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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Quiet Man

9th September 2014:
Hi there dear! Tag! You're it! :P

Wow. This is a short piece, but very powerful. At first, I was thinking that this was from a person's POV, and then when I realized it was a creature, my first thought was that it was Harry seeing a Boggart. lol! :P

I thought the descriptions of Dean's emotions here were very powerful - I could FEEL that he is still in shock, and I could also feel that shock slowly start to fade away at the end.

I think you did an amazing job of expressing things from the Thestral's point-of-view, and I thought this was a very well-written piece! Well done!

Author's Response: Jayde! Hello! Thanks for tagging me, and I'm so happy you enjoyed the story. It was so much fun for me to write, though it was a challenge to get it submitted on time! Haha, that's why I really tried to keep it short. I love hearing about your thought process at the beginning, and I'm so happy you liked the portrayal of Dean. This review is so lovely, Jayde! Thank you again! :)


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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 Quiet Man

11th July 2014:
Oh wow. I've read a lot of thestral-themed fics for prompt one, but none that were from the thestrals perspective!

I love how wise the thestral is. He looms over the humans and knows that death has happened and that they are apprehensive and maybe quite sad. It was really powerful when the thestral leaned down to allow Dean to touch him. And I liked that Luna was there, talking him through it. She's good at that sort of thing. :)

You really used your words to make magic, I think. It was a wonderful thing to read. :D

House Cup 2014 Review


Author's Response: Hi! I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to get to my response, but rest assured that it made my day to see your review! I'm glad you found this story original (I had never read anything from a thestral's perspective, so it seemed like a good thing to try), and that you enjoyed it. I did want the thestral to be very sensitive to the humans' emotions, and to understand them better than anyone would have thought. And oh goodness, it means so much that you saw "magic" in this. I will carry that with me for sure :)

You are wonderful! Thank you again for such a lovely review :)


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Review #3, by evil little devil Quiet Man

11th July 2014:
Ooh, hello again! I just stumbled across this in the Event 3 thread, and thought I'd give it a proper review!
You already know I love this, but I have to say it again. I adore the idea of putting Luna and thestrals together, it was the first thing my mind went to for this prompt. It's just too good a combination.
I love how you did this from the perspective of the thestral, and how it created names of its own for Luna and Dean. I can definitely see Luna taking people out to meet the thestrals, helping them to accept what has happened, and helping them to begin to move on. She's such a loving soul.
And your writing is gorgeous as well! This was so short, but so beautiful. I really, really enjoyed it :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you came to review, especially since we had such similar ideas for this prompt. Great minds, right? ;) Anyway, I definitely agree with you about Luna being the perfect person to help people move forward and heal after the battle. Her hopeful personality and compassion for others put her in the perfect position to do that.

I'm glad you liked the feel of this! I love this kind of otherworldly style, so this story was very fun to write. And obviously we didn't have too much time to get it done, so I wanted to keep it as short as I could while still having a story worth reading!

Thanks again for the lovely review! I'm so glad you came by, and that you enjoyed reading this :)


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Review #4, by SkyEcho Quiet Man

10th July 2014:
Hi Magnolia Magic!

This was so beautifully written. I loved the way you described the story from the thestral's point of view. Using the threstral for this prompt was really refreshing to see - as the association with death often fosters the connotation with darkness. Yet, your lines "endings and beginnings, death and life. One follows the other" makes such a poignant statement about these creatures, and the grieving process. Even as a reminder of loss, they can also help facilitate a new beginning. It was so sweet to see both Luna and the threstral wanting to help Dean. My favourite part has to be where the threstral senses Luna's feelings for Dean and wishes he could smile. I loved the ending!

*House Cup 2014 Review*

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for coming by to review, even if I've waited so long to respond :( I'm so glad you enjoyed the thestral's perspective. You've exactly captured what I wanted to express by using the thestral as the narrator--hope and new beginnings even when things are dark and don't make sense. That makes me so so happy! It's great to know that the message came across the way I envisioned it.

I loved that little touch of Luna/Dean as well :) Luna can seem really detached and out of touch sometimes, so it was fun to show that she has some "normal" in her as well. To me, that's what makes a Luna pairing so sweet (even though I am very partial to Dean with her!)

This review makes me so happy! Thank you so much for coming by, I loved hearing from you!


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Review #5, by teh tarik Quiet Man

9th July 2014:
Hello Maggie!

It's been some time since I've read any of your gorgeous writing, and gah! This was simply amazing. First, I love that you've chosen to write this piece from the POV of a thestral. The voice you've chosen along with your delicate word choice suits a thestral's POV stunningly well. I love the eerie sense of detachment and formality, but at the same time, there's a gentleness about the creature's narration, a sense of compassion and understanding toward the humans. And I really love how complex its voice is, and the little musings in italics about death and the nature of death. Despite thestrals being associated with Death and all, you've written this creature in such a sympathetic manner, without it being too ominous or dark. Suits the prompt perfectly, by the way!

Also, I love that this is Dean/Luna! I have such fondness for this ship, and I think the two are adorable together. In your fic, it's so heartwarming and poignant to see that they find solace in each other. I love the contrast between them as well! Luna is completely unafraid of the thestral because she's used to them, has seen them many times, while Dean is more wary. It's one of those effects of the war: that many more people can now see Thestrals after their experience. I'm glad to see this explored here.

This was such a hauntingly lovely one-shot, Maggie! Gorgeous writing from you as always!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: teh!! Bless it, I feel terrible for leaving this review unanswered for so long. But you are wonderful for coming by! I'm so happy you enjoyed the story.

I definitely wanted the thestral to show a lot of compassion toward the humans. I wanted to really show a sense of vibrancy and life to contrast with the association they hold with death. Basically, to show that hope can come from unexpected sources :) I'm thrilled that you liked the thestral's voice; I knew I needed it to feel different than how a person would speak, so I decided to go with an antiquated, Founders-y style. It's great to hear that it came across well! It was fun to do the stylistic things like italics, too, because they don't fit in every story. I was happy to have a chance to branch out a bit in terms of style.

Dean/Luna are my fave! They are SUCH an adorable ship in my opinion, so I jumped at the chance to use them in this prompt. They seemed like the perfect people to show the beginnings of the post-war healing process.

Thank you so much for coming, teh! It's always so great to hear from you!


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Review #6, by maskedmuggle Quiet Man

8th July 2014:

This was so amazing. I just loved everything about it, from your choice of writing from the thestral's perspective, to having Luna help Dean realise that the world can be good again. I loved how you wrote from the thestral's perspective because it's so, so rarely done and really offered me such an interesting insight into the thestral's mind. I thought you did a really good job with it, and really captured the essence of the thestral as a caring and beautiful magical creature. I also loved your characterisation of Luna and Dean as I felt it was so spot on. I can just imagine Dean's hesitation and Luna's encouragement, and the way the two were portrayed was very realistic and believable. I loved how, despite the sad tones to it with Dean's loss, it was ultimately a 'happy' ending, in that they reach a comfortable place to start the healing process. Really nicely written!

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hi Charlotte! Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm so happy you enjoyed the story. I was in the mood for something a little otherworldly, and writing from the creature's point of view seemed like a good way to accomplish that with the prompt. Thestrals have always been fascinating to me (and I'm sure a lot of other Potterheads would agree), and I wanted to bring out a caring side to them that people might not expect. I always imagined thestrals to be sensitive creatures, kind of like unicorns.

Luna seems like she would be the perfect person to help people heal after the war. And I can never resist a chance to throw a dash of Dean/Luna into a story :) I'm happy you liked them!

Thank you so much for the lovely review, Charlotte! I really appreciate your time and feedback :)


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Review #7, by MischiefNotQuiteMannaged Quiet Man

8th July 2014:
It's interesting to read about this interaction from the Thestrals perspective. Its desire to comfort Dean and help him come to terms with all he has witnessed, is touching.

I enjoyed the interaction between Dean and Luna. I've always felt that Luna would have played a large role in people's emotional recovery after the War, and I think you've captured this perfectly.

You opened my eyes to Thestrals, they aren't creatures of death, but ones of hope and healing.

House Cup 2014 Review!

Author's Response: Hi, and thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed my take on the thestral's voice. I did want to surprise people with this story, and give the thestral a hopeful outlook. You expressed it perfectly; I wanted it to be a creature of hope, especially since it has such a close association with death. I wanted to show that things don't always have to be as bleak as they seem :) And I also agree with you about Luna. I always thought that she would have the ability to help a lot of people heal.

Thank you so much for your time, and your kind words! I really appreciate it!


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Review #8, by DracoFerret11 Quiet Man

6th July 2014:
Hello there! This is Ravenclaw DarkRose from the forums here to review for you for the House Cup 2014! :D So, let's go over things:

Wonderful Line: Sometimes when a story has a line that I really love, I like to point it out to the author. In this case, it's where you wrote, "The black sky takes us both into its embrace, a backdrop for the girl who cannot blend." That was stunning, and I really loved getting into the story with that image.

Plot: What an interesting story! I love that you narrated it through the point of view of the thestral. I wouldn't have thought to do that, but you really did it justice. I love the idea of Luna showing Dean the thestrals and trying to help him heal. The after-war period is one that really fascinates me, and I really liked how you interpreted it. (I should definitely read more stories from that time-period.)

Characterization: Great job with Luna and Dean. Both of them seemed very canon to me. The thestral here is what really stands out, though. You did a great job showing his/her feelings and thoughts. The details about how the thestral, Luna, and Dean moved were really great. I could see the entire interaction.

I think you did a great job with this prompt. Your descriptions and style leant themselves to this story, and I felt that I could connect with what was going on. Well done and good luck to Hufflepuff in the House Cup!

--Emily (House Cup 2014 Review)

Author's Response: Hi Emily! Thank you so much for the lovely review! I really appreciate you taking the time to come by :)

Aww, I'm so happy you liked that line! I loved it when it came to me, and I felt really excited when I was typing it. It was one of those moments where I just felt really proud of what I was writing, and I hope every writer knows that feeling :)

The thestral's voice just came out naturally. As you know, we didn't have a ton of time to do this challenge, so I just went with the first idea that came to mind. I love being able to incorporate Dean/Luna wherever possible (OTP probs, I guess :P), and given Luna's connection with thestrals this seemed like a sweet way to do it. I also really loved the idea of making the thestral a messenger of hope instead of fear.

I'm so, so glad you enjoyed this story! Thanks again for leaving such a sweet review, Emily! It's always great to hear from you :)


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Review #9, by HeyMrsPotter Quiet Man

6th July 2014:
Hi, Maggie! Long time no review ;)

One of the things I love so much about fanfiction is that every now and again I read stories that just completely take me by surprise. Never at any point during reading the HP series did I think, 'I know what I'd love, a story from the point of view of a Thestral' but here you've written one and I loved it!

You have some really beautiful description all the way through this. I love that Luna is referred to as Moon Girl, and this line here:
The young man is dark, though not as dark as I; the black sky takes us both into its embrace, a backdrop for the girl who cannot blend. Not only is this description amazing but it totally works as a Thestral's description. I'm in awe!

I really like how you've interpreted the magical creature prompt, and taken an animal who is associated with death and made it not at all scary. This was an excellent entry, Maggie :)

Dee -House Cup 2014 review.

Author's Response: DEE HI. It's so great to see you! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

I'm not even sure how this story even materialized, to be honest. I was in a Dean/Luna mood, and I thought thestrals might be a good vehicle to address the grief people would be feeling after the battle. And when I sat down to write it, the thestral was the one that spoke up to tell the story :)

Aw, I'm glad you liked that line, and the description in general! I wanted the thestral to sound sort of...formal, I guess? Definitely different from the way Dean or Luna would have described things. I'm actually really proud of the way the narration turned out, and it makes me so happy that you liked it too!

Thanks again, Dee, for an amazing review! I always love hearing from you :)


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Review #10, by Tainted Angel Quiet Man

1st July 2014:
It's very good. I liked the way you wrote this.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy that you liked it :)

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