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Review #1, by HarrietHopkirk Andromeda Tonks

14th December 2015:
Nooo! Andromeda!

Ugh my poor, precious Andromeda. I actually wrote a really vague, very short fic about Andromeda once, maybe for some House Cup group effort, and it was the saddest thing. She has really lost so much - her husband, her daughter, her son-in-law, her sister... And she is left all alone. I can totally understand why she hates/is jealous of Lily Evans.

I really liked how this flowed. I was a bit disconcerted with the use of parenthesis (I'm not sure they are needed) but otherwise I really enjoyed this (also not sure if 'enjoy' is the right word for something so sad). I love fics about Andromeda and I'm glad I stumbled across this one, so thank you!

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Review #2, by The Basilisk Andromeda Tonks

4th November 2015:
Greetingsss and Sssalutationsss,

It is I The Basilisk. I have come ssseeking out fiction of thossse who would partisssipate in the event known as National Novel Writing Month. I have it on good account you are one such sssoul.

I have come to thisss story intrigued by your take on Andromeda Tonksss. You shared her ssstory ssso well. I have notisssed on your author page that you ssseem to have an affinity for the former Black sissster. There isss nothing wrong with it and basssed on thisss story alone you capture her voissse well.

You capture her Ssslytherin nature while still having her love and care deeply it is a beautiful balance that you evoke well in ssso few wordsss. Exsssellent job with thisss story. I very much enjoyed the read.

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Review #3, by Mrs. Claus Andromeda Tonks

30th July 2015:
Hello dear! I'm Mrs. Claus, here to give gifts for Christmas in July!

I'm not quite sure what to say about this. It was so tragic and the feelings so raw. The pain she felt must have been horrible. If I could give her the gift she wants, to have them back, why I'd do it in a heartbeat.

But maybe one day she'll realize her daughter did exactly what she wished to do. She died for her son, so he could grow up in a better world. I believe, while heartbroken, Andromeda is very proud of Tonks. In time others will come and help to fill that hole a little bit, though it'll never be gone completely, just like her daughter and husband would want.

Such a lovely story, but now I must be off! There's only today and tomorrow left before it's back to the pole, and I really am behind schedule!

First, I'll give you a clue: Sometimes I seem more like an editor than a writer...

There are also a few other places you might find some, try a story from teh tarik to start, and one from magnolia_magic I did too. Here's one I gave to ad astra, now, can you relay the clues?

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Review #4, by Dojh167 Andromeda Tonks

12th June 2015:
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015 Review

Oh look, I found you! =D

Once again, you have a really compelling character voice here. I really strongly get a feel for who Andromeda is as a person and how she feels.

I think that the concept for this story is interesting. I never would have thought to connect Andormeda and Lily, but you do it in a very natural way.

I really like that you hint in Andromeda's darkness and that she needed Ted to balance her out. To me, Andromeda was always a Black, and I like to see people taking that into account in her characterization, and it makes her guilt over her family's deaths a lot more compelling.

That second to last sentence is so real and so heart wrenching.

Well done! It's good to read something that you weren't rushing to get out for the cup =)


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Review #5, by maskedmuggle Andromeda Tonks

11th June 2015:

I just reviewed (the trick is) to keep breathing so it was so fascinating reading another Andromeda Tonks story and seeing more about how the war has really impacted her life. In a way, I feel that her hate for Lily is completely irrational, but it's one way of thinking for her to justify what's been happening, and I liked how she acknowledged this by realising it was actually jealousy. I really got a good understanding of Andromeda's situation when you showed how she was jealous for not having a chance to protect her family too. I thought it was so unfortunate and kinda ironic for how the world is that a life without fear - a peaceful life, had only been made possible with the deaths of her husband and daughter.

I've read a lot of the 500 word challenge fics, and I feel that this one here is a fic where you truly did make every word count. I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into Andromeda and thought you did a wonderful job writing it.

- Charlotte
Ravenclaw House Cup 2015

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Review #6, by kenpo Andromeda Tonks

29th September 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the story search round two!

This was a really horribly sad story. But it was also really really lovely. I love the idea behind it - just this hatred of Lily. It's so understandable, and it's such a realistic way for her to process her grief. She's such an interesting character, and I love this little snapshot you've given us.

Something I think was a great touch was your use of parenthesis. It gave it an interesting structure, and a sort of detached feeling that I found oddly enjoyable.

She's such a tragic character... you did a fantastic job capturing it in such a short story. You've done really well!


Author's Response: Hello Georgia!

Ugh, I know. I was sad writing it. I'm really glad you liked the idea behind the sotry, as I think that as a hero Lily would be envied as well as admired, and to someone like Andromeda, who's lost everything, she would be terribly envious, perhaps misguidedly. I agree that she's an incredibly interesting character, I wish we'd seen more of her in the books!

Yeah, the parentheses were meant to represet her thoughts on the matter, I'm really glad you liked the technique!

She is, the poor lady! I'm so happy that you think I did her justice, and thank you for the lovely review! ♥

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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 Andromeda Tonks

29th September 2014:
Hello Emily!

I'm here from the Common Room for Story Search Round 2! Oh. My. Goodness. This was so beautiful and sad at the same time. Andromeda's grief is so deep and painful without being overdone. I think being the person left behind is much harder than the one who does the dying - and this is beautifully highlighted by her projection of hate onto Lily. Another aspect is that Andromeda is not only feeling her pain, but questioning herself as to how good a mother she was. She almost feels that, because she did not make the ultimate sacrifice, and her daughter and husband did, that that somehow means she didn't love them as much as Lily did. I'm so impressed at how much emotion you've put into just five hundred words. Great job!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hello Beth! ♥

Yay for Story Searches, am I right?? Haha. Gah, I'm so glad you think so! I think Andromeda is such a tragic character and I'm really happy that you think I did her grief and her pain justice. I agree with you that being left behind is harder than dying, I think, and I'm glad you think I portrayed it well! I was a bit worried that I wouldn't get anything across in just five hundred words, and I'm really happy that you think this was a very emotional puece, as I waas sort of aiming for that.

Thank you so much for the fab review, Beth!

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Review #8, by milominderbinder Andromeda Tonks

29th September 2014:
QTR story search round 2! wow, this was so, so sad ;n; at first i thought it was gonna be a story about them being at school together or something, but this was so much more emotional. i really felt andromeda's pain and it's crushing, you wrote all the emotion so well & it's really affected me! my heart is broken for andromeda ♥

Author's Response: Yayay for story searches! I'm sorry, I was aiming for a lot of feels to hit you. :P Yes, Andromeda is such a sad character in so many ways and I'm really glad you think that I wrote her emotions and especially her pain well - I hope your heart heals soon, and thank you for the amazing review! ♥

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Review #9, by nott theodore Andromeda Tonks

16th September 2014:
Hi Emily!

Gah, it's been far too long since I stopped by your page and read and reviewed anything of yours! So this looked really intriguing from the summary because I've never imagined much of a link between Lily Evans and Andromeda Tonks, so I was interested to see what you came up with!

I think this was a really original idea, and a great connection to make - it's not one that I've seen appearing before in fanfiction! Poor Andromeda, this made me feel even more sorry for her because she lost so much and there were plenty of people around for her to hate, especially after the second war when she'd lost both her husband and her daughter, and was left caring for her grandson. I think Lily Evans would have been the last person that I'd have thought of in connection to Andromeda, especially since I imagine Andromeda and Harry getting on quite well in the future because of their links with Teddy, but having read this I can imagine that Andromeda would see Harry and that would trigger these sorts of emotions in her.

It was great to see that connection, though, and the way that their situations were similar but inverted at the same time. I'm sure that, if she'd been given the chance, Andromeda would have happily given her life for her daughter, but she never got the chance and instead her daughter's given her life so that Andromeda can live. Of course, Tonks fought and died so many more people, including Teddy, could live in a happier and more peaceful world, but in her grief I can see Andromeda kind of obscuring that from her mind.

I think you did a really good job of portraying Andromeda's character, especially in such a short amount of words. From the beginning, with the title, it's clear that you're not afraid to show the darker side of Andromeda's feelings, and I think that makes it much more realistic and believable. In grief, lots of people feel anger and maybe misdirected hatred towards other people, so it's extremely authentic that Andromeda would feel this way towards Lily Evans, even if she barely knew her.

I think that my favourite part of the whole story was the way that you used the brackets to show Anromeda's thoughts, because it worked really well to add a little bit extra to the story, which isn't always easy to do in a piece that's this length.

This part:

'(Was it awful, that Andromeda could say so emotionlessly that her husband and her daughter had died? Death, dying, died, dead. Her husband and her daughter were dead. The words brought a dull pain into her heart.)'

This was my absolute favourite part of the story. The plosive alliteration here, with the 'Death, dying, died, dead' line, was just so effective. It showed really harshly how much pain Andromeda is feeling in her grief over the deaths of her daughter and her husband, and it just had a very powerful impact.

This was a really great story, Emily, and I enjoyed reading it!

Sian :)

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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123 Andromeda Tonks

20th August 2014:

I need to comment on this plot because HOLY nobody would ever make this sort of connection between Andromeda and Lily, that she envied her and stuff, really interesting and unique. You have a knack for originality so keep that going always, Emily!

I liked the way she talked in brackets, it really got into her mind that was obviously really jealous and stuff. I think it was an interesting twist for the character.

I think you showed the parallels of both women really well. You showed that their differences in their lives and circumstances, actually were quite the same, just flipped. So cool!

You really controlled your words and use of smart language very nicely to keep this down to 500 words. Seriously, every word did count in this piece, so well done! ♥

Author's Response: Hey, THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥

Oh my, thank you so much! I don't really know where it came from but thanks so much for that and I will try!

Yes, I seem to like using brackets - especially for a character like Andromeda, her thoughts must be so twisted by grief and longing, especially in that raw time after the war and I'm really glad you liked that little insight into her mind!

I think first and foremost they loved their children; they were good mothers, if that makes sense, and I'm really glad you think I brought out those similarities and differences!

Thank you so much! The challenge is a challenge every time I attempt it, so I'm really glad you liked the end result!

Thanks so much for a lovely review, Nadia! ♥

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Review #11, by GinnyPotterForever Andromeda Tonks

11th August 2014:
Wow. That summary just pulled me in and then.

I never thought of something like this - I think Andromeda has enough targets to aim her hate at. Any mother would feel the same for their child.

This was good. Liked it :)

Author's Response: Among other things, I'm very glad my summary was enough to pull you in! I've never been quite sure where I stand in summary-writing skills. :P

Ugh, poor poor Andromeda. :( She has so many people to resent, you're so right. She went through so much and yet she's not written about that much, I really love her as a character.

I'm so glad you thought so! Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #12, by UnluckyStar57 Andromeda Tonks

6th August 2014:
Oh no... This is too sad. :/ I can see why you would cry about this, especially when listening to that song...

Andromeda/Ted (or Tedromeda, as I like to call them) is a new favorite ship of mine, but I *try* not to think about what happens when Ted and Dora die, leaving Andromeda all alone. It leads to an overload of sadness, which is what this story is. :/

Good sadness, of course! It is good to feel sad sometimes, especially in the midst of so much fluff. But still. Sad is sad.

Andromeda is sad. She is deeply and profoundly sad, and I love how you showed that. Her sadness manifests itself in hatred and jealousy, and maybe those emotions are sincere, but they are driven by sadness. She lost her balance, her Ted, and now everything is different and it has become okay to hate someone who died. :'(

The funny thing is, I never thought about Andromeda's feelings in relation to Lily Evans. I never even considered that she would have a reason to hate Lily, but this short little one-shot has taught me differently. Lily died to save Harry. Andromeda could not do that for Dora. And even though she has a grandson, a reminder of the daughter she lost, it isn't going to be enough. She's going to look at Teddy's blue hair and metamorphosing nose and think of Dora, think of all the times she scolded her for not washing her hands before dinner and all the times she didn't say "I love you." Andromeda is experiencing major survivor's guilt on top of her sadness and hatred and jealousy, and it is just awful to see her going through that. :/

"(Was it awful, that Andromeda could say so emotionlessly that her husband and her daughter had died? Death, dying, died, dead. Her husband and her daughter were dead. The words brought a dull pain into her heart.)"~One of my favorite quotes from this story. For Andromeda, Ted and Dora are dead in every sense of the word and she can do nothing about it. It has become a fact that she must live with. Separating herself from the emotion is the only way to cope with it.

Gosh, you've got such a brilliant command of the English language and such a knack for evoking emotion in the reader (namely, me). Just look at all these feels you've given me! *drops feels into a wheelbarrow* It's going to take a minute to sort through these...

I do need to take a break from the feels to ask a question about pronouns:

In this sentence: "Did it matter that if she could have, Andromeda Tonks would have gone to her sister and stood in front of her as the Killing Curse had come out of her wand?", do you mean that the Killing Curse would have come out of Andromeda's sister's wand? (I'm thinking that Bellatrix=Andromeda's sister...) The pronouns got a little bit confusing for me, but I think I worked it out in the end. :)

Seriously, you did such a stellar job with this. I'm incredibly impressed that you took a break from JulNo to write it! And I can't wait to read your JulNo novel. :)


P.S. Thanks for the help with my banner crisis earlier. (Because I couldn't end this review without mentioning it, y'know?) You are super awesome for putting up with my almost-meltdown! :D

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Review #13, by i_held_the_moon Andromeda Tonks

29th July 2014:
Eeek, this was so good!! My favourite bit was:

'(Was it awful, that Andromeda could say so emotionlessly that her husband and her daughter had died? Death, dying, died, dead. Her husband and her daughter were dead. The words brought a dull pain into her heart.)'

It's just so well written and made so many emotions rush through me! You might want to have a wee look at the way it flows, some of the sentences don't flow as smoothly as they could, but all in all it was great! Well done!!


Author's Response: Aaahhh, thank you so much for your kind words and review! ♥

I was afraid that Andromeda would come off as too emotionless in that bit, I'm glad you liked that quote! The poor lady did go through a lot, honestly, I hate that she hadd to suffer so much. :(

Thank you! I'm so glad I could make you feel something for Andromeda. Yes, I was afraid of that because it was written for the Every Word Counts Challenge so I had to do quite a bit of editing to get it down to 500 words. You're right, it doesn't flow as well as it could, and I'll have a look at that. :/

Thanks so much for the lovely reviews and feedback! ♥

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