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Review #1, by Azure Seas Mistakes

3rd November 2015:
Wow, okay, I actually like this story a lot. I had some doubts at first, about them spending time together in Italy, but it seems to be ending up well. I can see rather clearly that Ron's hitting Hermione was an accident, so while I don't think he should be outright forgiven by any means (violence is an awful thing), I do hope there's some understanding from his friends (and, well, he was aiming for Malfoy, which is kind of accepted).

I like Draco's character in this; the only issue I have is that what's going on with his father is rather extreme, especially when Jo Rowling has said that their (the Malfoys') defining trait is that they love each other and protect each other.

I really like that Draco has been put in a position to take care of Hermione, which I imagine is something he's never had to do before. I just hope Dumbledore knows what he's doing, putting the pair of them in such close quarters.

Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: I really really appreciate reviews like this! Ones that point out specific things I could fix, so thank you so much.

I never liked Ron and Hermione much together, but I also know he's a very concrete and important member of the trio and someone who's very important in Hermione's life. So I don't want to make him be hated, but I also don't want him to be the main focus, you know? I want him to be disliked just enough that Draco can be accepted.

With the Malfoy's, I really debated on what kind of people to make them, because I know that above all else they value family (especially at the end of the 7th book.) But I thought it would create more conflict in the story if Lucius was less centered on family and more about what he chose to believe. And to be completely honest, I've always though of Lucius as kinda evil, haha.

Thank you so much again for your honest opinion, I really do appreciate it and I will be posting more of the story soon!


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Review #2, by Bee Deleosa

25th September 2015:
please stop using the term Pet it makes me think a grandma is saying it haha

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, that was the best review I've ever read! Haha, sorry about that, I've always thought it was kinda cute, but I can understand what you're saying. Thanks for the feedback!


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Review #3, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Mistakes

20th May 2015:
Words honestly can not describe about how excited and shocked I was to see that there was a new chapter posted! I have been hoping you would post a new one, and I am so glad you did!

This chapter, in my opinion, fits very well with where you left off. I skimmed the previous one and was able to catch up right away when I started reading this one.
This chapter is sad and yet adorable! I could believe that Ron would do something like that, but it was still sad!

I love how Draco is there for her though, he's so sweet. I hope Raven doesn't do anything to mess with them while she's healing!

I am so glad to see that you are going to be updating more! You have a loyal reader right here :) I can't wait to see how the story plays out!

Author's Response: I'm just going to start with this: You are one of my FAVORITE people on this site. Scratch that. You are my absolute favorite! I don't think there is one chapter of my story that you've failed to review and that means the world to me.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update, but I promise I'm back and I'll be writing more and more!

Thank you again for your endless support(:
I'm really glad you like where this is going, cause I promise I'm putting in lots of effort!


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Review #4, by Mary Rival

1st April 2015:
It's great! Please write more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll be writing much more now, sorry it took me so long. And thank you for supporting me!


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Review #5, by Jennisa Moniq Rival

26th November 2014:
Next chapter please!

I've been dying to search fanfic that had dramione and hermione/krum at one whole story. Please continue :))

Author's Response: I sure hope I can live up to your expectations!(:
Sorry I haven't updated, I've been busy lately.
However, I'm back on track and will be updating soon!

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Review #6, by Mistress Cinder Rival

27th October 2014:
Great start! I hope you continue it! I would love to see what happens with Raven. Also, adding Viktor to the mix would be intriguing to say the least...

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your support!
Lately I've been busy, but I'm back on track and will be updating soon.

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Review #7, by Chrissy Rival

13th September 2014:
This was the funniest chapter I have read so far!! It was really entertaining yet it was deep :-) I can't wait to read the upcoming chapters!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad I can entertain you!
Thanks for sticking with me!(:

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Review #8, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Rival

13th September 2014:
Oh man! They are back at Hogwarts, I can't wait to see what happens between them here! I am hoping a reunion between Draco and Hermione sometime soon :)

This kid though, I hope he's not too bad! I would hope he would know better than to hit on THE Hermione Granger. If he's a brat I hope Draco puts him in his place!

Great chapter! The back and forth thoughts of the characters in a setting like this is always nice. I can't wait to see how the semester progresses!

Author's Response: Reunion? Maybe ;P
Draco will probably have to grovel, and I'm super excited to use Raven as an antagonist. I have all sorts of ideas for their year at Hogwarts!(:
Thank you so much for reviewing after you read! It really does help, especially if I hit a writers block!

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Review #9, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Deleosa

5th September 2014:
Aw how sad! Poor Draco, and poor Hermione! If only Draco had known that she hadn't read his words yet. Then again maybe it was for the best she didn't read that last message that probably would have made things even worse.

Draco is such a romantic, I just love him! :)

I'm so glad you posted a new chapter! I am definitely going to be around as long as you're writing this story :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your encouragement!(:
I will of course keep posting more, but right now I'm alternating between posting on this story and posting on my new fic 'Picking up the Pieces.'
Draco is much less of a romantic in that one, haha.(:
I'm glad you like what I've done so far!
Feel free to share any opinions you may have about my writing!

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Review #10, by Chrissy Deleosa

3rd September 2014:
I think I just teared up a little. Scratch that, I did tear up!!! Just when I was falling in love with Draco, he had to break Hermione's heart. But I think that his last entry was a little too much. How do you go from saying I think I'm falling in love with you to, we have to end this!! Men!!! Their love is worth the risk!! You are doing an excellent job :-) I hope you update soon!!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked it!!(:
The long entry he wrote was originally suppose to be a poem, but the moderators said more than 3 lines of poetry was a no-no...
That's why it took me so long to update :P
I had to re-write it and resubmit it.
I will continue to update as often as possible!(:
Also, I'm working on a second Dramione fic right now and will be posting the first chapter tonight, so feel free to check that out if you'd like.(:

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Review #11, by sissy Mudblood

19th August 2014:
Great plot! I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you!!(:
The next chapter has been submitted, I'm just waiting for approval.

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Review #12, by Argie Mudblood

18th August 2014:
Hi Bzzzimabee
(This username is so cute btw :) )

I just came across this story and I love the concept. Keep the chapters coming!

Author's Response: Awe, thank you so much!(:
I posted the next chapter already, I'm just waiting for it to be approved!

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Review #13, by ProudSlytherin1854 Mudblood

14th August 2014:
Oh. My. God! I wanted to know what Draco wrote in the journal before just out of mere interest but know it's like I need it more than air. Why would he say that too her especially after the promise in the gondola (I love the flashbacks by the way, it makes me understand the story and Hermiones feelings more.) It seemed like he cared about her and you can tell that she cares about him but breaking a promise like that is almost pure evil. Please update again soon! This is now one of my favourite stories! xxx

Author's Response: You have no clue how much your words made me smile!
Seriously, though, thank you!
I'll keep writing and trying to post regularly, and I'm posting the next chapter in a few minutes, so hopefully it'll be confirmed in a couple of days!
Thank you so much for your support!(:
I'm happy you enjoy my writing, because I was terrified that no one would.

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Review #14, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Mudblood

12th August 2014:
Aw so sad. Poor Hermione! Seemingly two timed by Draco. It's strange how he went from total sweet heart to jerk just like that.

I think it has something to do with what he wrote in the journal, which I really hope you put the full length of what he said in the next chapter! Maybe that's why there were so many stars on the front cover.

Again, I really like how you put the flashbacks in just the right spot, and you end them just right before Hermione comes back to reality. They really help the chapter flow.

Great job! I can't wait to see what is in the journal, I have been wondering how long you would make us wait for it! :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're liking it!!
Yeah, I thought Draco's sudden change in heart was rather abrupt too, but it sets up more scenarios that I have for the future, and yes, what he writes in the journal does explain his actions...(;
I tried to hold out for as long as I could before posting it, but after I worked out the kinks I could wait no longer! What he wrote will be in the next chapter, which should be up within a few days!
Thank you so so much for your support!! You make me want to write more!

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Review #15, by Ellie Mudblood

12th August 2014:
Don't burn your black book 'mione

Author's Response: *Sigh* We both know that she probably never will...
Or will she???

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Review #16, by kcool Mudblood

12th August 2014:
I absolutely adore Dramione, and this fanfic is so cute i'm going to die :"") Keep up the great work, girlfraand :D

Author's Response: Awe thank you so much!!!(:
I love Dramione too! They're my ultimate OTP!
That's a reason I was scared to post this in the first place... I didn't want to be THAT PERSON that makes a bad rep for a pairing because their writing isn't good.
But from what you said, I think I'm doing pretty well.(:
Thank you for making me feel like I should keep writing!
Your opinion means the world to me!

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Review #17, by slytherinbadgirl Mudblood

12th August 2014:
This is fast becoming one of my favourite stories! I love the plot and the story so far! I will repeat what I said last time and the flashbacks are a lovely touch and are incorporated very well! I really cannot wait for you to update the next chapter in this brilliant story! Please don't leave it too long!
P.S I really need to know what that last message in the journal was! :D

Author's Response: Gah!
You are such a fantastic person!
Thank you for all your kind words!!(:
I will try to update as regularly as possible, at least once a week and the next chapter should be up in a couple of days!
You'll find out what he wrote in chapter four.(:
I really hope you enjoy it!

P.s. You are fast becoming one of my favorite reviewers!

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Review #18, by Chrissy Mudblood

11th August 2014:
A very powerful chapter in my opinion!! Excellent job :-)

Author's Response: Than you so much!!(:
I was worried about this chapter because I wasn't sure if it was just too... Teenage angst-y? XD
Anyways, thank you!(:

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Review #19, by slytherinbadgirl Two-Faced

8th August 2014:
This story is great so far! Very original. I love the little flashbacks and how they tie in with the rest of the story. It's so well written! I cannot wait to discover more about their personalities and their relationship!

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for your kind words!(:
I was terrified to post this story,
but I'm glad that I have now!
I'll try to be updating regularly;
feel free to let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if there's something I can fix to make your reading experience better!(:

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Review #20, by ProudSlytherin1854 Two-Faced

6th August 2014:
Please. Please. PLEASE update again soon! I'm loving the story and want to read on!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you so much for your support!!
I'm glad you like it!(:
I'll actually be updating after I respond to you, so I hope you enjoy it!!

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Review #21, by ms simone Two-Faced

2nd August 2014:
love the plot!! what did draco write in the journal!!

Author's Response: You may - or may not- find out what he wrote...(;
I haven't quite decided yet!!(:
I'm so glad you like it; I was quite nervous to post it, but you made me feel good about it!(:
Feel free to give me bad criticism too, though!(:
I know there's always room for improvement!
Thank you for making me smile!
More updates to come!!

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Review #22, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Two-Faced

2nd August 2014:
Yay for second chapters! :)
This is a very good chapter! I'm a bit impatient and want to know what the journal says! The incorporated memories are a nice touch. I'm excited for the third chapter!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, you have no clue how good that made me feel!!
I was so nervous about the flashbacks, like, are they too much?? Are they confusing??
You totally calmed my nerves, haha!!
Thank you!(:
I'm not quite sure if you'll ever find out what was written in the journal...(;
Maybe though!(:
I'm glad you're enjoying it, because I love writing it!(:

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Review #23, by Chrissy Two-Faced

2nd August 2014:
I just read both the chapters and I loved it :-) You're really talented!! This story definitely has great potential!! :-D

Author's Response: You are so kind!(:
I've written my fair share of FanFiction -namely Dramione- but I've never had the confidence to post one until this one!
And your positivity makes me glad that I did.(:
Thank you so much!!(:

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Review #24, by HollyHogwarts Asleep the Heart wakes, Awake the Heart breaks

30th July 2014:
This is really cute :) I really hope that you continue with this story, i am enjoying it very much.
Please update it soon.
You are doing a wonderful job

Author's Response: Thank you so much!(:
I'm so glad you like it, and I will for sure keep updating!
I have a lot of ideas as to where this could go!
(Also, I LOVE exclamation points!!!(: )

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Review #25, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Asleep the Heart wakes, Awake the Heart breaks

28th July 2014:
I am quite interested in seeing how this story will play out, so I hope that you continue on with it. I like it, it's cute so far :)

Author's Response: I've written some rough drafts for a couple of chapters to come, but I'm nervous to post more. I will though, and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your encouragement.(:

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