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Review #1, by Bookcrazysongbird vii. sparks fly [or] things could definitely be worse

25th November 2014:
Wow! I love this story (and the original)! The characters are really well fleshed out, and it doesn't seem like a too perfect world, but it's still over-all positive. I absolutely fell in love with TFWMS and this one seems to be shaping up to be just as great. Please keep writing!

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Review #2, by Queen of Nerds vii. sparks fly [or] things could definitely be worse

24th November 2014:
I love this story!
I also didn't miss Scorpius's loaded glance at Albus. Are they considering adoption? I agree with Holly; they would be great parents.
Also good for Holly! She and Brodie are already an otp.

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Review #3, by madness vii. sparks fly [or] things could definitely be worse

23rd November 2014:
Naww I like it. They seem cute together :)

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Review #4, by JustanotherHarryPotterfan3816 vii. sparks fly [or] things could definitely be worse

23rd November 2014:
*fangirls* SO ADORABLE

I LOVE YOUR STORY SO MUCH. It might just be the my favorite OwO

Update soon! ^^

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Review #5, by ABookishBeing vii. sparks fly [or] things could definitely be worse

22nd November 2014:
Brolly!!! Or Holdie!! Yay!! Nice chapter, I'm looking forward to the next chapter/ update!!

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Review #6, by Fonzzx vii. sparks fly [or] things could definitely be worse

22nd November 2014:

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Review #7, by Anonymous vii. sparks fly [or] things could definitely be worse

22nd November 2014:
I was very happy when I saw that you uploaded a new chapter! I first read the Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship, then this and a lot of your other stories and I really like all of them! You´re a truly great writer!

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Review #8, by ravenclaw14 vi. the rollercoaster [or] love is a battlefield

29th October 2014:
Yet another fantastic and well-written chapter! I have to say I love the character development in this story, especially coming off of the characters' myriad of insecurities in TFWMS; I love that they don't all magically become perfect people who have it all figured out. It's much more real this way. :)
Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #9, by N vi. the rollercoaster [or] love is a battlefield

28th October 2014:
I've been too busy binge reading TFWMS and this story to properly review, but I am absolutely amazed at your ability to create such dynamic characters. Your characters are wonderful and brilliant and I love them to pieces. I love that their lives aren't perfect and dandy, but sometimes awful and they're in debt and it's so real. Well done.

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Review #10, by DancingMooncalf vi. the rollercoaster [or] love is a battlefield

6th October 2014:
Is he getting a puppy? Oh that's sooo cute!!
I do feel for Lester, I still have this weak spot for him ever since TFWMS and I find it sad that he struggles so much to keep his head above the surface. I do hope he will go the George and get a job there, something that he will actually enjoy doing and will pay enough. It's not fair that live is giving him so much trouble, as if he hasn't had enough to deal with...
Albus and Scorp should sit down and talk, I think a serious talk is long overdue. I love that they're getting married, but marriage won't fix insecurities.

I loved the chapter where Rose and Holly were moving out, that scene is only to familiar for me. I've been moving around a lot and every time the thought 'I have too much sh...' comes to mind. It was totally real and truly hilarious.

I like this story lot because it's a picture of the time of life I'm in... thinking 'how do I qualify as an adult?' is something i'm familiar with too!

I just quite simply love your style of writing, your characters and your amazingly well developed story line.
Please teach me how to do that!

-x- Maya

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Review #11, by DancingMooncalf ii. save the date [or] how far we've come

6th October 2014:
Oh my, I laughed so hard at the 'healers Pottfoy and Pottfoy' bit. I know the chapter is really nice and refined and such, but hat bit just cracked me up like a cracker!
I love that you are writing a sequel to 'the fred weasley memorial scholarship' and I'm continuously wondering why I did not find it earlier.
anyhow, I love this story to pieces already and I want to know what happens next so I'm leaving it at this.
So glad to have more of your super story telling talents to enjoy now!!

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Review #12, by Fonzzx vi. the rollercoaster [or] love is a battlefield

4th October 2014:

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Review #13, by Sorcha Conaghan v. the proverbial boot [or] the only way is up

30th September 2014:
Brilliant story, extremely addicting. I really like how you've changed from the first person narrative to the third, it gives much more insight into the characters and their surroundings. The way you've expanded on the universe is very realistic and true to JK's vision, in my opinion, with the new district and the workings of the wizarding legal system. I think the way you've made the characters vulnerable with the anxiety and substance abuse really makes them come to life - they feel more real to me. I really like how this story is heading. Good luck with the Dobby's btw :)

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Review #14, by jessicalorewrites v. the proverbial boot [or] the only way is up

28th September 2014:
My excitement for this new chapter is extortionate. I think I'm in love.

This story is as effortlessly realistic as the first, focusing on many issues that you address naturally rather than ramming it down the reader's throats. It's so refreshing and I find ALL the characters so relatable, even if I've never struggled with the same issues as them.

Particularly this wonderful insight into Lily and Lester's world. I hope they move in with Freddie I think that'll be super cute :) just until they get enough money sorted. I'm really scared Lester's going to get found out by the Ministry though with this new job : something doesn't bode right.

Speaking of, the idea that Muggle jobs are illegal is so well thought out - well done! I mean, maybe in my opinion I would've had it work on an individual case basis in which Ministry workers assess how adaptable said wizard or witch is to the Muggle world and whether or not they have enough knowledge to work in it safely. But regardless, it was a great insight and shows how carefully you've thought out this world.

I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm hoping to see some more Rose/Holly at Hogwarts soon but I'm not really picky :p it's all good!

Keep up the amazing work + congrats on your dobby nominations!


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Review #15, by Rachel v. the proverbial boot [or] the only way is up

27th September 2014:
Great chapter, but I have to say something. I know you're just putting it in as part of the plot, but it doesn't make any sense that it would be illegal for wizards to work Muggle jobs, especially if they're already Muggleborn..

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Review #16, by Queen of Nerds v. the proverbial boot [or] the only way is up

27th September 2014:
Aaaahhh oh my god poor Lester! I love that you address mental illness, and how refusing to take needed medication is just as bad as being overly dependent on it. I want to go into the psychology field, and that's such a big deal.

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Review #17, by hoodwink v. the proverbial boot [or] the only way is up

27th September 2014:
Oh no, poor Lester! :( and their whole situation, ugh, I know why they don't want help but their having so much trouble... Anyways, another amazing chapter! I loved it, even if it was full of bad news. I hope Lester gets rid of the job and tries to find a wizard one. (: It's charming to see him and Lily this way though, "Them against the world" scenario. Keep up the awesome writing! I can't wait for the next chapter (:

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Review #18, by Veritaserum27 v. the proverbial boot [or] the only way is up

27th September 2014:
Hiya Lisa!

Saw this was posted and just had to read and review.

Another awesome chapter. I feel like I repeat myself all the time with your stories but I love your witty dialogue (probably why I nominated you for a Dobby - haha). Not only does if flow so effortlessly, but it is witty and clever in all the right places and deep and dramatic right where it needs to be.

I really liked this serious, grown-up Albus. He is telling Lester exactly what he needs to hear, bad news and all. I hope Lily and Lester find a way to work things out. I love that you're writing about the types of issues and worries that every young couple has when they're first starting out. Living in the space between where you want your life to go and having to push through the reality of getting there - great job!

Can't wait for the next installment.


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Review #19, by hoodwink iv. day one of forever [or] the ladder of adulthood

23rd September 2014:
I adored the Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship and I adore this story too! I like the new way you began writing it (all the different POV). It's fun to finally get in the other characters heads. On another note, I adore just how different all your characters are and how well they compliment each other in your stories (: I'm excited to see how Holly's story line is going to go! And also how the girls working at Hogwarts will be (they're dreams coming true, its awesome). I can't wait to see the Scorp/Al wedding too, and then Lester and Lily haha, they're great together. I hope Lester figures things out for himself, poor guy. Anyways, I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #20, by diversrock iv. day one of forever [or] the ladder of adulthood

22nd September 2014:
I love this! Can't wait to see what happens now they're at Hogwarts.

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Review #21, by emmacweasley iv. day one of forever [or] the ladder of adulthood

30th August 2014:
oh my god holly's head of house i'm crying. this chapter was so perfect, hogwarts is going to be so perfect, and - teddy!!! i'm literally freaking out, it's so good. god i love PFI. and you! and i love rose and holly and hugo. i just loved everything that happened in this chapter and that's literally all i have to say about it, i'm sorry.

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Review #22, by ABookishBeing iv. day one of forever [or] the ladder of adulthood

30th August 2014:
Oh Holly!! She deserves it though, she so does. I really didn't like Holly in TFWS and now she's my favorite character. Poor girl, she'll be stressed.
I really liked the chapter and am on edge for the next update.

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Review #23, by Queen of Nerds iv. day one of forever [or] the ladder of adulthood

30th August 2014:
I love this story and it's prequel so much! I am considering going back to reread FWMS while I wait for updates here. (I read quickly, so this plan only works if you update often ;)

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Review #24, by dracodarlingxx iii. a ravenclaw and a hufflepuff walk out of a bar [or] a farewell tour of sorts

28th August 2014:
i'm so excited about this sequel! it's souding really good so far :D
i loved the bit about the potters thinking the world of each other, and i am so looking forward to albus's and scorpius's wedding and their wedding vows ;)
i was devastated to hear about my baby scor's potion rock-bottom stage, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? HE'S HAPPY NOW AND BACK TO THE TOP, AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS :D :D
lol at rose being a party animal. and i was surprised when holly said rose had been the natural leader of their group at hogwarts, because The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship was all in rose's POV and i reckon she never saw herself as the group leader so as a reader, i never thought of her that way.
about the last chapter : al and scor are ADORABLE and totally AMAZING as usual xx
and glad holls met someone asexual 'cos you know, she was the only asexual person and i wanted her to meet someone else. so awesome :)

LOVED IT, please update soon xx

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Review #25, by The_Crookshanks_Saga iii. a ravenclaw and a hufflepuff walk out of a bar [or] a farewell tour of sorts

4th August 2014:

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