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Review #1, by Claire Evergreen Return to Hogwarts (Lily)

3rd May 2015:
Hey! Here for the BvB Battle.

For as much Next Gen as I've read, I can honestly say that I've only ever read maybe one or two other fics with Lily as a main character, so I'm really excited for this!

I never really thought about Lily much until I started writing a fic with her, but I really love your characterization of her. She comes across as a real person and not just a collection of similar traits. The crossover between Quidditch and academics with her is perfect. I know that the two aren't mutually exclusive, but they tend to be in fics, so to see Lily excel in both is wonderful. Her complete indifference to prefect duties is also really interesting, so I'm definitely interested in the reason she received the badge and not someone else.

Normally, I'm a stickler for canon, but I'm really excited to get to know the other Malfoy children that you've mentioned here. Sagitta sounds really interesting and from what we've seen, she compliments Lily really well. I really like Amanda as well, but that may just be because I'm partial to anyone related to Lee :P

Jacob definitely is the most interesting character here, though. I'm intrigued as to why Sagitta would say that he's been in classes with them for the past four years when he hasn't, as well as what is going to happen between him and Lily (because come on, we all know that it's going to happen at one point or another...she says hopefully). I can definitely relate to Lily here, but if he's as attractive and nice as he seems, I would not blame her one bit for hooking up with him.

This is absolutely fantastic! I'm definitely stopping by for more when I have time.


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Review #2, by Veritaserum27 The Guessing Game (Lily)

2nd May 2015:
Hi Olivia!

I'm here for the BvB!

I love this story so much and I realized that I read this chapter, but never reviewed it! Oops - so sorry! I smile all the time when I'm reading this. I just love the voice you've given to Lily :)

Parvati Bones - LOVE it. You are a genius. With just one simple name, you've given me sooo much to think about! Did Parvati marry Susan? One of her siblings? And of course Parvati would find it infinitely interesting to write a story about Aurors - and of course she wouldn't feel the need to get her facts straight - heehee! I'm going to beg you to write Parvati's story now...

No - no - NO! I thought that at least one of them would've summoned up the courage to say they liked each other! Geez - let's get a move on, people!

Corvus Malfoy? I'm interested...

Really cute scene with the girl talk. You wrote it so well - just like the rest of this story. And yay! The girls know who she likes. Although I'm wondering if this could be trouble for Lily - she seems to trust them.

I'll be back for more.

Great chapter!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by crestwood Arithmancy (Jacob)

20th March 2015:
Hi Olivia! Getting back to this story because I really enjoyed the first chapter.

Jacob's point of view is awesome in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed his inner thoughts. Spending the summer sleeping does make the transition back kind of jarring. I actually can relate to starting school late--I never have class until eleven in the morning these days. That's a perk of college though, choosing your own course times. Can't imagine going back to early classes.

I love it when people actually have students doing schoolwork at Hogwarts. It's probably because I'm a nerd, but I rather like that you explained the assignment and had them do it, even more so because it's Arithmancy!! I am obsessed with the less mentioned courses at Hogwarts and want to know everything about them.

I'm with Jacob. Bank Teller is not a job that I would be satisfied with, even temporarily. It was clever to use this assignment as a plot device to get Jacob to realize Lily's love of Quidditch. I thought that Jacob would end up being the other prefect. The fact that he was new made me assume that just hadn't been sorted out yet. I'm excited that he and Lily will have a whole new reason to get close to one another now that they'll have duties together.

Hugo is in his dorm with him! I hope he shows up at some point. I'm slightly obsessed with Hugo, in all shapes and forms. Also, that fact that so many characters in this story seem to be gigantic nerds is amazing. There is practically nothing I enjoy more than an exceptionally nerdy story with exceptionally nerdy characters. I like that Jacob worries about things like falling down the stairs and embarrassing himself in front of first years. That makes him a little more relatable, to me at least. You've done a great job of bringing him to life in this chapter. I feel like I know him now that I've read this. I'm really excited to see where this story heads, going forward. I'll certainly be back! Thank you for the swap :)

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Review #4, by crestwood Return to Hogwarts (Lily)

5th March 2015:
Hi Olivia!

I just had to choose your Next-Gen story! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever reviewed one of your stories before?? Although, this was on my reading list, so clearly I've been by before. Really glad I'm finally getting a chance to read it!

I know a lot of people hate OC Malfoy children, but I don't really see what the commotion is about. Also, I think I'm going to like Lily because she's not thrilled about Prefect duties and hopefully that means she's an apathetic type. She seems like a wonderfully strong personality so far.

I like the really direct narrative style. I'm digging that you set up so much background in this first chapter. I do like to be given some sort of foundation to work off of. (ie. knowing how people met and things like that) It might not make or break the plot, but there's nothing wrong with adding in a few details.

Sagitta and Lily have really great banter. They're very different from one another, but that can be a great foundation for a friendship if done correctly. I appreciate that Lily is kind of antisocial. I like to read about people who are a tad less charismatic occasionally between all of the Quidittch stars and playboys.

It almost feels mysterious that this guy would know Sagitta and apparently have gone to her school this entire time and she's never heard of him even once. And now he's saying that he didn't attend Hogwarts last year. Hm, either someone's lying, mistaken or there's something weird going on. And he's taking the same electives as her. It's almost like he's a spy or something?? Or a stalker? Everything about him is just strange. Although, he does seem nice. The circumstances around his appearance are just suspicious. I suppose I'll have to wait and see if I'm making this all up in my head.

I like the comments about first years getting smaller every year because people say that so often in real life! haha. I always like when people use canon surnames during the Next Gen. It helps to visualise OCs, even if they only get a quick mention, because we know who one of their parents are, at least. I think it's interesting that Lily isn't sure how she made prefect. Maybe a conspiracy??

McGonagall is literally making jokes for Lily's dad's generation hahaha. I wonder if some of the teachers went to Hogwarts with Harry.

I think it makes so much sense to have the first years go first and everyone else wait. That probably should have been the policy all along.

Now I'm more suspicious. The other prefects are all gone??

'He could be a Dark Wizard' I HOPE NOT! (that'd be a twist that I wouldn't expect :P) I don't think he's evil, but I still think something weird is going on. I really like it though because a mysterious subplot would be awesome. This was a really good first chapter and I think I'm going to like this story even if there is no mystery. Lily's voice is so strong and unique! I'll have to stop back sometime to continue :)

Thank you for the swap! Sorry for taking a while :P

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Review #5, by Veritaserum27 Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin (Jacob)

19th February 2015:
Yay! New chapter, new chapter, new chapter!

Hi there Olivia, here for the BvB!

I think you write Jacob's POV really well and I might've said it before, but there is definitely a distinct personality between Lily and Jacob. While they are both always guessing what the other is thinking, they do it in different ways. Jacob flat-out admits that he is clueless and he's not as good at hiding it as Lily is :)

The defense lessons seem to be getting a bit more serious and I really felt bad for Jacob, here. Of course Scorpius is better than he is, he's two years older and more experienced. I like that Jacob is honest with himself that he was simply spending too much time staring at Lily to focus on blocking the spells.

I also really liked Declan in this chapter. He's cool and collected. I think he sat between Lily and Jacob so that they wouldn't get distracted during the Quidditch game. I face palmed when Jacob asked Lily if she wanted him to come with her to the bathroom. Oh, Jacob! Don't you know Lily at ALL?! She's definitely never going to ask anyone to help her - certainly not to the bathroom! Then I laughed out loud at Declan's remark. "You could just say you had to go, too..."

I love how you put little details in here and there - especially about Lily's hair. Jacob is clearly enamored with it, but you don't outright say that, you show us with his thought about how it looks or what he feels when he sees it. Great job.

So glad to see you've updated! I can't wait to read more!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by oldershouldknowbetter Arithmancy (Jacob)

7th February 2015:
Hello there, back for more BvB action.

So now we switch to Jacob and get to see things from his point of view for a while.

Your introduction to his personallity is good. We get the impression of a faily normal guy, smart yes but still adjusting to this new environment. At first it's what's new to him in terms of the academic side of things. Him being a seeker puts the whole title of the story into perspective. And if I remember correctly from last chapter isn't the Gryffindor team down one Seeker?

I like the detail you provide as to what Arithmancy is about (or at least a little portion of it). It makes sense and is similar to some of the 'number magic' I've seen outside the realms of Harry Potter fictions. He gets it wrong though, as Lily is conveniently close to hand to point out. He cannot work it out or to find the mistake that she so obviously finds. she's not perfect either as he finds a mistake in hers.

She reveals Quidditch as her profession of destiny and it rouses interest in Jacob. I find it very hard to believe that he didn't know that they played Quidditch at the school - he's been there for a month hasn't he? Apparently Lily finds it just as hard to believe, there were notices on the notice board for heaven's sake! And prefect too, but only just awarded.

He writes home, that's a dutiful son, but it's to get his broom posted to him, that's less dutiful.

He sees Lily again reading a gigantic book. She gets a bit pricklish and defensive about her love of books and has to defend her ability to love both books and sport. Me thinks she is a bit too defensive around him, considering what we know about her dreams from the last chapter.

Jacob reveals her feelings for Lily, so far they are only friendly ones. A nice friendship that has developed as it would between two students of the same House with similar proclivities. I don't know if Jacob wishes for anything more either - I think for the moment he is more focused upon the possibility that he soon might be playing Quidditch once more.

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Review #7, by oldershouldknowbetter Return to Hogwarts (Lily)

5th February 2015:
Hi there,

Here for a bit of BvB action as I cheated you out of a review because I wasn't quick enough in reviewing and getting the notification into the BvB thread.

So here is a bonus one.

I like your lily almost right from the start.

So you have other Malfoy siblings, I'm not as adverse to them as some other's might be. Yes we only meet one on the platform in the books, but that doesn't preclude more to come.

The tiny little pieces you drop here and there really illuminate everyone's characters well and with such an economy of phrase too.

Quote: [about Lily's prefect status] "... I had been stuck with. Mum had been overjoyed, and Albus had given me an enthusiastic high five, telling me that we could patrol together. Yeah right."

Each sentence speaks volumes about it's subject and we get a clear impression of Ginny, Albus and even Lily herself.

She is a Gryffindor and Malfoy is a Slytherin (so everything is right with the world :) ) and yet they are still the best of friends. I see you are going to go down that common route a lot of Next-Gen stories do of having the various Houses not so vindictive towards one another.

Oh how wonderful, there is a bit of Rose/Scorpius sneaking out from the background. I'm glad because, of course, I believe that Rose/Scorpius is the ONE TRUE PARING.

Lily is not only boyfriendless, but she imagines herself to be unattractive to the opposite sex: "No boy would ever take a second look at me". She takes an immediate liking to Jacob though, well at least his physical appearance. There is a bit of confusion in my mind about the differences between
Sagitta's comments and what Jacob has to say about himself. the confusion is apparent to Lily as well because she questions him on it too. He just brushes the query off with a glib response, but I think there might be more there - we shall see.

The changing of the rules about the trunks - does this imply something about the state of the Hogwarts domestic help situation, i.e. the House-elves? Again, we shall see.

Lilly doing her prefect duties is good and a nice bit of fun with her character. Yes she is helpful enough to the first years - pointing things out to them that she wished she'd been told. But she is singularly unhelpful when it comes to liaising with others and being an active part of the House hierarchy. Lily's prefect duties are going to be so much fun for her, I don't think.

We see Jacob again and Lily's initial attraction has dimmed somewhat due to actually conversing with and being around him. Or is it not that, is it even just her perverseness. I have a sinking feeling though that it may be her lack of self esteem - she doesn't think that she is attractive, so any boy she likes must necessarily not find her attractive so she preemptively dismisses him in her mind. That saying, she does have a strangely provocative dream ...

Lily likes to read and likes to read text books at that. She is anti-social and takes after her aunt Hermione. The Lily you are writing sounds a lot like the character of the Rose that I like to read about. I think I'll stay and read some more.

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Review #8, by horcruxxx Quidditch Tryouts (Jacob)

5th February 2015:
Hey, I'm here for the Blue vs Bronze Review Battle :)

I'm reviewing Chapter 4, because after reading Chapter 1, and Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 I wanted to read more and more :) Your story is really addicting!

I read some great stories with OC being one of the main characters, but you did an amazing job introducing Jacob. After reading 4 Chapters I feel like I know him very well and can easily relate to him. So great job!

I also like the plot line, it's very smooth, optimistic, it's just nice to read not to worrying about drama every other paragraph (for now of course, but I do intend to read further to find out what happens next).

The only CC I have is that sometimes it's hard for me to imagine where events take place. I like to picture everything when I'm reading and I just wish there was a little more description of the place a certain scene takes place :)


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Review #9, by Ravenclaw333 Return to Hogwarts (Lily)

4th February 2015:
Hiya! Here for the BvB!

This is a really good first chapter. You've done a good job setting the scene here - establishing Lily's character, her friendships, and the romantic tension with Jacob. Her voice is really clear and authentic, and you've set everything up to be reflective of the teenage experience. I like what you've done with Lily's character as well - she stands out immediately from the other interpretations I've seen of her on the site, and it puts a unique spin on the whole story - down to the brown hair (the Potions accident was a nice touch!) and how she's a lot more academically minded than most people write her. I'm interested in Jacob's backstory as well - other wizarding schools are fascinating, and I'd love to hear more about Snowvale!

Overall, this is a really good start to what promises to be a unique take on the Lily/OC ship and a really fun read! Good job!

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Review #10, by eunoia Return to Hogwarts (Lily)

2nd February 2015:
Hi! I'm here from the BvB thread!

This is quite an interesting first chapter. I like your characterization of Lily, she's bold and funny and I reckon she's going to get into some interesting situations throughout the course of your story.

I also found it humorous that Sagitta is continuing the Black's naming tradition of being named after constellations. Nice attention to detail by the way.

Jacob seems interesting? He's a bit of mystery at the moment isn't he? I wonder how Sagitta knew him despite the fact he went to school in Canada? And despite what Lily claims I don't think she's completely cooled off on him yet if her dreams are anything to judge by. ;) Is he the next dark wizard? Somehow I doubt it but it who knows?

Anyways, great opening chapter, looking forward to reading more! :)

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Review #11, by Veritaserum27 Double Dosage of Defence (Lily)

31st January 2015:
Hi there Olivia!

Review Tag!

Gosh it feels good to be able to review this under my real name, rather than "Secret Santa!"

Another great chapter here. You've managed to move the Lily/Jacob love story along and include a little bit of plot. Although this chapter is mostly about Lily and Jacob, I didn't mind the flirting one bit. I thought you captured the teenage back and forth flirting very nicely here, while still maintaining Lily's spirit and character. I love her. Have I mentioned that? I do hope they can come together and finally finish this little dance they are doing right now.

I thought it was funny that none of the kids considered Neville a legitimate teacher. He's so soft spoken, I can see where they would easily forget his role in the second Wizarding World. I was glad to see he was quick to remind them - and mention the fact that he was an Auror as well.

Haha - Hugo is completely clueless - and Lily and Rose both know it.

"Happy couple cursing time" I remember your tweet and laughed out loud at this line! You've managed to make Rose and Scorpius a completely lovable and adorable couple in so few words - it is astounding :)

Oh no - too bad Lily was so tired. I was looking forward to some more Lily/Jacob interaction!

Awesome chapter, I can't wait to see what happens next!

♥ Rose

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Review #12, by Secret Santa!! Interlude

6th January 2015:
Hey Olivia!

Here to review the last posted chapter and after the reveal tomorrow, I'm going to continue to review this story as you post new chapters (but I won't have to be in secret anymore!)

I really, really liked this interlude - it was a nice break for the Lily/Jacob story line and helped move along the mystery part really nicely. I also liked that you wrote exactly what you needed and didn't overdo it. I feel like a lot of authors try to make sure so many details and back story are crammed into chapters, that they end up being really tedious. This was done really well. I'm very creeped out by Alexandra - she seems far more dangerous than I thought before - oof!

The only hint that I'm going to give you as to my identity is that I've been on your list of suspects, but you haven't guessed me yet :)

~Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

It makes me really happy to hear that! I guess I just have to post new chapters. That'll be the hard part. I'm the world's slowest writer. *awaits Guinness World Record award*

I'm glad you liked the interlude. That was one of the things I worried about - whether or not I overdid it and if Alexandra was creepy enough.

And, going back, I realized that I could've figured you out a lot earlier than the reveal - the second review you left (I think) you left a heart symbol, and you're the only reviewer I know who does that.

Thanks for being an awesome Secret Santa!


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Review #13, by Secret Santa!! Hogsmeade (Jacob)

3rd January 2015:
Hiya Olivia,

Another review and I can't believe I'm getting to the end of the posted chapters!

Aww, the Hogsmeade trip - I think I've been looking forward to this as much as Lily and Jacob!

My favorite line of the whole story:

We walked quickly down to the Great Hall, each preoccupied in our own thoughts; mine were a mixture of food and Lily.

Aww, he's in deep, man.

Glad to see Sagitta and Lily having it out - hopefully those two will work out their differences, but I do feel a bit like Saggita is being a little too judgmental on Lily here - I mean, she didn't want Lily pointing out flaws in her own choice in a boyfriend - but I guess that's how teenage friendships sometimes work. I also really liked seeing a different side to Stoddard here - he really isn't so bad and it's awesome that you were able to show that by writing the story with two different POVs. I'll admit that I've written a story with that technique, but I wasn't able to keep up alternating the chapters as you have.

Haha - Harry was awesome - great job on characterization, and I really liked reading how he interacted with Lily and Jacob. He knew Lily would be angry with him, but he had his reasons. And he immediately picked up on Lily and Jacob's chemistry with each other. (It seems everyone picks up on this, except those two - even Stoddard).

Poor Jacob - migraine headaches are the worst! I hope he feels better soon!

Great chapter!

~Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I looked forward to the Hogsmeade trip too! It was fun to write.

I'm glad you liked that line! He IS in deep, and I think he's perfectly content that way.

Sagitta and Lily will eventually work out their differences, mainly because, as you said, Stoddard isn't as bad as he seemed in the third chapter.

I'm going to assume you're talking about ASLTW here - you pulled off the alternating POV perfectly there! What are you talking about? (I will admit that that's the only of your stories that I've read so far.)

I'm glad you liked Harry's characterization. I had a hard time trying to write him and get him right.

And yes, Lily and Jacob are oblivious. Their chemistry will have to be drummed into their skulls by somebody else.

Headaches DO suck. He'll be fine, though.


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Review #14, by Secret Santa!! Contents of a Letter (Lily)

3rd January 2015:
Hi there Olivia!

I didn't forget about you - it's just been a busy week (ya know, I am Santa and I had to deliver a bunch of gifts...) But now it's time for YOUR gifts!

On to the proper review:

Jacob's and Lily's relationship seems to be taking a natural progression. They are both being careful about moving too fast. Although I was kind of sad that she keeps telling herself that they are just going to Hogsmeade as friends, when Jacob clearly wants to be more than that. :(

And I'm loving the mystery that's developing. Although I feel like Harry should've treated his children equally. Lily is not the type to scare easily and I think Harry might've done more damage trying to skirt the issue. Extra defense lessons! It reminds me of Harry taking extra lessons from Snape!

So there are 2 other things I haven't mentioned yet that I keep forgetting to tell you!

1. I love the DADA teacher's name. Blenkisop - Where did you come up with that?

2. I love you chapter summaries. It's brilliant that you are using awesome quotes for each one. I love it!

Great job on another great chapter!

~Your Secret Santa

And there are two things that

Author's Response: Beth, what makes you think I thought you had forgotten about me? You were an amazing Secret Santa!

I'm glad you like their relationship (which, admittedly, it isn't yet). The trip to Hogsmeade is basically a date (which Jacob realizes but Lily doesn't. It'll be drummed into her later).

Harry is a bit more protective of Lily, as she is his only daughter. The defence lessons will go better than Harry's lessons with Snape did, although I know that's not saying much.

I honestly don't know remember where Blenkinsop came from. As far as I can remember, his name just showed up and it was perfect.

I hate summaries so I'd rather find a quote that fits the chapter than summarize the chapter.


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Review #15, by slytherinchica08 Return to Hogwarts (Lily)

29th December 2014:
Alright so I was approached by your Secret Santa to use your story as my first live reaction tweet story so here I am! I'm so excited to be reading this story as I've seen it around and have meant to read it but for some reason have not done so yet! Before I even get to your actual story, I wanted to say that your banner and summary are absolutely fantastic! They each pull in readers and really made me excited to read this story and see where you go with it! I'm honestly shocked that this story hasn't gotten more attention yet! Oh well hopefully by the end of this I can create more interest in this story! Now onto your actual review!

Those poor Malfoys! Their family always ends up with the really weird names but yet it always seems becoming of the Malfoys and almost like they are saying "Hey we have more money then you, see how weird we name our children."

I love your use of manhandle here. I don't know why but it really made the scene of her trying to hold all of these different items plus keep up with Sagitta that much more vivid in my mind. I can only imagine how she must look to everyone else. AHAHA and there I go laughing because I imagine that she must look kind of crazy!

Ooh I love that Lily actually has brown hair! First of all its very original. And second, the whole reason behind her having brown hair is just absolutely amazing! The fact that James messed up on a potion and it caused Lily to have brown hair is just (yep you guessed it) original! Its a wonder that people haven't really thought of this before! This small detail in and of itself has already begun to make this story stand out even more to me! Great little detail!

AHAHA I'm liking Sagitta already! Blowing up a classroom on day one! She probably made Seamus jealous with her abilities, though she has a long way to go to catch up with him.

Oh my goodness! I can just imagine the whole of Gryffindor standing outside the common room just waiting for someone to come along and give them the password. It must have been a very quiet time in the common room and probably the last time that the common room would be that quiet!

The beginning of this story was really well done! I only found a few minor mistakes such as spelling errors, but nothing too horrible that it tripped me up or anything. The whole chapter flowed really well together and the way that you ended it definitely makes me wonder what exactly is going to happen in this story. Over all, it was a really good beginning and I can't wait to continue on and find out more about Jacob.

Great Job!


Author's Response: Hi Erica!

Haha, it does seem as though they are saying that, doesn't it? Maybe Scorpius will give his kid a normal name. We'll have to see..

Lily probably looked just like everybody else, trying to wrestle their stuff onto the train. It's something I put in from my own experience traveling - "Here, get on this train, while carrying your 60 pound suitcase. All by yourself. And find your seat. Without knowing where it is." At least the Hogwarts Express doesn't have assigned seats.

I did notice that in the books, (at least I don't think) there's no mention of how their trunks got on the train.

I'm glad you like the brown hair! I had honestly forgotten about it because it doesn't pop up in later chapters.

Bahahaha I don't think anyone could catch up with Seamus in the department of setting stuff on fire. He's the king in that regard.

It's definitely the last time the common room's going to be that quiet. Gryffindor is a rather rowdy house.

I thought I caught all the spelling mistakes! *rereads chapter*

Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked this chapter (and that you followed through with Beth's suggestion)!


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Review #16, by Infinityx The Disadvantages of Being a Prefect (Lily)

25th December 2014:
Hi Bella! Here for the BvB!

I saw you had another story which I haven't read up - Fanged Revolution - but I really wanted to continue this one so here I am. I'll check that one out soon though. :)

I really like how the story is progressing. It's well paced and you've given enough attention to each scene to make it come to life. The simple tone and casual manner of Lily's PoV just adds to the effect.

Ah, I can't wait for the quidditch tryouts. From what I gathered so far, the sport is going to be a major part of this story and it seems like the momentum and drama will pick up once that starts.

Haha, Professor Blenkinsop. I like that name. :D

I love how you brought in the Bat-Bogey hex. It's such a great way of connecting to canon and bringing in Ginny's signature spell. Really nice detail there.

Stoddard seems like a nasty one. No surprise there, given his parentage. And his threat to Lily about the quidditch match just adds on to my anticipation of how things will progress then. It also seems like he's targeting Lily in particular, and Jacob, now that he and Lily are good friends. I wonder if that's got something to do with Lily being Harry's daughter. Or maybe Stoddard does have some kind of feelings for her, judging from the way he was really suggestive when he went over to the Gryffindor table. Hmm, I'm really curious to know things will turn out between them as well. A romantic element would just add to the drama!

Great chapter, once again. I'll be back soon!

Merry Christmas. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad you like the progression. I didn't want to make it too rushed. Quidditch will definitely be a major part of this story.

The Bat-Bogey hex wasn't the original spell. I wanted Lily to use something that would humiliate Stoddard without actually harming him. After searching, I came across the Bat-Bogey hex and realized it was perfect.

Stoddard does seem horrible in this chapter, but he softens up later on. He doesn't really have feelings for her, though.


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Review #17, by Secret Santa!! A Man to Man Talk, Times Two (Jacob)

24th December 2014:
Hiya Olivia!

Here for another Chapter. Aww, this was so sweet. I know there wasn't a whole lot of plot going on. Ummm - except for the most important part of the plot - THEY ARE GOING TO HOSGMEADE TOGETHER!!

The "talk" with Albus went better than I'd hoped. I'm starting to like his character a lot. He really respects Lily and is going to demand that Jacob does as well. He's also willing to let Lily handle herself - because he knows she can. I don't think anyone wants to get on her bad side. Haha!

I feel like there might be a little more to come with the information about Jacob's aunt being released from Azkaban. If she's the family "bad apple," this might spell trouble for him. My only (super tiny) suggestion is to change the headline from "Olivanders Wand Stealer" to "Olivanders Wand Theif." It's just an opinion, but I think it sounds more like a headline - seriously not a big deal.

I really like how similar Lily and Albus are - in how they both eat their buns! It was really cute.

And my favorite line in the entire chapter was:

Lily should smile more often.

It was just really sweet and shows that he really is getting in deep!

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Yes, Lily and Jacob are going to Hogsmeade together. I think that section was my favourite part of the chapter (mainly because I envisioned myself and my own special someone in their places).

Albus definitely respects Lily, and knows that she is capable of handling herself. Lily is very much like her mother in that respect (not that Jacob would disrespect her anyway). And you're right, nobody wants to get on her bad side!

Jacob's aunt is very much the family "bad apple" - rotten to the core.

I'll go do that - thanks for suggesting it!

Jacob is definitely getting in deep!


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Review #18, by Secret Santa!!! Awkwardness All Around (Lily)

24th December 2014:
Hi there Olivia!

So... you've been up all night trying to figure out who I am, huh? Well hopefully, you're asleep and can wake up to some new Secret Santa Surprises (apparently I like alliteration).

Wow! This was a chock-filled chapter! I fall more in love with Lily and her personality with each chapter. I can see how she comes off as far too direct and maybe a little cold(?) to others, but I really, really love her honesty and wit.

Haha! The scene in the boys' dormitory! I visited my brother in college for a night and I'm still scarred by the things I saw. Specifically the bathroom. I can't even - ugh!

Oh no! Of course they got caught! I love how Lily knows that Jacob likes her and of course she likes him, but she still not sure what to do about all of that. You showed that really well. Great writing by not coming out and saying it - it is coming off as a really realistic teenage romance (hopefully).

Albus was funny - typical older brother. I love that he's a Ravenclaw. Although, I feel a little sad that he and Lily aren't closer. But maybe that's in part due to her personality.

PS: I think the answer to the riddle is bookkeeper.

Until next time!

~Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Yes, I was up all night trying to figure out who you were, and Tanya was leading me astray. "I'll never tell! Mwuahahaha!" made me think it was her, not you.

Lily's honesty and wit is fun to write. The scene in the boys' dormitory is inspired by the horrible, horrible messes that are my sisters' rooms. I'm not even going to talk about their bathrooms. They're disgusting. Let's just say that.

Of course they get caught - I have to move the plot along somehow! I'm glad it comes off as a realistic teenage romance - I am a teenager myself. The she-knows-he-likes-her-but-is-afraid-to-talk-to-him-about-it part comes from personal experience.

I'm glad you liked Albus, and yes, the answer was bookkeeper.

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Review #19, by Secret Santa!! In With the New (Jacob)

19th December 2014:
Hi there, Olivia!

Secret Santa is back!

While this chapter did not have as much drama or plot, it does have some fantastic Jacob/Lily interaction! I'm glad she feels like she can open up to him. I think the two of them are a bit closer than either of them realize. They both say they don't really know the other person, but there is a comfort level between the two of them that is obvious.

Lily isn't afraid to tell anyone anything - as evidenced by her row with Sagitta, but it seems that Jacob is willing to be frank with Lily about her treatment toward her best friend.

Haha - I love how you kept the chapter light with a bit of humor over Jacob's eating habits. He was trying so hard to impress her. :)

And what's this?? He wants to get to know her better and she smiles back! Yes! But oh, I'd hoped there would be a bit more after that. ASK HER TO HOGSMEADE, JACOB!!!

His Mom works at the department of Magical Sports and Games - so does James! Maybe they know each other. I'm also curious about Jacob's connection to the Malfoys. He said his aunt knows them and I'm wondering if there's more to that.

Again, you've done a great job with this!

~Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

They're both a bit thick-headed when it comes to the other.

Jacob isn't afraid of Lily - he just wants to impress her.

There will be more because HE DOES ASK HER TO HOGSMEADE!

They do know each other, but not very well. His aunt knows the Malfoys, but his aunt isn't a very good aunt, so that association isn't a good thing.


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Review #20, by Secret Santa!! Out With the Old (Lily)

19th December 2014:
Hi there Olivia!

Here for another review :)

Wow. I did not see this coming. Holy cow. Lily and Sagitta seemed like such close friends - what the heck is going on??!

Although Sagitta makes some good points (I bet Stoddard really has had a rough time at school), I think she's overlooking some serious flaws in his personality. I think it is very telling how your boyfriend treats your best friend. She admitted that Stoddard is judging Lily because of her dad, but he also doesn't want to be judged based on his father. Sagitta is in a tough spot, and being a Malfoy, can relate to him. But she shouldn't alienate Lily because of her father (who was just doing his job and put those DESERVING criminals in Azkaban). Also, I don't think Sagitta has any right to tell Lily who she can and can't date - or to pass judgement on her relationship with Jacob (dating or otherwise). I'm starting to be irritated with Sagitta. You don't just drop your best friend for a guy.

Stress reading. I love it. How do you come up with this?

I loved how your portrayed the drama in this chapter it was totally unexpected and written so well - it kept me on the edge of my seat. I wanted to yell at my computer.

And - what was that at the end??? Maybe Lily does have feelings for Jacob! Oooo!

~Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

Sagitta is both right and wrong here, and that's all I'm going to say (mainly because I don't really like this chapter and am probably going to rewrite it at some point.)

Stress reading is something I do (mainly with HPFF, which gets me more distracted).

Yes, Lily does have feelings for Jacob!


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Review #21, by Secret Santa!! Quidditch Tryouts (Jacob)

19th December 2014:

Another review from your secret santa - you must've been very good this year!

This story just keeps getting better and better with each chapter. You've given a clear voice to both main characters. As confident as Lily is, Jacob is equally unsure. He doesn't have her self assurance. He is at a new school, obviously, and he is still learning the ropes. I like that he isn't Mr. Macho or anything like that. And you did a nice job by showing this in his thoughts, speech and actions! :)

I thought you wrote the Quidditch tryout really well! J.K. (I think) said that writing the matches was the hardest part for her. This came off beautifully. I could follow the action and it was interesting to read as well.

And your writing style is so much fun! I love how you break the fourth wall time and again. It makes reading so much fun.

Crossing my fingers that Jacob makes the team!

~Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I don't really like guys that are Mr. Macho, so I avoided writing Jacob that way. It's easier to write a character when you like them.

J.K. was write. It is hard, but I'm glad it was easy to follow.

Jacob does make the team (but since you've read everything posted you know that).


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Review #22, by Secret Santa!! The Disadvantages of Being a Prefect (Lily)

19th December 2014:
Hi there!

I'm here to leave another review on this story! I'm really falling in love with Lily here - I like her more and more every chapter. She is confident, but not overconfident - well not too much, anyway. She still has to try hard in classes and seems to care about her fellow Gryffindors.

Stoddard Lestrange. Wow. I'm impressed. Creating this character was genius. I'm really intrigued by him. I think he is a big bully and it seems that he has it out for Lily. Probably because of who her father is. On that note, his dad must be really, really old. Rabastan was around Lucius's age!

Stoddard seems a bit arrogant, but he must be a pretty clever wizard to best Jacob while he was keeping an eye on him.

I really like that you haven't thrown Lily and Jacob together right away (if that is even your plan) This is a much nicer pace for the story and they seem to get along, but you've managed to avoid all of that "ooo - does he like me, like me or just like me?" teenage drama.

Great story so far!

~Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I'm glad you like Lily. She's a mixture of myself and a lot of my friends.

Stoddard Lestrange is fun to write. On the note of your on that note, I'll probably edit that and change it so that Rabastan is his grandfather, mainly because of the age.

It is a Lily/Jacob pairing, and I don't really like that teenage drama. (Of course, it does show up later, because they're uncertain teenagers and they don't really know how romance works.


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Review #23, by Secret Santa!! Arithmancy (Jacob)

17th December 2014:
Hi there - Secret Santa here for the next chapter!

I really, really like that you chose to write this with different points of view. It makes me feel closer to the characters.

Although not a lot of plot happened in this chapter, I don't think that undermines its importance. We needed to learn a little more about Jacob and his thoughts and feelings. I also feel like we got to see more of Lily here as well.

You are pacing their friendship (maybe more at some point) nicely. They aren't instantly in love with each other, but are finding common interests and activities - such as Quidditch and Prefect duties. They also both seem to be very sensible and kind.

I chuckled at Lily's impatience with the Quidditch tryouts. I can't help but see a bit of myself in her. I wanted to say "Hey buddy, if you really wanted to play Quidditch, you should've made sure you knew when try-outs were!"

And Lily is a reader! And not ashamed in the least. I think I love her even more! ♥

Nice job with the story so far!

~Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

That was my aim! It made me feel closer to my characters as well (writing from their POV). Especially since now they're stuck in my head begging "Write me! Write me!" when I a) have writer's block and b) have finals next week and don't have time to write.

I don't believe in love at first sight. From what I've seen in the few romance movies I've watched and romances I've read, the two are interested in each other at the start and then fall in love as they get to know each other.

And yes, Jacob should've made sure he knew when tryouts were. *laughs*


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Review #24, by Secret Santa!! Return to Hogwarts (Lily)

17th December 2014:

Your Secret Santa here to leave you a review on your novel!

I really like the voice you've created for Lily here. She is confident and bold - as most Gryffindors usually are. She seems very comfortable with herself and I thoroughly enjoyed that. It is refreshing to read a main character that isn't emotionally distraught or full of angst. However, you've provided enough of a story line to give us a bit to think about. Jacob Walker seems like he'll be an interesting character to throw a bit of a curve into Lily's life. I'm not sure I completely believe her that she's cooled off from her initial attraction of him...

I also really enjoyed how Lily seems to have a conversation with the reader. It drew me in and made me feel part of the story.

You put in just enough detail and small points to keep me wanting more. Who is this new professor? Why did Sagitta (LOVE the name, by the way) think that Jacob had been in their classes prior to this year? Very interesting!

Great first chapter!

~ Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hi Beth!

I'm glad you like Lily. She was a lot of fun to write, and some of her lines made me laugh when I first came up with them. Jacob Walker does throw a curve into her life, and no, she hasn't cooled off from that initial attraction.

Those questions are answered later; Sagitta's reasoning is a bit more malicious (not on her part though. Let's just say it has something to do with Alexandra).


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Review #25, by Infinityx Arithmancy (Jacob)

16th December 2014:
Hi, here for the BvB!

It's been a while since I read the first chapter of this and I'd meant to get back to this sooner. I've finally got the chance to amidst all my work.

This was a really nice second chapter. It's certainly set a base for Jacob's character and all the small details have added to understanding his personality.

I like how you've brought in simple events like Arithmancy class and homework. They are things that a lot of people overlook as important in a plot but they add a lot more to making a story whole and not just the major events that keep it going.

I loved his interaction with Lily. It's a realistic conversation, easy to relate to and it's basically a common way in which friendships are formed. Great job with that!

I'm excited to see how Quidditch tryouts and the rest of the story will play out, especially his relationship with Lily.

I didn't notice any mistakes here and the chapter flowed easily. Great job! I'll be back soon! :)

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm glad you liked it! That was mainly the reason why I wanted to do the alternating POVs - people need to get to know Jacob.

Since they are at school, they do need to do schoolwork. I don't know why people would forget it, since if you don't want to include the work, you can make it an adult-age romance.

I'm glad you like their conversation! Their friendship won't be a friendship for much longer. *winks*

I'm glad there are no mistakes. I always seem to miss one, even after rereading. Come back whenever!


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