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Review #1, by Shadowkat There's Water In Oil

3rd June 2015:
Okay, I'm here!

First off, I absolutely adore Severus Snape. He's so complex and interesting to explore. You did that wonderfully. It's's Snape. How else do I describe this?

The word choice was also great, and the only things I could possibly point out is what others have already said.

I love his thoughts, they were so in character for him. The way he calculated everything out was something I can totally see him doing.

Great oneshot!

Author's Response: Hello!

Yeah, Snape is SO interesting and complicated. I'm really glad you thought his characterization was convincing :)

Thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by Crumple-Horned Snorkack There's Water In Oil

10th January 2015:
Like Severus Snape, I too know the art of hiding one's true self. I am a master of hiding, and approximately 3 humans have ever seen a Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Even then, they only got a blurry picture.

I love how you wrote Snape's very biased POV here, and all the many things going on in his mind during the silences in that scene. Particularly I like the way he sees the Death Eaters vs the Order - and how if the Death Eaters don't like him, at least they are honest about it, whereas (most of) the Order members hide their dislike in order to be civil.

I also enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes selection of Defence Against the Dark Arts professors. I would agree with Dumbledore that Voldemort would not have allowed any such loopholes to take place. Dumbledore is a wise man. He knows Crumple-Horned Snorkacks exist, but is not foolish enough to go looking for us.

The end of this fic is what sticks with me the most; the way Snape makes the unbreakable vow and assumes that he'll get the Defense position because he believes he himself will die at the end, so there is really no loss in having him teach. It adds this whole new, powerful dimension to his acceptance of the DADA position. It speaks a lot for his loyalty (and, his love/obsession with Lily).

It has been a pleasure to read this story. And now the time is nigh for me to vanish once again out of the sight of humans, where I'm meeting for tea with my BFF the Yeti.

Author's Response: !!!THIS IS THE BEST REVIEW EVER!!!

Yee, I'm so glad you liked how I played Snape's weird allegiance! I had a lot of fun writing this, and trying to sort of tease apart his weird feelings. I mean, Snape did JOIN the Death Eaters at some point, he has to have SOME affinity for them.

And gah! The Unbreakable Vow! The way the timeline goes, he only found out Dumbledore was dying AFTER he made the vow. He must have thought he was on a suicide mission, because he was really resistant to the idea of killing Dumbledore! *bursts into tears*

Thank you so much for this amazing surprise review! It made my month!


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Review #3, by CambAngst There's Water In Oil

8th January 2015:
Hey, there!

This was a really clever and original take on what was going through the secluded depths of Snape's mind as he listened to Narcissa beg for his help in protecting Draco. It isn't at all difficult to imagine him thinking this way. There's enough self-interest involved to make it feel right, but also that odd sort of benevolence that you never see coming from Snape.

The first section was brilliant. I think anyone who's really read the books has had that conversation with Dumbledore in their mind. Each and every Defense teacher was flawed in his or her own way. The severity ranges from Lupin, who was certain to eventually be condemned by his own circumstances, to Lockhart and Umbridge who were nearly unforgivable choices. I liked the way that Snape gradually wears down from being personally insulted and offended to just blandly accepting the next in the series of catastrophes.

You did an awesome job of writing Snape's inner thoughts as he watches Narcissa break down in his sitting room. He feels a sort of sympathy for her, but there's much more going on. He's calculating and studying, evaluating circumstances and postulating outcomes. Such an interesting mix of emotional Gryffindor and cold Slytherin.

At the end of the story, he makes the ultimate personal calculation. Of course, things don't end up the way he's expecting. At this point, I don't believe that Dumbledore and the cursed ring have happened yet. Still, I liked the sense of closure he gets from making the vow. He's going to drive his personal situation to a conclusion, one way or the other.

This was a really great character study. I think you did an awesome job capturing Snape. Til next time...


Author's Response: OK, finally responding to this wonderful review! I wanted to keep it in here as a reminder to read your EXCELLENT Bellatrix story.

This internal stuff with Snape has been my headcanon since I first read HBP! I just like, NEEDED to share it! Snape's definitely a complicated dude, but there is some tragic heroism there. Like, given the timeline, I HAVE to assume he was planning to embark on a suicide mission *sobs*

Oh man, YES. Dumbledore's staffing decisions are pretty wack, so I really wanted to examine the subtle machinations behind them. And I'm really glad you liked the pacing of that sequence, with Snape just kind of getting worn down, and his desire for the post becoming more like about succeeding than about the reasons why anymore.

The sequence with Narcissa kind of had to be really internal, since there's a TOS limit on quoted dialogue, and that scene is straight out of the book. I was happy for it though, since it forced me to focus on what he thought vs what was literally happening.

And you're totally right that Dumbledore didn't have the ring yet! That is SUCH a critical point, because it means he didn't know he was gonna die anyway (I think there's a penseive scene in canon showing that reveal). So, again SOBBING, because he made the vow assuming he wouldn't kill Dumbledore, and simply die instead. AH!

Thank you so much for reviewing this ancient story! This was like my first ever one-shot, and I'm glad you think there's value to it!

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Review #4, by wolfgirl17 There's Water In Oil

28th December 2014:
Hey love,

So I know you were probably hoping for another review on Year Five, but when I spotted this piece among your collection I was unable to deny my addiction to all things Snape and simply had to read it.

I must say you've captured him perfectly. I do so like the way you've managed to capture not just his nastiness but also his shrewdness and his cunning. Those are two traits of Sev's that most authors (myself often included) skim over simply because it doesn't occur to them or they don't know how to write such a profoundly layered and conflicted character the way you do.

I must say your writing really is addictive. I was just reviewing another story, and in all honesty I found myself disappointed with it not because it wasn't good, but because I'd just been reading the detail and the care and the perfection you breathe into your stories in such a way that they hook me and draw me in and make me want to just soak in your gift for language.

How do you do it? How have you mastered this technique of luring me in with your perfectly worded and formed sentences that transform a story from simply being words on the paper to being this living entity of feels and imagery within me that I find myself thinking about long afterwards?

How have you not become a world famous author whose books adorn the shelves of my library to be enjoyed over and over again? Tell me you have OWs you're working on that I will one day be able to devour with all the ferocity of a starved Werewolf on a full moon!

Seriously, I can see I'm going to become your most gushy and rabid reviewer, the type who nags you for more of your decadent expertise. Do you see what you've done? You went and woke the crazed fan-girl with the reading addiction and gave her shots of the best stuff on the market!

Now how am I ever going to chain her back up so I can go about my life without arguing with people about fandoms and how wonderful you are at all times?

Seriously, anytime you want to do a review swap you hit me up because I will be salivating for the chance. And with that lovely image, I'm going to stop now before you turn me into a complete junkie.

Great Story. Thanks for the review swap!


Author's Response: Oh my gosh, THIS ONE SHOT. It was the first one-shot I ever did, and I confess that I didn't really understand how they worked. I had actually been seriously considering just deleting it--so I'm really glad you liked it!

More than anything, this was just a way for me to get out some headcanon stuff I had. And like, YES SNAPE. After reading "Lying to You," I know that you ALSO have the same ideas about/fascination with his convoluted mind as me. He's just such an alluring character to study, and teasing apart how his mind works is REALLY fun!

Thank you so much for the swap, and for all the kind words! I too am happy to swap again any time!


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Review #5, by GingeredTea There's Water In Oil

30th September 2014:
You manage to make Snape sound well...Snape-like with the first paragraph. Having written Snape myself, that's a big compliment.

Okay, so my first brutal critic (I love getting freereign). You do this great job with Snape describing Peter (foolishness, nervousness fidgety energy) and while I don't think Snape would have said 'fidgety energy' and would have illustrated the sentiment with a harsher word, my real issue is with the word 'mad'. Snape is such a 'mad' person that I think he would have some really cutting/dry/sarcastic expressions for this feeling.

Loved this sentence: Her sister, Bellatrix, was in tow, as hostile and superior as ever.

BUT, am I wrong in thinking the comma after Bellatrix is expendable?

I think you do an excellent job capturing Snape's perspective on life - what interests him and what he dismisses easily.

"Severus navigated Bellatrix’s many accusations with the grace of a Quidditch star." This line seemed worth mentioning because I thought it was quite brilliant. As a child/teen, Severus Snape watched and loathed James Potter and Sirius Black - both Quidditch stars. He lost the love of his life to James. It would seem natural he would have some analogies in his head in which he compared himself to be equal to a Quidditch star. :)

You do an excellent job of distilling Snape's natural relationship with the Death Eaters and his awkward one with the Order, into two paragraphs - bravo!

Oh man, I really loved the next couple paragraphs - there is water in oil. It wasn't silky or beautifully flowing, but Severus Snape is neither of these, and I think you have managed to capture some of that awkwardness, even on the inside.

"Dumbledore would now have no argument against appointing Severus to the Defense Against the Dark Arts post in the fall."


Loved this small trip into Severus Snape's mind! Great job! :)

By the way, you might end up liking my Severus Snape - he reminds me of yours a bit. :)

Author's Response: AH! This review is so amazing and helpful--thank you so much!

You are definitely right about those word choices, and that is indeed a great opportunity for some /dry/ Snape! Thank you for pointing it out!

You know, I think both the comma and the name Bellatrix are expendable. I mean, we all know who she is.

I am soOoOoOo relieved you liked the Quidditch Star line. I worried people might see it as OOC, but since we're in his head, I really wanted something very personal, private, and embarrassing for him to bleed through.

And oh man, Snape's relationship with the Order vs the Death Eaters is SUCH a tricky and interesting one. I'm really glad you liked that interpretation, because I rather fretted over getting it right without derailing the whole thing.

YEE, I like my Snapes petty, broken, proud, pathetic, wrathful, lonely, focused, tragic, misguided, and redeemed--so glad you are of a similar mind!

YAY! Thank you for swap!!!

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Review #6, by teh tarik There's Water In Oil

3rd August 2014:
AHA! I caught your story while skimming the Recently Added again, and yay! Because I really must read more of your wonderful work!

I love love stories about Hogwarts Era Snape, or where Snape is a teacher. He's honestly more interesting to read about as a bitter, snarky, resentful teacher rather than a lovelorn teenager in the Marauder Era. I adored the whole opening segment and his exchanges with Dumbledore over the years. Baha! It's quite icnredible how well you've grasped his character, along with his relationship to Dumbledore! I can totally imagine the two of them having this conversation year after year. And awww, it's so moving that Dumbledore actually wants to protect his best agent (maybe for further use...after all, Dumbledore is quite the manipulative old man :P ) from the curse of the DADA position.

The scene with Narcissa and Bella was a lot darker, and provided some lovely contrast with the opening. Also, wow! You delved even deeper into Severus's character, showed how he is among the Death Eaters whom he despises, and how he's actually capable of compassion, which of course, sets him apart from them.

You know, I've always wondered if Severus really cared about the Malfoys at all. Maybe he liked Draco, because Draco is Harry's enemy and Severus is petty like that sometimes, but I've always wondered if he actually cared about the Malfoy family. After all, they're all Death Eaters. But here, his agreement to help Narcissa protect Draco MADE SO MUCH SENSE OHMYGOD. Sorry for shouting; I can get carried away like that.

OF COURSE he's helping her of course of course! He's using the situation to get what he wants; he's out-manipulating Dumbledore so he can get the latter to give him the job. He's using the effects of the DADA curse and the terms of the Unbreakable Vow to somehow work against each other to give him what he really, really wants!

Severus is remarkably cunning. All of the SLytherin characteristics here! And well done to you for writing him in such a brilliant way. Honestly, this is such a short piece, and everything about his characterisation is exceptional, original, and brilliantly insightful. You've given a very complex character even more depth, and this whole fic is pretty much a missing moment for me. Missing moment because I finally understand why he got that post in the end.

This is amazing! Like all your writing, Roisin!



Author's Response: Ah thank you so much for reviewing!

AND OMG YOU RECOMMENDED MY THING ON THE FORUMS! I found out because I'm currently tryna recommend stuff (you/shez/cambangst/justonemorefic)--and AH! It's really intensely flattering--I'm a HUGE fan of your writing!

As for this story: I was in rather a Snapey mood (I have another one-shot in the queue that could be read as a sequel to this, or a stand-alone). He's one of my very favorite Potter characters, just from a literary perspective. This story was very much inspired by the space between HBP and DH--that year we all spent trying to figure out what what he did, and why. His interiority, motivations, and feelings are so complicated. And yes, I absolutely see the allure of writing him as a teenager, but I feel he's more interesting as a resentful, snarky, bitter adult. I'm SO glad you liked my interpretation--it's what I felt HAD TO HAVE happened. (While looking up page numbers for citation purposes, I found that I'd annotated my copy of HBP. *facepalm*)

Just, AH, such a potent character. And so I'm really glad that you liked how I teased apart the Malfoy relationship (one I also find infinitely complex for the same reasons).

And, just: Snape didn't know about Dumbledore's injury and inevitable death when he made the Vow. I CAN'T imagine he was like, "ho hum, guess I gotta kill Dumbledore, bummer." Therefore, I have to assume it started (and ultimately, did end) as a suicide mission. :(

And YES, Slytherins are just interesting! They don't /have/ to be evil--proper cunning is fascinating.

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging review! I dunno if it's weird to say in a review response, but I really hope you write original fiction! I make an effort to READ, and SO many authors do well who have less than a tenth the talent you have! ("Fortress: an anatomy" could, with limited editing, transform into a short story about a WWII concentration camp--its basis in the first place. Even without the D-dore/G-wald showdown, it would function.)


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