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Reading Reviews for Life in the Boot Family
5 Reviews Found

Review #1, by TreacleTart Shannon

4th May 2015:
Hello once more!

Back to read the final chapter!

I liked that this story went in chronological order by children's age, but that we witness a different point in time for each child. It was a really nice little snippet of what life in the Boot family is actually like.

I thought the voice you gave Shannon fit her age perfectly. The eagerness to constantly talk and ask questions really highlighted this as well. The lack of understanding in the graveyard really added an air of innocence to the whole chapter.

It was nice to once again see another few familiar faces in Hannah and George. I loved that Shannon and Alice made friends so quickly. They seemed to have quite the adventure playing dolls under the table.

As a whole, I thought this story flowed well and that the plot of each chapter was able to maintain my interest. As I've told you in each review, I also thought the characterization was good too! This was a lovely collection of children's stories! Great work!


Author's Response: In some of our other stories when they're all older, we gave Kenway a particular hatred of Slytherins, and I wanted to get into why. Here it worked out to be from Shannon's perspective, which worked though she isn't yet old enough to really understand the implications yet. It makes the whole scene so much more innocent and naiive. Yup we don't show it, but since they're the same age Shannon and Alice will be good friends in Hufflepuff, like their mothers.

I'm so glad you enjoyed them so much! It made my day that someone finally reviewed this!


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Review #2, by TreacleTart Kenway

4th May 2015:

I was so curious to see what Kenway's chapter would be like that I went ahead and read on!

I imagine that seeing platform 9 3/4 for the first time would be terribly exciting with all of the witches and wizards. I really enjoyed getting to see a few of the characters that we know from the series even if it was just a quick glimpse.

Kenway's enthusiasm for apple tarts made me hungry. I wish I had an apple tart right about now, maybe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Yumm. I agree with what Kenway was thinking at the end, all that matters now is a feast of juicy apple tarts!

It was nice to see that Dylan will have Teddy, Dominique, and Victoire to show him the ropes. I'd say that's pretty good company to show up to Hogwarts with.

Terry's nervousness about the trip to King's Cross was endearing. He almost seemed more nervous about Dylan leaving for school than Dylan was.

Another lovely chapter. I'm looking forward to seeing the final one from Susan's POV!


Author's Response: We will never get mad at you for leaving too many reviews too quickly.

The Hogwarts Express would be legendary I expect for wizarding children. And terribly exciting for little boys, especially those who just wander away from their parents to get a better look at things. ;)

Oh goodness, now you're making me want apple tart (and I don't really like it).

We actually ship Dylan with Domonique. This was a bit of a peek into how their friendship began (which then escaladed after time, as you can see in Chasing Beauty).

That was something we started in our novella (Terry always being worried about the time) and we escaladed it in this chapter. It is his first child, after all.

Thank you ever so much for reading and so kindly reviewing these little stories. It means a lot!

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Review #3, by TreacleTart Amy

4th May 2015:
Hello again!

So this was quite a time jump from the last chapter. I think in the last one Amy was very young and the chapter was also from Dylan's POV.

I have to say that some things clicked in for me that I feel like I should've picked up on in the last chapter, but for some reason missed. Terry is Terry Boot and Susan is Susan Bones. Amy is named after Amelia Bones. For whatever, reason I somehow overlooked that previously, but this chapter clarified that for me.

I liked getting to see the Hogwarts experience through Amy's eyes. I liked that she knew right away that she wasn't a Slytherin or a Gryffindor. In fact, based on her thoughts, I felt quite certain that she would end up a Hufflepuff.

Professor Stark reminds me quite a bit of Professor Snape. I wonder what he's so bitter about. Is bitterness a job requirement for potions master? It was nice to see that Amy didn't cower in fear when he was critiquing her, even if her sass lost her house points.

I'm enjoying this story so far. I can't wait to see what Kenway's perspective will be like!


Author's Response: Hello again!

Yeah, the chapters aren't in chronological order. Technically Kenway and Amy's stories should be switched.

Yes, in our NextGen stories Terry and Susan get married and named their children Dylan Edgar, Amelia Susan, Kenway Cedric, and Shannon Mirabelle.

I (Georgina)love Amy's character and I really liked writing about her experiences when she's not really daunted by much. But it's because she sees the world honestly, not because she's all that brave.

Professor Stark in our novella is similar to Professor Snape, but would rather do things in his classroom than critique students. Some adults just don't like kids. Amy's got the spunk of Ginny and the awkwardness of Neville. (not the best combination, but one I really like)

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by TreacleTart Dylan

4th May 2015:
Hi there,

I happened to come across this story and thought I would to a peek. I'm glad I did! This was a very cute story about an expanding family!

I was impressed to see that not only did you create 1 OC, but an entire OC family and each person was well thought out and unique. I thought each child seemed very authentic to their specific age and their voices were very distinct, so it was easy to tell them apart.

I thought it was really sweet that Dylan was so excited about the new baby. I really liked that he decided to draw a banner for his mom and tried to corral all of the other children to great her as she came home. It was pretty cool of his dad to let him pick the babies middle name. I really liked that he picked Mirabelle. It really does fit.

I'm very curious to see what you do for the other chapters as it looks like it's going to switch POVs based on your summary. I'm sure whatever you choose to do it will be pretty cool.

A solid start to the story!


Author's Response: Hello Kaitlin!

Thanks so much for reviewing this! I was starting to worry that this story was a complete flop. Well Terry and Susan were minor characters, but yes we "invented" the kids. They come up in multiple of our other stories. Yeah it'll change point of views.

Yup I, Freda, can really relate to Dylan as the oldest of the family. I don't remember which of us wrote this one, but I also really liked how he (tried to) corral his siblings into making the perfect banner for their new sibling.

Thanks so much for the review! :)


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Review #5, by writeyourheartout Dylan

27th March 2015:
Hello again Freda and Georgina! ^.^

Believe it or not, I am here, once again, for the Review Hot Seat! hahaha I realize that I am ridiculously late in getting this to you, but I promised to get everyone their round three reviews, and so I continue to push through it (even if it is at an embarrassingly glacial pace). ;)

Just like every story I've read of yours so far, this was such a sweet, feel-good fic. ♥

Awww, new baby! How exciting! And also terribly painstaking having to wait to hear the gender and name even after its birth! I know I'd try to be just as sneaky as Selena and just as anxious as Dylan!

You write both children and family dynamics really well. The whole writing children thing absolutely terrifies me - I try to stay away from them just about at all costs - but you guys make it sound so easy to handle! And the little family details - things like Dylan trying to keep Kenway in one place while hunting down Amy or drawing on the parchment together - are so spot on to my experience growing up with four siblings of my own. I have to assume that growing up for you two was somewhat similar - and if not, then I am even more impressed with your abilities!

Bahahaha! Kenway's baby talk with the adorable W's makes me chuckle with every line of his. Too cute. ♥

You do a really great job of keeping the magic alive. Things like including the no-spill ink for Kenway to use while drawing are both super original and wonderfully reflective of the Harry Potter universe.

LOL The "Can I poke him?" scene was so cute.

And AWWW! Dylan got to choose her middle name?!? *melts* So. Darn. Adorable. And I love the name he chose, too. ;) Such a sweet moment. The whole story, really, was one giant sweet moment. You guys are so good at that sort of thing. ♥

Anyway, as far as constructive criticism goes, the one thing I've noticed you do a lot is start dialogue tags with capital letters rather than including them as part of the quoted sentence that precedes them. Here are some examples:

“Any luck Amy?” He called down the stairs. - This should be, "Any luck, Amy?" he called down the stairs. The 'he' should not be capitalized. Also, there should be a comma before Amy's name.

“Did you find him here?” *He asked. - *he

“He got into the chocolate box*.” **She said. - *comma, not period, **she

“Do you want to hold Shannon?” *He asked. - *he

There are a large number of these sorts of errors throughout the story outside of the ones I quoted here, and so I wanted to make sure I pointed it out to you since it happens so often! And hopefully all of that made sense and helps you out. :)

Anyway, other than those small grammatical errors, this was such a lovely first chapter. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Again, your ability to write young kids and their family dynamics is just so spot on. And that last line was too sweet! Gah. Feels. Really great job, you two. ^.^


Author's Response: Yay! Hey better late than never! Also Yay finally one on this story!! It was supposed to be a sequel to a SSC that was really popular; but when limited big name characters are in it... That's my (Freda's) theory at least.

We really enjoyed writing these kinds of stories; though it's been a bit since we've done so. Kids are so cute and fun to write and naturally nothing goes right. Being able to observe kids interacting helps, even if it's limited. Glad it turned out well!

I, Freda, am the oldest, so I relate to Dylan in this situation quite well. Even in the context of babysitting, which both of us have a fair amount of experience in. Georgina was usually my "right hand man" (like Amy) when the two of us were on our own with our youngest sister Ginny, or again babysitting.

The idea for that came from "Magic Markers"; a brand of markers that only colored on a special kind of paper, otherwise on say the carpet, it was invisible. I forget which one of us came up with that. "Kiddie Quill" if it didn't get edited out represents a big thick quill; because little kids can't hold thin utensils.

The poking thing was all Georgina. It came up in real life (I think between us; more or less in goofiness) at the dinner table shortly before writing this. The witty Amy response at least was all Georgina.

Yeah, that's embarrassing. Obviously this was an earlier piece (before we corrected that habit) that wasn't looked over as much. Only last week I looked at this and fixed a couple appalling typos like "got green ink gall over his face" and "time for you nap". No joke. I plan to fix those dialogue tags soon; I don't have too much time to spare but I really wanted to respond and my fingers are itching to fix it; since it's probably like that for the others too. :/

Aw! Glad you liked it so much! :) Especially the ending; it felt borderline sappy to me, but I'm glad it was alright.

Thanks so much for the lovely review; which *cough cough* reminds me why you were nominated so many times for Keckers Best Reviewer! ;)


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