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Review #1, by bigblackdog Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

26th May 2015:
ahh! so many feels! I love this story so far! your characters always feel so real and human and quirky.

can't wait to see what happens between Sirius and Lupin!

Author's Response: i;m so sorry to disappoint on the updating front i'm such a bad person

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Review #2, by marauder lady Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

7th March 2015:
How disappointed was I when I couldn't carry on reading! Great story and brilliant characterization. Loved it.

Author's Response: i'm sorry about not updating! thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by IJustScrapedMyKnees Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

21st February 2015:
Awh, look at Remus and Sirius sitting together and having a conversation about life and death and war. And ... KISSING?! I was expecting to have to wait at least five more chapters before something happened between them. This is so much better. This is amazing.

But no ... Sirius ran away ... Poor Remus. Don't worry honey, Sirius is just confused, like you. (I hope.)

Yep, I was right. Okay so the whole conversation between Sirius and Marlene McKinnon was fantastic. I love Marlene. I want to meet Dorcas. I want a whole chapter where they are just an adorable couple. Or a whole story. Yes, a whole story all about Dorcas and Marlene. I would read the hell out of that story.

Oh my gosh, what's wrong with Remus? What? Did I read that right? ... I'm upset now. Remus does not deserve this. I'm glad Sirius is there for him, but still. And great, now he's going to have to see his anti-werewolf dad. Poor Remus really isn't having the best week, is he?

My heart is BLEEDING for Remus. I can't believe his dad didn't tell him his mum was getting worse. What an utter *insert insulting swearword of your choice here*.

I'm just going to take a break from weeping over Remus' loss to say that your writing is amazing. Not just the storyline itself, but the words you use and the way you arrange them into sentences ... like, it's just really GOOD, okay? (I obviously do not share your ability for choosing brilliant descriptive words.)

Awh, man. Lyall and Remus' awkwardness is just heart-breaking. I cannot with this.

Okay, good, he's gone now.

"You're too forgiving, Remus." "If I wasn't, you wouldn't be sitting here." Ooof. What a blow. This is making me physically ACHE.

The banter is back. This is good. I'm enjoying this. It's making me want to laugh instead of cry.

Omfg. Yes, Remus. Talk about the kiss. (And then kiss again. Please?) YES. This is the best.

What will happen next? I see you haven't updated this in a few months, hopefully this review will make you want to write more of this story, because it's been awesome so far. (And I need to know what happens next with Wolfstar. You can't turn me into a huge shipper of them and then leave me with a cliffhanger like that, it's just not fair.)

Author's Response: oh man i just have to preface this with a GIANT APOLOGY for not updating this story in a million billion years and especially after i turned you into a wolfstar shipper! i'm a terrible person! i hope you can forgive me for this grievous sin

i would read an entire novel focused on marlene and dorcas too. maybe i should write one. even though i have SO MANY STORIES THAT I NEED TO BE WORKING ON INSTEAD i'm terrible

my heart is perpetually bleeding for remus lupin welcome to my world

thank you for this spectacular review and i humbly beg your forgiveness for not updating

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Review #4, by IJustScrapedMyKnees Summer, 1978

21st February 2015:
So I'm reading all your fics because TFWMS is amazing and I have to say that this one is probably my favourite so far. I don't usually read many Marauder fics because I feel like no-one can really write them well enough, but this one is definitely a diamond amongst the rocks.

I love the idea of James becoming more mature, mature enough to be Head Boy, but still retaining his childishness and Confunding muggles with Sirius all summer. (I secretly think Dumbledore is just a massive Jily shipper and made James Head Boy 'cause he just wants them to kiss already.)

Peter has a girlfriend? I find this kind of funny, probably because he was always described as not that attractive and the least interesting of the Marauders - plus, you know, the whole cowardly betrayal thing. But now I think about it, it does make sense that back then he was just another seventeen-year-old boy, with a romantic life, and homework, and regular old teenage-type things. All the Marauders were, really. And you've captured that really well.

The banter! I have to say, I'm not really a Sirius/Remus shipper, but the way you write them is kind of making me ship them? James is so right, they're totally flirting, and it's adorable.

Awh, they talked about 5th year. I'm glad. The first half of the chapter was all light-hearted and fun, and the second half was more tense and emotion-y, and I liked that. Also - that sexual tension though. I hope for more Wolfstar in future chapters!

On to Chapter 2!

Author's Response: oh my god my initial reaction to anyone who says they're reading all my stuff because they enjoyed tfwms is just "oh no i'm sorry" because some of my stuff is just spectacularly average but i'm glad you're enjoying this one! and i feel you on the marauders fics, i don't read them myself either because i find they're usually very formulaic and just don't really seem to get the setting right, and it wasn't until i actually started writing one of my own that i started enjoying the marauders era at all

that is such high praise, that you don't ship wolfstar but my writing is making you ship them?? this is such an accomplishment

thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by Maddy Summer, 1978

24th August 2014:
I've read a lot of your stories (but not the crossovers) and I just love the nerdiness of the characters' banter. It speaks to me

Author's Response: thanks so much! i'm glad you appreciate the banter :)

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Review #6, by DoctorUnderwood Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

23rd July 2014:
Stop writing such amazing stories for me to obsess over! You're killing me!

Author's Response: i'm sorry about that! thank you for your enthusiasm!

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Review #7, by potterfan310 Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

18th July 2014:


So I think I just squealed rather loudly because OH MY GOD THEY KISSED! :O
"Sirius kissed him." - I think I just exploded with happiness. :D

How have I not lived without more Remus/Sirius in my life. Bless Sirius, but I sort of get why he left him there. But Remus dreams of him, awww.

Oh Sirius. I love seeing and reading about those who were also in the order because there is sort of a brief mention of them in the books. So adding them in marauders fics is always nice and I do really like Marlene McKinnon and I've shipped her with Sirius at one point. I honestly hope there is more Marlean/Dorcus as the story goes on!

HA! She knew straight away, I love it. He calls her Marly of course he does. I kind of hope there's gonna more of the two of them as well. Sirius has snogged James as well whilst drunk, I can't, I just can't. XD

Aww no, poor Remus. At least Sirius is there to confort him though. In more ways than one hopefully. I wanna hug Remus so bad, bless him. He's got a lot to deal with haven't he. As for his dad, hmm I'm not fussed on him. I just hope that he'll accept Remus if he ever tells him he's gay. I feel for Remus so bad, it's horrible being told that a close family member had past away when the day before they were fine. He needs all the hugs, especially ones from Sirius.

"The anti-werewolf legislator and his lycanthropic son." Kind of ironic, since the guy is practically called moon moon :p

Ha, Gilderoy Lockhart. Worse that Sirius, he could very be.

I have way too many favourite lines for this chapter. I adore the banter between them all even though they aren't all in this one, but Remus and Sirius are my favourite.

AH, THE END PARAGRAPHS! THEY KISSED AGAIN! :O I am so excited, I really hope they get together now properly, rather than just kissing.

Somehow if they tell James and Peter, I can honestly see the pair exchanging galleons due to having a bet on how long it would take them to get together or something.
They got caught, ha, ha.

Can't wait for the next one!

P.s Yes it was the codependency one!

Author's Response: HEYA

your reaction to the wolfstar in this chapter just completes me. i'm so happy. wolfstar is life and gosh how HAVE you lived without more remus/sirius in your life that is an excellent question

i want to hug remus all the time welcome to my life

i approve the exchanging galleons headcanon

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by DancingMooncalf Autumn, 1978 (Part II)

10th July 2014:
O, wow,a lot happens in this chapter. I didn't really see most of it coming, but maybe I did.
Poor Remus has to deal with a lot doesn't he? I bet someone who can't looked at his son because he's a werewolf doesn't have a lot of tolerance... I hope he can deal with his son having a boyfriend.
I'm usually not that big a fan of Remus/Sirius, but you make it seem like it's an inevitability. Like that would have happened without a doubt. I doubted it, but. yeah anyway.
I missed James in this chapter, but I guess he can't be in every chapter? I'm curious how he and Pete will react to Sirius and Remus. Are they telling them?

x Maya

Author's Response: hiya!

honestly the fact that i make remus/sirius seem like an inevitability is the highest praise ever because that's exactly how i feel about them. that they're inevitable. that's why i'm so far gone for this ship

thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by Leonore Autumn, 1978

8th July 2014:
Hi again!

Naughty Lily! Not such a good girl after all...

"Pick another facet, then." Good retort!

Honestly, Sirius! As we agreed in the cabin, he's an idiot. And James isn't very happy with him. Um, NOT a good moment to go interrupting...

Your marauders banter (in fact all your banter) puts a smile on my face. Witty comebacks, more witty comebacks, and sass. James HAS changed quite a bit, gotten a lot more responsible, and I think the death of Fenwick is actually a great cause of that (not just trying to prove to Lily he's not an idiot), shocking him into realising that at the end of the year he'll be at risk of the same happening to him. It's shocked him into seriousness - although of course not enough to make him boring!

A joy to read, as ever. And I can't even find any washing machines to give CC over... :P

~ Leo xx

House Cup 2014 Review - Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: hey Leo!

goody-two-shoes Lily is such a boring character trope let's destroy it forever

i'm glad you enjoyed the marauders banter because the marauders are 50% banter and 50% tragedy and i'm glad i'm delivering on the first aspect at the very least. james has always been a character i've struggled to get my head around but i think i'm getting to know him and his motivations quite well here and it's nice. james is great. what a good bean

thank you for reviewing!

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Review #10, by BookDinosaur Autumn, 1978

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!


Can I just say I super super love all the foreshadowing you're throwing in here, like you can't have a werewolf teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts and You should be a teaher, Moony because I just find it so funny that all these things will actually come to pass, haha. Or is that just me? O_O

I think you've got your characters absolutely down pat right now as James and Sirius and Remus and even Peter who's left out of a lot of Marauder stories all have really well-developed characters and the way you write them has this matter-of-factness but a thread of humour in the narration and I find it absolutely brilliant while you're writing this story. Even though we've only been introduced to Lily this chapter I think her character is super interesting too, how she's a bit of a rebel inside a demure, Head-Girl exterior and I'm really looking forward to seeing more of her!

Also, a bit off-topic: I adore your faceclaim for Lily. I might just be biased because Sophie Turner does such a fantastic job with a great character on Game of Thrones, but to me, it really did hit home how young she was when all this was happening, since Lily and Sophie Turner are almost of an age. So yeah, I just wanted to get that out! :P

Your banter here was fantastic. The relationships between all the characters are so real and so natural that's it's a pleasure to read them all at work, and I know you did say in the Corvarium that you were worried about the goofy duel but I think it worked really well!

Also: REMUS AND SIRIUS. I never really shipped them super hard before but I think you're turning me into a fan, Lisa, because now I just think how they would be so so perfect for one another and just GAH so much chemistry and tension I feel like I want to explode and THEY SHOULD JUST KISS ALREADY. YAS.

So that's me for this chapter and I hope this review made some sense at least because I feel like it was all just crazy rambling about how much I loved this. :P UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: I'm such trash I can't even pretend to have an excuse for responding to this so LATE but I did read this review when you first posted it and I loved it and it was wonderful to read so thank you for that!

It's not just you, that foreshadowing was very deliberate and I'm glad you appreciated it! And thank you so much - I was really happy with the way the characters have turned out so far (and I can only hope I'll pick up that thread of characterisation when I actually start writing this again - whoops)

I am unashamedly biased towards Sophie Turner, but you're right - I think she's perfect because she DOES show exactly how young Lily was when all this happened, and it's such an overlooked thing within the fandom, I think, that she joined the war when she was essentially still a child and gah, I have a lot of Lily feelings. Also Sophie Turner is a babe.

YUSS! That's my secret agenda, of course, to turn everyone into Wolfstar shippers (no but seriously, that's high praise and I really appreciate your enthusiasm for this ship!)

Your crazy rambling was fantastic and I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond! Stay awesome.

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Review #11, by grednforge217 Summer, 1978

6th July 2014:
Hey! I'm really enjoying this story. To be honest, I've been burned out on Marauders stories recently because a lot of them feel the same, but yours is so wonderful and unlike the rest of them that I had to comment. I love the rapport between the boys, it's perfect. Also sensing a bit of Wolfstar, which is not unwelcome. :)
All in all, very good job, and I'm looking forward to more of this.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it - especially if you've gone a bit off Marauders recently, it's so flattering to know this is an exception! Yes, there's definitely some Wolfstar in this story. Lots of Wolfstar, actually. Thanks for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #12, by Leonore Summer, 1978

6th July 2014:
Hi Lisa!

Clearly I have some idea where this is going from the cabin/CR...

I absolutely love your Marauders banter! Especially James spending the entire summer delighted and reminding everyone that Lily said he was growing up.

I'm going to have to pick out this sentence as a demonstration of all that is awesome about this conversation. "I donít need to know about those dreams, mate." Everything seems perfectly natural, right in character.

There are so many brilliant little quotes I want pick out, but then I'd end up picking out a third of the story! "How reliable is a dog's income?" is definitely one of them.

The idea of testing him for the Order with the Head Boy badge is so good!

I'd usually think of Remus as the bright one, but Sirius is the one coming up with Animagandi and stuff. Which actually makes perfect sense, particularly with the fact he had a tutor. Remus works hard, Sirius is brilliant.

He charmed his sock on. And yet it hasn't occurred to him to clean them by magic. Sirius is a bit of an idiot. A lot of an idiot, even.

"Not much bigger than a broom cupboard." So approximately equivalent to a broom cupboard... Remus and Sirius in a broom cupboard equivalent... ;)

Aww Remus, so innocent and unsuspecting... ;)

I'm going to britpick on something: "He lifted the lid on the washing machine." UK washing machines have a door on the side and a small drawer for washing powder etc. not a lid on the top. I wouldn't tend to expect a dingy place like Sirius' to have one at all - even now, people in that kind of place would tend to go to the laundrette - but it could be there (especially if he acquired it from somewhere) and it does make for some good lines.

Naughty Moody... Sirius is having a bad effect on him. Magic is useful.

Good, they've acknowledged fifth year, now they can move on and not have it between them too much for the rest of their lives. And excellent subtle hints!

The last paragraph is poetic.

~ Leo xx

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Heya Leonore! I apologise for taking so long to respond to this - I've left responding to the House Cup reviews till Event 5 finished.

I'm glad you're enjoying the Marauders banter! I flatter myself in thinking I'm pretty good at banter, but taking on canon characters like the Marauders who are so well loved by the fandom is another thing entirely.

Yeah, exactly - it's definitely canon fact that Sirius is one smart cookie, while Remus I think is more a high achiever and hard worker, while he maybe lacks some of the natural brilliance of Sirius and James. Not that he's unintelligent, by ANY stretch of the imagination, but it's a different sort of intelligence.

Sirius is an idiot. A brilliant idiot.

Ah, the Britpicking on washing machines. I do actually appreciate that - and you've now volunteered yourself as my go-to British culture expert. Thanks!

I'm glad those hints were subtle and not "smack you over the head with blatant Wolfstar tension." And I'm quite proud of that final line, so thank you!

Thanks again for the review!

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Review #13, by DancingMooncalf Autumn, 1978

5th July 2014:
I think you really have those characters figured out for this story. I love James already in his utter Jamesness (that's a word now!). And Remus is really cool. Like, that's how i thought he'd be. None of that shy goody two sho es characeter, he was part of the marauders, he did take part in the entics and probably came up with a fair amount of craziness. I love that.
Sirius is about as arogant as a disowned run away teenage boy can be. and it's nice to see how much he cares for his friends.
Peter... At this point in the story he does seem nice, which he probably was at that age, so I'm curius what makes him into the traiter he becomes later. There must be more than just fear, i can't think of what... but that's certainly something to think about.

Good to know chapters on this story will be comming regularly.

x maya

Author's Response: Jamesness is totally a word. I love him too, he's a giant dork and weirdly endearing and just generally fab. And EXACTLY, none of this "behaving" business. Rules? Pfft. Remus is a Marauder. the Map was probably his idea. "Hey guys, you know what'd really help us wreak havoc? Because I have this AWESOME idea."

There is a special place in my heart for Sirius Black's pride and arrogance and GIANT EGO. There's just a special place in my heart for Sirius Black, to be honest.

Peter is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He's fun, in a weird 'spineless traitor' kinda way.

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Review #14, by potterfan310 Autumn, 1978

5th July 2014:

Second chapter, squee! :D

Aww James is adorable and his sort of nervous-ness about being Head Boy is so cute! Is it possible to love him even more? Ha! Oh the irony, "you can't have a werewolf teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts." I LOVE IT. Not too mention he's all nervous that Lily will think he's an idiot, well more of an idiot.

Of course they've broke half the rules! I can't help but wonder what the Prefects Code of Conduct rules were :p

OMG, JAMES! I CAN'T HE IS SO ADORABLE AND DORKY WHEN HE'S AROUND LILY! I love how all he takes from their conversation is that Lily may or may not have a things for head boys :D He is so smitten, JILY 4 EVER !

OOO Peter has a brother, le gasp. I kind of wish we got to know more about him, it'd be interesting to see if he does have siblings.

WOLFSTAR! I can't contain myself with those two and their flirting, the way you write them makes me so happy.


I swear to god I am on love with Remus and Sirius and James' relationship especially after the first chapter.


I WISH I COULD PUT MY FAVOURITE LINE IN THIS REVIEW BUT ALAS I CANNOT BUT YOU ALREADY SAID IT IN THE CABIN XD They are just fabulous human beings with one another and you write them so well! This is why I don't think I could write Marauders or Hogwarts Era, for the fear of getting them right.

I think secretly Dumbledore ships James and Lily.

Can't wait for the next one! See you in the crazy cabin :D You guys have rubbed off on me with the talking in caps :p


Author's Response: Heya!

I KNOW RIGHT James is an adorable dork and I like the idea of him actually being worried about his role as Head Boy like, he tends to be characterised as this arrogant dude who swans through Hogwarts without a care in the world but the Marauders are actually just giant DORKS the lot of them

I loved slipping that irony in there. You can't, Remus? Say that again in fifteen years.

I should really get round to writing a Prefects Code of Conduct (just for funsies) because it's featured in every story I've had prefects in, and it's about time I cemented it in my personal and expansively detailed headcanons.

I've never been much of a Jily shipper before now but I swear it took me like, twenty minutes of writing them and I was sold (probably because my James is adorkable and my Lily is a total babe. Bias? What bias)

We know so little about Peter because he's the Big Bad Traitor of the Marauders and we all loathe him and how can he possibly be a normal character, but I'm actually enjoying fleshing him out a bit and giving him a brother and a girlfriend and other normal things.




Dumbledore is the biggest Jily shipper at Hogwarts he's not even trying to hide it


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Review #15, by DancingMooncalf Summer, 1978

5th July 2014:
Wow, I must say you do recomment well!
I don't always love Marauders, because not everyone gets the characters right, but I must say you do an amazing job!
I like the boyish banter the boys exchange, the carelessness, that hides the fact that they all have their own little things to deal with.
I can totally see Remus being hurt by Sirius' 'joke', it allways striked me as a stupid, un thought out prank that he regretted more than he let on.

got to go now.

Author's Response: I've had a couple of reviews like that so far, and I'm really glad that I'm doing the boys justice because they're incredibly dear to me and their friendship is nothing short of sacred. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and thanks for checking this out!

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Review #16, by potterfan310 Summer, 1978

2nd July 2014:

Where to begin because oh my god, this is fab!

Both James and Sirius are fabulous, I actually think your characterisation of them is spot on. Some of the things Sirius, I can't help but laugh. Remus is perfect too, bless him for getting worried when he first arrived I guess hanging around with those two can make you a bit nervous of getting pranked.

Half the time Peter is over-looked in fics and whilst he's not my favourite person I am super glad you've included him! Not only that you've given him a girlfriend too which is rather unusual but I like it.

Either it's my dirty mind or I'm reading way too much into think but there are certainly some lines which have made me snigger a lot, gotta love wolfstar.

Their friendship is beyond perfect in my eyes and it's so nice that whilst James does still love Lily and wants to woo her, that he doesn't go on about it constantly and is all 'woe is me I can't get the girl'.

The romantic/sexual tension between them!! It makes me so happy and when Sirius was on about Remus shedding his hair and how as a dog Sirius sleeps on us pillow, que me with a sappy look on my face going 'aw' about a million times. So I'm flailing everywhere as I read this, their snark and wit is just spot on. "I've slept naked in your bed, Remus Lupin." - HA! I love it :D James is a hundred per cent right, those two are certainly flirting.

I mean I know I can be lazy at times, but charming his socks on his feet, well I never thought I'd read someone as lazy as Sirius! But maybe he should just do some washing. There are keepign an eye on important and then there's putting them in your flat, why does it surprise Sirius is keeping his motorbike in his flat.

Remus wants Sirius to live him just asdfghjkl, hold me now. They are seriously perfect for each other and I mean I shipped wolfstar before but reading this I am seriously shipper them even harder. No no, Moony your heart was racing because of Padfoot, not because of werewolf monthly.

Bad dorky Remus is very appealing, I want to pick him up and run away with him. Naughty naughty, but I suppose he is helping Sirius so he can be let off for the shoplifting. This is probably because of tumblr but I now have images of James, Sirius and Remus in flared trousers and fancy shirts, but of course Remus has one of those sweater vest things on top and I can't stop laughing now XD

YES! The forty line stare, well close enough.

I am so excited to read more now!! And I am totally adding this to my favourites.


Author's Response: Heya! Thank you so much for this review, for starters - it was so exciting to recieve!

OH MAN I AM HONESTLY SO RELIEVED TO HEAR THAT, the Marauders are held as nothing short of sacred in the fandom and taking on their characters and the entire dynamic is incredibly daunting, especially James and Sirius, so managing to be true to them is my #1 priority.

Peter is not my favourite either, but at the end of the day he WAS a Marauder and he was their friend - close enough that James did trust him as Secret-Keeper, and hindsight is 20/20 but at this point anyway the boys are all pretty close.


James is a difficult balance to strike because yes he is in love with Lily but they're not exactly close, so at this point he's sort of worshipping her from afar, if that makes sense? Once they're back at Hogwarts though he may as well have hearts for eyes.


Oh MAN that means so much to me that even this chapter full of dorky dorks being awkward has made you ship them even more than before (It's had the same effect on me though - I didn't think I COULD ship them harder but hey, here we are)

Remus DEFINITELY wears sweater vests.


Thank you so, so much for this review and I hope you continue to enjoy! See you 'round the cabin!

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Review #17, by BookDinosaur Summer, 1978

2nd July 2014:

And gah is it bad that I'm grinning like an idiot right not because this is amazing and Sirius is the best person ever? You know, I don't care that you based him on me, I want to be Sirius Black when I grow up and that actually sunds really conceited doesn't it? But it's true, he's amazing.

There are just so many funny lines in here, I have the biggest grin on my face right now and like I said on the forums, loads of the Marauders-era sotries focus a lot on Jily and while I love Jily it kind of overshadows the cameraderie and friendship the guys have and you've written about it now and done such a good job capturing their youthfulness and immaturity and gah this is just so perfect, you got them all perfectly!

Am I sensing some romantic tension between Remus and Sirius? AM I, LISA? Or am I just jumping to comclusions? Either way, you've written both their characters and the way they interacto so perfectly and Remus was just so emotional here and it's amazing and I love it. HE STOLE FOOD FROM MUGGLES. HE IS A TROUBLEMAKER DRESSED IN A DORKY DISGUISE. ahahahaha I loved it!

Hehehe James is so smitten and I don't see any proof that he's growing up at all, but he's admittedly more mature than Sirius, who remembers private Latin lessons hehe. I loved that, your Latin composition time was well spent! And that is immediaately going into my headcanon, of course Padfoot had private lessons.

You know, my personal theory is that yeah, Dumbledore realised that James was more mature but the major reason that he passed over Remus was that he was a matchmaker at heart, so it'll be interesting to see how that turns out, ehehe.

THIS WAS AN AMAZING FIRST CHAPTER and a magical start to a story I'm so looking forward to reading! If you got anything useful out of my crazy rambling then I'll be incredibly surprised, but this was so great, Lisa!


ISN'T HE THOUGH I LOVE SIRIUS SO MUCH and you should definitely aspire to be like him because he's great AND based on you and that's not conceited at all because I would want to be Sirius Black as well if I wasn't already so determined to /become/ Remus Lupin

There is going to be plenty of Jily in this as well, but not at the expense of Marauder interaction and Marauder banter because how could you not write 50,000 words about these dorky boys really

AND YES YOU ARE SENSING SOME ROMANTIC TENSION THAT IS DEFINITELY THERE YOU ARE NOT JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS I just asdfghjfdkscs I love both of them so much and I'm so glad you do too and Remus my precious Remus he's just a giant troublemaking dork

Accidentally-pretentious Sirius is my new favourite thing because he WAS raised in the aristocracy and you can see bits of that slipping out (also an occupational hazard of having a pretentious author with [most of] a Classics degree, sorry Sirius)

Professor Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore: Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump, and hardcore Jily shipper.

Thank you so super-duper much for this review it was wonderful and lovely and I'm FEELING SO INSPIRED FOR CHAPTER 2 I HOPE YOU LIKE JAMES

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