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Review #1, by GehakeI I Promise I Don't Want You Dead

14th August 2014:
I really like you way of writing and taking it slow between the two. It makes the storyline more credible

Author's Response: Thank you ^^ It's hard for me, because I'm incredibly impatient, but relationships don't just spring out of the ground one day :) I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #2, by gryffindor_scarlet I Promise I Don't Want You Dead

12th August 2014:
I loved this chapter. I was actually saddened when I saw there wasn't another chapter. The Draco/Hermione interaction was spot on! I can't wait for the next chapter. Please update fast!

Author's Response: I'm working on it, I promise! School is just getting a bit hectic, is all (I wish I could type all day, but sadly I cannot). I'll get it up as soon as I can! Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Dragon Dancer The Meeting and a Secret

19th July 2014:
Okay chap 5 is now under my belt! :)
My guess for Ron: Well there is the obvious Lavender Brown, but then there are the not so obvious, I think maybe it could be Luna, cause I feel like she didn't tell Hermione the truth about Ron having a secret relationship because she is usually a very perceptive girl. Unless she didn't want to hurt Hermione. Nah it couldn't be, Ron had perfume from another girl on his shirt and Luna was with Hermione. Okay my second not so obvious choice would be... Pansy? lolz... go house unity? Then again she is usually overly obsessed with Draco so maybe not.
I just proved both my guesses wrong... silly me ;)
I can't wait to read chapter six! And I can't wait to see how you make Hermione find out. I've seen so many people do it differently that it's always a joy to see how people end up doing it.
Talk to you chapter 6!

Author's Response: Yeah, I've been toying around with a few ideas, but Lavender may be spared, simply because she seems to always be one of the more obvious ones... I've been doing some research into other Gryffindor ladies. I'm working with a few ideas about Chapter 6, and just how she'll find out, and I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story

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Review #4, by Dragon Dancer Unexpected, and Unwelcome News

18th July 2014:
okay I've read chapters 3 and 4. Out of those two, I liked when Draco was with the Threstles, it proves ( at least to me ) that he is an animal lover, also my reasoning why Crookshanks likes him?
In this chapter I love when you make Draco do the one-eyebrow lifting face, haha I always do it with him. It makes me feel silly and special. ;)
Onward to chapter 5, which is currently the next update, so please keep writing!!! I'm not usually the type to review every chapter but for you I will try seeing as no one else is trying. Talk to you for chapter 5!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! And I have a habit of having some characters with the ability of the one-eyebrow lifting thing, but I decided Hermione wouldn't be able to, because I thought it would be something that would annoy her in the story (and I don't have that ability either). I blame Ranger's Apprentice for my obsession with the expression, though. As for why Crookshanks likes him, you'll find out later on :D

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Review #5, by Dragon Dancer At the Burrow

18th July 2014:
Nice chapter. I have a bad feeling about Ron though. ( of course ) I feel like maybe Hermione got the wrong impression of what Ron was trying to tell her about his feelings. Just a guess, but a very prominent one.
Next up chapter 3!! :)

Author's Response: Very perceptive, and your concerns are later confirmed, as you've found out ^^

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Review #6, by Dragon Dancer Goodbyes and French Toast

18th July 2014:
lolz I guess word count helps!!! :) I love that you made Hermione show a more creative side to her, and hope that it appears in the later chapters. Maybe a "heart to heart" situation with Draco at some point? Anyway that's only a thought. I can't wait to read the other chapters and can't wait to review back with those ones!

-Dancing Dragon

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked Hermione's artsy side, and a "heart to heart" with Draco is on my agenda of things to come :3

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Review #7, by Carissa The Meeting and a Secret

17th July 2014:
So good! I love how you're making Hermoine slightly more open and free and not as strict, but you're keeping her canon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, that makes me incredibly happy ^^ I'm working on the next chapter as we speak, or rather, type, and hopefully I'll have it up to my standards soon!

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Review #8, by Draco0797 Strange Moods and a Missing Cat

1st July 2014:
Ah you're such a good writer I'm honestly disappointed that when I finished this chapter there wasn't another one to great my arrow. whatever you better update soon.. please :) I would like to know what is going to happen I'm rather impatient.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks, and as soon I get back to my computer I'll get started on the next chapter, which is already near halfway done ^^

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Review #9, by Tainted Angel At the Burrow

30th June 2014:
I could definitely feel the emotions. Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: My face just lit up into a smile. I love reviews so much, and it is making my sunburn just a bit easier to deal with

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Review #10, by Tainted Angel Goodbyes and French Toast

30th June 2014:
I found this very interesting.

Author's Response: Because I felt the need to reply to this one as well :)

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