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Review #1, by harrypotterlover2310 Odd Happenings

10th July 2014:
Please review if you have got time so that I get to know if you like my story. Please tell me if you don't like something or think I should change things or have got any ideas for the plot. I will do my best to accommodate your views. And can someone please tell me from where do I type an author's note?
Thank you for reading!!!

Author's Response: Oi someone out there! Please tell me how to write an author's note and any issues regarding the story please review then. Also I might as well clear it now, in this story Harry is going to be powerful(l) and Dumbles bashing (a little) and of course it is time travel. Also, I got the idea of ethereal Founders from '30 Minutes that changed everything' written by I don't remember who. Read it and you'll know! It nice reading. Then James and Lily being alive since I didn't want to write a "Harry learns 'bout Dumbledore's manipulations after Sirius dies." type story. No offence to anyone but there are a lot of them out there. So to write Dumbles bashing decided to write this instead! Please tell me if you really like it!

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