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Review #1, by Gail Welin One Shot

27th March 2016:
Hi articcat621!

I'm here from the forums where the Annual Fundraiser invites us all to read and review stories! Representing the wonderful House of Slytherin for the Inter-House Review Competition ♥

Oooh!! I love that you wrote a Hermione/Severus bit! And you've made it credible by not rushing into the relationship - she doesn't throw himself at him, heck, it even takes her quite a while to understand she's in love!

I love that Hermione saved him!! Snape would scold you, though, as you wrote that Hermione poured dittany over his wound whereas only its essence is poured (dittany is a plant). ;)
And I love that he wasn't happy about being alive at first, even angry at her for saving him - very canon! :D
I'm glad they became friends before dancing together!
I really liked that McGonagall wasn't surprised! :p

Do consider creating an account for the forums of HPFF where you can join a House of your choosing (Slytherin ♥ ), participate in all kinds of fun events (House Cups, Quidditch, Fundraisers, Review-a-thons... It's crazy over there! :p ), promote your story and even ask for feedback in the form of reviews and/or beta-reading. The forums are beyond great!

This was a very enjoyable, simple read! Thank you!



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