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Reading Reviews for Complicated
467 Reviews Found

Review #1, by klarissa002 In Which There Isn't That Much Hope

2nd September 2017:

I love your story and this is like the third time i'm reading it. I noticed that in this chapter the problematic guy at new year's is called Martin Flint but wasn't his name Sebastian with another last name? Anyway love the story and I'm reading both fallen and long live the queen as well so keep up the good work.

Lots of love xxx

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you - so glad you're enjoying it! I'm actually part way through a rewrite so some names have changed. Think I probably need to come back and make that clear so thanks for pointing out! Let me know what you think of fallen and lltq if you get the chance - I love hearing what complicated readers think of my newer writing.

Thanks so much for taking the time to review! Emma xx

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Review #2, by dracoismyboyfriendguys In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

13th June 2017:
I've binged this all in one day and I have to say, I enjoyed it so so much!! Your writing was fantastic and the plot was so well constructed! All of the characters felt real and you made me genuinely care about everyone, even the minor characters and Cassie (that little b*). Thanks for a very entertaining few hours- I'm planning on reading your other stories over the next couple of days so expect some more gushing reviews as I'm sure I'll love them as much as I do this!
Congrats on finishing such a fab piece!
Alice xxx

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I loved writing Olivia's story and it always makes me so happy when people comment on liking the characters.

'Long Live the Queen' is my main baby at the moment so I'll be interested to see if you like it :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review. Means a lot xx

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Review #3, by Hatecasandra Shopping with Scorpius Malfoy

13th May 2017:
Cassie sounds so horrible and bitchy. I ship Scorp with Rose.

Author's Response: Haha fair enough. Thanks for reading and taking the time to review! xx

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Review #4, by aragorn007 In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

4th May 2017:
What a journey it has been! This is one of the best HP nextgen fanfictions. The plot is perfect, the conflicts are well-thought, the characters are complex and very well-written. The wonderful story progressed seamlessly through the chapters. I'm so happy that Cassie survived.

You even paid great attention to small characters like Amethyst. Madam Chang, 'Creevey and Thomas', Madam Bullstrode created a strong nostalgic connection to JKR's books. Looking forward to reading the sequel :)

Author's Response: Ah I'm so glad you finished it and enjoyed it! I'm very slowly working on a rewrite of this because there are definitely things I'd change now, but I love the characters and I'm so pleased you liked them xx

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Review #5, by aragorn007 Welcome to the Madhouse

3rd May 2017:
Dear author, your writing is simply captivating! Love all the characters and feel so sorry for Olivia, being Pansy's daughter is not easy.

Author's Response: Thank you! So happy you're enjoying it xx

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Review #6, by Hasane In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

3rd March 2017:
I just finished this story, and I just feel speechless. It was very well written, and even though some chapters were a bit filler, they still were interesting because things were still going on, and Olivia's thoughts on everything are just so interesting.

I've noticed that Olivia has a tendency to understate her feelings, but towards the end she's really grown, and is more open, but not melodramatically so. It's really easy to see how she flourished from beginning to end, because in the beginning she was a cynic, and at the end she was just happier because she was more honest with herself.

Albus was a real sweetheart here, and I enjoyed him thoroughly. Even though he was a pretty significant part of Oliviaís life, I didnít warm up to him as quickly as other people did. I just took more time with him, mostly because at some point Oliviaís thoughts started to dictate mine.

Cassie is really a grade-A b* isnít she? I totally get that she had her own problems, but her fallibility lies in the fact is that she seems to think that the world revolves around her. She made mistakes but she brushed them off as if they only affected her, and not her friends. I really liked Cassie at the beginning, but from there, it just went downhill. Donít worry, I still have some sympathy left for her. I donít want her to be completely off her rocker.

(Also, if you donít mind me asking, who is Oliviaís faceclaim?)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed reading and made it to the end!

If you're interested in Cassie my story 'Fallen' is from her POV seven years later so you might like to have a look.

I'm really sorry but I can't remember her faceclaim - somebody else made the CIs for me and I'm sure I once knew but I have no idea what her name is now. My original face claim was Mary Elizabeth who looks quite similar.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review. Emma xx

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Review #7, by Sal In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

4th January 2017:
oh. my. god. I've been following this story for actually so long, its been in my favorites forever and i didn't realized you had finished it. it was heartbreaking, and wonderful and so real. i loved the supporting characters and the fact that they had their own lives and issues that happened to coincide with liv's. i wish scorpius and rose had gotten together, or at least hinted at it, and i wish there was more information about how everything worked out because I'm Obsessed, but the way it ended was so perfect that i can justify not knowing what happened to myself. amazing job!

Author's Response: Thank you! So happy to hear you enjoyed reading :)

I'm actually part way through a sequel from Cassie's POV, set seven years later, so if you're interested in seeing what happened next it's in there!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review.

Emma xx

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Review #8, by baletgir In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

28th October 2016:
It seems I failed at trying to leave more reviews, and I deeply apologize at this fic truly deserves them. I loved every second of this. I got so into it that I didn't even realize this was the last chapter until I read your author's note at the end.

I am at a loss for words. I was very surprised by Cass's secret, so good job with that.

Great fic, that you so much!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it xx

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Review #9, by baletgir In Which Louis Weasley Dances

24th October 2016:
Hi there!

So I've gotten through 13 chapters in 2 days because I am IN LOVE with this fic! This is wonderfully written and a good story line. I love a good cliche Next-Gen, but it's so refreshing to read something new. You still have all of the aspects of Next- Gen that I love, but you've added your own spin.

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed more, but I'll try to pause in my furious reading to leave some more soon.

Thank you for writing and sharing this!

Author's Response: Thank you! xx

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Review #10, by AbraxanUnicorn In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

18th September 2016:
I loved "Complicated"! And Olivia - I hope she features in future stories :)

Author's Response: Yay thank you! Olivia features heavily in my sequel, 'Fallen', from Cassie's POV, and as a minor character in my Lily novel 'Long Live the Queen', so have a look if you're interested! I'm really glad you enjoyed reading :)


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Review #11, by Duliedoll In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

30th August 2016:
Literally just read your entire story in one night...well done! You have a true gift with words and storytelling. Thank you for sharing it with us all! I look forward to your future literary endeavors.

Author's Response: Oh yay I'm so glad you enjoyed it. The first few chapters of the sequel are now up so have a look if you fancy it :)

Thanks for taking the time to review, I really appreciate it xx

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Review #12, by Shanna18 The Chosen Son is Single Again

29th August 2016:
Hey, I write you here for tell you that I've just published first chap of your story.
Unfortunataly the site doesn't me permit to link you th story but if you write on web DELICATE HARRY POTTER FANFICTION-EFP... the name of authors is yours one, I made you a profile.
:) Shanna

Author's Response: Great, thanks for doing this :) x

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Review #13, by Shanna18 Welcome to the Madhouse

26th August 2016:
Hey I'm anItalian Fanfiction writers and I've just finished to read yor story, it's fantastically and I want to your propose one thing: Could I translate the fanfiction and put it on a Italian fanfictions' site? Obiouvlsy I'll write that fic isn't mina and that i've just translated, then I'll write every comment would do you do and I'll translate to you all reviews . What do you think? Please I very would!

Shanna :)

Author's Response: Hi Shanna, I'm really glad you enjoyed reading. As long as you say my username and that it came from this site I'm happy for you to translate :)

Thanks for reading! Emma xx

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Review #14, by Hazel Bludger In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

23rd August 2016:
Ugh. Hi. Wow. I'm so content after reading this. I'm gonna be honest, in the beginning, I was SO HOPING Andrew's girlfriend was going to be Cass and I was so ready, but then it was Clementine and I had NO CLUE what was happening. Things got clearer when we found James and Al, and it was so much grander than I had anticipated. Never guessed she might be pregnant, but I knew James knew something! It's been a while since I've been able to sit in a corner and bury myself in a good, long fic, and I thank you so much for providing my happy heart with this one. I adore it. Well done!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for all the kind comments and for taking the time to review. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and that it's left you in a good mood :)

Emma xx

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Review #15, by Margie In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

19th August 2016:
Congratulations Emma! I have loved this story for years - I followed it here from ffnet. I am going to miss Olivia but I feel like this was a good ending for her. I have strong, mixed feelings about Cassie but she's certainly been an amazing driving force for this story and such an incredible mystery man.

Well done, if that's not patronising! I'm going to miss chatting to you in my reviews too.

Margie xx

Author's Response: Margie! Your reviews have meant so much to me. I didn't realise you'd followed here from ff. I'm so glad you've enjoyed reading and I've loved hearing all your thoughts along the way.

Lots of love,

Emma xx

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Review #16, by Slfrost In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

13th August 2016:
Fantastic story. Really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review - glad you enjoyed reading :)

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Review #17, by katrinalliu In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

8th August 2016:
oh my goodness this story from the very first chapter has made me so so happy and addicted. i cannot believe this is the last chapter what a ride!! thank you for blessing us with your beautiful writing and characters..liv will always hold a special place in my heart xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it. Liv will appear more in some other stories so look out for them if you're interested :) xx

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Review #18, by blackzero In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

8th August 2016:
Thank you very much for all time you put in to write such a beautiful story.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and for taking the time to review :) x

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Review #19, by Violet Potter 434 In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

7th August 2016:

that was such a beautiful ending to such an amazing, beautifully written story

i'm sad to see this story end, but I do think you ended that perfectly

there are so many questions I have tho
but I've decieded to wait and read "fallen" before I ask,
although there are two I'm gunna ask now, I understand if you don't want to answer, so they don't ruin "fallen" , but hey ho...

1) does Liv ever say yes to godmother?
2) what was the baby called?

I liked that you included Amethyst at the end there, I always felt she was misunderstood slightly

I can't wait to read any other stories you brig to this website and am actually just going to go read "Long live the queen" now, I saw it on the recently updated list

yet again I love this story, the plot, the characters (especially the orginal characters joe, Oz, Liv and Jason -Joe and Oz are probs my favourites), in fact I love all of it. every single word- other than the bits where it went wrong for them (Cassie going missing, Al lying, al getting hurt, Scorp being questioned) but even then I still loved the story I suppose I just felt bad for the characters.

keep writing more stories for me!

love from me xxx

ps. I noticed you said that you would do review swaps, so please, if you have the time, can you just quickly leave one for me? don't worry if you're busy.

Author's Response: Hey! 'Fallen' is coming soon I think, but I've actually answered both your questions in chapter one of 'Long Live the Queen'. In general it won't overlap a lot, although Liv and Al will both feature quite heavily, so have a look if you're interested :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading. I've really enjoyed all your lovely reviews and it means a lot to hear your feedback.

I'll have a look at your stories now :)

Emma xx

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Review #20, by asdfghjkl In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

7th August 2016:
This story has been so amazing and I've loved following along since the beginning! I like the way you finished it where there's still a lot of possibilities available to the characters but there's also a feeling of closure. It's also awesome to see the evolution of the characters, everyone has grown so much. I'm so happy to hear you're gonna be writing more stories! Thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a kind review. I kept changing my mind about how I wanted this to end, but I decided I wanted to leave options open for what happens next. I'm glad you liked it. Emma x

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Review #21, by mrsdeanthomas421 In Which Happiness Can Be Easy

7th August 2016:
what a great close to a great story! thanks for sharing your fiction with us---I'm going to miss seeing your updates!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. E xx

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Review #22, by Rowan In Which There Is An Unwelcome Visitor

3rd August 2016:
Oh my god so I've got like a million things I should be doing today but I just want to let you know that I dropped it all in order to read these 31 chapters of this fanfic which was SO GOOD and AMAZINGLY WELL-WRITTEN that I really don't regret this decision. Can't decide if I hate you or really really want to hug you: I'm going to say hug!! Honestly, I'm so glad I decided to read this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update soon!! xxx

Author's Response: Haha I've definitely been there - I'm always one for the 'I should really finish this work but instead I'll start reading a fanfiction novel' kind of procrastination. Sorry for doing that to you - but I'm glad to see you reading and enjoying!

Chapter 32 just went up so 'Complicated' is now officially complete.

Thanks for taking the time to review :)

Emma xx

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Review #23, by LittleMissAutumn In Which There Is An Unwelcome Visitor

3rd August 2016:
Wow. Cassie had her butt handed her to although the truth was much overdue. She's been a HORRIBLE friend and just a general horrible human being. All the stuff that's been happening with Liv and she never cared to actually help her or even talk to her about it. At least now she knows that she's at fault and is being a decent person again, trying to help her in this current time of need. This chapter had a lot of emotions, but as always, you did a wonderful job of capturing everybody. I'm also glad that Ginny and Harry know the truth about everything since they listened in. Yay and Al's awake! Update soon please :)

Author's Response: Chapter 32 just went up so Complicated is officially complete!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review. Cassie has definitely been awful but I agree that here she's starting to change.

I'm so glad to see you still reading and enjoying it :)

E xx

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Review #24, by Lobelia Saville-Baggins In Which There Is An Unwelcome Visitor

2nd August 2016:
Wow. Just, wow. I haven't been here in ages, but coming back now and seeing this chapter.
Holy crap.
That recap of Ollie's year...I'm not sure I would survive a year like that. Plus, I think Cassie's finally starting to grow up. I don't like what she did, and I think her insecurities made for an incredibly toxic relationship with Ollie, but this whole situation (and James) is starting to bring out the best in her again.

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for taking the time to review. 'Toxic' is definitely a good word to describe Cassie's friendship with Olivia, but you're right that this is a bit of a turning point and she might be starting to change.

E xx

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Review #25, by marauderfan In Which There Is An Unwelcome Visitor

29th July 2016:
ahh this was such a good chapter. Cassie has changed so much. I think what she's been through during the year, while admittedly nothing as hard as what Olivia has been through, has made her gain a bit of sympathy for others. She's had such an easy life up to this point and now that she's actually faced a challenge like this, it changes her, and I think that's really good.

The conversation between Olivia and Cassie when Olivia tells her she hasn't forgiven her, she's angry, their friendship is not okay, and Cassie's just like "I know, that's okay"... that was a powerful moment. like Cassie may still be a jerk who made bad decisions but here it seems like she's accepting that and is taking ownership of her actions and the consequences that have resulted from them. That's a huge step forward.

Side note I don't know how much more I can take of you making horrible things happen to Al :p Please tell me he's okay!

Amazing chapter!!

Author's Response: Yay I'm so glad you're still reading and enjoying it! Cassie's definitely grown up a bit by this point, although she still has a long way to go. I think she does deserve some sympathy though. She's had a difficult year too.

Chapter 32 just went up so Complicated is officially complete! E x

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