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Review #1, by Chazzie Chapter 1

13th October 2014:
Hi there!
Wow. Your first language is Spanish? In that case I am amazed. To write at this level of fluency in another language is really impressive, so well done!
I love the story line so far, and the way you've left a bit of a cliffhanger here before the next chapter. Honestly, the only thing I noticed that was a little off was 'I got scared'. In English you would usually say 'I was scared' instead. Tiny thing though.
I thought your characterisation of Nana was fantastically funny. She really was flamboyant and I liked that she was so over dramatic. It suited her, and makes her likeable to the readers. You showed Sam's love for her grandparents, which was really sweet too. Grandpa was lovely, and I liked that he seemed so amused and used to his wife's antics.

Author's Response: Lottie from Scotland. With honor, I present you the title of First Reviewer of this story. You have my eternal gratitude.

Firstly, my fluency in English, well you can thank cable TV, movies and my English teachers. They greatly helped me. I am proud to say that if we were to speak face to face, you would think I was American or Canadian. It happened all the time whenever I traveled. Although thank you for pointing out the grammar error. You said it yourself, my first language IS Spanish, so grammar and syntax rules are highly different.

As for the characterization of the characters, I'm so glad you like it. I went through so much trouble to create them. I didn't have the tiniest clue on how to develop my OC's grandparents. It was very hard because of their status as minor characters. But I still had to portrayed in that chapter their attitudes, gestures and opinions according to their lives. Of course, the hardest to develop was OC, no doubt about it.

So Lottie, many thanks and stay tuned!

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