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Review #1, by Felpata Lupin How I Receive My First Detention

23rd August 2016:
Hello, my beautiful Em!
Gift tag! :D (I needed an excuse to come back to this story... sorry for being away for so long...)

First of all, I love your writing style! I'm sure I've told you already a thousand times, but it's true! Your description, your way of using words and building sentences, is just perfect... and I'm feeling very envious right now... (but I love you just the same!)

Second of all, I want an Albus... isn't he adorable, in all his sheep-likeness? (I totally agree with Annett, by the way. What else could sheepish ever mean? English, this weird language...)

Ahahah! Poor Annett, it really seems that people find her scary... she really isn't, she's only a bit anti-social. What's wrong with that? But typical Potter brothers, using her to threaten their sister's date! Ahahah! So funny!

Also... "If this is how all their conversations go, how have they not lost the use of their arms yet." Boys... *rolls eyes* But I love Annett's thinking! But that's nothing new, either...

So, I love Al's recount about Fufu! Again, how adorable is that boy? And he noticed she had Annett's eyes! Aww... If only he knew... guess he'll find out, anyway... Also, if I were an Animagus, I would love to be a fox. Foxes are so super cute, aren't they?

Ah... I agree with Annett on many things, but I can't figure how she can resist a dance floor (I need a Salsa night...) But I can see that it wouldn't be recommendable in her current conditions. Also, I loved the concept you wrote of absorbing emotions when in the middle of a crowd. Really, so great!

Uh, oh... Annett's in trouble... (do you agree with me that McGonagall can be truly scary?) Honestly, Malcolm Chu sort of deserved it... am I too nasty?

I evidently need to go to bed now, judging from how incoherent this whole review is...
But I hope the concept passed that I adored this chapter! ;) And hopefully I'll be back for more sooner, rather than later. Also because I really want to know what's wrong with the poor centaur, too.

Oh, just realized... in my sleepy mind I forgot to mention that Rose and Scorpius are super-adorable as well! Poor Claudia, though... :P

Ok, I'll really go now!
A snowball hug for you, my lovely TeamHugging co-founder! :D

A presto,

Author's Response: Chiara!!

Thank you so much for this positively glowing review! You totally flatter me.

It's Annett! Her mind just brings these sort of things out in me. It's much too fun to write her internal monologue. Her perspective of the world is so different. Her perspective of the English language, too is so fun. She has loads of fun, but mostly within her own mind at this point. She amuses herself in a variety of ways--mostly scaring others I guess. It's funny because she's been doing her own thing for all this time and then upon understanding that other students have somehow characterised her to be this mysterious and very frightening person, she acts upon that by fulfilling their expectations of her. They reap what they sow.

Hahaha. I'm glad you're enjoying Al's domestication of Annett in her animagus form.

Is she in trouble? You'll have to read on and find out. :P :D

♥ ♥ you're much too sweet. Thank you!!!

Snowball hugs to you, too, my fellow snowball hug founder.


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Review #2, by Felpata Lupin Exclamations of Merlinís Extensive Collection of Lingerie

2nd October 2015:
Guten tag, lieb Em!

Here (after ages) for another chapter of this wonderful story!

I loved this chapter, right from the title! "Exclamations of Merlinís Extensive Collection of Lingerie", genius! And "dear Merlinís maraschino cherry-coloured, sheer, lace body suit" is the most hilarious exclamation of Merlinís lingerie I've ever heard!!!

Poor Annett... What a night, indeed! But fortunately she can still mantain her logic brain and get herself out of a quite difficult situation... I loved how science is what ultimately save her! Once again, the idea behind the story is just brilliant!!! :)

Aww... Albus is such a sweety! And he really seems to have a talent with animals. And with healing. He should work as a magical vet or something.

Ahahah! Not so talented with the name choosing, though... Well, neither were his parents... Ok that Harry wanted to give tribute to some great people, I get it... But Albus Severus? Honestly? Ok, sorry, getting off topic here...

I just adored Annett's panic when Albus suggested that he'd keep her! Fortunately he fell asleep and she could escape! :P

The little scene with the house elf was precious! House elves are the best!!!

Sorry for the quick review, but I've just arrived to work. I really have to leave now, but I'll be back (sooner or later).

Auf Wiedersehen (and snowball hug)!

Author's Response: Hello there Chiara!

It had to be done. I refuse to believe Merlin only had a beard, a foot, a pair of pants, and a pair of Y-fronts. He's Merlin. Goodness knows what he might have had in his long and interesting lifetime.

Science, yes. Science always. ♥

'such a sweety!' oh my goodness, yes he is. I adore him, but he's not perfect. That's exactly where he gets his naming abilities from, his parents. . . both of them. Who tries to name a fox Monkey?


House elves are indeed!! They deserve more credit.

Cheers and reciprocated hugs,

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Review #3, by Felpata Lupin A Night of Discoveries

11th July 2015:
Hi Em!
I'm back again for another amazing chapter!!!
Not fair... I wanted to ask you all those questions... Well, I expect the answer to the first one is, yes, she will get put of there alive. Or you wouldn't have a story to tell anymore (and you're not that cruel, right?)
What was Annette thinking, anyway? Going around the forbidden forest on her own? I thought she was more sensible...
And poor centaur, I really hope she'll find a cure for him! So even without Voldemort, the Ministry has still some prejudice issues, hasn't it?

Lovely chapter as usual (sorry for the quick review, I'm in a bit of a hurry right now...)
See you soon again!!!
Tons of hugs, love and kisses!

Author's Response: CHIARA!

This is such a pleasant surprise!! You are so endlessly sweet, aren't you. Bah! [snowball hug] You're amazing. ♥

Bahaha! I can only give you vague answers to those questions and you know that. ;) You have a very good point with your answer to that first question. UNLESS. . . :P

I know! What was she thinking? Really? Does anything good come out of venturing into the Forbidden Forest alone at night? She probably thought these things only happen in stories. Unlucky for her, she's in one. Muwahahaha.

I guess. . . :( Poor centaur.

Aww, thank you so much. That means so much to me. Your reviews never fail to make me smile, Chiara. You're amazing that way.

Reciprocated hugs, love, and kisses by the ton,

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Review #4, by TidalDragon Exclamations of Merlinís Extensive Collection of Lingerie

28th June 2015:
I've made my first successful prediction in your story! Annett didn't die! -Pats self on back-

In all seriousness though, I'm impressed by your ability as the story progresses to swing from the types of scenes that have typically been carried out before to the full-on action we got in this chapter. We also still got to see that clever mind of Annett's as well with her tweaking of the nonverbal spell to make her escape. You continue to do a great job of pushing the boundaries of what magic is capable of by showcasing believable nuances in application based on intent and it's refreshing to see another author's take that it's not all incantation = precise result.

Perhaps there's the beginnings of some rightness is my assertion that Annett doesn't want to admit she might have some beyond-friendly feelings/attraction for Albus as well given the conclusion of this chapter. I won't jump to any conclusions yet, but I think for someone as finely focused as she is, it's noteworthy that she's noted his physical attractiveness. Shame for him that it had to be coupled with a display of horrible naming abilities...

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what happens in Chapter 10!

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Author's Response: Bahaha, Kevin. Good on you :D

I am beyond thrilled that you think that because this chapter was especially precious to me because it required a lot of conceptualising the possibilities of magic in the world of Harry Potter and how it could be possible to push boundaries and make sense of it. My next project--do we really need wands?

She certainly is going through the textbook symptoms. To clarify, Al's actual physical attractiveness is irrelevant; only that Annett finds him so perhaps because of the mere exposure effect or perhaps because that's just how she seems him. More little bits on the differing perceptions in future chapters, but that's sort of just how I thought about it. Al certainly is far from perfect.

Thank you again for this stream of insightful reviews; they're absolutely precious to me. Your reviews are magnificent in that they display a lot of thought and yet remain beautifully concise.


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Review #5, by TidalDragon A Night of Discoveries

28th June 2015:
UGH! The acromantulas! I have never been such a fan of them ever since Aragog's attempted devouring of Harry and Ron. But it does make for a nice cliffhanger. Somehow, I suspect she'll survive.

Before getting to the good stuff, a couple things that did jump out this chapter: (1) re: the centaur, I am pretty sure per Fantastic Beasts, the centaurs CHOSE to keep "beast" status, so his commentary about people in the Ministry who refuse to acknowledge centaurs as intelligent beings was slightly puzzling (not a huge deal, as I suppose it could be interpreted to say that others, despite their express wishes, do regard them as being intelligent beings and the centaur is making a distinction between those and the others, but...wow, I've gone on way longer than intended about this, sorry) and (2) at one point toward the top is seemed like you wrote "hypotheses" (plural) when you meant to use the singular. NBD.

As for the good stuff, as usual, it is plentiful. We got a little more spice with the Albus/Annett angle - though I truly am interested to see what happens there. Personally, I'm feeling like it's legit and they're both trying to pretend it isn't, but it could go so many ways at this point. Most importantly though, we got some more background on what Annett does as an animagus and some very intriguing animagus abilities I wouldn't have thought of. Creative - and I like them! Getting to talk to Mrs. Norris would have to be something else, especially when trying to cure her of tapeworms.

See you in Chapter 9!

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Author's Response: Admittedly, I suppose I am guilty of not having thought the matter of the beast classification issue too well, but I have since gone over and revised it with a bit more thought. Thank you so much for your input. It is, as ever, invaluable. I guess I figured that if Crookshanks and Padfoot was able to sort of communicate, Mrs. Norris (who must be of a sort of superior intelligence in comparison to a regular cat) and Annett might be able to communicate as well. And then she might possibly be able to communicate with centaurs as well considering that centaurs are so much more in touch with nature than humans are.

Thank you so, so much (I cannot seem to thank you enough)! Your reviews are spectacular and insightful and I appreciate them so much!

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Review #6, by TidalDragon Exploring Hormonal Minds

28th June 2015:
We meet again!

I enjoyed the way that this chapter more fully explored various members of the delightful cast of characters you've established than the last was able to. I suppose one of the benefits of having your super-observant MC!

At any rate, I also liked the further development of some context for this connection with the Potter-Weasley group and Albus in particular. Though I was probably the daft one not making the connection back then, this chapter made it more literal that the connection was more limited than initially seemed.

As I say that though, Albus and Annett (I realized I misspelled it in the last review when it was right in front of my face - apologies), are doing an interesting little dance. Annett seems to be opening up more with someone she feels will respect her boundaries (see the beginning of this chapter), but Albus (to answer her question) I think IS flirting with her and I'm interested to see how she responds to it in the end. That blush at the end of this chapter seems to indicate perhaps she's not so averse despite her social issues.

Outside of her relationships though, you also managed to continue to develop Annett's thought processes and justifications for her behaviors which was neat to observe as well - particularly her continued principled stand in Alchemy. Cunningham apparently is continuing to be over-the-top intense in her displeasure with Annett's...differences...vs. the text and planned curriculum and I'm also intrigued to see if there's going to be a breaking point for one of them going forward.

See you in Chapter 8!

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Author's Response: Hi Kevin!

Thank you so much for yet another thoughtful and wonderfully helpful review. Albus and Annett are certainly opening up to each other. Are they flirting? Perhaps. I lost control of these two in this chapter. I am thrilled you thought that this chapter provided some clarification as well as a decent development of Annett's character. That means so much coming from you! A breaking point? That's an interesting theory. We shall have to see where that one goes, I suppose. Again, thank you so much.


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Review #7, by TidalDragon Satisfying Humiliation

28th June 2015:
Howdy! I have journeyed my way back here, where I left your story too long ago and in a rather off frame of mind I might add. Anyway, without further ado...

This chapter really showcased your descriptive talents. Obviously, given the story is an "internal monologue" we get more description and internal thought than dialogue, but I find myself still quite enjoying the balance you've established.

As for the plot - OUCH. When they set their minds to humiliating young Mr. Yang they left no stone unturned. Granted, he continued to demonstrate he why he absolutely deserved it, but nevertheless it was enjoyable to see such a highly involved, thoroughly planned prank so well-staffed and executed to perfection. I think my favorite part had to be the end with the fake bride and Annette turning possessed looking with the red eyes and fangs. SOMETHING ELSE!

Despite the success, you also managed to pepper in that continued social awkwardness you've put on show with Annette in the past with her reaction to the "Let's roll" expression. A good touch that keeps her rooted to her identity despite the changes she's experience socially this year and despite her success at this prank on Yang.

See you next chapter!

House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor

Author's Response: KEVIN! Hello!

Thank you so much! WIth the previous chapter having a very unsociable narrator, there wasn't much I could do about dialogue, so this was I think where that changed because we have Annett interacting with, well, people. I am delighted that you think it's balanced!

The prank was one of the most fun scenes to write. It was all rather unplanned and very random because of that. It was very much an extended nightmare for the poor, yet deserving Arden. I am absolutely thrilled that you saw how much he deserved it.

Bahaha! I am so glad you like the social awkwardness. She's definitely not going to change over a collaborative prank and I kind of love that about her. She's a bit stubborn in her ways.

Thank you so much for another amazing chapter!! You're spectacular. ♥

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Review #8, by Felpata Lupin Exploring Hormonal Minds

25th June 2015:
I'm feeling so horrible because I haven't been reading and reviewing in a while (in general, not only this wonderful story of yours)
But seeing the occasion I'm remeding now...


And now, onto the chapter (writing the review while I'm reading, I've never done this before. Hope it doesn't come out completely disconnected...)

Ahahah! Carter!
It's so funny that he asks Annett to tutor him when he clearly has no need to be tutored in the first place!

I loved Annett's thoughts about human interactions and the fact that she's "doubled her interaction per week count" after the prank.

And I found hilarious all the theories about Hagrid's pumpkins! I love Annett's scientific approach so much!!!

Poor Arden... Now I'm feeling even more horrible for him... :(

Never heard about Diwali before... I went to check... It sounds like a fascinating feast!!! Are you going to show us the Hogwarts' version in this chapter? I'll need to keep reading to find out...

Oh oh... I can feel romantic interest here (I already knew something was/would/was-desired-to happen between Al and Annett...)
I can't believe it, is she really that clueless?!?
Everyone is obsessed with the Potters, no surprise about it. Poor Albus, I can imagine he wouldn't enjoy certain talks about Lily too much...

Annett!!! I mean, seriously?!? "I go every year"?!? You must be kidding me!!!

Why does Annett know Draco? Was I supposed to know and I forgot (I tend to do that)?
I think I have my theories about the incident in Potions class, too... I suppose we'll see...

I want professional dancers grandparents too!!! Dancing is my passion!!! I had to say that... Anyway, Lily is fantastic! Ahahah!

Mmmh... This is getting interesting... Great closing, didn't expect Albus to get so explicit... I'll have to get to the next chapter soon...

Lovely work, darling! See you again soon (or not so soon, but I know you'll forgive me...)
Snowball hug rolling your way!

Author's Response: CHIARA DEAREST!!

I forbid you to feel bad at all! Thank you so much for your archivaversary wishes!! ♥ You are much too kind. I love seeing the review-while-you-read sort of reviews, the reactions tend to be so raw!

(I think I'll reply as Annett, we'll see how this goes)

I have my suspicious about that Carter Corner boy, too. Most of the tutoring seems unnecessary to me, but he makes for decent company--one of the few people I can bear to talk to. Of course when I say 'talk,' I mean 'sit in silence until the occasional question arises.' The lack of conversation is part of the appeal.

Well, yes, I've actually graphed it. It's concerning. The trend line seems to be hitting a sort of plateau, but humans have numerous variables and I cannot account for all of them, but we will have to see how it carries out as time progresses.

Yes, well, it is a fun little project that could potentially lead to agricultural breakthroughs. My parents have been wanting to win a community pumpkin carving competition for a couple years now--I'm not sure why they bother--and their design requires a pumpkin of a large size.

Oh dear. I'd apologise, but I find it difficult to have too much empathy for that righteous boy. Plus, it's fun to scare him. The energetic input is low and the pay-offs are high.

Diwali is coming up soon, certainly.

[cough] Romantic interest [cough]. Pardon? I have no idea what you are talking about. Excuse me? I'm clueless? About. . . Al? No, we're good friends. It's alright.

Everybody? Maybe a handful of people at our school, but most of that attention is directed towards the older Potter progeny--James. Ha! Yes! He was as red as being very nearly purple.

Well, for the food. It's a free dinner. I can stay in a dark corner where nobody can see me. It's a cultural tradition worth observing, I think. It's where I get to observe my classmates and their behavioural patterns. I've learnt some very interesting things.

How do I know Draco? I think that's for you to find out soon. I cannot tell you for. . . reasons. Reasons being Em says to not to. I would be interested in your theories about the incident in the Potions class. Please, do share. We can discuss.

Oh no you wouldn't. . . unless dancing is your passion, well, I guess then you would. I love my grandparents, but when they try to get me to dance. . .

Lily is quite a personality, yes.

Explicit? Well, yes, that was a shock to me, too. I didn't expect that from him. It was a curious occurrence. I am unsure of its significance.

Thank you for your thoughts,
Annett Sinclaire Kluge

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Review #9, by cherry_pop94 As Cunning as Ham

7th June 2015:
Hi Em!

Here for another review!

I can definitely understand why Cunningham is so afraid of muggle science based on what you said of her in TIMOLAW. I would also be afraid of science if I saw that happen to children.

With the addition of TIMOLAW, it makes Cunningham into a character that I can almost sympathize with. She's horrible to Annett, yes, but I can understand why she'd be so desperate to stamp out muggle science. She's seen the horrors that can happen when one tries to mix magic with science.

I look forward to seeing what you do with this character further into the story! Also, have I ever mentioned how much I love your hand drawn banners and chapter images? They're so perfect!

Thanks for sharing your talents!


Author's Response: STEFI!!

I love your reivews. They're always so amazing.

Yes! She's defnitely been traumatised, that poor woman. OH MY GOODNESS!! It makes me so happy that you can almost sympathise with her. She's really horrible in this story, but she does have her virtues. ;)

Bah!! Thank you!! I thought they might fit the internal monologue aspect of it. Where the collage stands for what's going on in Annett's mind.

And thank you so much for giving such amazing reviews.


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Review #10, by LL Unlocked

6th June 2015:
Hi Em,
I have enjoyed reading TIMoASK immensely and it is undoubtedly my favourite fan fiction. It pleased me to read a novel that is so well written, with a solid plot and an intriguing progression of the story. Annett's development through the novel is realistic and applause-worthy.
There is a small detail that I thought may be worth informing you: As far as I am aware, an animagus (when in their animagi form) cannot be seen on the Marauder's Map. This explains why Peter could not be seen by neither Fred nor George when he was a rat.
I read your other fan fictions too, and I noticed most of them feature characters from the 'next generation'. I am aware that you are currently writing TIMoWK and TAI (both of which I am eagerly awaiting) but I would like to request a founder's novel, encompassing the creation of Hogwarts.
Thank you for writing TIMoASK and I await further stories from you.

Author's Response: Hello LL,

I am thrilled that you have immensely enjoyed reading it and that you'd consider it your favourite! That means so much to me. :D I did try to make her development realistic, so I'm glad that came through. Thank you so much. You're so sweet.

Well. . . not exactly. The thing is, Scabbers was found to be Peter Pettigrew by using the Marauders Map. That's how they found him out in the third book. . . . :D

Yes, I love writing Next Generation because there is a lot more freedom and history is not my forte. The next two chapters of TIMOWK and TIMOAAI should be up soon, I hope. :D And I am excited to see what you think of that, though a bit nervous as well.

With regards to a novel about the founders I will add that to the writing list, though history is not my forte. BUT I WILL TRY for you. :)



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Review #11, by Gabriella Hunter How I Receive My First Detention

3rd June 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review and it's great to be back! I haven't had internet in a long time and I wasn't able to get back into reading my favorite stories but here I am! We shall never be apart again! ;___;

Anyway, it's great to be back with Annette and the gang. She's just as socially awkward as I remember and I love that she's so "outside" of what's cool or normal. I think that makes her pretty darn original and I'm curious to know what might happen between her and Al. I remember in the last chapter that there were quite a lot of new feelings going on between them (Well, Fufu anyway) and I enjoyed reading more about that here. I wonder if Al will ever find out about what she was up to though? Hm...that's one mystery that will be revealed in the future, I suppose. Fufu shall remain a secret!

Anyway, I though that this was pretty hilarious. I mean, I know that the centaur is probably still in danger and everything and I really hope that Annette will be able to help him out but this entire thing was just so funny. The party itself seemed completely out of her comfort zone and I really loved the fact that you made certain moments so awkward. It was great to read, especially the confusing Rose/Scorpius love fest that we saw. Wonder how that is going to play out? Haha.

What's so funny about this chapter though was the fact that Annett can put the fear of God into almost everyone. I was roaring when she was dishing out threats to Peakes but that ending was just...so much emotion! I really want to punch Chu in the throat and I feel sorry for Annette, too much emotion for her all in one night isn't going to be a good thing, although he did deserve it. Hahaha.

Anyway, it's great to be back and I'll see you again soon! Don't be shy about posting this in my review thread!

Much love,


Author's Response: Gabbie!!

i am thrilled that you liked this!! No we shall never be apart again. [hug tackle] You are much too kind to me.

I am so happy that you still find Annett original. That means so much to me. Her and Al? Hmm. . . interesting theory. ;) We shall have to see, I guess. Yes, for now, Fufu shall remain a secret, but can you imagine, though, how awkward it would be to have Fufu revealed as Annett? :P

Hilarious is what I was going for, absolutely! I am so glad you thought so! :D

She really can. XD. I love her for that. The Chu scene was my take on a drunken kiss scene. What she did there can actually be used to grapple somebody to the ground. :P

AND IT IS GREAT TO SEE YOU BACK!!! ♥ I've missed you!


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Review #12, by cherry_pop94 Creative Output: Mischief

3rd June 2015:
Hi Em! Sorry it took me so long to come up with a second review, but I definitely haven't forgotten about this story!

It's marvelously well written still and Annett's voice is perfect. She's the kind of character we don't see much because I suppose she can be hard to relate to. I do love her though, she can be quite endearing. And I absolutely love how dedicated she is to science!

I really hope that Professor Cunningham comes around to Annett's theories eventually, though this seems pretty unlikely. I mean, Annett has already succeeded in creating diamonds out of graphite! That's an insane achievement when it comes to alchemy and she's already got a theory for creating diamonds out of literally thin air. Science and magic absolutely intersect. I've got my own headcanons about these intersections, but as I'm no where near as knowledgeable about science as you, they're pretty basic.

That's another thing about this - it's so heavy on science, but even the average person like me can understand it. I don't feel overwhelmed by Annett's scientific jargon, in fact, I come away from this feeling like I've learned something. It's a testament to your skill that you can write such an intelligent character who can be understood by people like me.

And this chapter mentions Louis! In TIMOLAW, he seemed like a kind of shy, introverted person. Maybe someone Annett would quite like. I'm wondering if Louis has already met Faustina by this point? I'm also wondering... is Sin perhaps short for Sinclaire? You mentioned that Sin and Faustina were taken in by muggle parents and Sin was cured. But then again... Annett has memories from early in her life with her parents and Sin and Faustina didn't run away until Sin was five!

So far, these two stories are excellent companion pieces for each other. They're written in very different tones, but as these are internal monologues, as you put it, that makes perfect sense. I cannot wait until these stories intersect more!

Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response: STEFI!

It takes so long to respond to this because I CANNOT GET OVER HOW SWEET THIS WAS. So it will take some effort to not SPORADICALLY START USING ALL-CAPS throughout the response. :D

Annett's voice is one of my prouder writing moments. I love writing her so, so much and I am beyond thrilled that you think she's well-written. ♥ I love that you love her though she is, yes, difficult to relate to at times.

Perhaps in some years. Her best friend's, Faustina's mother's, death was very, very hard on her and because, as mentioned in TIMOLAW, her killer was a scientist and she died because of science experiments, Virtue Cunningham is very, very prejudiced. Stefi, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR HEADCANONS and I encourage you to PM me anytime if you want to discuss. ♥

I am delighted that you don't feel overwhelmed by the scientific jargon, yet it doesn't seem overly simplistic and without reasoning. You're not average at all--I can tell by your stellar writing, Stefi. "I come away from this feeling like I've learned something." Stefi, that is one of the GREATEST THINGS ANYONE'S EVER SAID ABOUT THIS STORY!! [sniffles] Thank you so much, you wonderful, way beyond average, human being, you. [hug]

LOUIS, yes! Although while writing this, I hadn't developed his character very much. You could say that, yes. We don't see much of Louis and you could certainly say that, sometime during TIMOASK he met Faustina.

FASCINATING THEORY! The Sin = Sinclaire one. However, here is a little hint about the timeline: "A desperate decampment measured in panicked seconds turned into a protracted peregrination measured in tortured decades." Fasutina had already been dead for decades. More of this in TIMOWK and TIMOAAI! :D Promise. It'll all be in there.

I am glad you find that the sort of fit :D That is a huge relief. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ♥ Your wonderfully insightful reviews have been MAJORLY HELPFUL and I genuinely cannot thank you enough. I really, absolutely, truly appreciate all you've done. You're wonderful.


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Review #13, by cherry_pop94 Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

1st June 2015:
Hey there! Iím here for the review you requested.

So youíve asked if this works well as a companion piece to TIMOLAW. Iím going to read this whole novel to give the best feedback I can then, so this may take a while. Just to help me keep up with progress, Iíll be leaving reviews throughout and my last one will likely be addressing how it ties in with TIMOLAW mostly. Hope this is okay!

I see youíve used the line ĎBut what sort of parents even just marginally right in the head would do such things to their own child?í in both this and TIMOLAW. Itís a very interesting choice in both to talk about magical children raised by muggle scientists. While Annettís parents were clearly loving and wonderful, teaching her science from a young age, raising her to be independent and inquisitive, even ignoring the scientific impossibility of her abilities to keep their daughter safe, Faustinaís father was clearly a monster. These are excellent parallels youíre drawing right from the beginning and as these stories are both in the Next Gen world, I cannot wait until they intersect more.

Iím going to keep these reviews quite short, until the last one. Iím sure youíve already gotten tons of comments about your writing (which is excellent by the way) and incredibly scientific knowledge (Iíve read ahead to chapter three, thatís some remarkable science!), so Iím mostly going to comment on whatever tie-ins I see thus far. I hope this format of how Iím doing this is alright!

Great story and Iíll be back for more soon!


Author's Response: Hello Stefi!

Thank you so, so much for this! I really appreciate it! You're amazingly thoughtful. That is so much more than okay! ♥ Feel free to skip reviewing some chapters, too if you like.

I DID! I am thrilled that you caught that. Faustina and Annett are similar in that they had muggle scientist parents (one in Faustina's case and two in Annett's case). The differences lie in that they were born under very different circumstances how their parents treated them and the time as well. You are absolutely right that Faustina's father is a monster he, unlike Annett's parents, let his work come before his family.

Bah! Thank you so much!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The format is more than alright! Again, you're incredible for doing this and I am immensely grateful! ♥


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Review #14, by The Crazy Kid Misattribution

29th May 2015:
Hi again Em ♥

I'm back again for this chapter. I'll only have time for one review now, but I'll probably leave a lot of reviews tomorrow. And as you may remember from my previous review, this is the last one before I switch to one of your other, shorter stories. I really want to make sure you get reviews on all of your stories, and the best way to do so is by switching stories now.

Anyway, over to the story. I really liked this one as well. Like I said the last chapter, this story is just growing on me - I like it more and more for every chapter I read, and I think it has the potential to go to the top of my list if it's keeps going at this rate. What's really good about the story, and I don't think I've mentioned this before, but if I have I'm very sorry for repeating myself, is your way of telling the story. I like the shortness in it. You're very straight to the point - tell it as it is, not necissarily putting a lot of focus into the details of it (it's mean to be a compliment, but I'm bad at explaining what I mean) and I feel like that fits very well with Annett as a character. I imagine she's the kind of girl that gets straight to it - she doesn't waste time on unecissary details, but that's just my opinion of her of course. And her narrative really fits with her as a character, and I think a lot of people struggle with that. But you don't, so good job on that!

It's so interesting to see a more mischievious side of Annett. I kind of imagine her appearing as a very nice, good girl - she doesn't look like someone that would get herself in a lot of trouble to pull of a prank. But appearances can lie, and I think that's very much the case in this situation. Annett's not nearly as innocent as people believe her to be, and it's interesting because I've always told people that get away with just about everything because I look very innocent - most people think I look like a middle school student, bu I'm actually in uni. I hardly ever do anything wrong, but if I were to do it I'd likely get away with it because no one would expect me to anything remotely mischevious. And I think that's sort of the case with Annett as well - at least in my head it is :P

I'm looking forward to seeing what Annett's plan for getting back at Yang is. This date she's going on... I have feeling it won't go as well as Yang probably thinks (or maybe 'hopes' is a better word) it will go. And this chapter has got me curious about Albus and Annett as well - it does look like he might have a crush on her, but I don't think she looks at him that way... not now at least. But I'm rooting for them now - I'll call them Albett, because that sounds cute. So I'm rooting for Albett now!! :)

Always nice to visit your page, and I'm glad you liked the graphic. A little birdy - *cough* you *cough* - told me you thought you might have figured out who I am. I'm really curious now if you've found the real me. If you have, I'm most impressed, because I haven't given a lot of clues - I don't think I've given you any, actually. Except in this one, when I said I'm in uni, but so are many other members of this site. Did I give you any other clues? Hm... it totally unintentional then, because I deliberately tried to refrain from saying much, as I have tendency to reveal too much when I think I'm being vague. But anyway, I'm getting off-topic, so I'll just quit when this review still make a little sense. Sorry for the rambling!

The Crazy Kid ♥

Author's Response: Hello again!! ♥

It has been such a pleasure having you get to know Annett. I am thrilled beyond thrilled that you like reading about her. When I'm not writing as her, I think of her as my little child. There is no need to apologise. I appreciate every single word of this review as I appreciate you. Annett has helped me realied that I prefer to write with notorious conciseness. It means so much to me that you think her narrative/internal monologue suits her character because I do try to consider every single word she thinks and says and everything she does and how she does it and how she'll recount what she did and how she perceives events/the plot. What she notices and what she doesn't is another big thing. For instance, it is very rare for her to point out the physical attributes of a character. Even her own. There are only two instances (as far as I recall) that she talks about outfits and only because they were rather important to the situation, but I'm rambling now. Sorry. . .

Bahaha! I'm glad you think so. There's always this dynamic between people who think she's cold and do not dare to approach her and people who know just a little better, yet perhaps neither group expect her to be capable of pranking. That was one of the many reasons this was so much fun to write. Playing with perceptions. . . ♥ Aww, Crazy Kid, I absolutely know what you mean!! I am so glad you can relate!

ALBETT!! I love that name! I'll bet on Albett. :P The prank. . . I went a little crazy on that and if you ever do read it, I hope it's good enough to make you proud, being crazy awesome and awesome crazy yourself and all that. :D

I LOVE THEM ALL! Thank you so much! They're so sweet and adorable and lovely. You're so thoughtful and kind, Crazy Kid!! SO MANY SURPRISES, REALLY! Amazingly generous, you are.

No, you didn't give many clues at all, actually, but here are some things I found:
1) You use British English (which narrowed it down to 12)
2) You are in uni (down to 10)
3) You said you had a 'non-existent schedule' and many people did claim to be busy (7)
4) You said you didn't know much chemistry (that was a very helpful one, actually) (5)
5) You use ♥ (3)
6) Your reviews are of a particular length (2)
7) You don't put commas between 'hi' and [name] which I have found that some participants do (just to confirm)
8) We didn't know each other well before the challenge (definitely 2)
9) You haven't reviewed anything of mine yet before the challenge (1)
10) You don't mind/like Next Generation and humour (definitely 1)
11) You may or may not have 'Crazy' written on your About Me page. If you don't, I'm really, really wrong.
12) "But I suspect Slytherin, cause I know you are a Slytherin and people like to write about their own houses. I do too (just so you know, that was not clue, as none of those stories are up on the archives)" Which just told me your archive stories contain stories about characters from houses other than your own. (most definitely 1)
13) Your all-capitalised words are rare if any at all. (absolutely, I may be wrong, but I think for now 1)

Again, I'm not completely sure and I might have missed a lot and due to the sizeable nature of the spreadsheets I have, there is a big chance that I may have gone wrong in some places causing it mess everything up, but you are the last person left on my list of possible suspects and you do appear to fit rather nicely, but then we haven't known each other for too long. What I mean is who I think you are isn't prone to ' - ' sort of punctuation as these reviews are. We shall see, I suppose.

Love in abundance,

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Review #15, by The Crazy Kid Creative Output: Mischief

25th May 2015:
Hi Em ♥

You didn't think I had forgotten you, did you? The Crazy Kid have just been so busy the last week or so - something very unexpected happened - but hopefully she's going to have more spare time this week. I still intend to review as many of your stories/chapters as I possibly can before the deadline is up. It's still some days left, so I'm sure I can do it if I put my time and effort into it :)

Okay, so I have to admit I have a soft spot for James Potter II. I don't know why, but he's always been my favourite next gen-character. So I loved that we finally got to meet him in this chapter. And I'm already in love with this version of him, so I hope we'll see a lot of more him in the future chapters. But with him helping with the prank, it'll surely go well. And I feel like Annett's probably very good at pranks herself, so with those two working together - also with Roxanne and Fred - this has got to be one of the better pranks Hogwarts has ever seen. I can't wait for it now!

I've said it before, but I have to say it again; what's so amazing with this story is first and foremost the characterisation. You've created a wonderful character in Annett, and she never feels out of character. I like that we learn small, new things about her in every chapter, and that not even her friends know everything about her - like the pranks for example. She's a bit of an oddball - a little out of place at Hogwarts, I suppose, at least in comparison to most people you meet there - but that's what makes her so likeable. She sees things so differently, thinks differently and it ends up giving us a different view on the wizarding world and things that Harry never questions. It's really great.

I just wanted to add quickly that I also loved the chapter image. It's very explainable and beautiful, and I'm jealous of your talent (I'm guessing it's yours, since I didn't see any credit)

Again, a very good chapter, and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to read the next one, because I want to know how this prank will go. So I'll see you over there soon.

The Crazy Kid ♥

Author's Response: CRAZY KID!!! ♥

I hope that unexpected something that happened wasn't a bad unexpected something! [hug]

THANK YOU!! I am delighted to know that you like this James Potter II! Yes, we'll definitely see more of him in future chapters. ;) The prank itself is coming soon. :D

YOU WONDERFUL THING, YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Everything you've said about Annett is everything I wanted to come through at this point in the story. ♥ It makes me so happy that you like her!!

The chapter images and banner are my drawings, yes. I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT! I thought that a collage of stuff would fit because of this being an internal monologue. The pictures, then, are supposed to represent what's going on in Annett's mind.

Thank you so much again, Crazy Kid, you never fail to make me smile (and gush and turn red in the face).


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Review #16, by Felpata Lupin Satisfying Humiliation

23rd May 2015:
Oh, my, Em...
I'm rolling with laughter!!!
And I'm feeling so bad about it because, really, poor Arden... But everything was just so amusing!!!

I think this might be the best thought and executed prank I've ever read about! And I really loved all the detailed descriptions you put in here! The fake wedding... Oh, my...

I'm trying and failing to feel sorry for Arden... The poor bloke... A nightmare would've been more pleasant...

Wonderful, wonderful job on this!
Assolutamente splendido!!!
You'll see me again on the next chapter (not saying soon, because I know that would be a lie, but I will be back!)

Tons of hugs and much, much love,

PS. Since you asked... No, I don't think "Amore e abbracci" works too well in italian... maybe something like "Con affetto, un abbraccio"
For some reason we hug only once at a time... Unless it is "Baci e abbracci"...
But I knew what you meant, so don't worry about it! ;)

Author's Response: CHIARA!!

There's excitement that comes with getting reviews from you because you're undeniably sweet! ♥ I am delighted to hear you found this chapter amusing because a constant worry of mine is that it's only funny in my head and nowhere outside of it.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Though the characters planned a lot, Em didn't plan very much. Em wrote, things were added on, it wrote more of itself. [snowball hug] :D

It was quite the living nightmare for poor Arden though, wasn't it? I'm not very nice to him. :/

GRAZIE MILLE!! I cannot wait to see you again whether on this story or yours ;) ♥

Con affetto, un abbraccio, ;) (you're an amazing teacher)
Em ♥

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Review #17, by evaleant Unlocked

18th May 2015:
Oh this is so sweet! Dancing again :)
Thank you for writing this story. I immensely enjoyed reading about Annett and I am definitely going to check out your other internal monologue stories!

Author's Response: EVALEANT!!

I figure I'd use dancing some what symbolically: as a sort of sharing/revealing of emotions as that's exactly what it is. Annett's offer, then, can also be taken as an opening up of her to him.

I am super, super happy you've immensely enjoyed this! I've enjoyed writing it and I've enjoyed your enthusiastic reviews just as much! [hugs] See you in another internal monologue, I guess. :D


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Review #18, by evaleant Request Pending

18th May 2015:
LOVE! Albus's reaction at seeing "Annett" on the map where Fufu was! Priceless!

Also, it's perfect how you managed to tie in Ronan's sickness, Annett's science, and Albus's love of healing in one chapter!

Author's Response: EVALEANT!

Aww, thank you so much! I am so glad you liked that!! You make me blush with this perfect business.


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Review #19, by evaleant Developmental Revelations

18th May 2015:
Haha, the idioms in English screwing with Annett's literal interpretations make me laugh out loud. Seriously, you don't know how much I appreciate being able to read this.

Also, I wasn't reviewing before, but I really enjoyed Annett's lab sessions. Although, I also like to see her character development into more of an open person.

Author's Response: evaleant!

Idioms, yes. I've had to avoid them because Annett doesn't understand, but OH was it fun to write her misinterpretations. Oh yeah?! Well, you don't know how much I appreciate YOU!!

Thank you so much, you're so sweet!! Really, this makes me so happy!

I am thrilled to know you've been enjoying the story with the lab sessions and the character development and the Annett and THANK YOU SO MUCH, AGAIN!!

Love and cookies,

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Review #20, by evaleant Observations and Analyses

18th May 2015:
Yay! Another person has realized the true nature of Annett Kluge!

Author's Response: Hello again, evaleant!!

YES! Yes indeed!

Thank you again for another review!


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Review #21, by evaleant The Irritation of Attention

18th May 2015:
I'm loving this! It's hilarious and serious in perfect combination. Also, I love the message about necessity of communication. It is so true.

"I have no regrets about breaking such petty rules to save a life."

This is a wonderful line. I can't wait to read more of Anette's internal monologue...

Author's Response: Hi evaleant!

I am loving that you're loving it! And I am delightfully thrilled to know that you like the importance of communication theme going on here. :D


THANK YOU!! You're so sweet!!


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Review #22, by The Crazy Kid Yangís Audacity

16th May 2015:
Hi again Em ♥

So this was a bit different. I talked about fast-forward in the last review, but this was definitely a fast-forward. It was quite a jumpin time, but I'm very okay with that. In fact I think it's better this way, because you can really see from the prologue what kind of girl she is/used to be, but then in this chapter you see what's changed over the years. And she's definitely changed, that's for sure, but at the same time you can tell it's the same character. So I found it to be very believable, and I really liked that difference between 11-year-old Annett and 16-year-old Annett.

I think it's very realistic that she would not be as close to her friends as she was back then. In RL people rarely have the same friends when their 16 as they had when they were 11, because the years between are probably when one changes the most, both in appearance and personality-wise. It's when you really see the difference between people, and I feel like Annett's love for science and knowledge would probably separate her a little from the others, as they don't really share her passion for it. But I liked that they still had contact with each other, because I do think that especially Albus and Annett have some similarities, both being introverted and studious.

This Yang-thing is really interesting, and I loved that they made bets on it. I can totally understand why people would be afraid of Annett; she is a strange, outsider type of girl. But I can't really see Annett as being very pranksty (yes, I just made up that word) or very grudge-holding, so this Yang must've really made her mad if she wants to take revenge on him/give him a taste of his own medicine. I think her prank is going to epic, because I can't see her doing anything that's less than that, so I'm so excited to see how it'll turn out.

This is shaping up to be a very good story. I'm liking it more and more for every chapter I read, and that's just amazing. It's really what you'd want from a story; for it to make you want to read more, and this one does. So good job on building this story up, and I'm excited to see what'll come in the next chapter. I'm sure it'll be just as amazing as the other ones :)

The Crazy Kid ♥

Author's Response: Hello again, Crazy Kid!

I am so glad you liked that difference between 11-year-old Annett and 16-year-old Annett! What you've said about her changing slightly, but still appearing very much like, well, Annett, is precisely what I was going for.

That is very true! People grow and change, and with Annett being as less inclined to socialise as she already is, no, she wouldn't have kept very many friends, nor would she have gotten very close to very many of them. The first chapter served to shock her slightly into this new world and because she had a very uncomfortable first impression of it, she receded further into her metaphorical turtle shell and away from any friends. At this point, she, herself, believes that she has no school mates.

Oh yes, poor, but slightly deserving Arden. This, I suppose, is what happens when you offend, however unknowingly, a ruthless and cunning and precocious Slytherin who also wants to have a little bit of fun. PRANKSTY! I LOVE THAT! Epic?! WOW! I really hope you're not disappointed with the prank itself, then.

BAH! THANK YOU! [hug tackle] I am thrilled to know that you do! This makes me SO HAPPY, CRAZY KID, YOU'RE INCREDIBLY SWEET, YOU ABSOLUTE DARLING, YOU!


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Review #23, by The Crazy Kid Achieving Equilibrium: The Prologue Continued

16th May 2015:
Hi Em ♥

I'm back to leave a couple more reviews. I just wanted to start by saying that I'll probably do it a little differently from what I said in the last review. I think I'll do the first five chapters of this fic, and then do some of the one-shots so I at least get the chance to finish all the other stories if I do not get to finish this one in time for the deadline. But I'll try to get them all done, if uni will allow me do so.

Anyway, this was such an interesting chapter. It was - what's the word - thoughtprovoking! I like how you move forward in time a little or fast-forward if you'd rather I use that word. It was interesting to see that her love for science did not lessen after meeting and living in the wizarding world, but instead grew into a want to combine what she knows from both worlds into something new and amazing.

I think it could've gone either way; she could've lost her passion for it, when realising there is a new world out there that does not at first glance fit with muggle science, or she could just be more curious to get to the bottom of what is the 'science' of this new, magical world. And the latter is far more interesting in my opinion, so I'm happy to see she reacted that way.

I like the part where she's asking all the questions. These are things even I - who's not much of science fan - have been wondering about, so it's great to see it finally being adressed. And I firmly believe science and magic would be a good mix, so I'm excited to see what she'll accomplish through combining the two. I'm sure it can be revolutinary if she keeps going at the pace she has gone at so far, so it will definitely be interesting to see.

And I was right about the house. Yay! But I should probably make something from the last review a little clearer here. It's not any way wrong to write about your own house, and I do know you have written stories with characters from other houses as well. I only guessed it because I couldn't decide between the two houses - Ravenclaw and Slytherin - and I know a lot of people like to write about their own houses - house pride and all that - so I just decided to guess that, that was the house she was going to be in. In addition I felt like - and I don't know you that well, so I could be very wrong - Annett is a little similar to you, maybe have some of your traits and/or the love for science. And since you're a snake, that could make her one as well. So that was what I meant, just so it is clear :)

Another lovely chapter that I found very intriguing. And I have to say I'm glad you liked the graphic, and - just so you know - the comment on your profile is your Harry Potter Words of Wisdom. They're not a clue to who I am, but just some great and inspiring words from HP that can be good to think about in everyday life :)

The Crazy Kid ♥

Author's Response: Hi there Crazy Kid!

That's so kind of you!! Don't worry about it, though, you've already been so generous!! :D

You can use any word you like for it, either way, it's great to hear you found it thought-provoking!! Annett is very comfortable in the science world, so to have that with her in this new world, of which her first impression was the insanity of the last chapter, gives her solace. One of my major concerns was making this chapter reasonable with the mixing of the science and the magic, to see that you find it 'amazing' and 'interesting' is more than I hoped for. Thank you so much for that.

Bahaha! Yes, ASK does a lots of asking, doesn't she? I am thrilled that you, who although is not such a big fan of science, is still enjoying this. The mix of it with magic could, itself go more than one way: to do good, to do not so good. Maybe there is both within the Internal Monologue universe. Who knows? [raises hand]

YOU WERE! No, you were very clear. I completely understand. :) I was only teasing. ;) I guess by writing inside her head, Annett has developed to acquire a few similarities. I wanted an introverted witch who was homeschooled because I hadn't read it before. I wrote this first for my sister (though she didn't know that her own sister had been writing it until well into the story). It was rewarding to see that smile on her face when she could relate to the introversion and the homeschooling. I wrote that from personal experience. The science bit was simply something I couldn't help but explore. Annett then developed precocious ways and a high affinity for Slytherin house.

That's so sweet of you! Thank you so much, Crazy Kid. Many hugs are in order when I find out who you are. I think I've narrowed you down to a list of five people.

Loads and loads of love,

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Review #24, by The Crazy Kid Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

15th May 2015:
Hi again

So I'm going to review as much of this story as I can before the deadline for the challenge is up, because I want to give you as many wonderful gifts as I possibly can. And I am not sure why, but I haven't read this story before, so I guess it is about time for me to do so. It's better late than never, right?

Okay, first of all I love Annett. I think she's a very unique character, not like any other OCs or canon characters I've seen in stories on HPFF. And I love that we immediately get to know her - we immediately understand her and her personality. What I'm basically trying to say is that your characterisation is soo good. I feel like I know Annett already, and she's very likable because she is this odd little geeky girl, who finds herself in a world that completely clashes with everything she's was taught growing up. And that gives her a different look on the wizarding world than what we usually see, and that's what's so interesting about it. A lot of her questions will probably be scientific questions that we - the readers - have ourselves, but that are never answered in the books. And I can't wait to see how you will solve that!

The scene between Teddy and Annett was cute. And I like the 'Alumni Muggle Welcome Committee", that was a clever idea. And the scene on the train was good as well. I espescially liked the mutal understanding between her and Scorpius. I can see them as being a little similar. They're both introverts, I suspect they were both homeschooled (I know she was, but I'm only guessing for him), and they're both a little bit odd/outcasts, at first glance a strange match with the loud Wotter clan.

I was a little confused about the sorting. I didn't really get what house she was in, so I had to check the other reviews to find out if I was just a bad reader or if it was intentionally left out. And I can see now that it is intentional, so that's good. I'm curious about what house she is in. The obvious choice would be Ravenclaw, because she's so knowledgable and curious about everything. But I could see her as a Slytherin as well, because the two houses are so connected in many way - knowledge often comes from the wish to reach ones ambitions. Being introverted does not necissarily mean she can't be a Hufflepuff so technically she could be there as well, but I feel like her curiousity and thirst for knowledge for make her a far better Ravenclaw or Slytherin than a Puff. Hmm.. I wonder if I'm right about this. I guess I'll have to wait till I read the next chapter to see. But I suspect Slytherin, cause I know you are a Slytherin and people like to write about their own houses. I do too (just so you know, that was not clue, as none of those stories are up on the archives)

The Crazy Kid ♥

Author's Response: Hello again, Crazy Kid!

(My current earworm is Thief's Crazy (Le P Remix) and the song I have been responding to your reviews to. :P )

I love that you love Annett and I so glad you find her unique!! She was, after all, nominated for her originality. :P And I love that you love that you get to know her instantly because this chapter has gone through many edits to ensure that happens. Again with the compliments, Crazy Kid, and again with the blushing on my part. YOU ARE TOO SWEET! 'odd little geeky girl' that's very apt, Crazy Kid, very aptly put.

Interesting thing here is that different people respond in slightly different ways to Annett and I didn't anticipate that I could use her as a sort of personality test sometimes, but that kind of happened.

Yes, I figured, let's take this girl who loves science and shove her in a school where science is not taught. Let's do that. Naturally she becomes a little uncomfortable and recedes a little further into her metaphorical turtle shell that closes her off to most of her fellow students instantly and that is to set the tone for the rest of her years at Hogwarts.

I love that you have anticipated that she is inclined to ask (that A.S.K. is inclined to ask) many questions, that' she'll be inquisitive. It does, indeed, get very nerdy.

The sorting, yes! Annett is confused herself, she's uncomfortable, she doesn't like crowds or attention (and the extent of that may or may not be explored further as the story continues), so she's a little out of it. She doesn't hear properly and she cannot completely process this moment. I found it both accurate and fun to leave out the name of the house. Annett is unfamiliar to the system of this school, so you could also say that she doesn't think very much of it here.

But, Crazy Kid, I write from the perspective of all houses: Louis Arnaud Weasley is a Ravenclaw, Jamie Nott is a Hufflepuff, 'Thinking About You' and 'The Not So Private Investigators' are also about Ravenclaws, and then Draco and Parvati in 'Stowaway.' All the houses. ;) In the end, what will make Annett belong in the house she is are her qualities as a person. (the denial of that being a clue served as a clue, thank you).

Thank you again and again for the sweetest of reviews! You are so endlessly kind. I appreciate all of this immensely.

Much more love,

The message you sent through Adi was sweet. I am in the process of analysing its significance, though.

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Review #25, by Felpata Lupin Misattribution

7th May 2015:
Hey, Em!
Here again (sorry if I've been missing from here for a while...)

Great chapter! I'm still in love with the concept for this story!

I love Annett's rebelliousness towards Cunningham. If it was me, I would've already dropped the class... But it isn't me gratefully! :P

Poor Arden... She is such a clever and cruel schemer! Can you really do that, btw? All the playing with hormones thing? I'm very curious and a bit scared about the date... What does she have stored for him?

Ahahah! A prank war with the Incog Imp! James really has no clue...

Another amazing chapter, and I'll see you again on the next, hopefully soon but I can't promise anything...

Un abbraccio!

Author's Response: Dearest Chiara,

There is absolutely no need to apologie. :D

I am thrilled to hear that you still love the concept. And there is nothing wrong with dropping Cunningham's class, Annett is interesting in that she doesn't account very much for the human side of the course--that would be Cunningham. And Cunningham has her own story explored briefly in The Internal Monologue of Louis Arnaud Weasley.

Well, it's all theoretical. The idea is called Misattribution. An example explored in one of the lectures I've heard about it is that, say you order decaffeinated coffee in a coffee shop and your barista accidentally gave you caffeinated. Neither of you know the mistake was made. You drink your coffee and start feeling the effects of the caffeine. For instance, increased heart rate. You see someone's face. Then you attribute the increased heart rate to the seeing of this person's face. You misattribute. You think 'oh this person caused my heart rate to increase and I am feeling weird things.' Then you translate that into love. The same can go for workouts.

What she has in store for him will be revealed very, very soon. [evil laughter] Annett is not very nice, I know.

Ahh! I am so glad you like the idea of the prank war!

Grazie mille, Chiara! i really adore your input. You're enormously sweet. [blush]

Amore e abbracci,
Em (^I hope that's right)

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