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Review #1, by Beeezie Comfort

12th July 2014:
Oooh, I felt so bad for both Dennis and his parents here.

I know that you focus primarily on Dennis, but the first bit in particular really made me think about their parents as well. I can't imagine how hard that must have been on them - they lost their sixteen year old son in a war they don't really understand and in a world they had no part in, and now they not only have to grieve for him, they also have to try to keep themselves together enough to be there for their fifteen year old son... who also has a foot and a half in the world that killed his brother. The tension between his parents over the psychologist/psychiatrist made a lot of sense, given that dynamic.

Tiny nitpicky thing, though - AFAIK, "shrink" usually refers to a psychiatrist, which isn't quite the same thing as a psychologist, and it's not clear to me from the context whether Dr. Miller is a Ph.D psychologist or a psychiatrist. It's entirely possible that Dennis's mother was just using whatever word she wanted without really caring about accuracy, but in case it wasn't intentional, I thought I'd point it out.

Beyond that, though, this was perfect, and I loved seeing Andromeda's appearance - she's absolutely used to pain, especially from the Second Wizarding War and especially due to blood status.

This was really insightful. I loved it.

House Cup 2014 Review - Ravenclaw

Author's Response: On one hand, I'm so sorry for making you feel bad, but on the other hand, I feel like I've achieved my goal as an author. :P

Yes, that's exactly right! Trauma never just happens to one person - even if the actual even only happened to one person, all the people around them have to deal with the change in character as well, and have to try and support them. So, yeah, I'm glad that came through at the beginning, because it's never just one person affected by trauma. I'm so glad that you thought the tension between the two was realistic!

Oh, thank you so much for that! Dr Miller is supposed to be a psychologist, but since I actually had no idea of the difference I didn't bother to differentiate, and neither did Dennis' mother, I think - or, since you're offered me that way out I think I'll take it. :P

Oh my, thank you so much! Andromeda is literally my favourite character in the HP verse because she's so strong, and I'm really glad you liked her appearance in this!

Thank you so much for an amazing review, Branwen.

(Go Ravenclaw!)


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Review #2, by maskedmuggle Comfort

8th July 2014:

This was so moving and so amazing (and sad!) I definitely think having a really close friend/brother pass away is a really tough adversity to deal with, and I really liked how you showed Dennis overcoming that here. I loved the plot of the story, in that you chose Andromeda to help Dennis come to terms with his loss. I thought you wrote this really well. I could definitely feel the despair Dennis felt and all the tragic emotions from his conversation with Andromeda. I also loved that moment where the shrink asked Dennis to rate his feelings out of ten, and he instead replied with a colour. Something about that just really made me stop and think.

I thought your characterisation of both Dennis and Andromeda was perfect. The dialogue between them felt utterly believable and it was just so well written. It's so hard thinking of what Andromeda had to go through, and you definitely conveyed the difficulties of a loss extremely well through your amazing fic.

- Charlotte/maskedmuggle
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hey, Charlotte!

Oh wow, I'm so glad that you think so thanks so much! Ugh, I know, it must have been so awful for Dennis - I mean, at the end of the Battle of Hogwarts there are really too many adversities to choose from, aren't there? Oh man, Andromeda is like my favourite character of all time - she's been through so much, and she's so tough, but still retains her humanity and compassion enough to raise Teddy and just I have a lot of Andromeda feels; I'm glad that you liked her appearance here! I'm really happy that you could feel Dennis' despair and horror at everything that had happened and could relate to him, and yeah, I don't think he fancied giving a straight answer to the poor shrink who has to try and help him. :(

Oh my days, I'm so glad that you think so! I love them both, they're my angst fountains, and I'm so glad that you think I characterised them alright, and that you liked the interaction between the two of them!

Thank you so much for an amazing review, Charlotte, and go Ravenclaw!


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Review #3, by evil little devil Comfort

8th July 2014:
"Whatever limits you set yourself can be broken so many times." - I think this is a very true statement, people can be so incredibly resilient and it amazes me.
This was a very unusual pairing - I would not have thought to put these two together, but I really enjoyed the result of you doing so. I can't even imagine how much pain and suffering Andromeda has been through, leaving her family behind to make a new one, and then losing most of that one too. It's absolutely heart-breaking.
You wrote Dennis' grief really well, it poured off the page. I think you portrayed his guilt at meeting Andromeda so well - because it just seems to be part of human nature that people will always feel guilty for feeling bad when they know someone else has more reason to feel bad.
This was a very heartbreaking but lovely story to read, I really enjoyed it :)

- House Cup 2014 Review.

Author's Response: Hello there! :D

Oh, I'm really glad you liked that! I honestly do think that people are so much more resilient than we give each other credit for, it can be quite amazing.

Ah, Dennis was so sad and I didn't know who to stick with him to cheer up, and then Andromeda came along - she's been through so much as well, she's lost so much and she's one of my favourite characters from the HP 'verse, so I think it seemed realistic that she would be the one to comfort him. I'm glad that you liked the interaction that was the end result!

I'm really glad you think so! I loved writing this, to be honest, I don't know whether I'll ever dislike writing angst. Either way, I'm so happy that you felt like you could sympathise with the pain that he was feeling

Thanks so much for an amazing review!


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Review #4, by patronus_charm Comfort

7th July 2014:

Wahaha, that first section was so stilted and blunt, we could really feel Dennis’s pain so clearly because each line of dialogue was like a metaphorical stab to the heart and we could just feel the pain gushing out, and I really loved the techniques you used there to show that.

I think it was when Dennis went to see the therapist that I realised something really was wrong with him and it was much more than grief, much more than anything I could ever imagine and you wrote it so well it was so good. I think it was just his dialogue mainly and how it showed this detachment from the world and how he just couldn’t care about a thing, and that was a really interesting perspective to show in this story.

‘“Don’t follow your brother into the grave, Dennis.”’ – deep, man, very deep so deep I’m in the Mariana trench (lol, bad geography joke :P)

I really loved how it was Andromeda who showed him the light and the path back to normal life because I think a lot of people forget how much she did actually suffer and how she has had a really horrible and painful life, so it was really nice to see that she could use those experiences to help people through their own pain, and it was a really warm and fuzzy moment.

I really loved the spin on this prompt, it was so interesting to read!

House Cup 2014 Review!

Author's Response: Kiana!! :D

Oh man, I'm so glad that you could really feel Dennis' emotions there! I'm still underconfident when it comes to writing characters who are going through absolute hell, because I've so luckily never gone through anywhere near as much as these characters, so yeah the moral of that short story was just I'm so glad you liked the first section and found the emotions to be sympathetic/relatable.

Ugh, oh my days, thank you so much! Denis is just...going through a lot. :'( My poor baby. I'm just so glad that you liked that way he thought and processed his grief and just yeah I'm so glad you liked it, really.

Bad geography jokes are the best ever. :D But it's so true, though, the poor boy was wasting away!

Yes! I always find Andromeda to be such an underrated character even in the fanfic community, so I compensate by writing quite a lot about her, haha. And yeah, it just kind of made sense to me that Dennis would listen to someone who's been through as much as she has and agh, I'm so happy that you liked it and her and their interaction.

Thank you so much for an amazing review, Kiana and this doesn't even need to be said anymore but go Ravenclaw! :D


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Review #5, by momotwins Comfort

28th June 2014:
This is so touching. Andromeda is the perfect person to knock some sense into Dennis, to show him he's not the only one suffering. I think you did very well portraying his grief, and Andromeda's as well. Such a great message in this story. I really enjoyed it - even though it's sad, it's also uplifting. Great job.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you think so! I agree, I was at a loss of what to do with Dennis which would involve him actually overcoming the adversity rather than succumbing to it, and then bam I'm gonna get Andromeda to talk to him. :P I'm really happy you think I portrayed their shared grief well, as I was nervous about that as well.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it and found it uplifting, thank you for this lovely review!

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