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Review #1, by The Basilisk A Good Elf

11th January 2015:
Hello there, this is the Basilisk~ Out for a ssstroll - a change of pace from my regular pipes.

This was an absolutely amazing story. I had chills the whole way through. My whole serpent body was shaking. I could feel the pull of Kreacher's loyalty, and the knowledge he has, that if he indeed obeys, this may be the last time he sees him. It's heart breaking, really. You've got this way of writing that paints this lovely image in your reader's mind, making it come alive more and more with every word.

Kreacher has never been one of my favourites ~he betrayed my master~ but I almost felt something akin to pity. This was a piece excellently done, and I'm glad to have slithered out of my chambersss to come and read it.

The Basilisk

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Review #2, by Secret Santa! A Good Elf

30th December 2014:
Hello hello, Secret Santa here!

Your stories are fantastic in the way that you make the reader look at things from a completely different point of view. I've never known what to make of Kreacher because he was so vile to Hermione, though he did redeem himself a little in the end. So I was a bit hesitant to read something because he's not my favourite.

But, I adored it. You could feel his pain and suffering throughout, you depicted the struggle between being loyal to his masters orders and helping him as he feels he should perfectly. The scars and the wounds he has is just another reminder of the life of house elves and what they go through - the pain and suffering due to their own selflessness is almost incomprehensible. He's even compassionate towards him - obedient until the end, but leaving slowly so Regulus isn't entirely alone. So sweet in such a morbid context! And I never thought I'd say that about Kreacher!

My favourite line has to be, 'It must be one of the most foolish qualities humans possess, he thought. To be so occupied with your own brilliance you forget you still retain weakness.' Such a brilliant line, it really reasonates. A very accurate desciption of Voldemort and what truly was his downfall in the end.

Brilliant job!

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Review #3, by Pretense Of Perfection A Good Elf

12th July 2014:
Wow, this is one of my favorite house cup submissions so far, hands down. I loved it. I think it offered us a brilliant insight to a canon moment that we've never seen before, and this will likely become my new head canon. I love your characterization of Kreacher and Regulus, even though I sometimes hate Kreacher for betraying Sirius, this was so interesting to read. I felt awful for Kreacher, having to watch Regulus suffer and die like he did. It was amazingly sweet how he refused to leave him completely alone, and instead took the boat rather than apparate, so that he could steal be near Regulus in his final moments. I think you managed to show the very human side of Kreacher, which not many have managed before. You did a perfect jbo with spellng and grammar, as I didn't notice any errors. I think the title is simple, but fits the story quite nicely.

--house cup 2014 review--

Author's Response: Wow! High praise indeed! Thanks so much! When I read this bit in DH, I couldn't help but fee sorry for Kreacher, and so when the prompts came up I couldn't help but immediately want to write this. I love to write 'missing moment' stories, and this has to be one of my favourites that I've done, personally. Every person, though, has a human side to me, no matter how hard they try to bury it, so I wanted to show Kreacher as not all bad and bitter as we see him written by Rowling later in his life.
I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to you lovely review - life has been rather hectic recently - but thanks so much for taking the time to give me this little confidence boost ;)

awesomepotter xxx

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Review #4, by TidalDragon A Good Elf

12th July 2014:
Howdy! Filling your request just inside the five-day deadline!

Ahh! A "missing moment" story! This was a different and interesting take on the prompt. It was a nice wrinkle because the Kreacher we know is this dark, grumpy, brooding character, but here you do a good job of drawing a line under Kreacher's mentality while giving a nod to how he got that way with the scars, etc. As for the plot itself, it was also quite nice because it presented a potential answer to something I've always wondered - how did Regulus Black succeed?

I thought the descriptions you used were a particular strong point - from setting the scene at the beginning to the varying descriptions of Kreacher (especially his skin) - they added just the right amount of detail amidst the dialogue and action to stay balanced.

I also thought you did a good job with the relationship between Regulus and Kreacher. Kreacher did the heavy lifting in it given Regulus's state, but what came across nicely was the nuanced connection between master and servant. What I liked most I think about Kreacher's side was that there was this touch of concern at Regulus's condition, but it really turned on his desperation to keep serving. Though I think he did care of Regulus, service was his prime concern and I think that fits well with who he is and how he has been conditioned to behave.

I'm probably a bit more rambly than usual and I'm sorry for that. Sometimes it's tough to transition back to review requests when I've been doing them for pleasure, and yours is my first, so it's a little jumbled, but hopefully helpful!

Good work!

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Review #5, by UnluckyStar57 A Good Elf

11th July 2014:
Headcanon definitely accepted.

I really appreciate the fact that you've turned all of my presumptions about Kreacher on their heads. After all, the one who talks the most about Kreacher is Sirius, and he only has bad things to say. I love that Regulus had Kreacher with him in his final moments, and that Kreacher felt so much affection and loyalty to Regulus that he held his master as he struggled with death. It was truly wonderful to read about this never-before-seen side of Kreacher, who truly is a Good Elf. :)

House Cup 2014 Review


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Review #6, by evil little devil A Good Elf

11th July 2014:
This is a very unique take on the prompt! I have always really admired Regulus for what he did, for undertaking such a brave task in such a quiet way.
I love that you took a character who's not particularly well liked, and made me so willing and ready to sympathise with him. Kreacher is very unpleasant in the books, but then he's had a rather unpleasant life. It's so sweet that Regulus meant so much to him, I think you really captured that so well. This story could almost have fit into the friendship prompt as well, you built up the relationship so well.
This was a really lovely one-shot, it was incredibly sad, but I loved seeing this side of Kreacher.

- House Cup 2014 Review.

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Review #7, by nott theodore A Good Elf

10th July 2014:
Hi Grace!

Ah, this was a really wonderful story! It was such a good idea - so original and unique - to take this missing moment from the books and use it for the house cup stories and writing about showing how creatures aren't all ones of darkness. Considering Kreacher seems to be quite a dark creature until the last book, it was great thinking of him to show that there can be friendship and companionship between men and animals.

I felt so sorry for poor Kreacher here! I think you wrote him really well, and Regulus too, with his determination to defeat Voldemort and not bring shame on his family while he does so. I just felt so sorry for Kreacher at the end of this piece because you could see how much he cared for Regulus but he was also so scared of all the Inferi and not knowing what to do about Regulus, except to follow instructions. But that last line, 'Kreacher was a good elf' was so perfect!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #8, by Karou_Marauder A Good Elf

10th July 2014:
Hi! I'm here for the House Cup and the Review Race in the CR.

Characterisation: You show Kreacher's love and affection for Regulus, as well as his need to fulfil the orders he's given him, and the conflict in him when he realises he can't protect and serve at the same time. We also get a sense of his pride of the House of Black too.

Description: The part about the Inferi's hands at the end just made me shiver. And you set the scene well at the start, too.

Usually I have something about the plot, but as this is a missing moment that's kinda pointless. So instead I'll point out a bit I really liked:

"He bowed his head. He knew it went against all rules of elf conduct, but he gently placed his arms around the shaking shoulders and squeezed, feeling the shallow breathing beneath him. As much as he would have to punish himself later, he couldn't leave without showing his Master just how much he meant to him. He couldn't."

It just shows another side to Kreacher that we only really see in the Battle of Hogwarts at the end, and you capture that aspect of him really well.

-Karou, 2014 House Cup Review

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Review #9, by maskedmuggle A Good Elf

8th July 2014:

This was really fantastic. I loved the different insight I got into Kreacher, especially how you portrayed him to be a believable good elf, rather than the bad elf he seems to be for much of the HP books (until the Trio befriend him in DH). This moment was just so hard to read about, but I definitely think you did it justice. Your characterisation of both Kreacher and Regulus was really well done, and the way they interacted with each other definitely felt like they had a relationship that was more than just master and servant. I really loved seeing the emotions Kreacher felt, as it made me see a different side of Kreacher. I also loved his staunch belief in following his master's wishes, despite how much he didn't want to. It was also so touching when Kreacher consoled Regulus and hugged him farewell, despite noting that he'd have to punish himself later. This was really heartbreaking to read about, but you did such an excellent job writing it.

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to review!
It was hard to write both characters, actually - one of them is dead long before the books start, and the other isn't featured a great deal, but here he's in such a different situation it was hard to gauge how he would respond to it. I'm glad you think I did it well. I'm sorry, I'm not that great at responding to reviews, but thank you for reading it and reviewing it, and I'm happy you enjoyed it :)
awesomepotter x

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Review #10, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing A Good Elf

8th July 2014:

Can I just start by saying wow? I can't believe you wrote this in such a short space of time! It's brilliant!

Your characterisation of Kreacher was brilliant! You showed a much softer side to him, working for a master he loves. There were some really heart felt moments in there when he hugs him and strokes his hair... even if he will have to punish himself after. And when he's having to give Regulus the potion too... it was so reminiscent of Harry and Dumbledore so great job by you! Well done!

Then when you wrote about the inferi taking Regulus body under the water... I have to admit I shivered.. it was such an awful fate, although he was right in saying his fate would have been worse if he had lived.

Also! Your descriptions! Wow. They were so vivid! I literally could picture every scene which I loved, it made the whole thing easy to read! You did a great job!

Well done again!

House Cup Review 2014
Educational Decree #4

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for reviewing!
I wasn't sure whether to keep those moments in, originally - the ones where Kreacher is touching Regulus - but I thought I would. Kreacher, to me, seemed more bitter in the HP series than outright grumpy, and I thought that this event would be one of the reasons for it. I think, even though Kreacher prides himself on being a well-behaved house elf, he did feel for Regulis, and would have hated to watch him go through this. That's why I kept those moments in, though it was a tough decision when I wrote it.
Thank you so much for all the compliments - I'm so happy you enjoyed it :)
awesomepotter x

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