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Review #1, by simplelullaby Ten Minutes

20th August 2014:
Hey! It's simplelullaby, here to do another review for the August review exchange. Another brilliant one shot, and because the other was so different it highlighted how your style can change for whatever suits. As a writer who struggles to change my "voice" when writing, I have to say I'm quite jealous!

But again you managed to create such an effective scene in so little words. Your opening lines were particularly great, I loved that line "it seemed extremely capable of hurtling an otherwise mild-mannered person into a claustrophobic fit. It did very well to establish the scene, and in just one line! Brilliant!

Regulus will always have a soft spot in my heart, poor soul got in too deep and couldn't get back out, so I'm happy to see a portrayal of him that isn't so black (*elbows you* gettit?) and actually quite human. I also liked that you chose Narcissa to be the one to come find them, and that they shared a close relationship - a new headcanon for me!

It was just so different from your other one-shot, but the change is so seamless...just oh my God can I have your writing talent? I love the way you write, the way you pop in little bits and pieces here and there, little throwaway details like the "frosted windows blurring the mass of bodies," or "wade through the sea of fortune-hunting damsels," it's just really original phrasing which creates some pretty funny images in my head (Regulus literally having to wade through a sea of screaming women!). Anyway, what I'm trying to say in a very rambly way is you're doing it right! I did notice a couple of typos on my way through, but to be honest seeing as I can't even remember them now they can't have been THAT bothersome.

So yeah, another great one-shot! Completely different from the one I reviewed before, but still great!

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Author's Response: Hello again!

Hm, the only bit of advice that I can offer on changing 'voice' is to really invest into your different character's mindsets (i.e. if you're writing about Regulus Black, envision what it's like to be Regulus, in his situation, and how you/he would react thusly. Erm...become the character?) The rest of the narration should follow through. Or maybe that's just what works for me...

I HAD to write a Regulus story something like this, because I kind of have a soft spot for him as well. Due to the limitations of my narration in a different story that has Regulus, because he's not playing a major role at the moment, he's fairly I had to redeem him ^.^. Regulus/Narcissa is my one of my favorite brOTPs :).

*Blush* With all the compliments! Haha, thank you, but from what I've gathered from just reading an introduction of yours, you are very talented with your writing ability.

Thanks so much!


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Review #2, by maskedmuggle Ten Minutes

10th July 2014:

I really enjoyed reading this story! I really liked the friendship you chose to portray - Narcissa and Regulus. I've never, ever thought about them as being friends, but I'm so glad you've opened my mind to it, because this was so realistic, so believable and you really showed what great friends they were. Your characterisation of both of them was fantastic, and the dialogue between them was written really well. I loved how both of them had a bit of doubt about it all, but Narcissa's "We were born to uphold these beliefs." encapsulated perfectly both of their lives. Really great idea for this story, and I also liked the setting of it as happening at Bellatrix's wedding. This was a really well written story :)

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey there,

I'd been working with the story for a bit, and originally intended for Regulus and Lucius to be close friends. Ultimately, it turned out that Narcissa's character was much more receptive of concerns and fears than Lucius'.

Thanks so much for the lovely review!


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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 Ten Minutes

9th July 2014:
Regulus and Narcissa. There's a pair of friends that I never thought about before!

Regulus seems very reluctant to get on board with the Death Eaters' cause, which is good. It definitely foreshadows his later betrayal of Voldemort, so it's awesome that you put that in the story.

But he's being all moody and isn't any fun, so he takes his moping outside. I'm glad he has Narcissa to save him before he drowns in his gloomy thoughts. :) But the fact that Narcissa doesn't fully agree with the cause is interesting to me. I can definitely see it--she maybe only went along with the pureblood mania because of her love for Lucius.

Another great story, with yet another intriguing perspective of characters that I don't think about a lot. :D

House Cup 2014 Review


Author's Response: And hello again.

Regulus and Narcissa. Originally, the story was meant to be a Regulus and Lucius friendship, but Narcissa's character catered more towards the tender and understanding side of the story that Lucius' character just couldn't.

This was another fun avenue to explore...HC was a time for firsts and experimentation for me, and it was all fun to explore.



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Review #4, by evil little devil Ten Minutes

9th July 2014:
You really do have a gift for diving straight into a character's perspective really convincingly. You made Regulus and Narcissa both come to life. I could feel all of his anxieties pouring off the page, and the relief he began to feel as Narcissa made him feel better.
This was a very interesting friendship to write! Regulus definitely would have needed someone when Sirius left, I can imagine that he would have taken that really hard - particularly as it's not like his fundamental beliefs differ from Sirius', it's just that he's younger and it's harder for him, and he's not willing to part from his family just yet. You really set him up very well to be the man that would end up quietly giving his own life for no sort of glory whatsoever in order to stop Voldemort. I think you also set Narcissa up very well for her position in that world, her adherence to family, and tradition, and yet her love for those closest to her meaning more than any of that.
This was really lovely, and a very enjoyable read!

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: I had been playing with Regulus' character in a different story, so I had a preconceived perception of how I wanted him to be portrayed, though this portrayal is almost the exact opposite of how I'd been portraying him. (Which was refreshing.)

I wanted to capture exactly that with the friendship -- someone to simply be there for him, no matter what. Originally, I had planned on using Lucius, but Narcissa's character definitely caters to this role more.

Thanks for another fantastic review!


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Review #5, by ohmymerlin Ten Minutes

7th July 2014:
Aw, Rumpel!

This was such a sweet story! I think you've really captured Narcissa's and Regulus' personalities and I'd never really thought of them being that close as cousins but you pulled it off! I loved the way you wrote Regulus, he's such a sweetheart and the poor guy seems so sad! I guess he would be seeing as his whole family is a bit insane and the only normal one ran away but still! It's not fair for him to be so sad! D':

I liked the connection between the two and I loved their dialogue and interaction. It was very sweet and it really showed that they were related and genuinely enjoyed each others presence :)

I think this was such a lovely one-shot! I really loved reading it! Great work! ♥

- Kayla :)

House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hello, hello :).

Initially, I was planning on using a friendship with Lucius and Regulus, but Narcissa's character really was better to flesh out Regulus' concerns about the future. It's actually quite funny, in my Marauder's story, Regulus' character doesn't reflect this Regulus' characteristics, though I'd like him to develop to this point eventually.

Thanks so much for all of the reviews -- they were fantastic!


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