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Review #1, by Avanell 2 Friends & Idiots

14th July 2015:
Sweet update...more, please! :D

Author's Response: Thank you! My apologies for the delay in posting a new chapter. It's been quite a hectic few months for me! Glad you are enjoying the story! Much Love

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Review #2, by Avanell 2 Eavesdropping

27th August 2014:
I'm sure all that sugar exhausted her, too, lol! Interesting update.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I am working on the next chapter!

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Review #3, by kassandra466 A Long, Dreadful Pause

25th August 2014:
That was fast, perhaps a little to fast, but I enjoyed it never the less, I do feel the chapters are a tad on the short side but the are super wonderful .

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review! I recently received another comment regarding the length of the chapters, so I'm trying my hardest to make them longer! Lots of love :)

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Review #4, by kassandra466 A Strange Visitor

25th August 2014:
I really liked that, it was a neat idea. I cant wait for more, I am so enjoying your unique plot line.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the first chapter!!!

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Review #5, by Avanell 2 Disappointment

23rd August 2014:
Very interesting update!

Author's Response: Thank you! Next chapter is much longer than the others and is waiting validation! :D

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Review #6, by Celeste Shell Cottage

17th August 2014:
I only just read this today for the first time.
It's a good story. I can't wait for the next chapter. I feel like they are not long enough though. I can't wait to see the direction of this story keep up the great work. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, dear! I know the chapters aren't very long, but as I'm writing, I find myself naturally coming to a stopping point. Glad you're enjoying it! Next two chapters are ready to publish :)

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Review #7, by Avanell 2 Shell Cottage

14th August 2014:
Very sweet update, and so happy she accepted his feelings toward another. Now back to James...oh, wait...more healing and likely other stuff to read through as well ;)

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying the story! Can't wait for you to read the next couple of chapters! Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by XOdannieXO A Strange Visitor

11th August 2014:
I have only begun to read it and I must admit that it is very promising. Reading about Metamorphmagi is something I find joy in, so that's a plus.

I am looking forward to reading more :)

Author's Response: So glad you are enjoying the story so far! And thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind review!! I have the next two chapters written, so as soon as the staff here at HPFF returns from vacation, I'll be posting to the Queue!

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Review #9, by Avanell 2 A Long, Dreadful Pause

9th August 2014:
Oh, such sad news. Very much enjoyed the update.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the update! Next chapter is in the queue :)

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Review #10, by megan A Long, Dreadful Pause

7th August 2014:
Love the plot development. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, Megan, for both of your reviews! The next chapter is awaiting validation - I can't wait for you to read it!

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Review #11, by megan A Strange Visitor

7th August 2014:
aw super cute! Love the introduction and its a great opening chapter.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed Chapter One! :)

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Review #12, by Avanell 2 A Strange Visitor

27th July 2014:
That last statement has me a little worried about upcoming events, hopefully not! Wonderful opening chapter. Enjoyed it a lot, and glad you gave a somewhat reason for the wizarding world not contacting the family before. and of COURSE it would be Hermione ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! I knew Hermione was the perfect choice to visit Violet, being that she herself was Muggle-born and probably went through the same struggles as Violet did. I've really enjoyed developing this story, and the next chapter will be up in no time! P.S. That last statement should have you at least a *little* bit worried ;D

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