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Reading Reviews for The Riddle of Riddle House
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Review #1, by alicia and anne The Riddle of Riddle House

27th July 2015:
I would be scared to go into the house that Voldemort had been, who knows what secrets and darkness is lingering there. Hugh Brown must be very brave!

Oh, underage magic, that can't be good. I wonder who it was, and if they knew how dark the place is that they're near?

This is getting creepy already. I wonder what RIM means?

:O The dead person looks like Voldemort? This can't be good. Not at all!

Who is this kid? I blame him entirely for the murder!

:O PLOT TWIST!!! VOLDEMORT HAD A KID! AHH! WHEN?! HOW?!... okay I know the how... but still... how?! Haha... oh wait, unless it was when he was younger and still had his nose, because I agree that Tom was fine! Okay, I get the how now. :D

Edward's not going to appreciate that they're talking about him like he's not there. I hope he doesn't go crazy :S I'd watch him as well if I were them.

Ahhh! I need more! I need to know what's going to happen with him! I am so favouriting this story!

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Review #2, by awesomepotter The Riddle of Riddle House

14th December 2014:
I really liked this - such a unique plotline. What gave you the idea for this? The premise of it had me really interested and the writing certainly lived up to it. I loved the mystery of it - I mean. Riddle said he hadn't killed his father, but was that really true? And who on earth did Voldemort have kids with? Did you have any sort of ideas about that when you wrote this, or was it just to be left forever undecided?
I also really loved the anticlimactic ending of the piece - it left me thinking 'Oh. Is that it, then?', but not in a bad way (if that makes sense at all!). I think it tied in so well with the beginning - there being a dead body and then nothing really that action-packed happening after its discovery. It was really well-shaped in that respect.
Actually now I think about it, I'm really confused - part of me thinks Riddle did kill his dad, because the whole underage magic thing was never answered, and although he said he didn't know anything about the wizarding world, he had a wand with him. Part of me thinks he didn't though, because he said the dad fell down the stairs - but then he didn't have a mark on him - so by that, I mean I think he maybe did kill his father? I think? Maybe?
Anyway, well done - it was a fab piece of writing!
Yours in Confusion,

Author's Response: Hi Grace!

This was a challenge entry, so I was rushed. I'm glad you liked it though - this is probably my least favourite story on my AP. I didn't really have any idea of where I was going when I wrote this, I just tried to finish it as quick as possible.

I've been toying with the idea of a sequel/prequel/other related story to elaborate on what happened - both for myself and for confused readers.


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Review #3, by GingeredTea The Riddle of Riddle House

26th October 2014:
Here for our review swap (eeep, I didn't realize anyone had wanted to swap with me until this morning!)

Obviously I have an interest in Voldemort's grandsons, as you can probably tell from my own story. So I couldn't pass this up.

I really need to get better at checking out whether something is a one-shot or is being continued before I start off, so I was a bit surprised to realize this was a one-shot.

It was a decent story, although I think it could have used a bit more spark and plot - and for a one-shot there is a rather large cliff-hanger in the sense of whether the boy killed his muggle father and whether he will turn out to be the next Lord Voldemort - and how Voldemort ended up with a muggle descendant!

The plot was there, however, and it was interesting. I could sense the forced atmosphere of your writing, and when I check on the reviews, I read this was a response to a challenge - which explain the rushed feeling towards the end to the writing?

But anyways, beside my story I've never run across another original character as Voldemort's grandson, so I had to choose this one to read!

I'd love to do another review swap sometime and get a chance to read some of your longer stories.


Author's Response: Hello (and I'm sorry I took so long with this reply.)

Yes, this was a challenge entry, and I was stuck, so I forced it out - as you can probably tell. I might possibly write something else in relation to this, telling how Voldemort ended up with descendants, or what happened to this boy, but I have other stuff lined up so it wouldn't be for a while.

I loved your story! I just haven't gotten around to reading more of it (which is a shame, since your sequel is now well underway.)


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Review #4, by TheButterflyComposer The Riddle of Riddle House

6th September 2014:
Hmm, quite mysterious.
This story is a good set up for a long running series of chapters, but also works as a one shot (quite a feat) as it stands.
The build up is fairly good though the question of what was going on in the house remains unanswered. If they had really seen Lord Voldemort's grandson next to a dead body with signs on the killing curse on it and they knew underage magic had happened in the area, I doubt Harry would have just sent him off to the ministry.
It's an overall decent flick of what could be happening in Harry's future but more focuse needs to be put on the two characters of the boy and Harry. They really should have done more with each other than stand around, particularly after we hear about the upbringing and treatment of the boy.
I'm not sure if you would carry on with this one, but it serves it's purpose well enough as it does.

Reviewed battle 44

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm happy that you think it could work as either a one-shot or something longer, although I'm done with it. This was a challenge story, and I basically forced my muse to come up with something.

I know there are things missing - the solution of what happened with the dead body for one.

I'd like to think that Harry would be a bit more open-minded about a descendant of Lord Voldemort. He'd still be keeping close watch on him, but every wizard deserves an education.

Thanks for the review!


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