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Review #1, by HappyMollyWeasley v. the proverbial boot [or] the only way is up

27th May 2015:
Oh Lester! You've really got a mess to deal with now... You need to swallow your pride and ask for help... Everybody need a little help sometimes, you know!

Lester has always been the one of your characters I haven't been able to relate to as well as the other ones int TFWMS, but he really gets me here. Poor thing, to be so brooke, and yet so proud, and to be struggling this much.

And Albus, Albus... He's just awesome here. Very much in fact as he is (much later of course!) when he's determined to adopt his boys in your recent story. He knows what he wants, he doesn't hesitate, and he does what must be done. I simply love him. (I would have married him, if he isn't already marrying Scorpius...)

Molly, the fangirl. ;)

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Review #2, by Kirsty xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

15th May 2015:
This ending was so perfect. I'm glad that it wasn't half-done or a cursory 'and they all lived happily ever after'. I'm so happy that Albus and Scorpius became parents, it just always seemed a great fit for them! And tears genuinely came to my eyes (much to my shame) when Lillian Raine was announced as a lecturer- look at her having her own name and legacy.

Rose did good, I love how you took what seemed like an awful disaster and turned it into her changing the world, as a recent university graduate, it makes me see that my first crappy job will be the end. (also, your JSTOR reference amused me highly). Holly and Brodie are just the cutest pair ever, and look at Hogwarts finally having a staff that isn't just old people.

Its a really fantastic story, and I will go on to have a peek at this third story. It sounds interesting. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Review #3, by InkStainedFingers iv. day one of forever [or] the ladder of adulthood

26th April 2015:
I’m going to repeat something I’ve said literally a thousand times (well, figuratively a thousand times – I feel like I’ve said it a lot) and tell you how relatable your characters are and how much I love your post-Hogwarts life you have created. The whole Wizarding-flat thing is so wonderful – Rose and Holly have magic, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to deal with black wizened vegetables that may-or-may-not be courgettes which have been hiding in the fridge since February. They’re witches, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t live in a flat which doesn’t have peeling wallpaper and another hundred-and-sixteen things wrong with it. And things like hangover potion, and levitating milk-that-went-off-in-July because your charmwork is better than your flatmate’s... I’m not sure I really have a point here, but I think trying to say that your life-for-witches-and-wizards-after-Hogwarts is wonderful.

I’m not sure how I missed this the last half-dozen or so time I’ve read the chapter (literally this time) but Holly has a DRAGON ONESIE? (Italicised to show amazement at not having picked up on this particular fact before now, capitalised because something like a dragon onesie deserves some capitalisation.) This is such a beautifully Holly thing.

“filled with mugs and blankets and Arithmancy formulae sheets and a bumbling Pygmy Puff”

I maintain that this one of my favourite lines of description in PFI, mostly because of the phrase ‘bumbling Pygmy Puff’. That is the perfect way to describe a Pygmy Puff. And in that sentence you also give us a feel of the Holly-ness of her room. In TFWMS, Rose said that if Holly became an Animagus she would be a Pygmy Puff and she’s right: Holly is a Pygmy Puff.

I feel so sorry for Rose. She’s not scared exactly, but she does seem uncertain and a tiny bit frightened of the change. She’s getting to go and do the thing she’s wanted to do for years and teach and she is torn between that and the life, the freedom she has right now. (I also love the phrase ‘Ladder of Adulthood’.)

I love Rose and Hugo’s siblingship. (And ‘siblingship’ is, no matter what any spell-check may try to tell you, a word.) They seem the opposite of Albus and Lily in a way (and I can’t explain what way) – they probably argue less and interact less, but also show that they genuinely care about each other less...? While the Potters rip into each other but will also tell the other that they love them? (Maybe...?)

Just as you do a beautiful description of a perfectly Holly room, you also do Rose’s in all of its mad potioneer aesthetic. How did Rose end up with five single ballet flats if she doesn’t wear flats? No, actually, that’s not the question I took away from this paragraph. The question I took away from this paragraph was how on earth did all of their forks end up in Holly’s bedroom?

“Ethics are for Hufflepuffs.”

Rose’s Slytherin side is showing. (I’m going to say here that after much debate I’ve come to the conclusion that I like Albus, Rose and Lester best when they are their most Ravenclaw, Holly when she is her most Hufflepuff, and Scorpius when he is his most Slytherin. Please don’t ask me why, how I came to this conclusion, or why I’m telling you this.) Did she really cast confundus charms on their landlord? That really is a tenuous grasp of ethics.

“That hasn’t worked since Odysseus.”

I love how there points of comparison are so very different to other houses (like the Library of Alexandria conversation in TFWMS). There is something so wonderful about this somehow. (And I’m possibly considering retracting my earlier statement and saying that I like them all best when they’re at their most Ravenclaw.)

This feels like the perfect time to start talking about Holly and Rose’s friendship. (Though when isn’t a perfect time to start talking about Holly and Rose’s friendship?) I love their conversation and how they know when to drop topics and how they have shared a flat for three years... They’re not a couple, but I often feel that their bond is stronger than any of the other relationships in TFWMS or PFI. They just click. Their interaction and dialogue is incredible – have I mentioned how brilliant you are at dialogue?

“I’ve scribbled in it, but I hope they’re useful scribbles”

For some reason I really, really like this line. In fact, I like the whole of Rose’s conversation with Llodewick, and love your description of Jess Macaulay as well. (You’re also brilliant at giving a sense of a character with a single line of description.)


(That statement deserves both capitalisation and a line of its own.)

I’m so happy for her. She’s so happy. It’s such a lovely end to this beautiful chapter.

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Review #4, by cherry_pop94 xii. cross the line [or] don't say the a word

23rd April 2015:
No way. Omg no way this just happened. Did not see this coming from a mile away... I hardly ever leave more than one review, but I had to!! I cannot believe Teddy and Rose are happening... AH.

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Review #5, by cherry_pop94 x. the hopping pot foundation [or] uncharted territory

21st April 2015:
Omg the Hopping Pot Foundation is a brilliant idea! I'm so glad you're delving into this world of wizarding law and muggle medicine. I think there's so much to talk about here. What you've done is incredibly interesting, I really love the idea of wizarding Doctors Without Borders. I love hearing about wizarding societies around the world, like how does muggle poverty and war affect the wizarding world?
Anyway, I can't wait to finish the rest of this story, but just had to comment about the Hopping Pot Foundation, it's truly inspired!

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Review #6, by Crim xii. cross the line [or] don't say the a word

20th April 2015:
Breathless. Reckless.

I love this line so so so much like it's just perfect???
I was saying to my friends today how I always feel that words in italics get seared into my brain, and this LINE OH MY GOD ITS AMAZING
I know that your other works are fabulous, but for me at least that is the best line I have ever read in a fanfic, and possibly overall.
Breathless. Reckless.
I swear, I love this universe and these characters and this writing so much.

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Review #7, by Arabellay xix. three words [or] sisters before misters

19th April 2015:
I powered up to here reading literally with every sec i could omfg it's so good how do you write this sorcery ffs.

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Review #8, by Arabellay iv. day one of forever [or] the ladder of adulthood

18th April 2015:
So amazing.
HOw do you EVEN?!

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Review #9, by Arabellay i. twenty-one shots [or] the end of an era

18th April 2015:
Omg!!! New perspective! I love it! alfjk;sfjka;jl

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Review #10, by marauderfan xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

10th April 2015:
Wait. It's over? I was really, REALLY hoping this fic would be like, 400 chapters because I love it so much. I'm sorry I've been such an inconsistent reviewer - I barely have time or the means to read fic at all these days, but I would always catch up on this story when I could. I'll try to make up for it on One of a Kind (ps - omg, can not even begin to say how stoked I was to find that there's a third novel set in the fantastic tfwms-verse YAY. I don't have to say goodbye yet!)

You did so well with these ending chapters (well, really, the whole story obviously, but the ending was phenomenal.) I think that given the situation Rose ended up in, the outcome wasn't surprising - and while I was biting my nails worrying for her, I knew that as bad as it got, things would still be okay because she has such a great support network. (I want a best friend like Holly.) She has good friends, and relatives who are there for her when things are all falling apart, and being Rose, she stubbornly pushes through it all and makes a new start, and succeeds with it.

That ending, though - yes! She founded a university!! This is not only something that was long overdue for the wizarding world to have, and so necessary, but it really brought the whole story full circle. In ths beginning, we have five nerds who love school and learning and being Ravenclaws. Then they stir up some trouble, gotheir own separate ways into separate countries, and come back together at the end where several of them work together at a school that one of them founded. If thats not perfect, I don't know what is. Nerds for life!

other things that need to be addressed : Summer and Autumn Raine. Aaahahaha that is horrible but also the best. Potter Naming Syndrome is a real thing! Also: Holly Helen Holyoake-Hall. XD You're killing me here! I love this too much.

Scorbus are adorable as dads. I loved hearing about their success in Syria and how everyone reunited at the end! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS STORY.

All I have left to say is this (this one's for Scorpius) : ! شكران
(Thank you!) For the story, for these amazing characters who feel like old friends to me, for sharing your incredible gifts, for everything.


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Review #11, by merlins beard xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

10th April 2015:
I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS!! I'm so glad Rose has found a way through everything when her life seemed to take a turn for the worse.
I knew Albus and Scorpius were going to make it, the Hopping Pot foundation was a great idea...

Wow university for wizards and witches... i often wondered why there wasn't one... there's so much the kids could still learn after leaving hogwarts. I have always been intrigued by the idea of combining magical and muggle healing to help both communities. Maybe the magic can provide a cure against cancer, and in return, the muggle medicine could develope a vaccine against dragon pocks... there are so many possibilities... i've been planning to explore some of them in my novel for a while now, but there's so much i need to write before i finally get there...
I love that Albus and Scorpius have sons. They are the perfect parents... it would have been such a waste of their perfect parenting abilities for them not to adopt...
So everyone is now successful and happy and the Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship was only the beginning of great things.
I'm so glad i took the time to read the sequel.
I just nominated it for Ravenclaw SOTM and i really hope you get it.

Thank you for letting me enjoy the world of Harry Potter through your eyes.


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Review #12, by merlins beard xix. three words [or] sisters before misters

9th April 2015:
I love the way you write. Sorry this review is so short.

I was wondering if there was any partocular reason you insisted on writing "Apparated" with a capital A?

Can't wait for more

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Review #13, by merlins beard xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

9th April 2015:
I love this chapter so much!!

You had me afraid that scorpius would decide not to get married and go to Africa instead. I'm so happy he didn't break up with Albus.

I really love the beautiful vows you came up with, especially Albus'.
This is exactly what a wedding should be like.


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Review #14, by Nia xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

7th April 2015:
Wow. Just... wow. This is really, truly amazing. I've really fallen in love with all the characters.
Also, I just want to say that I learned a lot about asexuality, aromanticness (is that a word?) and other LGBTQA things through your fics. This helped me realize that being aromantic doesn't necessarily mean I'm screwed up or weird.

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Review #15, by Rose xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

7th April 2015:
Wonderful story! I love how realistic you made their live's feel. Just when things seemed perfect, Rose messed up and there were real-world consequences. The ending was exceptional!

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Review #16, by WhiteFeather xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

7th April 2015:
Oh God it's over! :'(
Thank you so much, I loved this story so much, and it's just fantastic that it has a happy ending! Thank you!!!

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Review #17, by thegreatcatsby xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

7th April 2015:
How much time will it take me to stop crying and mourning the end of this fic?
...Pending further investigation

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Review #18, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

6th April 2015:
I am so proud of everyone! I'm proud of Rose, and Holly, and Lester, and Lilly, and Scorpius, and Albus, and James, and Julia, and YOU! I'm proud of you, too! We've see them through thick and through thin, and as a university student myself, this ending hits me right in the feels. I love you so much, and I wish you all the best!

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Review #19, by jellylegs2066 xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

6th April 2015:
I'm not that great about consistently reviewing something, but I couldn't help but leave one to mark the end of this story. I have absolutely loved reading this and TFWMS. I found them when I was looking on HPFF mainly for a bit of nostalgia, and they drew back into the world of fan fiction. They are absolutely superbly written, and the characters you've constructed are phenomenal. They've taught me a lot about LGBTQ issues, really benefitting the way I view the world, for which I am very grateful.

Each of your characters is just amazing. I love each of them, they all have such distinct personalities but go together very believably; i can really see them as a successful friendship group. The dynamic is wonderful. I'm so glad you showed us this glimpse into their future lives and we got to see how they've thrived in life. I was especially glad to see Lester and Lily succeed (and to see their appropriately awfully named twins) as I absolutely love their relationship and their individual characters (though tbh, I love all the characters in this and picking a favourite would be extremely difficult). Each of the futures you've constructed just fits the characters involved so perfectly... the idea of Scorpius and Albus with their adopted sons and their highly successful institute, Holly as doting auntie to all their children, and Rose being so successful and independent and just flourishing in her identity... it's wonderful.

I can't wait to read more of whatever you write next. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story.

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Review #20, by reviewghost xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

6th April 2015:
I can't believe it's over! I first started reading this universe when The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship was around 15 chapters long, and I fell in love immediately. You are a fantastic writer, and your stories appeal mightily to my own nerdy obsessive tendencies. Thank you for writing, and I can't wait to see what you write next!

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Review #21, by Violet Potter 434 xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

6th April 2015:
I love this, I so sad its over even if I only found it a few days
you write beautifully and the whole plot is extremely well thought through
I only that you keep writing ad make another sequel because I love this story

love from me xx

ps. even ifyu don't wite a sequel maybe just a few oneshots related to it

pps. please can you read and review my story because I'd like someone who can write as well as you to tell me what you think xx

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Review #22, by jessicalorewrites xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

6th April 2015:
I'm getting emotional just thinking about writing this. the final review. wow.. it doesn't seem two minutes ago since TFWMS was being posted and now here we are, a whole two novels later. I'm so sad D: you'll have to bear with me and any typos or formatting errors too because I'm writing this on the train bc I just couldn't wait to review after (finally) reading.

like many people the characters and the themes in this story really spoke to me, even though I'm not 'officially queer' (in my head I like to go with questioning because honestly idek where my sexuality wants to go). most particularly - especially in this fic - Rose's realisation that she was aro called out to me in a million and one ways. it was nice to have it reaffirmed that you can be in your 20s and still figuring out key parts of your identity ♥

most markedly I love everything TFWMS-verse has come to represent in terms of queer representation and the forums. I know you weren't the only author to kick hpff into the much more inclusive and loving community we are now (not that we weren't before! but you get what I mean. we've seen the end of slash warnings, things have changed) but without you in particular I think we'd still be struggling a helluva lot more. so thank you for that, and thanks for giving me the confidence to write about lgbtqa main characters, or from their POVs.

okay I will actually talk about the content of this chapter now because my train stop is coming up soon oops. it was beautiful, lovely, everything I wanted and more. you tied up all the loose ends and I'm so thrilled by how everyone's lives have turned out. especially rose. I'm proud of you gal! I think if you ever want to return to this universe after OOAK is done I'd love to read a novel where some of the uni students were the POV characters and they were telling their own stories etc etc. no pressure though just an idea ;)

autumn and summer raine may just be my favourite character names ever. even better than holly helen holyoake-hall omg you really go next level with your naming habits lisa hahahha

and is that shoutout in the a/n for me!?? I'm so honoured omg I'm going to cry for realsies. I can't think of any other jess's but if there is I will battle them for the right to call themself the alpha jess.

honestly this fic is everything to me. it's 200% one I'm going to come back to in months to come and reminisce about everything.

yikes the train is slowing down now I need to get up. eternal love to you and your stories lisa, keep it up ♥

- jess xo

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Review #23, by BookDinosaur xxi. legacies [or] the llodewick institute

6th April 2015:



*ugly sobbing*

it's actually over oh my days lisa i cannot believe this i'm so sad right now do you know what this means?? it means NO MORE FAMOUS FIVE. i'm milking this for all that it's worth. IT'S OVER. i'm so sad.

pls don't cry, tho, you're too amazing to cry, also, you need to write more and crying is not conducive to writing more so stahp, lisa. ♥

BUT NAME DROP NAME DROP AT THE END YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE LISA I KNOW YOU DID DON'T LIE ADMIT IT. waaahhh they really have come full circle, these idiots, these lovable idiots i love so much. who am i going to laugh at now? there's only so long that rereading will last me, lisa.

ugghhh, of course rose would set up a university for wizards, that ridiculous overachiever, bless her.

and i know that you said you were having troublw writing al but it truly doesn't show, you've got him down wonderfully (summer and autumn raine, oh my days - i would at least pretend to be annoyed with him for making fun of lily so mercilessly, but those are truly terrible. really, never let potters name your kids. it's an official rule now)

haha, and rose still swearing like a sailor as she grows up - who says swearing is for dumb teenagers? and so glad to see she's still single and still happy. her happiness means a lot to me, lisa, as i'm sure you know. :D

ugh, and i love all the touches that you've thrown in! al taking to arabic better than scorpius despite scorpius being a linguist - and holly helen Holyoake hall oh my days, that's a terrible name! oh my days. oh dear. holly, you are a rebel at heart no matter how old you are.

oh man, i can so imagine scorpius and al as dads. i bet they were so nervous at first and then just realising how good they were at it. oh my days, so cute. nadir and salim truly do seem like two reprobates in the making though, hahaha - i have to admit to teaching some of my monolingual friends incorrect translations when i was young and immature though, so i can't blame them.

oh MAN, why does the scorbus have to be so adorable? why, lisa, you tell me this. the two of them, they're such cuties, oh my days. oh my days. i'm saying that far too much and this story is OVER and i apologise in advance for this terrible review. :'( IT'S OVER. seriously, tho, the scorbus is so so cute, and kissing, and luck, and whispering, and just - so cute. why, lisa.

I'M SO GLAD THAT YOU DECIDED THE EPILOGUE SHOULD BE THEM MEETING UP TOGETHER AGAIN. because the famous five should be together, and knowing that they all go back to britain and start work in the same place and are able to keep up with one another, it makes me happy. you have truly fixed the thing here, lisa, well done.

ugghhh, this review is already getting pretty long and as soon as i post it i'm probably going to think of half a million things that i wanted to point out as well but just - thank you for writing this amazing series, lisa, it was absolutely amazing to follow along with this group of idiots and you as you write this and just - i should cut this off before it gets any soppier

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Review #24, by Lisa xx. tea and oysters [or] the fork in the road

5th April 2015:
Aww it makes me sad the story is almost ending!! I've been reading from the very beginning of TFWMS and I love it so much! I have one question: what came of Rose and Sean's whole thing? I might be forgetting something but I thought they were sleeping together somewhat regularly? Anyway, great job and I can't wait for the final chapter!!

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Review #25, by Violet Potter 434 xx. tea and oysters [or] the fork in the road

5th April 2015:
I love it!!!
the whole story is simply marvellous (god I sound so posh spiffing just spiffing)
anyway I read this one and prequel in the last few days and they are amazing! I know you said this was the second to last chapter and I have to admit that nearly made me cry and please please please write another sequel because I love this although I did have to look up a queer things to understand several things
so yeah keep writing because I love it.
from me xxx
ps I've got a new story out ad I was wondering if I could et your opinion on it so if you have time please read because it would mean a lot to me xx

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