often portrayed in fanfic as this joker sidekick prankster guy so seeing him more uptight and sensitive is really interesting. I also loved the interaction between all the family members, from George getting involving when he means business, to the way that Roxy is trying to keep the peace and not get visibly upset even though she is. Fred really is being so unfair and almost slandering her to her parents when they should hear the story of the breakup from her is just a low blow.

I'm glad Angelina and George stood up for Rox, however! They do seem like really good parents. I also liked the detail about George being the cook in the family, I always imagine all of Molly Weasley's kids knowing their way around a kitchen. :P

(Sidebar: I've been binge-watching Downton Abbey and just wrote that last paragraph in Mrs. Patmore's voice for some reason. Ahem. Anyway...)

I also thought it was really poignant when Rox mentioned how her father cared a lot about family, especially after the losses during the war. It shows how empathetic she is in understanding what her dad might be thinking. She really is such a thoughtful and observant person.

I still have no new ideas about the disappearances, but it's interesting how Roxy is re-visiting the blood status argument. It makes me think that although it felt wrong to even consider those prejudices still exist, sometimes they do have to face them. I still think it has something at least to do with the technology business, though. Sort of because from what we've seen of the criminals, they seem more politically/economically motivated than ideology-motivated.

For the last scene, I'm kind of suspecting right now that the dark-haired man is Fred. If he's dealing some strange drug it might explain why he was in Knockturn Alley, and maybe he's taking it too which could explain why he's been acting so angry and emotional.

As for the green eyed girl... hmm, I feel like that should be a clue. Miranda? I'll have to go back and investigate who has green eyes. Unless it's Harry or Albus disguised as a woman or something, haha, since they have green eyes.

Another superbly written chapter, Sian! :D I'm excited for the next one!! ♥

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Review #3, by Randomcships Piece #8

20th January 2015:
God you update so quickly for a fic with of such high quality. Normally I would have to wait for about 2 months or more for an update on a fic as good as this. That said, I can't express in words how amazing this fic is. I mean, the the way the story comes together is just inspiring and the consistency. Not just in the plot but also the way you structure every piece is a testament to your talent as a writer. Also I really do believe that Janes absence is linked to the disappearances and I wonder if the both missing individuals working with muggles is a clue to find out who is behind the disappearances or it's linked more to the motive for the disappearances.

Author's Response: Hi! First, I'm sorry it's taken me a little while to respond to this review - I've been bad at replying lately, and this was so amazing it was hard to know what to say.

I'm so, so honoured by this review. It's really nice to know that people are reading this story and enjoying it, and the fact that you think it's high quality and that the plot and consistency are good means a lot to me. I thought this update was late in coming and I do mean to try and improve on the speed of my updates, but life keeps getting in the way.

Regardless, I'm so pleased that you're enjoying this story and thank you so much for taking the time to make my day with this review. I hope that you keep reading and enjoying the story! :D

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Review #4, by Lululuna Piece #7

15th January 2015:
Hello! :D Finally caught up, yay!! :)

This was such an eventful chapter! I'm so curious about what happened with Armstrong and why he was killed since we didn't get insight into the kidnappers this time. The scene at the end was so tantalizing. Hmm, I'm wondering if maybe they're attacking and kidnapping powerful wizards for the sake of possibly impersonating them, but maybe Armstrong's disappearance got too public before they could replace him with an impersonator or something. Then the reason why Miss Abbott wasn't supposed to say that he was missing could be because his co-workers were behind it or something, I'm not sure. :P This theory probably makes no sense, haha. I don't know what to make about the T on his hand.

I liked meeting Dom, she seems very down to earth and likable. The news about Victoire being a bridezilla made me laugh. :P

It was cute how Roxy and Daniel got to go to work together, even though their careers are separate. :P I also liked how predatory the press are with getting their stories and how clearly irritated the Hit Wizards get. I liked how you mentioned needing to Obliviate the Muggles and how they feel a bit uneasy about having to do it because it definitely is invasive and a bit unfair for the Muggles.

At first I wondered if Richard might actually be a vampire, but now he seems to be showing more werewolf symptoms. I'll have to wait and see on that one, haha.

So excited to finally say: can't wait until the next update! :D I'm really loving this story, Sian! ♥

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Review #5, by Lululuna Piece #6

12th January 2015:
Hiii!! :D

The technology is still so new that itís extremely expensive, with prices that Daniel could hardly believe when he compared them to those in the Muggle world. If it wasnít for my job at the Prophet, which comes with a company phone, I wouldnít be able to afford one either. Ooh does this have something to do with the mystery? Maybe the kidnappers are against the Muggle technology, or want to take over the company or something since itís so wealthy? The way that Roxy keeps pointing out how much Muggle culture influences wizarding culture makes me think increasingly that it must be significant.

Aggie is so funny, but I feel bad for Jane that she has to work for her. :P

Okay I just have to mention this because it made me laugh but Chapters is the name of the largest bookstore chain here in Canada. Like, itís the Starbucks of Canadian bookstores in terms of the frequency with which it appears (ironically a lot of them actually have Starbucks in them). So when I read Chapters here where she said it was a ďMuggle cafťĒ I was like ďlol sweet little wizards, think Chapters is a little local cafť.Ē AND THEN I REALIZED that they must not have Chapters in England, which I never explicitly noticed when I was living there but it makes sense. :P So Iím not confused anymore, but I am still amused.

Ahem, anyway back to Daniel. I like how there are all the details about how awkward it is, like how theyíre awkward about not knowing who should pay. I feel like thatís such a common thing that couples do and to have to adjust to it after breaking up would be really disorienting.

Iím so glad Roxy got the chance to explain herself to Daniel! Itís good that theyíre taking things slow and seeing where they can go from there. I donít ship them too forcefully, because I feel like I donít quite trust him yet, but I do ship them tentatively for now, hehe.

This is such a minor detail but I loved the image of the old lady blushing through her powdered cheeks. It was just so neat and vibrant, I could really see it in my head.

Somehow Iím not sure the body is Armstrong, but luckily for me thereís one more chapter to read and find out! :D Yet another amazing chapter, Sian! :)

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Review #6, by Lululuna Piece #5

12th January 2015:
Bonjour my belle!

Okay so you already know I loved the first few lines because they described my most beloved London. :P I like how the man calls the London eye a ďstrange Muggle wheelĒ too. It must be pretty odd for wizards.

I liked how the chapter began with Roxyís article! I didnít really suspect Upton anyway, but the fact that the kidnappers are going after the publicist, and not after Roxy, makes me think that they might not mind the press leading the public on a false trail. But now Iím worried that Upton himself will come after Roxy and try to curse her or sue her or something for publishing against him!

Ahh, we get to find out what happened with Daniel! Hearing Roxy tell the story Ė and knowing how honest she is Ė makes me angry with James and Fred for being so mean to her. Why should she stay in a relationship where her partner is being unexplicably rude and making her miserable? Although it does sound like perhaps he was going through something external from their relationship and was taking it out on Roxy. Hmm, I wonder if it has something to do with the case and these kidnappers going around Imperius-ing people?

Iím glad Lucy pointed out what I was thinking, how they were being unreasonable, and also decided to set things straight with their family as it is unfair of them not to at least listen to Roxyís side of the story. Lucy seems so great and supportive, itís awesome to see her in Roxyís corner while also helping Roxy understand their cousinsí behaviour.

Another awesome chapter and I'm so glad my curiosity has been satiated for now! ♥

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Review #7, by Lululuna Piece #4

12th January 2015:
Hey hey!! (Itís hard finding a new exciting way to start each review without being too much of a broken record, haha).

Ah, poor Roxy, trying to get a good interview. Archie seems really sweet though, I like how Roxy was able to convince him to speak with her by being sneaky and saying her full name. Itís probably a good thing she said she was a journalist too because she could possibly get in trouble for libel or something if she lied and put it in a story. I also like how both Archie and Marius really fit their names somehow, where Archie seems like a bouncy, happy name and Marius is more mysterious and moody, haha.

Using a Pensieve for interviews is brilliant! Iím so mad that the equivalent doesnít exist in the Muggle world! :P (though I guess we do have tape recordersÖ). Oh, a quick note about Roxy not revealing her sources though, I know in my journalism classes at least theyíre really iffy about anonymous sources, i.e. if we use one in even an assignment we get marks taken off because theyíre not as credible and are supposed to have a really good reason for being anonymous. So maybe if Roxy gave a specific reason (like the fact that Armstrong was murdered), and cited in her interview that the sources preferred not to be named it would be super realistic? Just a thought because she might have gotten some trouble from the boss about promising not to use her sourcesí names. :P

Aw, poor captive. Iím assuming the captive is Armstrong, though for all I know he wasnít named, so he could even be one of the kidnappers potentially. That scene was so intense and exciting. I also noticed how the first time he appeared, they cast the first Unforgivable curse, and the second time, the second UnforgivableÖ does Roxy have to help find him before they cast the third one?! Am I reading too much into this pattern?!

Haha, I can totally imagine Ron making fun of George for going a bit bald. :P Although Iím sure George would return the favour. I giggled at how he was ďthreateningĒ the poor sales boy. And Verity got a mention!!! YAY!!!

Iím glad that George can talk about Fred and laugh. It definitely seems like the best way to honour Fredís memory is by remembering how fun he was.

Hmm. My suspects so far areÖStephen, because this nervous thing could be all an actÖthe garden gnomes from the frist chapterÖand Fred, because heís being shady. Clearly you can tell that I really have no good suspects right now and I should not be an Auror, ever. :P

Awesome chapter, Sian!

Oh! I just realized something else! What if the chapter titles mean that there is a "piece" of the puzzle inside each chapter, like one specific detail that will lead to the truth? I really have no clue yet what those could be, though. Hmm. Maybe not such a great theory after all. :P

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Review #8, by Lululuna Piece #3

12th January 2015:
Hola!! ☺

Iím glad Andy told Miranda off for being mean to Roxy, and he did it in a really sneaky way too by bringing up actual facts and using them against her. Definitely a sign that heís another good journalist. :P

Iím liking Violet more and more. Itís really neat how she uses Muggle comparisons to explain things, and I liked learning about her take on press conferences.

I love how even though Roxy herself is a journalist, she still sees some journalists as feeding on gossip, like her and Lily not speaking. Ah, Iím still so curious about Daniel and what happened to have so many of Roxyís own family turn against her! I like how Lily can still be happy for Roxanne, though, and itís really relatable for whne people are in arguments with their family members but still love them. This story just feels so real!

Ugh, Jensen. I hate him already, especially with how heís trying to manipulate Roxy by acting interested in her. Although I do think his theory, though not phrased with sensitivity, is probably something that people would think of in the wake of the war. Iím wondering if the dismissal of his theory of the motive involving blood status is maybe a red herring to get the reader off that track, hmm.

My tentative theory at this point in the story is that it has something to do with his job and Muggle technology coming into the wizarding world, but Iím not sure yet. :P

I'm really excited to learn more about Fred and what he's up to! He seems a little too oblivious right now...possibly under the Imperius Curse since he doesn't hear Roxy calling him? Just more speculating, I really have no clue. :P

This was another really great chapter, Sian! :D

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Review #9, by Lululuna Piece #2

12th January 2015:
Hello again! :D

I have a talent for remembering names and faces that my family cannot comprehend, and there have been multiple awkward occasions when Iíve spoken to someone who doesnít have a clue who I am. Oh my, THIS. I can totally relate so much, hehe. Although it's also happened to me where I'm not wearing my glasses and legitimately mistake a stranger for a friend. :P But this is also a great example of her journalism skills showing through!

Richard seems interesting! I like how he's kind of set up to be a bit of a shady character, between being a Parkinson, drinking heavily and having yellow teeth (for some reason this reminds me of bad character traits). But the fact that he's a friendly acquaintance who Roxy enjoys speaking with makes him very unique and curious.

I really like Andy's case about the smallest detail making a story stand out, and it's so true. The descriptions of the elite journalists is really realistic, but also shows how as an outsider Roxanne might have a leg up in finding an angle that goes against the mainstream.

Speaking of details, there are many here which I found really effective in making Roxy's job really believable and relatable. For example, the point about questioning the family and how it's both sensitive, but also something that journalists are supposed to do. I thought Roxy's conflict over that was really relatable, and loved how she mentioned her parents and how they would feel.

Hmm, so Malcolm worked at Conjuring Communications? And the Aurors are unusually interested even though he hasn't been gone for long? Already there are many seeds of clues which I am trying desperately to piece together. :P I love how you mentioned the phones and Conjuring Communications in the last chapter too, and how it resurfaces in this chapter. Hmm.

I already don't really like Daniel, because he seems really angry and bitter. But then again, there are two sides to every story. I wonder if maybe Roxy cheated on him, or maybe she used him to try and get a story, even if she didn't realize it at the time? Neither really seems like something she would do but it does seem like she did something to make him feel justified in being angry with her. I'm so curious! You've done an amazing job with already building this whole complex world with a full cast of characters in only a couple chapters.

This was another exciting chapter, and the plot is moving along at a really well-written pace! :) I'm excited to keep reading!

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Review #10, by Lululuna Piece #1

12th January 2015:
Hey Sian! :D I read this chapter so long ago but kept getting distracted when I started to review, ugh. But I really love this story and can't wait to catch up with it and review all the chapters, woohoo! :)

The beginning was so exciting and I love how you jumped right into the action of the mystery. It's also really interesting how the expectation is reversed. I expected the spell to be "Avada Kedavra" because that's what tends to happen when dark wizards come calling, but the fact that it was "Imperio" means that I'll be second-guessing all the characters in trying to figure out who it could be and who is actually acting in their right mind.

Can I just say that Violet Toots is an excellent name? :P And haha, so true that Muggles have way more sports than wizards do, seriously. I love how yoga was mentioned as one of those sports too, because yoga is awesome!

I really love Roxy already. She's very relatable, with how she feels like she isn't accomplishing everything she wants to, and is both bored and embarrassed with her articles. Although I will say that garden gnomes invading a town does seem quite amusing. :PI also liked how she's very down-to-earth, like not being tempted into gossiping about Miranda because she suspects that they gossip about her. It shows her character really well in how she can see the bigger picture that way and not want to engage in mean behaviour, even though she doesn't like Miranda. She feels very mature and observant.

It's really interesting how the wizards have adapted Muggle phones and are making use of them. That's very creative but also makes sense, as they would be a lot more convenient than owls or Patronuses (Patroni?).

Aw, Bob! He's so sweet! I'm glad Roxanne is his friend. :)

I loved the description of the pub and the way the girls make time to meet up every week. It's definitely relatable that it's tricky to stay in touch sometimes, even when friends live in the same city.

You did a great job stirring up suspense about Daniel here and what happened, and why Fred might be taking his side. I love how the family dynamics are already being mentioned as they really round Roxy out as a character and make me want to know everything about her!

It takes less than a second for the warm combination of alcohol and friendship to dissolve into an icy fear that takes hold of my insides and twists them, making me feel sick. This line was so amazing because it made me feel exactly the way Roxanne was feeling! I hate getting in trouble of any sort too so it was really relatable, I felt like I was right there with her. :P

Yay for Roxy! I love how she's a journalist who will be investigating the mystery, instead of an Auror or detective. It's a really neat perspective for solving a mystery, and I'm really excited to keep reading and find out what on earth is going on!

Great first chapter, Sian!! :D

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Review #11, by patronus_charm Piece #7

11th January 2015:
Hey Sian! ♥ Sorry for taking ages to get here!

I really like reading about the way the journalists interact with one another, because while there is this sense of friendliness amongst them with the way they go for after-work drinks, there is this sense of rivalry too, as they battle it out to be the best. It did make me laugh (though perhaps a little inappropriately), that despite the seriousness of the situation with a body being found, they can still make bets about it!

Whoops that was awkward with Dom, but I guess given how big the Weasley family is, it was sort of expected that Roxy was going to bump into a relative. Yay Domís a good person too! I thought she was going to start getting angry with Roxy with the way she was questioning her about why she was there, and nothing was confirmed but it was nice to see that they got on. I hope she appears a lot more in this story as sheís another next gen character who really doesnít get enough limelight.

I really like how youíre building up Roxyís life so everyoneís fits in together, as thereís the little trio of cousins with Roxy, Lucy and Dom, then Domís friends with Jane as theyíre single together and now Roxy can join as her and Daniel are now more. Itís just nice that I now know them well enough to put them all together, and I canít wait to see them all together because at the moment itís just been Roxy with one of the others and never all together.

Hmm, so it definitely is Malcom then. I know I thought he might have played a part in his disappearance earlier, but I guess that isnít the case now. I wonder what really went on with him, and whether this is connected to the war or something else. Either way, I canít wait for the mystery to unravel further!

Oooh so someone else has disappeared! And it was an Abbot who reported it! I wonder if thatís Hannah but she decided to keep her maiden name when marrying Neville or another relative of hers. I really liked how we got a different perspective in this story again, because while I love Roxy, it does make it more interesting to have different perspectives as it adds more layers to the story!


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Review #12, by The Basilisk Piece #1

7th January 2015:
Sssalutationsss! Mind if I Ssslyther-in? (Laugh with me now, I'm actually hisssterical!)

One of the things that really stands out to me in this is your choice of words. I think that you're using unique, image-inducing terms that really draw the reader (or the Basilisk) into the story. "Dread worms its way through his body, creeping along his veins and consuming him." -- This, right here, is specifically one of my favorite examples of your excellent use of word choice. The dread really seems to come alive, personified by your eloquence, and lives up to the term 'consumption' in a very strong way.

Anyhow, back to the plot. The introduction leaves a lot of questions, which is perfect! I really need to know who the man is, who attacked him, and why they used the Imperius curse on him. Furthermore, what are they going to make him do?!

(Lousy garden gnomes ;)!) It must be disheartening to have your work crammed into a random corner of the paper :(. I'm sure that Roxanne will get her big story at some point, and she'll be able to make headlines (or perhaps it will cause her to head towards danger)! We'll just have to wait and find out.

Of course Violet is gossipy -- she has to contend with Rita Skeeter, Queen of Gossip and misleading articles ;). Understandably, that leaves Roxanne a bit perturbed, specifically by digging into her personal life.

;) Eh, what are co-workers for, anyway.

Oh, I love the fact that they've begun using the telephone.

O.o Oops! Caught chit-chatting by the boss. Technically, they were talking shop...

12 years is quite a while to be friends with somebody. You really couldn't hide anything from them, even if you wanted, could you? :( It sounds like Roxanne has her hands full at the moment, between dealing with her brother, Daniel.

Ah! And the introduction ties back in, and it looks like Roxanne's got the break she's been waiting for...and it has nothing to do with exploding teapots (haha, get it?)!

Thanksss ssso much for the wonderful read! Until next time~!

Author's Response: Argh, it's the Basilisk! *runs away and hides*

Hmm, well, maybe you're a much nicer creature than everybody has always said, if you're going round and leaving reviews for other members. Maybe I'll even revise my opinion of you, in time...

Thank you very much! I put a lot of work into the word choices in this chapter especially, and I'm really glad that you found the imagery in that section made the idea of the dread come alive for the reader (or you, dear Basilisk!) I'm really glad that the beginning left you asking questions, too - that was the intention!

Roxy definitely doesn't get the best stories at the moment, and she's not got the easiest work colleagues to deal with either.

I'm glad you like that detail!

Roxanne definitely starts this story with a lot on her plate - whether or not that will get any less as time progresses remains to be seen! And yes, everything ties together for the mystery to start. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter, my dear Basilisk, and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Lady Asphodel Piece #2

4th January 2015:
Yes, yes! The mystery unravels. Did I tell you how much I enjoy your description? No? Yes? Well I'll say it again anyway! I love your way of describing!

First, I liked how you described the night sky! I mean, your description of the scene in general is marvelous, but I love the night sky imagery the most. I could really see it in my mind.

I really enjoyed the scene with Roxanne among other journalist and asking questions, even though she asks one. I feel her pain in being embarrassed and her disappointment.

I see we're digging into Roxanne's and Daniel's situation.

Moving onto the next chapter!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi again, Alishya! I'm excited that you came back to read more!

I'm so happy you liked the description in this chapter! It was so fun to write that opening section and try to put down the images in my mind down on paper (or on the screen, in this case).

I'm glad you liked the questioning scene, and seeing Roxy in her place with the other journalists. She was certainly embarrassed and disappointed when her question wasn't answered - I would be!

And yes, you're getting a glimpse of the dynamics between Roxy and Daniel. I hope that you're still reading and enjoying the story - if you continue a few more chapters, you'll discover what happened between them! Thank you for your lovely review :D

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Review #14, by Lady Asphodel Piece #1

23rd December 2014:
Hey Sian!

Already the beginning lures me in! The description is so spot on!

I never read anything pertaining to Roxanne before, especially her as a protagonist. Already, I'm enjoying it! I'm getting the mood you're setting, and I can somewhat relate to her in terms of being a writer or enjoying the feeling of the keys under your fingers. It's comforting and relaxing.

I'm enjoying how you're subtly summarizing Roxanne's place in the setting and how her relationships with other characters such as Violet, Higgins, Bob, Jane etc.

I'm really enjoying the interaction between Jane and Roxanne. You're dialogue is so incredible! I fear of writing again eep!

Seriously though - it's great! It's like I'm watching tv. I am literally imagining that I can hear their voices.

You struck at my curiousity about Daniel and whatever else is wrong with the family.

And finally, Higgins makes use of Roxanne! I wonder what happened to the man from the beginning?

Really, this is just... utterly amazing! Great job in writing this!

Jigsaw is definitely a perfect title for this! :D

I've seen you've got more in store. I might just come back to read more of this!

Amazing job again! Your story definitely earned the recognition it deserves!

- Asphodel

Author's Response: Hi Alishya!

I'm really glad that the description at the beginning manages to grab your attention for the rest of the chapter!

Roxanne is one of those characters, even in the next gen stories, that doesn't seem to be written about very often in fanfiction - so naturally, I want to write about her :P I'm glad you liked my portrayal of her here, and the way that I revealed information about her, and her position in the setting too.

I'm so glad you thought the dialogue between Jane and Roxy was realistic - I really enjoyed writing that scene, and it seemed to flow more easily than others in this story when I wrote it. I guess because it's the sort of conversation I'd have with my friends.

I'm not answering any questions you may have about that... you'll have to read on and find out :P

Yes, Roxy finally gets a story and you might be right in it being related to the man at the beginning haha. Thank you so much for this lovely review!

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Review #15, by Secret Santa :D Piece #3

22nd December 2014:
OMG I'm back Sian, your slightly-less-dedicated-than-I-should-be Secret Santa, determined to continue the Big Birthday Reviewing Blitz for you until it is 11:59pm my time (honestly, I'm a few hours behind you so I was sleeping through quite a bit of your birthday - sorry!

Okay so the first thing: "At the sound of my voice, Lily's brown eyes seem to instinctively find mind" was this supposed to say mine? I thought it might but if I'm wrong please tell me. :)

I loved this chapter so much! Intrigue, mystery, drinking in the middle of the day. Reporters and brothers and Knockturn Alley and press conferences and so many things.

Okay, so to start, j'adore Andy. He seems so sweet and an amazing role model. I love how you added in that he lived through the war and has 20+ experience over awful Miranda and that he is looked to for raises and promotions, because it means that someone is better than Miranda and won't hesitate to shut her down because I really don't like her already she seems like an absolutely awful person!!! Also, I love how Roxanne has a role model in the journalism business because as it seems so far, she doesn't have many people to talk to or to celebrate with!

The press conference was amazingly well-written and it felt like an actual press conference, and the fact that you added in the grieving wife was a nice touch, especially when you had Roxanne think about her and it was nice to see somewhat of a very human behaviour in a reporter who otherwise seems very interested in the case and solely the case - it really brought out Roxanne's character.

I'm so happy the other reporters asked Roxanne to come with them because yay! She's becoming part of the elite reporters! Although drinking at three in the afternoon? Not so smart. And Jensen? Ew he seems slimy and gross. Especially because he's supposed to be a reporter - someone who should be able to read body language - and he can't even tell that the blood status thing is a topic that really shouldn't be discussed? Ugh, please don't have Jensen in this story again. :(

Ooh and also - family feuds!!! Why is Lily so mad at Roxanne? Is it the Daniel thing? WHAT HAPPENED SIAN! TELL ME NOW PLEASE! Or don't, whatever, it's not as if this is killing me. (please?) Anyways, it was nice to see that even if Lily and Roxanne were fighting, it seemed that Lily was happy for Roxanne's success. No matter what, the Weasley clan can't be broken up!!! And then Fred? Did he not see Roxanne or was he actually ignoring her? I'm going with didn't hear her because why would Fred Weasley be going into Knockturn Alley??? Sian, you've got some 'splaining to do!

Anyways, this was fantastic, although I don't think I can whip up another review for you before midnight my time. :( I guess you'll just have to suffice with a little surprise I have waiting for you in the form of a 250 word or so snippet. :P Anyways again, this was another amazing chapter and I'm so mad I have to log off (metaphorically of course) soon and go off to sleep for tomorrow because I'm so excited for the next chapter. Seriously! I've been giving longer reviews than I normally do because I just can't stop gushing! Great job Sian, j'adore!

Secret Santa... ;)

Author's Response: Hello again!

You're right with that and I hadn't even realised that, so I'll go and correct that now! Thanks for pointing it out!

Miranda really isn't the nicest of people, and Roxanne's life certainly isn't made any easier by having to work alongside her. But I'm really happy you like Andy too - he's really nice and I loved writing him and the way he put Miranda down. Even she's not going to be able to argue with someone who's got that much background :P

The press conference was so difficult to write, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! I had to include the mention of Armstrong's wife, because I don't think that Roxy would be able to ignore her the way some of the more seasoned reporters maybe could do. And yay, she's getting more involved in the group! But haha, drinking at that time is definitely not smart when she's got work still to do. Unfortunately I can't make any promises about Jensen's further non-appearance, but I agree with your sentiments about him.

My lips are sealed :P There are plenty of things for you to find out if you continue reading this :P I'm not letting anything slip this early on in the story!

*hugs* Thank you so much for these wonderful birthday reviews AND the incredible story that you wrote me! You're the best ♥

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Review #16, by Secret Santa!!! :D Piece #2

22nd December 2014:
OMG Sian! Back for my Secret Santa present for a Big Birthday Review Blitz!

Ergh, if I thought I liked the first chapter then I definitely love this one. It has everything you need. Mystery, intrigue, a cute boy who used to have feelings for Roxanne but now doesn't and it's super awkward... ouch!

I really liked the first part and how you tied in the drinking with apparating, especially because that would definitely have an impact!!! Also, the crime scene at first is really spooky and haunting. Should I be scared?

The dialogue and overall action between Richard and Roxanne is really nice and I love to see her interactions with more businessy people. I also really liked how Richard is somewhat of a "being-famou-for-being-famous" type person and Roxanne obviously doesn't really see that in a very good light. But it was nice to see her previous assumptions about him wrong when she saw him go to work.

The questions part was nerve-wracking and I felt so bad for Roxanne. It's so obvious all these other reporters don't think she's so tough, but she'll show them! ... won't she? I hope so! Especially since her question was good - albeit, not the smartest because obviously Hit Wizards don't discuss case details!

The ending with the reporters scavenging around the house like cockroaches or ants was a really nice picture. Kind of like they need this for their next meal - not entirely untrue considering that if they lose their edge they could be replaced and then they'd be in trouble! And then Daniel - :O

What? What just happened? I'm so lost for words, that entire encounter was so awkward (I can relate though...) and I hope their relationship gets better EVEN IF I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BUT I SHOULD - DARN YOU SIAN!!! It seemed that Daniel still cared about her though, so is there any chance of them getting back together and rekindling their romance? I think Roxanne deserves at least that.

Now, I must leave but before I do - if I review more it might be in my time zone and therefore it won't be your birthday in your time zone but nevertheless, it's the thought that counts? I hope so! Well, anyways, amazing job on this chapter too Sian! It was amazing and I need to get time off to review the rest ASAP!!!

Secret Santa :D *all the Christmas things*

Author's Response: Hello again! It's so amazing of you to come and spoil me on my birthday like this!

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this chapter too! After posting the first one I was probably more nervous to post this and continue, so it's nice you still liked it! The mystery element was definitely more in play here. And I'm glad you like the little detail about Apparating when drinking - I get a little annoyed when magic seems to solve every problem, and I'm sure it would affect people's magical ability the same way it affects us being able to drive etc.

Richard's definitely one of those sorts of people, and I think Roxy gets a bit annoyed by that considering how hard her family have worked to try and live reasonably normal lives. But she does change her opinion when she sees how seriously he takes his work.

It would be so scary to stand up in front of all those experienced journalists and ask questions for the first time, I think - you'll see how she does with showing them. I liked that imagery too, I'm glad you liked the way it linked in!

Hehe all the mysterious things and I'm not saying anything! I'm glad the encounter was suitably awkward - it was awkward just to write it, and you'll see what happened between them in the next few chapters.

Thank you once again for your brilliant reviews!

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Review #17, by Secret Santa :) Piece #1

22nd December 2014:
Hello Sian! Secret Santa come to bestow more gifts upon you! I got caught up this week and I was hoping to review a bit more before your Big Birthday Review Blitz (like the name?) but unfortunately, all of them will be left to today. Hope you don't mind. ;)

First off, Roxanne is darling. I love her character, especially as a 23 year old woman who sees her life as unaccomplished (I mean it kind of is, but she's only 23). She's a very realistic, three-dimensional character and her dialogue and thoughts were very relatable. I loved how she kind of maneuvered the conversation with Violet, almost as if she was not talking while Violet did everything - something I'm sure Violet has done many times before but has rarely done to herself. But that leads me to believe that Roxanne is guarded and has something to keep secret.

Perhaps it's the fact that she was the reason her engagement broke up? Don't play with me, Sian, Roxanne is not the only detective-like character/person here. :P I saw the bare finger remark and obviously she doesn't want to speak about her man and this Daniel obviously meant something to her but is now a source of pain. So, she broke off her engagement to someone who is friends with her brother (and cousin) and obviously they've taken the fiancť's side. What did she do? My money's on cheated but hopefully not! Roxanne is basically bae. Close second to...

Jane is ah-may-zing! She's also very three-dimensional and a very realistic character, and I love to see a 23 year old in fanfiction needing to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, not because I enjoy other people's sufferings, but it makes her seem that much more real. That also accounts for Roxanne's job lending to her relatableness, but honestly, Jane is probably my favourite character so far. Her comment about the dragon lady? Priceless!

I think the relationships between all the characters have been really well developed. The relationships between Roxanne and her coworkers are obviously very tense (or at least on her end) and her relationship with the bar tender (as well as with Jane) are super sweet and nice and kind of make up for her tense relations with her family. I think you really rounded out the character pool and really created realistic portrayals of people and their lives and how they interact with others around them.

I loved the ending and it provided just the right amount of suspense and now I have to go read and review more, even if I wasn't going to beforehand! :)

This was an amazing first chapter and I'm excited to continue reading and reviewing for Secret Santa, as well as keeping up with it afterwards! Stellar job Sian! You write beautifully!

Secret Santa!!

Author's Response: Hello, lovely!

I am SO happy that you like Roxanne! I really wanted her to come across as a realistic 23 year old; part of what she was born from was the fact that I was getting so frustrated by unrealistic protagonists in fanfiction, particularly in next gen stories. It's so unlikely that someone will have the perfect like when they're 17 or 18, or that everyone will walk into their dream job out of school. Anyway (rant over)... I'm glad you liked the portrayal of her here. And maybe she does have something to hide :P Not that you'll get it out of me!

I'm so happy that you liked Jane too! She's probably one of my favourite, if not my favourite, character in this story. I've already said that I wanted to create realistic characters, and the fact she's struggling so much for money was one aspect of that. She's fun, too! (This part of your review may have just given me an idea for a completely unplanned scene much later on in the story...)

The development of the relationships between the characters was something I was worried about; again, I think it's so easy to get wrong. But I'm thrilled you think they seem rounded out and that the portrayals of characters seem realistic here!

Thank you for this amazing review, Lo! I can't thank you enough for being an incredible Secret Santa, honestly!

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Review #18, by patronus_charm Piece #6

13th December 2014:
Whoo, I am finally here :D

I really loved the beginning of the chapter as you just set the scene so well for the story with all the little extras included which made it so much more fun to read. Old Aggie does sound like a character and the way you described the cafť was really great too, so I hope we get to see more of them too. Iím so glad that you provided an explanation for why technology was in the story because so many people include it without saying why itís there which is just confusing but yay for not doing that!

Ah ah ah ah! Roxanne bumped into Daniel! That was so awkward, because I didnít know what to do and I was just the reader so I canít imagine what it must have been like for her. I almost thought Daniel was going to turn her down and say no to meeting up with her but Iím glad that he didnít. Iím still confused by his character and what he really wants and what heís like. I guess itís still early days and Iím naturally to dislike him, but ah I just want to figure him out!

Itís nice to see that they could get over their differences enough to talk about the case and for Daniel to give her some inside info, as it was so much fun to see how the case was progressing and what was going to happen next in it. I wonder what Daniel was thinking and wouldnít revealÖ hmm I just canít think of any theories myself as I still canít figure out Daniel and whether heís lying or not and wah, Iím just confused but I guess thatís natural as this is a mystery so weíll have to wait and see. :P

Erm, woah, I wasnít expecting them to have it out as it just seemed so normal and just normal I guess, but then bam they were arguing. Iím glad that Roxy finally did manage to put the record straight so letís just hope Daniel realises that nothing actually happened.

Wah wah wah, you canít leave me on a cliff-hanger like that, Sian, itís not fair! Please update soon, like pretty please! ♥ Great chapter :D


Author's Response: Hi Kiana!

Old Aggie was really fun to write, she's such a dragon and one of those old women who just do whatever they want because they've got to old age and they don't care what people think any more. It's fun writing someone so grumpy, and she will make at least one other brief appearance in this story!

Yes, Roxy bumped into Daniel! I'm glad you found it suitably awkward because situations like this are never easy and it's great I managed to get that sense across. His character is very interesting, and I'm glad you can't decide what to make of him because I still haven't decided!

In a way, talking about the case was just some neutral ground to prepare for the nervous and awkward conversation they had to have, and the insider information was fun to write although Roxy can't include it in her articles since she's promised him and doesn't want to get him in trouble. Hehe, I'm glad you picked up on that! I would love to hear what your theories are though!

Yes, things got kind of serious very quickly here! The two have been hovering around this conversation for a month and after five years together they kind of have to have it, and yes, Roxy's finally put the record straight so we'll see how it develops from there!

Haha cliffhangers are fun though :P Thank you for this lovely review!

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Review #19, by CambAngst Piece #2

12th December 2014:
Hi, Sian! Happy Holidays!

I was hoping I'd get a chance to come back to this soon, and there you were at the end of the Gift thread. I had to jump on it!

Before I hit the substance, once again I wanted to say that your writing was beautifully done. The chapter read so smoothly, it was easy to lose myself in it. Your descriptions are beautiful and vivid and you capture Roxanne's emotions and reactions really well. She's obviously feeling a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of what's been assigned to her, but she also has sparks of insight and desire to show that she can hack it.

You set the scene really well in this chapter. I like the way that you kept the visual descriptions kind of sparse and you kept in mind that Roxanne was outside at night. So you filled in the gaps of what she couldn't see with details like the stars and the salty air. I had an easy time placing myself there alongside of her, trying to piece together the blurry shapes of unknown figures moving around in the darkness.

Richard seems like kind of an enigmatic fellow. He acts sort of blasť about his job, but behind the act there was a seriousness and dedication to the way that he carried it out. The fact that he's Pansy's son -- at least that's what I'm guessing -- makes him even more intriguing. It sounds like his mother was mostly famous for being a vacuous sort of socialite, so that might leave him with even more that he feels he has to prove to the world. But, he's too aloof to want anyone to think that he has anything to prove. A very nuanced character you have here.

The thing that nobody ever told me Ė at least, the thing I never believed or truly appreciated Ė is how much waiting is involved in stories like this. -- I thought this was a really good note of realism. Even while I'm enjoying the fanciful nature of a story about wizards and witches and murder mysteries, you keep it all grounded and accessible with small details.

Hmmnnn... So I take it that a simple missing person case would ordinarily be the domain of the MLEP? Interesting twist that the Hit Wizards have taken over the case. I like the way you're gradually pacing the delivery of information.

My hearts sinks; I canít help feeling inadequate when the only question I have asked goes unanswered -- I took it a bit differently than Roxanne did. It seems to be like her question wasn't answered because it's very relevant to the mystery.

I have to say, my first reaction was to see Roxanne's ex as sort of a jerk. I guess it's understandable that he'd want to maintain some distance after getting out of a serious relationship that plainly didn't end well, but his overall attitude is very dismissive. Looking beyond the surface, I can't help but wonder if he has other reasons. Does he expect this investigation to take more dangerous turns? Is he trying to steer her away from it?

You've really done a good job setting up your main characters and putting the story in motion. Both of the main subplots involving Roxanne are really interesting. I'm excited to see where you take them all!

Author's Response: Hi, Dan! I'm really happy that you wanted to come back to read more of this story!

Ah, you're too nice to me when you write these reviews - I can't stop smiling to read these things from you, because your own writing is amazing so it means a lot that you like the writing in this story! Knowing that my description here was good enough for you to be able to picture it makes me really happy.

Richard is certainly enigmatic - or at least, that's how I intended him to come across. You're right about the connection with Pansy too, being her son. He's definitely interesting to include and write.

I try my best to include those sort of little details that add a bit more realism to the story - obviously it's set in a magical world, so it can't be entirely believable, but I want it to seem as realistic as possible. I'm glad you picked up on that.

From my research and what I can find in canon, I think the MLEP would be the first people to arrive, but I didn't want this story to be just about Aurors like so many others, since their domain seems to be investigating Dark magic specifically. The Hit Wizards fit in as a sort of middle ground; the fact they've taken over the case is quite significant.

As for your reaction to Daniel, I'm going to say nothing except that your questions are very interesting and pertinent to the story, so it's good that you're asking them!

Thank you for this amazing review, Dan - I'm so pleased you're still enjoying the story!

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Review #20, by CambAngst Piece #1

22nd November 2014:
Hi, Sian! I've heard so many good things about this story. I'm really excited to read it.

The beginning drips with intrigue. You definitely dropped some interesting clues into the mix. The protagonist's struggles with the teapot, as well as what his tea is lacking, caught my attention. The easy guess would be that he's an addict of some sort struggling from withdrawal symptoms. Or perhaps he's a werewolf, out of sorts from the effects of a full moon spent without access to Wolfsbane. No matter what, it definitely drew me in. And then he's placed under the Imperius Curse by... somebody. All in all, it was a great hook for your story.

From there, we drop into the much more mundane life of Roxanne Weasley. I really loved the way you paced the delivery of plot and information. I was several paragraphs in before I knew with certainty that we were talking about Roxanne and not Rose. It had such a nice, organic flow to it. I vastly prefer this to stories where the main character spends several paragraphs of the first chapter dumping information either through rumination or directly addressing the reader.

I think Roxanne's life is going to make a very good contrast to the mystery that it seems like she's being thrust into. It's impossible not to feel sorry for her and her friend Jane. Especially Roxanne, though. Her family is so famous and her cousins seem to have found careers in keeping with their parents' reputations. It feels like she's pursuing something she loves, she just hasn't gotten much of a chance to enjoy it yet.

I loved the scene you created in the pub where Roxanne and Jane meet to commiserate. The scene had a very down-to-earth feel to it that was easy to relate to. The details were vivid and the scene was easy to imagine.

Am I reading between the lines correctly to infer that Roxanne was either engaged or almost engaged? I'm really curious to know more about Daniel -- how he and Roxanne broke up and why he's so close to Freddy that it created a rift between Freddie and Roxanne. It seems as though Roxanne might have done something that she regrets deeply.

And right at the end, you draw your two plot threads together. It appears that Roxanne is about to get more than she bargained for as she embarks on this new assignment.

Your writing was really, really good in this. The chapter was so polished and refined, it was obvious that you put a lot of time into both writing and editing it. I can't say enough about how much you've improved as a writer in the time you've been a member of HPFF! Brilliant job!

Author's Response: Hi Dan! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me TWO reviews for our swap - it's so generous of you! And of course it's always great to hear what you think of my stories!

I'm really glad you thought that the first section was a good hook to get people intrigued in the story. I wanted something that grabbed people's attention before the switch into Roxanne's life. And I'm glad that you were picking up on the clues in that section already!

Phew, I'm glad that it didn't feel like this chapter was an information dump! I was really concerned about getting the flow right and making sure that the reader got enough information about the characters but without overdoing it. I'm glad the pacing seemed okay.

For me, I really wanted to have a realistic protagonist who was having some struggles with her life - the early 20s aren't as easy as they seem to be portrayed in most stories, and I wanted to reflect that. Some of her cousins are definitely in more suitable occupations, but they're not all having success, as you'll see in later chapters :)

I loved writing the scene between Roxanne and Jane - it came very naturally and I like the friendship between the two of them, so I'm pleased you liked that!

My lips are sealed on Roxanne and Daniel and what happened between them, for now at least - if you get the chance to read on, you'll find out in a couple of chapters.

Thank you so much for the compliments in this review, Dan! It means a lot to me that you think I've improved a lot as a writer - I'm always trying to get better and it's nice that other people can see a difference as well as me feeling one! Thank you for this brilliant review!

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Review #21, by LightLeviosa5443 Piece #2

18th November 2014:
Hey Sian! Thanks so much for swapping with me!

I know I've said this before, but I'm saying it again because it has to be said. I'm absolutely in love with your description and word choice. The way that you use both so consistently through out your stories just makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in it and I get chills when the character is cold and I feel and see the setting. It reminds me of watching a movie in my head, almost like I'm not reading anymore. It's incredible.

Your writing continually has me in awe, but what really strikes me about this particular story is that you have Roxanne so observant and embedded in her setting and you manage to balance the setting itself with her character and you don't miss a single detail. We see Roxanne go through her personal thoughts and social interactions while getting this filter of the scene through her eyes and it sets this tone and mood that kind of just throws you into the story, like I mentioned above. It's really great and I think the fact that you've written the story in first person only testifies to that fact.

Ugh, my heart is breaking for Roxanne in so many ways. In one way because she is so unsure of herself as a reporter and in her writing and I hate that her coworkers have given her this feeling and doubt. I really hope that as the story goes on she becomes more confident and grows into herself. My heart is also breaking for her because of the Daniel situation. I don't know what happened between them but in the scene at the end of the story all I want to do is pick up Roxanne and just hug her. I can practically taste the pain she's feeling when he's cold towards her and I kind of want to smack him when he tells her she could get a better story. Though, the way he reacted makes me almost kind of wonder if there's going to be something really really dangerous about this story and he knows it. Which there probably is because of the story summary. But I'm going to pretend that I thought of that all on my own.

This was a wonderful chapter and I'm adding this story to my favorites so that I'll be sure to keep returning to it and reading, it truly is wonderful.

Thanks again for swapping with me!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hi, Sarah!

I'm so happy that you like the description in this - it's something that I work hard on and to know that it works well and you're able to picture things clearly in your head. That's what I was hoping I could achieve so it's great if it's happening!

I think that Roxanne being such an observant person is going to fit well with her work - she notices a lot more than other people do, and sometimes doesn't talk as much - I like to think of it as a behaviour she's learned from when she was younger, growing up with her cousins. But I'm so pleased you like the way that we get to see the scenes through her eyes!

Roxy is definitely not having the easiest time in her life right now! It was important for me to write a character that was realistic - somebody who has problems which don't get magically resolved. She's insecure about her writing and even though she's ambitious, it's taken her a while to get to the point where she's covering this sort of story and people won't let her forget that. And then the Daniel situation - I'm keeping my lips sealed about that in case you decide to read on, but I'm glad you felt sympathy for her!

Thank you so much for the swap and the wonderful review!

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Review #22, by patronus_charm Piece #5

1st November 2014:
Hey again Sian!

Ahahahah the first section is making me think that perhaps my crazy theory isnít so crazy after all. I donít know why, it just seems as if the idea that Malcolm staged is a bit more plausible but I shall have to carry on reading to see if Iím right or not. I definitely do think it has something to do with his blood status anyhow, because the comments made about muggles were certainly deriding so fingers crossed I got that bit right at least!

I love Lucy! Sheís just so bold and funny and out there and I really do hope that she carries on being blunt as it just makes me laugh when she is. Ah, Roxanne why did you make excuses for not going to The Burrow as I really did want to see all the Weasleys together but I guess weíll have that at Teddy and Victoireís wedding. Waah Daniel sounds like a poo for lack of 15+/M words. Iím so glad that they broke up because even though it seems as if Roxanne is still hurting over it, it sounds like it was for the best as he does not sound like a pleasant guy, and I hope if she sees him again she shows how awesome she is without him.

Waaah that is so awkward! Now I donít know whose team to be on, because while Daniel was being a poo, Roxanne could have chosen someone else to rebound on because it is a little awkward with all that jealously floating around there. It also makes sense why Fredís so angry at her now, but I still have a feeling thereís a bit more there as Roxanne is his sister after all. Hmm, we shall have to see!

It has finally been revealed!! Wah, I donít know what to think, I donít know whose team to be on, I donít know whether I want Roxanne and him to be together again. I just donít know. Please update soon because maybe then Iíll know :P Great chapter! ♥


Author's Response: Hi Kiana! :D

Mwahaha I am not giving anything away, even though you're trying to trigger a reaction with your theory (which is, I have to admit, very interesting!). It's kind of frustrating not being able to tell you what's going on but I suppose you wanting to know is a good sign :P

Lucy was so fun to write! I had a plunny for a novel about her at one time but I like her much better in this story and she'll make a few more appearances, for sure! You will see the Weasleys together at some point, but I was getting kind of terrified about writing them all so early on! Hehe, I love your description of Daniel :P

Yes, I had to make things complicated! It's not as easy or as simple as it might have seemed and so there's now a lot of complicated tensions between Roxy and her family and I'm glad you liked the chapter! I will update as soon as possible, especially now that NaNo's over - I just have to get my work out of the way first!

Thank you for review bombing me, Kiana - it really made my day! ♥

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Review #23, by patronus_charm Piece #4

1st November 2014:
Whoo, Iím back :D

I liked the beginning section of this chapter as we got to see a different perspective to what it means to be a journalist as thereís the boring side to it such as buying people drinks and waiting around as well as the fun side to it too. Roxanne really does seem to be a great journalist with the way she knew how to manipulate the situation (in a good way mind) to get the most out of the interview and she did draw out some interesting answers. I canít wait to see whatís up with the Upton guy, though I canít help but wonder whether heís going to be a red herring or not though. I loved how you called one of the guys Marius though as it just meant I had Les Mis songs going on in my head :P

Ooh ooh oooh this just got interesting with seeing the prisoner! I really hope Roxanne does find him soon as it does not sound like itís going to be good for him. The fact that no names were used has made me come up with a crazy theory which you can dismiss if you want as it probably is a little crazy but maybe Malcolm staged his own disappearance and took someone else captive so to deflect attention away from the person he took? Itís probably a crazy idea but it could potentially be true :P

Wah George and Angelina were adorable so you definitely did write them well! I really love the idea of Angelina working in the joke shop too, as theyíre just such a good duo I can imagine it made the joke shop even more successful. They seemed like natural parents to Roxanne too and I could see flickers of both of them in her which just shows how well you characterised them all. The tensions with Roxanne and her other cousins seemed to increase in this chapter even if she didnít see them so I canít wait to see what itís like in the next few.

So many exciting things are happening, I canít wait to read on! :D


Author's Response: Hi again, Kiana! I'm slowly making my way through these lovely reviews!

This chapter didn't appear anywhere at all in my initial planning, actually, but when I got to writing around this time I felt like there needed to be another one included, and this turned out to be one of my favourites so far. I wanted to show the fact that it's not all glamorous being a journalist, and that she's got to do some irritating things to get the stories that she needs. I couldn't possibly comment either way on Upton's nature!

I'm also not going to dismiss any theories that anybody comes up with in response to this, it's so interesting to see what readers think might be happening! Haha, I was mean not using names but it's great that you came up with a reason for it, though of course I can't say if it's right or not! And yeah, things aren't going too well for the prisoner at the moment!

Yay, thank you! I was so nervous writing George and Angelina but I found myself really enjoying it and the relationship between them, so it means a lot that you liked them too. And yep, things are starting to become a bit more obvious as far as Roxy and her cousins are concerned, so you'll find out soon!

Thank you for this brilliant review! ♥

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Review #24, by patronus_charm Piece #3

1st November 2014:
Hey Sian!! I'm finally back to catch up on this story!

Ooh Violet is a horrible piece of work it's safe to say and I am not a fan of her at all. I really loved how you described her as I can just picture her vividly in my head and at the moment I'm thinking of her as a patronising version of Rita Skeeter. I really hope Roxanne does go and prove her wrong and uses the press conference as a way of gaining more information. In fact, that entire conversation with Violet just made Roxanne endear herself to me even more. I'm not quite sure why but it just did.

I loved the way you described the press conference, it was so full of energy it just made me want to be there too with all those unique characters and the way they were all trying to fight it out to get the best scoop. Ooh so there's tension between Roxanne and Lily as well as with Fred. Hmm, I can't wait to see that story explored more as Roxanne's just so lovely and adorable there must be a really good reason for why Lily isn't a fan of her. I really liked how you tied that sub-plot in though, because there is a tendency with mysteries to just focus on the mystery and not the character development but you've managed to balance both here which is really great.

Whoo go Roxanne! I'm so proud of her and that fact she had enough courage to go and ask a question about the disappearance as I have feeling this case is what's going to make her as a journalist. The yet in the answer to it does seem to be very important, and I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of action to come in the next few chapters!

Ah, I really feel for Roxanne and the fact that even when she goes for an after work drink her surname has to be brought up as that must suck a lot. I loved hearing about all of their conspiracies though as I'm currently wondering whether any of them are true or not. I'm inclined to agree with Roxanne about no to the murder, but I have a feeling that blood status may be involved. Maybe it's the case of muggle borns going after purebloods this time round?

Ooh and a surprise appearance from Fred! I must read on and find out what's going on with him! Great chapter, Sian :D


Author's Response: Kiana! Ah, you don't even know how awesome it was to see these three reviews appearing on the first day of NaNo - you're such an awesome NaNo mum/person!

Haha, I can kind of agree with you on Violet, and with her and Miranda Roxy's definitely not got the nicest work colleagues! I'm really glad that you're liking Roxy more too, since I love her and she's the main character haha!

The press conference was really fun to write, although a bit difficult too without giving away too much information about the case! I'm glad you liked the inclusion of the sub-plot, as that's something I'm trying to include, but I don't want to manage them badly since this is my first longer mystery! You'll find out (have already haha) why Lily's not talking to Roxy!

Yay, Roxanne's asking questions and showing her determination! There's definitely going to be some more action to come in future chapters!

Hehe, I'm glad that you're interested in all the different theories as well :) I can't comment on any of them of course but you could be on the right lines...

Yes, Fred turns up and acts mysteriously, ooh...

Thank you for this lovely review, Kiana! ♥

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Review #25, by teh tarik Piece #5

30th October 2014:
Hey Sian!!

So I've finally caught up with the latest chapter, wheee! (I read the two last chapters on a long flight...). It's been awhile since I read anything on HPFF, and it feels wonderful to get right back into this story and Roxanne's life and the mystery that's becoming more and more intriguing.

The parts of the fic outside of Roxanne's POV are so exciting, and they drop so many tantalising hints, (but not enough to give a clear picture of what's happening - you're so skilled in writing mystery and you have so much restraint in revealing plot info!!)

I love that you started this chapter at the top of a high rise building in London; it's such a lovely contrast to the wizarding world, and it's really wonderful thinking of the whole magical world tucked neatly into the streets somewhere in the vast city. I love your descriptions of London and the skyscrapers in the sun. And of course I'm wondering who that mysterious man is...Simon Upton? It's absolutely fascinating that whatever he does is a combination of the Muggle and magical world; I can't wait to find out more!!

Lucy is quite a lovely addition to your character. I'm so glad we got to see more Weasley cousins written in greater detail, and I'm absolutely loving the understanding relationship between Roxanne and Lucy. It's also such a relief to meet one of the Weasley children who isn't being all hostile to poor Roxanne, who already has so much on her plate. By the way, I absolutely adored your portrayal of George and Angelina in the last chapter! George/Angelina is my favourite canon Weasley pairing, and I think you wrote their relationship with so much affection and yet there was a wonderful playful manner between them. George and Roxanne's relationship is also so endearing!

And ah, finally we learn what really happened between Roxanne and Daniel. The state of their relationship did make me a little sad, but I think you handled it very well: the arguments, the anger and resignation building up over time, the lack of emotional support for each other, and finally, the breakdown of trust and communication. I think you've written a very realistic version of a relationship, and I really enjoyed reading that (though it was very saddening). I'm glad you also explained why the rest of the Weasley clan seem to be holding a grudge against Roxanne: Lily, James, Fred etc. Some of them definitely are being way too harsh on her. I always enjoy reading fics about the Weasleys where alliances divide them up. :P Conflict makes the Weasley multitudes more memorable, and I'm less likely to think of the whole family as a singular unit.

BUT I'm so glad to see that Roxanne has decided to write to Daniel again! I don't know how easy it will be for the both of them to reconnect, but I do hope he'll give her a chance, and that they can slowly start rebuilding their relationship.

The last two chapters were fabulous, Sian! I think you've managed a wonderful balance of family drama and mystery and some work drama as well. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to catch up, but yay! Lovely writing as always! ♥


Author's Response: teh! ♥ *hugs* I would have responded to this earlier but NaNo got in the way and now I'm finished with it I can respond properly to this lovely review!

Ah, I can't even tell you how amazing it was to get this review, but thank you so much! And for all your lovely compliments too - I'm always so paranoid about my writing and this is my first real attempt at a longer mystery, so I always worry that it's not mysterious enough or that I'm giving away too much information. Coming from a writer like you as well, it puts a massive smile on my face! :D

The skyscraper setting for the beginning of this chapter just kind of... happened :P I found myself really liking it once I'd written it and I'm glad you liked the contrasts to the wizarding world! As for the mysterious man's identity, I couldn't possibly comment! ;)

Lucy was one of my favourite characters to write - ages ago I had an idea for a story about her, and while that didn't work out, she's taken a bigger role in this than I ever planned her too. It's definitely not all of the Weasley children who are being hostile to Roxy, but the poor girl certainly feels that way at the moment, so I think Lucy gave her some much needed reassurance! Thank you for your compliments on George/Angelina! I didn't even have a plan for chapter 4 before I started writing and I loved writing them but worried that I hadn't written them well... so, thank you!

Phew, I'm glad it seemed realistic to you! I was worried that people wouldn't think that the breakdown was enough but it's one of those things that happens to some relationships, unfortunately. But yep, now you know what happened between them and I agree with the fact that some of her cousins are being too harsh, but they're a stubborn bunch, these Weasleys... I'm kind of looking forward to and dreading writing all the Weasleys together for the first time!

I'm glad that you're glad! You'll see more of Daniel soon here, once I get the next chapter edited and up (which should hopefully be soon, now that NaNo's out of the way!)

Thank you so much for this fantastic review! ♥

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