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Review #1, by daliha Together

12th October 2015:
I can still feel my heart breaking after reading this one-shot. I love the Prewett brothers. Their characters are so rarely explored in fan fiction. Great job on this one-shot!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #2, by LadyL8 Together

22nd August 2015:
Hello Rose.


So I canít believe I never read this story. Where in the world was I when the 2014 HC was going on? I shouldíve read this, and I donít know why I never did. But better late than never, right?

I love the Prewett brothers, and I always love reading stories about them. But thereís not really that many stories to choose between, and thatís sad cause I think theyíre really interesting characters. But I feel like people that do write about them tend to make them too much like Fred and George. But I donít feel like you did. Theyíre alike sure, but you can still see some differences there. And I loved that, because all twins arenít necessarily the same, you know. And they werenít here; there were some small differences.

Iíve always liked the relationship them and their sister. Molly called her twin Fred and George, thus using the same first letter as the name of her twin brothers. So I feel like she mustíve been really close to them, loved them a lot. And she mustíve taken their deaths hard, but thereís not nearly enough fanfics about it. I enjoyed them using magic against her, and the way she reacted to it. Sheís adorable, and you can see that while her brothers might annoy her, she also loves them a lot. And they love her enough to willingly fight the death eaters to keep her safe, and thatís says a lot about their relationship.

I love the ending. Itís great to see them together till the actual end, death. Iím not a twin, but Iíve always believed the bond between twins is special. Itís even stronger than the relationship you have other siblings, like stronger than the close one I have my three sisters. And I canít imagine how it must feel like if you lose your twin and have to carry on living alone, so Iím happy in a way that they died together. But sad at the same time, of course.

Now, I love you told the story. I quickly fell in love with the twins and their close bond, and I just liked seeing them gradually get older but still staying together until the end.

So yeah, good job!

Lots of Love


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Review #3, by SunshineDaisies Together

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 Hufflepuff

PREWETT FEELS. I absolutely love the Prewett brothers, and you never get to see them in fic. I love what you've done with them here. They fit into the idea we have of them from their nephews, but aren't carbon copies of Fred and George. I love the sync they have with each other, and the repetition of "until the end," just tore at my heart. The end really struck a chord after that, especially with both of them knowing the fight was already lost.

"They fought like heroes," rings so true.

And now I'm sad. :(

Author's Response: Ahh! thank you so much for the wonderful review!! I really loved writing about these two and am glad you enjoyed their short story. Making them different from Fred and George definitely seemed like a must - I'm happy you saw that too. It's really awesome that this struck a chord with you!!


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Review #4, by tangledconstellations Together

20th June 2015:
Reviewing for Ravenclaw, for the House Cup 2015

Oh man,

All the feels right here :( Apart from this wanting to make me curl up into a ball for a little while, this was so amazing. This was really special, and you've managed to propel two characters we don't know a lot about into heroes. This was such a pleasure to read, and I think it was most especially effective because of your fantastic writing and the way you split it into parts. These were just snapshots into moments of unity, but they really emphasised the feeling of family, and how important it is to them. I guess that's something Molly continues to uphold, and the comparison between Fabian and Gideon, and Fred and George, ugh it just broke my heart. It was so beautiful!

I really liked the way each snapshot took us somewhere new. The Quidditch fight was lively and vibrant and make me think back to the book series, with Harry at school. Seeing Fred and George as kids was really nice, and gave me this fuzzy nostalgic feeling and a general feeling of absolute love for the Weasley's. But the thing that got to me was definitely the last one - the way these two brothers care for their family so much and they'd die to protect their sister. As soon as they death eaters mention her, the gloves are off. Just - perfect. This was perfect.

Laura xxx

Author's Response: Laura!!

It means so much to me that this had an impact on you and (even though it's mean) that you wanted to curl up for a bit. I'm glad the short sections were effective - it didn't feel like I was giving the story much when I was writing it. It's so exciting that the themes stood out to you while reading this. :'( Fred and George's scene was a bit sad to write - though I ultimately thought it was nice they got to know their nephews pretty well.

I think them mentioning Molly was the only way to get Fabian and Gideon to go down like they did. It's desperately sad to think she might never have known they died for her. :(

Thank you so much for a fabulous review!


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Review #5, by krazyboutharryginny Together

20th June 2015:
Hey Rose. Here for the Amazing Race review battle from 2015's House Cup! Go go Gryffindor!

I've never read a story about Gideon and Fabian before, but I figured I'd give it a shot. I'm really glad I did - this story is nicely written and showcases their relationship perfectly. I like the repetitive structure of it, where they keep saying the same two lines. I thought it really highlighted that they were always there for each other, no matter the circumstance. I also enjoyed how you managed to fit in their relationship with Molly - that they teased her, but would stick up for her if anyone else did it.

The idea of a Quidditch scrimmage was a really creative one that I was impressed by. I'm sort of glad that McGonagall caught them, though, because it was getting really out of hand!

My favourite part was definitely when the two of them were babysitting Fred and George. It was so adorable and highlighted the similarities between the two sets of brothers.

I think that this story is really well written and I enjoyed it a lot! Great job!


Author's Response: Kayla!!

Thank you so much for a lovely review! I had a limited word count for this so repition was very helpful in giving them a sense of character. Showcasing more lighthearted moments from growing up and early adulthood was very important to me so I'm glad that was impactful to you as a reader.

Haha, it was getting a bit out of hand. I can imagine McGonagall was quite outraged at them too.

I'm so happy you liked the scene with Fred and George! It was certainly a favorite of mine to write.

Thanks again!


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Review #6, by bittersweetflames Together

20th June 2015:
First off, I love the tone of this fic. This is my very first time reading a fic about Gideon and Fabian, which is a shame, really. They'd always struck me as a lovely pair of brothers - best friends and companions till the end. You managed to really show that here. That they obviously loved and cherished one another is very obvious. I'll talk about every bit of those moments.
First, as boys and teasing Molly. OMG, this really struck a chord in me. I have two older brothers as well and while we didn't really have magic (or snow, even) they would do EXACTLY as Gideon and Fabian did. I never felt safe. -looks around corner.- Then the Hogwarts scene. HAHAHA, I would never have expected one of them would be a prefect. That teasing at the end was just really funny and I could just about feel the exasperation but, of course, the love.
My favorite was the next scene. I really enjoyed the uncles bonding with their nephews. You can see how they felt when they were thinking the young twins were just like them. It was probably a moment of pride and how, if I were Molly, I'd probably have a lot of fear as well. Then the end. Of course, canon-wise we know what happened so my heart breaks but that you would write it just this way was beautiful. They died fighting and they died together and while it would have been better all around had they not died, if they had to go this was the most beautiful way for them to go. And I'm sure they preferred it as well.

Just really lovely. Thank you.

House Cup 2015 Amazing Race Part 2, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Carlalalalalala!

Thank you so much for this awesome review!! :D:D:D:D Writing about Gideon and Fabian was very very fun (and heartbreaking). I'm so happy it felt like a genuine sequence of events with brotherly feels throughout.

haha, your brothers sound kind of awesome. Though, feeling safe is important. I thought making one of them a prefect would be an interesting twist - especially as it's something Fred and George would never aspire to. I'm sure they saw a lot of Fred and George in themselves and felt an amount of pride in that. I couldn't imagine them going any other way - with each other and defending their family (even if it was from afar).

Thank you again for a lovely review!


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Review #7, by Unicorn_Charm Together

20th June 2015:
Ok let me rush this part out and get it over with before I begin to sob.
Hi Rose! Gryffindor (just in case you didn't know) House Cup '15 Amazing Race Review. Ok done.

Rose. :'( Why you make such sad stories. In barely over 1,000 words, you made me feel so much!

Gideon and Fabian were so cute in the beginning, with Molly and the snowballs. I love how Molly immediately told on them for using magic. And their mother coming out, half angry/half amused reminded me just a bit of Molly. Kind of a "ah, I see where she gets it" moment. :)

I really liked the bit with the Quidditch. I liked it because, they were a bit Fred and George-ish, but to make Fabian a Prefect, you didn't just make them carbon copies of their nephews, like I've seen done in fic. They really were their own persons, but still had qualities of their relatives.

Which brings me to the following section. This part really tore me up. Not only did you have Gideon and Fabian playing around with the twins, you had Fred as the main twin here. So that's just three people that I know are going to die. :'( *wails* I adored how they ran off to give them lessons on trouble making. XD

Ugh the ending! How they just seemed to know, but also knew they had to do what they could to protect their family. I can't. I just can't.

And then those repeated lines of "until the end" and "together." Rose? *sniffle* Why?

This was another wonderful piece of writing from you. Seriously, you never disappoint. Just spectacular, my dear. Great job!! ♥

Tons of love,

Author's Response: Meg!!

It's my job to make people feel sad heartache! Even in just over 1000 words.

Writing them as younger kids was a lot of fun. I imagined them just learning the levitate stuff at school and taking that to start teasing Molly. :D :D

I really didn't want them to be carbon copies of Fred and George - what a let down that would be. I see them as more differentiated twins with less of a generalized desire to prank people.

I didn't even mean for the playing with fred and george to cause feels!! It was just a bit for them to ahve fun and see the two groups of twins together (but, I did like seeing that it got you emotional).

The ending wasn't fun. I greatly dislike that they died but I wanted to give them a death wit meaning.

Thank you for a fab review!!


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Review #8, by TreacleTart Together

25th March 2015:
Hi Rose,

I'm here for our most recent review swap!

I've never read anything about Gideon and Fabian before, so I was really interested to see what you did with them. I love the bond you've created for them. It's something we see in Fred and George in the books as well. Watching their childhood mischief transition into adult problems was quite nice, if not a bit heartbreaking.

I also really liked how their relationship with Molly grows in the story as well. They go from tormenting her as a child, to defending her honor as a teenager, to defending her life as adults. They are exactly as big brothers should be towards their little sisters.

I do have to tell you that the ending really crushed me. I mean, I know what the end of their story line is in cannon, but somehow I had hoped we weren't going to get all the way too that point. I should've known better. After all of the sweet innocent snippets of their youth, this particular moment is very powerful.

Another very nice story. This one is particularly awe inspiring because it's so complete with so few words!

Thanks for another lovely swap!


Author's Response: Kaitlin!!

To be honest, I haven't read many stories about them either. I liked them being slightly different versions of Fred and George (but I did try to not make them exactly the same as they'd be boring).

Molly always seemed to be quite broke up by her brothers' deaths so it felt right to make her close to them through their childhood and early adult life. It was hard for me to imagine anyone they'd be sooner to die for than Molly.

Writing the end of this was very difficult for me - I hated getting to know them only to see them die so fast. I want to write more about them.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review and kind words!!


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Review #9, by BellaLestrange87 Together

4th February 2015:
This is for the Blue vs Bronze review battle (and I wanted to thank you for that awesome review) *insert that heart emoji thingy here* And I think I've already read this, but I didn't leave a review :( - I'm making up for it now.

This was really sad and really cute at the same time. I've never really thought much about Fabian and Gideon Prewett - so much that I misspelled their names three times trying to type this - goes to show how much I like reading about minor characters! (Well, I do, just some of them tend to get ignored.)

I thought the first section was really cute. Knowing what happens to them, it's sort of bittersweet, but I really enjoyed a look at how they were (mischievous) older brothers, and getting to see a look at how Molly was as a kid was really nice. I liked how they were teasing her, like Fred and George teasing Ron. I'm thinking that the names matching - Fabian and Fred and Gideon and George - was intentional on Molly's part as a way of remembering her brothers.

The section section, I think, was the cutest. Seeing them, mischief makers that you've established them to be, hiding from their nephews because babysitting is hard made me laugh. Also, the part about how they were teaching Fred and George how to misbehave made me laugh. They had to have got it from somewhere.

I think I remember reading somewhere (on the forums, I think) where you said that your goal was to break as many people's hearts with this as possible. I'm not 100% sure if that's an accurate description of what you meant to do, but it's an accurate description of what happened to me. They were so happy. Why did they have to die. (And yes, I know you didn't kill them, but still.) I loved how protective they were of Molly, when the Death Eaters threatened Arthur. And then you had to do THAT. "Until the end."

I did notice one typo - Gideon lost some of the color in his face at this threat. He thought of his sister and nephews, knowing that neither he nor his brother could bear the thought them in danger. - could bear the thought of them in danger

Much as it saddened me, I really enjoyed this one-shot. You need to write more so when I catch you in BvB I don't have to reread stuff or review old stuff that was written years ago. Please? (How about that Lily/Lorcan novella you were planning? I'm looking forward to that!)


Author's Response: Olivia!!

I"m really glad that I got you to read about them a bit more and have to experience feels for them. :D :D

Fred and George were about 7 or so when Fabian and Gideon died so their being namesakes was out of Molly being close to her brothers instead of being sad. I like to think she was quite close to them growing up and missed them terribly after their deaths.

Babysitting was certainly a frequent thing for Fabian and Gideon but I don't think that made it easier (especially when they had 5 nephews to deal with). It's fun to think of them passing the mantle to Fred and George though.

I do like to hit people in the feels ^_^ and I'm quie glad it happened to you. Mainly it's nice to know my writing could have an impact on other people aaand I'm also vindictive.

I haven't ben able to write much new stuff but I do really want to work on the Lily II novel. Soon! (ish) I promise (kind of).

Thank you for a wonderful review!!


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Review #10, by AdinaPuff Together

26th January 2015:
Review swap!

Awe this was such a sweet one shot! I love Fabian and Gideon stories. They're exactly like the twins, which makes me so sad all of the time. I'm sure Molly thinks of them a lot, especially watching Fred and George grow up. It must have been really hard on her.

You told their stories perfectly. They became more and more mature, yet still mischievous at the same time. Picking on Molly grew to defending Molly which grew to fighting for Molly, and everyone else they love. It was a perfect sequence of stories.

Wonderful little one shot! They always make me happy and sad and hit me with all the feels. Great job! Loved it. :D

-Leigh x

Author's Response: Leigh!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!! This was my first time writing about them and it was both exhilerating and devastating. It seemed very fitting for me that Molly would be a key figure in their lives as she was so devastated by their deaths.

hehe, I'm definitely glad to have hit you with feels in this. :D


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Review #11, by Diogenissa Together

26th January 2015:
Greetings and saluations Rose! Tis I here for our swap! :D

First, I chose this story because not only do I love minor characters but stories regarding family.

And I'm glad I did! I absolutely LOVED this! You take us through four very important points on the twins' lives from their boyhood to their hard-fought battle with the Death Eaters. I enjoy just how you show that over all that time just how strong their love and relationship grows and becomes. Truly amazing:

Snowballs--alright after I read it for some reason Fred and George came to mind IMMEDIATELY *laughs* as that most certainly sounds like something they would do! That whole scene was just too amusing--poor Molly!

Quidditch--YES--QUIDDITCH! This is the 2nd story I've read with an actual Quidditch scene and I'm growing to love them very much and I could visualize the entire thing as it was going on--very very awesome! I also really like how you showed how they defend Molly :) . It also reminded me of the very real truth 'no-one picks on my little brother/sister but me!' (being a middle sister I understand this to a small degree).

Fred/George--YES! This was very cute, wonderful and playful! I could not help but see all the parallels between both sets of twins, especially at the end where they 'give them pointers on misbehaving', like a passing on of the mantle (and had me thinking 'So THAT is where they got it--must be a family thing *lol*).

However this line just tickled me to no end: 'ďNah, thatís just your aftershave theyíre noticing,Ē Gideon teased. ' Solid gold!

Death Eaters--This rounds out the entire story nicely. There aren't really any words to describe just how powerful it is. I felt (literally FELT) nothing but shivers as I read through it. That ending--bringing it all to a head and completely full circle, the parallel between their mantra and the (unfortunately) literal fact is just---*shudder* WOW!

Overall absolutely BEAUTIFUL--you painted an intense story over how the twins' mantra has carried them throughout all of their lives, from the boys they were to the men they became, men who fought for a most noble cause and something they were ready to die for, making their life statement all that much more powerful. This was very well done and I could visualize the whole thing as it was happening and you captured just how the power of love, particularly of family and being twins, carried them through, and provided them with the strength and courage they needed when they needed it most wonderfully!

Thank you so much for a wonderful story as well as for the swap--I really enjoyed it and I hope that we can do another sometime!

Karen :-)

Author's Response: Karen!!

I can't tell you how awesome this review is and how much I love reading it over and over. :D *hug*

I got inspiration for the snowball thing from Fred and George - how they made snowballs hit Quirrell in the turban in Harry's first year. :D :D I thought of either Fabian and Gideon telling them about it and them remembering or Molly bringing it up.

I'm not a fan of writing Quidditch scenes so I'm really really glad you liked this. It isn't something I consider a strong point (action and description) so it's very very nice to hear this was easy to visualize. They really have a protective side about Molly (which is a huge theme for this story even).

When I was writing this, I did some math on how old the Weasley kids would have been and Bill, Charlie, Percy, and the twins would have known Fabian and Gideon quite well. I like to think they were involved in their nephews' lives until the first war got extremely busy.

Writing the death eater scene was so emtionally tough - especially when I consider how it impacted Molly for the rest of her life. It was alost too fitting to give them a mantra that went with their deaths as well as their lives. I'm really so glad you liked that (it's always really incredible for me when someone sees and appreciates a theme like that)

Thank you for the wonderful review!!

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Review #12, by Ydnas Odell Together

24th January 2015:
This in an interesting idea, well thought out and executed and it feels plausible. I have a real sense of the personality of the Prewett brothers and I like the repeated theme, However, you do have a glaring typo in the first sentence: 'bows' when you meant 'boys'.

Author's Response: Hi!!

Thank you so much for stopping by with a review! I'm really happy they came across with their own personalities in this - especially as it's quite short. eep, I'll get on fixing that typo!


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Review #13, by ReeBee Together

10th January 2015:
I should've known this was going to make me emotional! I swear tht I knew that this was going to end in their deaths but I just can't deal!!! AHHH!! Anyway. Onto the review!!

Plot: okay so cute. Like the innocence evolving and AH. I can't even. Just how two beautiful boys died :( I love their likeliness to Fred and George! And omg how you brought Molly into the plot killed even more! The fact that they in the end decided to go and fight the losing battle for their sister! And the inclusion of Fred and George and how they teach them how to misbehave. It's all too perfect oh why oh why did they have to die!!!

Characterisation: like I said, I LOVE the comparison to feed and George and how they realise that they are extremely similar! It's amazing! And it's sort of sad because I couldn't help thinking how they died together but later, George has to deal with Fred's death and that bought on even more intense feelings :(

Description: okay it's not fair that you're so talented at this and literally just put our emotions through this huge emotional roller coaster :( like why!! But it's so so amazing. I think description aided the plot perfectly! I love the description in the first snap shot- with the snowball fight. It's adorable!

Anyway, thanks for the review swap Rose! Write more like this it kills me!

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Curie!!

I can't quite get over how awesome your review is!! Thank you so much!! As my first Prewett brother story I didn't expect it to be quite so moving. Bringing Molly in was a must for me - i'm so glad you liked her involvement. I almost wrote a one-shot about how much the twins reminded Molly of her brother and helped her process her grief but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I was trying to make them 75% similar to Fred and George but it is sad to think of this set of twins dying together and the others not. :( hehe, I'm really glad this was a roller coaster for you. :D

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Review #14, by marauderfan Together

9th January 2015:
For our swap!

This was really sweet. Fics about the Prewett brothers are rare, and I love the way you wrote them here, as well as the family dynamics in general. Especially how they care about Molly. Like any brothers, they tease her a lot, but they are the ONLY ones allowed to do so and if some Slytherin or a Death Eater says something about her, then they stand up for her no matter what. I just really loved the whole family relationship.

I like that they have a lot of similarity to Fred and George, but aren't too similar. I mean, Fabian was a Prefect ;) but they still stick together, finish each other's sentences, and have a sense for mischief. The scene with them and young Fred and George was really sweet :D

And the last scene aaah! So sad, but of course it had to be this way :( And that they died to protect Molly. I wonder if she ever knew. So much love for the Prewett brothers right now.

The way the "together... until the end" and the "I didn't think it'd end like this" repeated through the whole fic had this lovely cohesive element that tied all these little snapshots together, and ascribed a different meaning to those words ever time, which I thought was impressive. At first, they get in trouble together until the end of their mischief, then they didn't expect their Quidditch scrimmage to end in the loss of so many points, then Fred and George found them. And the last one was just heartbreaking because they know the end is coming, and it's the END end, it's kind of like their way of saying goodbye as they support each other in this battle. But they do expect how it's going to end this time. Gah :'(

This was really well written and such a good fic, I loved it! Great work, Rose!

Author's Response: I'm always glad when people say this isn't something they've seen a lot of. Writing the Prewett brothers did feel like opening up a new part of the HP world that I hadn't seen before. Molly is so into her own family that I imagined that started wtih her own brothers and how they treated her. :D

Making them too similar felt like cheating. Having them wtih some overlap was kind of a fast way to make them but I wanted to have some familiarity for people. I couldn't resist writing about them with Fred and George.

Phrases are often contextual (hence the rise of "that's what she said" in pop culture). It's the circumstances that give words most of their meaning. The end was really hard for me to write. I just wanted to cocoon them in safety but couldn't.

thank you so much for a wonderful review!!


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Review #15, by maraudertimes Together

6th January 2015:
Hiya Rose! Thanks so much for the review swap!

OMG this was amazing! I don't read many Prewett brother fics, but this was amazing even so! Gideon and Fabian are so much like an older version of Fred and George, so I loved that you called the younger twins their proteges. It really worked with how you set everything else up.

I loved the little quips about being in it together until the end, even if it meant going up against their mother, the Slytherins, the Weasley bunch, or the Death Eaters. It really gave their brethrenship (not actually a word but ignore that) a new dimension and really helped developed their characters.

With such a sad but canon ending, I can neither be mad nor glad with you because you did what I loved - sticking to canon - but also you kind of killed them off (alluded to it anyways) - which makes me sad. :( You did amazing on this story Rose. I'm just so sad that they were together in their very early end because they should've lived longer. Excuse me while I cry...

No, but honestly, this was amazing and I'm so glad I got the chance to read this! Thanks for the swap!
Lo :)

Author's Response: Thank *you* for doing a review swap.

I haven't read a lot about them either so it was fun to jump into rather uncharted territory. I didn't want them to be exactly like Fred and George but just enough so that they were protoge-ish.

Having the phrase mean something different each time felt important to get the overarching changes in their lives. I'm so glad it built a deeper connection for you too.

I definitely blame the ending on JKR. I didn't want to write about them actually dying because :( I couldn't do it.

ah! I'm so happy you liked this. thank you for this awesome review!


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Review #16, by mymischiefmanaged Together

1st January 2015:
Hello! I'm here for our swap. I've chosen this one because the Prewett brothers are some of my favourites, and I absolutely love what you've chosen to do with them. The different extracts of their lives you've written fit really beautifully together to tell their story, but for the purpose of this review I'll talk about them separately.

The snowball fight is a lovely scene. I like the two of them going against Molly. It sets us up with this idea of them as a unit and a pair, rather than part of the group. Molly's telling of them is adorable, and in a strange way fits in very well with who we know she grows up to be. It's just sweet all round, and you've characterised their childhood very well.

And then in the next section they get into even more trouble for defending Molly rather than for attacking her, which is just perfect. I like how goodnatured they are about the fight, treating it as a bit of a joke even though there are obviously strong feelings involved. And I really like the difference in their responses to McGonagall. Fabian's obviously a little more reserved, and cares more about being told off. Gideon's more of a joker and reminds me of Fred and George. It's nice to treat them as separate people rather than giving them all the same characteristics.

The scene with Fred and George might be my favourite of them all. It's very bittersweet, this idea of them training up the little twins to be their successors, almost, especially because we know what lies ahead for Fred. It's beautifully written and very poignant, as well as being sweet and funny. Also I like how bit a part of their lives Molly is in all these scenes. She's in the background but they clearly adore her.

And then they eventually die for her, which is unbearably sad but does them justice as characters. I wonder if Molly ever knows they've died to protect her? You get the right balance of love and terror, and I'm glad you ended with Fabian's smile rather than with their deaths.

This is a really beautiful one shot. Thank you for the swap and for introducing me to the story!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hi Emma!!!

I'm so happy you picked this - and even more happy that you enjoyed it.

The snowball scene was meant to set the stage for how they are together. A unit and highly involved in Molly's life. I didn't think of Molly's telling on them as being similar to her as an adult but it fits very well.

You really nailed what I was doing with F&G here - making them constantly a part of Molly's life even when she wasn't physically there with them. They are very good natured, even with their tempers going.

I like to think that Fred and George wanted to be like their uncles and that Molly saw a lot of her brothers in the twins. Though it does break my heart when I see that meme about Molly never imagining her boys being separated (her boggart showed them dead together) just like her brothers were never separted.

I don't think Molly ever knew they died to keep danger from her. Or maybe she finds out and that pushes her and Arthur's loyalty to Dumbledore in the second war. I couldn't bring myself to show their deaths and a smile did feel much, much better.

Thank you for the lovely review!


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Review #17, by UnluckyStar57 Together

9th August 2014:
Oh no... This was so lovely and sad and sort of happy at the same time. I'm not sure which emotion I should pick! D:

Fabian and Gideon Prewett are really rare in fanfiction, but I love the way you've written their relationship. It would seem that they are similar to Fred and George, but not completely similar, which is really really good. Who wants to read about carbon copies of Gred and Forge? Not me!

So I really appreciated the fact that Fabian was the serious twin, the one with a prefect's badge. Gideon gave him a lot of grief for it, but Fabian obviously valued keeping the peace--though when taunts were aimed at him about his sister, he wasn't going to stand by and let it happen. :)

The vignettes that you chose to write were perfect. I like how you showed them in each situation, and how their "together until the end" thing took on new meaning each time. Actually, could you just write a novel about them soon? I want more! And I seriously love your writing style in this. :D

The one thing that I'm not sure about is the babysitting of Fred and George. I don't know for sure, but weren't Fabian and Gideon...*sobs* dead by then? I don't know, maybe there's nothing in canon about it, so you can take creative license (you can do that anyway, of course). However, it was a really enjoyable scene to read and the story was better for having it in there. :)

The end. *cries harder* They tormented Molly for her whole life, no doubt, but they died with the same mindset that they had on the Quidditch pitch--"no one messes with our little sister and gets away with it." Arrghh, I love the Prewett twins.

Please write more about them. Please please please?

~For the August BvB Review Battle~


Author's Response: hehe, I'm happy I caused a variety of feels.

I was going for a Fred and George-ish feel but didn't want to copy them exactly. They were to feel like protypes. I'm really happy they were nice to read. :D

Making Fabian slightly Percy-ish was part of my intention to make the set different from fred and george and to make him not the same as Gideon. Family (especially Molly) were very important to them.

I have plans to include them throughout other stories. If I ever write my NaNo idea from November. I like writing snippets like this though. it's fun.

Their phrase ate at me throughout this. It kept poking my feels and I'm glad it didn't become clunky. eee, I'm so happy you liked my writing in this!!

I was definitely inspired by the way Ginny's brothers treat her - they'd tease her to no end but would go to bat to defend her.

I will definitely include them in a short story collection I have teed up. I promise.

thank you os much for a lovely review!!!


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Review #18, by Pretense Of Perfection Together

28th July 2014:
Aw, what a poignant and bittersweet peek into the lives of the Prewett twins.

I always love reading about Gideon and Fabian, and you managed to capture their characters perfectly. I envision them to be a lot like Fred and George, finishing each other's sentences and being together through everything. I love how you really managed to show that, from their childhood until their deaths, and it's so sweet how they always says together until the end.

The pacing and plot were perfect, and I think you did a lovely job overall. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar errors, so awesome job there too!

I love reading stories that are written by author's out of their comfort zone, but I honestly never would've guess that was the case here. The writing flows naturally, and doesn't feel forced, and you paint such a beautiful picture. Amazing one-shot!!

Author's Response: Hi Fae!

Your review is so sweet! I'm quite happy you enjoyed this! :D

When I was writing Fabian and Gideon, I made a definite effort to make them similar to but not the same as Fred and George. Giving a lifelong view of their relationship felt like the best way to make their ending all the more difficult (for the reader).

I'm so thrilled that the story came through as well-paced. I was lucky enough to get a beta to look at this which I think helped with the typos.

Thank you so much for doing this challenge! I always like writing new eras, characters, and situations.


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Review #19, by jessicalorewrites Together

19th July 2014:
Hi! Here for the review swap :D

First off, bearing in mind you only gave me your author page, I just want to say I chose this fic because the Gideon/Fabian relationship has always intriguied me to no end but I've never properly made an effort to read any. So here I am!

My oh my they seem like little tricksters. Why am I not surprised? They always took me as the Fred and George of their own generation.

Wow, this oneshot kind of blew me away though. Especially with the repetition of "together" and "until the end." It tied all the different snapshots together seamlessly and shows that you put a lot of thought into the flow and how it would read.

CC (kind of): In the first line you write "the two small bows" -- typo? bows to boys? :p

But apart from that, this was amazing! Such an easy read, I didn't find myself stumbling over oddly worded sentences at all. Not only were your characters believable (and loveable) but well-fleshed out. And although there wasn't "plot" outright, it was a heart-warming (by the end... heart-wrenching) array of different moments in their lives.

I loved it!!


Author's Response: HI!!

I'm glad you picked this one! It's pretty new so I'm excited to get feedback on it. :)

Making them tricksters was a must but I didn't want them to be carbon copies of Fred and George but similar enough. I wasn't sure if giving them a catchphrase in such a short story would really work out - but I'm thrilled it did. I dunno, I liked hte evolution of circumstances in which they'd say it. THANKS FOR POINTING THAT OUT! :D

It makes me so happy this was an enjoyable read. I cranked it out kind of fast in an evening. It's a relief that they were well developed given the short story. I just wanted this to show moments of solidarity culminating in an ultimate moment of togetherness for them.

thank you for a spectacular review!


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Review #20, by Beeezie Together

9th July 2014:
Oooh. I remember making the banner for this and thinking that it sounded super interesting and that I should make a note to read it when I got a chance. I'm glad this decree gives me an excuse!

I love the way you use repetition here in such very, very different contexts. It really showed a lot of sides to Gideon and Fabian while keeping their relationship with each other relatively consistent and intact, and I loved that. I also loved what you showed of their relationship with their sister Molly - from it, I could really see the depths of her grief after they die and how hard it is for her to adjust. She might not have known it for sure - though I wouldn't put it past a Death Eater to mock her with it - but in a lot of ways, they really did die for her. They died for the cause, too, of course - but right then? It was out of love for their sister.

And that was heartbreaking and beautiful to me.

House Cup 2014 - Ravenclaw

Educational Decree #5

Author's Response: Hi!!

I've always wondered if people check a story out while they're doing banners. I think I'll have to make sure I include lots of details in the future. :D I'm glad it sounded interesting from the request and that it was a nice read for you.

You really picked out everything I was trying to do with them in this one-shot. Their relationship with Molly was a background narrative to this but it meant a lot to me. It was incredibly fun (then sad) to write about them at these various points in their life. I don't know if she found out that they died to protect her and her family but I imagine she knows they died for them in the larger "people who die in war do it for the safety of their loved ones" sense. I'm really glad you saw that it was their love for Molly that caused them to stay and fight.

Thank you for such a lovely review!!


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Review #21, by Veritaserum27 Together

9th July 2014:
Hi Rose!

I absolutely loved this story. Everyone always views Gideon and Fabian to be just like Fred and George, but you made their relationship so much deeper. They had silly times, serious time and sad times, but through it all, it was always the two of them. They had each other. I loved the moments that you chose to show - revealing bits of Molly's early life with Arthur and her boys. Those are moments that we rarely get to see. This was such a great story, I laughed, teared up and smiled at different points - at it was all within fifteen hundred words too! I also liked to see that they had a few moments with their (sort-of) namesakes - always love a good bit of little Fred and George!

House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree #5

Author's Response: Beth!!

I'm so happy you liked this story! I couldn't make them carbon copies (or originals) of Fred and George. It just didn't sit well with me. I'm thrilled that the moments captured their realtionship as well and also gave them depth. I did want to show their closeness with Molly too - I'm glad that panned out. I wrote another story where Fabian and Gideon interact iwth Molly, Bill, Charlie, and Percy. I think it's an interesting period to write about.

I can't tell you how excited I am that this caused a nice range of emotions for you!! It's always nice to be able to do that in such a short story.

Thanks for an awesome review!


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Review #22, by patronus_charm Together

9th July 2014:
Hey Rose!

No, no, no, no stop breaking my heart Rose I wonít allow it any more as itís just too sad and I canít deal with any more sadness I think it was the way Fabian and Gideon just worked together throughout and just knew each other inside out which is what did it for me as they were so close and were just clearly more than twins that in a way it was good they were together until the very end (loved the use of that!) so they were never separated because living on without the other would have been so sad, but then also it means no more of them. Wah, the comment about Molly being chubby was horrible though and I wanted to throw things then, because again so sad, but this silly task means I canít read anything happy now so Iíll just drown in the sadness of it all!

House Cup 2014 Review & Educational Decree #5

Author's Response: KIANA - I hate to say it but if you want me to stop breaking your heart, you'll have to stop with TR right away. just... yeah.

Fabian and Gideon were really fun to write - even with the super sad ending. I was so on the fence about whether their repeated phrase would work for this but it seems to have been good! I was kind of inspried by the DH pt2 scene with Fred and George as the battle approached when I came up with this idea for Fabian and Gideon. A few people reminded me that Molly's patronus was her twins dead together because he could never imagine them separated (quite like her brothers). But, yeah, thier defense of Molly when that jerk called her chubby was really fun. I dunno, I like to think they were close to her (why else would she be so torn up about their deaths). I hope you've recovered from the sadness of decree 5.



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Review #23, by HeyMrsPotter Together

3rd July 2014:
Hi, Rose!

When I read the summary for this I was really excited to read it, I love minor character stories and this is only the second I've ever read about Gideon and Fabien. I always imagined them to be similar in their personalities to Fred and George so the opening sentence immediately had me hooked.

I really love all of the characters and their interactions throughout this. Their mother telling them off reminded me so much of Molly, and I was all 'Oh, so THAT'S where Molly got it from' and then I realised it might not be because this is fanfiction (but that's totally a good reflection on your writing!) McGonagall was perfect, and I just adored that whole scene. It showed that although the boys are twins, they still have their own personalities- Fabian obviously being slightly more studious.

Their relationship with each other is just totally perfect. I think it could have been really easy for you to make them carbon copies of Fred and George, finishing each other's sentences and the like, but I'm really glad you didn't. It was lovely to see the way they grew with each other through the story in their interactions with different people, with Molly and their mum as youngsters, with their peers and teachers at school, and then as Uncles in adulthood (I think that was my favourite part!)

The ending was perfect. I mean, totally heartbreaking and killed my feels, but perfect nonetheless. A really great read, Rose. Thanls for requesting!

Dee :)

Author's Response: Dee!!!

I've peppered F&G in a few other fics but never as the MCs. They were a fun challenge to write. I did try to make them kind of similar to Fred and George (I lifted the snowball idea from them in the first book even).

Ah! I'm so glad you liked their mum and the other characterizations. I did use Molly as a mother to base their mother on. I loved writing McGonagall in this. I'm so happy their differences from one another stood out as important. I wanted to be somewhere in the middle of exactly the same in every way to not the same at all.

It means so much to me that their relationship came through strong throughout this. I was worried that it wasn't deep enough/was too shallow. I wanted them to be quite similar to Fred and George but with their own quirks. ha, yeah, I love hte idea of Fred and George learning from not just knowing their uncles but hearing about them after they died.

Yay for heartbreaking!! I plan on one day writing a story about Molly dealing with their deaths which should also be full of sad feels.

Thank you so much for an awesome review and for volunteering to look at people's stuff!


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Review #24, by kenpo Together

28th June 2014:

Deep breaths. Okay. This was a shocker. I forgot about this.

One thing. I think that Accio might not be the best spell there. Wouldn't you use expelliarmus?

Really, though... I don't much to say other than WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME? You enjoy it. I know that you do. When they're playing with Fred and George... ahals;djfa;lsdjf;saldkjf;oewaijf.

Pretty much all I can say is ;salkdfj;owiejf.

They were giving them pointers in misbehaving!!!

Ugh. People always post that thing about how the boggart turned into Fred and George dead TOGETHER, because she couldn't even imagine them separated, and she was probably picturing her brothers, wasn't she? They at least died together AND NOW I HAVE FRED FEELS, THANK YOU SO MUCH, ROSE.

I seriously don't understand how I managed to forget about this. That's what happens when I read fics in the middle of the night. (It's 3am... I guess I don't consider that the middle of the night...? I probably read this at like 8am, which is morning to normal people, but my middle of the night).

I've been noticing since I've been reading your stuff that you're always improving. You've always been totttallalallly fab, but things like your sentence structure and grammar have improved so much!

At the end, you say "Fabien went to open his mouth", and "went to open" just didn't fit very well into the rest of it, you know? You might want to see about making that fit in a bit better with the rest of the narrative.

Such a great, touching story, Rose. I'm a little bit happy that it doesn't count, because it would send me down one more step in the rankings.


Sorry. I can't write a review right now. You'll have to make this one suffice.

You're fantastic. I'll keep fangirling over PM.



THE FRED FEELS WERE ACCIDENTAL. I just wanted to give people the "aw, they got their rule breaking ways from their uncles" not "OMG THEY ALL DIED - EXCEPT FOR GEORGE." That was unexpected but still quite fun to get. :D

Um, I think I did accio instead of expelliarmus bcause... well, in the books disarming does a random assortment of things (blasts their wands away, causes it to fly towards the caser, pushes the people back, etc.) and I just wanted their mum to get the wands. I think with more experienced wizards, they'd have to use expelliarmus but with a kid accio might work just as well.

Ooh, yeah, I saw the boggart thing the other day (it made me cry a bit). I do think Molly saw a lot of her brothers in Fred and George (which could be why she wasn't *too* hard on them as kids).

!!I'm always happy to hear that my technical skillz are improving. I dunno if it'll sound big-headed but I've always thought I was a good story teller with not so great technical skills. *hug* Thanks for pointing that out.

I'll have to check out the went to open his mouth bit, it's not ringing any bells at the moment.

ha, your stories did quite well on their own. I'm not usually one to win competitions anyway. :)

I thought the smile at the end would inject some warm feelings into a rather sad scene.

Thank you for such an awesome fangirling review!!


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Review #25, by greenbubble Together

27th June 2014:
Hello toomanycurls! I'm glad that we had the chance to do this review swap because I very much enjoyed reading your House Cup entry. I think that the friendship between Fabien and Gideon was very well executed and in some areas, pretty much faultless.

In the first scene where they were trying to barrage Molly with the snowballs, I quite liked how they had a sort of 'pre talk' where the phrase 'Until the end' came up. It is a nice use of repetition throughout the story which adds a meaning of friendship lasting for enternity which was part of the prompt.

The only thing that I would suggest for that section is to try and include slightly more detail on what the mum did when she told Fabian and Gideon off. It all seemed a little rushed to me the way she suddenly came out, took their broomsticks and told them to come in without a word. Are Fabien and Gideon OCs?

I also like your quick change of scenes from the bit where the mum had just told them off to the Quidditch Match: Gryffindor Vs. Slytherin. The opening sentence was really quite simple but very fluent and effective. As I said before, I really like your use of repetition in 'Until the end' . You have used the prompt well and your friendship clearly shines through the plot. I sort of think that the scenes show that you are not only friends for a few hours but you are friends for life.

Another thing I wanted to point out is that you have used 'Gideon teased' twice without a large gap between. If you would like another option, you could change it to 'tormented'. It is up to you of course.

One of the best scenes in the one shot is the last scene because they stick together no matter what even when they are in trouble. They do everything together and if one of them is in trouble then the other one is in trouble.

I like the 'faint smile' in the last sentence because it is almost as if Fabian is finding a candle in a dark space. I just wanted to put that in before I said goodbye :P.

I loved reading this and good luck in the House Cup!

- Emma

Author's Response: Hi Emma!

I'm so glad you liked the friendship between Fabian and Gideon. :)

Their snowball bit was kind of fun to write. It reminded me a bit of Fred and George which is why I put it in there. Their catch phrase for this was important to set up early (to me at least).

Fabian and Gideon are canon characters - they're Molly's brothers mentioned in OotP as part of the first Order of the Phoenix and again in HBP when Molly gives Harry Fabian's watch. According to Moody they 'fought like heroes' against the death eaters before they died (which is what inspired the last scene for this). I'm not sure why a rushed scene would make you think they're OCs though.

The point of this was to show their solidarity - I'm glad that showed through their various scenes. They're brothers so some of that was from growing up together but it's also because they're quite close.

Thanks for such a nice review! Your feedback has given me a bit to think about.

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