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Review #1, by patronus_charm Killer in Me and the Killer in You

12th September 2014:
Hey there!

Ooh this was really interesting to read as it was such a unique viewpoint and I honestly never expected Rodolphus to be like that when I started reading it. I really liked the fact he genuinely seemed to love and care for Bellatrix as it does give me some hope that the Death Eaters were in fact somewhat normal.

You included tons of little mannerisms to show that he did care for her which was really sweet and I really loved them all. I think my favourite one and the one which stayed with me for the longest was the one when he was trying to get her to eat and push her a long a little bit more so she could be with her Dark Lord again and that strange idea was really interesting to read.

The ending was really sad! I never thought I would pity a Death Eater but I certainly did then because while they were in Azkaban there was no Dark Lord and no rival for his affections so Bellatrix was just his, but now they were out of it again he was back in second place and just generally forgotten. Though, it just goes to show how great your characterisation of him was if you made me pity him which was something I never thought would have happened.

Great one-shot! :D


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Review #2, by milominderbinder Killer in Me and the Killer in You

7th September 2014:
Reviewing for Team Blue!

This was a really interesting story. I can honestly say I've never read a story about Rodolphus before and I hadn't even really thought about him much, but this has suddenly made me so curious about his life.

I suppose I always imagined he would be very similar to Bellatrix, in that sort of twisted and evil and single minded way - and I suppose he sort of is, but you also gave him redeeming qualities here with his love for Bellatrix, which made this really interesting and complex to read.

Even though he is a killer, and admits that he thought they would fall in love because they are both killers, he is almost nurturing towards her. Trying to get her to eat and helping her survive even if it means manipulating her emotions slightly, shows a deep care for her which actually made me feel for him.

It's so sad that he accepts she will probably not love him back the same way he loves her, but continues to love her anyway, and try and look after her. It's so interesting to see such an evil person portrayed in a loving way, and it just goes to show how complex people can be, with so many different facets to their personalities. That made this feel very realistic, so I loved your characterisation of him.

My favourite lines were:

Now, what he didn't know was whether she had been insane before and it was just starting to show now. - this was really interesting because his love for her didn't diminish at all even when he thought she might have always been crazy.

Even if she was going to hate him again, he could still love her privately, the way he had loved her ever since they got married (and before that). - this sentiment is so sweet and also sad!

So yeah, I thought this story was good, well done!


Author's Response: Hi Maia!

Yes, Rodolphus is a rather overlooked Death Eater, isn't he? He would be similar to Bellatrix - anyone sadistic enough to torture Frank and Alice would definitely belong in the Death Eater camp.

I thought since we didn't know Rodolphus's side of the marriage I would come up with this. He definitely has more than one part to him - I really don't like characters who are evil through and through (so I suppose if you rationalize enough Voldemort had a reason for going bad - he was really mad about being abandoned in a Muggle orphanage.)

I think a part of him always knew that something wasn't quite right with Bellatrix. If he was married that long to someone like her he would definitely know their mind.

There is definitely a bit of sadness in this, especially since we know how this ends - Bellatrix dies and we don't know what happens to Rodolphus - if Tonks kills him in the Battle of the Seven Potters, or if he was defeated at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Thank you for the lovely review!


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Review #3, by StarlightAsteria Killer in Me and the Killer in You

27th August 2014:

I thought this was such an interesting portrayal of Bellatrix and Rodolphus's relationship - you do a very good job of making them more than simply evil death eaters, and making me feel actually quite sorry for two characters who are traditionally seen as the villains of the piece.

Rodolphus caring (as much as he is able) for Bellatrix in Azkaban I found strangely touching and genuinely sad - it isn't a take that many people have chosen to portray.

Well done!

Celi xx

Author's Response: Hi Celi!

Yes, Bellatrix and Rodolphus are usually portrayed one way, aren't they? They're elitist servants of Lord Voldemort who hate everybody. While I'm willing to admit that that is a perfect description of Bellatrix, we don't know enough about Rodolphus to make that judgement.

I thought since nothing was known about Rodolphus's feelings towards Bellatrix I should contribute something. His bitterness about being second to Voldemort is a nice contrast with his desire to serve.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #4, by Infinityx Killer in Me and the Killer in You

8th August 2014:
Review tag!

This is the first story I've read from Rodolphus' PoV, and I loved it. Initially, I thought it would be dark, filled with filthiness and terror that comes along with any Azkaban scenario. But this was a whole other perspective and brought out a new depth to Rodolphus.

The way you've characterized him and his thoughts about being a Death Eater are so different from anything I've read before. I think we all forget that Death Eaters are human beings too, but without the compassion that others feel. Here, it didn't seem like he was a cruel person at all. You showed a whole other side to him, one of a man who is desperately in love with a woman who couldn't care less.

I love how you've shed some light on the humanistic side of Rudolphus and I my heart just went out to him when I read this. Great work!


Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for the lovely review!

With this story, I wanted to show that Death Eaters were human as well, and were just as capable of love as the "good guys". I thought Rodolphus and Bellatrix's relationship was a perfect opportunity to do this, since JKR said in an interview that Bellatrix loved Voldemort.


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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven Killer in Me and the Killer in You

6th August 2014:

First review! Woohoo! I don't often read Rodolphus stories, mostly because they're scarce to be found, so I was intrigued enough to give this a go.

Oddly, I felt myself sympathising and empathising for Rodolphus. His love seemed genuine and he obviously understood his wife well. It was sad to see him accept that Bellatrix would never love him, but I admired him for sticking through their marriage anyway and wanting to keep her alive. Many people would be driven to anger and hate, especially since they were in Azkaban.

I really enjoyed this look into Rodolphus' mind. His matter-of-fact acceptance of his lot in life and his bad luck in love was so endearing. Even his talk of essentially being assassins was nice to read. I loved that he treats them as part of his life - he doesn't make a big deal out of it. Some people are accountants. He's an assassin for the Dark Lord.

Lovely read :)

Author's Response: Hello! I figured that not a lot of people would write about him, so I decided to try.

Personally, I find that the majority of Death Eaters, aside from Snape and sometimes Lucius, tend to be portrayed as evil through and through, and not capable of love (which some of them no doubt are). It leaves plenty of leeway for writing without having to stick an AU label on it.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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