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Review #1, by melian Rook

23rd April 2017:
Oooh, second person. For some reason I have always struggled with second person fics, struggling to work out who the person is. Logically, I should have the same problem with first person, but oddly enough I don’t. In any case, I expect the “you” in this story is Rowena Ravenclaw? Only from the summary, and also my assumption that because the person is left wearing a slip, they are female.

Anyway, this is a rather thought-provoking story, isn’t it? The process of discovery regarding the lake – this adds to my conviction it’s about Rowena Ravenclaw, because clearly by Harry’s time it’s common knowledge there are merpeople in the lake. When the school was founded, though – not nearly so obvious. I like that she saw his leap from the water and only then conceded no one could deny his existence.

And then her conviction that he would kill her for invading his territory. I suspect he was curious about her, not least because she was curious about him, and their tentative touch at the end demonstrates this. And the hunger in his eyes? Sexual desire? It’s an assumption, I know, but it seems implicit in their relationship. That said, though, the hunger is hinted to be of an unorthodox variety, especially for that time period – at least, for the protagonist – and, going by the slash warning I was assuming she preferred women? Then, to have the male merman invoke this response is surprising. Unless .. maybe I’m not reading it right. Maybe he desires her but she doesn’t desire him. Sigh. I probably have to read on to understand that properly. Or have more caffeine. One of the two.

Anyway this is really intriguing. I kinda hope you’re not the flag author so I can come back next round and read more!

Cheers Mel

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Review #2, by Tonks1247 King

29th June 2015:

Oh wow. That was excellent. I just…I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect with this chapter, with it being named King and just…I loved what you’ve constructed here. I love how it is Rowena with her siblings she’d grown to, Helga and Godric, and how she’s comfortable and okay with them. I love how she looks to comfort Helga, just as much as Helga intends to comfort her about her coming death. It really is quite sweet and just…I love how you word it and piece it together and build a relationship that is soon to fade away. I don’t know how you’ve managed it in so few words either…but just…good job!

There was one spot that kinda tripped me up while reading…

“…for the eternity which is waiting for you, seems to be shrinking with each second which ticks past.” –Maybe it’s me and my word choice issues, but I think maybe the second ‘which’ in this sentence should be ‘that’. I may just be how it reads to me, so if you rather like it how it is, you can leave it.

Past that little thing, which may not even be a thing, you had a flawless piece of work. I love how all of the chapters build off of each other, even with the chapters being different moments of time. They really give me a great understanding of Rowena and just…I love it. It was really lovely.

Favourite lines:

“You are tumbling down and down and down a spiral, stone keeping you turning, your crown falling from your head – or perhaps it was not there to begin with; you cannot remember which one is the truth.”

“It is not the time to be selfish; wounds inflicted now will last forever, etched into both your souls.”

Great job! Can’t wait to get onto some other works of yours! :D


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Review #3, by Tonks1247 Bishop

29th June 2015:
This chapter, again, was amazing. I love the way your chapters are so laid back and easy to read and get into. It makes it quite enjoyable to just sit back, enjoy the sun and a story that’ll keep me entertained for as long as it goes on. It’s quite lovely.

Rowena, again, is just a fascinating witch. Having her growing up in a time where witchcraft is so unacceptable, and how it’s more of the name and presumed reputation that gets her into more trouble than anything else, and how it’s with everyone around…it’s difficult to imagine times like that, but you do a good job illustrating it. You have other descriptions involving how Rowena feels with this reputation above her and I just…I love it! One of my favourite lines included:

“You were lost and cursed and bound for fire, and outside the rain lashed down, as if to mourn the loss of your soul.”

I don’t know why this line stuck out, but just…I liked the feel it had at the point in the story it came up and just…it really fit her feelings and put a feeling into the chapter. It then was interesting to see how that feeling changed and developed as Rowena became comfortable just being herself after she ran away from home. She became more content to just be herself and let the magic be there and I could feel it as the story went on. It was quite lovely.

I really enjoyed this chapter, much like the last, and I cannot wait to get onto the next. I absolutely love the style this is written in!


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Review #4, by Tonks1247 Rook

29th June 2015:
Oh. My. Gosh. I have so missed your writing. And just the awe it instils in me and how I finish reading and don’t even know where to begin with my review because…just…it’s all so beautiful and well put together and just…I love it so much and have missed reading things like this so terribly….

Seriously. I absolutely love what you have set up here. I can honestly say I don’t know a lot about what’s actually going on. No idea really, as there aren’t names (Okay, Rowena is mentioned in the story characters, so I have that, despite not having it on initial read due to my wifi issues…), or real meanings to what’s going on but at the same time, it’s perfect because it gives me a feeling and puts me into how it feels to be in this place and feeling just like this character does and I was just so enthralled and fascinated by what was going on. I seriously was so lost in your words and descriptions and feelings that I could not process much else. It was a great little escape and now has me filled with questions about who it is and what was going on and why things fell as they did…This was absolutely breath taking.

I will admit, there were a couple sentences early on that read weird to me, mostly because they were so long (not that /any/ of the sentences in this review are much better…). It felt odd not having breaks in them, but at the same time, the ones further on were fine and I’m thinking it’s just because I had to get into the feel of the story. Not quite sure, and looking back? Can’t find any of them, so I would say they’re fine and nothing to worry about. Just me and taking extra time to sort things out in my head…

AND! My favourite part of reviews…my favourite line!

“How many times have you seen that look on your own face? How many times have you felt it curl around your heart, pushing against the restraints society demands you wear?”

I also actually quite enjoyed the last line of this chapter and was just so fascinated with what you’ve completed. Quite excellent! Cannot wait to jump in and read more!


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Review #5, by Roisin King

20th June 2015:

The time jump was, I think, a really nice choice. I mean, on the one hand I'm curious to get more from this story, but on the other, I appreciate the restraint and think it made for really great writing. I also LOVE that Helga had originally had something of a servant position and then rose to a more powerful place - it's so fitting with the Hufflepuff ethic and very convincing for the era. The bird/raven motif also continued in a great way, and there was an aesthetic to it that I really liked. It is something of a sad ending, in that DEATH happens, but it could also be seen as bittersweet. She's got all these accomplishments now, and a new chosen family, and her life meant something really important. Also, seeing the change in her from the young woman she was originally was super interesting :)

House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hey again, Roisin! :) Thank you so much for stopping by - it was so so nice, and such a lovely surprise, to get these, since I never really expect them (no possibility of disappointment, right? :P), so thank you! :)

I was really worried about the time jump and how well it would go down when I first wrote this - because I know it can seem a bit random, but it just seemed right for the prompt, you know? Yeah, I really wanted to give a different dynamic to Helga and Rowena - and it's nice, I think, for not all of the Founders to come from similar backgrounds; it's more realistic for them to be more spreadout across social divides and so on. (I do love motifs I can't lie, it's a real problem sometimes, haha, but I'm so glad you liked it! I'm never sure if things are being overdone or not, so it's so nice to hear you say that it wasn't). It is sort of sad, but then to me, her story (and her daughter's) is a really sad ending, with the, imo, affection which is transmitted badly and then the divide between them which is never fixed. I kinda wanted to include that as well as all the friendships she made - like the ones which lasted and the ones which faded at the same time.

Thank you so so much for the wonderful reviews - they were such a great surprise to get, and I'm just so so grateful you gave them to me! :)

Aph xx

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Review #6, by Roisin Bishop

20th June 2015:

I really like this image of Rowena, and how you can sort of see her changing. Like, much is made of her wit and wisdom, but it makes sense that wisdom is something she acquires over time, and which is aided by having a clever disposition. Again, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the bird imagery played really well throughout and fit the tone really nicely.

All of your history is really convincing and interesting. I love the way the chapter title, "Bishop", kind of plays into the discussions about religion! Science, magic and the church were all very mixed up at this time, and I'd always taken canon to kind of imply that mythology is real, and began to diverge around this time between the Real World and the Potterverse (though some things persisted on later).

House Cup 2015

Author's Response: Hey Roisin (again! :P)! :) Thank you so so much for stopping by!

Gah, thanks! :D I'm so glad you like her - she was a strangely tough character to write, because there's so little really known about her, and so much up in the air that it was kinda hard to know how to portray her exactly, but I'm so glad you liked her. I think wisdom is kinda something you get - some people earlier than others - so I really had to include that; and of course there had to be birds in it, given the house and all :P

I love History, haha, so this was so much fun - though so hard because I'm a perfectionist over it - to write for that aspect of it! It did help that I've studied quite a lot of medieval history before, too :P And yeah, the chapter titles are linked to the chapters, though in a slightly roundabout way for some of them, haha. Yeah, me too! I love playing with fairytales and folklore and things within the HP world, since I think they're so closely linked, and elements of them are probably bound to be true for the HP world... :)

Thank you so so much for the amazing review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #7, by Beeezie King

20th June 2015:
Wow. In this story, at least, Rowena really did not have a happy life. I mean, it seems like she's found happiness in a lot of places, but there's a lot of internal conflict that's a pretty consistent undercurrent throughout. I can empathize with not being able to get out of your own head, so I really loved that a lot.

I could also empathize with her reaction to Helga. Rowena seems to me to be a very proud person, and I can see how in this moment, she would want to be alone (or at least without Helga hovering). Helga seems like a very sweet, good-natured person, but I felt like you started to get at the darker side of people like her - their genuine desire to help and find harmony can actually end up being selfish and an imposition on the people around them. I love reading about the darker side of generally admired personality traits, so that appealed to me a lot.

I know that she did ultimately reach Rowena, who was probably glad in the end that Helga stayed, but... still. I think Rowena had the right to be a little selfish and scared in that moment.

I loved the fact that she wanted to be buried at the bottom of the lake - it was a wonderful way of bringing this entire story back around to the first chapter, and I did notice what seemed like an affinity to water even in the last chapter, too, so it made sense in the context of her character as I've gotten to know it over the three chapters.

This was so beautiful.

House Cup 2015 - Ravenclaw!

Author's Response: Hi again, Branwen! :) Thank you so much for stopping by - and for the bunch of reviews! They were such a wonderful surprise to get! :)

Haha, yeah, she doesn't get a good lot in this (but then, tbh, I don't typically write happy stories, or stories where characters get a good lot, oops...), although there are definitely happy points, I would say. And yeah, I think it's a downside of being clever - and often of also being considered clever - that you can feel pressurised and spend a lot of time on your own and so on. It's not very great :(

Thank you so much! :D I'm so so happy you picked up on that because I really hoped it would come across like that! :) I think it was intended well, but things with good intentions don't always end well, right? :P And yeah, Rowena's hugely proud, doesn't want to be there, and it's not necessarily anyone's fault, but hovering can make people feel claustrophobic, especially when they're already scared, you know?

Of course, but yeah, I'd agree with you on that one - some snappishness was expected, and some fear. She is dying, after all :P

Thank you! :D I really liked the idea of at least one of the Founders being buried at Hogwarts, secretly somewhere where not many people would know/find it, so the lake appealed - and then with this it just seemed so obvious for it to be Rowena. And I liked making the water connection since people seem to connect the elements in a far more obvious way (Claw = air, etc.) so I liked subverting that a little :P

Thank you so so much for the wonderful review - and for the other two, too! They really were amazing surprises to get, and I'm so so grateful I got them, so thank you so much! :)

Aph xx

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Review #8, by Roisin Rook

20th June 2015:
Here for a House Cup 2015 review (Gryffindor).

I'm really impressed by how much you were able to imply within such a small space. Like, I got the sense that this was Rowena, and that she was young, and that Hogwarts hasn't been built yet (or it is just starting or new, but for some reason I imagine not much structure is there), even though those things were never overtly stated. You just really captured so much armosphere and feeling in this piece through the prose. It's also kind of incredible, because while not much happens, it's a really striking and compelling vignette. This moment ended exactly where it needed to, and it was so rich, that it did feel like a complete movement.

Wonderfully done!

Author's Response: Hey Roisin! :) Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thank you so much! :D You know, it's strange, I really really struggle with writing short things, but this wasn't too bad to write? Like, it was hard, but not too much harder than anything else. I loved writing it, though, so I'm so glad you liked it - even if there really wasn't much at all going on :P It's just one scene, but it was one that I could see so clearly in my mind that I had to write it, you know? (And yeah, Hogwarts hasn't been built yet - this is set before the Founders have even met :D)

Thank you so so much for the lovely review - I'm so so grateful, and just so glad you liked it! :)

Aph xx

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Review #9, by Beeezie Bishop

20th June 2015:
This is fascinating. Initially, I was really confused, because I guess I was seeing the previous chapter as being Rowena later in life - but it wasn't, was it? She was still a very young woman, one who didn't understand and necessarily really believe in magic.

(Or maybe it was and she did and I'm missing something because I'm not taking my time the way I usually would, because of TAR.)

Regardless: Aph, your prose is so pretty. As with the last chapter, I could see this scene in my mind as though I was watching a movie. I was glad to see that even in the beginning, she was in a better space emotionally than she was last chapter, despite her continued conflict about her magic throughout the chapter (though given her despair last chapter, I guess that's not particularly surprising - a person can really only handle that kind of acute pain for so long before they crack, I think).

When I think about the Founders, I assume that they grew up knowing that they were witches and wizards, accepting it and happy with it. But it makes sense that that wouldn't necessarily be the case - after all, their founding Hogwarts probably wouldn't have been such a big deal if Hogwarts hadn't been desperately needed. The idea that she'd really made her own way - including living in the wildnerness! - is one that I hadn't really considered, but which is now making its way into my head canon.

This was lovely.

House Cup 2015 - Ravenclaw!

Author's Response: Hey Branwen! :) Thank you so so much for stopping by - it was such a lovely surprise to get! :)

Thank you! :) Yeah, I didn't really want to state her age/which time in her life she was in openly - it seemed a bit too much of a cheat, you know? And yeah, it's earlier in life, and magic was very strange to her, confusing and so on.

(Haha, don't worry about it - it's not a problem ;) And you're not missing anything!)

Thank you so much! I really, really loved writing this chapter in the end - though I struggled with it a lot in the beginning - because with the description of the church and so on, it was really fun to write, if difficult. And yeah, she's in a bit of a better place, and definitely is by hte end of the chapter - it's a lot of acceptance stuff in this one (I think this was the overcoming hardship prompt from the 2014 HC, though :P).

Yeah, I always kinda assumed that too, but when I starting writing Rowena I didn't really want to go down that route because it sort of stopped making sense to me when I thought about it. I really wanted to bring a bit more of the historical side of things, which I could actually do haha, into it, so a lot of it sort of came from there. And I'm so so flattered it's now headcanon for you! :)

Thank you so so much for the wonderful review - I'm just so glad you like this story! :)

Aph xx

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Review #10, by Beeezie Rook

20th June 2015:
Hey, Aph! I'm so glad I have an excuse to review some of your stories, because you're such a wonderful writer.

And this is no exception. I loved the life you brought to this scene with your vivid prose. I could feel the wind whipping at her face and her clothes, and even more importantly, I felt the depths of her despair. I thought the religious angle was a really great touch, because while it takes a lot of pain to get to the point she was at in the first place, the feeling that damnation was worse than what she was facing just then was heartbreaking. I wondered what had happened to bring her to this point, especially since it seemed to me like she'd been in the depths of despair for awhile.

The appearance of the merman at that point was brilliant, and I understood why he had such an effect on Rowena - it didn't make her happy, but seeing the merman seemed to pull her out of herself a little, which was particularly in keeping for someone who loved discovery, and the symbolism at the end was beautiful. This was such an amazing piece.

House Cup 2015 - Ravenclaw!

Author's Response: Hey Branwen! :) Thank you so so much for stopping by! :D Ah, I'm just so so grateful you dropped by - and thank you so much! I'm always just glad people enjoy what I write :)

Gah, thank you so much! I love writing description, and this scene was so clear in my mind so it was so much fun and surprisingly easy to write - I'm so happy you like it, since it was meant to be somewhat tribute-ish since I couldn't participate in the last cup, and I missed it a bit :) I have a lot of headcanon about religion in the HP world, especially in earlier ages, so that kinda fed into this, and I liked including it - it felt right for the character, you know?

The merman - okay, so I've wanted to write mermaids and merpeople for a long time so this was a perfect excuse to do it, haha, so it was always going to happen, and I'm so glad you liked it! I loved the idea of learning and kinda connecting without the need for words, almost, and body language being so important - because it must have been, you know, when there's no other way to communicate because there's a huge language barrier... anyway, I'm rambling :P

Thank you so so much for the wonderful review - it was such a treat to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #11, by adluvshp Bishop

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin review.

Wow, another interesting insight into Rowena's mind! I was thinking the merman would make an appearance again though, haha.

I liked how this chapter provided a backstory. Showing a glimpse of what her life was like before. How she feels different, wants to be free, and then when she had realised she was "cursed". These moments were all beautifully explained and showed some great emotion.

And I liked how in the end she's happy. She found her solace. You definitely give great insight into her mind and I love her personality. It's nice that she concludes magic must have some good in it. It makes sense that at this period of time she wouldn't have known whether it was good or not and yet slowly grows accustomed to it.

And the being yourself bit at the end, just perfect. All in all, great descriptions and lovely characterisation. Loved it!

Author's Response: Hey again, Aditi! :) Thank you so much for stopping by - and for coming back, too! :)

Thanks - I'm so glad you liked it! :) Though haha, yeah, no more merman :P It was hard, though, to get the scenes I wanted to include to fit the prompts without being too long, though, so he couldn't have appeared again :P

Yeah, I really wanted to delve into more of her past, after discovering some of it in the first chapter and getting a lot of headcanon around it because the ideas I had sort of came, and I love history so it was something I couldn't quite let go of, haha. The religious element particularly was something I really wanted to include - and helpfully it tied in nicely with the chapter title, too :P

Thank you so much! I really wanted to make her happy (especially considering what we know happens to her later on in life) and to show some of the wisdom she's famous for, too - even if it is about herself.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review - it was so lovely to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #12, by adluvshp Rook

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin review.

Wow, this is very, very interesting. The idea of Rowena Ravenclaw with a merman is very unique. I loved your descriptions in this one, with her standing on the rock. The surroundings and scene are described wonderfully.

Then her emotions as she sees the merman, dives into the lake after him for curiosity and then wonders if he is going to harm her. It makes sense that it is a time when they didn't know of merman existence and she didn't know what he'd do.

The attraction the two feel towards each other is surprising, interesting and very well-written. Again, your descriptions just totally hit the mark and I was reading it enraptured. The ending bit is the sweetest, her smile and the rainbows and stuff.

Great work!

Author's Response: Hey Aditi! :) Thank you so much for dropping by! :)

Thank you so much! :D I'd always wanted to write about a merman, so when the chance came up with the prompts for last year's House Cup, I just couldn't resist to include one - and Rowena was an obvious choice coz, 'Claw pride and all - so it sort of formed itself as an idea :P

Yeah, I really loved the idea of kinda referring back to the idea of curiosity and discovering and kinda cleverness other than wisdom for Rowena - given she's meant to be a bit younger. Especially given the historical time frame... :)

It's not quite attraction, like romantic attraction, but it's definitely a kind of draw - like between people who like the same things, and have the same qualities, you know? I liked kinda the inference it could give about 'creatures' being closer to humans than we think :P And thank you so much - I'm just so glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #13, by Good Godric the Great King

25th May 2015:
Hi! Godric again,

OH wow the jump in time from the last chapter to this is really... strange. Personally I would've preferred something in between just to smooth things through but this was still good regardless.

Rowena's choice of burial ground is linked back to the merman in chapter one, no? I thought that was beautiful, if a little morose. Poor Rowena♥

Helga, though! Helga is my favourite in this and I loved the lines of contrast you drew between her and Rowena, particularly the line about the air of a queen vs the heart of a queen. I think that sums the two up wonderfully! And even though this is the only chapter we get to see of the two together, you did a good job of portraying not only what their relationship was like currently but the feel for what it had been like in the past.

Honestly, this fic has to be one of the most original things I've ever read. I'm glad ol' Godric, myself, got to read this ;) I might never have stumbled upon it if not!

Author's Response: Hey again! :) Thank you so so much for dropping by again - I'm just so so glad you like this! :)

Yeah, it's a bit of a long time-jump, but it was written for the House Cup and I found it really hard to think of another idea for the prompt (friendship, I think), even if that sounds strange, so this is sort of what came out.

It is, yes! :D So glad you realised that, since I wasn't sure if it would be too subtle or not... but yeah, it's sort of meant to tie back to the first scene with her on the lakeside - thank you! :)

Helga - omigosh, so I love Helga as a character, she seems so fascinating to write about, but I could never do it - so she had to have a cameo appearance in this. Plus, I really wanted to write a female-female friendship since I think that often gets neglected a bit in fic. And yeah, there's a huge contrast between her and Rowena - I'm so glad you liked hem and their relationship; it was so much fun to write! :)

Thank you so so much for the wonderful set of reviews - and for all the compliments! I'm just so glad you liked this, and thank you so much again! :)

Aph xx

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Review #14, by Good Godric the Great Bishop

25th May 2015:
Hello again! It's good ol' Godric the Great here again.

My my it sure is great to see my good pal Rowena heading up the forefront of a story! I will admit I wanted to see more of the merman here, but this chapter was just as beautiful as the first. An abundance of beautiful imagery and descriptive language lends the story to wonderful praise.

Particularly, I enjoyed the development as Rowena initially thought she was caused but then grew to accept herself at the end of the chapter, though still reserving some elements of her identity. I hope she eventually does find happiness in being a witch (I will presume she does, given the later creation of our wonderful school, Hogwarts).

Ah the birds--the raven and the eagle-- at the end were so PERFECT. They tie in so clearly to the Rowena we know and love and that makes the part so much more poignant in my eyes. It also left me... wondering... if maybe Ravenclaw was a sort of surname she made up? Especially after to running away. I don't know, I don't know much about naming practices in those days but it would certainly be cool if it were an adopted name she'd taken for herself.

Cracking story! Jolly good, Aphoride. I can't wait tot move onto the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Hi Godric! :) Thank you so much for dropping by - it's a real honour to have a Founder stopping by ;)

Ah, sorry about that! The merman was just a one-off thing, I'm afraid... and thank you so much - I'm so glad you liked it! I had a lot of trouble writing this chapter, so I'm so glad to hear you say that :)

Thank you! :D I really wanted to bring in a bit of religion and period-typical opinions and feelings - I'm a huge history nerd, haha, so I love all that kind of stuff - plus it makes it a bit more interesting than assuming things become better? And I liked the idea of including a general theme of acceptance, overall, too. Yeah, she does find happiness, though, um, the story doesn't end too happily? :P

Thank you so much! :) I just had to include the birds - I couldn't not, really, especially since they're both native to Scotland (or certainly were native, even if not so much now), and I liked the tie-ins to the house, too. I don't know about the surname, tbh, though very few people had proper surnames back then, so historically, the likelihood is that she may well have adopted it/taken it on herself as a name.

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm just so happy you liked it! :)

Aph xx

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Review #15, by Good Godric the Great Rook

17th May 2015:
Howdy, Aph! I'm here to do some snazzy reviewing and send some love your way over the next few weeks as part of the Pass It Along challenge :)

First off, I'm surprised I picked this fic because I don't usually venture into the Founders era but I've really enjoyed this intriguing first chapter. Your way with words is so beautiful! I'm so drawn in even though I don't really know ANYTHING about the characters you're weaving yet.

And the SECOND PERSON POV is so well done I could cry. Very clever choice for the tone I think. It makes it seem more surreal and given the mystical events of the chapter, fits very well.

Honestly how do you manage to write something so beautiful and captivating in such a short amount of words. I've attempted the Every Word Counts challenge myself but THIS is something on a whole other level. Of course, it's slightly more than 500 words but still an AMAZING achievement to have such great flow and plot and characterisation and tone in such a short space. Congrats!

I will admit to being a little confused as to the significance of the events of this chapter, but I'll presume that it is explained in later chapters!

Really enjoyed this. I'm glad I got given you to review!


~Good Godric the Great

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Review #16, by looneylizzie Rook

6th May 2015:

Lizzie here for our review swap!!

Scrolling through your AP, I saw a lot of things I was interested in reading, but then I saw Ravenclaw. I LOVE Founders era fics…so here I am!! :D

Okay, this is just beautiful! The extreme details of Rowena’s surroundings are so vivid and moving. That, combined with the fact that you’ve written this in 2nd person really and truly makes the reader feel like they’re experiencing what she is experiencing! Bravo!!

So many questions…listing them all off for you would take forever, but I know that I’m going to have to read more. I can’t just leave it like this!

But I’m excited to learn more about Rowena’s character, about her past and why she’s standing there by the lake. It’s hard to discern exactly why she is there, but regardless, it’s beautiful.

It’s also really nice to read about Rowena from an extremely emotional standpoint. I think sometimes people mix up wisdom with rationalism, and here she really seems to have neither. In fact, I’m guessing she’s really young here? Before Hogwarts was built?

Anyway, this is phenomenal and I can’t wait to read the next chapter!!
Thanks for the swap! Love your stories!!

Author's Response: Hey there Lizzie - thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Haha, me too - I love reading Founders, but this is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to writing one, and there's not overly much historical referencing in this :P

Thank you so much! I don't know why, this just had to be written in second person, you know, and I loved getting back into it, since it'd been a while since I'd written in second person when I wrote this, so I'm so glad you liked it and thought it worked! :)

Haha, sorry about that! But yeah, there's not overly many details and what or why in this... it's more of a snapshot moment, I think, which doesn't go into too much detail... :P

Yeah, I don't really explain why in this one - but it does get explained in the next one, I think, why she's there and what the significance of the lake is ;)

Yep, she's meant to be late teens/maybe early twenties here, and on her own and very emotional. I really love seeing portrayals of Rowena where she's not all-knowing and so in control, because I think it's more believable - so I wrote this, I guess :P And yeah, it's definitely before Hogwarts was built :)

Thank you so so much - for both the lovely review and the swap! :)

Aph xx

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Review #17, by Shadowkat King

2nd May 2015:
Oh my gosh, I loved all three of these short chapters. The words flowed smoothly, the imagery was great for second person, which is hard, the entire thing is just tugging at my imagination. It's amazing. I love Founders Fanfiction, and you simply made me want to go off and read more!

Author's Response: Hey! :) Thank you so much for stopping by!

Gah, thank you so much! :) It was a little thing which I strangely struggled so much to finish, after the first two chapters, so I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing it - Rowena was a character I've always wanted to explore - and Founders is an era I love but have always been too scared to get into, so I kinda avoided that as much as possible :P The second person was so much fun to do - it's not the first time I've done it, but this was a better job, I think.

Thank you so much for the lovely review - I'm so happy you liked it! :)

Aph xx

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Review #18, by typewriter King

7th April 2015:
Ok, now for the last chapter:

You're killing me! I want more! I can't even stand it. I'm completely intrigued by the entire era and this tiny peek into the window of it. I'm dying to know everything, but you've just handed over a snippet. I want all of the holes in the story to be filled in.

Anyway, this was absolutely outstanding. Despite my upset at not seeing the time between the second chapter and the last, I wouldn't change a thing! I think the glimpses you've provided are very powerful. You chose to focus in on the ups and downs of Rowena's spirit. From feeling like an outsider, to accepting herself, and then lastly to accepting death. I wonder if she died of a broken heart like they speculated in the book?

Thank you for writing this short story! You've introduced me to entire era, so well done! :D


Author's Response: Hey again, Amanda! :) Thank you so so much for stopping by - and coming back for all three chapters! It was so so amazing to get! :)

Haha, I'm so sorry about that! :) Founders is a thing I love - I'm a huge history nerd - but it would be so so difficult for me to write (I've thought about it before, but my perfectionism over the details would kill me, I think :P). So I'm sorry! This is probably going to be it... :/

Thank you so so much! :) I really wanted to kinda explore the bits and the times we don't know about from the books, and her more as a person than a founder, if that makes sense? I loved writing her, though, particularly all the emotions - so I'm so glad you liked them too! :)

Thank you so so much for reading - and I'm so happy you liked it! Thank you for the wonderful reviews - they were so amazing to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #19, by typewriter Bishop

7th April 2015:
Hi again!

I was hoping for more of the merman to be honest! :) Yet it's quite a testament to your writing abilities that the moment I started reading this I forgot to feel disappointed and instead became lost again in your descriptions.

I've never read a founders era fic before, so this was new to me in many ways; however, I think you did a fantastic job at capturing the mood of the time. I love the transformation Rowena makes throughout this particular chapter. She comes from a religious background in a time of the whole "She's a witch: burn her!" thing. So it makes sense that she has come to hate her differences from the rest of her family. It's an interesting thought to imagine her growing up in a family that is not like her. Does that mean she was muggle-born? It's interesting to think of all magical folk having ties to the muggle world in their ancestry. That reminds me of how all Christians have ties to Judaism.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this! It's a wonderful glimpse into what led her to create Hogwarts, as well as what led her to accept herself as a witch. So on to the last chapter!


Author's Response: Hey again! :P Thank you so much for coming back! :)

Haha, sorry to disappoint you on that front - it was written for the House Cup, though, so I was working around a pretty specific set of prompts, if that makes it any better... :P But thank you so much - I'm just glad you enjoyed it nonetheless! :)

I've read a few, but not that many, so developing Rowena's background was mostly a culmination of history, haha. I really liked putting a slightly religious theme on it - it was necessary, I thought, given the time and all, and it made for a more interesting conflict for her. Yeah, she's muggle-born, but I suspect quite a lot of purebloods eventually were muggle born, and eventually have muggle ancestry. I really wanted to kinda show her wisdom growing along with a sort of self-love mantra, so that was sort of meant to come from that in this.

Thank you so so much - I'm so glad you're enjoying this! :)

Aph xx

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Review #20, by typewriter Rook

7th April 2015:
Hi Laura!

I'll admit to having been drawn to the story by the banner. I'm shameless when it comes to a gorgeous piece of art! :) Sometimes that doesn't work out too well for me, but I'm SO happy I started reading this short story! It was every bit as beautiful as it's cover.

I love how much detail you're able to cram into a relatively quick read. The descriptions you included of the night before she dove into the lake were really breathtaking. I think the choppiness of some of the sentences really provided a nice contrast that suited the story well, while keeping me as a reader engaged. Then, your descriptions of under water and the merman just blew me away. It was absolutely fascinating and unlike anything I've ever read before. I'm going to end up leaving you three *squee* reviews, because I'm too intrigued to let up now!


Author's Response: Hey Amanda! :) Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Haha, I can't take any credit for the banner - it was all Branwen and it really is absolutely gorgeous :) It's just so beautiful! And wow, thank you so much - that is a huge, huge compliment! :)

Gah, thank you so much! I know I've had a lot of issues in the past writing things which are shorter, so that means so much to me to hear you say that, so thank you! I really, really loved writing the merman - it was one of those scenes which sort of sprung into my head as soon as I heard the prompt, haha - so I'm so happy you liked that bit!

Ah, thank you so so much - you really don't have to do that! :) But thank you so much anyway (since I can't stop you, haha), it's so so kind of you! :)

Aph xx

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Review #21, by The Basilisk Rook

19th March 2015:
Hello, Laura! 'Tisss I, the Basilissk.

Wow. This story was absolutely fantastic. The way you write is flawless, giving the reader a full body experience, all in one chapter. It's to be expected, though. Your writing is always incredible, especially when you take something so risky and hard to do well as second person and nail it. It's a short chapter, but even in these few words I feel like I know her well due to your characterization of her. (I honestly have so little to say because I'm in awe.) I'll definitely have to keep reading this collection. I'm practically bouncing towards the next chapter! Anyway, once again, fabulous work. I'm extremely glad I had the chance to read this story, so thank you!

(I've decided to post 44 reviews over the next little while. Each one of them has a character at the bottom. If you can find all 44 reviews (not all are out yet, so keep your eyes peeled) and rearrange the letters into a quote from Harry Potter and PM it to WriteYourHeartOut on the forums you could win a donation to HPFF in your name!)

Thankss again,
The Basilisk


Author's Response: Hello there, Basilisk! :) Thank you so much for stopping by - I know you're busy, so it's so lovely!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it - it's a story I loved writing, especially the first chapter, so it means so much to hear that you liked it! Especially when it's coming from a being like yourself ;) I really wanted to write Rowena sympathetically, because she's like the Queen of Ravenclaw, you know - I mean, after Meg, haha - so it's so great ot hear you like her! Second person... god, I hadn't written second person for ages when I wrote this, haha, so it felt really rusty to me - but thank you so much! :)

Ooh, yay, competitions - imma find you, little snake ;)

Thank you so so much for the lovely review, and all the compliments! :)

Aph xx

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Review #22, by BellaLestrange87 Rook

3rd February 2015:
Hi Laura! This is for the Blue vs. Bronze review battle!

Your writing is beautiful as always. Seriously, how do you write such amazing chapters? I can see everything that's happening in a clear picture in my head, exactly as if I was there watching in person. It's like I'm watching a really gorgeous movie that I can't tear my eyes away from.

I'm really curious to find out what exactly happened to this woman - Rowena, I think? - and why she is doomed to an unpleasant afterlife. You gave a few subtle hints that left me wanting more, and that was really well done.

When she sounded surprised about how there were mermen in the lake: that was very effective. I've always thought of the merpeople as being at Hogwarts before the Founders arrived, so they wouldn't necessarily know that they were in the lake.

That bit with the merman was really cute! Even though they're two different species, they can communicate wordlessly and the whole thing was really touching. Rowena did seem to want that moment really hard, though, as if she couldn't have that love-filled snapshot with a human man or woman.

This was, like the rest of your writing, stunning and gorgeous and *googles more adjectives* Hopefully I can get BvB timing right to catch you again!


Author's Response: Hi Olivia! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Thank you so much! It's so sweet of you to say that - and, honestly, I have no idea! There's really no process at all - I can't explain it for the life of me. I just... write? O.o Something like that...

I loved writing Rowena, and you'll definitely find out more about her background later on in this! I'm so glad you didn't think it was too little - I was a bit nervous about it! :P

Haha, me too! :D It just made sense to me that they were there before Hogwarts, and people who came to the area, like Rowena did, wouldn't know they were there, necessarily, since it's an uninhabited area of land.

I'm so glad you liked that bit! I loved writing it - describing the merman was so much fun! And yeah, it's a kinda cross-species interaction, through body language, really, and I loved having the inate curiosity returned, because it's kinda central to Rowena's character :)

I'm so glad you liked this - I wrote it pretty quickly, haha, so I was a bit worried about it - and thank you so much for the lovely review (as always!)! :)

Aph xx

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Review #23, by toomanycurls King

14th January 2015:
Hi Laura!

I've been meaning to come by and finish this off.

This is such a jump forward from the prevous section. I'm so sad to see Rowena die but it was satisfying to see she had a sense of peace before dying. Helga and Rowena's relationship felt very real to me while reading this. The combination of irritation at Helga's precense and a desire for her to stay was really well communicated through this. I loved the idea that any ill-will felt at her death would be etched into both of them forever.

Rowena's request to be buried at the bottom of the lake intrigued me. I like to think she's somewhere near where the merepeople live with beautiful lake plants growing about her. It was also touching that her last thoughts were of the other founders (though a slight surprise that Helena did not make it into those final moments).

Beautiful end to Rowena's tale.


Author's Response: Hey Rose! :) Thank you so much for coming back and finishing this off - I'm so glad you like it! :)

Yeah, I wanted to sort of bring it full circle to the end, and to the beginning of a new adventure, with death - even though that's pretty morbid :P I loved writing Helga - she's one of those characters I find so hard to write because I've read so many stories about her which are just so good, so they always influence me. And yeah, I think that's one of the things when people are dying, you don't want to leave bad things behind you, you know?

Yeah, same here! I just liked the idea of bringing it back to the beginning of the story with the merpeople and everything - it just seemed right somehow. Yeah, I feel pretty sorry for Helena that she didn't make it into it, but I think Rowena is proud of her legacy almost more than her daughter, in a way. Though she does miss Helena, in a way.

Thank you so much - I'm so glad you liked it, this was a story I really loved writing! And thank you so much for the lovely reviews! :)

Aph xx

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Review #24, by bittersweetflames Rook

14th January 2015:
Hi, Laura. Here for our swap. :) Sorry it took so long. I was just captivated by your writing, as I've been since the first time I swapped with you.

So, I chose this story for the swap because it's Rowena and it's rare that I've read a story with her. But I thought it would be such a good idea to read one that you've written. (Start with the best, I say.)

I love that you employed the second person here. Second person always interests me, to be honest, because I have never tried it before and I've seen it done a little bit awkwardly before. When it is done well, it's absolutely lovely. And you've done it so well.

I see everything as perfectly as you have described it. All the sensory details are wonderful and give me chills. My favorite was how you started how you did and from that first moment, I was hooked.

Your descriptions of the merpeople are so beautiful, so captivating. I can fully understand why Rowena was captivated especially if the existence of merpeople hasn't been proven. I would think that someone like her would definitely want to learn more --- hey, I know I would!

The way you wrote of their interaction with one another below water was just breathtaking (literally and figuratively. HA) but I can imagine how strong the feelings were between the two. I would definitely be drawn to such a need to understand, I love it.

Anyway, I really honestly loved this. Thanks for the swap again, darling. I always love swapping with you. :)


Author's Response: Hi Carla! :) Thank you so much for stopping by! And no worries about the time - RL can be a pain sometimes - and seriously, that is too sweet of you! :) (you can't tell, but I'm blushing over here)

I loved writing Rowena, actually. This first chapter was one of the things which just sort of formed itself in my head really easily, which I love when it happens, haha, so it was so much fun to write! And thank you so much! Though I really don't deserve that - there are some wonderful Founders stories out there ;)

I really like writing in second person, actually, when it suits the story - and it just felt right for this one. I've struggled with it in the past, but hopefully I've improved with it! I'm so glad you thought it worked okay! :)

I always struggle with openings, tbh, so I'm so happy you like it - it's one of the ones I really liked once I'd finally got it down and finished. Desription is my favourite thing to write, though, which helps ;)

I adored writing the merpeople - I'm so glad I put them in another story (The Fires of St Anthony) so I get to write them again! :P And yeah, they're such fascinating beings, and curiosity is such a natural thing, especially for a character like Rowena, too.

Haha, yeah, definitely figuratively! :P I'm so glad you liked that - it was the moment I knew I wanted to have in it but I wasn't sure it would turn out, so I'm so stoked to know you think it worked alright! :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review - they're always so great to get! :) I love swapping with you too! :D

Aph xx

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Review #25, by UnluckyStar57 King

11th January 2015:
Hi Laura! I'm here for the review swap. It's been SO LONG since I've done anything HPFF-related, so bear with me. :)

Arrrggh, this is really an interesting ending to the trilogy of events. You wrote these based on the prompts for the 2014 House Cup, right? It's incredibly powerful that you chose to use this particular prompt for the ending of Rowena's life, because in previous chapters she seems so alone and independent.

Well, "independent" is not necessarily better than "dependent," and vice versa, but this chapter shows the sort of struggle that Rowena was going through. She wanted to do everything herself, to save herself even though she didn't really have the resources, but Helga wasn't about to let her do that. Her attitude toward Helga in the beginning is really indicative of how she tried to rely on independence when she could've relied on her friends.

As always, your writing is brilliant. The use of second person is so meaningful in this story because it gives the narrator room to be judgmental and/or critical of the main character's actions. And yet, this narrator is not a very harsh judge--more of an impartial one, presenting the facts as if he/she is talking to Rowena and asking her to judge herself. That's particularly amazing, because at the end of everything, the reader can just take all of these different impressions of Rowena in and sort through them later.

For instance, the fact that Rowena (and others) saw herself as having "the bearing of a queen," and Helga having "the heart of one." That tells me that Rowena knew she was standoffish and ceremonial, not always willing to inquire after people's well-being and nurse her friends back to health. Perhaps, in other people's views, both women are queens--Rowena is the accepted definition of a queen, and Helga is what a queen actually should be. I don't know... Just something that jumped out at me.

I love how you do metaphors. Houses of cards, chess pieces... Aggh, it's truly amazing. I don't play chess, so I can't really see the significance in the names of the chapters, but in this chapter, the one where Rowena dies, "King" seems like a fitting title. It's the King that gets captured in a checkmate, right? (Correct me if I'm totally wrong, please!) Well, in the end, Death is the piece on the chessboard that Rowena maybe never anticipated (until those few final moments), and she has to make peace with the fact that she has no choice but to surrender. And thoughts of her friends help her with that--so that even though she's going into ultimate darkness, she still carries a bit of the light with her.

Ugghh, it's too early in the morning for me to make any sense, I think, but maybe you get the gist? I really love this story collection, and I'll have to reread it soon so that I can get the full effect of it all. It's truly amazing, how well you can analyze such a mysterious character as Rowena Ravenclaw. Actually, this story is one of my favorite Ravenclaw stories, because it takes things in such an interesting direction.

So keep writing the brilliant things that you write, and I'll be around to review them eventually (with more praise than you can shake a stick at, most likely).

~Mallory ♥

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