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Review #1, by patronus_charm Regrets

19th March 2015:
Hey there, reviewing for the HPFF Fundraiser challenge!

Ooh I loved how you started it off as it seemed like just a normal family gathering at The Burrow and then bam, a massive secret is revealed and Dom is actually having an affair with Teddy. Iím glad that Victoire is a nice person in here because Iíve read a few stories featuring this love triangle and a lot of the time sheís made to be horrible so the affair is somewhat okay then. Here though, the blame has to be placed on someone else which makes it interesting.

One thing I would perhaps suggest is work on the transition from Domís musings to Rose coming over and saying she loves Scorpius because itís quite a shift in the mood and sort of jolts the reader. :) Other than that, I really loved Rose as she was so bright and bubbly and alive she was so much fun to read!

The same again for when Dom goes and meets Teddy because thatís quite a shift in the mood, so again it gives you a bit of a jolt. Teddy was really mean here and I did actually want to hit him as he would have really deserved it. Poor Victoire though! It must have been so horrible walking in on all of them like that as it really was quite brutal!

Great story!


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Review #2, by killjoy Regrets

13th August 2014:
As the reviewer above me stated I really like this story because both Teddy and Dom are not shown in a good light. I've read a many Teddy/Dom cheating stories on here and get irritated when the author and reviewers call it hot. I also hope the bad karma follows them into a horrible relationship.

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Review #3, by peacock33 Regrets

8th August 2014:
Well, I have to say that I admire Victoire and her strength. I hope she finds a way to move past this and find someone who actually respects and loves her, as Teddy really doesn't or he would have never done this, especially not with her own sister. And It's sad because she will never be able to escape this because it was Dom. They both disgust me too. I can't believe they thought to do it while they were at a family party where Vic was downstairs. That's about as low as you can get. Seems to me it was nothing about love and more about lust and getting off on the excitement of it being forbidden and secret. I personally wouldn't mind seeing them get together and be miserable and realizing that they don't even have real feelings for each to maintain a real relationship. I'm interested to see if you continue this story and make either of them at all redeemable. And I'm really glad you haven't tried to justify or excuse their cheating or act like Vic deserves it as in my mind there is no excuse for cheating. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! & yeah. I really dont like how some stories like to give an explanation, because in my opinion, cheating isn't justifiable.
I'm thinking of adding another chapter on how things are after! Thanks again for reviewing and i'm glad you liked it!

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