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Review #1, by AUBS In Which Al Sits Still

28th July 2015:
Yes yes yes!:) I have been waiting so long for another chapter to come out for this story that this really just made my day!! It was an excellent chapter but I'm disappointed with the lack of action. Please update quickly and I'll make sure to continue reading it!!;)))

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading. I agree with you about the lack of action here. This chapter was originally meant to finish a bit later but it started getting too long so I decided to push the ending into the next chapter. So there's LOTS of drama to come, promise :)

Thanks for the lovely review! xx

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Review #2, by GeekAttack In Which Al Sits Still

23rd July 2015:
I've never read something quite like this- and I mean it in a good way. Very intriguing and beautiful characters. Love, love, love! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely comments. I'm really glad you're enjoying reading. Emma xx

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Review #3, by merlins beard In Which Al Sits Still

21st July 2015:
Hello there,

I really, really, really love this chapter! The sketchbook appears again! I know you told me it would be back, but it still makes me really happy that it's happened. It was so perfect too. I love that the first new drawing she did was of Albus, and I love the feeling she got when she did it. I feel kind of sorry for Scorpius, this is all reallyhard on him, but he should still tryto keep his temper in check a little. That death glare he throws at olivia feels unjustified.

Oh, I really hope Olivia gets to ride the train with Albus!! You made me really happy with this update! I can't wait for more.


Author's Response: Hi Anja!

Thanks so much for such a kind review. I'm really glad you liked the chapter. I know a few people have been waiting for the sketchbook to make a reappearance, and I thought that drawing Albus represents quite a significant shift in Olivia's values. Really happy to hear you liked it.

Scorpius is struggling, but he's also being kind of mean so I think it's good to feel sorry for him but also annoyed with him.

Thanks for taking the time to review! I really appreciate it.

Emma xx

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Review #4, by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins In Which Al Sits Still

21st July 2015:
You're back, you're back, you're back, oh Hallelujah!!!
I only have time for a quick review, but OH MY GOD, I'm so happy! Everyone is just WONDERFUL! And Scorpius, oh, Scorpius...he's hurting so much. I wish he hadn't assumed that Liv though he'd done it. I mean, she did run from him, but I would have taken that as "this is so overwhelming, I need to be alone right now," rather than "my best friend killed his girlfriend/my other best friend." Oh, well. I'm not Scorpius, and I know his perception was a bit skewed at the moment.
Anyway, I AM SO HAPPY YOU'RE HERE! Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Haha I am back! So sorry for such a long wait between updates. I love writing from this and hearing from all of you lovely readers but real life gets in the way a bit :)

SO glad you enjoyed the chapter. I wasn't sure about this one so it's a relief to hear people have liked it. You're spot on in all your comments about Scorpius and Olivia.

Thanks again! I'll try to update soon. Emma xx

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Review #5, by Anon In Which Al Sits Still

21st July 2015:
I LOVE the way Olivia is with Al. It brings out a different side of her completely; I feel like the state in which Scorpius is in and her apparent inferiority to Cassie restricts her from being the person she truly is or appreciating herself. I do crave for a reunion between Scorpius and Olivia, but I feel like the gradual build up that you are writing is so right. It is different to see a story in which Albus and Scorpius are not friends, but you write it so well. Hope you update soon, this story is incredible!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for such a lovely review - really happy to hear you're enjoying reading. Cassie's definitely held Olivia back from some aspects of herself, and the Gryffindors are kind of bringing that out of her.

Thanks so much! Emma xx

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Review #6, by Irishseeker In Which Al Sits Still

21st July 2015:
Scorpius continues to make me angry but break my heart at the same time. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aw that's such an accurate description of Scorpius here :)

Thanks for the review! xx

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Review #7, by Crescent Moon  In Which Al Sits Still

21st July 2015:
So many Al and Liv moments, so cute! But I feel so sorry for Scorpius, why can't the idiot just come to his senses?
I loved this chapter, your writing is amazing.

Author's Response: Haha they're definitely having more moments. I'm glad you still feel sorry for Scorpius. He's an idiot but he's also hurting.

Thanks for the review! Glad you're still enjoying reading xx

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Review #8, by anonymous who likes ya story bro In Which Al Sits Still

21st July 2015:
Oh poor Scorpius! He's acting rather stupidly, it's true, but this must be very tough on him :( I'm rather hoping that Olivia and Scor patch things up soon, maybe even bringing Scor into the Gryffindor group a little bit, I think that would be good for him to expand his social circle, and of course it would bring Ollie's friend groups together. And I'm very insanely curious as to what happened with C-a-s-s (said it contained a bad word)? I hope she's okay :( also Al Potter is just such an adorable little bumble! What a sweetheart! And I loved the part where Ollie drew him, his reaction was so sweet. Haha, and I love grumpy morning Albus!! Also, just curious, are we going to see more of Rose and Louis and Al too? I really like their friendship and I think it'd be great to see more of how Ollie fits into it, and her dynamic with the group. I really like how Louis danced on the table too, I thought that was a very interesting gesture :) so yes, that is all, I throughly enjoy your story, and I am eagerly awaiting an update!! Bye!!

Author's Response: Hi!

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading. There are some big Scorpius moments coming up soon (well, there are some big everybody moments coming up soon) and you'll get to see some more of him with everyone.

Thank you for liking Al! I'm loving writing such a nice character and it's always really nice to hear that people like reading him.

Rose and Louis and Al will show up more - I like writing their friendship too much to forget about it :)

Thanks again for the review! Next update hopefully won't take too long.

Emma xx

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Review #9, by Roisin In Which Al Sits Still

20th July 2015:
Yay update!

I love the bit about how Cassie would have been about Olivia's appearance. It's something I completely forgot about, but me and my best friend used to do this thing where we'd yell at each other to put on lipstick in a way that was almost mean, except we were both just being silly (like "I can't look at you until you put on makeup") and stuff. It's funny to think about because we're SO not that way anymore, but yeah. Teenagers. I think to a lot of people, Cassie might seem a bit extreme in the Mean Girl department, but it mostly just strikes me as really accurate. Me and my friend were both actually quite nice and kind to people and each other, but we def had a kind of beezie attitude when we were together.

Gosh Al is a sweetie. It's a real testament to their friendship that he's celebrating Cassie's birthday with Olivia. At the same time, though, I can't help but think what Scor or Cassie would think about it. Like, it's all very sweet and well-meaning from Al and Olivia's POV, but I can imagine the Scor or Cassie getting stroppy about it if they found out. Like, that she'd invited Al to do something secret and THEIRS.

A row of footprints from some other visitor?? I'm calling it right now: SOMETHING TO DO WITH CASSIE.

Oh, duh, it's Scorpius. Olivia should have really thought of that, actually. Like, if SHE feels compelled to go to the shack that night, obv Scorpius would too.

CALLED IT. Scorpius is gonna be STROPPY.

I really like the way you described sketching, and all the drawings in the book. It was very vivid, and I could really see what they looked like. And Olivia's thoughts while she sketched seemed very realistic as well, like "chaotic lines" and stuff, and the way the sketch becomes lighter and looser further away from the face and into the background. That's just, like, what sketches always look like!

I hope the next update is soon! I'd almost forgotten how much I like this story :)


Author's Response: Roisin! I've missed your wonderful reviews - maybe it should give me motivation to actually update sometimes.

Your comments about Cassie are always EXACTLY what I hope people think of her. She's not supposed to be very superficially the 'mean girl'. There are aspects of her that make her a wonderful person to have around and the kind of person people want to spend time with. But I still like drawing comparisons between her and Al as the 'nice guy'.

I think this chapter's hopefully interesting in that it didn't even occur to Olivia that Scorpius might be there, which shows how much her life has changed. She's starting to think about Al more than she thinks about her old friends which is a big transition for her.

Thanks for such a lovely review! Will try to update sooner next time.

Emma xx

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Review #10, by ilovelucy In Which The Moron Has A Heart

27th June 2015:
Oh, please, PLEASE continue! I love this story so much!

Author's Response: Next chapter's up now! So sorry for the long delay, things have been a bit mad x

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Review #11, by Crescent Moon  In Which The Moron Has A Heart

29th May 2015:
I'm loving your story so far!
I'm feeling so sorry for Ollie at the moment, all that she's going through with Scorpius being such a idiot. But I'm loving all the Gryffindors (and Joe and Oz of course) and I'm really liking how Jason's becoming more involved.
I'm really curious with what's happened to Cassie... I've got this crazy theory at the moment that she's her Dad's new mistress... I know, but I just thought I'd say it for the minimal chance I might be right ;) Even though I'm sure Pansy would be a lot more mad if her husband had gone off with her daughter's best friend... I really hope the suspicions falls from Scor soon so he can become less of a ... I'm struggling for a PG way to say this... I'm going to have to go with idiot again. Oh, I know - less of a moron.
Also I was just wondering if you'd ever read 'Since You've Been Gone' by Morgan Matson? I've just finished reading it and it's got a couple of similar themes to this so I thought you might enjoy it. I really did.
Anyway, sorry for this really strange and waffly review. What I was trying to get across is that I love your story, and you're writing is so amazing. The way you're developing your characters is just making me care for them more and more with every chapter. And I can't wait to read what happens next! Amazing!

Author's Response: Thank you for such a kind review! It's not waffly at all, it's lovely :)

I'm glad you feel sorry for Ollie. I think in some ways she's being kind of irritating, but she's actually having a really difficult time and it's good that people can recognise that.

Love hearing people's theories about Cass. We're over halfway through the story now so it'll all be revealed eventually.

I've not read Since You've Been Gone but will try to get hold of a copy to have a look. Thanks for the recommendation.

Honestly, thank you so so much for such a lovely review. Hearing from people who are enjoying reading is such a good motivator and these reviews make me so happy. I really appreciate it.

Next chapter's just gone up if you're still interested :)

Emma xx

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Review #12, by ilovegeorgeweasley101 In Which The Moron Has A Heart

29th April 2015:
Hi yes okay your story makes me happy about life in the fan fiction world. It's unique, has wonderful humor and I really like that I have no idea what is going to happen next. Like WHERE THE FREAK IS CASSIE? IS SHE PREGNANT?? I have no idea but I would like to find out so please keep writing you wonderful fresh unique human being.



Author's Response: This review! Thank you so much :)

I've written most of the next chapter but this is the busiest I've been for a long time so I'm struggling to find the time to finish it - should be up within the next week though hopefully!

I'm so glad you're enjoying reading. Thanks for your lovely lovely feedback.

Emma xx

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Review #13, by Chivalrous In Which The Moron Has A Heart

16th April 2015:
"Albus is wonderful.

Jason is wonderful.

Joe is wonderful.

Louis is wonderful.

Rose is wonderful.

Scorpius is wonderful (in a terrible way).

Olivia is wonderful.

Everyone is wonderful.

This story is wonderful.

Posting the next chapter would be wonderful."

A poem by Ireland dedicated to your story. Ha ha!

I loved this chapter!

Post soon!


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for such a kind review - I'm so glad you're still enjoying reading! I've been using camp nano to mainly do some work on my other novel here, Victoire, but am working on the next chapter of Complicated and will try to have it up in the next week. It's a big one with lots of Albus/Olivia and lots and lots of drama :)

Thanks for reviewing! Lots of love, Emma xx

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Review #14, by dracodarlingxx In Which The Moron Has A Heart

7th April 2015:
I feel so bad for Scorpius :'(
I get that Ollie's going through a lot, but Scor honestly has no one, whether that's his own fault or not (not? you said earlier he finds it hard to make friends, and with a last name like his, I'd say he's got a valid reason as to why), and as well as having no support, the love of his life is missing, and he's being blamed for it. Anyone would break in that kind of situation. Sure, he's being a prat, but the end of this chapter kind of hinted that he and Ollie would never be friends again and that makes me really sad because even though he's pushing her away, it seems like he really needs a friend right now.
P.S. The adorableness of Oz and Joe is indescribable :)

Author's Response: Aww I'm always so relieved when people are sympathetic towards Scorpius! He's behaving badly but he's got a good heart and he's really suffering at the moment, so I think you're right to feel bad for him.

Oz and Joe are my favourites :)

Thanks for the lovely review!

Lots of love,

Emma xx

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Review #15, by ASDFGHJKL1234 In Which The Moron Has A Heart

3rd April 2015:

Author's Response: haha give it all time :)

(although i'll be honest and say that Scorpius/Rose is one of the aspects of this story I'm not entirely sure about. It may have to wait for a sequel but I'm not completely sure yet)

Thanks for reviewing!

Emma xx

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Review #16, by Unicorn_Charm In Which The Moron Has A Heart

26th March 2015:
Hey Emma!! ♥

Yay new chapter!

I wonder if any of the other Gryffies or Slytherins find it strange that she's basically become an honorary Gryffindor as of late. Hanging out in the common room, eating with them and then eating alone at the Gryffindor table. I really was happy to see "The Moron," Jason come over to check on her. Even though they don't always get along, they are family. He's right there.

“Last year when Dad had that Quidditch accident you flew up to Gryffindor tower and burst in on James in the shower to ask him if I was okay.”

“You have no proof of that.”

“James told me,” Jason grinned.

“He’s an unreliable source. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
:D :D

That is my favorite little exchange with them get haha! Just the thought of her bursting in on James like that had me laughing so hard.

Oh Joe really was way too sweet. I love how he's totally alright with her hanging out with Al and the rest of the Wotters and even thinks that they're good for her. It totally makes sense that Slytherin was not the Hat's first choice for him. He's a good friend to her, too.

Yeah, Scorpius is getting worse and worse. He was totally out of line at practice. At this rate he's going to end up pushing everyone away. It was great of Oz and Joe to stand up for Olivia like that. I almost feel like Scorpius is going to blow at some point, and it's not going to be pretty. Even though he is being kind of horrible, I just want to hug him. He seems like he could really use it. :(

Another great chapter!! Hope to see another update soon!! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Meg!

Gahh, your reviews are always so perfect and then I just never know how to reply!

"Honorary Gryffindor" is a good way of putting it. I hadn't really thought about how it would look to the other Slytherins but you're right that it would be strange. I think Joe and Oz are so caught up in each other and in being cheerful that they're probably not too bothered, and Esther and Clara have always been their own pair, but it's definitely an interesting thing to consider.

Yayy thank you for liking Jason! Nobody else has mentioned the exchange about the Quidditch accident - it made me smile writing it . Jason's a bit of a sweetie really and him and Olivia have some more bonding to do.

The hat wanting to put Joe in Hufflepuff is something I've known about his character from the beginning. I'm glad you find it convincing. He's not really got any Slytherin traits at all so I think the hat was just being generous and choosing not to separate him from his sister.

Scorpius is definitely near breaking point, and his behaviour's getting increasingly unacceptable. There'll be more on him in the next few chapters :)

Thanks for such a kind review! I'll try to get the next chapter up soon.

Emma xx

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Review #17, by merlins beard In Which The Moron Has A Heart

26th March 2015:
This is a really depressing chapter. I like the part where ollie and jason talk to each other. He cares about her and knowing that makes her life better. Ollie is handling herself well, despite of all shr's been through. I really like joe and oz. They are great guys... definitely hufflepuff qualities there. They are so loyal to ollie that they even want to quit the team if she's off it.
I feel like ollie has yet to realize how many great people really care about her. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Okay, last one. First off, I just wanted to properly thank you for taking the time to review all these chapters! It means a lot that you even wanted to keep reading, and then you could easily have read on without stopping to review once we were done with the swap. It's really so kind of you to take the time to leave a review on every chapter, and I appreciate it so much.

Jason and Olivia need to figure out their relationship properly but they're family and I felt like it was about time they started acting like it. I'm glad you liked him here.

And Joe and Oz are my absolute favourites to write :)

I'll try to make sure there isn't too long a gap before the next chapter. Thanks again for all the lovely reviews!

Emma xx

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Review #18, by merlins beard In Which Things Get A Little Bit More Complicated

26th March 2015:
Ah, there's the sketchbook again. I like that it's mentioned. Albus is so good for ollie. I already suspected what her parents wanted to tell her, but i didn't expect pansy to approach things the way she did. I should have known. One should never expect pansy to have decent ways of communicating with humans. (This is, of course a completely subjective view and wrong in so many ways, but it is the way i have always seen her).
Its so sad that scorpius is so cold toward ollie, but i completely undertstand his point of view. he desperately needs someone to be there for him and his best friend ran away from him to hang out with her new friends. I would be really hurt as well. I hope he finds someone to talk to soon (or makes up with ollie). I really enjoy the way you write and all the small details you work into your stories.

Author's Response: The sketchbook will turn up again. Its absence has been intentional but I thought I should put in a reminder :)

The way I write Pansy it's definitely fair enough to say she's no good at communicating with humans. She's extremely self centred and it makes her distant to the point of cruel.

And again, I'm so glad you understand where Scorpius is coming from. I think he's in the wrong but is still sympathetic so it's nice that not all my readers are hating him :)

Thanks for another lovely review!

Emma xx

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Review #19, by merlins beard In Which Louis Weasley Dances

26th March 2015:
The end of this chapter is really sweet. I think you captured ollies reaction to louis and albus being friends again perfectly. I'm so glad albus talked to her rationally. There are often stories where all trouble only exists because the lead characters don't talk to each other. It is refreshing to finally read a story where they do. Everything is so luch easier.

Author's Response: Albus is very much one for straight talking rather than refusing to open up to other people, and Ollie's slowly learning. I didn't want them to have lots of conflict because of misunderstandings - I always find it super frustrating when people hate each other because they don't bother talking to find out what's going on.

Thanks for such a thoughtful review, Emma xx

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Review #20, by merlins beard In Which Breakfast is Traumatic

26th March 2015:
I knew scorpius would react badly and i'm glad rose was there to help ollie. I'm still worried about scorpius though. Who is there for him?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm so impressed you've gone through every chapter! Emma xx

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Review #21, by merlins beard In Which Slytherins Speculate

26th March 2015:
Now i slowly start believing that something might have happened to cassie. But it definitely wasn't scorpius. It could nevet be scorpius (I might have a soft spot for the malfoys)...
Its so sweet that albus takes care of ollie when she's falling apart like that, but i kind of worry about Scorpius right now. His girlfriend is missing, he is a suspect in her disappearance, and on top of it all his best friend just literally ran away from him. He must feel like ollie thinks he is guilty, which i'm sure she doesn't.

Author's Response: Albus is lovely, but I'm glad you're thinking about how all this affects Scorpius. He's struggling and Ollie's reaction to his questioning wasn't very supportive.

Thanks again for all these lovely reviews,

Emma xx

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Review #22, by merlins beard In Which Quidditch Is Played

26th March 2015:
Oh my god... Where do i start?
I loved the quidditch match. I feel like they are often a little disappointing in fan fiction because the description is often just too short. You obviously put a lot of effort in to make it just right. and i really love that last goal ollie throws.
I wonder if maybe there is someting going on between slytherins other two chaserd though... will be iinteresting to see how this turns out.

I can't believe they are actually suspecting that scorpius had something to do with cassies disappearance. Is scorpius 17 in this? Otherwise they'd probably need draco and astoria there.
I don't think cassie was abducted,though. I have a feeling she chose to stay away. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: The Quidditch match was one of the bits I was most worried about writing because I totally agree that Quidditch is often not done justice - there's more to come so it's a relief to hear that people think it worked!

Oz and Joe feature lots more in the rest of the story :)

Thanks for the review! Emma xx

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Review #23, by merlins beard In Which Scorpius Is A Moody Cow

26th March 2015:
Ok this is hilarious... Laura definitely gets what she deserves,and I love how louis is really weird all the time. It's good to hear that he stopped drinking, but i'm not sure if it's going to stay that way or not.
I'm really sad that scorpius is so lonely. It really is a little conflicting that Cassie isn't really a good person but she's what keeps them together and they lover despite not being nice.

Author's Response: Haha, more on Laura later, but for now I'm glad you think she deserves this. Keep reading for more on Louis :)

'Conflicting' pretty much sums up Cassie's character here. None of the characters have straightforward relationships with her but her absence doesn't help.

Thanks again for all these lovely reviews!

Emma xx

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Review #24, by merlins beard In Which Questions Are Asked

25th March 2015:
Ha! I knew Scorpius and Olie felt like brother and sister. it's nice to know that they have each other in this chrisis.

I really loved how much detailed thoufht you put into the herbology lesson. I really could relate to the students better that way. Polishing a dangerous plant has to be a daunting task at best. With both albus and ollie distracted with personal problems, it's no wonder something happens. I'm glad albus got ollie ti the hospital wing fast enough. It was really cute how he took care of her.

I can totally understand that scorpius freaks out when he notices that ollie isn't in transfiguration. After all, his girlfriend is missing. He would be overly sensitive to something like that.
I really liked the chapter a lot

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing the Herbology lesson. My other WIP is about Ravenclaws so I get to do lots more discussion of the various Hogwarts subjects, but here it doesn't come up so often. I'm glad you liked it.

Scorpius is struggling without Cass, and I hope his panic is understandable even if it is unreasonable.

Thanks for the review!

Emma xx

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Review #25, by merlins beard In Which There Are Prefect Patrols

25th March 2015:
I'm seriously getting caught up in this. I loved the moment ollie had with albus during prefect rounds. They are really cute together, even though it's sad to see albus hurt. Louis is acting badly. I wonder if he comes around and stops drinking later on.

Author's Response: Louis isn't one of the main characters in this story, and although I think his story could be explored in much more depth it's never central to the plot here. But he'll be around a lot more in future chapters so you'll definitely have a chance to find out more about him :)

Emma xx

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