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Reading Reviews for The Great Battle
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by love23 The Great Battle

4th September 2007:
i luved this story
-u shold really contiue it
-it was really jus really great

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Review #2, by HermionePotter The Great Battle

21st January 2006:
I like it, but what happened to Dumbledor?

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Review #3, by Hayley The Great Battle

29th December 2004:
u made me cry that was amazing!

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Review #4, by Busted4rmBritian Girl The Great Battle

30th August 2004:
I'm not really into the whole Harry and Hermione thing, but I love your stories. They are really well written. And I hate Bush too, but he isn't Hitler.

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Review #5, by Heat The Great Battle

16th September 2003:
O man was that sad. I really thought you were going to kill Hermione. I'm soooo glad you didn't! This is a really good story, keep going with it!

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Review #6, by AQSB10 The Great Battle

12th September 2003:
I really liked it, especially the 'miricle' part, cause that means its God and not just magic. I don't know if you ment for it to be that way, but it was good. Keep it up!

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Review #7, by harry\'sgalfriend The Great Battle

21st August 2003:
sob, sniff, omigod, that was so good i almost cried...thanks so much that u didn\'t let hermione die forever, i\'d have flamed u! write some more stories quick and spread some fluffy action joy around!

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Review #8, by prue The Great Battle

20th August 2003:
GREAT STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD,BUT ITS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S.PLEASE READ SOME OF MY STORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #9, by Sujnoimu The Great Battle

19th August 2003:
Awesome. I really loved it. You should write more.

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Review #10, by ILUVDRACO The Great Battle

17th August 2003:
That was soooo sweet and sad at the same time i was crying the whole time

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