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Review #1, by dracodarlingxx xvi. nuclear fallout [or] don't sound the all-clear

22nd March 2015:
Oh my god.
(and the title makes sense!)
Meh, what to say? I'd loved this chapter, as usual, with all the little details you put in that make it so very realistic. There was a time, a few chapters back, when I thought that everything was just going so downhill and this was going to end sadly, but then it picked life does. And I guess that's why I love this story, because you've got the ups but you've also got the downs, and that makes me hopeful for the future when I get worried about where I'll be in a few years time, because even though Al and Scor were on the rocks for a time (btw, what happened to Scor's Hopping Pot Foundation??) they still had their fairytale wedding and happily ever after. But life still goes on for them, even after most stories would end with the wedding. And that's what makes this fic great, I think, because it's not just about them; you've got all the details about (more than) five people's stories and - I know I've said it before, but - I love it!

P.S. Loved hearing Rose's POV, because I've missed her.

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Review #2, by Rose xvi. nuclear fallout [or] don't sound the all-clear

21st March 2015:
Oh no! Great chapter...

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Review #3, by insert random name here xvi. nuclear fallout [or] don't sound the all-clear

21st March 2015:
Nooo! Don't stop there, I need to know what happens. Great chapter by the way, I've been waiting for you to update for ages.

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Review #4, by InkStainedFingers xvi. nuclear fallout [or] don't sound the all-clear

21st March 2015:
ROSE. THAT ENDING. You took away her DREAMS and HOPES and CRUSHED THEM. HOW did you do that to her? WHY did you do that to her? THAT WAS COMPLETE UNNECESSARY.

I feel so sorry for her - not just for the ending, but for what Teddy did and what Victoire said and how she feels like she needs to hide in Hogwarts over Christmas.

I love how there are little bits of normal Hogwarts life through every chapter. In the actual books Rowling always puts in the little bits of classes and books and spells and everyday- drama, and you do that SO WELL in the TFWMS-verse stories. Like, in TFWMS you have all the classes and the exams and everything, and in PFI you have the classes and marking and conversations in the staff room and staff arguing and it all makes and wonderful background that makes everything feel more real.

"PhD in History from a Muggle university" - how on earth does a witch get a place at a Muggle university? (assuming she is a witch?) because I think that would make for some FANTASTIC stories (witches and wizards trying to fit into the Muggle world I mean) but how would they do it?

Rose is pretty amazing... (I had a phrase which perfectly described this but not one which is 12+) I like how she sort of stands up to Teddy and tells him that what he did was wrong and how he was being horrible and everything. I can't believe he told everyone - well, Victoire anyway - after ROSE ASKED HIM NOT TO!

Is Teddy going to redeem himself? I know they call a truce, but somehow I don't think that would be enough? (UNTIL THE END OF THE CHAPTER - AFTER WHICH ROSE WILL NEED SUPPORT FROM EVERYONE PROBABLY)

I loved Christmas dinner with Rose and Holly and Albus and Scorpius. I love all the dialogue and Albus-and-Scorpius' domesticity - they are so cute. I would like to claim that I definitely had the word 'aromatic' in my head before Albus uttered it (something that would never have happened before reading TFWMS, but I think you've been sort of hinting at it for a while). I have huge respect for your awesomely diverse characters. You really are amazing.

(Apart from the RUINING OF DREAMS that is...)

Question: I know you've never explicitly said this, but I think you mentioned in a reply to a review on TFWMS that Albus was sapiosexual? Maybe? Possibly? I can definitely see him as demisexual anyway, and that definitely explains why everything in his seventh year affected him so much... yeah, you really seemed to, not justify as such, but make sense of lots of his "self-righteousness".

But seriously, Rose's realisation that she's aro... her thought process just felt so real and realistic and it was incredible.

Brodie is so cute (can you use that word to describe a twenty-something year old man?) and so very in love with Holly. I'm so glad that Holly seems to have a happy ending with her relationship with Brodie and her parents getting remarried. (Unless you have HOPE CRUSHING PLANS for her too?)

I like how you got Lucy in - really setting up the scene for One of a Kind.

"For now, however, you are suspended, pending further investigation. - the name-drop of the title was perfect. And that whole scene felt right - you can tell you have been planning it for a while. I never thought this could get Rose into so much trouble... I feel so sorry for her. You're going to make it all okay again, right? You'd better not be ripping apart her dreams without any hope of her getting them back.

Please, please, please don't do that.

I was so shocked at the ending of the chapter, and very almost as upset as I was at the end of the Ablus-Scorpius break-up chapter in TFWMS. I didn't expect that at all...

But a beautiful chapter, as always. (DESTRUCTION of DREAMS aside.)

(Seriously, don't destroy all of Rose's dreams. Please.)

Author's Response: ah katie this is the best review honestly thank you so much


even though it may not seem like it a lot of the time but TRUST ME

i love throwing in all the little details about hogwarts life bc schools in general are fascinating places and hogwarts is just amazing and i love exploring it in any way i can

eliza is a bit of a unique case. she wouldn't know fun if it hit her in the face (or she would, but she'd just scowl at it and swat it away) so she just kinda went to university and got her degree and maybe saved on her grocery bills by using refilling charms but kept a low profile otherwise. i assume confundus charms would have been involved in admissions though

i'm not sure about my plans for teddy re. redemption, i think it's enough to have them apologise and for rose to be like "yeah all right, i'm not going to hold a grudge. let's go to the three broomsticks" because rose doesn't hold grudges but i also don't think you can really see teddy as a good character

thank you so much! i've dropped a couple of hints here and there about rose's aromanticism so it didn't sort of come out of nowhere and so far most people have been like "yeah i can definitely see that" so i'm pretty pleased with that. and domestic scorbus is my fave i could write them forever

yeah i was playing with the idea of him being sapiosexual but it didn't quite sit right - albus's sexuality has always been the most difficult one for me to pin down but it was another one of those OH YEAH moments when i realised he was demi. i can't describe how much these characters write themselves because of course albus has been demisexual since the beginning but apparently he took his sweet time a) working it out and b) telling me

brodie is twenty-eight and you can definitely use 'adorable' to describe him ESPECIALLY when he starts getting sappy about holly

i will say nothing about rose's dreams and the ripping apart/mending of them

thank you so much for this review and i'm sorry again about the trauma

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Review #5, by jessicalorewrites xvi. nuclear fallout [or] don't sound the all-clear

21st March 2015:

"you are suspended, pending further investigation"

damn I think I literally screamed at the last line. HOW. WHY. NO. what have you done to me lisa.

I mean, other than THAT ENDING OH MY GOD high five for rose figuring out she's aro! I always had my suspicions but I thought maybe I was looking for things that weren't there. also I like that even at 21 she's still figuring things out about her sexuality -- it just goes to show.

scorpius and albus' domesticity is literally tHE CUTEST THING IN FANFIC honestly I want to SQUEAL. they are too cute. scorbus are destroying me, one christmas dinner at a time.

- jess, xo

Author's Response: i've been waiting to do that name drop for SIXTEEN CHAPTERS

also that's ultimate life goals accomplished there YOU LITERALLY SCREAMED i will never surpass this level of success. i have peaked. this is it for me

i'm REALLY GLAD that people are being like "hey, yeah, i definitely wondered about that!" rather than it coming completely out of left field for people because I realised Rose was aro probably six months ago? i didn't consciously write her as such from the beginning but then i was like WAIT A MINUTE and then i had to wait for an opportune moment for her to make the same realisation. i feel kinda bad for people who have been shipping her with various characters, but *shrug* and yeah, that was important for me to show as well - that it's never 'too late' to realise things like that, even if rose is 21 and has been involved in a lot of queer activism and is familiar with the terms etc - it doesn't always click into place immediately.

SCORBUS IS MY OTP TO END ALL OTPS NOW AND I BLAME THESE LOSERS OF MINE 100%. i can write one-shots of pure domestic scorbus fluff just for you jess

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Review #6, by BookDinosaur xvi. nuclear fallout [or] don't sound the all-clear

21st March 2015:



On a lighter note i've missed reading you stuff a lot actually i've probably said this to you many times but your dialogue is the best thing since forever and this chapter was amazing

EXCEPT FOR THE END. honestly lisa what was that for?! you should know by now that actions in fictional worlds have no negative repercussions on favourite characters. that is how the world works and you should adjust your stories accordingly.

brodie is adorable ♥ and rose - i've hardly ever seen an aromantic character in fanfic of popular culture, which means i haven't seen any aro characters and i'm so glad that you've written one who's not only aro but a fully fleshed out, mostly positive, well-rounded character. kudos to you!

i'm tempted to take back those kudos just for that little bit at the end (ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY, LISA. ENTIRELY.) but i'm not that mean, so you can keep your kudos along with a helping of my tears and I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW, LISA.


Author's Response: EMILY. EMILY I AM SO SORRY.

thank you so much tho i've missed you reading my stuff and we need to just read more of each other's stuff yes

i KNOW how dare i break the cardinal rule of fiction which is that actions have no consequences i was so wrong i should rectify this immediately EXCEPT I WON'T

i think the best thing about rose being aro is that it just happened so organically. like i didn't sit down at the beginning of tfwms and go "so rose is pansexual aromantic" i just wrote her and then she started writing herself and it was something i realised quite a while ago. i never /intended/ her to be aromantic she just IS and apparently she's been steering me in that direction from the get-go

your tears mean i have succeeded in everything i hoped to achieve and that sounded a lot less creepy in my head i'ma wrap this up now

thank you again for this review you amazing human you.

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Review #7, by ABookishBeing xv. the domino effect [or] love is in the air

9th March 2015:
YAY HOLLY AND EMMA!! 'Tis the season for weddings, I'm so happy! Excellent chapter, thank you for the update. Excuse my comma splices.

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Review #8, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins xv. the domino effect [or] love is in the air

7th March 2015:
I am now shedding even more tears of joy -- good heavens.

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Review #9, by jessicalorewrites xv. the domino effect [or] love is in the air

6th March 2015:
hi - me again.

another super fabulous chapter, I see. the wedding from an alternative perspective was really nice as I imagine it to be less biased (?) than if it were from albus or scorpius' povs. they were probably too engrossed by each other anyway ;)

I really like how a lot of your oneshots are built into this world, 'call me charlotte' in particular ^.^ I forgot that the two were in the same universe until I read lysander's comment about going to find his sister.

brodie and scorpius' bromance is everything I could ever ask for and more. I hope they continue it when they're both sober. also -- does this mean brodie is like 1/2 chinese?! or is it 1/4 or something? that's pretty rad, though incredibly sad that he doesn't know mandarin and that side of his family don't know english :\

really, my takeaway from this chapter is that I will be incredibly disappointed if the dj doesn't play call me maybe or what does the fox say at my wedding.

great chapter!

- jess, xo

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Review #10, by jessicalorewrites xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

6th March 2015:

so I'm playing catch up reading this, but oh my gosh how beautiful was this chapter?! man, this really set the standards for my own wedding (even though I am not a man. nor will I be marrying albus potter. nor will it take place in malfoy manor.. unfortunately)

draco's gift to scorpius is so beautifully perfect for the relationship that the two of them have. it makes me so happy to see a draco that is trying to be a better man and is still trying, even after all these years. changing a motto is a big thing but scorp did the family proud. the new motto is great. (although now I'm thinking, what the potters' motto may be...)


I really want to get onto the next chapter now so I'm going to cut it off here with one last comment: I think you've kicked me off the scorose bus straight into scorbus ♥

- jess, xo

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Review #11, by caapotter xv. the domino effect [or] love is in the air

2nd March 2015:
I laughed out loud with the wedding! Very good chapter! Caa xx

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Review #12, by dracodarlingxx xv. the domino effect [or] love is in the air

1st March 2015:
Well that was just the cutest, fluffiest chapter ever! :)
I adored all the dialogue, especially the conversations between Albus and Scorpius.
Eagerly waiting for the next chapter x

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Review #13, by Healers Pottfoy and Malpott xv. the domino effect [or] love is in the air

28th February 2015:
I said last night that the only thing that could make what was the best day of a very awful month better was you updating PFI. And I log on this morning and discover that you have, so thank you! This is a lovely chapter (of course it is, all your chapters are lovely, or at least beautifully written and emotional), and I'm really glad you gave more of the WEDDING. I love Scorpius and Brodie bonding over dead languages. I love Albus and Scorpius looking for occasions to refer to each other as 'my husband'. I love Brodie and Holly caring about each other and being cute (cute, I think, is the best way to describe them?). I love Lily and Holly's friendship and how you show how that has changed and evolved and stuff. I love the wizardified songs. I love the naturalness (is that a word?) of how you always manage to get stuff about support networks and queer rights and stuff into your chapters and make it feel so normal (because it is, but sometimes people don't do it as well as you and it feels forced) - you deal with all these issues so fluidly, and make people think without seeming like you are trying to... if you know what I mean? I love how you slipped Brodie's Chinese heritage in there. I love that Holly's parents are getting back together - she and Emma deserve a family.

I basically love a lot of things, and think it is a really good chapter.

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Review #14, by BellaLestrange87 xv. the domino effect [or] love is in the air

26th February 2015:
So I really want first review on this. Really really badly. (I finished TFWMS in about one day without reviewing, so for BvB next month I'll probably go back and do that.)

Their wedding was so cute and I love the banter and just GKJFLKHFLKWJHL(if you understand that at all). I love how Albus wants to refer to Scorpius as his husband constantly, as if reminding himself that it actually happened and everything. I know when I get married I'll probably do that.

On the other hand, I'm sad that Teddy/Victoire isn't a thing anymore. Sort of. After hearing Teddy talk about how unaccepting she was, I concluded that she doesn't deserve Teddy.

I love how passionate Holly is about support networks and making sure students get through school without having mental breakdowns. It's something I wish we had - guidance in Canadian high schools seems to be more uni & college applications and course selections and normal crap like that. If I had a panic attack in school nobody would know who to get.

That last part made me smile a bit. Holly should definitely have a family, and I like their sneakiness in planning the wedding for Christmas Eve. It also means that neither Matt or Penelope will forget their wedding anniversary. Ever.

So long story short I've been waiting for this for like a week and it's awesome and please post more soon and this is really rambly wow I'm surprised.


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Review #15, by narglesarereal xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

25th February 2015:
Such a great chapter (and fanfiction). I really like how three dimensional your characters are, they all have these little quirks that make them so lovable.
Scorpius and Albus's vows to each were so romantic, I love how parts are in different languages (how do you know all that stuff?). Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #16, by dracodarlingxx xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

19th February 2015:
That was the sweetest thing ever. I nearly cried, and I honestly have only ever cried at a book once.
I loved the part with Teddy talking to Scor and then Draco coming and talking with his son, because no one ever writes Draco like that and I loved it.
Like all your chapters, there were so many little details that I adored, like Scor, with blood as pure as it gets, not being able to tie his own bow tie :)
But honestly, the wedding vows just eclipsed everything. They were as cheesy as all those sappy soppy rom-coms but so much better because after one long (amazing) fic and thirteen more brilliant chapters of this one, you kinda know where they're coming from because you've seen them grow? Those vows were so so perfect, and I know I've always loved Scor just that little bit more than Al, but there was nothing to choose between either of their vows :*

great chapter x

p.s. loved the new chapter images ;)

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Review #17, by Benjamin xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

17th February 2015:
I love this universe. I cannot wait until you finish. I envy the story's characters. As a bisexual/LGBTQA myself, I really like how you are able to fit these different sexualities and other issues in these stories. And it is well written. Minus some time frame, editing, grammar and other things that I notice on most fan fics. The time frame issue is not as obvious here though. It is mostly the age of Harry and Ginny's kids that is all over the place... Kind of does not matter tho... creative license and expression and all. Peace.

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Review #18, by marauderfan xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

14th February 2015:
Sorry I'm not able to leave a long review right now, but I just had to tell you that omg the scene with Draco telling Scorpius to change the family motto. That was the best. Is someone cutting onions in here?

also 'queerly beloved' :D this chapter was too perfect. I loved it. ♥

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Review #19, by Ying xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

14th February 2015:
I'm usually super cynical about weddings and romance in general but the wedding vows between Albus and Scorpius made me tear up because they were so beautifully written and so sincere and honest.

Also, I absolutely love how you've incorporated Classics into your story so naturally. As someone studying Classics at university, I do a fist pump every time I see Latin and/or Greek. I did not expect to have to translate Homer in a Harry Potter fanfiction but I love that it happened so much.

Please never stop writing.

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Review #20, by grednforge217 xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

10th February 2015:
Oh mercy. I teared up a little. I do love weddings. I'm so happy for Albus and Scorpius!!! Although, honestly, it felt a little weird to me (and this is personal preference) because they're around my age and they're getting married, and that's not something I can even fathom right now, but again, that's personal preference and nothing to do with your lovely story! I'm so excited to see what marriage will bring them (I'm thinking children, but perhaps I'm being too presumptuous here. I'd love to see that but maybe delay it for them a few years...let them enjoy being married first!) The wonderful trouble is with your characters is that I think of them like they're real people and worry accordingly. Wonderful job!

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Review #21, by Irishseeker xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

9th February 2015:
as always, brilliant writing and this chapter was just shining with cuteness and brilliance.

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Review #22, by Fonzzx xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

9th February 2015:
No words can describe how much I love this chapter.

Also "queerly beloved" made me laugh so hard :D

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Review #23, by Veritaserum27 xiv. november twentieth [or] until death do us part

9th February 2015:
Aaaahhh! Lisa!

This was so amazingly beautiful and I knew you were going to give us so many feels with this, but I just... I wasn't ready... I'm a puddle right now and... thank you, thank you, THANK YOU FOR THE EARLY VALENTIN'S DAY PRESENT TO ALL YOUR READERS!!!

Sorry the review is so short, but I wanted you to know how much I loved this!

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by ChrisE xiii. reconciliation [or] the truth will set you free

6th February 2015:
I'm not usually one to write reviews on here but just had to thank you for TFWMS and PFI! I check back here for updates every day now and get so excited when there is one!
I love the mix of humour, intellect and emotion. You've had me laughing out load more than any other author I've read (resulting in some strange looks on trains!).
I've never read anything highlight different sexualities so perfectly. Feels like I learn something new in every chapter.
I love Holly and Rose! Thank you again!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i really appreciate you dropping a few lines, especially if you don't usually leave reviews. i apologise for my role in getting you weird looks on trains and i'm glad you're enjoying it so much! representation of lgbtqa+ identities is really important to me, and it means a lot that you're learning something from this story. thanks again for the review, and you are most welcome!

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Review #25, by Tris  xii. cross the line [or] don't say the a word

5th February 2015:
OH MY GOD SHE DID NOT SLEEP WIHT TEDDY! A little drama is good thoug, and I ship it so I'm ready to see how this turns out. Thanks again for combining an interesting storyline with information. I enjoy reading and learning a dn can't wait for the next turn of events!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much and I'm glad you're enjoying it! That was definitely a dramatic turn of events, and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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