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Review #1, by Gabriella Hunter Satisfying Humiliation

23rd September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and this has to be the most hilarious thing that I've read in a long time! I couldn't stop laughing the entire time, it was actually so brilliant that I wonder why I had never thought of doing this myself! Hahahahaha.

It was great finally seeing the plan come to action though. Annett and the gang were very sly about keeping it a secret for so long but also they were very organized, right down to the last detail. I'm impressed. I remember feeling a bit sorry for Yang in the previous chapter but after reading this, I'm going to have to admit that he was a major prat. I can't believe that he actually said that he wanted to basically get into her pants (Annett's choice of outfit was actually really spot on for what they were going to do and completely out of character for her, which made it all the sweeter)! What a jerk! I wonder how many other girls have fallen for that line? I hope none! Annett had some major control over her anger though because I would have hexed him for sure after using that line.

The entire Hogsmead trip though was so funny, I like that Annett was toying with Yang the entire time while also giving us explanations on what was going on behind the scenes. James and the others are eerily talented when it comes to pulling pranks and they all went above and beyond! I about died with the part with the toad, I couldn't believe that you had written something that hilarious so smoothly--also, it was SO funny seeing Yang lose his cool.

The medusa hair was also a favorite. Hahahhaa. I'm curious to know what the group is going to do now though. I hope they don't split up!

As usual though, your characters are fantastic and the flow for this chapter was spot on. I wasn't able to stop reading!

Much love,


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Review #2, by Unicorn_Charm Trapdoor of Piranhas

21st September 2014:
Hi again! :)

Ooh I'm out of chapters to read. :(

Wow I hope that helps out Ronan. I'm really surprised that he agreed to let her help him. Centaurs usually frown upon helping or being helped by humans. That just goes to show how much, as a fox, she did end up gaining his trust and respect. It's also another indication that she really actually is a good person. She may not be a nice person - usually, she has moments - but that doesn't mean she's a bad person.

I really thought that Teddy was going to chew her out at first. I was happy he didn't. She really, even thought she may not think it, needs someone who's on her team right now. She must be feeling more lonely and isolated, especially after hearing some students thing she's going to be some kind of a Dark Lord, than she lets on.

She and Teddy have a special sort of bond, don't they? It's nice that she at least has a teacher who she can go to if need be. It's obvious she cares deeply for him, or she wouldn't have offered to make his engagement ring, or ask to be invited to the wedding. :)

And again, her thoughts seemed to go back to Al. Even though they are still glaring at one another. Err! I just want to see them make up and admit they care about one another already! You're killing me! haha

I can't wait until the next chapter is updated! I'm completely hooked. I know I've said it before, but I'm totally in love with your story!

Patiently (not really I'm twitching) waiting for the next chapter,
Meg ♥

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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm As Cunning as Ham

21st September 2014:
Hey Em!!

Aww how sweet was that with Rose and Scorpius. They're both so freaking cute! I love how Rose just basically shouted at him about going to Hogsmeade. :) And now Annett is starting to feel lonely... That much be driving her nuts because she is not used to giving in to such emotions. I love the fact that she even scientifically analyzed love. That is so insane, but so in her character.

YES! She FINALLY did it! Oh that was just so satisfying to read! I was cheering her on the entire time. She totally proved her wrong and called her a hag! Oh walking out of that classroom and slamming the door must have felt fantastic.

She was right. Cunningham was not only insulting what she believes in, but her parents and everything she has known her entire life. How could anyone be that closed-minded and cruel? She reminds me of like a combination of Snape and Umbridge. I hate her.

Annett is always very aware of Al. Even when she tries to pretend she isn't, she is. Her thoughts always involve him in some way, shape or form. Like when she says how they have been glaring at one another, or how she noticed the shock on his face when she finally stood up for herself. When is she just going to come to terms with the fact that she has feelings for him? Arg! haha

Oh I loved this. I loved it so much! It was just the best thing ever to see Annett finally put that cow in her place! Excellent job, as always, my dear!

*Bouncing with glee*
Meg ♥

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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm How

21st September 2014:
Hey there!

Well it seems like she is a lot closer to solving what this is what Ronan. I know she's still not 100% sure, but it makes the most sense. That's so terrible that he may only have a few more months to live, or will suffer neurological damage.

It's crazy just how intelligent she is. And she's so dedicated and committed to this task. It's very admirable to see. I wish I had her persistence and work ethic.

I love when she jokes with people and they clearly don't know how to take her. People become so awkward and uncomfortable around her and it's really quite amusing.

Well, so much for pacing myself. I only have 2 more chapters left, and will probably just go ahead and finish them, because I cannot stop reading this! This has definitely made it's way into my top 5 favorite stories that I've read on here. I love it!

Lots of love,
Meg :)

Author's Response: Meg,

I'm on a very pleasant response streak. Pleasant because I'm mostly just reviewing your reviews. :D

Poor Ronan, yes. Things aren't going well for him. :(

It makes me so happy for you to say that because she's a rather interesting variation of a Slytherin. ;)

Oh yes. Especially when they've all thought that she's capable of murder. How very wrong they were. It's so fun to play with scenes like these.

Bahaha! Oh Meg! That makes me so happy to hear. Have you any idea?! [smothers you in hugs] Thank you!

Would be eternally grateful (but I don't have the capacity to live that long),

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Review #5, by Unicorn_Charm A Provoked Bärchen

21st September 2014:

Yikes, that was some blow out. Seems like Al had been holding all of that in for quite some time. I think Annett has to realize that letting someone actually get to know you, doesn't mean you're revealing all of your secrets. She is very, extremely overprotective of herself.

They're totally in love with each other. Is so obvious. He wouldn't get that upset and she most certainly wouldn't let someone invoke that sort of emotional from her if they weren't. It's crazy to see just how well she knows him from watching him so closely throughout the years. I think Al does know her a lot better than she would like to think he does.

Wow they were both so cold and kind of cruel to one another. It was pretty sad to read. But at the same time, I think it was about time Al called her out and tried to make her see that she was hurting him.

It's going to be interesting seeing how the react around each other after this. Or what's going to come out of Lily overhearing everything Annett just yelled at him.

Great chapter hun! Can't wait to read more!!


Author's Response: 'Ollo

Quite unreasonably so, yes. She's not a trusting person. Although in this very case, it's Ronan's secret. In other cases, it would be going off to do some scientific experiment alone or pranking as the Incog Imp or even studying alone.

Do you think so, really? I wouldn't have noticed. ;) This is a rather stressful time for both of them. Annett is frustrated with Ronan's illness and Al has been without a Fufu for a while. And he gets stressed in general. Although why this is has yet to be revealed. And you are certainly right about Al. He does know her better than she thinks he does. Her emotions at least.

But, Meg. . . they're Slytherins for a reason. :D

This response has been written with an abundance of childish glee because you are just awesome.

Thank you so very much,

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Review #6, by ... Trapdoor of Piranhas

21st September 2014:
yay. I can't wait for the next chapter...

Author's Response: ...,

Thank you so much for your review! It's endearing to know that you've read so far into this story.


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Review #7, by Unicorn_Charm The Looming Threat of Explosions

20th September 2014:
Hey Em!

Yikes. She is all about finding out what is going on with Ronan. I can't believe all of the time, energy and hard work she is putting into this for him. Even though she is completely shutting herself away from everyone, it is really sweet to see her care so much. Although, there is definitely an ulterior motive behind her giving so much of herself to this cause. It's an escape for her. A coping mechanism. She was starting to actually have feelings and deal with emotions and couldn't handle it. Therefore, she shuts herself away with the one thing she understands. Science.

I wonder if she would have become as introverted and socially - for lack of a better word - backward if she was not home-schooled?

I feel bad for Al. You can tell he's becoming more and more heartbroken. But he's sleeping again? And did she allude to the fact that she is spending multiple nights with Al as Fufu? Hmm... Interesting.

Oh I want her to finally put that evil cow of a teacher in her place. I don't know how she is still siting so quietly while being torn apart like that. More power to her, I would never be able to do that haha.

That bit about her family, her grandparents in particular, was incredibly sad. That is definitely another major piece of her puzzle right there. Definitely a little more insight into why she is how she is.

I'm really hoping she comes around soon and breaks out of her shell a bit. My heart is breaking for Al.

Ugh! And another question is raised. What on earth is this large parasite - that is what was decided, right? - that is growing inside of Ronan??

I want to keep reading, but there are only four chapters left posted, so I don't want to blow through them too quickly, but I have to know what happens next! Major dilemma forming here! If you weren't such an amazing writer, this wouldn't be happening haha. :D

I'm going to try to pace myself. No promises, though. ;)

Much, much love,

Author's Response: Dearest Meg,

Annett really is obsessing over Ronan's problem and that affects her social life, but the former is her priority, after all. By caring about one centaur, she shuts herself off to other humans. She is dedicated to Ronan's case because she cannot let him die without trying to help him. She has a little bit of a nurturing nature in her and she does have a little empathy. Additionally, she just happens to think she has the resources to help him. With all the science that she knows, she really is trying to apply that to real-world problems.

I wouldn't think so, actually. With homeschooling, if you do extracurricular activities, you can have a social life. She had a chance to be social in her marital arts and tennis classes, but she didn't take it.

So it's not quite Annett perhaps that affects his sleeping habits, is it? I won't completely reveal the entire reason for a while and I'm sorry!

Cunningham represents conservation and lack of progress. She is like a cow in the middle of a road: seemingly unrelenting and quite annoying. But Annett doesn't let her words get to her because she doesn't really care, I think. As harsh as it is, Annett things that Cunningham is rather daft and she doesn't really want to deal with daft people. It's very cold, I know.

There are reasons to her peculiar behaviour, yes. :D

Mine, too, Meg. She's being very cold right now. It kind of makes me upset.

It's an annoying little bugger is what it is.

Oh Meg! I'm so very delighted that I have caused such a dilemma. . . That sounded mean [oops face].

A lot of reciprocated love,
Em :D

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Review #8, by Unicorn_Charm Between Detention, Disease, and Domestication

20th September 2014:
Hi again!

Poor Ronan. It sounds like he's suffering horribly. I can't believe how determined and invested Annett is into helping him. I think it's more than just wanting to solve something. I think she genuinely cares.

So she's back to her old introverted ways. I had a feeling that was going to happen eventually. And she was making so much progress, too! I feel really bad for Al. She's totally oblivious and he's, most likely, taking it personally. I'm starting to think maybe she is part of the reason he has such trouble sleeping. I guess I'll find out! ;)

Well Al finding her as Fufu does seem to be her type of luck lately. Things do not seem they are going her way. Quite possibly karma? For her pranks on the school and Yang? Either way, this is not really her year so far.

Oh jeez. And of course she would be brought up into the Gryffindor dorms hahaha. Well at least she got to sneak out and make it back to Slytherin.

Hopefully she'll come around again and start to see that, yes alone time is wonderful, but having friends could be quite amazing as well.

Until next chapter, dear!


Author's Response: Hello Meg,

Determined is a Slytherin quality after all. ;) You know her so well!

Eh. . . we'll see. . . [shifty eyes]. That would make her feel really guilty, though, wouldn't it?

No. It most certainly is not (hence the summary ;) ). Al has eerily sharp Kluge detection skills (as mentioned in ch. 16). She is probably hating this year.

I know, right?! How inconvenient. Have they no consideration for her? :P

You just touched upon a rather important, overarching theme of this whole story, Meg. That is exactly what I wanted to convey with this! Alone time is most definitely wonderful, but so are friends.

Thank you so much for yet another heart-warming review! I love them so much!

Reciprocated hugs,

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Review #9, by Unicorn_Charm How I Receive My First Detention

20th September 2014:
And I'm back. :)

Flirty Annett is quite adorable. When she took Al's arm and made the little joke about his biceps. So freaking cute! I actually love her sense of humor. She's so dry. It's truly fantastic. It's funny seeing some of the sayings she still doesn't really get. Like her thinking they meant Al legitimately looked like a sheep. :D

And again we have another adorable Rose/Scorpius moment. Even though he's there with another girl. The idiot haha. I loved how Annett doesn't understand really how awkward it was for Scorp to compliment a girl who wasn't his date. Even though she is quite brilliant, there are some things she doesn't understand.

Poor Al getting called Snaps because of his hair. I'm sure he looks perfectly fine and his brother and cousins are just being cruel.

Oh my gosh, her threatening Peakes was the absolute best! "I will peel your skin off with my bare hands." That killed me!

I bet that had to make her a little uncomfortable when Al compared Fufu's eyes to her own. I would be squirming if it were me. And I wonder what is keeping him from sleeping...

Ew. How disgusting for Chu to attack her like that. I don't blame her for what she did one bit.

It was really interesting to see her kind of freak out to experiencing all of those emotions. Even more interesting to read her reasoning behind actively trying not to feel all of those emotions. I'm sure that will most likely be happening more frequently, and I'm anxious to see how she begins handling it all.

This is one of my favorite chapters so far. I really, really enjoyed it!!

Sorry for review bombing you today haha.

Hugs and love,
Meg ♥

Author's Response: Meg!

Yes, Annett's English could do with a little work. This because she doesn't talk to many people in English. She has very little use for English other than homework (her thoughts should all be in German).

Bahaha! Yes Annett is quite clueless socially. She's an unsocial introvert and Al is a kind of social introvert.

Perhaps he is. ;) Although when he frowns. . . I imagine he might look quite like Snape. His middle name only adds to this.

I'm so glad you liked that scene! It's in writing lines like these that I can have some sort of output for how mean I can be in my head. :P

You would be? I guess it goes to show how unfazed she usually is by everything.

She does try to rationalise her emotions, doesn't she? We might see more of this in future chapters [smiles with evil glee].

Is it really? Oh Meg! Thank you so much! That's so kind of you to say! I am certainly thrilled you like it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for following the story so far already!

Hugs and love in turn,

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Review #10, by Unicorn_Charm Exclamations of Merlin’s Extensive Collection of Lingerie

20th September 2014:
Hey Em!

I just want to start off by saying, "Oh dear Merlin's maraschino cherry-coloured, sheer, lace body suit!" is one of the funniest things I have ever read. I cannot stop laughing at that!

I knew she'd get out of it! Of course her brilliant mind would work out a way to get out of those gross spiders' clutches. My poor heart was pounding the entire time! I am just about as bad as Ron when I comes to spiders. That would be my worst nightmare, what just happened to her. But she got away!

Al Potter to the rescue! That was so sweet how he nursed - what he thought was - an animal back to health! My heart was melting just like Annett's was. And she is definitely starting to become more aware of her feelings. :D

So I see that Al has a horrible knack for naming pets just like his mother haha. That was very clever to add in there. Fufu?? What is he thinking? I'm surprised Annett didn't bite him when he suggested it.

Oh another chapter come and gone. I don't want this story to end! I love it so much! I think yours might be my favorite version of Al that I have read yet. I'm totally smitten with him.

Excellent, wonderful, amazing, spectacular job once again!!

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: 'Ollo there Meg,

Thank you so much! I do love to make people laugh.

Are you really? Gahh! I am so sorry for putting you through that then!

Haha! Yes. Although I imagine she thinks she might not have needed him given that she was already safe from the acromantulas and may be perfectly capable of healing herself. But I wasn't going to let her do that.

Bahaha! Maybe she should have bit him!

Similarly, here's another review come and gone. I do love yours so much, Meg. They make me so very happy!

Aww. Al's seems pretty sweet doesn't he (for now).

Your ever grateful fan,

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Review #11, by Unicorn_Charm A Night of Discoveries

20th September 2014:
My heart! She'll be fine. I mean, she has to be, right?? There has to be a way she'll get out of this. This review may be short, because I'm dying to know what happens!

That poor Centaur. Annett is a brilliant girl. I'm sure she'll work out something for him. Hopefully. :)

I still think its amazing that she's an Animagus. I think the relationship you described between her and Mrs. Norris was very sweet. Maybe I passed judgment on that little furball prematurely.

And did I read that correctly? Scorpius is taking a different girl?? Boo.

Ok I'm sorry to cut this one so short, but I'm too eager to see if she's alright! Excellent chapter as always. My heart is racing!!

Lots of love,
Meg ♥

Author's Response: Meg,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your reviews. I love them all and will take them at any length. Haha!

Mrs. Norris is getting very old, I figured she might want at least one friend in her lifetime. But she chose that friend quite wisely, didn't she. She chose someone almost as lonely and frightening as her. ;)

Yes, yes Scorpius is. I know, right?! Boo. Isn't he frustrating?

Also loads of love,
Em :D

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Review #12, by Unicorn_Charm Exploring Hormonal Minds

20th September 2014:

Oh my god this is the cutest freaking chapter ever!! She is so in denial if she thinks she wasn't flirting with Al in the library. I almost died!. Those two doing impressions of all the girls going crazy over James and Al were hilarious. I loved Al saying how he had to stop speaking of James that way because it was becoming uncomfortable. That whole scene had me laughing.

Awww Rose and Scorp are too shy to admit they like each other. How cute is that?? And then Al asks Annett on a date and she says yes, even though she wants to think it's a "friend date." She's so, so, so in denial haha.

I love their interactions. They're just so sweet and genuine. I love how she laughs with Al and her guard - somewhat - comes down around him. Arg! I want them together now! Haha.

That was great with Lily. She's her mother through and through. :) "You talk about her more than grandad talks about those muggle boffers he's such a big fan of!" hahaha!

How about Al? Telling her he wants to see how those hips move? Very cheeky Mr. Potter. ;) Oh how I wait to read more of her reaction to this!

Another excellent chapter my dear!!

Lots of love,
Meg (your fan!) :D

Author's Response: Meg,

Thank you for another review that just makes me gush. You are much, much too kind.

Here's the chapter I went crazy on dialogue, so I'm thrilled to hear that you liked it and that it all made you laugh. :D

You brought up a very interesting line. . . who exactly are these Muggle boffers? Well, if you ask me, I haven't the slightest idea.

Rose and Scorpius are much too cute I had to write them in.

You caught that! Al very much has the ability to bring down Annett's guard, but what does she make of that?

Lily just wanting everyone to get together: Victoire and Teddy and now Annett and Al. We'll see how that all unfolds. ;)

Mr. Potter is quite the flirt, isn't he. . . who knew?

Another fantastic review that I appreciate so very much, Meg! Thank you, thank you thank you. You're always very encouraging and kind. I am so, very grateful [hugs].

Returning that love,
Em (your fan) :)

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Review #13, by Anni Trapdoor of Piranhas

19th September 2014:
I absolutely love this story and this chapter was amazing as usual!

Author's Response: Dear Anni,

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. It means so much to me for you to say that. I'm thrilled to hear you've been enjoying it. :D


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Review #14, by Gabriella Hunter Out of the Shadows and into the Limelight

19th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and I'm glad to be back! Annett is a genius. I think that she's one of my favorite characters that I've ever read, I love that she's so determined with following through on this prank (I also hope that Yang doesn't get too hurt in the process) while also balancing her views on science. I hope she wins the battle against Cunningham though, what a hag! I can't believe that she read her essay out loud and laughed! I'm not sure how that might turn out but I'm eager to read on.

I liked the progression of time you had going on here, it was really well-done. It seems like Annett's winning Yang over with very skillful traps and I like that she's using her own knowledge of hormones against the boys, it's working well for her.

I wonder if Albus is ever going to tell her that he likes her though? It's obvious that he does but I'm not sure if it's going to happen or not, I hope it does!

Also, Albus and the others are hilarious as well, they seem to be enjoying themselves. James is a bit silly, I wonder how surprised he'll be when he figures out that the amazing prankster is indeed, Annett? I can't wait for that! Hahahaha.

Also, Room of Requirement? I'm really curious now, can't wait for the next chapter!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Dear Gabbie,

I'm happy to see you again here! :D

Is she really? That's so sweet of you to say, Gabbie! [hugs] Oh you are too kind. It's nice to see someone who cares about Arden. It's also nice to see you hate on Cunningham. She's annoyingly conservative and traditional. And people like these exist in real life.

Oh Albus. . . But does he, really? ;)

I can't wait for you to find out either! That should be fun to write. ;)

Thank you again for such a wonderful review and for reading,

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Review #15, by Shinicha Trapdoor of Piranhas

19th September 2014:
At my last review I forgot to mention that I positively loved Annett's thoughts about feelings. How to measure them, and what criteria one would need... I think she should study Dialectics, that would help her open her mind a bit!
Even though I have to say that she's right - love is very vague and don't we all know that we can suppress it and not realise it? Just like Annett herself. (Hopefully :P )

I like to think that she has a sort of friendship with Teddy. But do find it somewhat unrealistic that he would just take the ring for free! He should probably give her something as thank you... thinking that he is her teacher too! (Even though since Dumbledore and Harry we know that teacher-student relationships can be very intimate without being creepy)

I'm glad that she's making progress with the medicine, but I'm a little bid sad an disappointed that she didn't ask Al for help. And also, that they aren't talking!

All the rumours about her are really mean and farfetched. But I can't completely blame the students, because, after all, it does seem just very un-normal not to have any social life (by choice.) But still, after the students saw her being humiliated by the teacher EVERY lesson since the first it's just hugely unfair to think she's being evil! She just proved her being right!!

Author's Response: It was great fun to write! But can you imagine her in such a class? She prefers working objective things rather than subjective things.

You imply a very interesting question: Is Annett in love? What makes you think so?

In a later chapter, I get back to this issue about Teddy and the ring and explain it. ;)

But they've only just fought, Shinicha! Bahaha. Can you believe if they had to talk when the Argument is still fresh? Can you imagine what would happen in that case?

It is actually not 'un-normal not to have any social life (by choice).' Wow, there are a lot of negatives going on in that sentence. What I mean is, this story is about exploring introversion. It's a perfectly normal thing although not all introverts are similar. There are different kinds and different degrees of introversion.

That's a fair point, but when she's silent and glaring. She's not humiliated, she's annoyed and her classmates see this. It is because of this that they think she has a heart of stone and an air of indifference. They think she is incapable of caring because, on the surface, that is what it seems.

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Review #16, by Shinicha As Cunning as Ham

19th September 2014:
Yayay! I'm so happy, all my wishes from my last review came true! ScroRose and the stupid teacher! Show her, HA! I wonder what it means for Annett - will she get detention? Will she get recognition?

The news about Ronan I am not happy about ): So now the medicine she thought she could use would rather kill him than the parasite? I wonder why she never tries to get help. I'm sure the potions master would be delighted. Or Al! He's a potions genius, maybe he could think of a way.

But then again I understand that she doesn't want to risk other stupid comments and misunderstandings about Muggle science... Now that I think of it, it's really amazing that apparently Magic Healing has never bothered to learn about DNA and the functioning of non-human Beings! Or maybe they have? Can't wait to read what Anett finds out!

Author's Response: Bahaha! It was quite scary how you predicted that all, Shinicha. I'm losing my confidence in being able to surprise you.

Professor Slughorn has tried, remember. All of the professors have. And they couldn't do much. For Al, she have to tell him about Fufu. I don't suppose she's okay with that. It's more complicated. How inconvenient, right? ;)

And your mentioned all that I've wanted to say in that last paragraph! Healing could also use some updates.

I can't wait to read what else you've said.

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Review #17, by Shinicha How

19th September 2014:
Ha, I was right!! (well okay, I only had to look up Wikipedia.) I even remember that in one of the chapters you mentioned Davies bug (I thought someoone had accidentally swallowed it? Don't remember exactly now)

I love Annett in detective-mode. But I think it would be great if the more general story would also move along at the same time, so that it doesn't happen in sequences but in a more natural mix of events, if you get what I mean..?

True, Lily's found out about Al's insomnia. What will his family do with this information? Why does he get it? Why is he so stressed and anxious? Also, what about Rose and Scorpius?

And I'm still burning to know about the Draco-thing. Not to mention this stupid teacher. I can't wait until she's proven wrong!

I hope Ronan can be healed, and I hope this will have some big consequences for Annett, finally forcing her out of her shell!

Author's Response: Shinicha,

Thank you for yet another review! :D

About the fly, Peakes only 'looks' like he's swallowed it when he sees Annett because that's just his face when he's frightened.

And yes! You were right! :D

Hmm. I see what you mean. Thank you for pointing that out, I will use it to improve upon these chapters. I just want to show that Annett has focused her attention completely on Ronan's illness and nothing else matters to hear at this point. She's obsessed. In this chapter, she can't think about anything else. On the next chapter, however. . .

What will Lily do? We don't get to find out until Annett does. ;)

It's there somewhere, the Draco thing. I am sure you can find the clue(s). ;)

You hope Annett will be extroverted at the end? You don't like introverts? [puppy dog eyes and some sniffling]

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Review #18, by Shinicha A Provoked Bärchen

19th September 2014:
I can't quite believe that what they had was a one-sided understanding. But it ´kind of makes sense, Al putting up with whatever Annett wants because he wants to know her and be her friend... Still, I really don't think he deserved that outburst! Even though it just proves, how much attention she played to him over the years. Maybe that will give him something to think about!

Also I looked up "Kinetoplastea" and I think the symptoms mostly match with sleeping sickness! Is that what it is? Would be very mysterious, it gets transmitted by the tsetse fly, which is not exactly at home in Scottish climate. But who knows! Can't wait to find out the answer!

Also: I think it would be easier for the eye to read the text if there weren't these sections in bold, where Al and Annett talk with raised voices. Maybe you could describe in words how it is supposed to sound? I just find the bold and cursive parts a bit distracting! ;)

Author's Response: Dear Shinicha,

Most conflict does come from misunderstanding and miscommunication. It's much too fun to exploit this fact.

If only Annett had a search engine and access to the internet! Alas! :P

Thank you once more for reading and reviewing! :D


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Review #19, by Shinicha The Looming Threat of Explosions

19th September 2014:
I do enjoy science when you write about it! However it would be super-helpful if you could explain some things a little bit (right now I'm looking up all the words I don't understand haha...)

You're really good at torturing your readers! ;) The fact, that Annett just doesn't care very much about what is happening to others makes me all the more curious, when she doesn't ask any questions. This way we're left with all this little mysteries! I'm about to burst!! (I'm not complaining, it makes the story quite enthralling) Like, what's the matter with Carter? Is it about Annett? Why is he hurt?
Why doesn't she ask her parents for advice? (they should be able to when it's about identifying parasites, no?)

So much to look forward to!

Author's Response: I am super relieved that you do not find it off at all! It delights me to hear that you love it when I write about it! I will edit to explain the process more and why she's doing seemingly random things and playing with her chemicals. Thank you for your extremely helpful advice. :D

Are you typing me out to be some kind of sadistic writer, Shinicha? Bahaha! Thank you, I'll take that as a compliment.

Yes, it's frustrating, but Annett is so frustrated that she can't afford to think very much besides getting rid of whatever is harming Ronan.

Oh your questions make me squee! I can't wait until you find out so I can hear what you think (hopefully, if you'll like to read on and leave me more reviews maybe, possibly, if you like).

They should, but they're in England. She cannot do enough to have them identify it right away. She'd have to send a sample of blood. Because that blood is infected (gasp, spoiler, but you've read everything that's been posted already), it's very risky.

There is a chance that the owl (the only method of sending things to her parents right now) might break the vial and cut him/herself leading to infection. I will add this explanation to provide clarification. Thank you for pointing this out. I always benefit from your reviews.

Looking forward to more reviews from you,
Em ;)

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Review #20, by Shinicha Between Detention, Disease, and Domestication

19th September 2014:
Thanks for the chapter :)

What are all the Wotters doing at night in the Room of Requirement? Just hanging out? Or are they planning something?
It's funny that Scorpius understands Annett so well, even in her Animal-form. I still wonder about her mysterious connection with the Malfoys!

Also: poor Al :( He's been so happy and hopeful talking to her more, and now she's back to ignoring her. I hope she asks someone for help! (And maybe look up some Muggle-books on illnesses...!)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review ;)

Yes, they just hang out. Sometimes they have Exploding Snap Competitions. Sometimes they study. Sometimes they capture Animagi and make them unwilling pets.

He is very perceptive. I'm anxious for you to read on to the chapters I have yet to post yet because he does show up more later.

How are you able to be so correct so many times, Shinicha?!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all these reviews! I love reading them.


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Review #21, by Shinicha How I Receive My First Detention

19th September 2014:
I think you described Annett being in a crowd really well. The way she percepts the emotions of others, how it makes her feel, how she tries to rationalise it.

In general you make interactions between your characters very unique. Like Annett, analysing Al's every little movement in order to get a picture of where they stand between each other.

I laughed a bit about the kiss, how she conveniently avoided the word, as if it was a far too unscientific way to describe his actions!

And also, despite her seemingly cold manner of telling the story, I can really feel with her. I felt so bad for her right at the end of the chapter, when she feels a bit panicky about all the attention!

Author's Response: Dear Shinicha,

You just touched upon one of the most difficult things for me to write and you complimented the way I did it. That means so much to me. Thank you! :D

Your compliments have me gushing, Shinicha! You are too kind.

Bahaha! It would be! You caught that!

Aww, Shinicha. . . Are you warming up to Annett? It endears me to hear that you "can really feel with her." Annett is indeed not as straight-fowardly emotionally detached as I portray her for the majority of the story thus far.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts! :D


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Review #22, by Shinicha Exclamations of Merlin’s Extensive Collection of Lingerie

19th September 2014:
I love you for this chapter!!
The way Al treats Fufu is so incredibly cute and her reaction is too. The way they were communicating Al must have either a very good connection with animals in general.. or he has no clue about them, because WHAT fox would actually react to be named terrible petnames and correct questions about its own sex! haha... their "conversation" was the best! I hop there will be more Fufu/Al action in the future. Poor him, just when he thought he'd found a new pet...

Also, as the chaptertitle promises, Merlin gets to wear a really interesting combination of underclothes, LOL

With her injuries Al is bound to notice something though, isn't he? I mean he's supposed to dance with her that evening! (Or so I hope)

I hope you don't mind me pestering you about the German. (if so, just say it and I'll stop) German is a really awful language for colorful cursing, because really, all we use is "Scheisse" in all variations. "verdammte Scheisse" "verquirlte Scheisse" "Scheissdreck" etc. So most young people just use English words, haha. Anyways, what I wanted to say is, "Zum Donnerwetter" is quite oldfashioned. How about "Verdammter Mist" or (more surprised) "Was zum Henker.."

Author's Response: Dear Shinicha,

I chose 'Zum Donnerwetter' for that very reason. Haha. Annett is not going to talk like most young people. Even in the future. :P Notice how formal she speaks even in English? She's not normal at all.

But I don't mind you pestering me. I love to explain my choices. :D And I always welcome your corrections for me where needed (like with 'Guten Nacht' twice!! [facepalm] sometimes my brain just doesn't work).

Bahaha. You raise a good point about Al and his treating Fufu the way he does. He probably just thinks she's very smart for a fox.

Will they dance? And will he notice, indeed?

Thank you for your abundant reviews! I cannot believe how quickly you went through that!


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Review #23, by Shinicha A Night of Discoveries

19th September 2014:
Huh, what happened just now? Wow that was.. unexpected!
I liked that you got the political dilemma of Beings/Beasts in there, I was always a bit bothered when I read "Fantastic Beasts" (and I would die to know more about Goblin rebellions etc)

I have no idea what could possible bother the Centaur! But maybe Annett will now find out more about the connection of magical and muggle maladies? :) I do hope she will find a cure. She must! But then I wonder if it has to do with something else, bigger. (is it Al? He also has bloodshot eyes! And smells of trees!.. Okay sorry, I'll stop bothering you with Al haha)

You wrote in an answer to a review that the mystery about Draco was somewhere hidden in a chapter. I really can't imagine where or what it would be! Maybe I should reread...

Ah so many mysteries and so much suspense! I think your story improves with every chapter, it's so much fun to see the personality of the different character show.

Also I just wanted to say "goodnight" is "Gute Nacht" in German, without the n ;)

Author's Response: Shinicha!

I'm always happy to surprise readers. ;)

Goblin Rebellions?! You're giving me ideas for a story here.

No! I like hearing what you think! It's no bothersome at all. :)

I did. Didn't I? Yes. Machiko and her sister had a really good guess.

You think so?! DANKE! That's so wonderful of you to say.

Well, I haven't much aptitude for the regular, anyway. That's why I love this website. There are so many great stories that are very unique and special.

Oh dear! I'm horrible, I know. This chapter has gone through many changes even before it was posted. I cannot believe I missed the simplest error! Thank you very much, Shinicha! :D you are so very helpful.


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Review #24, by Shinicha Exploring Hormonal Minds

19th September 2014:
I loved this chapter. To see Annett how she deals with social interaction and questions all those funny details. The bonding-analogy was really beautiful!

Right now I'm trying really hard to imagine a flirty Al. It doesn't really go into my head, haha. But so is a blushing Annett! Very cute.

The idea for the Indian festivities is nice (I'd love some Indian food right now, nom)

And WHY does Annett have ANYTHING to do with Draco Malfoy? What??

Author's Response: Dear Shinicha,

I'm thrilled you're enjoying Annett's internal monologue.

Bahaha. I know it's hard to imagine, but they're only joking around. I look at these two kids and I sigh as a mother would. They are adorable, aren't they?

I do love my multiculturalism. Indian food? Oh me too! Please share!

All will be explained, Shinicha. ;) Until then, I'd love to hear your theories on it. I do love reading theories, hence my love for your reviews.

Danke schoen! Thank you for another amazing review!


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Review #25, by Shinicha Satisfying Humiliation

19th September 2014:
So, that was the prank. Quite elaborate, so many practical slapstick moments. The toad! *laughes* Its interesting to know that Anett now wears her hear long enough again for her Medusa-hair - I think it fits her better anyway :)

As to your questions:

I do hope that the aftermath is more pranks! haha. Not immediately, but eventually, it would be cool when the other pranksters find out about Incog Imp and they do something together.

I think this kind of event will get to Annett somehow. Especially the others would definitely like to spend more time with her. Maybe she has reservations at first. Maybe it needs a nother little push before she could actually call them friends. Maybe it's about Als secret? *hopeful puppy eyes*

To be honest, I still find her very hard to understand, so she's kinda unpredictable to me. I wonder if there will be a payback by Yang? For now he just seems like a little bit dumb macho guy, so maybe he's not really capable of it. Who knows!

Reading on.. ^^

Author's Response: Dear Shinicha,

Thank you for this wonderful review!

I'm delighted to hear that you enjoyed the prank! It had to be elaborate with so many people involved and all the school's master pranksters, too.

To the hopeful puppy eyes, I give you an evil grin that hopefully doesn't give too much away. ;)

You raise quite a few things that relate to other things that come up in unreleased chapters. I cannot say any more.

She's not too easy to understand. She's a very complex character like real-life people are. I try not to create so many straight-forward ones even Yang and Cunningham have their rationales in my mind.

Do you know how surprised I was to find so many new reviews from you? You are like some kind of reviewing machine on a rampage. Lol. Of the good kind, of course. Of the kind that I appreciate and am so grateful for, of course. :D


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